Chapter 14

There is no better sleep than the sleep you have after making love to your baby and being filled with more love than any one body truly deserves to have. Ezra is already awake and is petting my chest lovingly. I stretch and sigh deeply, then open my eyes to the wondrous vision that is my beautiful baby boy. His doe like eyes sparkling in the sunlight, his wavy brown hair still all messy from his sleep. He is so stunningly gorgeous, and I cannot help but smile to him, and he smiles brightly back to me. He leans in and presses his lips to mine, I happily accept his loving morning kisses, and we kiss for at least ten minutes.

We reach for each others soggy diapers at almost the exact same time, and start petting each others soggy hardness inside. We both moan and sigh into the kiss that we have still not pulled away from, and as we pleasure each other, through two more baby boygasms, we continue kissing, for easily twenty minutes more.

Finally, once we are both satisfied once again, and down from our last cums, we pull apart.

“Baby, I love you so much more than I can say.” Ezra whispers to me.

“And I love you that much and more.”

“Mmm, I feel your love every time you look at me, and every time I feel like I need more, I look to you and I fill back up.”

“Same here Baby.”

“Well, should we get up and super mega ultra thickly diaper each other Baby?”

“Hell yeah.” He grins, and then jumps from the bed to go grab all the supplies.

He comes back less than a minute later with everything that we are needing, and then proceeds to diaper me up very well. I had turned so that I am in diaper change position, to make it easier on him. We trade places as soon as I am all taken care of, and then I get my baby properly padded for the day as well.

“Ah, much better.” He says a moment later, he had let go his aching bladder. Neither of our diapers that we had been wearing would have held more, so as soon as I had been diapered, I too had let go, and it was amazing. We have now pretty much wet our doublers that had been dry against our skin, though they themselves will hold a fair bit more yet.

“Know how you feel baby. There's nothing better than a soggy diaper, except maybe a super mega ultra thick soggy diaper.”

“For sure. Well, I do believe that we're supposed to be on breakfast duty this morning, so we'd better go, it's almost time for us to be in the kitchen.”

“Oh, yeah, it is.” I had not even looked at the clock, so I had not realized just how late it is getting, but then, late is relatively speaking, it is five minutes to six, but we always go down and start cooking at six, so that we can eat at about seven or so.

We head downstairs and join with the rest of our team and start making breakfast, and then half an hour later, most everyone starts coming in or down. Jeffrey and Conner come down at roughly fifteen minutes to seven, and they are already very soggy. Everyone else are just as thickly diapered as Ezra and I, only the two newest boys are not. They have not seen how we are all diapered yet, since they have not even made it down the stairs. But then they do.

“Holy shit, you guys sure are thickly diapered.” Conner says.

“That we are baby boy, and soon so can you. Go on back to your room, and super mega ultra thickly diaper each other as well.” Brody says, and then proceeds to tell the boys how to go about doing so, and they nearly run back up the stairs to get to their bedroom to do so, their super soggy diapers bouncing and swaying so sexily as they do so, we all laugh.

They are down a few minutes later, now just as thickly diapered as the rest of us are.

“So, how is it?” I ask.

“Wow, so great. We both hadta go pee, but our diapers weren't gonna hold it, so we held it, because you told us not to change, so we were able to add some to them right away, and it's so amazing.” Jeffrey says happily.

“For sure.” We all say almost the exact same thing at the exact same time.

It is only a few minutes later that we have breakfast ready to go, and so we all dig in and eat a good filling breakfast. As we eat, we chat about what we are going to do today, and since none of us really have anything that we have to get done, we all decide to just play and do whatever we want, most of us choosing to go and do some hobbies. I want to go play on the lathe again, and Ezra says he wants to go and sit down in the basement and do some sewing and whatnot. Neither of us will be the only ones there, there will be others with us.

Conner and Jeffrey both decide to go with Josh and a few of the other boys and play with clay and do some pottery. Declan split off from Josh and is going downstairs with Ezra. Henry, and a few boys and men, are going to the new metal shop to start getting it all put together, as well they plan to work and play in there some too.

Several days ago now, I had spent several hours cutting all sorts of woods, and then spent the next day just gluing everything together. I managed to make eight bowls, twelve canisters (they are much easier and faster to glue up), two really cool vases, and even a walking stick made of several pieces of angled sliver off cuts that are laminated together. This is why I like lathe work, there are very few scraps, because almost everything can be reused and glued back up into something else. Yes, I know, during the carving process a lot gets turned into shavings, but even those do not go to waste, they are stored and we burn it.

So, with having that much ready and raring to go, I chuck the first piece up, get it on the lathe, ensure that it is centered properly, and then start turning it. Once more, I just keep going and going, until almost everything is rough turned, and a little more than four hours has passed. The only reason I stop, is because Dylan got my attention and told me that the lunch bell is ringing. Now that I have stopped, I do realize just how sore my hands are, and how hungry I am.

We all head to the house to get fed back up, and as we eat we talk. I had asked Jeffrey and Conner how they are enjoying their super thick diapers so far, and they said that they are simply amazing. I asked how they are enjoying living here so far, and they claim to love it. We figure as much though, I mean, really, who would not love to live where they can be who and what they truly are in their hearts, right.

As soon as we are fed up, we head back to continue what we were doing before we had to stop. I finish off the last few things that I was doing, and then started right back at the first one again, this time for the fine tuning and sanding. Very little comes off with this round of carving, really only using the chisels to smooth it out, so that they take less sanding, but that I do right to four hundred grit, and as each piece comes off the lathe, and the sacrificial base is off and sanded down, they are dumped in the bin for the oil soaking. This takes considerably longer to do than the rough carving though, so I only get just over a quarter of the pieces finished before dinner time. By now my hands are aching though. Lathe work is a lot of fun, but it can be hard on the hands as well.

As we are eating dinner, we talk as we usually do.

“So, Henry, how's it comin' in your shop?” I ask.

“Really well, actually. Everything's all set up and working, and we even got to play around some.”

“That's good. Have you made anything yet?”

“Not really. Did some metal blending, so that I have some of certain things to do things I wanna do. Made a few jigs for doing things that I wanna be able to do. Tested out the forge and flattened a bunch of sheet metal, for other projects I wanna do. Mostly just getting things ready for when I'm ready for them.”

“That's good. Sometimes a full day of prep work just makes life a lot easier, that's what I do.” And told him how I make up the bowls and whatnot that I do.

“Nice. So, what do we do with all the stuff we make then anyway?”

“Take it into town and sell it. We don't strictly need or want the money, but it does help.”

“That's good, and you're right, we really don't need it, but it does help.”

We continue talking as we eat, and then after dinner is done and cleaned up from, we all decide to head to the theatre and watch a couple movies. After our evening movies are done, we all head to bed. I am quite tired and sore, I am already incredibly soggy, yet, even still, I want to play as much as the mischievous glint in Ezra's eyes says he does. Since we are so thickly diapered though, we can do nothing more than insert our hands and pleasure each other in that way, which neither of us would complain about any time soon.

Even as much as we love making love to each other, we still just kiss and pet more often than anything else.

We last maybe thirty seconds for our first cums of the night, and as Ezra pulls his hand free from my diaper, I grab his wrist, bring his hand to my face, lick it off, and then share it all with him in a nice cum kiss.

He slips his hand back in, and we both continue kissing and stroking each other, and manage only two more orgasms before we are both well wiped. Every time Ezra pulled his hand from my diaper to lick off the mess, I grabbed his wrist and licked it off first, then shared it with him in a nice cum kiss.

Once we are well sated for the night, we kiss and cuddle and have a short whispered conversation, before finally falling fast asleep in each others loving arms.

I wake first this morning, and find that Ezra is up on his knees, his super soggy bum pointing up, his face turned to the side, facing me, it is so damn cute, and hot, I cannot help myself. I reach into the back of his super soggy diaper, and start tickling his little hole, and then his hot little balls, going back and forth between the two.

I am not slipping my fingers inside Ezra, I am only tickling, I am not stroking his hot hard little diapered dick, but tickling his balls nicely. Since I am still considerably taller than Ezra is, I am able to do this easily from the position I am in, and keep my nose nearly pressed to his, so close we are breathing in each others air.

Ezra starts moaning and sighing cutely in his sleep, a soft sexy smile starts on his still sleeping face, and still I do nothing more than I am already doing.

Just tickling softly, I make Ezra cum in his sleep, it must have been an amazing dream. He never even woke up. I am so hard inside my diaper now, though, I know that I am not going to last much longer, before spontaneously exploding myself, so I slip my hand inside my diaper, jack off just two strokes, and explode. I make sure to catch all my output, and pull my hand out.

Finger full by finger full, I slip my finger full of cum into Ezra's still sleeping mouth, and he greedily sucks it all off in his sleep. I then go back and start tickling his little balls and hole again, to see just how many times I can make him cum like this in his sleep, and manage two more. I have to jack off after both times as well, and I feed it to my baby again, and he hungrily laps it all up.

Almost twenty minutes after our last orgasms, Ezra starts coming awake. He wakes to find me smiling at him lovingly I am sure, because as soon as his eyes open and he sees me, he smiles so very lovingly to me as well, and then reaches in the last half a centimeter or so and presses our lips together for a nice good morning kiss. Funny, but Ezra did not turn or slip his hand into my diaper.

“Mmm, good morning.” He sighs deeply.

“And good morning to you too Baby.”

“I still feel so sexually satisfied from last night, I didn't even feel like cumming this morning. Then again, I had such sexy dreams of you.”

“Mmmhmm. Me too. Looked like they were good dreams though.” I grin.

“Why?” He asks shrewdly, and from the way he grins, he must see it in my eyes. “Oh, you're naughty.”

“Thanks.” I say, and then tell him the entire tale.

“Mmm, that would explain why I can still taste you so well. Just remember, I will pay you back.”

“Good, I'd hoped you'd see it my way.”

We press our lips back together again, and kiss tenderly for several more minutes. We get a knock on our door, telling us that breakfast is ready. I break away from our kiss and look to the clock and see that it is already five minutes after seven, so we had slept in and played long this morning. Oh well, it was definitely worth it.

We hop out of bed, our now super saturated diapers nearly knocking our knees, and I can see pee puddled in Ezra's plastic pants. I feel mine and feel the same thing, and we are both okay with that, and continue on our way to the kitchen to get breakfast.

As soon as we make it, we find that everyone else is already there and half are already eating, while the other half are still going through the breakfast options. We join the queue and dish up as well.

“So, who here already has pee puddling in their plastic panties?” I ask as I sit down.

“Me.” More than half say as one.

“Excellent. Conner and Jeffrey, how'd you like that, I heard you both answer that just as enthusiastically as the rest?”

“So gloriously amazing. We're so soggy, it's not even funny. We both feel our baby diapers haveta weigh at least ten to twelve kilos, if not more.”

“That's good. Just remember, this probably isn't the best thing for your skin, or your baby balls, so don't do it too often. I think we'll all go swimming after breakfast and chores are done, so 'til then, there's no point in changing. The water will of course help to cool everything down, as well as help our skin.”

Since we use salt water for our pool, it is very healing, but trust me, it is just powerful enough to let you know when you have a cut, because salt in a cut hurts, but it also heals very well. Our diaper areas need that.

“Skin, I can understand, but what about our balls?” Conner asks.

“Too much heat contained for a long period of time around your balls can cause problems. That's why they're on the outside of your body and not inside. Didn't they teach you this in health class?”

“Oh, yeah, guess they did, just never thought of that.” He giggles.

As soon as we are done eating, those who are not on kitchen duty head out to take care of the animals and collect our milk and eggs, and then meet up in the pool house once we are all done.

“Now, remember boys, we swim naked here. Don't be ashamed of what you have, we're all the same here.” I say to Conner and Jeffrey when we make it there.


We are all facing several people as we start stripping off our sodden diapers. Our plastic pants are all thrown in the sink after tipping out any excess pee, and our diapers are put right into the garbage can. The can probably weighs a hundred kilograms or better now. That is so totally okay though. As we strip, we all check out the new boys, and they check us all out as well. Most of us are at least half happy, but most are fully so, and Conner and Jeffrey have nothing to be ashamed about. Conner already sports a good sized erection that any boy would be glad to have, and Jeffrey is not far behind him. They are both bigger than Josh and Ezra are, but then, they are taller and older looking as well, but they are all pretty close too.

We all shower off, and then go and hop into the pool and start swimming and playing and having a good time. We stay in the pool house, alternating between the pool, hot tub, sauna, and steam room for a good couple hours, before we are all ready to get out and go get freshly diapered for the day. After showering and drying off, we head naked to our bedrooms and get diapered. Finally we can go and do whatever it is we want to do, and go and do so happily.

Today I decide to go and try my hand again at pottery with Ezra, because he asks me to, and we go and play for most of the day. I do have fun, and I do make a few cool things, but nothing of any real importance, and really, they'll probably have to be scrapped anyway, since I do not think that they will turn out all that well, but you never know.

Before we know it, the end of summer is fast approaching, and all the fields and trees are getting seriously close to harvesting time. We start what we can as soon as we are able to, hoping to be able to spread it out some, but we know that once it all starts coming ready, we have to act fast.

We are canning and or freezing everything that we harvest, so that it can last us as long as possible, and just as the frost hits we have everything picked and prepared. It had been a murderous pace for near on two weeks, getting everything done, but we sure do have a shit tonne of frozen and canned goods to show for it. Our last trip into town had been huge just in the things that we needed in order to do it all.

We are already planning another trip into town though, so that we can stock up on the rest of the things that we are going to need for the up and coming winter. We really will not need much, at least in comparison to last year, but pretty much all the grains and things like that, as well as a shit load of fuel; gas, propane, and diesel for everything.

As soon as the first snow hit, we planned what will be our last official trip into town, we are all going to go, and for an entire week prior to going, we check and triple check everything to ensure that we are not forgetting anything. We place orders upon orders of everything that we will need, so that it will be there when we get there, and we find more things to get to keep us busy over the long cold winter months. We will certainly grab more books and movies, as well as a few more games and whatnot, but lots more hobby things to keep us active as well, since none of us really enjoy sitting around all that much with nothing to do but watch TV. I cannot even tell you the last time any of us actually did that, when we do something of that nature, it is a movie in the theatre, otherwise I doubt any of us have actually done so.

We would much rather be doing things and having fun.

Our trip into town was good, and we got everything that we needed, plus lots more that we just wanted. We are now setup for the winter, so should not have to worry about heading into town again now until after winter.

By the time November is ending, we have even more snow than we got last year, it has not gotten quite as cold yet, but we sure have received a lot of snow. The road is pretty near impassable, so, unless there is an emergency, we are definitely not getting out. Ezra and I are still playing every day, sometimes twice, and while more often than not we just kiss and stroke, or suck and finger, we do make love to each other at least once a week as well, filling each other up as much as we possibly can.

Ezra has grown more again, he has put on another two centimeters in height since the end of summer, as well he has added damn near an entire centimeter to his length and his girth, my baby boy is growing up. Then again, so is Josh, I admit he is looking really good lately.

Ezra started producing the tiniest little bubble of precum just a touch over a week ago, I did not say anything, because it was barely there, and yesterday he actually seeped a touch onto my tongue, fuck does he ever taste good. Still I say nothing to him. I know he is going to have his first ejaculation here any day now, and I am already planning on how to make it happen.

When Ezra and I woke up, we had a nice finger fuck and dick suck session, making each other cum three times, and each time I tasted just a hint of precum. Still I said nothing to Ezra, I do not believe that he has noticed it yet, but I am now certain that he is ready, so tonight is the night that I plan to try and make him have his first actual orgasm.

We had a nice relaxing day, we played in the games house, watched movies in the theatre, went swimming, and other than the chores that have to be done, we have done nothing of any real concern all day. We are in only our regular thick diapers as we all head to bed, and from the smiles all around, I am absolutely certain that there are many more that are going to be having fun tonight, but then, I am certain we all do in some form or another every night anyway.

“Baby,” I say as we enter our room. “Go lay down on the bed, in the centre somewhere, close your eyes, and just enjoy. Do not open your eyes, do not talk, and do nothing at all except enjoy. Put your hands behind your head in fact. I wanna play some tonight.”

“Okay.” He says happily.

As Ezra lays down on the bed, his head resting on a pillow, his hands resting behind his head, I can see that he is excited, I can see him pulsing inside his soggy baby diaper, and it is so incredibly erotic.

I crawl onto the bed and start by kissing my baby as lightly as I possibly can, all over his entire body. I spend only a second or so at every possible place that I am able to reach on his body, except his lips. I even kiss the front of his diaper, and he groans and tries to push himself up into me, so that I can give him pleasure there, but I do not allow him to do so, and move away just as quickly.

Next I start licking Ezra everywhere, hitting all the exact same places again, only this time I do not hit his diaper area, and nor do I go near his mouth again.

Next I use just the tips of my fingers to trace all the sensitive areas on Ezra's hot young body. He is quivering all over from the stimulation I am creating in his amazingly hot body.

And still I do not touch his diaper.

Next I just blow warm air across all his sensitive areas, and I can see tiny little goose bumps appear all over his body as I do this.

I go back to kissing again, and continue on where I started, going through the entire set once more. By the time I finish, Ezra's entire body is quivering in bliss. It looks so amazingly hot. His diapered dick, which had already been hard, is now nearly drilling right through the front of his diaper.

I reach up and very slowly and gently release the tapes holding Ezra's diaper on him, I press them back, and then fold the diaper down, so that it is not covering his front, but is still under his baby bum.

I reposition myself so that I have all the access that I now need, laying right in between Ezra's slightly spread legs. I reach under his knees and pick them up, then push them up more, thus raising his hot little baby bum for what I intend to do next.

We do not rim each other often, neither of us care for it all that much, but tonight I want Ezra hotter than a volcano, so that when he explodes, he erupts properly.

Once I have Ezra in position, I reach in and start tickling his tiny little hole with just the tip of my tongue. I make sure and hit all the most sensitive parts, all the parts that I have learned make Ezra squeal in ecstasy, and I am doing that to him now, only with my tongue, and not my fingers like I normally do.

I can feel Ezra vibrating now, from under his knees, to his rapidly opening little bum hole, I can feel his entire body vibrating now. I know that he must be getting close to orgasm already to be vibrating like he is.

I am not ready for him to cum yet, so I stop tongue tickling his hole, and just blow a slow steady jet of air instead. He hisses in a combination of pleasure and frustration. He must want me to jam my tongue in him and make him cum, or he wants me, even more, to slip my fingers in him and suck in his almost impossibly hard erection and make him cum

I am not ready for him to cum yet.

I pause all motions, all sensations, for well over five minutes, and from the sounds that Ezra is making, I know that he does not consider this to be fair play, but he has not said a word.

Once I can tell that he has come down, I continue doing what I was doing, just tenderly tickling his hole, not inserting in the least, though with as loose and sloppy as he already is, I would be more than able to slip my entire erection into him without pain, and make sweet love to him now.

I keep this up for a good ten minutes, once more, until Ezra is nearly ready to cum again.

I am still not ready for him to cum yet, so I pause once more.

Once he is down, I lower Ezra's legs, and switch targets. My new target are his daily growing balls in his soft smooth sac. Just a few hairs mar his stunning beauty, but only above his penis, none yet mar his sac. His sack is still soft and silky smooth, and currently so relaxed he is fully distended. I can clearly see his two marble sized balls dangling low in his sac, his left ever so slightly higher than his right, whereas I am the opposite. They have grown so much lately, that now that he is laying back down, and with his legs spread as they are, they are very nearly resting on his soggy diaper that is still underneath him, causing my head to swim. Trust me, my nose is very nearly buried in it, and it smells heavenly.

I stick my tongue out yet again, and start licking Ezra's hot young balls, I lap every millimeter of them that I am capable of getting to, without either of us moving, and though I wish to suck them in and give them what for, that is not yet.

Once Ezra is nearly ready to cum again, I pause and make him come down again. The groan of frustration this time sounds an awful lot like he is saying fuuuuuuuuuuck.

I damn near laughed, but I held it in.

Once he was down again, I start again, only this time with the tips of my fingers, just tenderly tickling his tasty testicles, and now Ezra is starting to pant more.

I am not sure just how much longer I can keep going. Not only is my neck already killing me, but I know that there will come a time when Ezra will have taken all that he can take, and no matter what I do, he is going to explode with a force that will hopefully knock him out for a minimum of twelve hours. At least that is what I am aiming for.

Another pause once he gets too hot again, and this time he did groan out the word fuck, it lasted fully thirty seconds, and I know exactly what it means too. He is getting alarmingly close. I have maybe two or three more edging sessions before he can no longer contain himself.

Now I suck in Ezra's balls, I suck and pull on them, almost to the point of causing pain, but in the state that his balls are, it is near agony for Ezra anyway, even though I know I am not physically hurting him. I prod his little eggs with my tongue, I swish him back and forth in my mouth, and I do everything that I know that he normally loves me to do to him, only now he is so sensitive that this is nearly excruciating.

As soon as I can tell that Ezra is too close again, I pull off, and this time he nearly yelled out fuck, carrying it for a full forty seconds or so this time.

I almost feel bad for what I am doing to him, but I know that he feels amazingly good at the same time, so I continue on with my plan.

Now only with his throbbing deep purple erection. He is harder and more taut than I have ever seen him before, and he is so aroused that he appears to be almost half a centimeter longer than he normally is. His skin is so tight it is nearly translucent and looks almost to the point of tearing, I can see his veins standing out harsh against his incredibly beautiful erection. He also has a small stream of precum oozing down his shaft, pure liquefied diamond, and I cannot wait to taste it once again.

If the worlds best carvers wanted to carve the most perfect erection, they would choose Ezra's in this moment.

Using my fingers, with only the lightest of touches now, I start petting Ezra's erection. It pulses madly, his entire body starts shaking like he is having a seizure, and he starts panting and gasping even more than before.

For only thirty seconds I can keep this up before I have to stop again, and this time I have to wait almost ten minutes for Ezra to come down. I had collected all the precum that I could, and I very silently enjoyed all that I could. The taste is simply out of this world.

When he comes down again, I start again by blowing all over his very hot young bone, trying to cool him down, only, from the sounds he is making as I am doing so, it is heating him up even more. That is equally as good though.

I have to pause for another nearly ten minutes, and Ezra starts whimpering, I can hear him begging me, under his breath, to just let him fucking cum.

When I start again, I go in with my tongue once more, and start just barely tickling him all over with my tongue. I can taste his precum, it is now oozing quite quickly for a boy who has only just started. Some has even pooled just at the base of his dick, and I greedily lap it all up.

I manage to lick Ezra for only thirty seconds or so, before I am forced to stop once again, only this time, I know that there is no stopping. Mount Ezra is about to explode, and no matter what I do, it is going to be powerful.

I latch back onto his balls, watching his dick head carefully, start sucking and tonguing it, and at the same time I grasp hold of his erection and start gently stroking him. His skin is so tight, his foreskin barely moves at all, and it is probably for the best that he had already been retracted when we started, other wise it would probably be incredibly painful. Actually, strike that, I bet it is anyway.

Three seconds later, and Ezra made a sound that I have never heard in my life.

I cannot describe the sound, it was so animalistic, so raw, so powerful, that I could feel it more than hear it. It sounds and feels like a thousand or more orgasms all happening at the exact same time.

Then he exploded. It was spectacular.

Shot number one, because I am holding his dick nearly straight up, sails easily half a meter into the air, then splats back down onto Ezra's heaving chest. Before shot one was landed, shot two is already erupting. This time Ezra's dick is pointing more toward his head, but still nearly straight up as well, and he hits the wall above the headboard. Shot three explodes forth with nearly as much steam, and this one goes straight up again, and lands on his belly button. Shot four splatters his face, and then shots five through eight, sail only a few centimeters and paints his chest. A further four pulses ooze all over my fingers.

Impressive, to say the least. Easily a full five milliliters of sweet baby boy cum, still mostly clear, with just a hint of milkiness to it, and still pretty thin and watery, sprayed all over Ezra's body. Plus the shot that is currently streaking down the log wall behind our bed. Oh well.

I pull my hand away and greedily slurp up all that I can get from my fingers, and the taste is pure heaven. Never before have I tasted anything so amazing. Sweet, just a hint of saltiness, and then all boy. Essence of Ezra, oh how I wish I could bottle that. Well, actually, I could, but there is not enough, and I want it all now, so I do what I have to do, I crawl over Ezra's prone, shaking body, licking up any and all mess that I can get at. I lick off his entire dick first, he is still incredibly hard, and then work my way up, not stopping until I have licked every precious drop of Ezra's cum as I can possibly get.

All through this, Ezra never makes a sound, he never makes a move, he is still breathing hard, his dick is still hard, his eyes are still closed, but I am absolutely certain that he has passed out too.

I am so incredibly hard now though, I am shocked I did not spontaneously cum myself from witnessing my baby's very first wet cum. I kneel right next to Ezra's head, push my diaper down in the front, and painfully push my erection down, so that it is in line with Ezra's bright red lips.

As I press my dick head to his lips, Ezra must understand in his sleep what he needs to do, because he turns his head slightly, parts his lips, and starts licking my dick head. He tries to suckle on my dick, as if I were pressing a bottle nipple to a babies mouth, they automatically know that they have to suck, and so, it seems, does Ezra. I press in just a centimeter of my length, Ezra starts nursing on my head, and I tickle my balls from underneath with my other hand, and then erupt possibly the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced as well.

I damn near black out from the power of it as well. It feels as if my entire ball sack just tried to eject from the tip of my dick. No wonder Ezra made the noise he did when he finally came, because I think I damn near did as well, and only with my efforts in stifling it did I not actually yell out.

Ezra is sucking greedily still, even though I have come down and have not been pumping any more of the milk he so clearly wants. I have no idea how long I was out of it for, my legs are cramped, my back is cramped, my dick feels in even more pain, and my balls even more still. Never before has one orgasm left me feeling so utterly drained, but drained I certainly am.

I gently pull away from Ezra's sucking mouth, he tries to follow, but I get away from him. He frowns in his clear and obvious sleep. I lean down and kiss him tenderly for just a second, because he is sleeping, though a mini coma might be closer to what he is currently experiencing, clearly he just shut down. As I pull away from the kiss, Ezra smiles softly in his sleep again.

I manage to stumble from the bed and grab all our diaper change supplies, though I am walking like I used to shortly after my accident, all bent over and in pain, stumbling along. I manage to make it back though, and I finally pull Ezra's soggy diaper from underneath him. I clean him up, then lotion, cream, and powder him, then pull up and tape closed his nice thick baby diaper. Finally I have to do something I really do not care to do, change my own diaper.

Trust me, after having Ezra change my every diaper for well over a year, I never care for doing it myself, but occasionally it happens and I have to suffer, but it was so certainly worth it too.

As soon as I am freshly diapered, I curl up to my baby, pull up the blankets, turn off the lights, and then that is all I remember, I fall asleep and sleep just like Ezra already is, as if I fell into a coma as well.

I finally wake this morning, and decide to look at the clock. It is already six thirty, shit, I hope we are not on breakfast duty this morning, but my mind is still so foggy that I honestly do not remember. It takes a few moments for the fog to clear, and when it does, I remember that we are on lunch today, so we are good.

I look down to Ezra, to see if he is still out like a light, and find that he is. He is still laying in the exact same position that he was in when I made him pass out, his hands are still even mostly under his head, exposing his soft still hairless armpits fully. I press my nose to them to see if he smells this morning, and if we should be getting up and having a shower or not. He is certainly a bit stinky, but his scent does not bother me, in fact, his sweet muskiness actually makes me happy, and not just in the diaper area. His scent has always made me feel at peace, even when he is very strong smelling, it has never bothered me. He always smells good to me, just like this morning.

I reach down and check both our diapers as well, to see how much longer we are going to last, and Ezra is almost to the point of leaking, and I am not far behind him. We definitely peepeed our baby diapers lots and lots last night.

We should get up and have a shower though, so I proceed to kissing Ezra to wake him up, whispering to him that it is time to wake up. It takes nearly ten minutes for him to do so. When he does finally wake up, he looks to me, then smiles brightly and presses his lips to mine. We kiss softly for just a few moments, before I break us apart.

“Come on Baby, we've slept in, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, you're smelly, and we should go get washed up. So up and at em Baby.”

“Holy shit, what'd you do to me last night. My balls still feel like they went inside out.”

“Edged you so much you nearly died, caused your baby balls to go into full production, and then caused you to have your first true wet cum, and it was so powerful you even hit the wall ten or so centimeters above the headboard on your second shot.”

“Holy fuck, you're kidding me, right?”

“Nope, you're now officially a big baby boy.”

“Wow, no wonder my balls feel the way they do then. I still almost feel like I'm cumming.”

“Yeah, I actually feel almost as bad. I nearly came when you did, and I have no idea how I didn't at least a dozen times while I was trying to make you feel as good.”

“Good, you gotta be kidding me, at times I thought I was gonna die.”

“Yeah, I know, it was great.” I have to grin.

“Oh yeah.” He sighs out deeply.

“Well, come on Baby, our baby diapers aren't gonna hold another wetting, we both stink, and breakfast is soon and I'm hungry, so let's go.”

“You don't stink, you smell good.” He says after burying himself in my armpit for a second as well.

“No, I think you smell good like this as well, but to others, trust me, we stink. We're starting to get a little strong now, but then, after last night, with how much we were both sweating, that's not exactly a huge shock either.”

I roll out of bed first, extend my hand to my baby, who takes hold of it, and I pull him from bed. As he stands up, we reach to each others soggy diapers, grasp hold of the tapes, release them all, and let our diapers fall away. I reach down just as Ezra reaches up, and we kiss for just another second, before heading to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

After getting cleaned and dried, we head back to our bedroom, pick up our soggy diapers and ball them up and throw them away, then proceed to diaper each other up nice and thick. We went with one of our thickest diapers, with a diaper doubler inside, and then our plastic pants over top of that. I look to the clock and see that it is quarter after seven, and that the others will already have started eating, so we head out as well.

Everyone says good morning to us as we come down the stairs, and as I can see, we are the last to arrive this morning. Granted, most mornings there is at least one couple who is well late like we are this morning, it is just not normally us. We dish up our breakfast, then go and join everyone for breakfast.

“Why are you walking so gingerly this morning Ezra?” Josh asks. “You're used to being fucked by now, aren't you, or did you take his whole hand for the first time?”

“No, we didn't even make love last night, your daddy hardly even touched my dick at all, and for only a minute at most did he I think. (it was longer than that, but not by much, that is for sure.) What he did to me though was make me cum for my first time, but he took probably more than two hours to make me do so. He just kept petting and rubbing, tickling and kissing, and every time I thought I was about to cum, he stopped.”

“Wicked, congratulations. How'd it taste?” Josh said excitedly, everyone else called out congratulations as well.

“Don't know, I don't even remember cumming, I just felt an explosion, then that was it, 'til this morning, I remember nothing. I musta passed out totally.”

“He did, I even slipped my dick head into his mouth, and he latched onto it like a baby to a bottle, and I gave him his baby milk, yet he never knew it.”

“You're naughty.” Ezra giggles so cutely.

“Thanks, like you're not.”

“No, pretty sure I am.” He giggles again.

“Good. So, yeah, I edged him, made him so hot, that when he exploded, it was possibly the most impressive I've ever seen. He even hit the wall above our headboard, so yeah, I think I built up a little pressure in him.” I grin brightly.

“No shit.” Everyone says almost the exact same thing at the exact same time.

“Wouldn't know, I only found that out this morning as well.” Ezra says.

“And my god, the taste, nothing has ever tasted better than that. I'll haveta drain him every day to keep getting my baby milk.”

“Know how you feel.” Several others say as one.


“Yeah, well, 'til tonight, I doubt I can even get hard.”

“Don't worry, me neither. I damn near came as hard as you did, but then, I essentially edged myself every bit as much as I did to you, and it felt like I ejected my balls out my dick head too.”

“Yeah, they still feel like they're inside out.”

“Been there, done that.” More than a few others say.

“Man, what a breakfast conversation, huh.” I have to laugh at the absurdity of it. Before moving here, such a conversation would have gotten us all thrown in jail.

“Sounds like a great one to me.” Aidan giggles.

“Me too.” Everyone else adds.

We continue talking as we eat our breakfast, and even though both Ezra and I had loaded our plates past indecent, we are both heading up to get seconds, because we are both still rather hungry. Once we are finally filled up, we clean up, and then head out to take care of our morning chores. Of course, we have to get dressed first, it is pretty cold outside, but that is okay too.

Since we are already outside and in our winter gear, as well it is a pretty nice day, we decide to play after we have the animals all tended to, and their eggs and milk collected. We play for a good few hours, having fun out in the snow, running around on our snowmobiles, snowshoeing, building snow forts and having a snowball fight, whatever we want until we are all ready to head back in.

Ezra and I are on lunch duty, so we have to start that soon, so once we are inside, we stay there, while our team joins us, and the others go do whatever they want to until lunch is ready.

The next several days, I never wanted Ezra to make love to me, I just wanted to suck him and enjoy his sweet sweet nectar of life, and he enjoyed this as well. He especially loves it when I jack him off tenderly and then scoop up his more meager output, because after his first night, he does not yet produce a huge amount yet, and feed it to him, and then I go in and share it with him in a nice cum kiss. Sometimes we will suck each other, then spin around and share a nice cum kiss that way too, and that is always amazing.

Almost two weeks after Ezra had cum for his first time, I decided I wanted to get his load deep inside me, and now that he has grown enough to do so, I want him to finally diaper fuck me. He still is not big, but hopefully large enough to do so, and he is more than willing to try as well. I want him to fill me up as fully as he can first, and since this morning he was able to actually feed me two loads of cum, though his second was tiny, I want him to fuck me until he can no longer do so, and then we will trade places. I cannot wait to be properly cum and piss fucked, I cannot say how long I have dreamed of it, but now I get it.

I do not want to risk Ezra cumming anywhere but inside me, so I urge him to just lube me up and then slip in, and so he does. We almost totally forewent the foreplay, and only kissed for just a few seconds before I tell him what I want and need, and so now I am up on my hands and knees, still the only way that Ezra can truly make love to me and have me feel him, he is still just not big enough for us to lay down yet.

Ezra prepares us both, and then slips in. He always feels so good as he slips into me, and I am pleased to feel that he is still filling me up nicely, even with two nice soggy diapers in between us, pretty near exactly what he filled me with when we first started making love to each other, so I am all good with that. I would far rather being made love to thorough our diapers than have more inside me, and besides, I know he will still hit my prostate, and I know that he will still make it as good for me as he is capable of doing, and trust me, he is very capable of doing so.

As soon as he starts making diaper love to me, we both sigh and moan, and even though we had each had a pair of really good baby boygasms this morning, we are both very hot now, and I know that neither of us are going to last very long.

Not even two minutes later, and we both explode. I finally get to feel my baby fill me up, and even though his loads are not large yet, I do feel him filling me up, and it is simply amazing. And then he fills me with his other load, and that is equally so. Finally he starts fucking my cummy pissy gay baby boy pussy, and now he is not even making love to me, he is full on fucking me, and I am perfectly okay with this. God he feels so good inside me.

Our second orgasms cum on a few minutes later, and yet, Ezra is not stopping. He continues right on fucking away merrily. I know that this will cost me my lovemaking to my baby, but I am okay with that. I have always felt better with a dick in me than my dick in anyone else. Do not get me wrong, I do still love giving as well, but receiving is what I was made to do. Ezra feels the same way, which is why we make sure and alternate.

When Ezra cums for his third time, I do not feel any extra warmth fill me up, so he is now drained, but I expected that. Finally he pulls out, flops down onto his back, opens up his legs, and tells me to fill him up now. I am certainly okay with that, so go and do so.

It takes only a second to prepare my baby, and once he is, I insert myself as fully into him as I can, and then make love to him.

My only problem though, I only have one more load of cum left in me, and that means no more lovemaking after that, because I know that I will certainly go soft, but I do have a large load of pee for him. This session lasts close to ten minutes though, because I am going much slower, trying my best to prolong the bliss, and we are enjoying ourselves a considerable amount.

As soon as I explode with this last orgasm, I can already feel myself shrinking, but I will myself to stay inside Ezra just long enough to fill him up with the other load he is desperately waiting for, and so I give to him. We both sigh deeply, but then that is it, I am done.

“I love you Baby.” I whisper to my baby, then kiss him tenderly. We had been kissing rather passionately as I made love to him.

“And I love you more.” He whispers back, and kisses me again.

I slip out of bed, grab our diaper supplies, and then proceed to baby my baby, and then he pays me back. We slipped a diaper doubler inside our already ruined diapers, poked more holes in the ones we are already wearing, and then put our thickest diapers over top of all that, then topped it all off with our plastic pants. Finally we are ready to go to sleep, and we kiss for another few minutes, whisper to each other how much we love each other, then cover up, curl up, and fall fast asleep.

Winter slips by for us, and we all did very well once again. Our food stocks were good, we always had some fresh produce, our animals were all good, and we made lots to sell once the snow is melted.

As soon as the snow is melted, we load up and head into town, sell all that we can, buy all that we need, meet the two new couples that we had invited to come and live with us, one a man and his boy, the other a pair of twelve year old boys, we had found them online and worked it all out so that they could come and live with us. By summer we added another three couples as well, two more men, and four more boys.

From there on, pretty much everything stays the same. We have had to build a few more houses as the years have gone by, but, over all, we are all doing very well. Our babies are all growing up, and though we add a few more every year, the boys are starting to get older and older. We do still get a few young boys every year though, so that is truly great.

Once here though, not one of us has ever had the desire to leave and go elsewhere. During our fifth year, we decided that we actually needed a full dining hall, so built one with a massive restaurant sized kitchen in it, but then, we are well over a hundred people strong now, so it was necessary. We have also added so many animals that we are now running three full barns, one just with milking animals and several more automated milking machines to handle the quantity of animals, and one massive chicken coop for all the laying hens, as well as two others for the rest of the chickens.

We have also created another three large fields, cutting down all the trees to do so, and we are now growing even more, though one field is strictly for animal feed. We added another full greenhouse the same size as we already had as well, so as to ensure that we always have enough, as well as for our animals. With all the animals, we had also had to create another couple pastures for them to roam, and the largest of them goes up the mountain and has lots of food and cover for them all.

We all live a great life on our gold ghost town ranch, all happy gay baby boy diaper lovers, and nothing in life can be better than being surrounded by dozens of people who make you feel normal, like you are not a freak, because we are all so much alike, yet we still have our differences.

The end.

****Well, there you have it, the end of another tale, sadly not true, but trust me, if I could do so, I would actually do this in a heartbeat. The story was actually inspired by the fact that I did find a ghost town for sale, I was just searching the real estate page and was curious what was available, and I did find it. They did not say a price, so I have no idea what it was selling for. Sadly, everything else is totally made up. If you have any comments on this or any of my other stories, please email me at erich5748 at, I would love to hear from you, yet it is not imperative either. Also, please remember, Nifty is a free site, but does require our donations, so do what you can to help out. I hope that you enjoyed, and if you made it this far, thanks.****