Chapter 4

This morning, after the three of us have breakfast, then go and get changed and ready for the day, the boys head out, and then I too head out pretty much right away.

“Hey there Andrew, so how goes?” I ask once I find him.

“Not bad, and you?”

“Excellent, I have the money, and I hope you're about to tell me I also have lots of acreage, well, as soon as you get the money.”

“I was gonna tell you, but somehow I don't think I really need to. All we haveta do now is take care of all the money and the rest of the paperwork and we can get it all taken care of. You should call your lawyer right away and have him come and take care of everything for you.”

“Good idea, will do.” I say and call Stephen right away.

Stephen says that he will be right here, and true to his word, before Andrew and I get too far into everything, he is there and ready. We all sign our papers, Stephen notarizes everything, I hand over the cheque, and I am now the proud owner of a not so ghost town. Stephen and I leave together.

“So, it's done. Fuck, what'd I just do.” I laugh out loud as soon as we exit.

“Oh, I don't know, bought a ghost town in the middle of fucking nowhere.” Stephen laughs at me.

“Yeah, I did, didn't I? Well, now I getta go shopping.”

“Have fun. I ordered almost a hundred thousand dollars more of woodworking machinery last night, should be here some time this week.”

“Nice, anything awesome?”

“All of it, of course. I bought a wicked planer, thickness sander, the best table saw I could find, an even better lathe than I already have, but I'll keep the one I already have as well, couple other large sanders that I didn't already have, an amazing routing station, and a few other odds and ends.”

“Nice, can't wait 'til it's all set up and we can play.”

“Me too.”

“Oh, I totally forgot, how'd it go with your dad last night?”

“About how I expected. He called me a disgrace, then called me a faggot and a diaper loving freak, you know, the usual. I called him a heartless bastard who's never cared for me one second of his entire life, all I was to him was someone to pass the business to, but that he could take it and shove it so far up his ass that he'll be shitting little shitty lawyers for a year. It felt good, you know that.”

“Good, I'm glad. It'll be good for you not having to listen to him any more. I mean, here you are, well into your thirties already, and daddy still tries to control you with an iron first.”

“Yeah, well not any more.”

“Good. Well, I have a shit tonne of things to go and buy and arrange for delivery.”

“Me too, there's still lots more I wanna get. How are we gonna ship everything though?”

“Actually, never thought of that.”

“Since you're still trying to keep as much of this from the boys as possible, why don't I buy one of those large sea and rail containers, we can park it at my place, and as we get things that need to go up north with us delivered, it can just be put into there, and then we can have a trucker bring the whole damn thing up and drop it off.”

“That's a great idea, actually, but I think we're gonna need two of them. We have a lot to buy, so get two of them and I'll pay you back for one of them.”

“Nonsense, I think you've paid more than enough to buy the property and all that, so I'll get that. So, just have it all delivered to my place. I'm now officially retired, so just give them my phone number to let me know when they're gonna deliver things so that I can be there.”

“Fine, be like that, but thanks. I'm gonna go start getting everything right now, and I'll probably spend a couple hours online tonight getting more things. I also have to call the friends to have them go and get started.”

“Good. Hopefully it won't take them long.”

“No kidding.”

Another four friends of mine, likewise in thinking, each of them with baby boyfriends of their own, only one of the baby boys is young though, he is fourteen, the next youngest is seventeen, though he had been twelve when they met. None of my friends are against what Ezra and I have, all of us grew up together, and we all had amazing sex many times together growing up. They too will be moving up there with us, and the four of them with their boyfriends are going to do all the repairs on the place, they all claim it to be their contribution to the cause.

As soon as Stephen and I part, I head to a few different places to start buying all that I know that we will be needing. From the pictures that I had seen, I know that there are appliances there, but that they are quite old now, and who knows if they are even working any more after sitting for so many years, so I am buying all new, and all the best. Electronics are next, and there too I am not afraid to truly spend some good coin. One of the out buildings, I just do not know which yet, is going to be made into an actual theatre, so it too needs to be fully set up. Furniture is next, and everything that I am buying is absolute top of the line, solid hard woods and impeccable workmanship. By now I am supposed to be at home to meet the boys, as well I am getting seriously soggy, so I head home.

“Hi there Baby Boys, how was school today?” I ask as I walk in to find that they are already home.

“Pretty good. Where were you?” Josh asked.

“Doctors appointment.” I answer quickly.

“Hmm, not sure I believe you.” Josh says to me, giving me the same shrewd look as the night before.

Ezra just shrugs his shoulders and comes and gives me a nice hug and kiss hello.

“Feels like Baby needs a super soggy bum changed.” He said to me after patting said soggy baby bum.

“Mmmhmm, and I bet you do too.”

“You bet, come on Baby.”

Josh just laughs at us, but I did see that he too headed to his bedroom so that he too could get changed.

Ezra and I spend only a few minutes pleasuring each other, making each other cum only once, using our hands as we kiss passionately, and when we do cum, Ezra pulls his hand from my diaper and goes to lick it off, but I beat him to it and lick it off first, then share it with my beautiful baby boy.

Finally we change each others soggy baby bums, and staying in only our diapers now, we head out to find Josh, but he is not out yet, so he must be having a really good diaper change as well. He joins us only a minute later though, just as Ezra and I are getting a nice big drink.

“So, care to finally tell us what's up?” Josh asks casually as he walks in.

“Nope.” I grin to him. I know he knows something is happening, but not what.

“Why not?”


“Did they finally settle, did you finally get paid out.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” I say smoothly.

“Why aren't you telling us anything?”

“Maybe there's nothing to tell, or maybe I'm trying to make a surprise for you two.”

“No, there's something to tell, I can feel that much, you've been very happy since yesterday afternoon, we could both tell. So, they finally settled, and you're very happy with the amount. There's no point in denying that. There's something else though, I can feel it too, so tell us please?”

“You're incredibly perceptive, and yes, you're right. I'm very pleased with the settlement. However, no, I'm not telling you the rest, you'll find out when it happens.”

“Fine, be like that.” He huffs and I laugh.

For the rest of the afternoon and after dinner, the boys play games and watch TV, while I sit back and relax with my computer, buying so much stuff it is almost sickening. I am thankful that my debit card is also a credit card, and that I had thought to tell my bank to temporarily remove all limits for the next four weeks, so that I could make all the purchases that I need to make. By the time it is bedtime, I am pretty sure I surpassed the hundred thousand dollar mark. I should almost feel sick, but for once I do not.

Two of the purchases that I know that the boys will like the most are the diapers and the sex toys. I had ordered pretty much a dozen cases of just about every amazing diaper I could find in all our sizes, from four different places, in total it will be nearly a few hundred cases of diapers for us to all enjoy, and I am certain that we all will enjoy them to their fullest as well. I also picked out a great selection of sex toys that we will all enjoy a great deal, as well as more than enough lube and condoms to keep an entire university going for a couple years. Should serve us for a few months. The condoms are solely to keep the toys easier to clean.

I bought so much else though that it is simply not funny, and because I am taking next to nothing from our current house, it all has to be bought, so I have nearly got it all now.

At bedtime, Ezra and I suck each other to a good pair of orgasms each, before we change each others diapers and go to sleep. As usual now, we are cuddled right into each other, our already slightly soggy diapers the only thing preventing our skin from touching in every way.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I keep on telling the boys that what is happening is a surprise and that they will have to just wait and see. Josh is becoming uncharacteristically impatient, he, like me, is normally a very patient person. Ezra just keeps shrugging, which is odd, he is the one I thought that this might bother the most, especially considering that we are boyfriends and all, and like I told him before, boyfriends share everything. I guess he knows it is for a good reason, so it is not bothering him at all.

Janice had known that once I received my settlement I wanted to buy something and move, and she had even said that she might move as well so that she could stay close to Ezra, who she had already known would rather move with me than to stay with her. Obviously I called her and told her everything, and we have talked a few times since, but I warned her not to tell Ezra yet, since he and Josh know nothing of our pending move. She of course talks to Ezra at least once per week, so it was a warning that was needed.

As soon as my friends had been given the go ahead, they all quit their jobs, they all work for the same construction company that I used to work for, packed up all that they cared to take, sold the rest, and then were gone. I have been called every couple days with status reports and whatnot. Calling from our new place, though, is impossible, so they have to go all the way to town to do so, but this is not a huge deal, since they often have to go every couple days for supplies and whatnot. The status, though, is that everything is in decent enough condition, considering how old it is and how long it had sat for.

The main house and pool house are of course in the best condition, since they are positively new compared to everything else. That, however, does not mean that there was no work to be done, because they had had to do a fair bit by the sounds of it. From the way it sounds, there were critter infestations to take care of, then repairs to what they had damaged, almost all the cabinetry had to be repaired, since every hinge and slide in the entire place had pretty much rusted and/or seized, as well anything else metal had pretty much had to be replaced.

They also had to bring in a special sand blaster that sprays crushed walnut shells to clean all of the logs, and then they were all oiled completely, since they have clearly not been done for a long time, if ever. All the hardwood floors also got blasted and then refinished. None of the railings around the entire house had been completed, so it sounds as if the house had not even been finished when the guy died, so all new ones were made and installed.

Just about all the plumbing and electrical had to be replaced as well, and new pumps and filter equipment had to be put in for both the house water and the pool and hot tub. The furnace had to be replaced, and for cooling the house in the summer, they decided to just pump lake water through the cooling coil, since it will stay incredibly cold pretty much all year long. The hot water system was also replaced and upgraded. Since we are going to be heating the house mostly with wood anyway, they put in heat recovery pipes in all three chimneys to capture every last bit of heat that we can, which will preheat the water, before going through the boiler system. The fourth chimney though, which happens to come from a wood stove in the pool house anyway, is dedicated to heating the water for the pool.

I am told that they spent an entire day almost as soon as they got there scouting the woods surrounding the house and collecting as much good firewood as they could get, and while we do not have enough to get us through winter, I am told that there is enough to get a damn good start, but that we would certainly have to collect a lot more.

The roofs were all deemed acceptable for now, but I was warned that we might only have another five years or so on them, but that is okay for now. All the windows were in decent enough shape, with the exception of one that was broken. The doors too were in good shape, but when asked if I wanted to keep the sliding patio doors, or replace them with double doors, I chose to replace them. All of us are the same there, we hate patio doors, so they were only asking my opinion, but had already ordered the new doors anyway. All the interior doors needed new hinges and handles, because they too had pretty much rusted to the point where it was not worth trying to save them.

The road leading to town had been in pretty rough shape as well, but they hired a grader to come in and fix the road, and between the friends they have two tractors, so most maintenance work we will be able to do from now on. We also have a lot of gravel and dirt available to us, so said maintenance will be easy as well.

The building that will become our new workshop was a barn at one time, and it needed a new roof, new concrete to replace the dirt floor, as well as many repairs. It had had electricity already put to it, but most of it was scrapped and replaced, and a lot of the siding also needed replacing, but they got it all done. It received plumbing and a brand new bathroom as well to make it easier.

Another barn was also fixed up, it needed much the same repairs as the other barn, so that we can keep actual animals, and they repaired the fences all around that area to hold said animals. About the only thing they did not do to the actual barn was put in a bathroom, but it too received new plumbing.

Both barns also received brand new heaters, as well as a lot of insulation, so that we can still comfortably work in the long winter months, and our animals will be more comfortable.

I am told that they used ten full lifts of plywood to sheath the interiors of both barns, and at fifty five sheets per lift, that is a lot of interior wall and ceiling space, so I can already tell both will be quite large, but that is most definitely okay with all of us. Both barns, I am told, are approximately ten by twenty five meters, with almost three and a half meter high ceiling in the lower section, then a full hayloft that is just about two meters tall on the walls, but then goes up to the peaked roof well over five meters above the centre. They are both huge barns, and we will happily make use of all that space.

With all four of my friends, as well their baby boyfriends, working at all this, this took the entire two weeks, so it clearly was not that bad, but then, they are all good at what they do, but I am still betting that they hauled ass something fierce to get it all done, so that we can all enjoy it.

On our end, Stephen and I have been on a near on non stop shopping spree I swear. We called each other nearly every night to tell each other what all we had bought, so that we are not doubling anything up, but the two storage containers at Stephen's house are very nearly packed full already. Stephen had gotten the two largest containers that he could get, and they are simply massive.

Even though I cannot be a huge amount of help with the loading of the containers, I have still been there nearly every day doing what I can to get it all packed in there. Needless to say, I have been kept very active and very sore in the last two weeks, and I have not bothered going to my physical therapy appointments, and my doctor says that it is doing me good to have something to work at like that, because I am getting stronger, and even though I am still using my pain killers, I am not using more than I was before, nor am I using more than I need to or are supposed to.

The boys can tell that I am being kept very tired, and Josh keeps asking me what I am doing that is keeping me so tired and sore. I lied, so sue me, and told them that the doctor now has me up to every day physical therapy, and they are pushing me quite hard. I do not think he actually bought it though. Oh well it will be all worth it in the end.

Dean's baby boyfriend was finally handed over to him without contest late last week, Stephen helped with this, his useless mother signed him over, so they are both incredibly happy.

All of us that have to worry about anything of the sort, had already enrolled all our baby boys up for home schooling, so that as soon as we get there, they will no longer have to worry about that, but I have my doubts that my boys will even bother, they might just challenge the tests and graduate early, which I know they both could probably do so fairly easily.

Yesterday I got the word saying that everything that can be done, is done now, and that we are welcome to come home at any time. I called Stephen and told him this as well. He told me that he had already went and traded in his car and bought a nice new truck, so I decided to do the same thing. I also thought of a couple more things that might come in handy and told Stephen this as well, and asked him to meet me somewhere.

I went and bought my new truck, and then met Stephen somewhere that sells both ATV's and snowmobiles. We each got the largest flat deck trailer that we could buy, and then I bought all the ATV's, and Stephen bought all the snowmobiles, we bought as many as would fit on each of the trailers. We managed to get ten each, so hopefully that will be enough, but we can always buy more if we need them. I also grabbed pretty much every bit of safety gear that they had for us, so that we stay safe. We also each got the largest fuel tanks that would fit in the backs of our trucks, I got a diesel one, while Stephen went with a gas one. Our trucks, as well as the tractors are diesel powered, while all the small vehicles are gas, so we would need it all. I will probably also get a couple large fuel tanks delivered to the property at some time, so that we always have lots. I am also getting several one hundred pound propane tanks for all our home fuel needs.

By the time we are finished, it is almost time for the boys to come home. Stephen and I agree that we will head out tomorrow morning, and he will call the two truck drivers, that have already agreed to haul our storage containers up, right away, and they will probably pick them up tonight and get started on the journey first thing in the morning as well. I make it to the house only seconds before the boys do, so they saw me pulling in with a brand new truck and all our ATV's, and they came running up.

“What's this?” They both asked as one.

“Part of your surprise. We're moving tomorrow, but where you don't get to know 'til we're there. Ezra, your mom does know, and she's good with it, so no worries there. We have tonight to pack all that we care to take with us, which won't be much, since I already have pretty much everything else. We'll order dinner in, I figure Chinese, and if we finish before bed, we'll watch a movie. I want us in bed early though, I wanna be outta here for about six tomorrow morning.”

“Really?” They both say as one.

“Yes, so inside, diaper changes, then packing.”

“Okay.” They both say together again.

I change both boys' diapers, since Ezra and I will not be playing anyway, and then Ezra changes me, though Josh does not leave, but then, why would he. I already have lots of boxes hidden away, I had picked up a shit load the other day for just this reason, so that we would be ready when they were ready for us, so we went and got them all. As we packed, we talked. Most of the talking, though, was about what all we needed to take with us.

“So, is this the reason why you've been so tired and sore lately?” Ezra asked.

“Yep, Stephen and I've been hard at work getting everything all ready. So, yes, as you've figured out, he and his baby boyfriend are going with us. Like you've already found out, we're not taking any furniture or other housewares, I have all new for that, it's all at Stephen's house in a couple shipping containers, and they should be picked up some time tonight. It's been a lot of work, I tell you, but it should be amazing, and I can't wait to see it all done.”

“What do you mean, haven't you seen where we're moving?” Josh asks curiously.

“Other than in pictures, no, it's too far away to have gone and checked it out personally. I would've loved to have, but that's okay too, this way there's lotsa anticipation for even me.”

“Oh.” Both boys say as one again.

“What about Declan, I can't leave him though?” Josh asks all of a sudden.

“No worries, they're coming as well. Dean's Baby boyfriend's coming with him as well.”

“Really, even Dean has a baby boyfriend?”

“You bet.” I grin.

By the time we are pretty much done, we are nearly starving, so I order more than enough dinner for twice our numbers, and as soon as it is delivered, we pig out, almost literally. We put a movie in, we kept one out just for this reason, we are taking the rest, and watch it as we eat our dinner. After that is done, we clean up our mess, and then head to bed.

Ezra and I only rub each other to two very satisfying orgasms as we kiss each other, and then we change each others very wet diapers before going to sleep.

We are up at our normal time of just after five A.M., we get our soggy bums changed, pack up the last of the things that need to be packed, and then we head out. We will catch breakfast on our way out of town. I had called the rental company a couple days ago and told them that the house would be available for the first of the month, and because it is fully furnished, we are doing it as an executive rental, so a cleaning company and yard company will be taking care of everything that the rental company will not, they are all the same as are doing Janice's house, so it is easy, they are right next door to each other. The boys are clearly excited, but then, so am I.

It is a little more than six hours normal drive to the town that is closest to our new home, and then a further one hour to our new home. It will take us longer though, I am figuring every bit of eight to nine hours, since I cannot sit for that long without moving around. We will also have to make rest stops to change soggy bums, as well as food and fuel, but this is the reason I want to be out so early.

I call Stephen just as we are leaving, and he tells me that he is almost ready to go as well, that he too is going to stop for food, and then he will be right behind us. We will likely meet on the road at some point, but if we do not, then we will meet up at our new home.

We grab a good breakfast and eat as we drive. We talk lots, and I tell the boys lots about what we are going to find, yet not everything either. We have about as good a time as we can while driving. We have to make four pit stops on the drive, every time stopping for food, fuel, and diaper changes, as well as one for stinky bathroom stop. It takes us almost every bit of nine hours to make it there though, and when we pull into our little town, even I am taken aback at what I am seeing.

The roads are all dirt, but they are nice and wide and in reasonable condition, the main street leads right to the lake, and the very last house on the right is ours. It actually looks out of place with all the other buildings, but it is very nice indeed. There are only two other roads, and they lead to more houses, some farm land, and of course the mine. There are old rail tracks leading to where the mine clearly is, in the mountain that rises up to our left, or west if you will. It is easily seen where there had been houses at one time that had been torn down, but there are still a surprising amount of buildings left. Old store fronts, houses, and various other buildings, all told equaling approximately twenty four in my quick count. I know that there are a few small farms a little further east that also belong to me, but, for the most part, we can see just about everything.

I can even see the two shipping containers that are our supplies, it seems that the truckers that delivered them have already been and gone, so that is good, we now expect no one who will not be living here.

“Wow.” We all say as one.

“Which one's ours?”

“All of them. I bought the entire freaking town. Until quite recently, it was a ghost town, there's been no one here in several years. The total size is a little over a thousand acres, it used to be a small gold mining town, but the mine was a bust. So, pretty much over night, right at the beginning of the nineteen hundreds, the entire town just left. There wasn't enough here to keep them on, so they uprooted and left.”

“Wicked. I so wanna check out the mine though and make sure that it's actually dead. I'd love to find gold.” Josh grins.

“I thought that'd be your stance, and you'll be allowed, once we know it's been shored up and is safe.”

“Cool, thanks.” He smiles brightly.

“Well, let's go meet all the guys, it looks like they're all in the main house.”

“Where's Stephen?” Ezra asks.

“Probably not far behind us. Chances are he took every bit as long as we did, but he wasn't quite ready to leave yet when we did, so who's to say when he did.”

“Then he'll probably be here real soon then.” Josh says.

We pull up to the main house, and as we do so, eight people come out onto the wrap around porch closest to where we park, all of them in only soggy diapers.

“They're all diaper lovers as well?” Josh says in awe.

“Of course. Each and every one of us who lives here now are gay baby diaper lovers.”

“Nice, and I don't just mean the views.”

“I bet.”

“When are Dean and Declan coming?” Josh asks, and I know exactly why.

“They should be here some time today as well. I suspect that they left pretty much the same time we did, so they could be here any time now.”

The funny thing is, not even ten seconds after saying that, and before we even got more than just a few steps from the truck after hopping out, we hear a vehicle coming, so we turn and look, and sure enough, someone is coming, though there are two vehicles, not just one. Both are brand new trucks, both are hauling trailers, one has snowmobiles, so that is Stephen, whereas the other is hauling a dozen canoes, six kayaks, and even a small sailboat. That has to be Dean, he has loved everything boat related since we were kids, and his dream had always been to live on a lake somewhere and have boats to enjoy.

We pause our journey as they pull up alongside us, and they all jump out of the trucks.

“Look who I found along the way, and loaded for bear in boats.” Stephen said.

“Stephen, Dean, so good to see you. So, the boys know everything they need to know?” I ask.

“Yep.” They both say, and we all hug.

Said boys though are too amazed, looking at the porch and seeing eight hot men and boys standing there in nothing but diapers. They had been told, but still, seeing truly is believing.

“Excellent, well, there are a lot of introductions to be made, so shall we?” I ask again, pointing to the porch.

The boys pretty much know all of us men, however, most of the boys do not know each other. We had thought of getting the boys together several times to allow them to get to know other boys that are gay diaper lovers as well, however, we decided not to, because we did not want to push them sooner than they were ready. My boys especially, had not been ready, the others have been for a while, since they already have man lovers, so it had been mine holding things up. We did not necessarily want for them to meet, then go and have wild orgies like my friends and I did a few times, but had they wanted to, none of us would have stopped them, why would we, really.

We steered the boys to the porch, so that they could meet everyone. My boys do know a couple of the young adults, they had known for at least the last year that they were boyfriends to my friends, but there are several that did not know each other.

Dean's Boyfriend Zender, at twelve years old, is tall and lanky, cute in a nerdy sort of way, with shaggy red hair and pale milky skin, and so many freckles you can easily get lost in them. He wears black glasses over pale green eyes, and an almost flat nose, I call him a cute little pug.

Stephen's boyfriend, who has technically lived with Stephen for almost a year already, but my boys did not know this at all, is Levi. He is eleven years old, very tall for his age, yet looks far younger than his height says he should be, because he still looks like a nine year old in the face. He is also incredibly slim, looking very much like a bundle of sticks kind of strapped together. He has long curly blond hair, the most insanely blue eyes I have ever seen, a really cute button nose and nice red lips. His most amazing feature though is his ass, and his diaper does enhance that considerably, but he already has an amazing bubble butt.

Two of our friends up on the porch are Mike and Marty, twins, same age as me, and like me, they are very fit and strong, though I am not so strong right now as I once was, and very good looking. They are very nearly identical, though we can all tell them apart. They have short wavy brown hair, intense brown eyes, and look fucking hot in nothing but their diapers.

And wouldn't you know it, but Mike and Marty's baby boyfriends are also twins, not identical, but shockingly similar. Jason and Jamie. Twenty years old, they would easily be mistaken as the perfect Californian surfer dudes. Tall, muscular, blonde haired and blue eyed, and with full body perfect tans to match.

Our other two friends, Shawn and Ant, (his real name is Anthony) are up there as well. Also with good strong builds from working in the trades for so long. Shawn is the same height as me, so just about two meters tall, while Ant truly lives up to his name, short and stocky. Not an ounce of the weight on Ant is fat though, it is all pure muscle, but then, he has been a weightlifter and martial artist since we were kids. He had done that due to his insecurities of being so small in comparison to everyone else, so he made sure that he was bigger than them in other ways. Shawn has jet black hair that he usually wears in the latest style, almost black eyes they are so dark brown, and he sports a full face beard and mustache that would look right in place in a lumberjack show. Ant is very hairy as well, only nearly all over, all rich brown, he looks like a fucking bear actually, and his eyes are brown as well. I am told his baby boyfriend just loves running his hands all through his hair. Myself, I never cared for the hair so much, which is why I remove just about all of mine, but to each their own I suppose.

Ant's boyfriend is a shockingly cute fourteen year old baby boy, only he actually looks his age, though he too is already getting pretty muscular, working with Ant a lot by the sounds of it. His name is Jax (short for Jackson). He has light honey brown hair, deep green eyes, really cute dimples in his cheeks when he smiles, and he was rescued from his abusive parent when he was eight.

Shawn's boyfriend is seventeen, his name is Carter, he was rescued when he was twelve years old, he is nice and trim and fit, dirty blond hair that he usually keeps short, since he hates what his hair does once it starts getting a little longer (I think it's cute though), he has soft big blue eyes, full red lips, nice big bushy eyebrows, and he too has an amazing ass that only looks better in a soggy diaper, which he too is currently wearing, as are they all.

As soon as we make it to the porch, all the introductions are made, and everyone who does not know each other is very happy to meet several more people just like them.

“So, what say the rest of us that are sickeningly overdressed take care of that issue right now.” I say, and then lead the pack by starting to strip down to just my soggy diaper.

Everyone else follows suit instantly without question or concern, and in only a few seconds, we are all standing there in just our soggy baby diapers. There is an awful lot of appreciative looks being passed around. My boys, especially, have never been seen, except by me, in just their diapers, and they too truly look amazing like this. I have never seen Levi or Zender in only their diapers, but they look very good as well.