Chapter 8

I tell you, having amazing sex after several hard days of work can make you sleep like you never dreamed. I am talking here and now, if I had died and gone to heaven, I could not feel more at peace than I do right now as I wake up. Granted, some of that is caused because Ezra is already awake and is tickling my chest lovingly, and I love that so much, but then, I love him even more.

“Mmm, good morning Baby. How long have you been awake for?”

“Ten minutes. I woke up with the rare urge to go pee, and I haveta go even more now, I also really need to make love to you. I don't wanna take off our nice soggy baby diapers, but there's simply no way I can make love to you through them, so can you get up on your hands and knees, I'll just pull our diapers down and make love to you like that.”

And with absolutely no foreplay whatsoever, that is exactly what I do. Ezra takes only ten seconds or so to finger me to open me up, but I am already as open as I really need to be, and as soon as he pushes down his diaper in the front, so that he is ready as well, he pushes forward and slips as deeply into me as he is able to.

“Mmm, god, this feels so good. I can't wait 'til I'm big enough to make love to you through our soggy baby diapers though, and I can't wait 'til I can cum.”

“I'm in no rush, you still make me feel so good Baby.”

“I know, but you can't tell me that you don't wish I were bigger, so that I could truly diaper fuck you too.”

“No, I'd never claim that, though I'd never complain either, you're perfect the way you are, and you'll become even more perfect as you age. Before too long, Baby, you'll be more than large enough, in the meantime, I enjoy you just the way you are.”

“Thanks.” He sighs, and then cums. He sets me off, and then he pees inside me, and we both sigh so deeply.

As soon as he finishes peeing inside me, Ezra starts an even deeper rocking motion, grinding his talented little hips as soon as he is inside me as far as he can be, pulling out as far as he can out before falling out, and then slipping all the way back inside me.

It seems that Ezra feels that fair is fair this morning though, because I came four times in him last night, and he is not satisfied until we have both cum a total of four times again this morning.

With a deep contented sigh, Ezra lays on my back, panting and gasping, clearly happy with the world, and as his hot little baby dick shrinks and expels from inside me, I sigh in loss. I always feel best when my baby is inside me.

Ezra finally comes down and rights both our diapers, and then he pushes me over, so that I am now on my side, he cuddles right into me, and presses our lips together, to get the loving that he so desperately wants now.

“Mmm, that was nice Baby, you may not be huge, yet, but you sure do make me feel great.” I whisper softly as we break our kiss.

“Oh yeah, still prefer you making love to me and filling me with all your love, but making love to you's almost as good.” He whispers back to me and kisses me again for another couple minutes.

“Well Baby, I'm hungry, let's go get some breakfast.”


It is a mark that tells just how little loving everyone had gotten in recently when we come downstairs and find that we are only the second couple to come down, and we are once more quite late in doing so. Stephen and Levi are only just in the process of starting breakfast, so they have not been down long either. It too appears that they are about as thickly diapered and soggy as we are as well.

“Looks like you two had a good night and morning as well.” I say in way of greeting.

“Absolutely, a few hard days of work and no loving sure made last night, and this morning too, a lot better. Levi wanted me to fill him up last night, and I barely lasted through entrance before exploding, but then, he's the one who set me off.”

“Know how you feel, we were pretty much exactly the same, and then this morning I wanted my filling, and it was amazing as always.”

“Yep, same here, even though Levi is constantly saying he wishes he were larger, but like I say all the time, don't worry, time will take care of it nicely, and I enjoy what he has now more than enough anyway.”

“Yeah, Ezra says the same, and so do I.”

Couple by couple, the rest start showing up to help, and everyone claims pretty much the exact same things happened the night before, and then this morning too. As soon as breakfast is done and cleaned up, we pretty much all grab our computers and go sit down. The boys should do their schoolwork, since they have not the past few days, and us men want to rest some, so we are all doing whatever on our own computers, but we are all together, and we are once more almost as silent as a tomb.

I check my email first, since I have not done so in several days, but I only have two. One is just a junk mail, but the other is from Brandon.

Hi there Jake, this is Brandon, you know, from the other day. I confronted my son this afternoon when he got home from school, told him I knew he's a gay baby boy diaper lover, told him he's welcome to wear his diapers as often as he wants from now on, offered to let his boyfriend come and spend as much time as he wants to from now on, and that he too gets to be diapered any and all times he's here, if he wants to.

I also talked to the one I have my eyes on, told him that I know he's gay, that I am too, and then I made him promise he'd never tell if I told him a secret, then proceeded to tell him that I'm a diaper lover. He was a bit shocked, but admitted that he'd been a bed wetter his whole life, 'til he was twelve, and that he'd had to wear diapers, but that he hadn't hated it either. I kissed him, and asked if he'd be my baby boyfriend, and if he'd let me diaper him too, and he said yes.

I also went and talked to the guy who's in charge of what we were talking about the other day, and he was pissed at what you offered. I told him that you made it plainly clear, that if they wanted to steal your power, that they were gonna pay for it, and that you'd rather shut them off than get an unfair deal. The problem is, I know they actually need that power, and I told him as much. After several hours, he came back with a counter proposal, which is sixty five percent, claiming that he will have to maintain the lines, which will be expensive, since it's a pretty long line, and often does get snapped in half in the winter time. He says it's fair, and I do haveta agree with him on that, so I'd take the offer, since it's likely to be the best you can get from them.

I've put in my resignation though, I'm gonna take you up on your offer, I'd really like to come live out there with you guys, and when I talked to my son about it, he was excited too. The only problem is his boyfriend. I talked it over with his dad, who I've known for several years, and he agreed that it'd be a good opportunity for his son, but he's asking to come as well. I'd always suspected that he was gay anyway, but I told him that it was for diaper lovers only, and he proudly pushed the front of his pants down and showed me that he's been wearing diapers since he was his sons age, and his boyfriend does as well.

My boyfriend won't be a problem, he's very much okay with moving, and he says it will be amazing as well. He hates where he's at anyway, and says that he'd never tell anyone near to him who and what he is, 'cause he'd be treated like a freak or something. I think we could all be out for next weekend some time. Is there anything we should bring?

Excellent, it seems we are going to add on, so that is great. What can they bring though, we are about to add six more people, and we simply do not have that much more space in the house. The other houses are nowhere near ready though. We do have two trailers that I am sure can be used, but how well they will hold up once it gets colder, I have no idea. I know we will have more than enough food, but bringing more would not be a bad idea. To that end, I respond:

Hi there Brandon, I'm very happy for you. Tell them that I'll accept that deal, but that they'd better honour it, or I shut them down and they'll never regain my trust. We'd all love for all of you to come and live here, the more the merrier, especially if we're all the same. What to bring though, well whatever food you want and can bring, that'd be great, but we don't need eggs or milk, we have that taken care of nicely. We already have lots of grains and other staples, as well as meats and cheeses, yet more would not be a bad thing either.

We have no more room in the main house, and the other houses aren't ready yet. We have a couple RV's here that you can use, but if either of you have ones, it may not be a bad idea to bring them as well. Leave all furniture behind, but you're gonna need lots of good sturdy work and winter clothes, lots of diapers, though we already have lots here too, and whatever you bring will be added to the stocks for everyone to enjoy. Also bring any and all tools and or toys that you already have, wood, metal, garden, kitchen, personal, whatever. If you wanna buy more as well, then that's great too. Make sure that you all bring your own notebook computers, and any that are still in school, get them set up for homeschooling, they can join our boys in doing so.

Also, anything that you already have in the way of boats, ATV's, snowmobiles, tractors, or what have you, go ahead and bring them. We have lots of fuel here, but if you bring more, it'd probably be better. Also, anything else that you think might be useful out here, feel free to bring it. We look forward to seeing you in just a couple days then.

As soon as I finish typing, I send it off. I hold off on telling the others, so that the boys can go ahead and just finish their schoolwork, I do not wish to interfere with that. As soon as they are done for the day though, I tell them everything that I currently know, as well as what I told him. They are all happy as well, as they should be.

“So, can we go into town, us boys wanna go and get a bunch of stuff?” Ezra asks.

“Sure, why not. If you all wanna go, then we're gonna need at least one more volunteer to drive a truck as well.”

“And we're gonna need at least two trailers as well.” Josh adds.

“I'll go.” Both Stephen and Dean say at the same time.”

“Okay, so three trucks or two then.” I laugh.

“May as well take all three, all with trailers, just in case.” Zender says.

“You wanna get that much stuff?” Dean asks.

“Don't know, but better to have too much than not enough.”

“Fair enough.” I say to the boys, then turn to the rest. “So, what are you gonna do then?”

“We have more than enough drywall and or plywood to sheath some of the interior walls, and we probably have more than enough insulation and plastic left to do at least one of the long walls, so we could get started on that.” Ant offers.

“We have next to no electrical supplies left, so there's really no point in that.” Shawn warns.

“Right, so we'll just play in the shop then.” He laughs.

“Okay, have fun then.”

Dean, Stephen, the boys, and I, all go and hop into the trucks, after getting dressed and then getting the trailers hitched up, and head into town.

When we get to the building centre, we decide on just doing some decently smooth eight millimeter plywood for all the walls, since it will be most durable, and they had a smokin' good deal on it, so we bought four whole lifts of it, even though we probably need just over two hundred sheets, the extra nearly whole lift I am certain we can make good use of, and they gave it to us for an even better price because we bought it all.

We grab a lot of primer, and then several different colours of paints, since the boys want it to be fun, so they chose fifteen different colours, ranging from just ones at four litre cans to a couple of colours they chose a couple twenty litre buckets. We next grab all the electrical (including lighting), plastic, insulation, a good assortment of plumbing supplies, and all the other building essentials that we still need.

The boys also want an entire skid of bricks for doing assorted things with, and say that they will also use a lot of stone from our area as well, which is why they ask for four times more concrete and mortar than the amount of bricks says we need.

Jax found a good jet pump and all the piping and liner material to make a water feature, and threw that in his cart. Each of the boys also did much the same things, whenever they find something that they want to make their vision become a reality, they add it to their own personal carts. By the time we leave this store, nearly two trailers are completely full.

We now head to a couple other stores to see if we can find all that we need for the rest of the boys' vision. The one store we manage to fill up the entire last trailer without problem, and then, the other few stops take up the last remaining space that we have.

Finally we are headed back home, and when we get there, we start offloading everything to the barn that we are using. Some of it goes upstairs, and we use the tractors to help with this, since this barn has a hay door in either end, we are going to keep them active, only we will insulate and secure them properly, we want them for in the summer time, we can open them for good ventilation. Yes, we are putting a full furnace and air conditioning system in, but sometimes fresh air really is better.

It is lunch time by the time we finish, and so we go and eat, and then get diaper changes all around, since we now all need to, and then we get started. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and all that goes in first, and with all of us helping, and none of us afraid to work, we get it done in just the one day.

Two days later we are complete the insulation and the plywood installation, and now the boys say that they want to take care of the rest, so unceremoniously kick us out. They know that they can call on all of us and ask for any and all help that they need, and none of them are stupid in either head or hand, so we know that they will probably manage just fine. Us adults go about our business though, doing what we want to do, leaving the boys to their fun, and not peeking like we had been asked not to.

Brandon emailed again Friday night, saying that he and the others are all coming out tomorrow morning, which is now today, two days after the boys started working on their own. He says they will be bringing lots with them, though he did not say what all. There are six of them coming, that is all I know. He never said the age of his boyfriend or anything, so while I am certain that he had to have noticed that we have more boys than men here, and that said boys and men may in fact be together, it was very carefully skirted around, so I hope that they are all okay with it. Most gays would probably be okay with it, knowing how they were at that age, but some not so much. I guess we will find out shortly.

I told the guys all this the night before, and as usual, we are in only our diapers, other than what we must wear in the way of safety for when we are working, which is still not a lot. We all heard the sound of vehicles coming, so we head outside to see who it is. We all recognize Brandon's truck in the lead. He has a boat on a rack over his cab, there is a sled deck on the back of his truck carrying two snowmobiles, then behind his truck is a large RV trailer, and on the back are two motorcycles(one larger, one smaller).

The other truck is also hauling a trailer, only it is a cargo trailer much like ours, and it too is loaded for bear. He has several pieces of equipment on it, but the one I recognize right away is a bandsaw, yet it does not look anything like a normal wood bandsaw. It finally dawned on me that it is a meat cutters bandsaw. Then I look at the rest of the equipment and realize it is all butchers equipment, now that will certainly come in handy. He also has a trio of snowmobiles and a trio of ATV's. We all meet up where they are likely to park, and when they stop and get out, four people spill from one truck, two from the other, and they almost all stare in wonderment at all of us standing there in just our soggy diapers.

“What, never seen a bunch of men and boys standing around in nothing but diapers and smiles.” I say in greeting.

“No.” They all say, except Brandon, who is the only one who has.

“Well, now you have, and so feel free to strip down to your soggy diapers as well and feel right at home.”

They all nod and do just that.

“So, I'd say that introductions are in order.” I say, and go around our group first, introducing each of us and our boyfriends. As I go, both men smile more and more, so now I know why there are four boys and two men.

“Well, as you know, I'm Brandon, and this is my boyfriend, though very recently so, his name's Skyler, he's fourteen years old. I've known Skyler for about four years now, he comes over to my place as often as he can. He babysits the boys for me all the time too. He's forever fighting with his mom, she's a controlling bitch, she won't let him do anything at all, so, when I offered him the chance to escape that, he took it. I'd also suspected that Skyler was gay pretty much right away, and I wondered if he suspected the same of me, which was why he came around so often, which, as it turns out, is exactly why. When I told him the other day everything, he was a bit shocked at first, but admitted that he never truly stopped loving diapers, and that stopping his bed wetting was the stupidest thing he'd ever done, but that he'd done so, so as to get rid of the non stop nagging and bitching of his mother. We diapered each other that night, then made love to each other for several hours, and it was the nicest thing either of us have ever experienced.”

Skyler is tall and slender, he has bright blonde hair, brighter green eyes, which are covered in a nice pair of glasses, he has a bright smile that shows dimples in his cheeks, and from the lump in the front of his soggy diaper, I would have to say he is fairly well stocked for fourteen, either that or he is very happy to see us all, which is probably half the case.

“Then here is my best friend, his name's Carl, he's the same age as me, so thirty two, in case I never said before, and his son Cole, who's ten. Carl admitted to me the other day that he's loved diapers for as long as he can remember, and that he admitted to himself that he was gay only after he'd conceived Cole, which he claims to have been a spectacular fail, and even he has no idea how he actually managed to get Cole's mom pregnant, but he is his son, he had Cole checked when his mom dropped him on his doorstep when he was six months old, saying she wasn't cut out to be a mother. I've always suspected that Cole was both gay and a diaper lover, but he's spent a lot of time at my place, so I'd know.”

Cole is small and skinny, every rib shows in fact, though he does look really good in his diaper, and so does his dad. He has his dads hair and skin, both are light brown and wavy, and their skin is milky white. Cole has almond shaped dark brown eyes, whereas his dads are more rounded and lighter brown.

“Next we have my son Brayson, he's also ten, and he and Cole are cute little baby boyfriends, they have been for years already. Brayson, I also knew was gay well before he did, as well that he was a diaper lover. Had I not bothered to potty train him, it never would've bothered him. It was a fight to potty train him in the first place, and the only reason I did, was because it was the right thing to do. Unlike Carl, I knew I was gay before I ever had sex with a woman, but I had to repress it. I did what was expected of me, but it wasn't what I wanted. Once that ended, well, I just couldn't do it again, so swore off women altogether, yet I still never went with a guy either.”

Brayson looks much like his dad in that he is quite tall and very trim, and looks quite fit. He has medium brown hair that is cut just a little long and kept nice and shaggy looking, he has nice light brown eyes, nice broad nose, nice lips and ears, slightly bushy eyebrows, and only a couple studs in each of his ears.

“And finally, Carl's baby boyfriend, Charlie, who's thirteen. They've apparently been boyfriends for a couple years, even though I had no idea, though I did know that Carl took Charlie in because of family troubles. I only found out the other day why. Charlie, it seems at eleven years old, found out all about anal stimulation, and one night his father caught him really giving himself what for, went berserk on him, actually beat him quite severely, Charlie ended up in the hospital, while his dad ended up in prison. He has no mother, she died when he was a baby, and Carl was already Charlie's godfather, his mothers appointment, so he took him in.

“Their sexual relationship, I'm told, started barely weeks after, and it was because of Charlie's supposed need of diapers that caused it. Charlie had always needed diapers at night, but when he moved, he asked Carl for proper diapers, since the Pullups his dad always bought him leaked. Carl suspected that that wasn't exactly the reason, but gave Charlie what he wanted, and they both liked it anyway. Carl didn't tell Charlie about his diaper love until a few days later, when Charlie seemed to be going through a lot more diapers than he strictly needed. So, yeah, that's the quick version of our tales.”

Charlie is right in the middle of average in height for his age group, he is neither skinny nor fat, you can tell that he eats well, but that he does workout to keep off any excess weight. He does not have a lot of muscle definition yet, but we can all see that he will have soon. He has jet black hair and eyebrows, the largest and darkest colour eyes I have ever seen on a person (short of animated characters of course), a really cute round face, round little button nose, nice full red lips, and an ass on him that his soggy diaper accentuates like I have never dreamed of before.

“So, yeah, the other day, when I was here, and I saw that there are a lot more kids here than adults, yet that I could easily tell that every last one of you had a baby boyfriend, since you were all standing more than close enough together with your boyfriend to see it, I was so happy. I knew that here who I wanted would not be a bad thing, and when you offered for me to come live here, I knew I had to take the chance and finally go after who and what I so desperately wanted. Turns out he had wanted it just as much and was trying to figure out how to go about getting it.” Brandon finished off.

“It's so good to actually meet you all, but to see you here in nothing but soggy diapers and smiles is even better yet. Welcome to our home, it is not much yet, but we are working on it. In fact, the boys are working on a special project, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you boys helped out as well. Us adults can go ahead and take care of the rest, if you wanna go ahead and get back to work.”

“Okay.” They all said, and then the four boys' hands were grabbed by the rest and dragged off to where they are working.

Us men laugh at the antics of the boys, and then get to work ourselves. As we offload everything, I ask the burning question.

“So, you're a butcher then Carl?”

“That's right. I actually worked for a shop in town, but I had my own private shop at home to do game cutting for hunters. I'm a big hunter as well, and I know for a fact that this area's good for hunting, since I've been out almost as far as here to get moose, deer, and elk before. I had a freezer full of game meat, which I brought with me, so we shouldn't haveta worry about meat for a while anyway.”

“That's great. That's actually something that none of us do, and nor did we really wanna either. Small animals, okay maybe, but not big game.”

“I do it all, so you'll have no worries there.”

“Great. And you all have ATV's and snowmobiles as well, and a boat too, so that's great. Will you all fit in your trailer, or will one or both of ours be needed as well?”

“It'd probably be more comfortable and private if each couple has his own trailer.” Brandon says this time.

“You're right, trailers really don't afford a lot in the privacy do they.”

“That they don't.” Everyone else says at pretty much the exact same time.

As we work to offload everything, we talk even more, getting to know each other better, and I do have to say, they seem to be great guys as well, and we all seem to get along great. By the time we are done, it is nearing dinner time, so we head in to get started on that, and then call the boys in just minutes before it is all done.

“So, how are you boys doing?”

“Really well. With another four boys helping, and they're not afraid to get dirty and work hard either, we're getting lots more done.” Josh says happily.

“That's great boys, how long do you figure it'll take you to get it all done?”

“A week or so more, but, in a few days, we're gonna need the use of the workshop, and maybe some of your help as well.”

“Any time, you know we're here to help you guys, no worries.” I say to Josh, then turn to the four new boys. “And what do you think so far?”

“This place is the greatest, I never thought I'd get to be so free about who and what I am, and helping the other boys has been awesome too, they're teaching us so much.” Skyler says happily.

“Good, we're glad. This place only works because we're all the same, like the same things, and we all help to make it work, which means we all help to do all the work around here. Did the boys tell you what all your chores are?”

“Yeah, they told us that most of the major things are done for us already, but that we still have to collect the milk and eggs every morning, clean the barn and all the animal areas, and then help with all the cooking and cleaning. With this many of us though, I can't imagine any of that takes any real time.” Charlie answers this time.

“No, the barn chores take all of us half an hour or so, cleaning of the house maybe an hour a week, and cooking we all help with a couple times a day, though there really are too many of us now, so we could probably break it into three shifts, one for each breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That might actually be the best thing to do, and every day we rotate, since breakfast and lunch are rarely a large production around here, so to make it more fair for everyone.”

“That sounds like a great idea, actually.” Stephen says. “We shoulda thought of that before. Couples of course work together, but we'll have to figure out a good way to split it up, because we won't have even teams, but that's okay.”

“We can figure that out later. For now, dinner's ready, so let's eat.”

Well, no one argued with that, and everyone dug in and ate voraciously. I am starting to wonder, though, if maybe we shouldn't be getting restaurant serving equipment, there are now twenty two of us, and if I have my way, we will get more too, but we will always cook and eat together, so having proper serving trays that keep food hot, so that it makes our lives easier for food preparation, might not be a bad idea. I am staring at the counter where we normally set everything, and wonder just how hard it would be to modify it and put it right in there. It is only storage underneath, lots of drawers and whatnot, so if we axe the upper drawers, it could work. I will have to check that out the next time we head into town and see what I can find.

After dinner, we all head to the theatre and enjoy a good movie, and then we break off and head to our own bedrooms for the night, but, for the three new couples, that is the three trailers that we now have. Ezra and I make love to each other, fill each other up nicely, and then change each others ruined diapers, before falling asleep in a blissful sexually induced sleep.

We all help to make breakfast as we come to the kitchen from wherever we slept, and then we sit down and eat.

“As I was laying there this morning, before Ezra woke up, I think I came up with a decent solution to our cooking and kitchen needs. Everyone think it over, but tell me if you think this'll work out. Team one will be me, Ezra, Stephen, Levi, Josh, Declan, Shawn, and Carter. Team two will be Mike, Marty, Jason, Jamie, Brandon, and Skyler. Then team three will be the rest, at Dean, Zender, Ant, Jax, Carl, Charlie, Brayson, and Cole. Team two has fewer people over all, but has the largest amount of older people, who should be able to manage easier I think. I know my boys are fairly adept at cooking, since I've taught them since they were young, and most of the rest of you seem to know your way around a kitchen as well, which is good. When and if we add any more people, we'll revisit this and make it work. What do you all think of that?” I ask.

“Sounds good.” Rang around the table.

“Okay. So let's write that down on the chalkboard in the kitchen then, and we'll haveta make up a calendar, so that we can follow that 'til we're used to it, so that we don't accidentally forget a meal. Granted, we don't always need lunch, but that's okay too.”

After breakfast, we did just that as well, all of us working it out so that not all of us are cooking at a time, since we no longer have room for that, and it will certainly make it easier in the long run on all of us. Since I am in team one, and team one is scheduled to do lunch today, then team two dinner, I have to try and remember to come in with my team at the appropriate time and figure out what to make. We also make up a schedule saying when we need to have our meals for, so that we can try and get into the habit of doing that. I am also thinking one of those cool old fashioned dinner bells would really come in handy, but really, we all always have our radios on us as well, but it would be cool.

Just as soon as we get all this hammered out, Josh comes up to me.

“Hey, Daddy, could you run me into town please, we need a few more supplies, the others'll stay here working, and we don't need lots, so just the two of us can go.”

“Okay, sure, there's a couple things I wouldn't mind looking into myself anyway. Does anyone else need anything while we're in town then?”

There were a lot of yeses and no's, so I had everyone write down what they wanted, and then Josh and I went and got dressed. We are already in proper diapers anyway, so it is perfect. I asked Josh if we needed the trailer, and he hummed and hawed about that for a minute, then said that it might not be a bad idea, just in case either of us found something else we wanted.

“So, how are you liking it, living out here so far?” I ask seconds after we pull away.

“Oh, man, so great, I can't possibly thank you enough for doing this for all of us. It's so amazing getting to go around in nothing but thick soggy baby diapers all the time, and seeing so many others like us as well is even better. Actually being allowed to have a boyfriend is great too.”

“You're welcome, and there's no need to thank me, I did it for all of us.”

“I know, but doesn't matter. So, what are we gonna do once winter starts?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, once it's really cold outside, we're not gonna be able to go out a lot, we won't really be able to leave, unless it's an emergency, and we can't really do any work.”

“We'll still have lots to keep us busy. We have the two houses to complete, which means a lot of cabinets need to be made, and other work on the interiors, and then we still have to keep the animals safe and healthy, tend to our greenhouse, and then we still have lots to keep us busy. We have the theatre, and when you boys finish, we'll have that too. Also we have lots of snowmobiles to play on, and we can even ride the horses in the snow too.”

“Yeah, but you said we're gonna get like two meters of snow, it'll be way too cold out. We used to get just a couple centimeters of snow and it was horrible to go outside.”

“Ah, yes, there is that, but there's something you don't know of this area. Where we used to live, we were really close to the ocean, so we got a huge amount of moisture in the winter time, here we won't have that, the mountains block it. The moisture's what makes it feel so much colder than it really is. It's true that we're probably gonna see an average of about negative twenty degrees Celsius here, but that'll likely feel less cold than zero did to you where we used to live. We're also gonna have proper winter gear, which we never really had before, since we never got enough of a winter to warrant it. We'll also have lots to do to have fun out in the snow, so don't worry so much.”

“Oh, okay, still sounds like it'll be harsh.”

“It might get to that, but not as likely. At negative forty, I'm sure you don't wanna be outside for more than just a few minutes, but I'm told that even at negative thirty, you can function quite easily around here. Brandon and Carl both grew up in this area, and they say it's nothing. Their boys also grew up here, so I'm sure you'll all learn from them how to keep warm.”


We talk lots more as we head into town, and then on the way back as well. We make several stops, and Josh is getting even more than he said he wanted, but thought that it would make their project really cool, and I have no problem with buying them anything that they need. This project is good for them, it teaches them to use their heads and their creativity, as well how to build with their hands, and to do so without adult help and or supervision. I also grab several things that I want and need, as well as everything else that I had been asked to grab.

When we get home, I help Josh offload all their things to the building that they are working in, because we can certainly no longer call it a barn, even if it still looks like one. The other boys all came out to help, but would not let me in, so I ended up just passing them things. I then took the rest of the things to the main house and offloaded it all there. Everyone else was wherever they wanted or needed to be, so I was alone.

Once I had everything put away, I start looking at the cabinet where I want to put our serving station in, and decide that it will not even be that hard to do. The hardest part might just be plumbing it, but considering the ceiling beneath the kitchen happens to be inside the utility room, it is going to be fairly simple to do that. I go out to the shop and grab some tools, having to explain to the others first what I am doing, and then go and get to work.

The first thing I have to do is take the counter top off, and since this wing is one long piece of maple butcher block, it is nice and easy to do. I set it aside for the time being, because it will be cut out and re-installed later.

The drawers that I had had to take out in order to take off the counter are not going back in, so I transfer anything in them to other locations. Next I have to cut each of the cabinet sidewalls that will be affected, and do so fairly easily. The counter that I am working in is just over four meters long, so when I found what I wanted, I grabbed two of the inserts, one for hot and one for cold, and each of the inserts are just over a meter long. Next I box them in with some plywood that I had to go out to the shop to get and cut. Both inserts are already insulated, but I will add more later.

I cannot go any further yet, because I realize that it is time for my team to come in and make lunch, so I call them all, and they come in within a few seconds of each other. As we work, we talk, and the boys excitedly tell me all about what they are doing, and of course I have to explain what I am doing as well. After calling the rest of the guys in for lunch, we have to say all this all over again, but that is okay. Once lunch is all cleaned up, I get back to work.

I take care of the plumbing and electrical work, and this takes surprisingly little time, since everything is right there and very easily accessible. Whoever thought to put the houses utility room right underneath the kitchen was brilliant. I pipe in both hot and cold running water, but I use the lake water for the cold, since there is no need to use ice that way, and it just drains back out into the lake in our already plumbed system for that. It really is a perfect and ingenious system that Shawn and Ant had come up with. As well as cheap to use. Not that we care about electricity usage here, but that is okay too.

The next thing is to very carefully mark and cut the counter top. I cannot make an error on this, because it will be a pain in the ass to remake a new one, not that we cannot do so, but why if we do not have to. After quadruple checking every measurement to ensure perfection, I very carefully cut it out for the two openings that are needed, and then re-install the counter. Well, it all looks good.

Now I install the inserts themselves, and they fit nicely. I take them back out, insulate with mineral wool insulation, since it will not care about heat or moisture, and then hook up all the plumbing, and silicone the units in place. There, not bad, only a few hours worth of work, and it looks great. I grab the four drawer fronts that were sacrificed, and put drop down hinges on them, as well as magnetic catches, and then re-installed them, so that we can access the plumbing and heating controls. The cold water one will just run continuously when turned on, it has two drains in the sides for this, and one central bottom drain for draining it completely. The hot one has just the one bottom centre drain, and of course it has its own internal heating element, which is also accessed through the front panels I created.

Just as I finish up, the call for team two to come in and start dinner comes over the radio, so I actually start up both, to not only make sure that they work, but to get them both ready for the guys who are going to need them soon.

I had bought a few dozen restaurant trays, with lids of course, in several sizes, as well as the separator bars for using various sizes of trays, so they will have more than enough to do almost anything.

The cold one clearly works perfectly right away, since I turn on the water, and it rises as high as it can, before spilling back out its drains. I check the water after a minute, and it is frigid, easily only two degrees Celsius, and I am told that that will likely be its temperature year round, except in the winter, when it will likely freeze, which means we will have to use ice in it. We will just use snow for this though.

I had filled the hot one with hot water, so that it will not take as long to heat up, and really, straight hot water is probably all it really needs anyway, but I did insert the thermometer in it to ensure that it is heating up correctly, and after only a few minutes, and just as the others are coming in to start dinner, I can see that it has already risen by one degree, so that will be perfect by the time the guys need it.

“Wow, this is perfect.” Marty says after I show them how it all works.

“Yeah.” The others say as one.

“Thanks. I think that it'll make life a lot easier when cooking, this way lots more can be made easier, and not have to worry about exact timing of things like we seemed to have to do to ensure everything was done at the same time.”

“I think so as well.” Mike says this time.

I excuse myself to go install the dinner bell, since it will likely be well over an hour before dinner will be ready anyway, so I may as well. I grab it and install it near to the kitchen door, on one of the log posts holding up the porch roof. It looks great in place, and I cannot wait to test it out, and I will be the one to test it out as well.

I head back inside and grab a deck of cards and just play Solitaire as I wait. When I am told that dinner will be ready in just a minute, and that everyone needs to come in and wash up for dinner, I go out and ring the bell. The guys in the kitchen had known what I had done, and Josh had seen me buy it, but I had not told him what it was, so no one else will know what it is, but they all hear it and come out anyway. I wave them all in, saying that it is dinner time.

When asked, I tell them all that that is our new dinner bell, more appropriate for a ranch, and is really cool. They all agree. After washing up, they also get to see our new serving station, and everyone really likes it as well.

It got a really good workout tonight as well, because the guys had gone all out and really put it through its paces for sure. It seems to work very well, because all the hot food is nice and hot, while all the cold food is nice and cold.

After dinner, we all decide to go swimming, and we spend a good solid two and a half hours out there, swimming and relaxing, it was very nice. We ended our night in the living room, just sitting back and relaxing and reading.

When bedtime came, I am sure that we all did as well, but Ezra and I came repeatedly, just all in each others mouths this time, and at the same time, while sucking and fingering each other. It was a very nice night, actually, and we both passed out very satisfied baby boys, in other words, very thickly diapered.