Chapter 3

Hunter is the first to wake up, but while he changed his diaper, the three boys woke up as well. He can tell that Harley is watching him, every bit as much as Teddy is, and he is not letting them down, giving them the full show. He is lotioning, creaming and powdering himself, really rubbing it in, yet not making himself hard, and then he pulls up his diaper and tapes it on, then stands up and proceeds to ensure that the tapes are properly adjusted, and pretending that he is not satisfied, taking a few extra moments to adjust them fully. Of course, Carson knows that he is only doing it for show, he has changed his own diaper so many times now, that he never has to readjust himself, he gets it perfect every time. He then put on his robe and turned to the boys.

“Oh, you're awake. After your fun and games last night, I didn't expect you to be up for another hour or two yet.”

“Yeah right, when was the last time I slept two hours later than now?” Carson scoffed.

“Well, there's a first time for everything.”

“Did you have to change us again last night, I think we passed out again?” Teddy asked happily.

“Yeah, sure did. Not one of you was even slightly hard still when I came in a couple minutes after your last baby boygasms. It doesn't appear as if you moved too fast or far on your little bum either Harley, so you shouldn't be in any pain today. Just make sure and go slowly or face pain.”

“” Was all he could say, the blush having returned in full force.

“Oh, embarrassed that I saw you naked, or your little bum hole?” Hunter laughed.

“Kinda, yeah.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, I'm willing to bet you saw me naked as I was changing as well.”


“Yeah, and I bet you enjoyed the show as well, didn't you?”

“Yeah.” He whispered, blushing even more at having been caught.

“It's okay. It's okay to look, I'd be more worried if you didn't in fact.”

“Um, right.”

“Would you boys like me to change your diapers, or are you gonna play a little first and then change each other?”

“Can't,” Harley said. “I'm supposed to go back to our site after breakfast, so that's pretty soon actually.”

“That's too bad. I'm sure that Carson'd be happy to loan you one of his diaper shirts, you could put a fresh diaper on and no one'd notice, unless they patted your cute little baby bum.”

“I'd really like that, really I would, but I can't. If she catches me, I'll be toast.”

“I understand. You'd better not then. When are you guys leaving then?”

“Today or tomorrow, hopefully tomorrow. I'd love to come spend the night again.”

“If you're allowed, you're more than welcome to. Well then, you may as well all throw on your robes and come out for breakfast, your soggy baby diapers will likely hold for the next few minutes as you eat. Mine wasn't gonna, I peepeed my baby diaper lots and lots last night.”

“I did too.” All three said.

“But I think I'll last.” Teddy added.

“Same.” The other two added.

“Good, let's go. By the way Harley, you're smokin' hot in just your soggy baby diaper, just thought you should know.” Hunter said, because Teddy had already thrown off the covers and exposed the once more blushing boy.

“Um, thanks.”

“You're welcome. Come on boys, let's go.”

They all hopped out of bed, Hunter not giving Harley any privacy, and they threw on their robes as well. Harley clearly borrowing one from Carson. They headed out and made and ate some breakfast. Once they were all cleaned up, they all headed in to get changed and ready for the day.

All three boys helped to change each other, but only Teddy was put back into a fresh diaper. Carson felt that if Harley could not have one, then it was not fair of him to wear one, when he did not need to either. They wiped each other down with the baby wipes, then helped each other to get dressed.

As soon as they are all dressed, Harley broke the news that he should be going, because he definitely does not want to keep his mom waiting. Carson stepped forth and kissed Harley, told him to come back as soon as he could, Teddy then went in and kissed him deeply as well, and then Harley floated from the tent. Hunter clapped Carson on the back and told him he is a good boy.

Half an hour later, Harley was back.

“We're leaving today, in fact, they're almost packed up and ready to go. I think my mom hit my dad again last night, he's wincing again. He wasn't yesterday. God, what a bitch.” He said, almost crying.

“Well, it was certainly good to meet you, here's my card. I won't be available 'til the first week of school, so tell your dad to call me in private, okay. Hide this from your mom though.” Hunter said, handing over his card.

“Thanks so much for everything guys, yesterday was the most wonderful day of my life.”

“Good.” They all said, and then Harley turned and ran off before the others could see him crying, though they know he is.

For the rest of the week, the three of them had a great deal of fun, playing, hiking, relaxing, just camping. On Sunday morning, they packed everything up, and now with two boys to help Hunter do so, it went that much faster. Still, packing up the huge cover from the frame, as well as the tent canvas, takes as lot of time, but Hunter is very good at it by now, and so is Carson, so they manage just fine. The water is draining already, anything but the fridge that uses propane has already been shut off, and everything else is already packed away. Hunter is very particular, everything in its place, and everything has its own marked place in the large utility trailer. The last thing in is now the large empty water tank, and then they are ready and raring to go. Carson had asked Teddy to put him into a fresh diaper this morning, so that he is good to go.

Over the past few days, the boys had kept themselves very well drained, sometimes three times a day they played, and Hunter was only too happy to let them, happy that they were free to enjoy something that most only dreamed of, however, wishing that he too had someone to share that with.

“So, where are we going now?” Teddy asked as they all hopped in the truck and were pulling away.

“First is into town to go grocery shopping once again, and then to another lake a little more than an hour from the other side of town, so a little more than two hours from here.” Hunter answered, giving Teddy the name of the lake they are heading to next.

“Wicked, I've never been there before, is it nice?”

“If possible, even nicer than here, only it doesn't have a playground. The lake's smaller and a lot warmer though, and the site I have reserved is a good distance from all the other sites, and is pretty much lakeside, there's only a small walk down the rock embankment to get to the water. The rocks are huge though, wait 'til you see them.”

“Neat. Can't wait to get there then. How long does it take us to set everything up, it took a long time to take it all down?”

“It only took two hours to tear down, but it takes about three to set back up. Don't worry, the hardest part's doing the two tents, but even then, I can do it myself, and it's not even that hard solo.”


When they got to town, they headed to the stores they needed to hit and got all the supplies that they wanted and needed. Teddy is only too happy to have gotten another two packs of Pampers, even though, technically speaking, he does not need them yet.

“Teddy, do you know how to ride a bike?” Hunter asked before leaving the parking lot.

“Yeah, course I do.”

“I was planning on stopping and grabbing Carson's bike, because the campground we're heading to is so large and spread out, so, because to get anywhere it takes a long time to walk, I was thinking you need a bike. Mine's already in the trailer, we just need one for you now, but I needed to know what kind to get you.”

“Oh, okay.”

They went and found a nice one at a bike store, it is not highly expensive, but it is good and certainly not cheap either. Given that Teddy has nothing, he is being set up with all the needed accessories as well. Understandably he is happy with this.

“Thanks so much. I've never had a new bike before, I always got cheap used ones, but I love bike riding.” He said effusively.

“You're welcome. Take care of it, and it'll last you a long time. In fact, you'll have long outgrown that bike by the time it is worn out.”

From there, having now gotten all that they needed, they headed out. They stopped at Carson's house, and thankfully his mom is out, so Carson went and got his bike, left a note for her saying that he had done so, and then they are on their way once more. A little more than an hour later, they pulled in, and Teddy saw what Hunter had meant. They found their campsite, pulled in, and they all hopped out.

“Wow, this really is nice, isn't it?” Teddy said.

“It sure is.” Carson and Hunter said at the same time.

“And the next campsite is so far away I'd have to yell really loud to get their attention.”

“Hence the reason we like this one. All the other sites are far closer together, this one's well separated because they could only get one here with all the rocks. I almost didn't get this one when I reserved it, this was the only time they had left, and I managed to snag all two weeks, which sometimes can't be done, normally there's only one week at a time, but I got to the website soon enough to get it. For obvious reasons, this is the most sought after site.”

“No kidding. Can we go down to the lake and check it out?”

“In a bit, when we have to go down to get water, then we can.”

“Oh, isn't there water here?”

“There is, but it's so far away that there's no easy way to get it, so I use my water pump and fill the tank with lake water.”

“Cool. What kinda pump do you got?”

“Have, as in do you have, first of all, and it's a gas powered one, runs off of propane.”

Teddy was confused, so Hunter told him of his word issue, and he understood.

“Let's get the tents out and get them set up, then we haveta get everything else set up as well. If we all work hard, it won't take long at all.”

The tank was pulled out first, put up onto the roof and strapped down, then the tents and all their parts and pieces were pulled out. The main area tent structure was put together first, just the roof section first, then its canvas cover was put on, and finally they started on one side and started putting all the legs on, while lifting it up. Teddy had no idea how Hunter would have done this himself, but he was assured that he could do it. Then their sleeping tent was put together, the roof first, then the canvas was added, then the wall poles were done. The floor was put in, their ground covers were laid out, the picnic table moved to where they wanted it, then the trailer was emptied and everything set where it was supposed to go. They managed all this in just under three hours.

“Wow, we did it. It was lots of work, but not too bad.” Teddy said.

“Hence the reason we always try and stay the maximum allowable time at any given campground, that way we have more time to enjoy ourselves. Now for the water pump.”

It had already been pulled out, all Hunter has to do now is hook it up to the exterior propane connection for it, run the hoses, and then turn it on to fill up their tank. He had that done in only a few minutes, and then they all went for the short walk down to the lake.

The trek is not very long, but if you are not careful, it is dangerous. It is one massive rock that just goes right into the lake. When the water is low, you can sometimes see where it ends, but with the water high like it is now, the rock goes from the end of their campsite and straight down into the water at about a thirty degree or so slope. There are trees growing on the rock, as well as on either side of it, so there is not a direct line of sight right to the lake. Fortunately there are plenty of footholds all the way down from years of trees and other nature wearing it away.

“Wow, nice lake.” Teddy said.

“Yeah, we like it. If I could get this site and keep it for the entire season, I would, but this campground, like pretty much all others in the area, only allows for a maximum of two weeks at a time. It's supposed to be so that it's fair for everyone I guess.”

“Sucks for us though, huh.”

“Sure does.” Carson and Hunter said at the same time.

The suction end of the hose was thrown into the water as far out as Hunter could throw it, it has a float attached to it, so that it floats just under the surface, so that it is less likely to pick up anything that they do not want or need. It also has a really fine sieve strainer on it, to also prevent that. They headed back up to their site, Hunter started up the pump, and in only five minutes the tank was full.

“Wow, that pump's fast, isn't it.”

“Yeah, the pump does about eight hundred litres per minute, the tank is about four thousand litres, so about five minutes from empty to full. Trust me though, don't get near that suction hose.”

“Yikes, no kidding.”

“Now, how's about some lunch boys, I imagine you're getting very hungry by about now?”

“Oh yeah, you sure could say that.” Teddy grinned.

“Carson, go turn on the hot water tank and then fill the water cooler, while I get lunch going please. Show Teddy how to as well, so that he knows.”

“Will do, come on.”

Carson took Teddy into the trailer and showed him how and why to do everything to turn on the hot water tank, and he picked it up quickly. It is easy though, turn the gas valve, turn it on, make sure the pilot light catches, and then it is pretty much done.

They then filled the water filter jug on top of the water cooler, but Teddy had already been shown how to do this, and it is easy to do. Carson also knew of a few more things that they needed to do while his uncle is making lunch, so he and Teddy went and took care of them.

“Why didn't we put the tub and its tent out?” Teddy asked curiously.

“The lake water's so warm normally that we just wash in there.”

“Oh, cool. Isn't that bad for the water though, my dad always told me you shouldn't do that?”

“No, not with the soap we use, it's designed to be able to do just that. It's perfectly safe. It's what we use all the time as well, because we drain our tub into the forest as well, so it has to be.”

“Oh, okay. I didn't know there was a difference.”

“Yeah, there is.”

Until lunch was ready for them, the boys puttered around, doing all the little things that they could do, and then they sat down and ate. They all helped to clean up, and then it was decided to go for a bike ride.

“So, here's the nearest outhouse Teddy, and this is one good reason for having our bikes. It's more than a five minute walk from our site, so when you have to go poop, you can ride here instead.” Hunter said, and then they continued on their bike ride, touring the place.

“Oh, okay. How come there isn't one closer?”

“You had to have noticed how rocky our area is, right, well, until you get further this way, there's just too much rock to put an outhouse.”

“And it's for this reason that this is the only time that I wear diapers all day every day, because I'd never make it otherwise, it's my lazy camp. We decided that three years ago when I wet my pants for the fourth time while trying to get to the outhouse.” Carson said.

“Heck, I'd rather wear diapers than make that walk a few times a day. As it is, going there to poop will be bad enough.”

“Yeah, well unless it's a genuine accident, I don't clean up poopy bums.” Hunter said.

“Don't worry, I don't even like pooping my diapers. I've had to a couple times, and I've had a couple accidents, but that's it.”

“I think all three of us have been there.” Hunter said.

“Glad I'm not the only one then.”

As they rode, they talked, Carson and Hunter telling Teddy of all the things that are around their current campground. There is a really nice sports field, an amphitheatre, fifteen different hiking or walking trails, four different bike trails, the boat launch, and possibly the worlds largest rock.

“My god, would you look at the size of that thing!” Teddy said when he was shown it.

“Not too bad, huh. A single rock that stands almost eight meters tall, and is probably every bit of double that wide as well. Kids try to climb it all the time, but don't you try, more than a few have gotten really hurt doing it, it's really dangerous.”

“No worries, I'm not exactly a fan of climbing high things anyway, too scary.”

“Ah, a little scared of heights, are you?”

“You could say that.”

“It's okay. Heights aren't my favorite thing, but things like climbing that doesn't scare me, it's ladders I hate. Then again, I've fallen off a few too many, and none of them were even my own damn fault.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just that really. Once, taking a box off a top shelf where I used to work, it was supposed to be empty, I just thought it was stuck, so when it came off the shelf, the weight quite literally crashed into me, knocked me down, I tore my shoulder right out of its socket trying to catch myself, but at least it saved me from hitting the concrete floor four and a half meters beneath me, at least at full force, because I still did. Was in the hospital for a week for that one, and I tell you, having your shoulder put back into place really bloody hurts. Fortunately that was my worst injury on that one. (P.S: this one I actually had happen to me, the other two happened to others I know.)

“Then another, ladder was a bit taller, but not by much, an A-frame ladder, and I was at the top of it, and it broke. Damn near landed on the poor bastard who was trying to steady the ladder. That time I did hit the ground, broke both my ankles, and had three breaks in one leg and two in the other. Was in the hospital for two months for that one. My boss was fired for that, because he'd already had reports that that ladder was unsafe, only I didn't know that.

“Then another time, on an extension ladder, the guy holding it wasn't paying attention, let go, the ladder slipped off its leveler, tipped, and I rode it all the way down. The only thing that saved me that time was that I managed to jump off and land right in a large bush, too bad the bloody thing was a prickle bush. I was scratched and bleeding something fierce, and I broke the guys nose who was supposed to be helping me, but don't worry, I made him tell me what he'd done before I did it. Even the boss said he deserved it.

“So yeah, needless to say, I don't like ladders very much any more. I never go higher than my own head on a ladder any more if I can help it.”

“Yikes, I wouldn't even do that.”

“Yeah, well, when you're an adult, you realize that sometimes you just gotta do things, no matter if you like it or not.”

“Then I never wanna be an adult.”

“You and me both kiddo.” Hunter laughed.

“Me neither.” Carson added.

They kept on talking as they rode, just enjoying themselves, and they managed to hit two of the bike trails that were reasonably easy, though Hunter knows that at the first opportunity, Carson will take Teddy on the other two as well. By the time they made it back, it was almost dinner time.

All three of them needed soggy bum changes, so they went and did so right away. Hunter changed the boys, then he changed himself. When it was time to do so, they all helped to make dinner, and then sat back and enjoyed it a great deal. After dinner they sat at the table and played games until bedtime. The boys were wished a goodnight, and they went in.

“Carson, I wanna suck and finger each other, as usual, but I wanna go up to three fingers tonight please?”

“Okay, then you go up to four in me please?”

“You got it?”

Then they stripped each other down to their diapers, started by kissing and petting, laid down on the bed in the sixty nine, and got to work on pleasuring each other. At their first orgasm, they inserted their second fingers, then their third at their second, and then Teddy inserted his fourth as they came for their third times. They continued on though, not adding any more after that, and sucked and fingered until they came a total of five times tonight. Amazingly enough, but they are both still awake, only just enough to change each others diapers, but awake. They changed each other, and then curled up and went to sleep.

Hunter heard all this as usual, knew that they had changed each other, then, when he was ready to do so, he went in and sucked and fingered himself tonight, and had three very good orgasms himself. Once he was ready, Hunter changed his diaper, then went to sleep as well.

Having the incredibly cute, and so very sexual Teddy near to him, but not getting to have him, yet hearing him and Carson together all the time, is incredibly hard on him. Never before has Hunter jacked off, or otherwise played, every single night, and not just once too, no, since Teddy came along, he is firing on average three times a night now. He knows he wants Teddy, but it is not what is right, so he is forcing himself to fight those feelings.

Their entire two weeks at that campground was amazing. They all had a great deal of fun, but the closer that they got to the end of summer, the more Hunter could tell that leaving was going to be very hard on both boys. They both knew that they were going to get to see each other often, but it would not be enough. They suck and finger each other every night, Carson taking four of Teddy's fingers, and Teddy taking three of Carson's still, they have not increased since their first night here, and they both crave it a huge amount.

Then there is the fact that Carson is going to very seriously hate giving up his diapers during the day even more than he ever has before. Every time they come to this campground he gets to wear for the entire two weeks, but, this year, getting them taken away will be harder yet. Hunter can see all this and knows what it means, but Carson has to face those battles alone when he gets the courage to do so, he will just be there to help clean up after the fact if he has to.

Finally it is their last day though, and they are just about to start packing up, they had just finished breakfast. This fact crashed down on Carson, and he burst into tears.

“I can't do it, I can't go back to her and not get to wear diapers every day. I don't wanna pee in the toilet any more.”

Both Hunter and Teddy went and hugged him to them tightly, and let him cry out.

“It's okay Baby. I understand. You can't live with me, and you know you can't wear diapers all day at home, you'll get to come spend the weekends with me again, and I'll let you wear as often as you'd like, same as always.” Hunter said softly once Carson had calmed down.

“Why can't I though, I wanna come live with you guys?”

“Your mom'd never allow it, that's why, and we both know it.”

“Yeah, well, what if I just run away?”

“I'll take you back.”


“Because, it's the right thing to do. You know it as well as I do, you can't leave your mom.”

“No, I don't know it. I know exactly how she's gonna react to me.”

“You don't know that. She knows about me, remember.”

“Yeah, not like she cares for you much.”

“No, not really, but she's always been polite to me too. You're her son, you'll be fine.”

“And if I'm not?”

“You will be.”

Carson just grunted at that, but did help the other two to start their tear down. A couple hours later they were all packed up and ready to go, but Carson hardly said a word, he is so depressed and even a bit upset. Even at his uncle. Carson had been certain that if he asked to just live with Uncle Hunter, that he would be allowed. They headed back toward home, and went and dropped Carson off at home. Teddy said he was going to stay in the truck, and with tears in his eyes, gave Carson a nice kiss goodbye. Hunter grabbed Carson's bike from the trailer, while Carson grabbed his bag of clothes and his two bags of diapers, that had already been packed up. They headed to the front door and went in.

“Enjoy yourself?” His mom asked.

“Yeah, it was so nice.” Carson said softly.

“That's good. Go get changed and get outta that diaper, then we have to go right away.”

Carson just nodded his head, gave his uncle a look that said volumes, his mom did not see though, and then trudged off to his room.

“I don't know why you let him wear diapers like that.” She said snidely.

“It's an hour and a half drive, you know as well as I do that he'd never last, besides, it's not as big a deal as you make it out to be, you know that right.” Hunter said softly.

“It's not normal.”

“Ah, who's normal, what's normal.” Hunter laughed.

She said nothing to that.

“Well, I too have to get going. Should I pick Carson up from school on Friday as normal?”

“Yeah, I know what he'd say if he didn't get to spend his weekends with you.” She laughed.

It is almost like having joint custody, only Carson is not Hunter's son, but nephew.

“Yeah, and it wouldn't be pretty, would it.”

“No, it wouldn't. Thanks for taking him, have a good day.”

“Thanks for letting me, it's good for both of us. Well, have a good day.”

“You too.”

With that, Hunter headed out. He and Teddy now have to go grocery shopping again, so they went and got everything that they will be needing for the next week or two. Another couple packs of Pampers for Teddy, and a couple fresh bags of diapers for Hunter, as well as all their groceries, and they are set to go.

“So, where are we going now then?”

“Ah, now we get to go home and see how it's coming along?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, several years ago I bought a three hundred acre parcel of land up the river valley, in fact it's pretty close to the lake we met at, only fifteen minutes down the road heading to town. Anyway, two years ago I finally received my settlement, so I decided to build myself a guest ranch, and it's nearing completion. If all's went well over the summer, they should only have two to three weeks left.”

“Wow, really. That's cool. What do you mean by guest ranch though?”

“Just that really, we'll have guests, just not in the house with us. There's gonna be lots of amenities for everyone.”

“Oh, how come you or Carson never told me before?”

“Because Carson doesn't even know yet. He'll find out on Friday when I bring him there.”

“Oh, okay. So what all are we gonna have then?”

“Our house, a large barn, a huge covered pool, there's twenty small cabins, and then all the camp sites. I have almost a hundred tent sites, two hundred full service RV sites that half are done as an annual lease, and another hundred unserviced sites. It's right on the river, so there's great fishing for those that like that, I'll have horses and cows and pigs and chickens, maybe some goats and sheep, we'll see. People will be able to ride the horses, and I'll have an arena for riding, or we can do trail rides as well. The basement of our house will be the store and guest services, there'll be washrooms and a laundry room, as well as a games room, and our house is gonna be so nice as well.”

“Wow, how big was your settlement?”

“Several million dollars. I'm nearly broke again though.” Hunter laughed.


“Yeah, but I don't give a damn about money.”

“Where are we gonna live 'til the house's ready then?”

“In the campground, it's already ready, so no worries there.”

“Oh. I'm surprised you didn't have it ready before summer so that people could camp there.”

“We tried, but there was just so much to do that it was impossible, and I wasn't willing to throw more money at it to make it go faster, why bother. I have more than enough money left to carry us, and we can start getting people in soon anyway.”

“But summer's over.”

“Summer break's over, you mean, but we still get nice weather 'til near the end of October, and I expect we'll get lots of retired folk, they tend to wait 'til after the summer rush is over with anyway. As soon as I'm able to, I'm gonna start the advertising, offering up a hundred new annual sites, they'll probably fill up pretty quickly. I'm betting half are gonna be snapped up within two months, the rest probably by summer next year.”

“Oh, cool. How much does an annual site cost?”

“I'm only charging a hundred a month, but they pay their own electricity, so, once they're all full, that's ten grand a month, that should keep us going. The summers though, they're gonna be busy, so no more nice relaxing summers for me.” Hunter grinned.

“Aren't we still gonna go camping and whatnot?”

“Sure, but spring and fall camping.”

“Oh, okay. And how much are you gonna charge for the campsites and cabins?”

“An unserviced site goes for eighteen a night, the tent only sites are twelve a night, the full service sites will go for thirty a night, and the cabins are seventy a night. I'll offer weekly and group rates as well. Oh, that reminds me, I also have two large group camp sites as well, both with large covered central areas. Those are done by the person, four dollars per person, per night, but there's water and power for more than enough RV's. Both covered areas also include a large fridge and freezer for people to use.”

“Cool. So, if everything was packed, you could make lots of money every day.”

“Yeah, if we had a full house, we could make about eight thousand a day, plus what we make on the annual lots. The place will take a huge amount to operate though, so hopefully it'll be enough.”

“Oh. You'll have the store too, and people will have to pay to do their laundry too, and play games and stuff right?”

“Yes, but I suspect that that won't actually make me any real money on any of that, just pay for that upkeep.”

“Are you gonna sell diapers in the store?”

“Of course, what kinda diaper lover would I be if I didn't stock a good selection of diapers. Of course, I'll have to keep Goodnites in stock, but I'd rather sell all the cute boys all the very best diapers.”

“Same here. It's so much better getting to wear proper baby diapers every day instead of those stupid Pullups.”

“No kidding. And you're so much cuter that way too.”


“So, tomorrow I'm gonna call my lawyer and talk to him about you and get you put into my permanent care, and then, once that's all done, we'll get you enrolled in homeschooling, so that you can still learn all that you need to learn. How would you like that?”

“As long as you can promise that I get to stay with you and I'll never have to leave, then okay.”

“Well, I can't promise anything like that though, there's lots I don't know. I'll talk it all over with the lawyer first, to make sure that it's very nearly guaranteed at least.”

“Okay, but I'm never gonna leave you, and if they take me away, I will run away and come back to you.”

“That I don't doubt.” Hunter laughed.