Chapter 4

For the rest of the drive to what will now be their new home, they talked happily. Hunter told Teddy pretty much everything about their new house and all that they now have available to them. Then they pulled in. At first there is nothing to see, they pulled into a fairly nondescript gravel road, and right into the forest. Only about ten seconds in, though, they cross over a cattle guard that has a fence radiating out from it as far as Teddy can see, and the ranch opened up before his eyes.

A considerable portion of the interior had been cleared from the land, affording them the ability to put everything into the interior of the ranch. The main house is almost dead centre, and right where the roadway leads, of course, and then on the right hand side of the house, yet connected to it as well, is the pool house. Off to the left is the barn, and it too is huge. The house though is not huge, so much as massive.

To the right, but much further past the house, are the cabins, and they are set fairly near to the river. Each little cabin has its very own little covered front porch with a cozy little porch swing and a small garden and a white picket fence, they are very cute.

Further to the right, and inside the tree line, starts one of the camping areas. This one, Teddy is told, are the annual lease hold lots, where there will likely be trailers year round, once they start filling up. Also the rest of the serviced lots are on this side, so that all the services were easier to run, but the two areas are separated.

Then, to the left, also inside the tree line, are the rest of the camp sites. Hunter happily told Teddy that there is a creek running right down the hill and into the river that runs right through these camp sites. The tenting area, which can only be reached by walking over a couple foot bridges, is across the creek, and have a couple good sized parking lots for people to park. On the house side of the creek are the rest of the camp sites. All the sites are large, well covered, as private as can be, nice and level, and everything that Hunter always wants in a site for himself. There are lots of good quality outhouses for people to use, and he has water plumbed so that people always have fresh water. The tent sites, however, do have to cross the creek to do so, but there is a water filling station right there for them to do so.

Then on both the left and the right, tucked against the treeline as they enter, Teddy sees the two group camp sites. They have everything that people need, except all in large open fields, so no real privacy, because they can create as much or as little privacy as they want with their own vehicles.

Then, in the same fields where the group sites are, but closer to the house, on the left is a massive playground, and on the right a playing field. Over all, the entire area is very level and flat, yet even Teddy can see that it had not started out as such, and when he asked, Hunter informed him it is because of the river. The land had been raised a fair bit in the main area to prevent the water from being able to do damage, as well as a good sized dike was put in for the same reason. As far up as they are, it should not be of too much concern, most of the time, but Hunter did not want to take a chance either.

“So, can we look around?” Teddy asked as soon as they were parked, they had parked in front of the house and not in the garage.

“Absolutely. I wanna check out the house and see how it's coming along. It and the cabins were the last to be done, and the house, for probably pretty obvious reasons, will have taken considerably longer.”

“Cool. Why so large though, it was only you, and Carson occasionally.”

“Well, I'm gonna need some staff, and honestly, when I built the place, I accounted for Carson to be here full time too. You're observant enough to have seen just how much he wants to stay diapered all day. His mom's not gonna take that well, nor the fact that he's gay. When I pick him up this weekend, I fully expect his mom to ask me to keep him, if not sooner.”

“Then why didn't you just keep him then, what if she does something?”

“She won't, she still loves him, but that's gonna be hard on her, and why didn't I just keep him, well, he has to learn to be a man and tell her who and what he is, I can't be there to fight his battles for him. By tomorrow, at the latest I figure, he'll tell her everything and that he wants to wear diapers all day. It's gonna be hard on him, harder on her, but they need to do it alone. All I can do is pick up the pieces at the end, however, Carson'll be just fine too.”

“I hope so.”

“Sure, that'll be hard on him, but once he's here and he gets all that he needs, then, just like you, he'll be healed almost right away. You were incredibly upset at first, but as soon as you realized just how much freedom you had, just how open and free you could be, then you were cured. You've hardly even given a second thought to the people that abandoned you. That's not good either though, and I never want you to forget them, because, even for all their faults, you do love them, and it did hurt you too.”

“Yeah, I think I understand what you mean.”

“I'm sure you do. Most kids your age'd never be able to comprehend something like that, but you do, because you lived through it, and you came out far stronger because of it as well.”

“Yeah, I think I did as well.”

“Come on Baby, let's head inside and check it all out.”

They hopped out of the truck and headed inside, going up the stairs that lead to the main house. The house is a simply massive log house. Even the stairs leading into the house are made of log. They came to the front entrance of the house, and it is just as massive and grand as the rest of the house, a simply huge door, with large glass panels all around it, and the door itself impressive. Then they walked inside, and the interior is stunning. It is not posh or gaudy, it is just large. Three and a half meter high ceilings, and everything is very open. The log staircase leading up is even larger than the ones outside, beautifully done, but then, so is everything.

The kitchen is massive, the island in the centre is nearly two by four meters, which says a lot to the size of the rest of it. The counters are all maple butcher block, with the exception of the island, which is soapstone, and the floor is done in bluestone. The cabinets are even beautiful, a natural wood tone cherry, and there are a lot of them. The island houses a huge gas cook top, as well as a small prep sink. The ovens, there are two, are in a large pantry unit, the microwave is housed in there too. The fridge and freezer are the largest that Teddy has ever seen in his life, and he is probably correct in thinking that his entire class at school could probably fit in them. Teddy could not see the dishwasher, so asked, and found that it is just hidden, because it has panels the same as the cabinets on it.

Next is the dining room, and right now the only thing in there is just the light fixture, which looks very nice. Finally, all that they can see is the living room. It has a very large field stone fireplace with a sealed high efficiency wood burning insert, and that is pretty much it. The floor in these areas is a very rich looking walnut hardwood.

Finally the only two doors in this level lead to a nice simple powder room and an office space.

Upstairs are seven large bedrooms, the master bedroom, with its own master ensuite, and then six more bedrooms, and three more well appointed bathrooms that are only accessible from the tthree bedrooms attached to each one. All of it is incredibly nice looking, walnut floors, or more bluestone in the bathrooms, lots of nice windows, as well as a few very well placed skylights, but other than looking done, it is empty.

Finally they headed downstairs. Under the main staircase is the staircase leading to the basement, and at the bottom of these stairs is a door, so they open it and enter into what is clearly the laundry room. This is done for easier access for the main house for doing their laundry. They left the laundry room and found themselves in a large hall that has a few doors leading from it. One door Teddy is told is for the utilities for the house, whereas two are for the two bathrooms. They check those out next, and they are fairly simple, white tiled spaces. Four shower stalls, four toilet stalls, four urinals in the mens side, and a good sized changing area. The last door leads into the store. There is already a counter in here, as well as a lot of shelving units, a huge commercial ice maker, and a large fridge and freezer, but so far that is it. Finally is the games room, where everyone will enter into directly from outside. There are already two pool tables, two air hockey tables, twelve arcade games, four pinball machines, a large TV, a couple couches, and a table with chairs around it.

Teddy was told that there will be a cabinet that will hold games and puzzles for guests to play, there will be movies and games for people to play on the TV, and that there will even be a couple computer terminals for people to use, but they will have to have paid internet on them.

“Wow, this house is amazing, I can't believe that I get to live here.”

“Yes, but same here really. When we have guests though, you'll be expected to help out as well. We'll all have chores to do to help make this whole place work, as well you do still have to do school work.”

“That's okay, I don't mind.”

“Good. Let's go check out the pool next.”

“Okay, but I thought that you said it wasn't even gonna be finished yet, everything looks finished?”

“No, I didn't think it would be, at least this soon, but if it is, then even better yet. I know the pool's done already though, because it had to be done before the structure was put up around it, and it was done before I even left at the beginning of summer, but you'll wanna see it I'm sure. Then we'll head out to the barn and check it out. I wanna get some animals for in there right away too.”


They arrived to the pool a few moments later and it too is nice and large. Seven meters wide, by seventeen meters long. The shallow end is one meter deep, while the deep end is a little over three meters deep. There is a diving board and two different slides, and off to the side is plenty of area for lots of seating. There are two hot tubs, one that is cooler for the younger kids, while the other is for the adults. There is a sauna and a steam room, and then the two change rooms off to one end, as well as one final door that leads to all the utilities to run the pool.

“This is so nice, I love swimming.”

“Good, so do I, and we'll get to swim lots as well. How well do you swim though?”

“Quite good.”

“Quite well you mean?”

“Um, sure.” Teddy said.

“Good. Let's go to the barn next.”

So that is where they headed next, and other than being an impressively large barn, there is really nothing in here yet but a whole lot of stalls. Though there is some equipment near the entrance that Teddy had to ask about, and Hunter told him that that it is the automated milking and cleaning stations for the animals. Up to four milking animals can be milked at a time, while another four are getting cleaned if they want and need it.

“So, what do you think now?”

“It's amazing. Can we check out the campground now?”


They left the barn and headed back to the house, so that they could just hop in the truck and go. Hunter did remove the trailer before doing so though. They headed down to the cabins first, and as they went, Teddy noticed something else.

“What's with the windmills?”

“They're power generating wind turbines. I have a total of ten of them, I'm surprised it took you so long to notice them, to tell you the truth. Each one of those will generate almost as much power as the typical home requires.”

“Was too busy looking at everything else. So, you get free power?”

“I'm sure it'll help offset a considerable portion of our power needs, but free, no, not really. Not to mention how much they bloody cost. Each one of those bad boys set me back almost twelve thousand dollars, and only because I bought ten of them. Then it probably cost another twenty to install them all, but that's okay. During the summer, when we're using as much power as I'm sure we will, they won't fill the need, but the rest of the year, with any luck, we won't have a bill at all, and I should get money back. There's a large propane tank for the stove and the ovens, and I do have a backup propane furnace for the house, but the rest of our heat will be wood, and everything else uses electricity.”

“Even the pool and hot tubs?”

“Especially them. They use a super high efficiency air to water heat exchanger. The pool will never need extra heat, because it'll do it all, whereas the cooler hot tub will likely need only a slight boost in the winter, and the hotter one will likely need help most of the time.”

“Oh, never heard of that before.”

“It's been around for a long time, but it's gotten a lot better over the past few years, so that now they can be used on hot tubs even, but only in a high efficiency system like we have here. Not having it open to the weather also helps a great deal.”

So they arrived to the cabins only a few seconds later and looked at them. These had only just been completed, they had not even been started when Hunter was here last, only their foundations had been poured and all the utilities run to them, so this is the first time for Hunter to see them as well. Each cabin is about seven by seven meters square, has a little one and a half by seven front porch, and inside it is fairly simple. They are a high peaked roof, and the main area is one large area with only one small room set aside, so only one other door. That, of course, leads to the bathroom. The bathroom is just a fairly simple unit, a toilet, sink, and very nice glass shower. It may be simple, but they are very tastefully done. The main area has a small kitchen, and then room for a table and a little bit of furniture. There is a loft that has a ladder leading to it where the main sleeping quarters are. It is separated into two areas, one with just one queen size bed, the other with two sets of twin bunk beds.

“Wow, they're so cute and small, but they have everything people need, don't they.” Teddy said happily.

“Yeah, we made them small and cozy. Each one's just a bit different as well. Some of them only have one bedroom and is just for a couple, whereas there are a couple that also just have one bedroom, but have as many as five bunk beds in them. All of them are the same on the main level though.”

“Nice. I love how each one has its own private little fenced in garden area, and the front porch swings are awesome as well.”

“Yeah. I was shocked to see the swings already, they were gonna build them when everything was done, so I guess everything is done, otherwise they wouldn't have done them. Let's go check out the campsites now.”


They hopped back into the truck and headed out. They went to the serviced sites first, and Teddy is shocked at how nice it really is, and just how large and private each one really is. Every pad is nice and level gravel, so that people can set up easily, and there are plenty of trees to give everyone the privacy they want. They toured this entire side, taking almost an hour to do so.

“Hunter, how come it looks like the road could keep going, it just stops here?”

“Because, it could. I still own something like a hundred more acres on this side, and another fifty on the other side that I can use if I want to. I had this made so that in the future, if I want to, I can expand easily. Same on the other side, I can expand and add more sites there as well. Clearly I can add more here than there though. To do so though would cost another few hundred thousand dollars just for this side, so I held off, and that'll be phases two and three, if it's deemed necessary.”

“Wow, so you've only used half the property then?”

“About that, yeah.”

“Wow, that's cool. So, how'd you get all the gravel and dirt to do all this, it musta taken huge amounts?”

“It did. On the other side of the road, I own another fifty acres of mountainside, and there I have a full quarry. In the camp sites, a lot of dirt was taken out, so all that was used once the level in the centre was raised up, and then all the rock we got from my own quarry. The centre of the land, almost exactly where we enter, and straight down to the river, the land used to be way lower, then both campgrounds are quite a bit higher, and it all flowed down to there. Like I said before, we filled in a lot in the centre to raise it up and make it more level, as well as to reduce the risk of flooding, but everything to do so comes right from our land. Any huge rocks were used to create the dike, two large rows, then filled with lots and lots of the smaller rocks, and then with sand, and then all packed down, and we used a lot of the large rocks as decoration in the rest of the area as well. It's been a huge undertaking to say the least, and not spilling a word of it to Carson was even harder still.”

“No kidding. Why'd you do that though?”

“If he'd a known, it would've tortured him and made him admit to everything well before he was ready. He was almost ready, but not quite, and then you came along and caused him to come to terms with who and what he really truly is. I'd expected that it was gonna take another month or two before it finally settled in for him, but you kick started that for him nicely. Now he's finally ready.”

“Yeah, well he helped me a lot too.”

“I know he did. You two meeting each other and sharing all that you did helped you both a considerable amount.”

As they had been talking, they were driving now to the other side where the unserviced lots are, and when they arrived, they looked around there too. Here the sites are much the same, only now there are water stations every so often. Hunter had made sure that there are lots, so that people did not always have to go too far, he had always hated that. The only downfall is the tent sites, they all have to go a fair ways in some cases, but that could not be helped.

They did hop out of the truck at the parking lot for the tent sites and walked over the nice bridge, and then toured that area as well. These sites are not quite as large, and they are also not all quite as level, but where they had run into situations where easily leveling a site for tents was not feasible, a wooden platform was made instead. In all these cases, there are eye hooks placed every half meter or so all the way around them, so as to easily allow people to tie down their tents. These sites have larger picnic tables though, so that people have more room to set things, since they will clearly not have as much ability to carry things with them, such as tables of their own. All the picnic tables though are solid concrete, Hunter did not want people easily damaging them, and he wanted them easily cleaned, and while more expensive than the wood ones would have been, he felt that they were the wise decision, because they would outlast any other by probably close to ten times. The only sites that did not get concrete picnic tables are the lease lots, they all get the wood ones.

“Wow, this is the nicest campground I've ever seen.”

“Thanks. I took all the best features of all the campgrounds I've ever been too, and designed this, trying to ensure that all the worst features weren't also included. I tried my hardest to make this the very best, and I think I succeeded.”

“I think you did too, but I don't think you're charging near enough. I mean, both campgrounds that we went to were way more expensive, and they don't have anywhere near what you have now.”

“I know, but I don't care about the money. As long as it does turn a profit and doesn't actually cost me anything at the end of the year, then I'm okay with that. I can't see it costing anywhere near as much as I expect I'll make to run it, so we should be fine. If I have to, next year we'll look at the pricing then.”

“Okay, if it costs less, and you get more, people will probably come here anyway. Are you gonna charge people to ride the horses or use the pool and stuff like that?”

“Not the pool, it's free with camping, but I haven't figured out how I'm gonna manage the horses once I have them. I do know that I'm gonna offer to let people board their horses here as well, and if they do, they'll get to come camping with their horses, as well they're welcome to come ride them any time.”

“Cool. You'll have to teach me how to ride once you have horses, I've never even really seen a real horse. I've seen them, but never up close.”

“You'll learn, no worries.”

“Any chance we can head back pretty soon, I'm getting pretty soggy and I need a baby diaper change here pretty soon.”

“Come to think of it, I'm needing a change soon too I think.” Hunter grinned.

They walked back to the truck and headed to the house. They grabbed the stuff from the trailer that they were needing, then headed in and went up to Hunter's bedroom to get changed.

“Can you change me today please?” Teddy asked.

“Of course Baby. Lay down and I'll get your soggy bum all changed right away.”

And so he did. Only a few minutes later, he had Teddy all nice and dry.

“Can I try changing your diaper please?” Teddy asked once he was ready to go.

“As much as I'd like that, sorry, no, I can't let you do that.”

“Why though.”

“Because that look of hunger you have says that you want more than just a diaper change. What you want isn't wrong, or bad, at least I don't think so, but others do. So, unfortunately, we can't do that, because I don't wanna go to jail.” Hunter said, laying it on the line.

“Oh, you noticed.” Teddy blushed cutely.

“Since the first time you saw me change my diaper, you've wanted to do so many naughty things to me. I see you watch me when I'm in just my diaper, and especially when I change, I can feel the hunger in you, I can sense the desire, but it's simply not something that I can allow. Sorry, you have no idea how much it pains me to say no to you, because, trust me, you're not the only one who wants what you want, I'd do it in a heartbeat if I thought for a fraction of a second that we'd never get caught.”

“What makes you think we'd be caught though?”

“They have ways of knowing. As it is, allowing you and Carson to have sex would likely land me in serious hot water. If we did what you want, I'd be tarred, feathered, thrown in a pit and forgotten about. Figuratively speaking of course.”

“But I'll never tell, I want it so much.”

“I know you never will, but, still, people have ways of knowing.”

“Fine, but I'm gonna get you soon, 'cause I want you to be the first to fuck me.”

“Mouth, you shouldn't say bad words like that.”

“It's the only word I know that says what I want.” Teddy pointed out.

“Be that as it may, you can't have it no matter what, so never say it again.”

“Fine. Change your diaper, but I'm not leaving.” Teddy said, crossing his arms and giving Hunter a defiant look.

Hunter damn near burst out laughing, but he gave Teddy what he wanted and changed his diaper. As always, he forced himself to stay very soft, even though he would have gotten hard in a heartbeat had he allowed it, and a few minutes later he was changed.

“You're really hot in just a diaper.” Teddy said.

“Thanks, so are you.”

“So, where are we gonna sleep then?”

“In our beds. We'll bring them in and set them up, in fact we should do so now, as well as bring in all the kitchen stuff. We're gonna need dinner soon, so we're gonna wanna do that anyway.”

“Okay. Do you think we have to get dressed?”

“Yes. My builder knows I was coming home today, so he might show up at some time to go over everything with me. I was surprised he wasn't here when we got here.”

“Ah poop.”

“Yeah, but you'll get lots a chance to go around in nothing but your soggy baby diaper, so don't worry about it. When at home, I never wear anything over my diapers, and I expect you'll be the same.”

“Darn rights.”

“Thought so. You and I are a lot alike.”


They did head out and start bringing in all that they would be needing for the night, but transferring all the food into the house. They got their beds set up, and then they went and started dinner, since they are already getting hungry anyway. Just as they were finishing up dinner, they heard someone coming up the porch. They both looked, and Hunter was happy to see that it was his builder.

“Hunter, good to see you.” He said when Hunter opened the door.

“Steven, good to see you as well. Was shocked to see that everything's done, but that you weren't here.”

“Yeah, we finished the final touches yesterday, and I would've been here sooner, but my son went and landed himself in the hospital last night. He's gonna be okay, he's home already, but I never knew a three year old could launch that far on a bike. Little daredevil was trying to be like the big boys and jump his bike like they all do.”

“Yikes, poor little guy.”

“Yeah, like I said, he's gonna be fine, broken arm and well scratched up. He took his handle bar right to the gut though, hence the reason he had to stay overnight, they think he bruised his bladder, we've had to keep him in his diapers, even though he's supposed to be potty training, because he wasn't able to hold it at all, and they said that's to be expected, and could last a couple or a few days.”

“Wow. I'm sure he'll be just fine though. So, was there anything to report on everything since last we talked?”

“Same, but no, everything went as smooth as can be expected with a project this large. I really only came tonight to tell you that it's now all yours, and to hand over the keys fully. I always recommend people to get their locks changed after construction completes, so you may do so if you like. I assume you looked over everything when you got here?”

“We sure did.”

“And did you have any questions?”

“Not really. Since it's pretty much all my designs, I probably know it as well as you do. Since you installed the turbines and got the water collection systems up and running though, how have they been performing?”

“Your meter's been running backward ever since we got you online for that, and your water tank's at about twenty percent capacity at the moment, but only because we used a lot and we haven't had a lot of rain recently. We haven't had to top up the tank at all though, so that's good.”

“Excellent. Did you fully test the switching systems though?”

“Yes, once everything was completed to the point we could do so, we did start testing, and when it drops to five percent, it automatically pulls from the river and brings you up to ten percent. At about thirty thousand litres capacity, that's a fair bit of water.”

“Excellent. And I know the pool and hot tubs are all functioning, any issues there?”

“None. Everything's been running flawlessly. The salt water generators are running perfectly, the pool guy was here yesterday to give it the final test and to pass it before giving it to you, as well the inspectors for everything as well. All their reports are included in the package I'll be giving you as well. As always, once I'm completed, I give the owners all that, as well as all manuals for everything that we've installed, and a few blank sheets of paper so that you can jot down anything that you come across that needs to be fixed. We took care of anything that we found yesterday, but, thankfully, there really wasn't lots.”

“Oh, good to hear. I'll take it all and look it all over then over the next couple weeks, and if I have any questions or concerns, I'll call. I'm also gonna extend to you and your family an open invitation to come camping any time, free of charge for doing all this for me.”

“Thanks, we'd love to come camping here, it's the nicest I've ever seen, and we love camping.”

“Good. So, what's my final total?”

“One million, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”

“Okay, let me write out the cheque and I'll let you get on your way.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it. I gotta say though, this is the largest project I've ever done, and repeatedly going into the red for a half a million at a time was really nerve wracking.”

“I'll bet it was, and with a family, that's hard to do. I know you probably weren't in the hole for very long at any given time though, and hopefully almost all this is your profit for the entire job.”

“True, and pretty close.”

Hunter finished writing out the final cheque, they both signed the papers saying that it was handed over in excellent condition, and then Steven was gone.

“Wow, that was a lot of money.” Teddy said, having hardly said a thing the entire time the men were talking.

What is funny is that Steven never said a word about the fact that Teddy was even there at all, when he knew that Hunter had no children, but he did remember that Hunter had said he wanted to adopt, so felt that must have finally happened, which, in reality, had not yet happened, but it is close enough.

“Yeah, it was, but that's fine, we have a heck of a lot to show for it.”

“No kidding. What were you talking about with water and switching?”

Hunter explained all of it to Teddy. He had had a huge tank installed, and every roof on the property, some four thousand square meters worth, would collect all the rainfall throughout the year and give them all the water that they could ever need, and considering their area gets an average of more than a meters worth of rainfall a year, that equals a lot of water that they can conceivably collect. In fact, they would not likely ever actually use it all. Then he told Teddy how the system could automatically pump water from the river should their reservoir ever run low, and how the entire system is pretty much automated, and is triple filtered, UV light scrubbed, as well as ozonated. All this to ensure perfectly clean and clear drinking water that is collected.

“Neat, so we use the wind and the water that we get naturally to help us out, I like that.”

“Exactly. We get lots of both, especially here, and you'll notice I positioned the wind turbines along the river to catch all the wind that comes down the valley more efficiently. We did an audit of the entire clearing, to find the best place to do so, and that was it, so that's why they're put there. We almost put in solar panels as well, but we figured that the turbines would be more than sufficient. In a year, depending on how things go, I might still put some in, so that I'm not paying anything, but we'll see. With the cabins being electric heat, as well as the backups for the pool and hot tubs being electric, the sauna and the steam room, all six clothes dryers, all the water heaters, and then all the house and RV stuff using electricity, next summer will really paint the picture. I fully expect that from here on out, 'til then, that we'll end up banking a huge amount of money, but then next summer, we'll probably use a huge amount, so hopefully at the end of it, it's a zero balance. If we have to, we'll add solar collection to the mix as well to top up the rest.”

“Neat. Do the cabins and the house all have air conditioning as well?”

“Sure do. Everything's built with both comfort and efficiency in mind, but most especially the house. Most of the heat for the house comes from the wood burning stove, it even heats most of the water, but from there, if ever needed, the hot water tank will boost it, or we can run the whole heating system by electricity as well. It's an amazing system. Come on, I'll show you the utility room for the entire house.”

“Okay, but can we strip back down to our diapers again, since Steven's gone?”


So they did, and then they headed downstairs. The main utility room for the entire property is here, from here you can control almost anything. The pool has its own utility room, but the rest is here. The entire room is almost twenty meters square.

The centre of the room is dedicated to just the pumps that control all the water. There is a huge pressure holding tank, so that there is good pressure for everything. The line coming into and out of it are ten centimeters, and the outlet goes to a massive routing station. The water routing sends the water to everywhere on the property, so of course there are bleeder valves on all the exterior lines, so that he can shut things down as necessary.

One wall is dedicated solely to electricity, there are wires running everywhere and huge electrical boxes and switches.

Another wall is where all the hot water is managed for the house, and the final wall is where all the heating and cooling for the house takes place.

“Pretty cool, huh? From here a lot of it goes outside and then to a few switching stations. Less expensive to do it that way, and easier for me to isolate things without shutting everyone down for repairs. Otherwise pretty much everything is controlled right from here.”

“It's incredible really. It's quite noisy in here though.”

“Yeah, when the pumps turn on and with the electricity humming, it can get pretty noisy. That pump there though is constantly running at low, it's a recirculating line for the water reservoir, it keeps the water fresh and clean. It doesn't always run through the scrubbers, just a few times a day, but it's always running through two phases of particle filtration. The third phase of filtration is the finest of all and takes pretty much anything else out of it. It's damn near as good as, or possibly even better than the city water would be, only without chlorine, which I detest.”

“Cool. Steven said something about saltwater generators, what's that?”

“That's out in the pool utility room, and what it is is a purification system that uses salt to purify the water, so instead of running chlorine in it, that's what I use. There's more to it than that, and its filters are almost every bit as good as our drinking water filters are, so it too is good and clean, just without chlorine being added.”

“Cool, and that's the stuff that tastes gross and makes my eyes burn when I go swimming?”

“That's the one.”

“So our water won't taste gross and when I go swimming it won't hurt my eyes?”



They headed back upstairs, Hunter locking the door as they went, and then they cleaned up their dinner mess.

“So, could we go swimming then?”


“Do we have to wear any clothes?”

“I don't see any reason why we'd need to, this time. There's gonna be lots of times when we have to though, so don't get too used to it.”

“Yeah, I suppose when we have guests I can't swim naked, but if I swim before we open the pool in the morning, then I should be able to. We should have blinds for the windows, so that we can do that.”

“There's already some on all the windows, so maybe that's what we'll have to do.”

They headed out to the pool, and as soon as they arrived, they both stripped off their soggy diapers and went and washed off. Teddy went and ran right to the diving board and jumped off it and into the water with a happy yell. Hunter had to laugh, there is nothing so laugh inducing as a cute little boy diving off a diving board buck naked. He did the same though and a second later joined Teddy in swimming.

“Wow, the water's perfect, this is amazing.”

“It is, isn't it.”

“I can't believe I get to live here, this is so cool.”

“Same here really. I designed and built the place from the ground up, everything about this entire place is all me, it cost me more money than you can imagine, yet, even still, I can't believe that it's all mine.”

“I bet. Wanna try the slides?”

“Sure, let's go.”

For the next hour and a bit, the two of them played and had fun, they hit the hot tubs, the sauna and the steam room, they laid back and relaxed, they played, they jumped, they slid, they just had a good time.

“Well kiddo, what say we get out and go get nice and thickly diapered, and then I think it's gonna be time for bed soon.”

“Okay, I am getting pretty tired.”

“Same here.”

They went and had a good shower, dried off, and then headed into the house and up to Hunter's bedroom, where Teddy was diapered first, and then Hunter diapered himself. They did want a snack and a drink before bed, so they headed back down to the kitchen where they grabbed a snack and a large glass of water each.

“Hey, this water is really good, isn't it.” Teddy said.

“Yeah, as pure and fresh as any could hope for, that's for sure.”

“That's good.”

“Yes, well, let's get to bed baby boy, tomorrow's gonna be a long day.”

“Why, what all do we have to do?”

“I have to call all the suppliers to have them bring in and set up all the furniture for the house and cabins, bring in and set up the rest of the electronics, and deliver all the new housewares that I had on order. Then I have to call the guy who is designing my website and have it go active, call my lawyer and talk to him about you, and then, if that wasn't enough, we have to go do a massive grocery shopping. There's probably lots more as well, but it'll be amazing if we get it all done.”

“The calls won't take long.”

“No, but the grocery shopping will. I also wanna call the SPCA and see if they have any farm animals that need a new home, as well as find other animals for here. That doesn't have to be done right away, but the sooner the better.”

“Oh, okay.”

So, with that, they both headed up to bed. Teddy said nothing further about sleeping with Hunter, but both knew that that topic was far from closed, and even Hunter knows that he will succumb, probably sooner rather than later, but it is still the right thing to do and hold off. Teddy is just wondering how to make it happen. If only he realized that all he has to do is keep offering and that will likely be more than enough. Hunter did lock his bedroom door though, and they both headed to bed. Teddy sucked and fingered himself to four very satisfying orgasms, while Hunter did the same for only two. Finally they are both more than ready to go to sleep though, and so they did.