Chapter 7

Minutes after Hunter and Teddy woke up, they are still kissing and caressing each other in fact, they hear a knock at their door.

“Come in.”

“Good morning. I hope I'm not interrupting.”

“No, we were just kissing, we just woke up a few minutes ago ourselves.”

“Good. Could I come cuddle with you guys for few minutes please?”

“Sure, come hop in Baby.” Hunter said, lifting up the blanket and patting the bed next to Teddy, so that Teddy would be in the middle.

“Thanks.” He said as he dove in, his soggy diaper swinging well as he did so.

“Looks like you're a right soggy baby this morning.”

“Yeah, it's great, but I bet I'm not the only one.”

“I bet you're right too.” Teddy giggled.


“So, did you enjoy your toys last night?” Hunter asked.

“Oh yeah, they felt amazing, feel amazing really, 'cause I still have the butt plug in me. I forgot to use the ring though, but I'm definitely gonna try that tonight.”

“Good, enjoy them, but don't leave the plug in too long. When you change your soggy baby diaper, take it out.”

“Was already planning on it.”

“Good. We should probably get up soon and go for a nice swim before breakfast boys, so let's get up and get started on our day.”


Carson headed back to his room, so that he could take out and clean his butt plug, and they all removed their diapers in their rooms, though Hunter and Teddy removed their boyfriends' diaper for him, because why bother taking your own off if you have someone more than happy to do so for you.

Naked they all headed down to the pool, cleaned off, and then they went and dove in the pool. They did exercise some, but they also did rest and relax as well, all of them enjoying all that they have available to them. Once they were good to go, they headed back inside and to their bedrooms to get diapered and dressed for the day. Carson diapered himself, while Teddy and Hunter diapered each other.

“So, what do we have to do today?” Carson asked after they finished eating and cleaning up from breakfast.

“First, make sure the animals are all good, then get more stalls ready for the new animals that are coming today. I also have to get my milking machines up and running, cleaned, and whatnot, because some of the animals are milk producing, so they're gonna need it. At some point in time today I also wanna find someone who'll sell us some laying hens, so that we have fresh eggs. I also wanna call a company to come in and impregnate our current cow, and the goats as well. Then I have to get your paperwork all processed Carson, so that you can do your schooling at home, and I still need to call my lawyer about Teddy, to see if he's figured anything out yet. I also still haven't gone around and tested everything myself, to make sure everything for the campground's all ready and raring to go. With any luck, by the time we finish all that, Andrew and Harley will be here.”

“Okay, let's get to it then.” Teddy said happily.

They went and tended to their animals first, petting and socializing with them, cleaned their stalls, opened the doors for them to wander around outside, and then got the new stalls all ready to go. Hunter got the milking machines all up and running and ran the automated cleaning and sanitizing functions, so that by the time the new animals arrive, they will be ready for them. They have no idea when that will be, but likely this morning some time.

Hunter called his lawyer first as they were on their way to the serviced lots and talked to him for only a few minutes before hanging up, the boys not knowing anything, because Hunter had hardly said anything.

“Okay, as you heard, I hardly had to say anything. He's almost done Teddy, by Monday he feels that he'll have me as your permanent guardian. He's already been and talked to your ex parents, they agreed to everything, my record's clean, so now he's waiting on the judge to sign off on it. So, with that being said, we're gonna hold off on getting you registered for homeschooling Carson 'til we have Teddy ready to go as well, so that I only have to do it once. Andrew will probably just do the same for Harley at the same time.”

“Wicked.” Teddy smiled brightly.

“Sounds good to me.”

As they were walking around testing everything, Hunter made several calls. He has no idea who to even call for such services, and had thought of calling Andrew, since he would be sure to know, but Hunter knew that Andrew would be busy, so he did not wish to bother him. So, instead, Hunter called Jane at the SPCA to ask if she happened to know, but she did not, so he called another farm vet in the area, and she gave him the name of a good company to do that, so he called them next. They made an appointment for Monday to come and do it for him. While he had been on the phone with Jane though, he asked about laying hens, and she gave him the name of someone, so he called them once he finished the rest. They have a dozen young laying hens that they are willing to sell, so Hunter asked to come pick them up tomorrow, and they are okay with that.

With all the calls out of the way, they continued doing what they needed to do, and are happy to find that everything is in good working order, and that all the water is clean, so the lines had all already been purged. With the three of them doing this, it really did not take all that long, but still almost two hours in just doing that, but by the time it is lunch time, they are done. They headed into the house and made lunch, but, just as they were about to take their first bite, they saw a truck coming down the drive. They grabbed their plates and headed outside to greet whomever was coming.

They only have sandwiches to eat, so they have no problems eating on the go, and they stood on the porch waiting for whomever it is, and said vehicle pulled almost right up to the house. Before they stopped though, they could all see that it is Harley and his dad. The boys excitedly bounded down the stairs. Hunter followed, but at a much more sedate pace.

“Hello, you must be Andrew, good to meet you. I'm Hunter.”

“Thanks, it's good to meet you as well Hunter.” He said and they shook hands. “I gotta say, you have some fancy spread here, very nice. It also seems I spent a good portion of the night fixing up some animals that, by the sounds of it, are gonna be coming here.”

“Thanks, this was years in the making, and, technically speaking, it's not truly done yet, because I'll happily add on down the road if I can. As for the animals, that's the way it sounds.”

“That's great, so call it even already. I won't charge you for that.”

“Thanks, much appreciated. So, wanna get the grand tour?”

“Absolutely.” Harley said.

“Yeah.” Hunter snorted. “So, do you wanna have one of the cabins, or would you rather stay in the house?”

“I think I'd rather one of the cabins, that way I still feel I have my own space.”

“How about you Harley, wanna stay in the cabin with your dad, in the house with Carson, or do you boys wanna go back and forth?” Hunter said, Harley blushed a bit.

“I don't know.”

“Don't worry Baby, I already knew that Carson was your boyfriend. I saw it right after the night you boys spent together.”

“And you don't mind.”

“Of course not. I'm not quite as straight as you thought I was. I'm bi, but, to tell you the truth, the likelihood of my ever being with another woman is probably so close to zero I may as well be fully gay now.” He grinned.

“Really, wicked. I kinda wanna stay with my dad, but I wanna be with Carson too, who I know probably wants to stay with you too Hunter, so can we go back and forth?”

“Of course. I figure you boys will just share beds anyway, so which bed you sleep in really makes no difference. So, to the cabins first then and we'll get all your stuff offloaded and stored. There are two that are two bedrooms that have only two beds, so that's the ones you guys'll want I'm sure, because there's no point in using bunks. You may feel free to dine with us for dinner, but you'll have your own fully supplied kitchen should you ever want anything there too, you just have to supply that food. I'll give you a master key for the washers and dryers, as well as the doors to get in there, so that you can do laundry, and the same key gets you into the pool, so any services we offer here, you're free to use to your hearts content.”

“Thanks, that's very nice, and generous as well.”

“No big deal, you'll take care of all our animals, so it'll be a fair trade I'm sure.”

“I hope so, but let's go check them out.”

Andrew hopped in his truck, while the rest just walked down. When they arrived, Hunter opened up the first of the two cabins that would suit Andrew and Harley.

“Wow, these places are magnificent. They're so cute and cozy, and really rather spacious, considering just how small they are.”

“Yeah, come take a look at the bedrooms.” Hunter said, and led them to the ladder stairs that take them upstairs.

At the top of the ladder is just a very small landing with two doors, one on either side, so they went into the one on the right first, then checked the one on the left. These bedrooms though are virtually identical, just different colours and artworks, because every room is tastefully decorated.

“Wow, very nice. Just enough room for a queen size bed, dresser and the two end tables, and some room to walk around, but they're perfect.” Andrew said again.

“That's all I wanted. I didn't want huge and grand, they're nice simple little country cottages really, they only have what you need, and nothing really more. Let's go downstairs and you can check out the bathroom next.”

“I agree, and it's perfect for what we really need too.”

They went and checked out the bathroom, and they loved it. A very large tile and glass enclosed shower with beautiful stones, and four shower heads, then the simple vanity made to look like an old fashioned wash stand, and of course the toilet.

“Wow, again, nice and cozy and homey, not too large or grand, but elegant.”

“Exactly what I was working toward.”

“I like this one. We'll take this one please.”

“I thought you might. Of all the cabins, this was the one that was most gay oriented. The TV is hidden inside the armoire, the couch is incredibly comfortable, and your table, as you can see, seats up to four, and your kitchen is pretty much stocked with good quality items that should come in handy.”

“Wow, I love it all. The wife always insisted on huge and expensive and flashy and always so god awful gaudy. The uglier I thought it was, the more she liked it. She once even spent four hundred dollars a piece on the most hideous crystal handles for all the bathroom cabinets. I just threw my hands up and said whatever, it's your money, be stupid with it. That was the first time she ever smacked me, that was two years ago. So, yeah, needless to say, this is perfect.”

“I never understood that either. I mean, my house is huge, there's no denying that, but it had to be to fit everything in the basement that I wanted. I didn't want another out building for all that, so we just made the house larger, yet, even still, it's not opulent or gaudy, it's very simple and almost muted. There's far too much natural beauty all around us to blind it with ugly stuff.”

“I agree wholeheartedly.”

“Good. Let's start getting you unpacked then guys. I imagine you'll probably have to go grocery shopping, but that can wait 'til tomorrow, you can just eat with us tonight. Really, just have dinner with us every night, just have breakfast and lunch stuff here. That'll make it a lot easier in the long run, and I have to cook dinner anyway.”

“I might just do that too, except the nights I work late. You guys don't have to help though.”

“Sure we do, many hands make light work, and we're not scheduled to do anything else anyway.”


And many hands did make light work too. Andrew and Harley did not bring a huge amount, it looks like just their personal things really; clothes, books, computers, bikes, that sort of thing, and they had it all offloaded and taken inside relatively fast. They were only half way through unpacking it though when the SPCA pulled in.

“Ah, here's the animals that you were helping last night. They're already gonna be pretty comfortable with you, and I imagine that you have a way with scared animals, so would you come and help us please?” Hunter asked Andrew.

“Absolutely, come on guys.”

Leaving everything where it is, they ran up to the barn to meet the truck driver to offload everything.

“Hello again. Got a huge load for you this time. Lots of animals and gear here. Jane also sent over the tack for the horse that you got last time, she figured you'd probably have good use of it.”

“Oh, that was really nice of her. I'll write the cheque for the donation right now.” Hunter said, and then grabbed the cheque book that he had thought to grab earlier, and write out the amount, and handed it over.

“Um, Jane said you were donating five thousand, this is for ten!”

“Yes, you guys offer a great service, and I'm sure your needs far outstrip your funds most of the time, and I've probably gotten considerably more value than that in what I've gotten, so I feel that it's more than fair. Also it's for going above and beyond, it's truly appreciated.”

“Thanks, because you're right. We're all volunteers there, and even with not paying employees, there never seems to be enough money for all that's always needed.”

“Then this should help for at least a couple months I hope.”

“Same. Well, let's get this all offloaded then, shall we.”

And so they did. Even the boys helped where possible, and in under an hour, everything was offloaded. All the animals were put into their pens, they were given feed and water, the milking animals were taken to the milking machine and they milked themselves. At least these animals are already trained, so they are used to it. All the gear was cleaned and put away, because it had all been very dirty and in the case of the saddles, dry, so they were oiled as well. None of the gear appeared to have been taken care of in some time, but at least it was still good enough to clean up, and Hunter figured that it will all still last years more.

“So, how are all the animals now anyway Andrew?” Hunter asked once the driver was gone and they were all done.

“Other than some neglect, they were in decent shape. Nothing life threatening or expensive, and all they truly needed was some good food. Be careful not to allow them to eat too much for a while, they need to get back onto a proper diet, but it needs to be done slowly, so that they don't hurt themselves. Their hooves are all cleaned and trimmed, and as long as I keep an eye on them over the next few weeks and make sure they're kept clean, they're gonna be just fine. We could ride the horses right away on soft ground probably, but I'd hold off 'til they're healed, then get them shod. I know a farrier that'd do that for you, he's a good guy, loves what he does, and treats the horses right.”

“Good, when you think they're ready for it, then I'll call this guy. The way your eye twinkles when you talk of him though, you obviously think he'd be good boyfriend material.”

“Yeah, he's pretty hot, actually. Not sure he's gay though. He has two boys, eight and eleven, but no woman around, so it's hard to say.”

“If the opportunity arises, take the plunge and go for it.”

“I just might have to, to tell you the truth. The last time I had sex was probably three years ago now, and the last time I was with a guy, I was fourteen, so yeah, a little action would be appreciated.”

“La la la la la.” Harley said, clapping his hands over his ears, but he ruined it by laughing.

“Quit that, Brat, you've had more action in that one night than I've had in probably ten years.”

“Ouch, that sucks.” Harley said.

“Yeah, well, I wasn't exactly a happy person, but I stayed because you deserved a mother and a father. I never fathomed that she'd turn out how she did though.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“Well, the animals are all taken care of, most of your stuff is put away, it's getting close to dinner time, so what say we go make some dinner guys.” Hunter said.

“Okay.” They all said together.

After dinner, they sat around talking, though Hunter and all the boys stripped down to just their soggy diapers as they entered the house, and if this shocked Andrew, he never said anything. Harley looked at the others' diapers longingly until his dad told him to get diapered like he knew he wanted to anyway, so Carson took him up and diapered him. They did end up telling Andrew why they all wore diapers, as well they told him when they knew they were gay. Not so surprisingly, but Andrew did figure out that Teddy and Hunter are a couple, and it was Teddy that explained to him that it was his decision more than anything that they are together. He has no problems with this though, and told the others, even his son for the first time, or anyone for that matter, that he had been the loved boy, and when he was fourteen, his man lover had to move away, but he felt that they would have stayed together for a long time had it not been for that. They did all talk lots and learned lots as well, and by the end of the evening, they were all counting themselves as friends.

Carson and Harley went down to the cabin with Andrew when he said that it is time for bed, and Hunter and Teddy decided to head to bed as well, and everyone played, even Andrew, who played by himself. Carson and Harley though, they lasted almost two hours, and had it not been for the fact that the cabin walls are very well soundproofed, Andrew may have had to listen to them the entire time, but thankfully they are.

Saturday morning dawned bright and early, and with it rose everyone at much the same time. Carson and Harley asked Andrew to come swimming with them, and ended up meeting Hunter and Teddy just as they were coming down the stairs to do just that themselves. Once more, if Andrew was shocked that they swim naked, he said nothing, just stripped down as well and dove in once he was clean, same as the others. They exercised, they relaxed, they had fun, and once they were sitting in the hot tub, they talked.

“So, what do you two think so far?”

“This is amazing.” Andrew sighed.

“I was talking about living here.”

“So was I.” He laughed.

“Good, I'm glad. You both deserve it as well. So, Carson and Harley, you didn't stay up all night playing, did you?”

“No, just a couple hours.” Carson grinned brightly.

“That's good. You didn't forget your diapers and make a huge mess of the bed, did you?”

“Nope, we remembered our nice thick thirsty baby diapers.” Harley said.

“Good. What about you Andrew, curious enough to take some of mine and try them yourself?”

“Mildly, but not enough I don't think.” He shrugged.

“When you do, just ask, or go buy your own, whichever you find easier.”

Hunter had seen the hungry looks that Andrew had given the night before at he and the boys all sitting around in diapers, so he is already certain that Andrew does want to try, just that he is scared. Andrew said nothing to that, and the boys were smart enough to leave it alone as well, so that was good. Harley though was thinking that he might just grab a few and set them on his dads dresser anyway, for just in case.

“Well, I'm well soaked, and I haveta head into town soon, so I think it's about time to get out. Let's go get started on our day boys.”


They all went and cleaned up well, then headed to get diapered and dressed and ready for the day ahead. Harley and Carson just changed each other in the house, since they are close enough to the same size anyway, they can just share clothes. They all met in the kitchen and had some breakfast, and as they cleaned up, they talked.

“So, I have to head into town, everyone can fit in my truck, so if you wanna grab groceries or anything Andrew, now would be a good time to do so.”

“I do, but I have to head into town at just a little after lunch for a meeting, so I was just gonna take care of it then. I have to go talk to my lawyer, so if you'd watch Harley then, that'd be great. For now, though, I think I'll just stay here and get our place organized.”

“Okay, and I have no problem watching your baby. Would you like to come with us Harley, or stay here with your dad?”

“Can I go Daddy.”

“Sure, you go ahead Baby.”

“Thanks.” He said and then gave his dad a hug, and Andrew patted Harley's cute little diapered bum as he did so.

“Well then Boys, let's head out. We'll probably be a good couple hours Andrew, so feel free to use anything in the house as well. Your master key even works on all the arcade games if you ever wanna do that by the way.”

“Thanks. See you later, and behave Harley.”

“I will.”

Hunter and the boys headed out and hopped in the truck and headed off to town. They talked and joked and laughed the whole way there, and then headed to the farm that Hunter was to get his chickens from. As soon as they pulled in, they were greeted by the owner.

“Hello, we spoke on the phone yesterday about getting a dozen laying hens.” Hunter said.

“That's right, but I do have an extra eighteen of them if you wish. Someone wanted them and were supposed to have been here yesterday afternoon, but they never showed or called, so, if you want them, they're yours.”

“Sure, I was looking for about twenty to twenty four, so thirty won't be a problem. What if he comes looking for them though?”

“I'm a man of my word, and I expect others to be as well. It's the simple way, if you say you're gonna do something, you do it, if you can't, then at least be courteous enough to call and explain why. He never did neither, so that'll be his problem if he comes looking for them at a later time. He'll just have to wait 'til the next batch is ready. You don't want any roosters though, do you?”

“No thanks. I'm not wanting them for breeding, just egg production.”

“Okay. All these hens have just started their laying, so they're all in production now. You should see approximately one egg per day from each, but, remember, that'll vary depending on all sorts of circumstances. I've been keeping them in approximately sixteen hours of light, so to keep their production nice and high, that's not a problem this time of the year, but come fall and winter, make sure and keep a timer on your lights and keep them inside 'til it's light outside. My birds have always been good producers, so you shouldn't have any problems. They're also excellent in the pot once they stop laying, so in about three years or so.”

“Okay, good to know. I've got the feed mills standard laying hen feed mix, will that be all, or should I add anything?”

“Usually that's fine, but get the crushed oyster shell for them to boost their calcium if they need it, they carry it, and just make sure the birds have good quality cool water at all times.”

“They will. My hen house is a brand new design, it keeps the water at the perfect temperature year round for them, and it's all automatic, same with feed and light.”

“Nice. Well, since you have so many helpers, this shouldn't take too long. I also have hen carrying boxes, so now all we have to do is catch them and box them for transport. Just be careful, they don't usually like being caught. They'll probably try and peck you. All my birds are used to humans, so they won't be scared of you, but they still don't care for being picked up too much. I'll show you how first, then you just have to do the same thing.”

He grabbed the stack of boxes and showed them all how to open them, he told them to open one, catch a bird, put it in, and close it. Then he showed them how to catch the chickens, and they got started. It actually took all of them almost an hour to catch all the birds, because they are fast and really do not like being caught. As soon as all the chickens were caught and boxed, Hunter paid the man, they shook hands, and then they were off and running.

They have to make a couple other stops, but the main one is to the ranch and farm store, so they went there to get several things that they are needing. Hunter grabbed the oyster shells for the chickens in case they need it, and put in another order of all the feed he needed, and created a standing order to be delivered. He also asked for more hay, straw, and grain to be delivered too. The boys all looked around as well, and they found some things that they wanted, so they asked and Hunter grabbed it, though Carson paid for his own things, since he actually has half as much money as Hunter used to have, so he is very well off. Hunter would have paid for Carson's stuff too, but Carson likes buying his own things.

They made their other stops as well, but they were fast and they are back on their way home before too long. As soon as they made it, they headed right for the hen house and started offloading all the birds, and as soon as they were all inside the fully fenced in chicken run, they started opening the boxes and letting the chickens out.

Some food was put out, and all the chickens found the water, and they all seem about as happy as a chicken can be. They offloaded the rest of the stuff that they have with them and got it put away, then headed out and found Andrew.

“So, how many chickens did you get anyway?” He asked as soon as they met up.


“Why so many, you'll never be able to use thirty or so eggs a day.”

“I'll sell em, I've already got a sign somewhere for that, I just have to find it and put it up.”

“Okay, I assume I can grab an egg or two whenever I need some then.”

“You bet, same with milk.”

“You know you're gonna end up with a crap load of goats milk, right?”

“Yeah, but that's okay, that's what I prefer making my cheese out of, better flavour. I'll also sell it, since my machines will pasteurize the milk for me, I'm allowed to sell it. Same with the cows milk, I'll sell what we can't use.”

“Okay, so you really are making it a working ranch as well.”

“Absolutely, just smaller, at least to start. I actually know of at least two people who wanna buy goats milk off me once I start producing, which is why I wanted so many.”

“Oh, that's cool.”

“So, when do you have to leave for your appointment?”

“I should be leaving in just a few minutes here, and I do have to do some shopping, so I'll be a couple to a few hours myself.”

“I'd say have fun, but appointments with lawyers are rarely fun, and certainly never fun for the reason you're going.”

“Yes, but a necessary evil I'm afraid. It shouldn't be too bad, and he's actually an old friend of mine, we've known each other since we were kids, so he's making it as painless on me as he can. It helps that I still have some bruising in the shape of her hand, so I actually have evidence. What's sad is the fact that if I complained and went to the police, they'd ask me what I did to make her hit me, when I'd never raise my hand to anyone to start with. A guy I told once that my wife hits me asked why I didn't just hit her back, and like I said, I hit her, she sues me, no matter if she hit first, it's her word against mine, and men absolutely never win that, no matter what. Even if I had video evidence and an entire lineup of people saying otherwise, I'd be the one in jail. So, I never touched her, just smiled at her, and thanked her.”

“You actually thanked her?” Carson gasped.

“Yeah, what she didn't realize is that every time I thanked her, it was because she was giving me more and more evidence. I wrote every situation down, took a picture of the evidence, whatever I could. It'll never hold up in court of course, because why would a woman hit a man if he didn't hit her first of course. It's a retardedly stupid system, the men are never listened to, the women are never questioned as being in the wrong, and even with astounding evidence, it's the men that always end up paying. Hence the reason my lawyer and I are doing this the way we are, we're not going through the police or the courts, they only screw things up, we're making it really easy on her, she keeps all that she has, I keep all that I have, including Harley, who never wants to see her again, she never contacts us, and we don't press charges. Of course, she might know how the courts are, in which case if she fights anything, then I'll probably end up broke, but Harley will give his evidence I'm sure, and they do at least listen to children, some of the time.”


“Yeah, well, anyway, since you guys are back, I'm gonna head out. Oh, and by the way Hunter, a massive trailer pulled in about half an hour ago.”

“Really, my first, that's awesome.”

“Yeah, it won't be the last either.”

“No, I know, but the first is always the best. I guess I better head over and see if they need anything and get payment or find out what they're looking for.”

“They never stopped, so I didn't talk to them, not that I could've told them anything mind you.”

“That's okay. I suppose I really should find all my signs and get them put up.”

“Yeah, you probably should. Well, you guys have a good day.”

“Thanks, you too.”

Andrew headed out, while Hunter and the boys grabbed their bikes and headed over to find out who their very first customer is. They headed to the serviced sites, since that is where Andrew had pointed, and found them only a few minutes later. They are actually parked in one of the annual lease lots.

“Good afternoon folks, how are you today?” Hunter said as they pulled up, they are just in the process of setting up.

“Excellent, and you?”

“Great. Sorry, I don't have my signs all up yet, I hope you found the place easily enough?”

“No problems, the website was great there, and we found the driveway with ease, even though it isn't marked yet. We weren't sure where to park, but there was no one else anywhere, so we figured wherever was fine.”

“Technically these are our lease lots, the short term ones are on the other side, but this is fine as well, since clearly there's no one here yet. I only just opened, so you're my first customer.”

“Oh, do you want us to move?”

“Oh no, it's no big deal.”

“That's good. So, you do annual terms on these ones, these are nice lots, and I think we found the nicest one.”

“That's right, and I think I agree with you, this is probably the best one.”

“How much do they cost?”

“Hundred a month when you sign up for a year, but if you sign up for a five year term and do direct withdrawal I go ninety. If you sign up before the end of the weekend, you get this weekend knocked off the first month's fee, of course.”

“That's really quite reasonable. What all do you offer here, we saw on the website that there's a pool, but what else?”

“Well, the pool, hot tub, sauna, and steam room are included free of charge for all guests, there's the games room, six tokens for a dollar and each game requires one token, the laundry room uses the same tokens and a wash is two tokens and a dry is three, soap and other supplies are one token each. There's the river for world class fishing, which if you're from around here, you already know that. Let's see, there's the barn of course, so the animals will be around to pet, and there are horses to ride, however, due to the fact that all my animals are SPCA rescues, and all of them are very new and still injured, they're not ready to ride quite yet, or I would've ridden over on horseback. Across the road, I also have a large biking area, as well as a few really nice hiking trails. For your kids, if you don't bring bikes, I will eventually have bikes for rent, I just haven't had a chance to buy them yet. I also have a store where there'll be all sorts of items for sale, and that'll include fresh eggs and milk once my animals start producing. I think that was everything, am I missing anything boys?”

“Yeah, the fact that you didn't even tell us we had a biking area.” Carson laughed.

“Oh, sorry, slipped my mind, I totally forgot about it.” He laughed to the boys, and then turned to his guests. “The boys only found out I did all this on Monday, it was a total surprise to them 'til we moved in.”

“Oh, nice surprise.”

“It was.” They all said.

As the adults had been talking, the boys had been talking to their boys, there are two of them, they are six and nine and are cute as can be as well.

“We've been looking for a nice place like this where we could just park our trailer at, since it has to stay in a storage facility most of the year, we don't have room at home for it, so this might work out perfectly. Can you tell me more about it though?”

“Certainly. You're allowed to keep your trailer here, and you can build any non permanent structure that you wish, as long as it can either be moved or removed with ease, and doesn't go off your own pad. You're not allowed to cut anything down in the forest, nor are you allowed to move any semi permanent items. Water is included in your fees, but you get a bill for the amount of electricity you use. It comes out every three months. If you like, however, I can add it to your bill if you do direct withdrawal, but some people don't like that, so the choice is yours. Other than the games room and laundry room that isn't included in the fee is horseback riding. I haven't fully settled on a price for that, but I'm thinking only a buck an hour, just to help offset the feed and pay for vet bills and whatnot. I actually have all this and the rest of the rules on a printout that you get when you sign up for the annual lease.”

“Okay, that all sounds more than fair, and we might just have to do it. We'll spend the next four days and go from there.”

“Ah, your boys must be home schooled as well?”

“Yeah, issues at school for our eldest, so we pulled him, and we just did the same for his little brother.”

“It's so sad really. Clearly my brats are being home schooled as well, but that's because we live so far out. With their medical conditions though, it's really for the best, this way they don't get teased any more. One's adopted by me, one's my nephew who lives with me, and the other lives with his dad here, he's my vet in fact. All of them are the same though.”

“Oh, what sorta medical issues, I'm a doctor?”

“Serious lack of bladder control at night and moderate during the day. I myself suffer from serious for both though.”

“Ah, same for mine then.”

“I thought I noticed a hint of a diaper bulge, but then, if you're used to seeing it, then you probably already noticed it on mine as well.”

“I did, hence the reason I asked.”

“Then you might be happy to hear I always keep diapers in stock in the store as well.”

“We always have lots, obviously, but that'll come in handy if, for whatever reason, we don't have enough.”

“So, it's thirty a night, I can come back and collect later if you're not ready yet, and if you need anything, you just come on up the house. If I'm not around, you just press the call button and one of us'll come and help out. All the ranch services are open from eight 'til eight, but the store doesn't actually have open times right now, so just call if you need anything.”

“I'll pay for three nights right now. If we decide to sign on for the lease, then we'll work the rest out later.”

“Okay.” Hunter said. He took out his receipt book and wrote out the receipt as he was getting the cash. They traded a few moments later.

“Well, thank you very much, I hope you enjoy your stay, and call if you need anything.”

“Thanks, we will.”

Hunter and the boys excused themselves and headed back toward the house.

“Can you show us the bike area please?” Harley asked.

“Sure, come on. Just make sure that if you go, you always let me know, and be very careful crossing the road. The cars go very fast along this stretch, and they stop for nothing I swear.”


Hunter led them down the driveway, telling them that they have to walk their bikes across the cattle guard, and then across the road. He then led them down that driveway, and it opened up into what was the quarry for their ranch, but is mostly flat now and set up for biking. There are hills to ride and lots of area.

“Wow, this is really cool. All we need are some fences and whatnot and it'd look like an awesome BMX track.” Carson said.

“I know, that's what I asked them to do with it once they were done with everything. We can still get sand and gravel from here, if we ever need it, but I wanted this for you and for the guests. There's hiking trails that lead from here as well and go up the hill. They're all really nice, and one of these days we'll really have to head up each one and make sure that they fared well since the last time I was up them and make sure they don't need any work.”

“Cool.” All the boys said.

They rode around on the track for almost an hour, before heading back to the house to get a drink and rest. Just as they were rolling up, the elder of the boys was heading there as well.

“Um, hi, I was wondering if I could get some stuff from the store?”

“Sure. Carson, why don't you and Harley go ahead and help him. The price on the sticker's the price he pays.”

“Okay Uncle Hunter.” Carson said, and took the keys that Hunter is passing to him.

The three of them headed inside, while Hunter and Teddy got the bikes stored and locked.

“So, what do you need?” Carson asked.

“Well, my dad told me that since I forgot my diapers, that I got to come and ask to buy some?” He said, blushing a bit.

“Okay, cool. You're the same size as we are, so you'll definitely fit our diapers, we keep those ones behind the counter though. So, how many do you want, they sell for two dollars each?”

“My dad gave me a twenty, so just give me that many please?”

“Okay, so ten it is then. So, how come you wear diapers?”

“Pee my pants lots during the day and every night.”

“Same here. Not as many daytime accidents, but more than enough that I finally just said to heck with it and now I wear all day.” Carson said.

“I'm just a diaper lover, I just love wearing them.” Harley grinned.

“Yeah, well so am I.” Carson said.

“Me too actually. Even if I could pee in the toilet, I wouldn't, not any more.” The boy smiled brightly.

“Same.” Both boys said.

“Well, here you go, these are the best diapers, so I hope you enjoy them.”

“Absolutely, I usually wear Goodnites during the day, but these look like the same as I wear for night.”

“Ah, get rid of the fake useless diapers I say, and just use these, way better.” Harley laughed.

“Yeah, I might soon too.” He grinned.

“Good. So, what kinda diapers does your brother wear?”

“Pampers to bed and Pullups for the day, but I think he loves his diapers as much as I do.”

“Nice. And do you two play together at night when you're just in your thick thirsty baby diapers?”

“Um, no.” He blushed, clearly understanding what Carson was asking him.

“Shame, he's cute, but I can't tell if he's gay yet or not, but you I definitely think are.”

“Yeah, but I think you two are as well.”

“Yeah, we're baby boyfriends.”

“Wicked. I wish I had a boyfriend.”

“You will soon enough, don't worry. Well, you should probably go get your diapers back.”

“Okay, thanks. Just a secret though, I do have diapers, but I heard your uncle tell my dad that he had diapers, and that you all wore diapers, so I hid mine and told my dad that I musta forgotten to pack mine. I wanted to come talk to you guys.”

“Cool. You could've anyway, but this way you now get even better diapers for daytime.” Harley grinned.

“Yeah, because these were the only ones you had.”

“Yeah, we have Goodnites, only 'cause we really have to, but you never saw them, just asked for diapers, and this is what we gave you, right.”

“Well, that's the truth.” He giggled.

“Yes it is. Well, have a good day and enjoy your stay.”

“I will, this place is amazing, and our site's the nicest we've ever stayed in. We camp a lot, especially after school's in.”

“Good, then you'll probably be back before too long.”

“Yeah, my dad's seriously thinking about buying the lot we're in.”


“Well, see you guys later for sure.”


He walked away, and as soon as he was gone, Harley turned to Carson and said, “I'd so totally fuck him, wouldn't you?”

“Oh yeah, I wouldn't mind having some fun with him either, that's for sure. He's almost as cute as you are.”

“I was thinking he was almost as cute as you are.”

“Yeah, wonder if he asks before they leave?”

“Wouldn't be surprised if he does.” He said, and they locked up the store and headed to find Hunter and Teddy.

They handed Hunter the twenty dollar bill and told him that the boy bought diapers, then told him the rest of their conversation, and Hunter laughed when both boys admitted that they would very much like to get him into bed.

“That's nice boys, but you can't be taking every cute boy you meet to bed with you. Carson, I know you know all about disease and whatnot, but it's also not good for the relationship. You boys are boyfriends, if I'm not mistaken, so you have to be careful with doing that sorta thing. Of course, having fun with others can be a great deal of fun, and if you both agree to it wholeheartedly, then it has to be up to you, no one can ever say anything about it.”

“Oh, I never thought of it that way.” Carson said.

Harley had a confused look on his face, so Hunter explained what all he meant about that. Teddy had wondered a bit, but he felt that he agreed with Hunter, because now that he and Hunter are together, he does not even have the urge to play with Carson and Harley any more.

“So, what should we do now boys?”

“I'm kinda getting tired, could we just sit back and watch a movie?” Teddy asked.

“Of course my little Teddy Bear.”

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly at that.

For the rest of the day, they all sat around in nothing but their diapers, for they had stripped almost as soon as they had walked in the house, and Andrew joined them when he got there. They all made and ate dinner together, and then Andrew, Harley and Carson headed down to their cabin for the night.

During the evening, Andrew told the others all about his appointment, but there was really not lots to tell, but he hoped that it would work out in the end, because if it did not, then it would be a pain in the back end.

Teddy and Hunter went to bed at their regular time, and this time Hunter wanted Teddy to make love to him again, so he did, and they both had an amazing time. They diapered each other up nice and thickly, then fell fast asleep. Harley and Carson made love to each other once each, through their diapers, and then they too diapered each other and fell fast asleep. Andrew used his toys, then fell fast asleep.