As an adult as I think back on what I consider the best years of my life, my teenage years. I often think of the best two years of my life when I had a sexual relationship with a man twice my age. If you find that a sexual relationship between a teen boy and an adult is wrong, molestation, or whatever you want to call it then don't read this story. I truly enjoy hearing comments from readers. That is except for those who feel they have to lecture me on right and wrong. If you care to write me I would enjoy your comments. If you have had similar experiences I would enjoy you sharing them with me as well. I always answer all mails.

"My Trainer"

This entire story is Completely True.

When I was 14 years old we moved from the farm out in the country in Michigan to the small town that I was born in which was only about three miles away. Now that I lived in town I felt like I was somebody important. Now we had next door neighbors instead of the next farm. I could go downtown and walk through the stores and buy some stuff with the change I had saved up.

After living in town for about six months school let out for summer vacation. During the last month of school I noticed an old beat up bicycle leaned up against the wall of the school house. It seemed that it was abandoned and looked like something that should be taken to the dump. I kept an eye on the bike because I never had one. I did not even know how to ride one. A couple weeks after summer vacation started I decided to bring the bicycle home, fix it up and learn how to ride it. Within a couple of weeks I had enough parts to have the bike running like new. I quickly mastered how to ride it.

Now I felt really grown up. Not only did I live in town but I had my very first bike. I rode my bike around town and explored more and more of the streets and stores that I would not have been able to do on foot. By the middle of summer I turned 15 and had been in and out of every store in town.

On a side street was a farmers market where I went to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. One day as I passed by on my bike again I noticed that the farmers market had been turned into a used furniture store. Since this was something new I had to go in and check the place out. A man around 30 years old was in the store and he was very friendly. I told him that I would just like to look around and he said "go ahead and take your time". I had always dreamed of having my own place with my own furniture. I was day dreaming as I was walking around the store. He probably thought that a 15 year old boy was not out looking to buy used furniture but at the time I did not have any other thoughts on my mind. He appeared to be a very kind man and was sitting on a chair in a row of used chairs. He spread a warmness around me that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I sat down in a chair next to him and we talked for a while.

About a week later as I was riding past the store on my bike I stopped, went in and told him that I was just looking to see if he had anything new. Again we sat next to each other and talked and I enjoyed his company. For the next month I visited the store a couple of times a week and we just sat and talked and enjoyed each other's company. He told me that he was not married but had a girlfriend and was planning to marry in about a year or so.

One day I stopped by just as Art was about to close the store and he told me that he had a trailer load of furniture he had to deliver. I went out behind the store with him where he had a very big beautiful white Buick with a big trailer hooked up to it. It was loaded with furniture. Art asked me if I had some extra time and if I would like to earn some extra money by helping him deliver the furniture. Immediately I was excited to earn some money so I could fix up my bike. Art drove off with me sitting next to him. Not very far away he pulled up to a house and we unloaded all the furniture.

We were back in the car and I thought we were heading back to the store. Art asked me if I had ever driven a car before. I told him only a tractor but when I turn 16 I would learn how to drive and get my drivers license. Art asked me if I would like to drive his car. I got so excited that my heart was pounding just thinking of sitting behind the wheel of such a big beautiful car.

Art drove out of town to a rural area where there was no traffic on a dirt road and pulled over. He asked me if I was ready to drive. I told Art that I could hardly wait and started to open my car door. Art told me not to open the car door because someone may see us changing places. So no one would see us Art told me he would slide over to my seat and I should slide over to the drivers seat. Little did I know that Art had a well thought out plan to seduce this 15 year old horny teenage cock boy. Art told me to go over the top and he would slide over under me. At the very spot that I was directly on top of Art's lap he lowered his hands to my crotch area and started to unfasten my pants. Having had other teenage boys hands inside my pants was nothing new to me but having my cock fondled by a man somehow felt very good.

As I was sliding into the drivers seat of Art's car he slid into the passenger seat. He continued to open my pants and very quickly had my teenage boy cock in his hand playing with my teen dick that was quickly getting very hard. All the time Art was getting to my boy hood he was explaining to me how to start the car, put it in gear and how to drive. He kept my mind busy with my excitement of driving a car for the first time while he sexplored my boy cock. I could tell that Art had this well planned out but I felt that since he was allowing me to drive his car I should at least let him play with my cock. Besides being a teenager with boiling hormones I was always horny and it seems my cock never got enough jacking off. I was truly enjoying how Art was stroking my teenage cock with his warm soft hand and I felt so good driving a car and getting my cock jacked off at the same time.

My boy cock was rock hard and Art told me that he thought I had a very nice uncut dick and it was quite big for my age and he really liked my cock. Art told me that from the first time our eyes met he had craved of having my cock and knew that someday his dream would come true. Arts hands were very skilled on the talents of taking care of a boys cock. He knew exactly what to do to make me feel good. His hands on my cock felt so very wonderful that I had wished he would jack me for hours. I was willing to let Art do whatever he wanted to do with me. I really felt proud. Very soon my cock was jerking and I started to shoot my load of boy juice. Art quickly had a tissue and cleaned my cock up and told me to pull over because it was getting late and he had better get us back.

A couple of days later I visited Art's store again. He told me he had some more furniture to deliver that evening and asked if I had time. He told me to come back around closing time. I arrived back at the store right at closing time and as soon as I was in the store Art locked the door and wrapped me in his arms and gave me a big tongue kiss. I had never been kissed by a man and definitely not a tongue kiss. I did not know what to do about being kissed. This was all so new and strange to me. At the same time I wanted Art to play with my cock again because he made me feel so good.

My wish quickly came true as Art led me to a pile of mattresses got undressed, lay down on the mattress and told me to get undressed and join him. I could not take my eyes off Art's manly cut cock. He could see that I was staring at his crotch so he got into a position with his legs spread apart so that I had a very good view of his entire crotch. I had only seen boy cocks so I was excited to see what a mans cock looked like. I wanted to take Art's cock in my hand. As I stared at Art's cock all I could think about was that I wanted to taste Art's cock in my mouth and suck on it. I was still standing and staring at Art's beautiful man cock when Art said, "Ron come on take your clothes off and join me on the bed". I came to my senses and acting like a shy teenage boy I took off my clothes and started to get onto the bed. As I did Art told me that he wanted us in a 69 position. I had never heard about a 69 position and Art immediately saw that I was confused so he told me to lie down facing him with my head at his feet.

I laid down and Art quickly got into position with his head at my crotch with my head ending up directly in front of Art's soft cock. My cock was not hard yet because all this was new to me and I was shy and uncertain as to what Art had planned for me. At the same time I was excited to have Art playing with my boy cock again. Art took my teenage cock in his hand and massaged my uncut velvet foreskin between his fingers. His soft touch felt so wonderful that my cock quickly got hard like a wooden stick. Then I felt something warm and wet on my cock that I had never felt before. As I looked down to see what it was I discovered that Art had sucked my cock into his mouth and was busy licking my cock and sucking almost all of my rock hard boy pole. This was something I had never felt before. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. It felt so good that I was afraid to move for fear that Art would stop sucking my cock.

I took my eyes off Art's artful sucking of my cock and directly in front of my lips was Art's beautiful cut cock. Art's cock was semi hard and his intoxicating manly scent led me to explore his manly cock. Art's cock was not as big as mine and now I knew why he thought my cock was big. I was only half his age and had already outgrown his cock size. This made me feel very proud of my boy pole. I was now more relaxed and wanted Art to enjoy every bit of my boyhood and make me feel good again.

I took Art's cock in my hand and pumped it in a jacking motion a couple of times. I saw a drop of clear pearly liquid had cum out of his piss hole. As I reached the tip of his cock head I ran my finger across his piss hole to feel the clear liquid. It felt smooth and made it much easier for me to play with his lollipop cock head. Art was now busy eating my cock as if he had an ice cream cone that would not melt. Art's mastery of cock sucking made my cock and my whole body feel so very wonderful.

I could sense that I would soon explode with my load of boy juice. Art made me so excited. I was quickly approaching the point of no return. I brought my mouth to his mushroom cock head and took his rock hard cock inside my mouth so I could suck and taste him. As soon as Art's cock touched my tongue I could taste his precum. It tasted absolutely delicious that I wanted more. His precum tasted so sweet yet manly. Something I had never tasted before. This caused me to pump, lick and suck Art's cock desperately trying to get his manpole to feed me more of his sweet juice.

I could feel that my cock was about to shoot a strand of cum. I thought that Art would take my cock out of his mouth and finish me off with his hand. I never knew that a guy would eat another guys cum. Art must have felt my cock jerk because instead of taking it out he sucked my cock more intensively. Art moved to the very tip of my cock where he had pulled my foreskin all the way back. He was madly sucking and licking the sensitive underside of my cock head. He was running the tip of his hot wet tongue back and forth on my piss hole and sucking really hard on my hole. He was spreading my tiny cock cunt open and licking up my precum up as fast as I could offer it to him. My entire body jerked and I thought I had jerked my cock away from Art.

He had a good hold on my cock and was madly sucking my piss hole as I was ejaculating strand after strand of hot creamy boy juice inside his mouth. Art kept licking on my cock and sucking very hard on my piss hole. My cock kept dispensing load after load of delicious boy cream directly into Art's mouth.

Art was sucking so hard on my cock that all the way down inside my balls I could feel his sucking draining my cum strands. At first I felt like I was pissing in Art's mouth but I realized that I had given him such a big load of cum it made my cock feel like I was pissing. Art was driving me absolutely crazy with his cock sucking. My orgasm was very intense over my entire body. I felt so very wonderful. I lost track of everything else. At one point I actually thought I was going to faint.

Art must have fallen in love with my boy juice because he would not stop his sucking. Finally after my entire body felt like it was drained of all it's liquids my cock started to go limp. Art slowed his wonderful cock sucking action down to licking and washing my entire cock head with his warm wet tongue making sure that he ate every drop of my sweet boy cream.

I had lost track of what I was doing with Art's cock inside my mouth. I must have sucked him as good as he did me and ate his cum as well. All I know is that when I came to my senses Art's limp cock was still in my mouth and I could taste his sweet man juice on my tongue. I felt so good that I cannot find words to explain it.

Finally Art let my cock out of his mouth and sat up and I did the same. He immediately grabbed me, pulled me toward him, gave me a big long hug and a tongue kiss. As he slipped his cum covered tongue inside my mouth I could taste my very own sweet teenage cum coming off his tongue onto mine. I now had the mixture of his cum and my cum on my tongue. I had never tasted cum before but this new juice tasted so manly and I was enjoying it.

We got dressed and went about our furniture delivery. From that day on I made a point to meet Art at least three times a week. Each time he would suck my cock just like he did the very first time. It felt so very wonderful that it seemed like I could not get enough of his cock sucking.

About one year later Art got married and moved into the small apartment above the store. The marriage had no affect on our love making, we would still enjoy our wonderful cock sucking on the pile of mattresses in the store while his wife was upstairs watching TV. Our relationship lasted until I was 17 years old and I moved away.

I will never forget how well Art taught me to enjoy a man's cock and to this day cherish every moment we were together. When I go into deep thoughts about Art I can still taste his cum on my tongue.

I have zero regrets for having an older man teach me about gay sex. He did not take advantage of me, he took care of me. To this day I still think of Art and will never forget him. If I ever had the chance to meet him again I would certainly express my appreciation for his gentle caring for me. Luv Ya Art!!

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