My Young Gymnast

By:Erastes Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people,  nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Chapter 1: The Exam

My name is Vladimir, and I'm a doctor specializing in orthopedic medicine. I work mostly in a local hospital, but also do some work on the side for athletics. Dmitri, an old friend of mine, is a coach for a youth gymnastics group and recently he asked me to examine a student of his. "His name is Kiril, and he's a very promising young man", he tells me. He tells me that Kiril has pulled his thigh muscle more than once recently, and would like for me to examine him and possibly develop a better stretching regimen for him.

"You know, Vlad", he continues, "I'd also like you to have a little talk with him. You see, he's gay, and I know that he prostitutes himself for the money, and I worry about him. Maybe, with you being gay yourself, you can help." I learn from my friend that this boy, Kiril, is not quite 13, small for his age, but extremely intelligent, having been awarded a full scholarship to the best private school in the area. He's an orphan, and is essentially neglected by his guardian, his step aunt, who is currently sick and unable to work. He lives with his cousin, who also prostitutes himself.

I agree to see the boy, and we agree on a time when I can examine him (for free) at my apartment. A couple days later, at the time agreed upon, Kiril rings my doorbell, and I open the door. As expected, he is small for his age, but was probably the most beautiful boy I've ever seen. His hair is light blond, his eyes are brown, and he has a great smile. He's wearing a yellow T-shirt, cargo shorts, and white sneakers. He has an athletic bag over his shoulder. "Hi, my name is Kiril", he says, "you must be doctor...."

Oh, just call me Vlad", I interrupt, adding, "come inside". I usher him in, and take his bag. "Are you really 12?”, I ask him. He pulls out his identity card, and I can see that, yes, he is actually 12, and is in fact only a couple months shy of 13. “Many people think I’m 8 or 9”, he says to me, but adds “but I am really 12.”

"Well, you look healthy, and you will eventually grow taller", I assure him. I show him over to my private office, and have him sit down on the padded exam table. We talk a bit about gymnastics. I ask him about what gymnastic events he does best in. “Well, I do balance beam, horse, and floor exercises”, he says. I ask him if he does any rings or uneven bars. “Yes, but I'm not very good on them yet”, he replies, “My coach says I need to develop my upper body more, first”.

We talk a bit more about gymnastics, then I change the subject. "You know, your coach is a bit worried that you might be taking too many chances", I tell him. I also assure him that anything we discuss will be held in the strictest confidence.

"You mean about how I make money?", he asks. I nod my head, and he continues; "Well, I make a lot of money having sex with men, but I don't do it any more than I have to. Besides, I actually like doing it, most of the time." I ask him if he also has sex with boys closer to his age, and he tells me that he does occasionally, but adds, "I like sex with men better-they know how to please me more, and they always seem more grateful for it."

I question him a bit more, and he assures me that he always uses condoms, and that there is always somebody who knows who he's with and where he is at. He seems very confident about his sexuality. I then ask him about his stretching regimen, and get some specifics about his recent muscular strain.

"Well, let me examine you. Please remove your shirt", I ask him. He does so, uncovering an incredibly well defied chest. He notices my admiration of his physique, and smirks a bit. I have him stand up, and check his heartbeat with my stethoscope. "Very nice", I comment, as I press down on his sternum with the end of my scope. Kiril smiles, and says "I'm glad you like it". I feel his smooth pectorals with my hand. They are hairless, save for a very light 'peach fuzz', and while not terribly bulky, they are quite developed. "You know, son, you already have a very admirable amount of upper body development here. All you need to do is keep at the exercises and eat properly", I tell him.

Finding everything with his chest in order, I then feel the muscles around his shoulders. I ask him to turn around, and I check out his back muscles, as well as checking for any spinal curvature. Kiril softly moans with pleasure as I run my hand across his back, then around to his hips. "Everything here feels great", I tell him. "OK, if you would remove your shorts now", I add.

I turn around to re-adjust my erection inside my pants, to keep it from showing. When I turn back, I almost gasp at what I see. Expecting to see Kiril standing in his underwear, I'm surprised to see him standing completely naked, with his long, hairless penis already about half erect, straining at his thin, tight foreskin. "I..I wasn't wearing any underwear", Kiril blurts out, adding, "Don't worry, you can check me out naked. I'm not shy." I scan his nearly perfect body: his 6-pack abdomen, the "V" running down to his pubic region, his round, taught testicles, and then, that perfect, long, hairless penis. He smiles at me, then says “Do you like it?”, as he pulls his foreskin all the way back. I stare at his beautiful penis, not sure what to say next. He comes over to the chair next to where I’m standing, climbs up on it, standing on the seat, and looks me in the eyes. “You can touch me if you want. Id like that”, he says, as he places his hands on my shoulders.

I reach my hand out and touch his hard, slender penis. I run my finger down the underside of the firm shaft, then across his smooth balls. "Well, you seem to be adequately developed here", I tell him, cupping his testicles in my right hand. Kiril smiles, then says "Yeah, it's the only part of my body that's maybe even large for my age. I'm glad you like it." I reach my hands around him, and pick him up by his butt, then place him on the exam table. "Well, let's finish checking out your little problem", I say, trying to act at least a bit professional.

Kiril spreads his legs apart, leaving his nearly erect penis curving up into the air. "It's right about here", he says, placing his hand on his inner thigh muscle. Swallowing hard, I place my hand on his muscle, and stroke it gently, up and down the leg. all the way up to his crotch, just grazing his smooth, round balls. Not feeling any knotting on the muscle, I suggest giving him a quick massage, before continuing any further.

I instruct Kiril to straddle the table, hanging his feet off either end. I then straddle the table right behind him, and reach around to massage his inner thigh muscles, as I instruct him to spread his legs ever further apart. As I do so, his penis becomes fully erect, and he leans his head back against my chest, in ecstasy.

I gently slide my fingers over his smooth, taught testicles. “You are almost 13, and no hair yet?”, I ask him. He smiles and says “Well, I’ve pulled a few hairs off my balls in the last month, so I guess I’ll be growing pubic hair soon. I hope I’ll grow taller and stronger.” I move my nose closer to his head, and inhale the smell of a freshly cleaned boy; a faint smell of soap and shampoo. "You should let the hair on your body grow, you know", I say softly, "I think you'd look better with a bit of hair there". I start massaging his shoulders and upper arms, then continue down his back and sides, marveling at how firm and lean his body is.

Next, I dismount the table, and ask Kiril to lay down on his chest, so that I can massage his back. “Hey, its warm-maybe you should take your shirt off”, Kiril says, adding, “Its only fair, since I’m not wearing anything myself”. As I remove my shirt, Kiril watches me intently. “Nice”, he says, admiring my bare chest. "Now, take off the rest", he commands. Nervously, I unbuckle my pants, drop them to the floor, then remove my under shorts, all under the watchful gaze of this beautiful blond boy. Kiril chuckles, "I knew you were hard!"

Kiril raises his left hand and wraps it around my erection, sliding my foreskin back. “You have a very nice penis”, he says, as he moves his hand to caress my balls. "Maybe, we could continue the massage on your bed?", he asks, looking at me with pleading eyes. He stands up, and I show him the way to my bedroom. Reaching the bed, he jumps on it, laying face-down on the covers.

I straddle his firm, lithe body with my knees, then start to work some massage oil onto his upper back, then slowly down his back, until I knead his firm butt cheeks. Spreading them apart, I can see his clean, pink little anus. Massaging his crotch, I can see he's that he's enjoying the massage as much as I am. He stretches his arms up, and I lean forward to nibble his ear.

Kiril replies in barely more than a whisper, “I can feel your penis on my butt. Id really like to feel it inside me.” I sit up, and have Kiril roll over onto his back. I bend myself down and run my tongue along the bottom of his penis, from the tip down to his balls. Circling his balls with my tongue, I gently suck one, then both into my mouth, causing Kiril to softly moan with pleasure. After a bit more tongue play on his balls, I have him lift his legs into the air, and slowly run my tongue down his crotch, then circle his little pink anus. “OH…that feels good!”, he coos, as my tongue stimulates his hole. I rim my tongue around his pink hole a few times, with my nose buried in his smooth, hairless balls. Finally, I put his legs down, then go to suck his penis properly. First, I run my tongue under his foreskin, retract it, then stimulate his frenulum, before taking his hard, slender member completely in my mouth. I suck him for a couple of minutes, causing him to moan with pleasure. “Oh, Vlad, please fuck me!”, he blurts out.


I stop sucking him, and tell him “I wish I could, but I don’t have any condoms.” Kiril then quickly rises, saying “I do!”. He jogs out from the bedroom into the front room, his oiled body glistening, and grabs his athletic bag. He runs back in, his hard dick bouncing as he strides, then jumps onto the bed next to me.


I lie down on my back, and say to him “I’m afraid that you’re so small I might hurt you with my penis”. Kiril wraps his hand around it, and says “No, I’ve had bigger inside me without a problem.” He then bends his head down, and takes my entire penis in his mouth. As he bobs up and down on my dick, I can see he is straining to do a good job, considering the small size of his mouth. Still, he manages to keep his teeth from causing too much of a problem.


He finishes sucking me, then pulls out a small towel, and a tube of lube from his bag. Handing me the lube, he says to me “Here-lube my hole up first, then we can fuck”. He turns his butt towards me, and bends over. I put a bit of lube on my finger, then slowly insert it into his hot, tight hole. I manage to slide it in all the way, then remove it. I add some more lube, then slide 2 fingers in together, and hold them inside. In a few seconds, I can feel his sphincter relax. “OK. I’m loose now”, he says, pulling himself away from my fingers. I wipe them off on the towel, and he turns around, straddling me, with a condom in his hand. He unrolls it on my throbbing erection, then covers it with lube. Finally, he positions himself over my erection, and slowly lowers his body onto my penis.


He closes his eyes as he slowly impales himself on my hard staff, stopping then continuing, until he has it completely inside himself. He gently bites his lower lip, and I ask "Are you feeling any pain?"  He responds softly, "No, it's fine, just let me loosen a bit more". His hole is tight and warm, and throughout the entire process, he has retained his own erection. As he rests on my penis, I slowly masturbate him, sliding his thin foreskin up and down his pink glans. As I do so, he starts raising and lowering himself on my rod, squeezing a bit with his sphincter on the down strokes. He opens his eyes, and smiles. I can tell he’s getting close to orgasm, as am I.


“You say you’ve been plucking hairs from your balls”, I ask him continuing, “Does that mean you can cum yet?” He looks down at his rigid penis, and replies “Well, I can dribble a little, but I cant shoot yet.” Then he adds “I’m pretty close.”


He closes his eyes again, and bites his lower lip. I stroke him a few more times, then he stops his motion, and I remove my fingers from his thin erection. “OOOH!”, he says, as his penis twitches, aiming nearly vertical, and I can fell him pulse deep within his bowels as a small drop of semen pumps out his piss hole, then another. I stroke his smooth balls as the pearly drops of his seed travel down the length of his penis, reaching my finger. I bring the finger to my lips, and taste the sweet-salty boy semen on my tongue.


He opens his eyes and smiles. “That was nice”, he exclaims as he lifts his butt off my penis, “Now, I want to see you cum.” He pulls the condom off my hard dick, then sits with his thin erection right up against mine, and wraps his hands around both, stroking them together. In less than a minute, I’m ready to shoot. Kiril aims both penises so that when I shoot my first volley upward, it hits his chest, then his chin, with each successive shot hitting him lower on his abdomen. He continues to slowly slide his hands over our now semen covered dicks until I have spent my load. Then he bends over, his chest to mine, with our deflating penises between, and he kisses me on the lips.


He wraps his hands around my chest, and I place my hands on his firm little buttocks. We embrace like this for several minutes, our bodies stuck together, with me stroking the firm body of this very beautiful boy. Finally, Kiril speaks: “I really liked this. I hope we can do this again. How about you?” Kiril turns to look me in the eye, almost pleadingly. “Oh, Kiril, you are so beautiful and nice. Yes, Id like to see you again.” Kiril kisses me again, then says “Thanks.” We pull apart, the semen on our chests sticking like paste. “Wow, it looks like we both need a shower!”, he exclaims, adding “lets take one together”.


I lead him to the shower, both of us fitting in the stall, Kiril standing on the plastic stool, putting him to just about eye level with me. He has me soap him all over his firm, nubile body, and his erection returns. I carefully wash under his foreskin, then gently around his recently stretched anus. “Is everything OK back here?”, I ask, as I gently stroke his sphincter. “Yes, I’m fine.”, he replies, adding "I've had bigger dicks up there before, you know." I then rinse us both off, and Kiril kisses me on the lips once again.

I then place my hands on Krill's firm buttocks, lifting him up against my chest. He wraps his legs around me, and I carry him outside of the shower to dry off. I place him on the ground and give him a fluffy white towel. Kiril starts by vigorously drying his blond hair, causing his now mostly deflated penis to slap side-to-side against his thighs. I dry myself off as well, then Kiril drops his towel, turns his back to me, and asks “Can you dry my back off?”


I carefully dry his entire backside, including all around his buttocks and thighs. I get down on my knees, and ask him to turn around. He does so, and I grasp his now hardening penis with 2 fingers, and retract his tight foreskin. Carefully, I dry his glans with the towel. “Ooh, that tickles”, Kiril giggles, as his penis once again becomes fully erect. I finish, and release my grasp on his penis, but his foreskin stays retracted.

"OK, let's get back to your thigh muscles", I tell him. I explain a stretching technique I'd like him to try, and suggest that it would be easier to do while naked, without any clothing to restrict motion. I ask him to bend over, put his palms on the floor, then, keeping his back as horizontal as possible, to spread his legs further and further apart, knees locked. He follows my instructions, and practices this technique right there in the bathroom.

"Is this good?", he asks. I get down on my hands and knees behind his butt, and look under his spread legs. I run my fingers along his inner thigh muscles, then up his hairless balls, and up his fully exposed crotch. "Looks good, very good", I say, admiring his smooth testicles. "See if you can spread them a bit more each day, and hold this position for at least a minute", I tell him.

"How does my bung hole look?", he asks me, adding, "Does it look swollen?" I look closely at his freshly cleaned anus. "Well, it's a little red, but not swollen. I'm sure we used enough lube to prevent any injury", I tell him. Finally, checking the clock, I tell him, "Well, that's long enough-you can get up now". He stands up, then walks over to me, his still erect penis right in front of my face. He puts his hands on my shoulder, then says to me, "Thanks, Vlad-that was really nice".  I stand up, and embrace his body against my own.


Well, kid, I have an appointment to get to", I inform him, "So, I guess it's time for us to get dressed." Kiril grabs for his T-shirt, and puts it on, the hem resting on his erection. “Guess I’ll have to wait a few minutes for it to go down”, he says, as he jumps onto the bed. We talk a bit, and agree to meet again. I tell him the location of the café I often eat lunch at, and ask if he would like to join me for lunch someday. “Sure, Id like to see you again. In fact, I hope we see a lot more of each other”, he tells me.

More to  come later.

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