My Young Gymnast:


Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people,  nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Chapter 2:

After Practice:

It's been several days since I met Kiril, and he's been in my thoughts almost non-stop since. I'm sitting at the cafe near my apartment (the one I told Kiril that I frequented), sipping a glass of tea in the shade. I'm daydreaming about my encounter with the boy, remembering the sweet, fresh smell of his hair and body, the fine blond peach fuzz on his taught, muscular body, his brown eyes, his smile, and yes, his long, thin penis.

Suddenly, I hear a boy's voice, saying "Hey, Dr. Vlad!". My daydream interrupted, I turn left to see my young gymnast, Kiril, standing there, smiling. He's wearing a soccer shirt (one of those polyester ones, with a collar), and shorts which leave his thighs mostly exposed. At the bottom of his long, sinewy legs are a pair of white sneakers, worn without socks. Over his shoulder is his athletic bag.

"I looked for you here a couple of days ago", he informs me, "but you weren't here." He sits down on the chair next to me.

"Um, yeah, I was working late the last couple of days", I say, then ask, "How have you been?"

"Oh, pretty good. I've just come from gymnastics practice", he says. "In fact, I was wondering if you could give me another massage this afternoon?" He smiles at me, then adds, "You look pretty hot all dressed up like that."

I'm wearing a pair of slacks, a button-down shirt, and a sport coat. "Oh, this is the way I usually dress for work. I haven't been home yet", I tell him. "How much time do you have this afternoon?"

"Oh, I have at least an hour, maybe 2, but I have to warn you, I haven't showered yet", he says. "Maybe we can shower over at your place?" I finish my tea, and tell him that sounds like a good idea, so we stand up and leave the cafe.

He walks next to me on the walk over to my apartment, and tells me that the stretching seems to be helping. Then, he calls his cousin to let him know that he might be arriving home late. We walk up the stairs to my flat, and I open the door, letting him in. As soon as I close the door, he drops his bag and jumps up onto me, clinging onto my shoulders. Kissing me on the lips, he says, "Oh, Vlad, I've been thinking about you every day. I even jacked off thinking about you."

I gently lower him down, and tell him "Yes, so have I. You know, Kiril, until I met you, I wouldn't think that I could desire a boy as young as you. I.....I just can't explain it." Kiril kicks his sneakers off, and I remove my sport coat. "Well, let's take a bath together instead of a shower. How does that sound?", I ask him. He nods his head in agreement, and we head to the bathroom.

I start running the water, then remove my shirt. Kiril is standing there, still dressed, and asks me, "Could you undress me, Vlad?" I walk over to him, and put my hands either side of his chest. He lifts his arms up, allowing me to pull his shirt off, uncovering his chiseled torso. Then, turning him around and dropping to my knees, I reach around and slip my fingers under the waistband of his shorts. "I see you're wearing underwear today?", I ask him, as I gently stroke his already stiff penis, sliding his taught foreskin back.

"Yeah, my coach told me a year or more ago to always wear them at practice. One day, my penis kept falling out of my leg opening", re responds. I slip his shorts and underwear down in one motion, causing his stiff, thin pole to bounce upward upon being freed. I slide them to the floor, and he steps out of them.

I stand up, and Kiril grasps my belt with both hands, unbuckling it. "Kinda hard to do this backwards", he mutters, as he fumbles with the button on my waistband. Finally unbuttoning me, he slides the zipper down, letting my pants fall to the floor. Standing close to me with one hand on either side of my briefs, he slides them downward, causing my throbbing erection to graze his stomach as it springs upward. Once I've kicked my clothing off, he runs his fingers along the bottom of my erect penis.

I see that the tub is nearly full, so I stop the water and enter the tub. Kiril also enters the water, then straddles me and sits down on top of my penis. He looks at me, then says, "I hope you don't mind if we don't fuck today-me and my cousin  both serviced a client last night, and my hole is still a bit sore."

"Hey, you know I'm a doctor-let me check it out for you", I tell him, as I feel up his rigid little member. "And, no, I don't have to stick my dick up your butt today." Kiril smiles, and replies, "Let me clean my hole first, before you check it out". He stands up, picks up a bar of soap, lathers his hands, then washes around behind himself, all while his penis is right in front of my face, bouncing around.  Finishing, he sits down in the water, stands up again, and turns around.

I ask him to lower his butt closer, so that I can observe his sphincter. It's a bit red around the anal opening, but there is no swelling. I run my finger over the red ring, and ask him, "Does that hurt?" He responds, "No." I next lather my index finger with a bit of soap, and slowly insert it into his warm, tight hole. "How about now-any pain?", I ask. "Umm, just a little, but on the surface, more like a slight burning", he says. I can feel no ruptures or swelling, so I remove my finger from his anus, rinse it off in the water, then run it along the line running down his crotch and his testicles. I tell him that I'll give him a little cream for the discomfort, and tell him to not put anything up his butt hole for a few days.

Next, I have him sit down on me, facing his back towards me, so that I can massage his shoulders. "So, tell me about last night, Kiril", I ask, as I gently knead his muscles. I can feel his body relaxing as he begins his story.

"Well, this guy was German, a regular if Gavrel, my cousin. He wanted to do 2 boys at once, but really likes sucking Gav's penis, so he sucked him while he fucked me. He was going really slow and steady on Gavrel, but I think he pounded me a bit too much. I came well before either of them did, and he was surprised to see that I had a little semen on my dick afterwards. He paid us both $500", he tells me, adding, "He was pretty big, too."

I ask him about his best customers, what they are like, and so forth. "Well, there's Nigel, from Britain, who is really nice and gentle with me. His penis isn't very big, either, and he always pays well. He even wanted to adopt me, but I told him that I wanted to remain a Russian. He likes that I speak English fairly well, too."  He continues, "And there's  Jacques, from Belgium. He's got a big dick, but he's always very careful about putting it inside me."

My penis is now fully erect, and pressing against Kiril's balls. It's actually becoming uncomfortable, so I ask him to stand up in the tub and face me. He complies, I pick up the soap, and start to lather Kiril's hard boyhood, paying special attention to cleaning under his foreskin, and his glans. Then, I stand on my knees, and Kiril does the same for my erect penis. We both rinse, get out of the tub, and dry each other off.

Kiril drops his towel, then runs to my bedroom, with me following quickly behind. He jumps on the bed, and lands on his back, with his legs spread. "OK, time to massage my thigh muscles", he says, trying to sound sultry. He scoots back to the pillows, and I climb onto the bed in front of him, then kiss him on the lips.

We hold the kiss for quite a long time, and Kiril even plays with my tongue. Releasing, I then turn to his chest, and suck first his left nipple, then his right nipple. He spreads his legs further apart, and his penis is sticking straight up in the air, his foreskin straining. Finally, I start massaging his thigh muscles.

"Oh, yes, doctor, that feels good!", he says, as I knead his firm muscles and watch his penis throb. Sticking my tongue out, I carefully run it along the bottom of his stiff pole, from top to bottom, then around his round, firm balls, as he writhes in  ecstasy. "Oh, Vlad, please, suck me!", he pleads. Moving up, I run my tongue under his partly retracted foreskin, then lower my moth over his long, thin rod, and close my lips around the shaft.

I slide up and down his penis, running my tongue along the bottom as I do so, burying my nose into his pubis at the bottom of each stroke, then sucking his foreskin up at the top. I break free to suck on his firm testicles, taking one, then the other ball in my mouth, while my nose rubs the bottom of his shaft. Finally, I return to his penis, and suck on it once again, this time having his penis slide between my teeth and cheeks.

When I can see that he's near climax, I return to my initial suckling technique, but add more suction, until I can feel his thin erection start to spasm. I suck as hard as I can, and feel a small pearl of Kiril's sweet semen on my tongue, as he convulses in pleasure. Finally spent, I fell his body relax, and I retract from his groin.

"Oh, Vlad, that was FANTASTIC!", he squeals with delight. He wraps his legs around me, and kisses me on the lips. "Now, let me return the favor", he whispers in my ear. We roll over, and he asks me to lay on my back. Turing around, he straddles my body with his knees, then bends over and wraps his lips around my painfully erect penis. He gets quite involved very quickly with servicing my dick, and also gives me a good view of his crotch and sore little sphincter. As he attends to my penis, I fondle his nice round balls, and his once again hard penis.

My penis is a tight fit, but he does manage to take it in fairly deep. I assume he has been practicing, because I can tell that he's taking me in past his tonsils on occasion. Finally, unable to restrain my explosion any longer, I say to him, "Kiril, I'm gonna cum!" He continues to suck just as hard on my penis, until I add, "I'm coming-get ready!", and start pumping my load. I shoot my first volley, and can hear Kiril swallow hard. At least 4 more volleys follow, and Kiril continues swallowing each drop of my semen, until there is none left in my penis. Finally spent, Kiril disconnects, and un-straddles me. Turning around, he flops down on the bed next to me and wipes his mouth with his right hand.

"Wow, kid, I didn't think you'd do that", I say to my smiling boy. Kiril takes a deep breath, and replies, "Uh, I didn't either, but it just seemed right. Wow, that was a LOT of semen!"

I ask him how it tasted. "Well, a bit salty, but good. How was mine?" I tell him that his was rather sweet, but  wished that there was more of it.

"You know, Kiril, you're on the cusp of  puberty, and in the next couple of years, your body will change quite a bit", I tell him, as I run my fingers down his abdomen, to the base of his softening penis. "You'll start growing hair here soon, you'll grow taller and more muscular, your voice will deepen, and you'll get stronger and better. I'd like to document the changes in your body through this process, if you'd allow me to."

Kiril turns towards me, and, smirking, says, "Gee, Vlad, suddenly you sound like a....a doctor!" He reaches over, and strokes my penis lightly with his left hand. "So, what do you want to do? Take pictures?", he asks.

"Well, yes, regular photos of your body, either nude or wearing shorts,", I tell him, "as well as body measurements and strength data. I'd like to do this 4 times a year, if that's OK with you."

Kiril looks up to me, then responds, "Sure, I'd like that. I don't mind if you take pictures of my body. In fact, I had a guy take a whole bunch of pictures of my body about a year ago, but he wasn't doing it for medical reasons. He sold them on the internet."

I reach up and brush the blond hair back from his face. "How graphic were they, Kiril?", I ask him.

"Well, he photographed me in a silly costume first, then nude, then bending over and showing my ass, then a few shots of me hard, and that was all", he tells me, adding, "No pictures of any sex."

"So, Kiril, does it bother you that those pictures of you are out there somewhere?", I ask him.

"Not really," he answers, "I  hope to see them again some day, in fact. And, no, I don't mind if there might be hundreds of men masturbating to them each day, either."

"Well, Kirirl, I won't be selling these, or sharing them with anybody. Maybe, someday, with your permission, they might end up in an academic book somewhere. And, if you don't want me to, I promise that I won't look at them to get off, either." I explain exactly what I'd like, and he agrees, so I walk him over to my small office.

I already have height markings against one wall, and since he's already naked, I ask him to stand up against the wall, facing me, while I get the lights and the camera ready.  I photograph him a couple of shots, then have him turn left, then face to the wall, then turn right. "OK, next I'll take a couple of close-ups", I tell him, adding "First, let me get a measurement while you're limp". I take a 30 cm ruler, and place it with the zero at the base of his still flaccid penis.  I notice that the tip of his glans just peeking out from his foreskin measures 12.7 cm. Next, I shoot  a picture  from straight ahead, and from a slight angle either side. Then, I have him retract his foreskin, without being erected, and shoot the results as well. Then, I ask him to hold his penis up against his abdomen, so that I can photograph the development of his testicles, which he does, as well.

"OK, now let's get a couple shots of you hard", I ask him, adding, "So, let's see your erection again." Kiril smiles, and starts to masturbate himself, sliding  his tight foreskin up and down over the head. Finally erect, pointing about 45° above horizontal, I put the ruler once again at the base of his dick, and photograph the results (his penis had grown to 16 cm now), with the foreskin sitting half covering his glans. I also shoot the scene from the side, then request another shot of it with the foreskin fully retracted.

Finishing with the photos, I next pull out my measuring tape, and a writing pad to put the results down on. "OK, next I'll take a complete set of body measurements", I tell him, starting by measuring his waist.

I take measurements of his waist, his back to finger, his neck, his chest, his hips, his thigh diameters, bicep diameters, and his inseam, Afterwards, I also take his weight and height measurement on my scale, and tell him that we'll need to do some strength measurements soon, down at the gym.

"Well, you're a very well developed young man, Kiril, and I'm looking forward to seeing you improve through the future", I tell him, placing my hands on his shoulders. I ask him if he'd like to spend an entire day alone with me some time soon, and his face brightens.

"Well, Vlad, I'm gonna be kinda busy for the next couple of weeks, with final exams at school, then a small competition in gymnastics right afterwards, but after that, I'm sure we can find a day that we could get off together", he tells me, smiling. "I'd love to stay longer today, but I have to meet Gavrel in about 20 minutes, so I'd better start dressing myself."

"OK, Kiril", I respond, "But let me put some cream on that sore bunghole of yours before you do." I get a small sample tube of cortisone cream from a drawer, and instruct Kiril to bend over and spread his cheeks. "Sure, anything for you, doc!", he says, mockingly. He does so, and I lower myself to my knees, in front of his pink little hole. Carefully applying the cream to the sore ring of muscle, he flinches, and says, "Damn! That stuff's cold!" I carefully massage the cream onto his battered sphincter with my fingers, and he relaxes a bit.

I wipe my finger clean, and put the cap back on the tube of cream. "Well, that should make you feel better", I say as I stand back up, adding, "we'd better get dressed." We walk together to the bathroom, where all our clothing lays in a pile. Kiril finds his briefs, and puts them on, followed by his shorts, then his shirt. I put on my shirt and pants, then we both walk barefooted to where his sneakers are. He sits down on the floor, and ties them on his feet.

Standing, he motions me to bend down, and he kisses me on the lips. "Maybe we can get together between now and then", he whispers, "But I doubt it. Still, I'm looking forward to next time." I give him my cell phone number, and he gives me his, then slings his bag over his shoulder and heads out the door.


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