My Young Gymnast

By: Erastes

Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people, nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Chapter 3

A Day at the Beach:

Kiril and I have met several times at the café since the day I examined him and had sex, a couple weeks previous. He has finally completed his year-end exams, and now has some time available. I ask him if he would like to go to the beach with me on Monday, and he agrees.

“You know, there is a section just for people who swim nude at this beach”, I mention to him. “Nice”, he replies, “I’d like to go swim at the nude section. I really like being naked outdoors.” “Will your aunt be OK with you going along with me?”, I ask him.

“She doesn’t care, really”, he says, “I’m only living there because Gavrel won’t let her throw me out. I think she believes I’m a bad influence on him”. He smiles when he says this, but I can see it pains him to say so. I put my hand on his. “Kiril, you are a very smart, beautiful boy, and I’d think that anybody would be glad to have you as their son.”

“Even if they knew I’m queer, and sell my body for money?”, he asks, staring me straight in the eye. I almost think he’s about to cry. Kiril wipes his eye with his free hand, then continues: “You know, I have a fully paid scholarship to school-I earned it by getting very high marks on the entrance exam. I sell myself mostly to help Gavrel pay his own way through school-he couldn’t get a scholarship with his test scores, and I make more money fucking with men than he does”.

We talk a while about his life challenges. I’m impressed by his willingness to help his cousin and his maturity. For a boy who’s not quite 13, he’s more mature than most adults I know. The fact that he is, at least in my eyes, incredibly beautiful, just attracts me to him even more.

“Well, Kiril, Monday will be a holiday that you’ve earned, and I’ll try to make it as nice as possible for you”, I tell him. We make plans for him to come to my place on Monday morning.

The morning comes, and I get up at dawn. Kiril comes by at about 7, ringing the doorbell. I open the door, and there he is; wearing a T-shirt, polyester athletic shorts, a ball cap, and white sneakers without socks. His muscular legs are quite alluring. Over his shoulder is his usual athletic bag. “Come on in, Kiril”, I say.  

He enters, drops his bag on the floor, and embraces me. I drop down to my knees, so that we can look eye-to-eye. “I’m glad you’re here”, I tell him. He kisses me on the lips very passionately.

I usher him into the kitchen, and ask if he would like some breakfast. “A cup of coffee and some cereal, if you have it”, he says. I pour him his coffee, and grab a bowl, some cereal, and some milk for him. He consumes the food quickly, then asks “Is it going to be very sunny today?” I tell him that the weather report calls for sun all day long, and hot temperatures.

“Good. You’ll need to put sunscreen on my body, then”, he says, as he slips his sneakers off his feet. “I have very light skin, and I’ll burn easily.” He quickly removes his shirt, then slips his shorts off and tosses them on the floor, leaving him completely unclothed. “I have lotion in my bag”, he says, as he sprints quickly to the entryway.

In a few seconds, he bounds back into the kitchen, his semi-erect penis bobbing up and down as he does so. In his hand is a big bottle of sunscreen. “Put it on thick, and all over me”, he commands. “Don’t miss ANY part of my body”, he adds, smiling broadly.

I get down on my knees, and squirt a good amount of lotion into my hand. For the next few minutes, I slather sunscreen onto every part of his body, taking my time on his nice muscular butt cheeks, then all over his firm chest and thighs. At last, the only parts of his body I haven’t covered are his penis and balls. By now, his penis is pointing upward at about a 45° angle, and his glans is straining at his tight foreskin, about half uncovered. I use a small squirt of lotion, and start massaging his small, round testicles between my fingers.

“Hmm, I feel a few hairs”, I tell Kiril, as I fondle his firm balls.

He responds, “Yeah, I’ve decided to stop cutting them, and let my pubes grow.”

I spread more lotion around the base of his penis, and add “Feels like you have a little fuzz here, too. You’re so blond that I can’t even see it against your skin.” Kiril closes his eyes, obviously enjoying the attention I’m paying to his dick. “Do you think you’ll be able to keep from having a boner at the beach?”, I ask him, adding “If you cum now, maybe you won’t be so quick to get erect.” 

I slide his foreskin up and down his shaft a few times. He moans slightly, and says “Keep going-I’m almost there.” I continue sliding his skin over and off his glans until he tenses up, and I feel his penis harden even more, as he pumps a few drops of milky semen out the tip.

“Wow, that was nice”, he says. “Now, can I do your body?”, he asks.

“Sorry, I’ve already done it”, I reply, “But we can always fool around when we get back.” He grabs a tissue and wipes the semen off his penis, then puts his clothing back on. I grab my bag of towels and a small cooler filled with lunch and drinks, and we head out to my car.

We go down the back stairs to where I keep my old blue Wartburg wagon. Seeing it, Kiril asks me, "What the hell IS that thing?", obviously never having seen such a car before. I tell him that it's an old East German car, and was considered quite a vehicle when it was new. "So, how did you end up with an East German car here?, he asks.

"Well, it's a long story", I tell him, as we enter the car, "but while I was interning near St. Petersburg, the Soviet Union collapsed, and we were free to travel, so I went back to see what Germany was like." I told him about how I had traveled there as a Red Pioneer as a kid, with a group of students who had learned German in school. I told him about the trip, and how I had some money saved up, and decided to buy an old communist era car there, where people were selling them cheap. What I didn't tell him was the fact that I had "earned" the car for a week long stay I had with an old gentleman, back when I, myself, earned money by prostituting.

I turn the starter on, and the old 2-stroke engine clatters to life in a cloud of oil smoke. "What a piece of crap!", Kiril exclaims, as I back out through the cloud, him pinching his nostrils closed. "Hey, it's a roomy, comfortable, reliable piece of crap!", I inform him, adding, "It's also completely paid for!" Kiril turns around to look at the space in the back. "Yeah, I suppose it is kinda big. You could carry a lot of stuff back there", he says, adding, "Maybe someday we could fuck back there!"

It’s hot outside, and my car has no air conditioning. The ride to the beach is nearly an hour, so Kiril removes his shirt. As we hum smoothly along the highway, Kiril actually apologizes about what he said about my car earlier. Finally, we come to the turn off, and we bounce down the dirt road towards the beach. “The first part of the beach is for people with swimwear, and the nude beach is further down the road”, I tell him as we near the shore. I turn to the right, and continue down the road that parallels the beach. We pass a sign that shows the limit of the nude bathing area. As we pass a few cars parked together, we see a nude family gathering gear from a car. “This is a family area, and further down is a gay area. I thought maybe we should set up somewhere in between.”

I finally find a place to park the car, right at the edge of the sand. Kiril removes his sneakers, and says “Let me leave my clothes in the car”, as he slides his shorts off. Finally nude except for his cap, he opens the car door and exits the car. "Don't you want to keep your shoes on?", I ask him. He turns to face me, his naked body nearly shining in the sunlight, and says "Oh, no-I  want to feel the sand between my toes, the wind in my hair, and the sun on my body!"

I grab the bag and cooler that we brought, and Kiril grabs his own bag. We walk towards the beach, Kiril a few feet ahead of me, leaving me to admire his firm buttocks as he walks ahead of me. We find a place and lay our towels down on the sand. I remove my shorts and shirt, then run into the surf, Kiril chasing me.

We spend almost an hour playing in the surf, a couple of times fondling each other under the water, and remaining submerged until our erections subside. He even tackles me on the shore, and we wrestle in the wet sand. Finally, we head back on the beach to eat lunch under the hot, bright sun. Kiril sits cross-legged in front of me, eating his sandwich and drinking a soft drink. I finish my sandwich first, then Kiril asks “Would you like a little sausage for dessert?”, as he strokes his stiffening penis, revealing covertly his glans.

“Now, you wouldn’t embarrass me by showing that thing in public, would you?”, I ask him. He giggles, then resumes eating his sandwich. Once he finishes his lunch, he stands up and stretches, his hands behind his head, elbows out, back arched, legs apart. Looking at my incredible specimen of naked boyhood, I say to him, "Damn, Kiril, you are so beautiful!" He smiles.

“I usually practice my gymnastics about now”, he tells me. “Maybe I should do a short workout here?” He turns towards the surf, starts running, does 3 handsprings in a row, landing on his feet. He then turns around, running towards me, and does the same, but this time landing with his legs spread, just a few feet away from me.

“How would you like to play a little Frisbee?”, I ask him, as I rummage through my bag for the disc. Kiril puts his cap back on, and then stands up. I pull the disc from my bag, and tell Kiril to go out a distance. I throw the disc a bit high, so that Kiril has to jump to catch it. He throws it back to me, with almost perfect aim. As we continue with the game, my aim is almost always worse than his, causing him to run and jump a lot more than I do.

One shot goes out into the water, and Kiril goes out to get it, wetting his entire body. He returns the disc, and then my next shot goes far onto the sand, requiring him to dive for it, landing in the sand and rolling. Standing up, his body is covered with sand, from neck to toes.  He returns the shot, I catch the disc and then motion Kiril to come over. I sit down, with Kiril sitting in front of me, his naked body still covered with sand. “Man, your aim sucks”, he exclaims. “Can’t you shoot any better?”

“Well, I could, but then, I wouldn’t get to see your hot little body bouncing all over, would I?”

“You pervert!”, he chuckles. “You did that just to see my dick bouncing up and down?”

“Not just your dick, Kiril. I also like watching your thighs, your butt, and your hair bouncing, as well.”

“You want to play some more? I’ll make sure to bounce and run a lot for you”, he says, smiling.

“Nah, I think I’ll just rest here a bit. You wear me out, kid.”

“Well, I’ll just cool off a bit in the surf”, he replies, standing up, adding "Besides, I have to wash the sand out from under my foreskin."

I lie down on the towel, and watch my hot little friend splash around in the surf, wearing only his ball cap. After a few minutes, a nude dark-haired boy of about 14 or 15 walks by, kicking a soccer ball. He talks with Kiril; they walk together onto the beach, and then start kicking his soccer ball around. The boy is taller than Kiril, about a year further into puberty, and is also quite lean and muscular, though not as well defined as Kiril is. Although about a foot taller than Kiril, it seems that Kiril has the larger penis.

The 2 boys play for probably ½ hour, allowing me a good chance to admire their firm bodies and their bouncing genitalia. He talks to Kiril again, shakes his hand, and walks back towards the ‘family’ area with his ball. Kiril comes over to where I’m laying, and lays down on his back, next to me.

“He was pretty hot”, I say to Kiril.

“Yeah, he was”, he replies, adding, “I think he was interested in me, or at least my body.”

“I’m sure he was. He must’ve walked ½ km down here just to get a better look at that hot dick of yours.”

“Well, you know, he was too young for me. Besides, I’m really more interested in you, Vlad. I….oh, gee, this sounds dorky, but .....I think I’m in love you.”

We lay there silent for a minute. I break the silence by saying, “You know, I never thought I’d be in love with a boy as young as you, but I think I am. I’m just hoping that your feeling is as deep as mine is. You know, love for you is a newer thing for you than it is for me. I don’t want you to commit to something that you might not be ready for, Kiril.”

Kiril rolls over on his side, facing me. “Vlad, I’ve had a crush before, and thought it was love at the time. But, what we have here is different, I think. I know that, because of my age, we can’t really be lovers publicly, but I hope that once I’m older, we can.”

I roll over to face Kiril. “You know, if you were older, I’d probably kiss you right now. Unfortunately, kissing a naked 12-year-old boy on a beach just might get me arrested. If you love me, I hope you’ll understand why we need to keep a certain distance between each other in public, and to not be too obvious about our affection.”

I pause for a minute, then continue: “And, just to make sure that you don’t miss out on the chance to explore sex with other boys, you should probably explore that as well.”

“Vlad, I let men fuck me for money”, he says, sounding very serious. “I think I’m well past experimentation. At this point, I'm striving for perfection.”

“Kiril, sex for money is different. It’s just sex, not love. Hell, it’s not even mutual-you just do what the guy with the money tells you to do. I know, because I used to do it too.” Kiril has a look of surprise when I tell him this.

A moment of silence ensues, then Kiril speaks: “I guess you have a point, Vlad. Outside of my clients, I’ve only had mutual sex with you, Sergei, and my cousin Gavrel. And even then, Sergei told me that he was only fucking me to make sure I was ready for a customer. Sex with Gavrel was nice, but he’s almost like a brother to me, so it’s not really the same.”

“Hey, kid, I’ll be your lover as long as you want me, but I won’t make it formal until you’re older, and I’m sure you’re ready for it. Also, I promise to never get you into anything sexual that isn’t your idea, first. I don’t want to corrupt you, you know.”

Kiril smiles at me. “You know, some people might think that putting you dick up my ass would qualify as ‘corrupting’ me. I’m glad it was my idea.” He pauses for a moment, then asks “If I hadn’t requested it, would you still have had sex with me?”

“Absolutely not”, I tell him. “I’ve examined dozens of boys, and I’ve found a few quite attractive, but aside from you, only 1 other boy has asked me for sex, and I turned him down.”

“Really? Why?”, he asks me.

“Well, he was only about 11, and was very hesitant. Also, having just seen his anus up-close, I could see he was still a virgin there. I think somebody told him this was a way to get make money, but I knew he wasn’t ready to be fucked. I gave him some advice, though, and told him that he should be more careful.”

After talking for about ½ hour, we both lay down to tan for a while. We lay in the sun for at least another hour, each changing position several times. Finally, I say to Kiril “You look like you’re getting pretty brown there. Maybe we should head back before your fair skin burns.”

Kiril rolls onto his back, and replies, “Yeah, I guess we should. I have a nice tan now.”

He stands up, picks up his towel, and shakes it out. I do the same with mine, and then stuff them into my bag. I slip my shorts and sneakers on. Kiril grabs his bag, and then starts walking towards the car. I follow along behind him. Kiril opens the door, tosses the bag onto the rear, then sits himself down on the passenger seat. I put my bag into the back, and sit in the driver’s seat.

Kiril, sitting next to me, retracts the foreskin on his dick, and says “Look at how much sun tan I got!” I look at his penis, which is very light on the underside of his foreskin, but golden brown on the lower part, giving his penis a very definite two-tone appearance. He slides his foreskin back down, then puts on his seatbelt.

“Are you going to ride home nude?”, I ask him. “Well, I was thinking about riding at least part of the way naked-I could just put my shirt over my penis If I need to.”

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. If we get pulled over by the police, it would be very difficult to explain why I have a naked boy in the car with me, so at least put your shorts on.”

Kiril unbuckles the belt, reaches to the floor, grabs his shorts, and slides them on. Then he buckles back up again, slides the near leg of his shorts up, then pulls his penis out. “At least let my dickie feel the breeze on the ride back”, he says with a smirk.

I sigh. “You’re impossible”, I say to him. “One minute, you’re so mature and serious, the next minute, you’re just a horny 12 year old.” Kiril slides his shorts leg back down, and turns to me. “Can’t I be both?”, he asks.

We drive back to my apartment, and carry all our stuff inside. Kiril is wearing only shorts and sneakers, so within 10 seconds of me closing the door, he’s completely naked once again, but now with a nice golden-brown tan all over his firm little body. “I think we both need a bath”, I tell him, as I remove my own clothing.

I escort him into my bathroom, plug the drain in the tub, and start filling it. While we’re waiting for the tub to fill, Kiril goes over to the toilet and lifts the lid. He slides the foreskin back on his now two-tone penis, and urinates into the bowl. “My dick looks like one of those 2 flavor Popsicles now, doesn’t it?”, he asks me, as he squeezes the last drops of urine from it.

I retract my own foreskin, but since my natural skin color is darker, it’s not as obvious. “Hey, at least it makes it easy to tell if you have an erection, now!”, I reply.

Kiril slides his foreskin back down, but since he’s already partly erect, a band of un-tanned skin foreskin shows at the end. “Hmm, I guess you’re right”, he says.

Finally, the tub is full, and I get in. Kiril joins me, and we wash each other’s bodies quite completely, getting all the sand and sunscreen off our skin. Kiril develops quite an erection, so I suggest that we dry off and go into the bedroom. We dry off quickly, and then Kiril follows me to my boudoir. I lay down on the bed, and Kiril bounds onto the mattress to join me.

“Would you like me to give you a massage? I owe you one for that nice massage you gave me last time", he asks me. I tell him that I would very much enjoy that, and roll over onto my front.

For a small boy, he is a remarkable masseur, knowing just where all the muscle groups are, and just how to massage them without over-doing it. He also knows just where to massage me for maximum erotic effect, especially on my buttocks and crotch (which he massages at least partly with his rigid penis). Finally, he asks me to roll over.

As soon as I do, he straddles my chest with his legs, and rubs his penis across my chest hairs. Massaging my shoulders as he speaks, he asks me “Would you like ME to fuck YOU today? I really would like to.” He looks down at his long, thin penis. “The only guy I’ve ever fucked was Gavrel, and he said I was quite good.”

I put my hands on his firm thighs, and say “Oh, yes-I’d really like that. I……I wanted to ask you if you’d be interested, but…., well, you’re so young, I thought it would be best for you to do these things only when you were ready.”

“Oh, I’m ready, Vlad! I wanted to fuck you there on the beach today, but that would’ve been too risky.”  He slides back, until he’s sitting with his penis on top of mine. He wraps his hands around both of our penises. “Would you like to cum together, or would you like to fuck me after?”

I brush my finger over his glans. “I’d like to come to orgasm with your penis inside me, if you’d like to. If you time it right, we might climax together. By the way, I bought some thinner condoms that probably are just about right for you.”

I reach over to the night table, and grab a tube of lube and a packet of condoms. Opening the foil on one, I place it over the tip of Kiril’s penis, and roll it down. It’s a snug fit on his thin member.

“Gee, usually regular condoms are quite loose on me”, he says. “When I fucked Gavrel, I wasn’t yet able to cum, so we did it without a condom, but I won’t do that now.” He runs his fingers down the latex, and adds, “I can really feels a lot through this, too.”

I hand Kiril the lube, and say to him, “Let me roll over.” He dismounts my body, and I roll onto my face. I open another drawer and pull out a couple small towels. “OK, lube yourself up, then you can start. Once I’m loose, I’ll flip over.”

Kiril straddles my butt, and I can feel him press his hard penis against my sphincter. I relax a bit, and he suddenly slides himself in quite far. “Oops, I didn’t mean to go in so fast”, he says to me.

“That’s OK, you just need a bit of practice. I’ve had much bigger dicks inside me before, so don’t worry about it.”

He slowly pushes further and further inside me, until I can feel his thin pole pushing against my prostate. Feeling his groin pushing against my buttocks, I can tell he is inside me all the way. Then, he slowly starts pulling out. He continues until he is nearly completely out, then in one fluid motion, slides all the way back in again. He continues his slow rhythm for a few more strokes, until I say to him, “OK, let me turn over.”

He slides out, I roll onto my back and pull my knees up to my chest. Kiril aims his glistening, latex covered pole at my hole, and then slowly enters me again. Once he slides his nearly hairless erection completely inside, I wrap my legs behind his back, with my heels pressing against his butt cheeks. He starts sliding my foreskin up and down, as he resumes the slow pumping with his penis.

After a couple of minutes, he closes his eyes and slows the rate of his fucking, but speeds up the rate of his attention to my penis. I can tell that he is close to orgasm, and watching him bite his lower lip brings me closer to climax, as well. Finally, he makes a little grunt, and I can feel his penis twitch inside me, as he reaches orgasm. This drives me over the brink, and I shoot my first volley. As I do so, Kiril suddenly embraces me, wrapping his arms around my chest, and resting his head against my shoulders. I wrap my arms around him as well.

“Unh, unh, unh!” he grunts, as his thin penis throbs deep inside my bowels, and as I shot volley after volley into the space between out entwined bodies. Finally, our loads both spent, he sighs, and I feel his whole body relax. We remain entwined together, his penis still inside me, for what seems like 5 minutes.

“Oh, Vlad, that was awesome” he says, softly, as he slips his deflated dick out from inside me. He separates out bodies, my sticky semen resisting our de-coupling. Finally free, Kiril pulls the condom off his still partly hard penis, and discards it into the trash. He then moves forward, presses our still sticky chests together, and kisses me on the lips. “I never knew being the top could be so good”, he whispers in my ear, adding, “I like the way you tightened up for me at the end.”

“Thanks, Kiril”, I tell him. “That was damn good for a boy who’s younger than the car I drive! I never thought that a boy of 12 would be long enough to hit my prostate.”

Kiril smiles, and replies “Hey, you’re pretty damn good, considering you’re as old as my aunt! Besides, I'm nearly 13!”

I give him a swat on his butt, and say to him, “Oh, you’re a naughty, dirty boy!”, to which he giggles. We separate our bodies once again, this time my semen is stickier than before, and a few of my chest hairs get pulled. “I think we need to get back in the tub, kid!”

We get up, and Kiril runs ahead of me, splashing into the water before me. I enter the warm water, and Kiril cuddles up next to me. I embrace him, and he says “Yeah, I’m certain now-I really do love you, Vlad.” He turns around, and we start kissing again. For the next few minutes, we wash each other’s bodies clean, pausing to kiss occasionally. Finally clean, we get out of the tub, and let it drain while drying each other off.

Kiril looks over at the clock, and says “Well, I told my aunt I’d be home by 18:00, so I’d better get going home.” He plods over to the entryway, and grabs his bag, shorts, and sneakers, then meets me in the kitchen. “I wish I could stay longer, Vlad", he says, as he puts his shirt on over his tanned, nude body.

He dresses quickly, and then he gives me a kiss. We embrace, he feels my buttocks as we do so, and I slide my hand inside his shorts and stroke his balls. “You are so beautiful, Kiril”, I whisper into his ear. We agree to meet again at the café, he grabs his bag, opens the door, blows me a kiss, then closes the door behind himself.

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