My Young Gymnast

By: Erastes

Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people,  nor are any of the situations based on reality.

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I have re-formatted chapter 3, and will do chapters 1 and 2 shortly.

Chapter 4

Conversation With Gavrel:

Kiril and I meet each other almost every other morning, but we haven’t had a chance to get together for a few days since we had our outing, due to Kiril’s busy gymnastics training, as well as my busy schedule.

This morning, I see Kiril coming towards me, accompanied by a taller blond boy who resembles him. As they approach, I can see the other boy is blond, but has light skin without any tan. His hair is a bit darker blond than Kiril’s, and cut shorter, combed straight ahead (whereas Kiril’s is parted in the center). They are both wearing shorts, the taller boy wearing cargo shorts, and I can see that his arms and legs are longer and thinner than Kiril’s. Also, he seems just a bit effeminate.

Kiril and the boy sit down across from me. “This is my cousin, Gavrel”, he informs me. I introduce myself, and shake his hand. Kiril tells me that Gavrel does cross-country running and skiing at school, and also plays the cello quite well.

Gavrel looks at me with his blue eyes, and says to me, “Kiril’s told me a lot about you-I’m glad to meet you finally.” We talk for a couple of minutes,  and Kiril mentions that Gavrel has been having bad leg cramps after running. "Do you eat enough potassium?", I ask him. Neither know if he is getting enough, so I mention that he should eat at least 1 banana each day to ensure his potassium level remains high enough. I tell him to come to my apartment office on Monday, so that I can check it out. “Do you want Kiril to be there with me?”, he asks. “Oh, yes, certainly”, I tell him. 

Finally, Kiril stands up and slings his bag back over his shoulder. “Sorry, but I have to get to practice. You two can get to know each other”, he says, then turns to me and adds “Hey, maybe we can get together on Monday again, after you and Gavrel are done?” I tell him that Monday would be good, and he smiles at me before he trots off towards the gym. I watch him as he walks down the street, until he turns the corner, and I can see him no longer.

I look over at Gavrel, who is smiling. “He’s really something, isn’t he?”, he says to me. I ask him about his and Kiril’s history. It turns out that they are only step-cousins, because both of their mothers were from different wives that their mutual grandfather had. Kiril’s mom never knew who was the father, as she was a junkie and a hooker at the time. She herself died from an overdose about 3 years earlier. Gavrel’s father was a Ukrainian, who got involved with certain “shady” elements, ended up in prison, and died from cancer when Gavrel was about 8.

When Kiril’s mom started neglecting him, Gavrel would bring Kiril into their apartment. When she died, Gavrel’s mom wanted to turn Kiril over to an orphanage, but Gavrel forced her to become his guardian, threatening to run away if she decided to abandon him.

“You know, that was very nice of you, Gavrel. I doubt Kiril would amount to much in an orphanage”, I tell him. Gavrel smiles, and says “Well, I always wanted a little brother, and he always looked up to me. Besides, I could see he was special, even if my mom couldn’t”. He pauses, then adds “I think she got the wrong idea about Kiril, because we used to sleep together in the nude back when I was 10 and Kiril was 8. Once, she walked in on us when I was sucking Kiril’s dick. She thinks that he turned me gay.”

He tells me that they had been playing sexually with each other before that, and that he was certainly gay before he did anything with Kiril. As they aged, Gavrel’s mom became quite ill, and still can’t work to this day, causing considerable financial strain. In order to pay for his school, Gavrel started selling his body (with help from his friend, Sergei) before Kiril ever tried it. Once Kiril found out about this money-making opportunity, he joined them, and today earns easily twice what Gavrel does, sharing most of it with Gavrel and his mom, essentially being the main breadwinner in the house.

I ask Gavrel if he's happy doing what he does for money. He looks down at the table, and answers, "Well, some clients are good, but most are just for the money. I try to smile and make them happy. My boyfriend, Sergei, taught me how to relax my sphincter muscle, so that I could accommodate even very big penises without pain, so now about the worst  that happens is when a client is just dull." He then looks up at me, and continues "No, I probably wouldn't be doing this if I didn't need the money. I've probably had more bad sex than you have, even though you're a lot older than me."

I chuckle. "Gavrel, I'm not THAT old, you know. And, like you, there was a time when I needed money, and did just what you are doing, The only difference was, I was a bit older. But, yeah, I had a lot of bad sex with nasty guys."

Gavrel smiles, then says "Well, I've had a lot of good sex, too, I guess. Not all the men are nasty, in fact, I find a lot of them are pretty hot. I think you're pretty hot." I reply to him, "Well, I'm flattered that such a healthy young stud finds me hot!"

I ask Gavrel about his sexual experiences with Kiril, and he gives me some information. "I think he was 8 the first time I sucked that long penis of his", he informs me, remembering the event, "it was so long, I nearly gagged when he slid it down my throat! But then, right afterwards, he sucked me off, without me even having to ask him." He looks up at my face, and asks me, "Sometimes I look at him like a little brother, and sometimes I just lust over him. Is that good?, I mean, having sex with a boy who's so close?"

I consider Gavrel's question, then ask him, "well, let me ask you this: do either of you ever use sex as way to get something or keep something from each other, like, say, using sex as an incentive to get the other one to do something? And, do you ever schedule times to have sex together?" Gavrel thinks a second, then says, "No, I don't think we've ever done that. For us, sex is just something that happens at the spur of the moment, and then only if we're both feeling up to it. In fact, it wasn't too long ago that Kiril was asking me for sex nearly every night, and I had to keep turning him down."

"So,  why did you do that?', I ask him. "Oh, I was afraid that he was starting to think of me as a lover", Gavrel replies, "I still think of him as my little brother, and I didn't want our relationship to change to that. You know, a lot of what we've done together has been more experimentation than love. He was the first boy I ever sucked, and I was the first he ever did. He also practiced anal sex on me, and he challenged me to do the same. If it wasn't for him, I might still be a total bottom."

Gavrel stops for a second, smiles a little, and looks at my face. Continuing, he says, "Let me tell you something that I've never told him; the time he first wanted me to fuck him, I was reluctant. I had never done that, and he thought that I should learn, so he asked me to fuck his ass. I felt a bit strange, sticking my dick up inside him, but during the whole thing, I just kept fantasizing that it was Sergei's butt I was inside, and that made it good. When we finished, Kiril told me how rough I was, and what to do to make it better, so a couple days later, when I was with Sergei, I surprised him by asking to be the top, and he was quite pleased by how I did it. So, in a way, what we do together is more like practice than love."

We talk frankly for a few minutes longer, about such things as love, sex, safety, etc. Finally, Gavel checks his cell phone, and says to me, "Oh, shit! Look at the time! I have to get going." He stands up, slings his backpack over his shoulder, and adds, "We'll be at your office on Monday,!", then turns around and jogs off, down the street. I sit, finishing my coffee, wondering what Monday will bring.

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