My Young Gymnast:


Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people,  nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Chapter 5:

Gavrel and Kiril Together:

Monday morning, 8:00, Kiril and Gavrel both show up at my apartment. “We’ve both just showered”, Kiril tells me, as he enters. “I also made sure his bung hole was nice and clean” he adds, smiling. Gavrel smacks him lightly on the chest with the back of his hand.

I escort them into my office, and have Gavrel remove his shirt, so that I can examine him. He pulls the shirt off, exposing a nicely defined, but hardly very muscular upper body. I take my stethoscope, and check his heartbeat. The touch of the instrument on his skin makes him recoil a bit. "Sorry, but I'm a bit ticklish", he tells me. Kiril chimes in "I can show you all the places where he is really ticklish, if you want to torture him!" Gavrel gives him a rather severe look back.

Next, I ask him to remove his shorts, which he does, leaving him standing in his undershorts. I check his muscular development, as well as checking for spinal curvature. I closely check his long but well developed legs, and remark "You have some very nice leg muscles there, Gavrel. OK, next, remove your underwear, so I can check your sexual development", I tell him. Gavrel smiles at me.

“So, you want me to get naked for both of you, even though you are both fully clothed?”, Gavrel says. “That’s not fair-I think you should be naked too!”

Kiril looks at me, then says “Well, he’s got a point. Let’s get naked.” Without any hesitation, Kiril kicks his sneakers off, then asks “Can you remove my shirt for me?”  I do as he asks, pulling it off over his head. Then, with a smirk, he asks, “And my shorts, too?”, so I hook my thumbs on his waistband, pull down, and release his flaccid boyhood. I quickly remove all my clothing as well. I notice that Kiril’s sparse, light blond patch of pubic hair has gotten a bit thicker since I last had sex with him.

I remove my own clothing as well, remarking to both boys "You know, this isn't very professional of me. But, if that's what it takes.." Kiril smiles, then says "That's OK, we are both very discreet." Happy that we were now all naked together, Gavrel finally pulls down on the waistband of his underwear, uncovering his own equipment. His shaft is both shorter and wider than Kiril's, and is surrounded by a fairly good patch of golden-brown pubic hair. His balls are bigger than Kiril's, and hang a bit more, as well. "Well, now you look more your age", I remark, admiring his penis, adding, "Clothed, you could pass for a 12 year old, but this much genital development shows your true age". I measure his flaccid length with the ruler, and find him to be 10 cm long, from base to tip.

I check his testicles for any growths, which starts making me hard. Then, I slide his foreskin up and down a couple times. It's much looser than Kiril's, but Gavrel assures me his penis grows a lot more in size when completely hard than Kiril's does. The manipulation to his penis causes it to increase in firmness a bit. "I see it's having an effect on us both", Gavrel whispers in my ear, looking at my stiffening penis.

"Now, I need to get some measurements", I tell Gavrel, as I stand up and get my measuring tape and notebook. I hand the notebook and pen to Kiril, and ask him, "Could you write down the measurements as I give them to you?". Kiril agrees, and I show him the column that I wish him to write the measurements in. First, I take Gavrel over to the scale, and weigh him. "Fifty Four kilograms", I tell Kiril. He repeats the number.  Next, measuring his total height, I read off the measurement; "One meter, sixty seven centimeters", which Kiril repeats. Continuing with the tape measure, I measure all the same dimensions of his body as I had done previously with Kiril.

When I finish measuring Gavrel's body, Kiril asks, “OK Vlad, now, how about you take a few shots of both of us-for your research?”. I agree, and grab the camera. First, I shoot I shoot a full set of photos of just Gavrel, similar to the ones I shot of Kiril before. Next, I bring  both boys together, standing, Kiril in front of Gavrel, who has his hands on Kiril’s shoulders. Then, I have them standing side-by-side, then facing each other, followed by them standing butt-to-butt.

Gavrel then suggests I picture them wrestling, but I decline, saying, "You know, boys, I take these photos for records, not for pornography!". Kiril smiles impishly, then replies, "Well, I'm gonna wrestle him, anyways!", quickly jumping on his older cousin. Gavrel defends himself from Kiril's attack, but despite having an advantage in height, weight, and age, Kiril fairly quickly pins the older boy by straddling his chest with his legs, resting his erect penis on Gavrel's hairless chest, and holding his shoulders to the carpet. Gavrel concedes defeat, although his now more hardened penis tells me that he certainly enjoyed the exercise.

Finally, Kiril and Gavrel stand up, facing each other very closely, and Kiril points his penis up to Gavrel’s, slipping his foreskin under Gavrel’s, docking them together. Kiril then reaches over and retracts Gavrel’s looser foreskin, and Gavrel does the same to Kiril. I watch them as they rub their glans’ together, which results in Gavrel’s penis increasing in length and girth by quite a bit. Kiril finally drops to his knees, taking Gav’s penis fully into his mouth, burying his nose in his cousin’s thick golden pubic bush.

Gavrel pulls out from Kiril’s mouth, and says something quietly to him. Kiril smiles, then turns to me and says “OK, enough posing. Let’s play together for a while!” I tell them to wait a second, as I retrieve the ruler, drop to my knees and measure Gavrel's erection. Measuring from the base to the tip, it's now at 18 cm, a quite respectable length for a boy his age, and quite large in girth, as well. His foreskin is fully retracted on it's own, the more prominent flange of his glans holding it back.

"Wait, he's longer than me now?", Kiril asks, seemingly surprised. I take my ruler, and measure Kiril's erection as well. "Yup, you're only 16 cm, Kiril", I tell him adding, "Which is a VERY good size for a boy who's not even fully into puberty yet. I can almost guarantee you that you'll be longer in the end."

"Gee, Kiril has always been longer than me", Gavrel says, "even when he was just a little kid. We've been comparing penis lengths since we were, what, 7 and 9, and he's always beaten me, limp or hard!" Kiril looks over at his cousin, then says "Hey, it's not how big it is, it's how you use it!" Kiril then walks over to Gavrel, and they start doing a sword fight with their 2 rigid dicks. Giggling, Gavrel says to Kiril, "Well, Kiril, you've always been better at using your dick, anyways!"

I’m still on my knees, and they both come over and slap my face with their rigid dicks, until I reach my arms out and bring them both together, their penises touching, right in front of my face. I look up at their smiling faces, and Gavrel says, “Go ahead.” I open my mouth and fit both penises in as well as I can, then switch off from one penis to the other.

Stopping for a moment, I compare the 2 penises. Gavrel's penis has now increased so that it's about twice the width as Kiril's. With both foreskins retracted, I compare the glans on each of them; Kiril's is longer, with no real flange, whereas Gavrel's is wider, with a definite flange to it. I remark, "It's strange, isn't it, that you boys look so similar, and yet your penises are completely different. Kiril's is very long, but doesn't grow much when hard, but Gavrel's more than doubles in size when erect, and each of you has a unique glans, as well."

Gavrel pulls away, and asks, “Where’s the bed?” I point in the general direction, to which he takes off. Grabbing Kiril’s buttocks, I lift him up and carry him to the bed with me. On the bed, I place Kiril next to Gavrel, then lay down. Kiril bends over and starts sucking my dick, then Gavrel joins in, one on my dick and the other on my balls. Finally, Gavrel lifts his head up and asks “Will you fuck me, Vlad? I need to be fucked bad! I haven't had a real dick in me for weeks now!”

"Hey, what about last week when I fucked you?", Kiril demands, adding, "You seemed happy then!"  Gavrel smiles a bit sheepishly, and replies, "Kiril, no offense, but your dick isn't exactly big, it's just long. Besides, I thought we agreed to not tell anybody about what we do together."  Gavrel looks at me, and I reassure him that anything either tells me will be held in the strictest confidence. I speak to both of them, saying, "Boys, as long as you play safely, and neither forces the other to do something they don't want to do, and you both enjoy it, there's nothing wrong about sex play."

Gavrel smiles at me, then reaches his hand out and wraps his fingers around my penis. I look over at Kiril, and he says “You can fuck him, as long as you suck me at the same time”. I smile, looking at his tempting, long boy dick. I open the drawer and bring out condoms and lube. Gavrel opens a condom foil and rolls it over my rigid pole, then greases it up well. Kiril straddles my chest with his knees and points his dick at my face, while Gavrel straddles my hip and starts to lower himself onto my lubricated dick.

I lick the underside of Kiril’s penis and suck on his balls, as I feel my penis slowly entering Gavrel’s warm tunnel. I reach behind Kiril with my right hand and fondle Gavrel’s foreskin, as he slowly rises and sinks on my member. At the same time, Kiril slides his thin pole in and out of my mouth, pausing at full insertion long enough for me to rub my nose in his soft blond pubes. Retracting fully from my mouth, he grazes his penis over my nose and cheeks, before re-inserting it.

I keep sliding Gavrel’s foreskin back and I insert my left index finger into Kiril’s asshole. Suddenly, I feel Gavrel reach climax, and shoot several forceful streams of hot jism onto Kiril’s backside. This makes me speed up the rate of my pounding on Gavrel’s hole, as well as the suction on Kiril’s penis. Finally, I hear Kiril grunt, and feel his prostate squeeze my finger. I extract my penis from Gavrel’s loosening hole, remove the rubber, and explode onto Kiril’s back just as Kiril erupts inside my mouth. I feel a distinct squirt of semen, which is new for him. His semen tastes sweet, and the small amount is very easy to handle.

I probably shoot 7 or 8 volleys of semen onto the 3 or 4 volleys that Gavrel just shot on him. “Wow, you cum a lot!”, Gavrel exclaims. “Well, it’s probably because I’m having sex with 2 of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever met”. I tell him, adding, “You 2 make quite a team.” I reach for a towel to wipe some of the mess off Kiril’s back.

“That was excellent”, Kiril exclaims, as he squeezes the last bit of semen from his dick. “I like the way you stroke my penis with your tongue while you suck me.” I reach over with my right hand, and stroke his slightly fuzzy testicles. “I think you have one of the most beautiful penises I’ve ever seen, Kiril. Now, let’s get you cleaned up in the tub.”

Kiril dismounts me, and climbs off the bed. I get up myself, and then walk the 2 boys to the bathroom, one hand on each shoulder. I start running the water into the tub while both Kiril and Gavrel relieve their bladders at the same time. Once there is enough water in the tub, I enter, joined quickly by the 2 boys. They fairly quickly wash each other’s bodies, letting me watch them as they do so. They quite obviously avoid washing each other’s penises, though. Finally, Kiril stands up, with Gavrel following him.

“Could you to wash our dicks for us?”, Kiril asks, holding his penis in his right hand. I get up on my knees, and, with one hand on each penis, slowly stroke them. Gavrel’s stouter penis has a much looser, puffier foreskin, and his length increases quite dramatically when erect, considering it looks almost small when limp. Fully hard, his penis only reaches horizontal, whereas Kiril’s dick goes halfway to vertical above that. His balls are bigger and hang a bit looser, and his gold-brown pubic hair is getting thick enough as to need trimming. Kiril, on the other hand, has a thin, almost tight foreskin, and taught, round testicles.  The thin bit of soft blond pubic hair at his base is almost invisible against his skin, being obvious now only because of the nice tan he has over his entire body.

I wash both boys completely around their scrotums, their penile shafts, and under their foreskins. Both become very erect again, but I don’t bring them to orgasm. I suggest to Gavrel that he needs to trim his pubes, and he agrees to let me do this. Using a small pair of scissors and a comb, Kiril helps me trim his cousin, mostly by manually pointing his stiff member out of the way while I cut. Finally, I leave a nice light, short patch of pubic hair around his genitals.

Kiril remarks, “Gav, without all that forest there, your dick looks even bigger.” Gavrel exits the tub, and walks over to the mirror. Turning sideways towards the mirror, he agrees. Then he reaches for a towel, and starts drying off. “Well, I have to meet somebody in a few minutes, so I’m going to have to leave you”, he informs us. I get out of the tub and grab 2 more towels. I hand one to Kiril as he exits the tub. Drying myself, I wrap the towel around my waist, and then help Kiril to dry his own body off. Gavrel puts his towel over his shoulders, and head to the office, where our clothing is.

Returning to the office, we find Gavrel wearing only his shirt, searching through then pile of clothing. “I assume you’re staying?”, I ask Kiril. "I'm free for the rest of the day", he replies. Gavrel smiles, then says "You know, that was really good. I hope we can all get together again sometime". He then pulls his pants on over his nude body, rolls his socks on, and puts his shoes on. He thanks me again, and heads for the door.

Once he leaves, Kiril looks up at me, and smiles. Dropping his towel on the floor, he says “Well, I’m all yours!” I pick up the towel, then scoop up my little damp boy, and bring him back to the bed. He giggles as I carry him. I place him on the bed, then seat myself down cross-legged on the mattress. He walks over to me on his knees, his rigid penis pointing straight ahead. I grab the towel and continue drying his hair.

“Ooh, you’re still damp”, I say, running my hands through his hair. I reach down and retract his foreskin. “Looks like we still need to dry here, as well”, I say, as I carefully towel the untanned underside of his hood dry.

“Ooh,..ahh..”, he says, “That’s sensitive.” I wrap the towel around his retracted penis, then my hand around the towel, and just lightly squeeze, without stroking.

“How can one boy always be so horny?”, I ask him. I add, “You know, I think you actually squirted today, instead of just dribbling.”

“Did I really?”, he asks. “You know, I haven’t cum at all since the last time we were together. Maybe it’s because I saved it up.”

I unwrap his penis and let the towel drop. “You know, while I was fucking Gavrel, I was imagining in my mind that my penis was inside your hot little butt. I’m sure Gav is a really nice boy, but I really wanted it to be you.”

Kiril kisses me on the lips, and then sinks into my arms. We lay over sideways on the bed, and I reposition him so that we are ‘spooning’ together. After a few minutes, we doze together, probably for a good half hour.

Noticing that Kiril has fallen asleep, I carefully feel his body. I fondle his now limp penis between my fingers, carefully retracting his foreskin, which wakes him up. “Hey, Vlad”, he says, sleepily.

“Sorry, Kiril, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. It’s just that I’ve never felt you when you weren’t hard”, I tell him, as I slide his foreskin back over his glans.

Kiril chuckles. “Aw, Vlad, you can play with my weenie anytime you want to. You don’t even need to ask. I love you, and I trust you.”

I hug his body closer to mine, and reply “I….I guess I love you, too, kid. I’ve really never felt this way about anybody. It’s funny, though, you being so young. I wonder if maybe, in a year or 2, you’ll suddenly decide you like girls more. Things like this happen sometimes, you know.”

Kiril is quiet for a minute, then says, “You know, Vlad, I’ve always liked guys, even when I was really little. Sometimes my mom would bring men home, and I’d always look through the keyhole into her room, just so I could see their hairy dicks. One of them paid me to suck his dick when I was about 6 or 7, and I knew from that moment that this was what I wanted. When I started living with Gavrel a few years ago, I introduced him to oral sex, and even caused his first ejaculation. I really doubt that I’ll ever desire a girl.”

“Oh, Kiril, you are so beautiful”, I whisper, as I nibble on his ear. “You fill a place in my heart I thought would never be filled.”

Kiril pulls away from my grasp, and turns to face me. I notice that his penis is hard once again. He kisses me on the lips, then says “Vlad, it’s not just sex. I like just being with you as much as I love having sex with you. That’s something different than I’ve had before. I….I know it’s new for me, but I really can’t imagine ever finding anybody who could ever mean more to me than you do.”

We spend the next few minutes cuddling, until Kiril decides to break free and act silly. Laying on his back, he brings his knees up to his shoulders, opening access to his butt hole. “I want you to fuck me”, he whispers.

I reach over and guide his knees back down. Straddling his chest with my knees, my hard dick grazing his erection, I speak softly to him: “Not right now, kid. I want us to have fun outdoors first. We can always screw later.”

I kiss him on the lips. He closes his eyes and relaxes. I move downward, and suck on his left nipple, then his right one. He moans softly in pleasure. Sitting up, I start massaging his chest muscles. “Looks like you’re developing your chest muscles rather nicely here, Kiril.”, I say, admiring his well defined pectorals.

“Yes, my coach is having me do some more chest exercises. My upper body is stronger now, and my chest is almost 2 cm bigger around now!”, he replies, proudly. I can see that my beautiful little boy is slowly turning into a very handsome young man.

“Let’s go for a bike ride today, just you and me”, I say to him. “Do you have a bike?”

Kiril frowns a bit. “No, not since my bike was stolen when I was 9”, he replies, adding, “but I do know how to ride. Maybe we can rent a bike for me?”

“That’s a good idea”, I tell him. I reach under the bed and retrieve a bag I had hidden there. “Here-a present for you”, I say, handing him the bag. He opens it, and finds the clothing I had bought for him-a pair of Lycra bike shorts and a multi-colored athletic shirt, made with quick drying material.

“Oh, Vlad, these look nice!”, he exclaims. He seems more interested in the shirt, which is blue and white, and would look very nice on him. He holds up the shorts next, then asks me, “I assume you wear these without underwear?”

“Well, Kiril, I guess that’s your choice”, I reply, “But, I think you know which I’d prefer.” Kiril smiles when I tell him that. “I like looking at that firm butt of yours, Kiril, and these should show them off very nicely.”

He jumps off the bed, then squirms into the shorts. He arranges his penis such that it's laying sideways, and is quite noticeable through the shiny black fabric. "Gee, Vlad, if I wear it like this, anybody can see how big my wiener is!"

"Is that a problem, stud?", I ask him, as I reach over and stroke his penis through the fabric. I slide my feet over the edge of the bed, then say "Come here-let me arrange you better." I maneuver Kiril so that he's facing away from me, between my knees. I slide my hand under his waistband, then move his stiffening penis so that it points upward. "See, as long as you can keep from getting an erection, it won't be too noticeable."

Kiril pulls free, then puts on the blue shirt I bought him. It fits him perfectly, and really complements his hair color. He models the clothing for me, then comes over and hugs me. "Thanks, Vlad-you're too nice to me", he says. He kisses me, very sweetly.

I put on my own bike clothing, and get my bike out of the closet. Kiril puts on his sneakers, and we leave together, and head down to the bike shop, where I plan to rent a bike for the afternoon for him (and to see about buying a bike for him later, as a birthday present).

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