My Young Gymnast:


Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people,  nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Chapter 6:

My Afternoon with Kiril:

We rent Kiril a mountain bike for the afternoon, and ride many miles together under a beautiful summer sky. We even take a swim at a river we pass along the way, and I'm glad that I bought Kiril the shorts that didn't have a pad inside, since these dry so quickly. We probably ride 20 miles before returning the bikes, then walk back to my apartment

Along the walk home, I ask Kiril if he was able to spend the night, so he calls home to tell Gavrel that he won't be coming in until morning. "OK, I'm your for the entire night", Kiril informs me, smiling broadly. Entering my front door, Kiril kicks off his shoes and removes his shirt. I do likewise, then walk into the living room and flop down on the sofa. Kiril follows me, and standing in front of me, asks, "You wanna strip me naked?", as he strokes his hard dick through the black Lycra of his shorts.

"No need to rush, Kid, we have all night", I say to him, adding, "Besides, with those tight short on, I can pretty much see everything." Kiril chuckles at my comment, then climbs onto the sofa, straddling my seated figure with his knees. Leaning forward, we embrace, and our lips meet. We kiss, and as we do, Kiril wraps his arms around my back. I slide my hands down his back, onto his hips, and caress his buttocks through his smooth, sleek shorts. He presses his rigid penis up against my own.

Our eyes closed, our lips locked in embrace, I feel Kiril's nose rub my cheek as we express our passion and lust for each other. "Vlad, I love you", he says, speaking between kisses. I hold his warm, firm torso closer to mine, and we enjoy the closeness of our bodies as we continue snogging. Finally, Kiril leans back a bit, and says to me, "Aw, Vlad, you are the best. I wish we were together all the time.

"You know, Kiril, we need to discuss a few things", I say to him, sliding my hands onto his thighs. "You know I love you, but, since you're so young, we need to do things a bit different than we would if you were older."

Kiril looks at me with a slightly concerned look. "What do you mean, Vlad?", he asks. "I hope our age difference isn't going to be a problem. I mean, yeah, I know I'm young, but I do know that what we have is real, and not just some childish crush."

"No, Kiril, I don't doubt your sincerity", I respond, "But, at your age, you still have a lot of maturing to do, and the boy you are today is not the man you will become. I'm just afraid that if you make a commitment at your age, you'll miss out on some of the most important parts of growing up, that's all."

I move my hands up either side of his bare chest, and continue, "What I propose is this: we can keep being lovers for as long as you desire, but I also want you to seek experiences, and even relationships with other boys. I just ask that, aside from your 'business', that you don't pursue relationships with other men. And, if when you are of age, and you still desire a relationship with me, only then will we consider making it permanent. Is that OK with you?"

Kiril considers my request for a minute, then says "Well, I guess you have a point, and I don't really see how our relationship will suffer....." He pauses for a minute, then asks, "Does this mean that you could also see other guys? If so, can I request that you NOT go out with anybody under 18? I mean, that's only fair."

"Oh, of course, Kiril. Outside of you and Gavrel, the only other boys I've ever had sex with was when I was a boy myself", I tell him. Kiril smiles, and adds, "I guess it's OK if I'm there with you, though."

Changing the subject, I say, "Now, we also have to talk about public displays of affection, and discretion. When we were swimming today, and you gave me that hug in the water, did you notice the attention we were getting? Did you see that man who was watching us?"

"Oh, him?", Kiril queries, continuing, "He was checking me out well before that. You know, these shorts really show my body off, and he certainly enjoyed looking at it. I wouldn't worry about him."

Hmm, I hadn't noticed that", I reply, "Maybe buying these shorts wasn't very discreet." I run my finger over the bulge from his still rigid dick, which makes him giggle a bit. I continue, "Also, when we were at the restaurant for lunch, and the waiter called you my son......there really was no reason to giggle. You LOOK young enough to be my son, even if we don't look anything alike. So, I you wish to, you can call me 'uncle', but please, don't ever call me 'dad' again."

This makes Kiril smile with a devilish grin. "Yeah, I thought that was being a bit cruel", he says to me, "But I thought it was funny at the time. I wonder what he would've thought if he knew that I've actually fucked you before?" He stops for a second, then continues: “Is that what all this is about? That guy thinking that I was your son? Is that worrying you?”

“Well, I guess it came as a bit of a shock”, I respond, adding, “I guess it made me think that, if you are getting into something you’re not really ready for,….well, I guess I’m concerned that we may put too much into building a relationship that doesn’t last, is all. I mean, I don’t know anybody who’s still with the lover they had at your age.”

Kiril looks straight into my eyes. “Vlad”, he says, seriously, “I can see your concern, but I wouldn’t be with you right now unless I was absolutely sure about what I feel towards you. I also understand the risks in having a relationship considering our age differences, and I would never do anything to put either of us at risk. And, if in a couple of years we decide that it isn’t working anymore, we can at least stay friends.”

Kiril then starts to smile, and continues, “Don’t worry, Vlad, you’re way to young to actually be my father. And, anything we do together, I’m sure I’ll never regret having done it. In fact, I think I’ll remember the feeling of that big dick of yours inside me the first time we had sex. Sometimes, I wish that was something that we could share with the world. I bet we could make a lot of money selling videos of us together!” He smirks with a devilish grin after saying this.

"Now, Kiril, what we do with our penises when we are alone together is nobody else's business", I tell him, adding “I think that if we shared the special bond we have with each other, it somehow wouldn’t be so special.” I look over at the clock, then say to him "Well, maybe we should wash off before we go out to dinner?"

Kiril climbs off, and stands in front of me. "Sure, lets shower! Can you help me get my shorts of, daddy, Pleeease?", he says, in a childish voice, giggling. I put my hands on his hip, and reply, "Well, OK, but only if you're a good little boy, otherwise I'll have to spank you."

I pull his shorts off slowly, resting the waistband on his thin patch of blond pubis hairs, then pulls further until his hard penis finally springs free. "Oh, my, you really aren't such a little boy anymore, are you?", I say, as I slide his foreskin back from his glans. "Let's not play our toys right now. We can save it for later."

Kiril finishes removing his shorts, and I strip mine off as well. We walk into the bathroom, and shower quickly together, resisting our urge to play with each other's equipment. We dry off, and dress in street clothing, then go off to a local pizza restaurant for dinner.

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