My Young Gymnast:


Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people, nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Well, I've received quite a few e-mails, and aside from one, they have been much appreciated. I thank all my readers for their praise, but would like some ideas for future chapters. By this chapter, the sex has become quite heavy, and I'm not really sure where to go next. Perhaps new characters, or new situations? Give me your thoughts!

Chapter 7:

Kiril's First Shot:

We return from dinner, and I escort Kiril directly into the bedroom. I slowly remove his clothing, and he slowly strips me bare, as well. Finally, we are both naked, me sitting on the bed and Kiril standing in front of me, his hard penis pointing upward toward my face, his thin foreskin half retracted, straining at the tension. Suddenly, Kiril drops to his knees, and spreads my legs apart with his hands. Leaning forward, he circles the head of my penis with his tongue, and slips it under my foreskin, retracting it. I place my left hand on the back of his head, running my fingers through his soft blond hair. "Oh, Kiril, that feels so good", I moan softly.

Taking my significant penis fully into his mouth, I hear him gag a bit, as he presses his nose firmly into my pubic bush. "Careful, Kiril-I'm pretty big, and it might still be a bit too much for you yet." Kiril pulls back from my dick, and smiling, says, "Yeah, you are kinda big. I just wanted to do something special for you." He then goes back to licking me with his tongue, running it along the bottom side of my penis, until he reaches my balls. He carefully then sucks my left testicle into his mouth, then, next, the right one.

"Oh, that feels nice, Kiril, but I can't play with you if you're down there between my legs", I say to him. He stands up, and I pull his lean, tanned body closer to mine, until our hard poles touch each other's. "That's better", I say to him. I reach down, and feel his new blond pubic hairs. "I'm glad you've decided to let them grow", I tell him, "They make you look much more sexy."

Kiril climbs up onto the bed, his upward aiming penis pointing the way. I put my hands on his hips, and guide it straight to my open mouth, taking it completely. I suck his penis, until he retracts it, then I run my tongue under his tight foreskin. He moans lowly as I do this, then plunges it back inside my mouth. I stroke his slightly fuzzy balls as I suck his penis, until I move back, letting his penis spring free once again.

"As much as I'd like to keep sucking on this beautiful penis of yours, I really want to fuck you tonight", I tell him. "Are you OK with that?" I grasp his buttocks with my hands. Kiril responds, "Oh, yes, Vlad-you can fuck me as hard as you want to!"

I reach over to the bedside table, bringing  out the lube, 2 towels, and a latex exam glove. Putting the glove on my right hand, I say to Kiril, "I just want to be sure you're fully lubricated, first. I never want my big penis to cause pain for you." Kiril rolls over onto his chest, then spreads his legs wide, arching his back, as in a stretching exercise. Looking down at his perfect muscular butt cheeks and his lightly haired balls, I remark on how flexible he is, as I put a good amount of lube on my finger. Reaching forward, I slowly insert my index finger inside his hot, tight hole.

Kiril coos in pleasure as I press my digit inward, until it's fully inserted inside his rectum. Once I feel him loosening up a bit, I extract my finger, then insert it along with my middle finger, slowly and steadily. After a few second, even with 2 digits inside, he starts to loosen, and I'm able to insert them both fully. "Oh, Vlad, I need to feel your penis inside me now!", he says lustily, adding "Please, take me right now, like this."

I reach over to the bedside table and grab a condom. Quickly rolling it over my stiff dick, I spread a good deal of lube on the latex covering, then move up behind Kiril's widely spread buttocks, holding myself up by my hands, and stretching my legs out behind me, slightly spread apart. I slide my lubricated penis over his anus a few times before pushing gently against his little pink sphincter. Sliding easily past the opening, Kiril gasps a bit, until I stop and let his anal muscle loosen. "Oh, yes, Vlad! Slide it in  all the way!", he gasps. Slowly, I press inward, until, bit by bit, my large cock is buried fully inside my young boyfriend. "Oh, god, that feels good", he moans, as I slowly pump away at his tight hole.

After a minute or so, this position gets to be rather uncomfortable for me, and I ask Kiril to change positions. He agrees, so I pull out of his hole, he turns onto his back, then spreads his legs and grabs this calves with his hand, pointing his open anus upward for my easy access. I position myself on my knees in front of him, and plunge back inside his hole. He wraps his legs around my waist and puts his hands on my shoulder. "Hey, Vlad-I bet you could pick me up and fuck me this way standing", he suggests. I slide my hands around his hips, he wraps his hands around the back of my neck, and I lift him off the bed, kneeling, and slowly slide in and out of his hot hole a few strokes, before saying to him, "Well, that's nice, but my back's bothering me a bit today, so let's go back onto the bed, okay?" Kiril nods approval, so I slowly lower him back onto the bed.

I continue my pumping of his asshole, sliding slowly all the way in, then pulling completely out with each stroke, before plunging in again. Kiril looks up at me, and asks me, "Please, can you play with my dick, too?", as he slides his foreskin up and down his thin, rigid pole. I straighten up enough to keep my balance without using my hands, so that I can manipulate his penis and balls, while still pumping away at his hole. After a minute or so, I realize that I can't fuck as well in this position, and I ask if he would like to try a different position, one which would give me better access to his penis and allow me full range of motion for my fucking.

"Let's try this", I suggest to him, "I'll lay on my back, and you straddle me, your back to me, holding yourself up with your hands and feet. This way, you can help me fucking you, and I can jack you off." Kiril likes the idea, and, being as young and flexible as he is, I'm sure this would be the best way to go. I lay down on the bed, and Kiril positions himself on top of me, and I guide my penis to insert into my beautiful boy's butthole. He slides himself downward, impaling himself fully on my member, as I reach around his groin and start pulling on his tight foreskin.

With each stroke, Kiril's soft, blond hair rubs against my chin, and between both of our motions we manage to get a good length of  stroke (which pleases my boy quite a bit, judging by the noises he starts making). I keep working on his penis, sliding his foreskin while also fondling his balls and stroking his crotch with my other hand. Approaching climax, my breathing gets heavier, as does Kiril's, until I hear him stifle a grunt, exhale, and feel his sphincter contract. Kiril makes a slight whimper noise, then  lightly grunts, "oh, god!", as I feel his penis twitch in orgasm.

Holding his thin, but now extremely rigid dick between my thumb and forefinger, I look down and see him shoot a thin squirt of semen, which reaches all the way to his sternum. Between the constriction of his anus and the sight of my beautiful boy's first ejaculation, my penis erupts inside his hole, pumping the first of several volleys. Kiril then shoots a second shot, but it only reaches his navel, and further spasms only result in semen oozing out his slit. Finally spent, he relaxes, and settles down on my body, my penis still fully inside him. "Wow, that was awesome!", he chirps.

"Hey, that really was fabulous", I tell him, then, grasping his right hand, I continue, saying, "You should check something out." I guide his hand up to his chest, placing it over his sternum. He feels the small puddle of semen on it, and exclaims, "Did I do that??". I assure him that it was his own semen, and also inform him that I saw 2 distinct shots come out. "Wow, Vlad, the first time I've shot, and I managed two squirts!", he states. He then slides up, to let my penis slide free of his anus, then flips over, laying on my chest, his face in front of mine. "Vlad, I love you, and the sex we have together is incredible. What more could we want?", he asks, just before he kisses me on the lips.

I wrap my arms around his smooth, firm body, and we embrace for a few minutes, continuing to show our love for each other. Finally, we agree that we need to clean up, so we break our embrace, Kiril's body sticking slightly as he does, from his small puddle of semen between us. I peel the condom from my now partly flaccid penis, and toss it into the trash. Kiril jumps off the bed, still at least half erect, and motions me to come with him to the bathroom.

I follow him, and turn on the shower. Once the water warms up, we both enter the stall, and embrace again as the warm water covers our bodies.  Reaching for the soap, I start cleaning Kiril's shoulders, then his back. He turns around, his back facing me, and I continue lathering up his backside, from his buttocks, down to his calves. I lower myself to sit on the stool in the shower, my knees apart, as Kiril turns to face me. Carefully, I reach up to his still partially hard penis, and lather it both on the outside, as well as under his foreskin. "You have a very beautiful penis, Kiril", I say to him, as I rinse the soap off with water from the hand-held nozzle, then slide his foreskin back over the glans.

I finish washing the rest of his body, rinse it fully off, then say to him, "OK, I need to check your anus for swelling. We got  a bit carried away there, and I need to make sure my big dick didn't damage you." Kiril chuckles, saying, "OK, whatever", as he turns around, bends over, and spreads his cheeks with his hands, right in front of my face. I spray his hole off with water, and notice that it does look a bit red, so I ask him to wait, while I go get some hemorrhoid cream for him.

I run out to the medicine cabinet, pick up the tube, and hurry back to the shower, dripping water on the floor all the way. When I get back in the shower, Kiril bends all the way over, placing his hands on the floor, with his legs spread apart, arching his back, giving me an unencumbered access to his butthole. I gently spread a little cream on the ring of red flesh circling his sphincter, and as I do so, he moans, "oh, Vlad, that feels good.."  I make certain that the surface is well coated before I ask him to stand up. "Let me know if you have any discomfort, because there are other lotions and suppositories I can get you", I inform him.

"Oh, Vlad, I wouldn't worry about that. I've had guys with bigger dicks pound me a lot harder than that before", he responds. I put my hands on his shoulders, and look into his eyes. "You know, I really wish you'd cut back a bit on your business. I worry about your safety", I tell him. He smiles, but responds simply, "Yes, I know."

Finishing our shower, we turn off the water, and I reach into the towel cabinet for 2 big towels. I wrap one over Kiril's smooth, tanned shoulders, and start drying myself with the other. Kiril turns to face me, vigorously drying his back, which makes his softening penis slap from side to side, obviously for my visual enjoyment. I dry myself the same way, causing my penis to do the same, which makes Kiril giggle like a little boy. "If you bone up, we can have a dick-fight!", Kiril exclaims, smiling.

We finish drying, and I put my bath robe on. Kiril stands there, with the towel still over his shoulder,  "Would you like to watch a movie on TV tonight?", I ask him. He smiles, and responds, "Sure, anything that you'd like, Vlad. Could you carry me into the TV room?"  I  comply with his request, dropping to my knees, so that he can wrap his hands around my neck. He then wraps his legs around my body, pressing his dick against my stomach, and I support his buttocks with my hands. I stand up with Kiril wrapped around me, my robe open, and his shoulder still covered by his damp towel.

"You like to be babied by me, don't you?", I ask Kiril, as we look into each other's eyes, his nose touching mine. He smiles, and says, "Well, I do like the way you treat me, and, aside from Gavrel, nobody else ever has babied me".  "Well, Kiril, I hope you don't look at me as a father figure", I tell him, "because, seriously, we have more sex than ANY father should have with his son!"  I lightly stroke his balls hanging between his legs, and continue, "You are just too cute, Kiril. Please don't make me act appropriately with you".

I carry him into the TV room, and place him down on the couch. I snuggle up next to my sweet, damp blond, holding our bodies close together, despite the fact that it's still slightly warm. We watch the movie, our nude bodies entwined, and stop only long enough to get a snack. Finally, once the movie is finished, we go to the bedroom, Kiril leading the way, naked, having discarded his towel, with me following.

We both crawl into bed, and I turn off the light. Kiril snuggles up against my body, like 2 nested spoons, my penis pressed against his buttocks, his shoulders against my chest, his soft, straight blond hair under my chin. "Goodnight, Vlad-I love you", he softly says. "I love you, too, Kiril", I lightly reply.

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