My Young Gymnast:


Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people,  nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Chapter 8:

Breakfast with Kiril:

The sun streams in through a gap in my curtains, shining onto my face, waking me. Curled up next to me, lays my beautiful Kiril, his lean, firm, tanned body mostly uncovered, laying on his side, breathing lightly. I carefully slide myself out of bed, being careful to not wake my sleeping boy. I put on my robe, head to the kitchen, and start the coffee maker.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, I reflect on the  night just passed. I recall the scent of his clean body as we embraced, the softness of his blond hair, the feeling of his rounded nose as it touched my cheek when we kissed, and the feeling of his tight, warm sphincter squeezing my hard penis as I fucked him. Then, the memory of his first ejaculation, how his long, thin penis twitched, and that thin stream of semen shot out, landing on his hairless chest. My penis stiffens as I reminisce.

"Good Morning", I hear from behind my left shoulder, ending my daydream. I turn to look, and there stands Kiril, nude, his hair disheveled, and his penis uncharacteristically flaccid. He smiles, and walks over to me. "Good Morning, Sunshine", I say, as I further mess up his flaxen head. I reach around, and pull him closer to me, so that we can kiss.

He presses up against me, and, feeling my erection, says "Well, that didn't take long!" I place my hands on either side of his chest, holding him at arm's length, and reply, "No, not with a boy as beautiful as you, Kiril." He chuckles, and retorts, "Aw, Vlad, I just woke up, and I look like a mess. I'm not much of a morning person, you know."

"Did you sleep well?", I ask, as I slide my hands down his hips, then down to his thighs. He replies, "Yes, actually, I did. Did you sleep well?" I reply that I did, as well, then continue, "Did you know that you twitch in your sleep?"

Kiril laughs, then adds, "Yeah, Gavrel says I twitch like a sleeping cat! So, because of that, I used to start licking his ear when he was sleeping! He hated that." Kiril smiles, then continues, "You snore, did you know that?" "Yes, I've been told so", I reply.

He turns his head, looking at the coffee maker, and continues, "Hey, you made coffee!" Breaking free, he walks over to the counter, and I admire his severely muscular butt cheeks as he strides. I tell him to bring the carafe over to the table, which he does. I continue to watch his svelte body as he walks back, carrying the coffee carafe with him.

He places the carafe on a pad and pours himself a cup, adding cream and sugar to it. Testing it, he finds it too hot, so he puts it down to cool. I'm stirring sugar into my coffee, when Kiril picks up the cream dispenser, and asks me, "Do you want any cream?" I take the cream from him, replying, "Yes, thanks, but I'd really like to try a bit more of your cream, sunshine", as I stroke my finger down the shaft of his long, thin penis.

I slide off my seat, kneeling in front of Kiril, and take his mostly limp penis into my mouth. He tastes a little sweaty, but is quite pleasant overall, and very quickly becomes fully erect. Once his shaft was hard, I slide it out, then spend a minute or two sucking on his nearly hairless balls. Returning to his penis, I bury my nose in his sparse blond pubes, and suck him strongly as he grabs my head with his hands. "Oh, Vlad...", he whimpers, as I continue sliding his penis in and out of my mouth, running my tongue along the bottom as he thrusts.

Sensing that he is close to orgasm, I bury my nose back into his blond pubic patch, and grasp his butt cheeks with my hands. Gasping for air and grunting, he shoots his first volley of sweet semen, followed by a second, smaller shot, then a third. Catching his breath, I feel his tense muscles relax, so I ungrasp my hold on his butt, and release his shiny penis. He places his hands on my shoulders, and says to me, "Thanks, Vlad", then kneels down and kisses me.

"OK, your turn", he says, as he opens my robe, and slides it off my shoulder. I stand up, and my erect penis grazes his cheek. He quickly wraps his lips around it, and swallows it completely, not stopping until he has the head of my penis buried back between his tonsils, and his soft, round nose buried in my pubic hair. I can tell that my large penis is just about as much as he can handle, and when he slides back, I can hear him catch his breath. "Careful, Kiril, I don't want you to gag", I say softly to him. He turns his brown eyes up to look at me, while my penis fills his mouth. Slowly, he starts pumping my penis, and in only a few seconds, I explode inside his orifice, shooting a couple good size volleys, which he swallows.

I slide out, and sit back down on the chair. "Wow, that didn't take long", I exclaim, adding, "I hope I didn't disappoint you, but something about those big  brown eyes of yours looking up at me just made me want to cum!"  Kiril stands up, and replies, "Well, this was just a quickie, anyway". He reaches over to grasp his coffee cup, and brings it to his lips.

I'm admiring his nude body as he drinks the coffee, looking at his tanned skin, the light fuzz on his arms, and his new blond pubic hairs sprouting from the base of his still partially erect dick. It's still elongated, pointing out in a downward arc to his half covered glans. Suddenly, he spills a bit of coffee on his abdomen and his penis. "Here, let me take care of that", I say to him, as I bend forward, and lick the coffee from his penis, to his abdomen, and up his stomach with my tongue.

"Well, thank you, Vlad", he says, as I sit back down on my chair. He puts his coffee cup back down, then comes over, straddles me on the chair, and sits on my thighs, his penis and mine touching, and his hands on my shoulders. "Vlad, I was wondering if maybe next week, we could go back to the beach, but this time bring Gavrel and Sergei along with us? You could make it a present for my birthday."

I place my hands on his bare hips, and reply to him, "Sure, kiddo, I think that would be a great idea". I look at his sweet, smiling face, and continue, "Wow, you're going to turn 13. Sometimes I feel like you're about to turn 30, but then I look at your body, and remember just how young you really are, Kiril." I slide my finger over the sparse blond pubic hairs on the base of his softening penis, which results in it becoming erect again.

"You know, Kiril, when I was 13, I was hopelessly in love with a boy who didn't share my desires. He was so beautiful, and I was absolutely smitten with him. It was because of him that I started doing gymnastics, and, when I finally realized that he wasn't ever going to be in love with me, I kind of gave up on it. Still, it was good for my body, and I don't regret spending the time on gymnastics, but I never had the talent you have."

Kiril asks me, "So, what ever happened to this boy you were so in love with? What was his name? Did he go on to any fame in gymnastics?" I smile, and reply to him, "He's your coach, Dmitri. He was incredibly beautiful when I first met him-a bit like you, but taller. Also, his hair was darker, but his body was amazing, just like yours." I touch Kiril's chest with my hand, and continue, "But, unfortunately, he wasn't gay, and wasn't interested in me that way. I'm glad we're still friends, but how I wanted much, much more from him."

"Vlad", Kiril tells me, as he looks straight into my eyes, "You can be sure that I do love you, and if there's anything you want from me, all you need to do is ask. I would do absolutely anything for you, you know." I hug Kiril, and tell him, "Thanks, I appreciate that."

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