My Young Gymnast:


Setting: Industrial city in southern Russia, in the mid-late 1990’s

Disclaimer: My stories are fiction. None of the people in my stories are actual people,  nor are any of the situations based on reality.

Sorry about the delay, but I've been quite busy, and this chapter just kept getting longer and longer. I will answer any questions or comments (trolls and spam excluded).

Chapter 9:

A Day With the Boys:

It was early in the morning on the day that Kiril and I had planned to go to the beach with Gavrel and Sergei. When Kiril had told Gavrel about the outing we'd had a couple weeks previous, Gavrel told him about somebody he knew who's family was in a naturist group, and that they also used this beach. Not only did they swim there, but there was a good number of well-marked hiking trails in the area, and that nude hiking was quite common there. Kiril liked the idea of hiking nude, and had convinced me to do the same with them. Also, since this is the day before his 13th birthday, I thought it would be a nice birthday gift.

So, as a result, I had filled my car with all the things we'd need for a day of swimming, hiking, and general relaxation. I'd also finally bought a pair of hiking boots, and worn them for several days to break them in before our excursion. Kiril assured me that Gavrel would take care of getting maps and such. I did my part by getting things like water bottles and a first aid kit ready for the trip.

The doorbell rings, and I go to open it, wearing only my robe. Kiril is standing outside, alone, wearing a pair of synthetic athletic shorts, sneakers, a sleveless synthetic shirt, a cloth fishing cap, and a backpack. "Gav and Sege will be along in about 30 minutes", he says, smiling, as he comes inside my door and puts his pack down on the floor and kicks his sneakers off. Next, he comes over to me, unties the belt of my robe, opens it, wraps his hands around by body,  and hugs me, his head pressed against my hairy chest.

Looking up at me, he says, "I'm really looking forward to this day, Vlad. Thank you so much". He then squeezes me tight, and I feel my penis growing as he presses his warm, clothed body against me. Next, he loosens his grip, backs away slightly from me, and remarks, "Gee, you're horny this morning!" He looks up at me again, than continues, "I hope you haven't put the sunscreen on yet, 'cause I want to do it this time!"

We both giggle, and I pick Kiril up and carry him into the bathroom, where the large bottle of sunscreen is located, dropping my robe along the way. Once in the bathroom, I manage to slip his tight shirt off his muscled torso, and quickly remove his shorts, permitting his already rigid penis to bounce free. I take a large towel, and place it on the floor. Next, I lay face-down on the towel, and ask Kiril to squirt the sunscreen on me.

He takes the bottle, and squirts a stream of lotion from my neck down my back, and all over my buttocks. Then, placing the bottle back on the sink, he straddles my body with his knees, and starts massaging the lotion into my shoulders. He works his way down my back, and I can feel his penis sliding back and forth between my butt cheeks. Next, he moves down, and massages by buttocks, remarking at how nice they look as he does so. Finishing, he adds lotion to each leg, and works it into each one, before asking me to turn over.

Of course, by now my penis is as enlarged as it can possibly be. Placing the bottle of lotion next to me, Kiril moves so that our penises are pressed against each other, then bends forward to kiss me on the lips. I reach around, grabbing his muscular butt, and ask him, "Hey, maybe we should get off before we continue with the lotion?" Kiril nods his head in agreement, and I wrap my fingers around our 2 rigid penises, and start stroking them up and down.

As I slowly stroke them up and down, watching our foreskins alternately cover and retract from our dick heads. I stop with both covers retracted, and look at our glans' pressed together, Kiril's much smaller in diameter, even though his penis is now almost as long as mine. I'm already leaking a bit of pre-cum as I resume stroking out love poles, and I can see that Kiril is holding back, waiting to ejaculate.

"Hold on, I'm almost there", I pant, as I stroke our shafts quicker. Kiril bites his lower lips, and closes his eyes. "Unh...I....can't hold on....much...longer..", he grunts through his clenched lip, as he grasps his hands together behind his head. Finally, after a couple more strokes, he grunts "UNH!", then squirts a thin stream that hits my chin, followed a couple of seconds later by a second volley, as my own penis erupts.

Kiril shoots a 3rd shot, and a very small 4th, as my penis pumps 6 or 7 times, emptying my testicles of what seems like a week's woth of semen. "Wow, Vlad, that was great!", Kiril exclaims, as he squeezes out the last drop of semen from his slender penis. I reach over for a smaller towel, and wipe the semen off my chest and chin, telling him, "You know, you hit my chin with that first one, kid!"

Kiril smiles, and tells me, "Yeah, I've been saving that one up, just for you. hope you liked it." I assure him that indeed, I did, as he resumes spreading lotion on my chest. As he's working it in, we kiss again, and I hold his groin tightly against mine, our deflating penises pressing together. Rolling over, I have Kiril now laying on the bare floor, so I grab the bottle of lotion, and squirt a copious amount onto his stomach, which makes him convulse in laughter. "Damn, that's cold!", he squeals, as I start rubbing it into the skin of his stomach and abdomen. Next, I grasp his now mostly flaccid penis, and squirt a bit of lotion onto it, then work it onto the shaft, and even run a bit of lotion under his foreskin with my finger. Finishing, I massage his now slightly fuzzy testicles, working my way down to his crotch.

"Hey, you know, we're both missing a lot of important areas", he complains, as he grabs the bottle and squirts some lotion into his hands. "I still haven't got your stomach and your dick covered!", he adds. So, I straddle him a little closer, allowing his hands access to finish coating my stomach, then m abdomen, and eventually my penis. He lightly massages my penis with his slender fingers, carefully coating all the skin, and quite thouroughly covering my balls, as well. Then, I finish off by doing his shoulders, then have him flip over onto his stomach, so that I can coat his entire backside. I spend a good bit of time massaging his spectacular, firm buttocks, but since we're running short on time, I don't linger too long.

Finally finished, we both get up, and I put the soiled towels into the hamper. I go to the bedroom to put on a pair of shorts and a shirt, while Kiril goes to the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee. The doorbell rings, and before I can get out to answer it, I hear Kiril bounding to the door. "Come on in", I hear him say, and the door closes behind the boys. I finally get to the door, and there is Kiril, still completely naked, Gavrel (wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt), and Sergei, whom I haven't met yet (wearing a pair of denim shorts and a muscle shirt).

Sergei is 16, and is quite well built for a boy his age, yet still has a good bit of boyish charm. His hair is brown, and he has a very nice smile. Gavrel speak first, saying, "I hope we aren't interrupting anything", looking over at his naked cousin. Kiril responds, "Nah, nothing that you 2 weren't doing when I left an hour ago". Both Sergei and Gavrel smile, then Sergei says, "Well, Kiril's not hard, so I guess we didn't walk in on anything." Looking down at Kiril's now limp penis, Sergei continues, "Hey, it looks like you've finally sprouted some pubes!"

I show the boys to the kitchen, set them down, and serve them coffee. Gavrel tells us all about the hiking trails and the mud baths at the beach, which seems to excite Kiril. I ask Sergei if he's comfortable with doing these naturist activities, and he replies, "Well, I've never done stuff like this, but I'm not shy about my body, if that's what you mean. I'm just worried that I might get an erection." I assure him that he really doesn't have to worry about that, at least not with us.

"Well, Kiril and I have been there before, when we were much younger", Gavrel continues. "Of course, Kiril loved playing nude outside, and he climbed up so many trees, my mom nicknamed him 'squirrel'. That name stuck with him for quite a while!" Kiril, standing in front of his seated cousin, replies, "Gee, thanks, Gav! Now everybody is going to start calling me that again!"

I ask Gavrel what brought him and Kiril to that beach, and he responds, "Well, you couldn't keep clothing on him-he was always going naked, so his mom heard about  this place, and we went there. Kiril enjoyed it so much, he wouldn't even put clothing on for the trip home."

I mention to Gavrel and Sergei that  the sun is going to be quite strong today, and that they'll need to wear sunscreen all over. Sergei responds, "Yeah, we, uh..., already put lotion all over each other earlier." Gavrel smirks, and I knew that they had at least as much fun doing it as Kiril and I did. "Aw, damn", Kiril interjects, "I was hoping that we could apply it ourselves. I want to see Vlad's reaction when he sees how big your dick gets."

The boys chuckle, and Gavrel adds, "Yes, it's true- Sergei has a big dick." I add, "We'll be at the beach soon enough, and we'll all be able to check each other out. Except for Kiril, since he's been with all of us at one time or another."

We're riding along the road to the beach in my car, and even with the windows open, it's extremely hot inside. Kiril was the first to remove his shirt, and within a few miles, the rest of us have, as well. Along the way, we start talking.

Vlad: "So, Gav, you mentioned that Kiril couldn't keep his clothing on as a kid? Did this ever cause any problems?"

Gavrel: "Well, there was one time when a woman from the neighborhood was visiting with her daughter, and Kiril comes in, naked, and starts talking to the girl. the girl's mother was a bit uncomfortable about that."

Kiril:  "Do you remember your friend Alexei, that time when his mom came early, and caught me and him comparing penis sizes? She was pissed!"

Gavrel: "Yeah, I do. I kinda had a crush on him, but somehow you managed to get your hands on him before I could. Oh, by the way, she wouldn't allow him to visit me again after that, so thanks a lot, squirrel!"

Kiril chuckles.

Kiril: "Hey, you got him in the end. I remember when you told me about the 2 of you when you finally had oral sex. I only got to feel his dick, you know."

Sergei: "Sounds like Kiril was a horny little bastard! How old was he when he felt your friend up?"

Gavrel: "Oh, maybe 6? I remember that when I finally got alone with Alexei when we were about 10, and we both got naked, the first thing he said was 'Gee, your'e smaller than Kiril!'"

Kiril squirms in his seat, a bit uncomfortably. Then, he starts to wiggle out of his shorts.

Kiril: "All this talk is making me hard, and my big dick feels confined in these"

He pulls his short completely off, leaving him seated, naked, with the seatbelt across his bare skin. His penis is fairly erect, and he slides his foreskin back.

Kiril: "Ahhh...the breeze feels nice on my pecker...."

Vlad: "Hey, what did I tell you about riding naked in the car? I mean, seriously, Kiri, you're gonna be naked almost all day. Do you have to bring that monster out now?"

Kiril: "Don't worry, I'll put my shirt over my dick if we pass anybody. Besides, when I was younger, I used to ride naked in the car a lot. In fact, I noticed that a lot of truck drivers used to check me out when we passed them. I used to give them a bit of a show, too!"

Gavrel: "He's telling the truth! He used to play with his penis every time we passed a truck! A lot of divers would toot their horn for him, too!"

Kiril: "Don't worry, Vlad, I won't flash anybody. I'm just kinda hot, here. This car is like a sardine can in the summer, you know!"

Sergei: "Yeah, just what the hell is this pile of junk, anyways? The motor sounds like a chainsaw, and the exhaust stinks!"

Vlad: "Well, it's a Wartburg, and in communist Germany, it was considered a luxury car, if you can believe it. It's very simple, and very reliable, and being a wagon, it has lots of space, too."

Kiril: " The story I heard is that he got it as payment for sex back when he used to sell his ass for money."

Sergei: "Wow, Vlad, you used to do this?"

Vlad: "Yes, I did, but I was older when I did it.  And, this car was payment for an entire week I spent with a nice German guy, and he only fucked me twice the whole week."

Sergei: "Wow, an whole car just for getting your ass reamed twice? You must've been good!"

Gavrel: "Were there guys our age working back then?"

Vlad: "I knew of a couple, but nobody as young as Kiril, though. That's why I worry about you guys. Prostitution is a risky job sometimes."

Sergei: "Yeah, I remember htis one guy that Kiril pissed off! He was new, and I wouldn't let him work a customer alone, so we both took care of this one Australian guy. I didn't quite understand what he was asking, but Kiril told me that he wanted him to 'talk dirty' to him while the guy was sucking Kiril's penis."

Kiril: "Yeah, I thought he just wanted to hear me swear, so I started calling him nasty names."

Sergei chuckles.

Sergei: "Yeah, then the guy called you a...what did he call you? A wanker? Then he slapped Kiril on the face."

Vlad: "Well, you're lucky if that's the worst you've had happen. I knew a guy who just disappeared one night, and nobody knows what happened to him."

A couple minutes of silence follow.

Vlad: "Well, sorry to lay that on you, but these things have happened. But, for today, you can just be kids, without having to worry about the real world.."

We turn off the main road and start bouncing down the long dirt road to the beach. Kiril is reclining in the passenger seat, his hands behind his head, and his uncovered penis laying over across this left thigh. We continue down to the area that we went to before, and park the car. Kiril puts on his cap and his sneakers, and jumps out of the car, joining the other boys at the tailgate. I hand each of them stuff to bring to the beach: Sergei carrying the cooler,  Gavrel carrying the bags, and Kiril brings the volleyball poles and net. As they walk towards the beach, I admire seeing Kiril's bare buttocks in the daylight.

As we are setting up the stuff we brought, Gavrel fairly quickly loses his shorts, and Sergei, being a bit more reserved, waits until I also do so, before becoming naked himself. Finally, Kiril  stands at the shoreline, and yells to us, "Well, c'mon-let's go in the water!". He runs into the surf, quickly followed by Gavrel. Sergei and I walk together into the warm surf, joining them. We all splash around in the water for a while, and Kiril gropes me underwater several times as we play. Finally, after we tire out, we all walk back onshore together, and Sergei and I lay down on our towels, while Gavrel and Kiril check out the sand for shells.

As they walk the sand, they are joined by a deeply tanned younger boy with brown hair. The 3 boys find quite a few shells, and the younger boy seems to be giving them information about them. After a few minutes, Kiril and the boy head over to me. At this point, I can see the boy a bit clearer- he issimilar to Kiril in build, both being very lean and fairly muscular, and both having fairly large penises for their bodies (although the younger boy was still hairless). As they walk towards me, I can see that the younger boy's penis bounces more than Kiril's larger, more mature  dick does.

"Hey, Vlad", Kiril says as he approaches, "This is Pavel. He was wondering if we could go hike up that hill over there-he says there is a great view up at the top". I say hello to Pavel, and he smiles as he responds. Pavel tells me that the trail isn't too long, and that they could be up and back in about an hour. I tell Pavel that it would be OK, as long as he gets approval from his parents first. Pavel smiles, and says that would be OK. Gavrel approaches, and tells me that he would like to join them on their hike.

Pavel (to Kiril): You'll want to take some water along. Do you have a pack and a canteen?

Kiril: No, I didn't bring a pack, but we do have water bottles.

Pavel: That's OK-I have a pack.

Kiril: Nice. Will there be people up there who aren't naked? Should we wear shorts?

Pavel: Not likely, but you might want to carry some in the pack. We usually go naked, so it's not a problem.

Kiril: OK, let's go get your pack and talk to your mom, then we'll come back and get the water, OK?

Pavel: Sure!

Pavel, Kiril, and Gavrel start heading down the beach to where Pavel's family is camped. I ask Sergei if he's going to go with them. "No, that's OK-I'd rather just stay here and relax with you", he says, smiling.

A few minutes later, Pavel, Gavrel, and Kiril come running up the shore. Pavel is now wearing a red cap, sneakers, and a backpack. As he runs, his longish penis bounces up and down. The 3 boys run up and stop, then Kiril and Gavrel start going through their stuff to prepare. Kiril puts on his cap, and Gavrel finds a fishing hat to wear. Both lace on their sneakers, and they put 2 bottles of water in the pack and my camera. Finally, each boy puts a pair of shorts int the smaller boy's pack, and they zip it up.

Kiril: Here, let me wear that-it's mostly our stuff inside it, anyways.

He hoists the pack over his firm, muscular shoulders, and the 3 boys head to the trail.

Sergei (to Vlad): Well, that Pavel is a little cutie, isn't he? I bet he's happy that he found a couple other gay boys near his age.

Vlad: You get the feeling Pavel is gay?

Sergei: Oh, yes, quite certainly.

I watch the 3 boys as they head up the trail, their muscular thighs and buttocks moving as they walk.

I'm laying down, letting the hot sun warm my naked body,  watching the gently surf. Sergei is laying on his towel, face up. his large penis flopped diagonal across his abdomen.

Sergei: You know, Kiril is really in love with you.

Vlad (hesitating): Yeah....I  know, I know.

Sergei: You sound concerned about it. Why?

Vlad: Well, I keep having this feeling that he's too young, that I'm taking advantage of his youth, or that someday, he'll realize that I'm almost 15 years older than he is, and that he'd really be happier with somebody closer to his own age.

Sergei: Oh, I doubt that. Kiril has always been attracted to 'older men', most of them a good bit older than you. And as far as 'taking advantage' of him, he was probably the horniest 11 year old I ever met!

Vlad: I've been meaning to ask you about that. You really fucked him with that big dick of yours when he was just 11?

Sergei: Yeah,....I did. I'm sorry, but I just found him so cute. And, besides, I had to get him used to being fucked, if he was going to sell his body.

Sergei looks down at the sand for a few seconds, then continues:

Sergei: You know, when we had sex, I was very careful to loosen him up, first. Gavrel helped, massaging Kiril and helping him relax. I used rubber gloves, and lubed him up well as I loosened his butthole up with my fingers, and finally, when I slid my penis inside him, he was very, very relaxed.

I look at Sergei, who had turned onto his side. His penis was now nearly fully erect, his foreskin retracted. He smiles at me, then rolls over onto his face.

Sergei: Even talking about it now makes me hard. He was soooo nice to fuck, and he enjoyed it so much, too. I mean, he stayed hard through the whole thing.

Vlad: You know, Kiril is the only boy his age I've ever had sex with. Before him, I never fucked around with anybody younger than you are. It's just that,...well,...Kiril just seems so mature.

Sergei: Yeah, sometimes I think he was born 20 years old.

Sergei and I talk for a while longer, waiting for the return of the boys. After about an hour, I can hear their voices in the distance, and look up to see them coming down the trail. Pavel is leading them, skipping along, with his long penis bouncing with each step. Kiril starts to run to catch him, his larger dick slapping from side to side as he runs. Pavel then breaks into a full gallop, and Gavrel also joins in the race back to the campsite. Gavrel, with hsi longer runner's legs, and also being unencumbered with a pack, quickly overtakes the 2 younger boys, as all 3 come tearing into our little area.

Kiril: Whew, I didn't think you could run that fast, Pavel!

He says as he removes his pack, and kicks off his sneakers. Pavel also removes his sneakers and cap, and Gavrel does the same.

Kiril: You guys want to go for a swim?

Pavel: Yeah, that sounds good-gotta get this dust off our bodies, you know!
Finally completely undressed, all 3 boys run into the water. They splash around for a while, then all 3 come out together, and head to where Sergei and I are sunbathing.

Vlad: So, did you boys enjoy your hike?

Gavrel: Yeah, it was nice! What a great view, too!

Kiril: Yeah, it was great-thanks, Pavel!

Gavrel and Kiril dry their bodies dry, while Pavel stand there, his wet body glistening in the sun.

Kiril (to Pavel): Hey, since you don't have a towel, let me dry you off.

Kiril walks over to Pavel, and places his towel on Pavel's wet shoulders. Standing facing him, he starts to dry Pavels body. He runs the towel down Pavel's front side, and across his penis. From where I'm sitting, it looks like Pavel has become partially erect. Kiril then stands up, and asks Pavel to turn around, to dry his backside. Pavel stands upright, his back arched slightly outwards, and his longish penis already semi-erect. Kiril dries the boy's backside, and continues talking.

Kiril: You've got a nice tan-do you come here often?

Pavel: Yes, almost every weekend, in fact. My mom has been taking us here since I was a little kid.How about you?

Kiril: This is only the second time I've been here, with Uncle Vlad.

Pavel: Are you guys naturists?

Kiril: Well, sorta. Gavrel and I just like being naked, especially here on the beach.

Pavel turns around, and faces Kiril. I notice Kiril looking down at Pavel's enlarged penis. Pavel smiles at Kiril, and I hear him softly say to him:

Pavel (whispering): You have a nice body, Kiril.

Kiril: Ah, ...well,...thank you, Pavel.

Pavel rolls up the towel, and Pavel bends down to pull a shirt and shorts out of the backpack. He tosses the shorts onto the sand, and unrolls the shirt, a blue polyester, soccer-style shirt.

Pavel: It's kinda getting breezy, so I think I'm gonna put a shirt on.

He slips theshirt over his firm shoulders, and slides it down. It fits his upper body perfectly, stopping just a bit below the waist, leaving his firm buttock and his smooth genetalia uncovered.

Pavel: Hey, you said you have a volleyball set-can we put it up?

Gavrel goes over and picks up the poles and net, as Kiril and Pavel join him. Sergei gets up, and helps them set up the equipment. After a few minutes, they have the net set up, and Kiril comes over to get the ball.

Kiril: Would you like to join us?

Vlad: No, that's OK. I'll just keep score.

Kiril goes back, and the boys decide on teams. Kiril and Pavel team up together, against Sergei and Gavrel. After a few minutes, Kiril and Pavel show that, despite their small stature, both are formidible opponents. Also, from where I sit, I get a great view of these 2 very well-endowed boys as they leap, stretch, dive and bounce. Both boys are at the peak of physical condition, and use their toned bodies to the fullest. Finally, after maybe 1/2 hour, they end their game, and all 4 of them sit near me, the older boys on my left, and the younger boys on my right.

Pavel is sitting indian-style, and seems to be figiting eith his now flaccid penis. Kiril turns to him, and asks what's wrong.

Pavel: Oh, I got some sand under my foreskin, and it's bothering me.

At that moment, Pavel, holding his penis upright between his fingers, retracts his foreskin fully, and using the hem of his shirt, attempts to clean the sand off his glans and skin. As he does so, Kiril leans over, and whispers to him, in a barely audible volume,

Kril (whispering): Thanks for the show.

Pavel smiles, slides his foreskin back, and says to Kiril

Pavel: You're welcome.

The boys take their towels, and lay them out to sunbathe a while. Kiril lays his right in front of me, and lays on it frontside down, with his legs apart, giving me a great view of his crotch and balls. Pavel stays seated on the sand, and the 2 of them have a private conversation. As they talk, I notice that Pavel occasionally sub-consciously strokes his penis. Finally, after a few minutes, Pavel stands up, and gathers his things into his pack.

Pavel: Well, I'd better be getting back to my mom. Thanks for the game.

Kiril: Oh, thanks for the tour! And, I'll give you a call sometime soon!

Pavel slings the pack over his shoulder, then turns and walks away. As he walks, I notice that Kiril is watching Pavel's firm buttocks as he strides down the beach.

Finally, Sergei breaks the silence.

Sergei: Well, Kiril, you want to fuck him?

Kiril rolls over and gives Sergei a dirty look.

Kiril: Man, you are soooo crude!

Gavrel: Well, cousin, it's obvious that you like him, and he likes you! I mean, I think we all saw him pop a rod when you were talking.

Kiril: Well, he's cute, and he obviously likes me a lot, but really, he's too young for me.

Gavrel: (snorts), Kiril, he's only a little over 1 year younger than you! He said that he was going to be 12 in 3 months, and by that age, you were having a lot of sex!

Kiril: (sighs), Yeah, but he's so innocent, you know. I mean, we've all had our asses fucked more times than we can count. He's just a sweet boy who needs gay friends. You know, he told me he just found his first pubic hair last week! I doubt he's ever even felt another boy's dick, yet!

Vlad: Maybe you could be a friend for him. Just, don't make any sexual moves to him. If he wants that, he'll be the one to make the first move. I think he sees something in you that he can relate to.

After a while, it starts to cloud up, and the wind picks up a bit as well. Kiril stands up, and puts his t-shirt on, saying that he's feeling a bit cold. I suggest to the boys that we should probably start getting ready to head back to town, and they agree.

Kiril: Hey, Vlad, I'm going to go over to say goodbye to Pavel. I'll be back in a minute.

He turns around, and jogs over to where Pavel and his mom were located, while Sergei, Gavrel and I put our shorts and shirts on. I look over towards the other site, and see the 2 boys, both wearing only t-shirts, leaving their long penises exposed, talking with Pavel's mom, a middle-aged woman. Finally, I see Kiril shake both their hands, turn around, and run quickly back to our site, his long dick bouncing and slapping against his thighs as he sprints towards us.

After Kiril arrives, he helps us stow the gear, still dressed only wearing a shirt. Finally we have all the gear stowed in the car, and Kiril puts on his shorts just before entereing the passenger seat. Buckling in, I start up the motor, and we slowly head down the trail, then turn onto the main road, just as it starts to drizzle.

Kiril (to Vlad): Thanks, Vlad, for this wonderful day.

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