Written by Thunderchild

Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.

This story is fictional based on fictional characters. Any similarity to any person living or dead is coincidence.

This is my first in a very long time, and I have never written anything like this before.

This story may contain man/teen boy or man/pre-teen boy or teen/pre-teen boy sex. It may contain no sex at all. I haven't decided yet. This is purely fantasy.

If this is legal for you to read and is the sort of stuff you enjoy reading then read and enjoy. If this is not legal for you to read or is not the sort of stuff that you enjoy then do not read.

Chapter 1 : Introductions.

Hi. My name is Nathan. I am 16.

I have not made up my mind yet whether I am a boylover or bi or straight or what. David tells me that such things are not set in stone at my age, and that whatever becomes my strongest attraction, I should be proud of who and what I am, and can be proud of who and what I am so long as I do not hurt others intentionally and especially not for my own selfish gain.

I think I can live with that. It does not seem as if I have much choice in the matter.

I am attracted to girls my own age, as well as slightly older and slightly younger. I will admit that. There are also a couple of guys my own age who I am attracted to. I will admit that, just not to very many people.

I spend a lot of my time in the company of boys and a couple of girls with the ages from 7 to 12. I will admit that. I am not prepared to admit to being sexually attracted to them though, but the thought has crossed my mind. More than once.

When I can, I also spend time with David. I love him more than he knows. I wonder sometimes if I am developing a crush on him. But I will not admit that. Not yet anyway. And not to him.

Does he even know what I think? He jokes around the issue sometimes, as does my best friend Bob. But do they know that I am bi? Do they even suspect? They joke like that with each other as well, and I know that Bob is straight.

Anyway, on with the story.

I have known Bob for the last 3 years, ever since we moved in to the house next door to him. Being about the same age, we became friends quickly. We have similar tastes in music and girls, and we both like riding our mountain bikes. We have some differences though. Bob loves motorbikes. I am not so sure. Bob also loves cars and computers. While I use both, I do not really care a great deal for either.

I first met David a couple of years ago through Bob. Bob and David have known each other for many years, and met through Bob's family. At the time I didn't think much of him. An older guy, late 20's or early 30's, and not much to look at. But he seemed kind, and Bob certainly liked him – often David was all that Bob could talk about.

Back then they had only just started really getting to know each other. Their love of bikes and their both being ADHD is what brought them together, at least as far as I know. David's understanding and acceptance of Bob at a time when most could not handle him, or simply would not handle him meant a lot to him, and I have since found out that Bob credits David with saving his life - like so many other ADHD teens, when David came into his life, Bob was contemplating suicide. And like I have seen many times since, when a boy needed him, David was there.

On this day there was only time for a brief introduction before Bob and David headed out for whatever they were doing that day. I remember it well. He smiled, greeted me with a warm handshake, made small talk as if genuinely interested in me, then he and Bob headed off. I felt like there was a depth of kindness and... something else I could not and still cannot identify within him. A kind of sadness and longing and loss and all sorts of other stuff tucked away just below the surface, neither openly shown nor hidden, but reserved for those who he felt worthy or needy of seeing it. I guess in a way that overwhelmed me, and that is why I did not think much more of him at the time.

Over the next few months we started to get to know each other better. Sometimes David would sit and talk with me, but we never had much time together. We were always out with Bob somewhere, and with Bob being ADHD, he always interrupted. I wondered often, late at night, what it was that made David want to talk to me alone, to get to know me. While not really hounding me, on those brief times we could talk he took a real interest in hearing about me.

But I would not get that chance.

Bob and David are totally at ease with each other. We go out swimming together fairly often, but they tend to go every week. They have changed together so often that neither tries to hide himself from the other. Myself, I cannot do this with either of them, even though we have changed in places where both of them have been naked in front of me, casually talking about whatever, while I have kept myself covered. Even in private rooms, I will always keep myself covered.

While Bob has teased me about it sometimes, David has always reassured me – even joking once that while he would love to see me naked, it would be on my own time and my own terms, and until then there was no shame in being shy or, (in some sort of reference to or comparison with Bob), “Saving the best for last”.

I write this now because things are changing. It is now Autumn, 2005. I am 16, completely a virgin (but I will neither admit nor deny that!), never even been kissed.

I know now that many opportunities were missed during the summer. Bob and David introduced me to some of their other friends - mainly also motorcyclists. They also took me to their 'special spot'. We live in a coastal town, and in this town there is a little point that juts well out into the sea. While narrow, it is fairly flat and grassy. But at the end of it, just off to one side is a ledge, and once you have climbed down to this ledge you have yourself a secluded and fairly sheltered private ocean view. Unless you know where it is and how to get there, you cannot even spy on someone there. It is also possible to climb down to a fairly unused beach. Even passing boats would not see someone there.

Both of them have been on at me to go out for a ride with David on his cruiser. A nice bike, one I would like to ride with him on, but something always comes up. Last time it was a sports injury. Both of them hassled me about being to scared to go, and I think David was a bit upset with me as he'd given up something else so I could go for a ride that night. But later, after talking to Bob's mother about my sports injury and realising I was honestly sore and did not believe I could ride, he came back to my house just to apologise to me.

For a long time now I have known that David loves me. He hasn't quite admitted it in those words, but I overheard him and Bob talking recently. David has been wanting me to get driving lessons and has offered to take me out often himself. David is a driver trainer, mainly for more experienced drivers, but he has offered me free tuition, for “as long as it takes”. Bob asked him about this, when he thought that I could not hear. The conversation went something like :

“Why are you wanting to teach Nathan to drive, and spend so much time with him?”

“There are two main reasons. Can you guess?”

“Because you want to get into his pants?” Bob responded with a laugh.

“Not quite” David replied. “Care for another guess, or should I just tell you?”.

“Just tell me.”

Ok”. David paused for a moment. “Bob, you know that I care very much about Nathan. Think about it. Driver training in this country is rubbish. There are many untrained people behind the wheels on our roads, and we are expected to send Nathan out into this, behind the wheel of a car, with no training, no experience, no skills in handling accidents. I care about him deeply and am scared that he will be hurt or worse. Besides, do you really think that I want another idiot cager out there sharing the roads I am riding on?”

Bob laughed and said “Yeah, guess you're right, better to make sure he is taught properly and have at least one person to not have to worry about”.

I was shocked at this. I had never really thought much of David, even then. Yet he had admitted openly to Bob that he cared for me. And something in his voice told me that his words were nothing compared to what he felt.

But being a typical 15yo at the time, I soon forgot about that.

A few months later, while we were returning from a swimming trip, Bob and David were in the front of the car with me in the back when a similar conversation took place. This time David made sure to include me in it, and admitted to me that he cares very much for me and hates the thought of me getting hurt in an accident. He told us that he would do everything he could to prevent it. And again the line about 'cagers' was repeated.

I did not say anything for the rest of the trip. Things were turning over in my mind. Glances in the changing room. The odd downwards glance from David as we were talking. The joking. Surely this man must love me more than he is willing to let on?

The following week we were swimming again. David and I separated from Bob for a bit to relax in the steam room, which was empty except for the two of us. That night David made a promise that I will never forget.

“Nathan, I have something to say to you that is going to sound strange and maybe a bit scary at first, but I want you to let me finish, ok?”

This alone sounded.. worrying. I thought for a moment and decided to hear him out.


“Nathan, I have a promise to make. I promise you that I will hurt you physically, and I promise that I will hurt you emotionally”.

I was shocked. What the hell was he saying? He had just promised to cause me pain. What the hell did he mean?

David waited for a moment before he asked me if I understood the promise.

“Um, no. At least, I hope I don't. What do you mean?”

“I thought you might not. But it's not as bad as it seems. It's fairly simple. We sometimes playfight, and I sometimes get a bit rough and hurt you right?”


“But those are the only times I will hurt you physically, unless you are a threat to yourself or someone else, and there is no other way to stop you. I will do whatever I can to prevent you being hurt physically, but I promise that we will always have fun, even though sometimes one or both of us will get a bruise or two. Now, do you understand the other part?”

“Not really”.

“Nathan, I have teased you. I have been hard on you at times and have been wrong about that. I have broken promises, although I hope nothing really important. Some of those things have hurt you and I cannot tell you how sorry I am. But I promise you that while I will sometimes let you down – it's just something that comes with being ADHD sometimes. Sometimes I will not be entirely honest with you. Sometimes I will favour someone else over you in something, and these things may hurt. But I promise you that I am here for you and always will be. You only need call me, any time, and I will drop whatever I am doing and get to you as soon as I can. Where it is important, I will be there. Sometimes I will make mistakes, sometimes I will be to harsh when teasing, but I will never intentionally hurt you. I care about you way to much for that."

Once again I was left speechless. I had the feeling that, had it not been for the potentially public surroundings, he would have at least had an arm around me while all that was said. Had it not been for someone else entering the steam room soon after he finished that, I feel that I would've given him a hug. Not for a long time had I felt so loved by someone.

Again, being a teenager it was soon at the back of my mind. Although at nights, I did wonder. And I started to let my mind drift to what more there was in store for us.

I write all this down now because as I said above, I feel that things are about to change.

David has invited me out this week. Dinner and a movie. He has made it clear that he has some things that he wants to talk to me about.

I think, had I taken the chance for a ride back in the summer, we would have had this talk then. And who knows where it could have led?

I am nervously looking forward to this night. I haven't even agreed to go yet.

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