Chapter 11 : Trouble in Paradise.

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Again I find that I am writing in the early hours of the morning. Again, it is not long after a trip to the hospital.

Physically, David is OK, as am I. Bob and his parents are in hospital, as are some of our friends. Some of our enemies are in the prison hospital. Bob and his mother should be out tomorrow, and his father should be out a few days later. Steve, and a couple of David's biker friends, Paul and Michael, are a little worse off. Steve has had both his legs broken. Paul has a fractured skull and broken hand, and will be concussed for a while. Michael had vertebrae in his back broken. It is unknown yet if he will walk again.

Not everyone who was there that night survived though, and those who did will take a long time to recover from it. I know that I will never be the same after the last 48 hours.

Just over a week ago the police stopped their extra patrols of our area, and a few days ago the last of the bikers left. The phone was still patched so that should we try to call out, police units would be sent on their way and only recalled once the police were clear that it was a normal call.

The night before last we started seeing a few more cars than normal in the street. We've come to know the vehicles that pass the house on a regular basis, and these vehicles were not ones we recognised. We spoke to the police, but were told they couldn't spare the units to investigate.

That night David tried to reassure me, telling me of times he'd had several people wanting a go at him only to have them turn away without doing anything. He also spoke a bit about the number of times that a crowd wanted to kill Jesus but he was able to walk away from them without a scratch – but that wasn't very helpful since I still don't really believe in him, although I am closer to that the more I live with David. David also told me that he wasn't scared to die, because of his beliefs and because of my now being his partner – that while he would hate to see me hurt, he could die happy with me at his side.

Last night it all happened. At about 11pm 2 convoys of cars approached, coming in from opposite ends of the street. As they approached a flare was sent up from a house a couple of doors down the road, then all the phones in the house rang (mobiles and landlines). We were all given the same message – "Take cover. Reinforcements are on the way".

Seconds later we heard the pounding on the door as someone started trying to break it in, then the sounds of breaking glass as the windows were smashed.

Seconds after that we heard the beautiful music of approaching sirens, and a moment after that the roar of many approaching motorbikes. For the moment, the assault on the house stopped.

The sirens and bikes came closer and stopped nearby. For a while we could hear muffled shouts, then the sounds of fighting outside, then something that sounded like a car crash, then an explosion followed by another, and then gunshots, and then silence.

For a minute all was quiet, then the door to our room was kicked in. A woman charged in with a knife in her hands, screaming "You'll never hurt another boy you sick freak" as she lunged forward.

Bob and I immediately moved to stop her, but in her demented rage she was far stronger than I expected. She dropped me with an unexpected punch to the throat, and slashed Bob with her knife. He also went down. But he had the sense to grab her legs as she made an attempt for David, and tripped her. Her own knife penetrated her chest.

David managed to get out of bed and get to her side. He fought for 20 minutes to save her life, even after she was clearly dead. Allan helped me bandage Bob's arm where it was slashed, while also keeping an eye on me. While not to bad, I was finding it hard to breath after the hit to my throat.

It was only after the fire crews arrived that we went outside and saw the carnage that lay before us. Later on we found out what had happened.

Captain Alister had a special unit watching the house, officers brought in from outside the area who he knew he could trust. 74They were the ones who sent up the flare as well as calling us. As soon as they saw the approaching cars they knew what was up.

As there were police officers involved in the threats made on David, the Captain knew he could not trust anyone in his own force until they were flushed out, so he brought in outsiders. He also deputized many of the bikers, and had them hidden nearby as well. It was hoped that the sound of approaching bikes and sirens would stop any attack on David before it got to far. The flare was used not only as a signal, but also as a deterrent – or at least, that's what Captain Alister expected it would be. Sadly, he was wrong.

The attackers first tried to kick the front door in, before going for the windows. The sound of the reinforcements stopped them for a moment. But they had developed a bloodlust and hatred of anyone associated with David, and they had worked themselves into a state where they were not going to let anyone associated with him survive. Anyone who came to the defence of a paedophile deserved to die as far as they were concerned. They did not reckon on the numbers or on the fight that those who came to help us would put up.

An attempt to firebomb the house was made. 2 guys in a pickup, with a couple of lit firebombs ready to be thrown as well as a few more in the back. They were stopped in their tracks by a brave police officer who rammed their pickup with her car. The firebombs broke and in a second their pickup was engulfed in flames. A few seconds after that the petrol tank exploded and the fire spread to the police car. Seconds later the petrol tank of that also exploded. Neither of the attackers managed to get out of their truck. The brave lady who rammed them got out, but she was caught in both explosions. She is in hospital with extremely severe burns over most of her body. She is not expected to live, but she is still fighting for her life.

Steve was caught in the second explosion as he rushed to reach the police car and help the officer. He was thrown clear by the shockwave, and landed on a nearby bike. That his when his legs were broken.

While the fighting continued outside, one of the attackers pulled a knife on a police officer. I expect that he must have found the pain the ripped through his hip, then his shoulder a bit of a surprise as the first 2 shots of the night were fired. He'll be in hospital for a while, and prison for a while after that I expect.

The 3rd shot was from an attempt to use a gun by another of the attackers. Unfortunately for him, the only shot he fired that night was into his own ankle. I think he'll be limping in years to come, and probably will never live that down.

About this time Paul and Michael received their injuries. I know that Paul was knocked down and had his hand stomped on, but I do not know how Michael received his injuries.

The next 2 gunshots were fired at the house by a local pastor. He missed completely. However, the officer that put 2 into his chest was a very good marksman. I later found out that it was the Pastor's wife that David tried to save.

I was surprised to see the level of injury among the attackers, compared to those on our side. Of the 40 or so who attacked, 4 are dead, 2 others may yet die, one had a broken back, 1 lost an eye, one has lost an arm, one lost a hand, 2 received gunshot wounds, 2 lost fingers or toes, and at least 15 others received a range of broken bones. Not one escaped without a fairly major injury, even the least injured with only cuts and bruises will spend at least a couple of nights in hospital, and maybe some time receiving plastic surgery after that.

However, we only had 19 on our side, counting the 4 of us inside the house. One will probably die, one may never walk again, and 2 others have broken bones, of which Steve is the worst, and the rest have minor cuts and bruises.

Of course, the clean up and interviews took a long time, but not one person on our side will be charged with any wrongdoing, and it is likely that most will receive commendations and even medals. My faith in the police, while not restored, has improved. Those who handled the interviews treated us with compassion and respect, and most of the police on the night were on our side. It is evident that there was a vigilante group forming in our town, but it is unlikely that they will be a threat to anyone again. I know that I will have to keep an eye on my surroundings from now on, but the defeat that they suffered at the hands of less than half their numbers will almost certainly mean that this particular group will have a very hard time rising again, esp with the numbers of them who will be serving time inside.

Any chance I had of becoming a Christian was almost destroyed that night, but last night David and I had a long talk while we were cuddling after we had gone to bed.

I raised the issue that the 4 attackers who died were all members of a local church, as were many others who came here to at best drive us out of town, or at worst kill us.

David simply asked me who appeared to have God on their side – those who had come here to commit an act of murder, or those who had come here to defend the life of someone that some of them didn't even know. I had to admit that, while there were some injuries on our side, we definitely had a very clear victory despite the odds being on the side of our enemy. David also taught me to see that just because someone claims to be a Christian, or claims to be something else – that doesn't make it so, and we need to look at their actions and what they say as a guide.

"Everyone is hypocritical, but few are deceitful in it" he said. "What I mean is, we have ideals that we want to live up to, and that is what we speak of with our words, and that is what we try to do with our lives. But in the heat of the moment, at times when we are tempted or stressed or have other triggering factors coming in to play that take our focus from our true ideals, then things we dislike about ourselves, things that are less than our ideals will come out instead. This doesn't mean that our "true selves" are showing here, our true selves are somewhere between our ideals at our best, and our actions at our worst.

"Everyone who came here was acting partly on their ideals, and partly on something else – much of that would've been out of fear of what they thought of me, what they thought I could do if allowed to remain here. Many of them would've been pressured into believing that there was some real urgency about getting me out of here, one way or the other, by other people, people who's word they trusted. Most of those who came here did so out of what they thought were good intentions and good motives. The cost to them was great, and hopefully they will learn from their mistake".

As he spoke, David's nature taught me more about the true difference between someone who merely claims to be a Christian, and someone who truly is. His tone of voice said far more than his words. These people, many who call themselves "Christian", had come with the intention of hurting not only David, but any who stood by him. But the true nature of a Christian was making itself evident in David's voice. Even though he never said it, the tone he spoke with made it clear that he was already working on forgiving each and every one of those people who attacked us. Later on, I heard him praying for them, for quick healing, light prison sentences if any must be given at all, and a lifetime of blessings for them starting with a closer relationship with and a better understanding of God. I find it hard to understand, and often hard to accept this part of his nature. These people hate him, and they were there to kill him and any who got in their way, but he does this? Friends of ours are in hospital because of these people, and he does this? What the hell is up with him?

I went to sleep at peace. I know that my future will not always be safe, and it certainly is not clear. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. But I know that, together, David and I can stand and fight whatever life throws at us. And, whether or not God is real, David's faith gives him the strength to carry us further than we would otherwise be able to get.

My sleep didn't remain peaceful. I woke many times, sweat pouring off me, as the horror of what I had seen haunted me in my dreams. Never before have I seen anyone killed, and I have never seen anyone with a real intention to hurt someone, let alone someone I love. But as I woke each time, David was there to comfort me. Whatever the hour, he held me gently as I cried, and he made sure to wipe and then kiss away the tears from my eyes. If I wanted to talk, he listened. If I wanted to cry, he held me till I was done.

I regret that it took so long for us to get together. If I had known it would be like this, I would've jumped into his arms years ago!

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