Chapter 3 : Tears of a Broken Heart.

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It's midnight Monday as I write this. I am still upset. Oh well, so much for David.

It has been over a week since we spoke last. David has tried to make contact, but I have been too tired, too busy, or too broke to respond to his text messages.

And I can't bring myself to pick up the phone and call him. I have tried, but I haven't even managed to get half way through his number before putting the reciever down.

That was at the start of last week.

He rang me again on Friday, and also sent text messages. I wasn't home when he rang, but his text suggested riding together somewhere.

I tried to get him Saturday morning, but he was at work. I tried again later in the afternoon, and managed too get hold of him. We started to talk for a minute before he claimed he had another call, and would get back to me later. But he didn't ring.

I called again over an hour later. The afternoon was fine and time was running out. I wanted to go for a ride with him that day. But we would not have long before it would start to cool down. And the weather for Sunday was not promising.

This time he was out somewhere seeing a friend. I was starting too get a little upset at this. He invites me out, then goes somewhere with someone else?

6pm, after dark, he called too apologise. Apparantely some friend of his had car trouble and needed urgent help. But surely they know someone else? He may be a trainer, but he certainly doesn't act as if he knows a lot about engines. And what of the promises about being there for me whenever I wanted him? What of having some sort of plans for the day already?

He barely got into his apology, when someone called him. He said that he was sorry, that he had to go, but that he'd get hold of me as soon as he was free, and rang off.

I wonderd if my not returning his calls during the week had caused this? Was he trying to punish me in some way?

I called him again later on. This time he was on an international call to an old friend, and again said that he was sorry, but he could not talk and would talk very soon.

Finally, about 9:30, he sent me a text message. "I'm free now if you want to call".

He can't even be bothered calling himself? FUCK HIM!.

Today he didn't call me until after lunch.

Our conversation was very short. He said Hi. I told him to go away, and slammed the reciever down. I glanced at the clock and noted that it was 1:35pm.

A while later, I heard Bob and mum talking. I'd been in my room, lying on my bed, upset and thinking about how much David had hurt me.I did not even hear Bob knocking.

Mum came in and asked if I was ok. I mumbled something about not feeling the best and wanting to sleep. She pressed further and I told her I had a headache and just wanted too sleep it off. She left a moment later, and said something too Bob, then he left.

I cried myself to sleep. I remember something about sirens in my dreams, everything being out of place and wrong in the world.

Dammit, why did he have to treat me like this? I was looking forward to spending some time with him this weekend. After all the failed attempts over the years, I was finally psyched up and ready to ride with him. Me, the man I loved, and the open road. I expected it to be great.

I'm crying again. I mean, he didn't even try to make contact with me again after slammed the phone down on him. I can't write any more at the moment, I will carry this on tomorrow after school.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote anything. Things have not gone well, and it's really hard for me to write anything at the moment. But I'll get this down as best as I can.

Monday morning I was woken early. Bob, Bob's mother and mum talking in the kitchen.

Wearily, my head and throat sore from the tears I tried to hold back the night before, I got up, showered, dressed, and headed into the kitchen.

Bob looked a mess. He was seated on the couch next to his mother, and she was holding him and rubbing his neck and shoulders, and speaking quietly to him. He didn't even acknowldge me, and turned away from me when I looked at him.

I went through to the kitchen and asked mum what was happening.

She also looked tired , and looked like she might have been crying a bit.. It was only then that I realised it was still only 7am. Quite early for us.

"Sit down honey. I have some bad news for you".

I sat down and quietly looked at her. From the look in her eyes, I knew that what was coming was bad. She took a long time to find the words.

"I'm sorry honey. I don't know how too tell you this. David's been in an accident. He was on his way here to see you when he hit a car pulling out from a side street."

At this she broke down. I could hear Bob sobbing in the background, and his mother as well.

My family and Bob's are close. Bob is like a brother to me, and our mothers are like sisters. I know that Bob's mother and David had some problem between them recently, and had only just started talking after 6 months, and I knew she didn't like him a great deal. I realised that her tears, and mom's tears were for me and for Bob. My own mother didn't know David that well, although they've always got along OK the few times they've met. But she knew that David was very special too Bob, and had been becoming special too me. She didn't know at that time that I had not wanted to know David only a few hours before. How could she?.

I was numb. I couldn't decide what to think. There were so many emotions coming in at so many angles it was hard too think. Bob's crying alone was enough to break my heart. Knowing that his mother was upset because he was upset, and that my mother was upset because of the hurt she knew that Bob felt and that she expected me too feel, would also easily do it.

As far as David being hurt. There was so much going on I couldn't think about him right then.

"When? Where?" was all I could get out, after a few minutes.

Mum told me. He was less than a mile away from my place, and obviously on his way to see either Bob or myself. And it happened at 2:00. He must have headed out this way after our phone call.

Bob's mother said "We'd better hurry up".

Mum went in to the lounge and they spoke quietly, before coming back to me.

"Honey, I want you to go and get changed out of your school clothes. We're going in to see him. David's family has been on at the hospital to let us come in, since they live so far away, and the hospital will let us see him now. But I have to prepare you. He's hurt realy bad, and may not even know we're there. They don't yet know if he'll.."

The way she, Bob and Bob's mum broke down with her unfinished sentence told me all that she didn't. David's life hung in the balance. He may not get through this. And what would he be like if he did survive? I didn't know how badly injured he was.

I quickly changed. Bob's father came over and drove all of us into the hospital. Bob's father, while friendly when David was around, did not think a great deal of him. David had encouraged Bob with motorbikes, often they'd been away past Bob's cufew, and Bob had sometimes been a real handful after spending large amounts of time with him. David didn't put a lot of restraints on Bob, and let him get away with most of what he wanted to do.

But even he looked deeply hurt and was unusually silent as we drove in to the hospital.

When we arrived there was some argument about us being able to see David. The reception staff were not willing to let us through at first, but relented after one of the ICU doctors came through and spoke to them.

We were led to a waiting room and asked to stay there for a moment. While we were waiting a couple of police officers turned up and spoke to the doctor. The doctor shook his head. They spoke for a bit longer before the Doctor pointed Bob's mother out to them.

They went over and spoke to her for a moment. She seemed upset with them, and quietly but forcefully said "I told you earlier. No way are you going to put him through that. Now go away before I start to raise hell. What the hell do you think you're doing to my son with this? Get out of here!".

They left, but told her that someone would be round to see them later.

I have no idea what that was about. At the time, I was too numb to even pay it much attention.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the doctor came in.

"Ladies, you can see him for a few minutes now. You boys will have to wait here for a bit. He can only have two visitors at a time right now."

Our mothers were led off while a young nurse came in, asked if we wanted something to eat, or read, and told to call her if we needed anything. She left to go get us some water. It was about all either of us thought we could keep down.

After a few minutes our mothers were back. While Bob's mother sat down by him my mother led me a few feet away to talk quietly to me.

"We've spoken with the doctor, and you're going to be allowed in for a few minutes. But not long. And I need to prepare you a bit first. Most of his body is in bandages. He's also got a lot of tubes and wires coming out of him as well. It looks really bad. He's also on strong medication, so he may not be aware of your presence. Try not to get him to excited, and don't say anything about how bad things look OK honey? He needs all the positive stuff he can get to get through this.

I can only assume that Bob's mother was saying the same thing to him.

After our mothers finished, we both stood up, and the doctor led us through to the ICU.

Mum's words had not prepared me for the state that David was in. Bandages and casts from head to toe, tubes and wires all over the place, his eyes half closed and lacking the depth I had seen in them before. It was as if the life was already gone from them.

He saw me, and I think I saw a bit of the life returning to his eyes. I was only semi concious of the increasing rate of the tones from the heart monitor by his bed.

Bob and I each took a side of the bed. David made a small gesture with his hands, which Bob immediately understood. He reached out and grabbed one of David's hands nodding for me to do the same.

His skin felt terrible. Cold and lifeless. The pace of the heart monitor started to increase. Somewhere in the distance an alarm started ringing. There were sounds of calls and a lot of fuss from somewhere up the corridor. Someone was in a rush to get somewhere.

David turned to Bob. All he said was "Remember my love, remember you are my light".

He turned to me. "Nathan, I love you, and I'm so sorry. Forgive me".

I went numb as I realised the last of the light went from his eyes just before he closed them. All of a sudden I was pulled outside as medical staff began to gather around him, hurriedly talking amongst themselves.

Someone said to us "You can't stay here" and next thing I knew was my mothers arms around me as we were led away from there.

We stayed in that waiting room for what seemed like hours before the doctor came in and called our mothers over. They spoke quietly before heading back to where David was.

Bob's mother said something to him, at which point he started to cry, and begged to stay.

My mother just told me that we'd be going home, and the hospital would call as soon as there was any news.

David's last words to me were to remind me of his love for me, and to ask me to forgive him.

I hate myself for what I have done to him. How could my last words to him have been so mean?

Bob hasn't even spoken to me yet. Not one word.

What the hell have I done?

[This was one of the hardest things I have ever written. While the people and events in this story are fictional, they are inspired by people I know and love. Thinking of them being hurt in any way brings tears to my eyes, and nightmares to my sleep. Writing about it was difficult and it took me several days to get the chapter done. Then proofreading and editing.. I don't want to write like this to often but I expect I will have simillarily painful events in other stories.

I realise now that I have made a mistake in hiding my writing for so many years. Please accept my apology.

I'd like to thank my readers for the comments that I have recieved so far.

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