Chapter 5 : The Awakening.

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It has been 8 weeks since David's accident. Still he has not come round for more than a few minutes at a time.


Strange that again, I find I am writing at 2am. I've just returned from the hospital.

Just after 11:30pm I was woken by my mother.

"Hurry up Nathan. Get dressed quickly!"

Groggy from my interrupted sleep, I slowly started to move. Panic was beginning to set in as I was thinking I must be late for school, yet it was to dark outside. The sky is getting lighter in the mornings now, as we were nearing spring.

Disorientated, I slowly dressed. Mum came in again..

"For goodness sake boy. GET DRESSED! David's awake and calling for you!".

I was stunned for a moment and just stared at her blankly as I tried to comprehend what she had just said to me. Her excited voice was difficult to understand as it was, without the effects of being woken at some horrible hour of the night.

"Nathan. MOVE!".

Suddenly, realisation dawned on me. Seconds later I was dressed and making my way out to the car.

Bob and his mother were there as well. Bob looked a little worse for wear, also having had very little sleep. But there was no disguising the excitement on his face.

His closest friend was awake and asking for us!

We arrived at the hospital in record time thanks to the quiet roads, and quietly made our way to the ICU.

Unlike our first visit, there was no fuss this time. Our mothers stayed back to talk to the doctor while we were let straight into David's room. That too was vastly different from our first visit, with flowers (fake only) and 'get well soon' cards plastering any available space.

For the second time in his life David was in hospital due to a major accident. For the second time he had only just pulled through. For the second time the hospital staff were giving him special treatment because of his nature, only this time round they had no personal experience of it.

As we entered the room, he smiled. The light was back in his eyes. Dim for him, but still like a powerful beacon compared to most.

"Boys, how are you? It's so good to see you" he whispered, obviously finding it hard to speak.

We said nothing. We both just took a side each, and held on to what we could as tightly as we could. I don't know how long we stayed like that as first me, then Bob, and then finally David started to cry quietly. A good cry. A cleansing cry. A healing cry.

I soon became aware that David was gently rubbing my back. We had not been in a position like that before. Knowing how much it must physically hurt him made it all the more.. special.

Some time later I saw something I felt uneasy with at first, but knew that I would come to accept it as normal later. David lifted his head and kissed Bob lightly on the cheek, told him that he loved him deeply, then whispered something to him. A moment later Bob left the room.

After Bob left the room, David spoke to me.

"Nathan. I am so sorry my friend. I do not know what I did, but I know I hurt you and I am sorry. Please forgive me."

"David, it is I who did you wrong. I got upset when I should have known better. I treated you badly. All this is my fault. You need to forgive me".

He didn't say a word. Instead, he gently pulled my face closer. As our lips met, at first I wanted to recoil. Two guys kissing? Yuck!

But then I realised something. This is the way I am. Whatever I am, I love him, he loves me. And, at least before the accident, we both wanted to make love with each other. With those feelings, a mere kiss could not be wrong!

After a few seconds we broke the kiss. David coughed a couple of times before we he spoke.

"Nathan, you are my love. No one comes close. How can I stay angry at you? How can I withhold forgiveness for more than a few seconds?".

I didn't speak. Instead I just moved as close to him and held him as best as I could. The tears continued to flow freely.

After a few more minutes he told me that he'd made a promise to Bob to spend some time alone with him as well, and asked if I would mind giving them some time.

With a heavy heart I left the room and sent Bob in. They were in there for a while before Bob came out and sent our mother's in.

Then Bob did something that I would never have expected of him. There, in the waiting room, he pulled me into a hug.

"Nathan, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have blamed you."

Still a little uneasy, I put my arms around him and held him as he cried onto my shoulder.

"Bob, I'm sorry for this. I am at least partly at fault"

When our mothers came back, Bob and I were still standing there, still holding each other. A moment later all four of us were in a brief group hug, before we broke.

"Come on boys, time for home" Bob's mother said.

I left the hospital totally cried out. Not for the first time since I came to know David, but this time there is one major difference. This time, I know that the hole inside would be filled with increasing happiness.

On the way home, Bob's mother told us some more good news. In a few days, the hospital will probably move David out of ICU and into a private room in a general ward. We'll be able to see him more often, although no late night visits.

I have to sleep now. But I know that tonight, I will not have those tortured dreams again. Tonight, I will have a much more peaceful sleep.

[Firstly, let me apologise about the delay in releasing this chapter. I am on holiday at the moment and releasing it was forgotten. Chapter 5 was easier than the last two to write, but it's still hard to read it. Finally, the story references an earlier hospital stay for "David" -- this is based on a real event in my life that you can read about at - TC]