Chapter 6: Home.

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It has now been 14 weeks since David's accident.

Aside from many internal injuries, his right arm and leg were also broken, both in several places. The skin and muscles and other tissues in his arm were badly damaged, and have only just healed enough to allow the doctors to set his arm properly, which they did a few days ago.

I guess I'm lucky in a way. I know it sounds kinda selfish to think this but... David has always made sure that he has decent safety gear. While it was not enough to prevent major injuries in this case, it was enough to save his life. What's more, while his left arm will bear some nasty scars for years to come, his full face helmet protected his head from any major injury. His face is undamaged.

Selfish I know, but I do not know how I would handle life knowing that my thoughtless actions had resulted in someone being disfigured, let alone someone like him. Thankfully, I do not have to face life knowing that the one I love is disfigured because of my own childish selfishness.

Once the remaining casts and bandages come off, and he's walking without aid, he'll look like he did a few months ago, before all this happened. At least, he will look normal when he is fully dressed. Most people will not get to see the extent of the scars underneath his clothes.

The modifications to his house have been completed. They were fairly extensive due to the nature of the place, but now he will be able to get around with his wheelchair for the remaining weeks until he is able to walk.

There are still a few of surprises left for him yet. First of all, the money that was received as gifts, as well as the money from his insurance and from the government compensation have left him with a decent amount to do with as he wants.

Second, his bike is fully restored and ready to go. She'll be sitting in the driveway when he comes home.

Finally.. Well, the last two I will save for later. I will have to make sure that someone is there with a camera to catch his face as he's told the news.

I'll have to finish this later. It's time to go and put the finishing touches in for his homecoming.

Well. It's been 5 hours since my last bit of writing. David's in the room next to mine taking a rest from the day's events. Out in the lounge, his friends and family are still talking up a storm as they get to know each other better.

Yes, that's right. MY room. Well, not totally.

David was ecstatic when he heard the news.

Firstly, the person who occupied this room before my stuff came in was kicked out of the house. A real piece of trash, he finally pushed the landlord to far and got told to leave. The final straw? He was upset at David's landlord for going in to see David instead of making sure dinner was ready when he got home from work.

That alone was good news for David but then he got given the next bit of news. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights I will stay here to help look after David till he is better. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights Bob will stay here. Saturday night both Bob and I will stay here. And no doubt we'll both be here many other nights as well. It is only a temporary arrangement to help with the load of caring for him, but we are all very happy about it.

I know that, once he is well enough, I will spend some nights in his bed as well. I'm still not to sure about what it would mean or be like to make love with him, and I still have many reservations about it, but I am sure that it will be a wonderful experience for the both of us, and I am looking forward to it.

The next few months are going to be long and hard. But together, we will get through it.