Chapter 8 : Stupidity Abounds.

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I had thought that I could learn again to respect the police, and for that matter the government of the country as well.

I cannot. As far as I am concerned, they should all be placed in prison for a very long time for the way that they have allowed things to become.

A few nights ago, Bob brought his friend Peter around. Peter is 15, and is considered to young to consent to sex. I don't have a big problem with such laws at the moment, but certain activities relating to those laws are simply ridiculous. I am aware that a few months ago, when I was 15, I could have happily and easily consented to sex. Nothing about me changed when I turned 16. I was the same person as I was the day before, I was merely a few hours older. Yet, according to the law, some magical change happens that means that I can suddenly understand sex and all that is involved whereas a few hours earlier I could not.

Peter and David have met before. Peter, like David and Bob, loves motorbikes. David has even taken Peter out once for a short ride – just before he had his accident.

Peter wanted to see David and Bob made it happen.

The next night, the same thing – Peter wanted to visit and David was happy for him to, and Bob made it happen. Peter and David are both Christian, and they have a lot to talk about – a lot in common. This time, there was a police officer there who was talking with David about some details of the accident. She took an interest in Peter, asked him about his age and name etc. Peter answered honestly because he did not believe that he had anything to fear. He had done nothing wrong, and no one in the house had done anything wrong.

Last night my mother received a phone call suggesting that she and I head over to David's place immediately. Bob and his parents were also going over.

Peter had visited David again. Again the police showed up, only this time there was a marked car and two uniformed officers. They told Peter to leave. He refused, asking them what was the problem with him being there.

They arrested Peter.

Inspired by their female companion, they felt that it was their duty to arrest Peter and take him home because of the 'risk' he was placing himself in. David was somehow considered to be some sort of threat. Almost bed-ridden, still crippled, unable to do anything sexual with anyone, and he's a threat to a 15 year old boy who works out and is clearly bigger and stronger than David at the best of times? How stupid can these pigs get?

Peter's parents of course found out why Peter was arrested, and there was quite a fuss about it. They went round to abuse David.

When we arrived, they were in his room – Peter's parents and the police. Peter's parents were yelling at David, the police were supporting their accusations and making all sorts of claims about what David was supposed to have done, or "what he might be capable of". For the few seconds we listened on in shocked silence, it sounded as though David would get out of bed at any moment while Peter was there, overpower him (and whoever else was in the room), and rape and murder Peter on the spot. All this while not only not being capable of such an act mentally, but not even physically being able to hold a glass for long, let alone something to kill someone with.

David was visibly shaken. The mess on the bedding in front of him showed that he had already been violently sick. For a few seconds no one in my group spoke.

The attack on David continued. Our presence did not stop it.

I was the first to speak. But I couldn't think of anything other than to grab my mother and plead "Mum" when she looked at me.

She took a deep breath.

"What the HELL is going on here?" she yelled. "What do you pigs think you're doing? Why are you treating him like this? Can't you see that this man needs medical attention now?"

Turning to me, and much more calmly, she sent me out to call for David's doctor and an ambulance. Not wanting to be to far from David, I made the call from my mobile. I rang David's doctor and suggested that he get the ambulance on the way as well. He assured me they'd both would be there soon.

My mother turned to Bob's parents and asked them to speak with Peter's parents. Then she turned to the police.

"You two. OUTSIDE NOW. I will talk to you in a few minutes after I have spoken to both my lawyer and David's lawyer. Barbara and I have already made if clear that we will not tolerate the police hounding David or our children, and as far as we have any say, you are NOT going to put Peter through the hell that you put our boys through. You can rest assured that whatever it takes, this time it WILL be going to court and whatever charges we can get laid, they WILL be laid."

The police started to protest that they were only doing their jobs, some rubbish about protecting Peter's welfare – all this while mum was dialling her lawyer.

"I said GET OUTSIDE. MOVE IT! Do you think that the courts will look favourably on your behaviour where you are CLEARLY endangering the life of an already severely injured man?"

The police would not move. Sirens outside announced the imminent arrival of the ambulance, but still they would not move.

Mum still couldn't get either lawyer on the phone, but soon she would not need to. David had not moved and I went to his side to see what I could do.

One of the police officers spoke. "Young man, we are conducting an interview here. You are to leave the room now, and wait until we finish."

All I said was "I'm staying".

"If we have to arrest you, we will. You are NOT to be in here". I dunno who this cop thought he was, or if he had any idea who he was dealing with, but I figured that he would not be a burden on the taxpayer for much longer. Then again, he probably did not have the intelligence for any other kind of work and would soon be on welfare.

My mother started to put him in his place. "Do you know who we are? Do you not know that 4 of your co-workers are already facing charges over how they have treated my son and my friends son, and have already been suspended? What's your superior's name?"

"That won't be necessary Mrs Hastings. I'll take it from here".

David's doctor entered the room and headed straight for David's bed. The siren had stopped as well, meaning that any second now the ambulance officers would also be entering the room.

The idiot cop told the doctor that they were in the middle of an interview and that he was not to interfere.

"I am Doctor Paul Jefferies, and this man is a patient under my care. I have been called here as the result of a medical emergency, no doubt caused by your actions. Your actions have already clearly caused harm to Mr Denton's health, and you are now hindering me in performing what might be life saving medical procedures. I will be filing a report with your captain on your actions tonight, and I can guarantee that you will be without a job and facing charges before your shift ends. I personally will speak with Mr Denton's lawyer to make sure that he pushes this through the courts and that you are punished to the full extent of the law. Do not give me any crap about doing your jobs. As a medical professional in an emergency situation I am instructing you to leave the room now. Do I make myself clear?"

The police still refused to move. Dr Jefferies asked the ambulance officers to check over David and if they felt it necessary they were to prepare him for transport. He then turned to me.

"Master Hastings, may I please borrow your phone?".

I passed my phone to him, and went back to David's side. One of the officers made a move towards me but stopped when my mother asked if he wanted to add assault of a minor and wrongful arrest to his list of crimes.

Doctor Jefferies' conversation was short.

"Captain Alister, Paul Jefferies here. I am at the home of one of my patients, a Mr Denton. It appears that two of your officers may have harassed Mr Denton and caused a possible medical emergency. They also appear to be harassing Nathan Hastings and Bob Wilkinson. ... Yes, those two boys.. Ok, and the watch house number is? ... Ok, and the watch commanders name? ... Thank you, I will speak to him. See you at golf on Wednesday. Yes, it's a nasty business. No, I am unsure of his condition. Ambulance officers are preparing him for transport to the hospital now. I will let you know when I do. ... Ok, bye."

Dr Jefferies phoned the watch house of the local police station next, and spoke to the commander for a few minutes. While he was talking the radio of one of the two officers came to life.

"You and your partner had better get back in here immediately. Captain Alister has just called to say that he will be here soon and he expects you in his office within 20 minutes. He doesn't sound happy so you had better hurry".

I couldn't help a smile as the officers, their faces white with fear or shock, quickly left the house.

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