Part 2 Chapter 1 : The Unforgiving.

Nathan Part 2

Written by Thunderchild

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It's been a difficult few weeks since I last wrote.

I have had to leave school, and David has hired a tutor each for Bob and myself. After the attack, things about David became very public, and I had a hard time at school for the last few days I was there. Bob suffered much the same, mainly for coming to my defense. Strange, I cannot remember ever doing that for him. That makes him all the more special, and me all the more an uncaring bastard I guess. Or at least I was. I would never do that now. Over the last few months Bob and I have grown closer than ever before, and I would not give another thought to stepping in front of a fist to save him from being hit.

It was strange to see where the attacks came from. Some of the worst came from people who had been friends of mine since childhood, even so-called christians. Some of those who came to my support had never had anything to do with me before.. One of them is a girl named Melody. I'd never really noticed her before. She was in some of my classes at school, so I knew who she was, but we'd never spoken that I can recall and I was never exactly interested in her. But she stepped in to help, and took me aside several times during my remaining days at school. She held me a few times, we hugged a couple of times and we kissed once. It was very confusing for me, and still is. I felt that I was betraying David, and felt quite bad about that. But at the same time it felt so incredibly good to be held and kissed like that. More confusing is that I had decided that I was clearly gay. I am so confused about this. David doesn't know anything about this yet. I've wanted to talk to him about it, to ask him if he understands how I feel or has any suggestions for me, but the words never come. I am so scared of hurting him, I don't know how to handle this at the moment.

Things did get really bad for us for a while, but they have settled down now. Most people seem to realize that David is not a threat, and no more abuse has been received from the locals. There were some small incidents of abuse in the street after Jane Oliver's funeral, and after the press published the details, but then a local TV station interviewed some of our neighbours and they told them straight that neither David nor myself had been a problem, and that we were really nice and helpful people, and that they were quite happy for us to continue to live there.

Unfortunately, a private tutor is expensive, so our slowly growing investment pile has taken a bit of a hit. I wanted to move school, but David would have none of it – especially with the end of the year so close, and it being my last year. He told me to finish up with the tutor and we can see where things go from there. Bob's doing really well under his tutor – school was never a good place for him. But getting the individual attention from a tutor is a whole different matter. At school he could not focus, with so many distractions. At home, his tutor is experienced with ADHD boys, and can handle distractions when they come up. So there's something great that will come from all this.

I am missing some of the friendships I had, but I realize that many of them were not true friends at all – not with the way they turned on me once it became known that I was close to David. I didn't let it get to me though. I know that they were only speaking from ignorance, and that if they knew the person I know David to be instead of just the one their parents think he is, then they would've spoken in his defense. But that is not my problem any more. I've been making many friends since I met David who are not involved in school.

Everyone else who was hurt in the attack on us is now out of hospital, except Michael. He is in a spinal unit and will be there some time. There is some nerve damage, but there is a chance that he will be able to walk. However, he won't have full use of his legs again – that is almost certain. David and I will visit him when David is more able to travel, but that is still a few weeks away.

The one most hurt emotionally by these events was Peter. A week ago we received a call from Steven. Peter's younger brother found him in his room. He was unconscious, with a bottle of his mother's sleeping pills next to him. The note he left simply read “Since you don't want me to have anything of a life, I will make it easy for you. Goodbye”.

Apparently, Peter's parents had totally clamped down on him and his freedom. They'd freaked that he had met someone so “evil”, and that their son could love someone like David. First it started with simply him not being able to see Bob or myself, or David of course. But that hurt Peter and he protested, and asked Brooke and Steven to talk to his parents. That didn't work, and Peter was also banned from going to his church – his parents didn't want to let him associate with anyone who might consider a paedophile to be an OK person, and certainly anyone who could consider that a paedophile could also be a Christian was automatically condemned in their minds.

Peter continued to see Bob and myself at school. Once his parents found out, he was pulled out of school and they began to home school him. Peter's mother had to give up her job, and Peter was made to feel like he was the cause of that. In the end, it got to much for him.

When Steve called, we were told that Peter may not make it through the night. While his stomach had been pumped, he may have digested enough of the pills to be able to kill him.

David broke down when he heard the news, and just shut everyone out. For almost a day, no one could see him. We could hear him sobbing at times, but he would tell anyone who tried to see him to just give him some time. He did not eat at all until the next night, almost a full 24 hours after we were told about Peter.

The only time during that period that David let anyone in was a few minutes before midnight, where I went in and climbed into bed with him. He just held me for a few minutes as he cried his heart out for Peter. Then he kissed me, thanked me, and said that he needed some time alone with God. After making sure that he was OK (and he making sure that I was OK, and that I would visit Bob and give him some support over that night), I left.

Bob had not heard the news when I arrived. His family had been out when Steve let us know. His reaction was similar to David's – he completely broke down. Peter and Bob had been close for some time, best friends even. I stayed with him the whole night, and as he had done for me in the early days of my relationship with David, I just held him as he cried it out. We ended up spending the night together.

Barbara came in to wake him for his schooling the next day, and she was a little shocked to find me there. Quietly I got out of Bob's bed and took her out of the room before explaining what happened. She also was heartbroken – Peter is a great guy, loved by most who know him, and certainly does not deserve anything like the treatment he got at the hands of his parents – especially not from those who are supposed to love and care for him above all else.

Especially from people who were vilifying David for “abusing” children.

Bob's mother let him off 'school', and we spent the day together. Bob had fallen away from his own Christian beliefs, but he asked that we spend some time in prayer together for Peter, which we did. We spent the rest of our time mainly talking about Peter, and about how much it sucked how he'd been treated, and how much we hoped he'd pull through and what we would say and perhaps do to his parents. A lot of the time was spent in silence, with us holding on to each other as if we would loose the other if we let go, and a lot of that time was spent in tears.

I was still with Bob when the call came in. David wanted me to bring Bob over and get Bob's parents and my mum to meet us at the hospital about an hour later. Peter had come round, and was asking for David. He was refusing to speak to his parents, or even have anything to do with them. Captain Alister would be there, as well as a representative from the hospital to make sure that nothing “untoward” happened while David was talking with Peter, so his parents had finally agreed to let David go in and talk to Peter. They made a fuss about it, and put up quite a fight, but in the end their son won out. He would not see them and only wanted to talk to David, and once the conditions were settled (David would not be alone with Peter), they finally caved in. I guess they must have realised that their chances of talking with their son ever again were slim.

Bob wanted to shower before he came, so we decided that he would go in with his mother. She'd been out getting groceries and was going to drop them home before leaving. So I headed over to David's alone. From there we headed to the hospital yet again.

When we got to the reception, David asked for Peter's room. We were told that Captain Alister was already waiting there, and directed to a nearby room to wait for the representative from the hospital.

It took me some time to get over the look on David's face when he saw the representative from the hospital. A fairly cute woman, mid 20's, brunette. Maybe a bit taller than average. Definitely nice to look at.

But that wasn't what David's look told me. First there was a look of confusion as he seemed to be trying to remember someone, then a look of shock or horror. I stepped closer to him, almost feeling as if I was protecting him in some way, and said “hello” to the lady who stood before us.

She said hi to me before turning to David. As she spoke, the chill in her voice seemed clear.

“Hello David. It has been a long time. I see your tastes haven't changed much, although he looks a little old for you don't ya think?”

“Hey, don't talk to him like that...” David's hand on my shoulder stopped me saying more.

“Angela. It's been a long time. I hope that you have been well. You are wrong about my tastes though. There is only one flavour for me now, and that's this guy right here.” With that, David pulled me in a little closer to him and gave my shoulder a slight squeeze.

“I see. Well, he certainly is a looker. I guess you lucked out again.. What is it with you and attracting cute boys?”

“Dunno. That's not something I could answer. You might have to ask Nathan here. Or you could ask yourself. It's probably the same answer you know.”.

I did not need to look into David's eyes to know the look he was giving this lady. He has this look he holds you with when things are hard that can break through a ton of ice. I knew that the nurse, Angela, had probably experienced it before – they obviously have a history - and that any second she would crack up laughing.

I wasn't quite right. She did laugh, but the chill was still there.

“It still hurts, what you did. I still remember when I saw you and Paul together. My whole world crashed that night. It took me years to recover”.

“I remember. It still hurts me as well my Angel. We need to talk, but not now. Peter's waiting for me. There's a family to be healed. But more importantly, there's a boy who needs to know that he is loved.”

I dunno how to describe the expression that flashed across her face before she answered. It wasn't nice, it seemed to contain anger, and maybe some doubt. I dunno.. But she clearly had her doubts.

“Ah huh. And what makes you think that you have any hope of fixing things? I know you. You've fucked up more than one life that I know, and from what the press has said lately, maybe more than even I know.”

“Angela...” David started to speak, but it was my turn to cut him off mid sentence.

“Listen. You don't know David like I do. Sure, he made some mistakes years ago, and he is still paying for them. But I've seen how much he loves Peter, and I've seen how much he loves others. I've seen first hand what he can do for someone, and I've seen it with friends and families. Maybe when you knew him he hurt a lot of people, but he's changed. He's not like that anymore. But whatever you think, this is not helping Peter. Deal with it later, but let him through to talk to Pete ok?”

She looked at me coldly before saying “Ok. I guess we can talk over this later. I see he has you in his grip much like he had my little brother. I'll let him tell you about that”.

I gave her a cold look back. “Later. Let him see Peter now.”

Without any more she led us along the hallway to a private room. Captain Alister was waiting outside the room for us, along with someone I took to be a doctor. At the end of the hall was a waiting room of some sort. The door was open, and Peter's parents were sitting inside. The first thing that I noticed was that they were sitting apart, not together. At the sight of David Peter's mother buried her face in her hands and started shaking. I guess she was sobbing. Peter's father looked at her for a second, before fixing David with a very cold glare. If looks could kill, I have no doubt that the hospital would've gone in a cloud of smoke in an instant, so strong was the hate in his eyes.

The doctor opened the door to Peter's room and let Captain Alister, Angela and David through. He then took me towards the waiting room that Peter's parents were in. With David out of sight, Peter's father's eyes were focused on me, and I could feel the hate and anger seeping into my very bones.

“Don't worry” the Doctor said. “We wouldn't even ask our security officers to stay near them, let alone you. No one deserves that kind of treatment!”. He led me into another hall near the end of the one that Peter's room is on, and then into a room a short distance from there. Bob and his family were waiting there, along with mum.

Bob rushed over and hugged me when he saw me. Once I broke with him I hugged my mother. As I did, a massive wave of emotions rushed over me. I had not seen her for a few days now, and I hadn't even missed her. With all that was happening with Peter's family, I suddenly came to realise that I had been neglecting my own - that my mother was alone most nights now. And with all that was happening with Peter, and all that had happened with David and Bob and school and everything else in this fucked up world, it became to much. Sobbing, I collapsed to my knees in front of my mother, still holding her as best as I could while she did the same for me. It was like I passed out or something, my mind just went blank.

I was brought back by a call for security to go to Peter's room. I wanted to go but the doctor suggested that it would be better to wait there, and that Peter's parents were probably making a fuss again, and that it was not something that I should worry about.

David was in with Peter for over an hour. While we waited, we made small talk with each other and the few hospital staff who came in to talk to us. Police again came visiting, but this time wanting to talk to Bob and me about Peter. We told them that we would go through that with Captain Alistair and no one else. There was no fuss, no complaints, nothing. They said “Ok, we understand” and left quietly.

We also found out that when the Doctor had led me away, Peter's parents thought that other than David and the other two who went in with him, Peter was unguarded in his room. But they were wrong. There was a security officer with Peter in his room when David and the others entered. He was on his way out when Peter's parents tried to get in. They were no match for the guard and Captain Alister. They were kept a in another waiting room a lot further away from Peter after that, with threats of being arrested for assaulting a security officer, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace should they make more of a fuss.

When David finally returned, he told us that Peter would be OK, and that he was fairly awake now. He asked that Bob, his parents and my mother went in to see Peter while David and I had something else to deal with. Angela was there as well. When David said that he wanted me, I protested. I told him that I wanted to see Peter. He asked that I come, that there was something he had to do that wasn't going to be easy and that he wanted my support. He went on to say that it was important for Peter that we do it.

Angela drew him aside. They spoke in mostly whispers but I could here her saying often that she didn't think it was a good idea, and that it might not be safe. I don't know what he said but the Captain interrupted and told them that they should get moving.

The four of us moved off. Corridor after corridor, a drop of a couple of floors, and more corridors. I kept close, feeling that if I was to fall even a second behind, I would not find my way out and would probably never be heard from again. Why is it that they make hospitals such confusing mazes? Only a nutter with a fixation on mazes could ever hope to even see half an average hospital if they spent their entire lifetime exploring. At least, that's what it feels like.

We finally reached our destination. As soon as I saw Peter's parents I realised why David had not spoken a word during the whole trip. Angela also seemed to be aware of what was going on. She tried to stop it but gave up when David gave her a cold look for a second, then stopped talking to her. When David goes to see someone, and does not talk during the trip, you can guarantee that he is calculating some of the harshest ways of saying things, things that will break people. I had often heard him say that he is sent in to do demolition work to help God remodel a person. I had not understood what he meant until that day. I guess Angela has seen that in him as well. I had seen it in small amounts before, but nothing that I have seen in my time with David could have prepared me for the way he spoke to Peter's parents. He was cruel, heartless, and seemed intent on causing them as much pain as he possible could with just words. And I got the feeling that violence was just below the surface with him, ready to explode if words were not enough. I realised why we were there now.

Angela : A very well trained nurse. I was later to find out that after her split with David she had thrown herself into her career. She would be there to give medical support to anyone who needed it.

Captain Alister : Someone who could restrain David should things get out of hand. Someone he respected a lot. Also, someone who would make sure that the Duncan's would not hurt David.

And me. The love of his life. Someone who could help keep him calm (relatively), help him remember why he was there, and help him remember love and compassion. I shudder to think what it could've been like had even one of us not been with him.

David stormed into the room. The pain he felt in his body seemed to be gone as he bashed the door open. As he entered the room he threw his cane violently across it. Expertly thrown I might add, as it hit nothing that could be damaged. I suspect that he really got rid of it so he wouldn't be tempted to use it to give the Duncan's the beating they so richly deserved.

Mr Duncan spoke first.

“Where's my son? I want to take him out of here now, and..”

“Son?”. David cut him short with a quiet question. Oh oh.. Dangerous. Almost like my mother did when the police came that night. But she has nothing on him.

“Yes, my son you sick freak”.


“And just who do you think you are to talk to my husband like that?” Mrs Duncan responded. She sounded close to hysterical. I thought that was a good thing, that David would see that and ease up on them a bit.

I was very wrong.

“You worthless piece of crap. You and your husband are not parents to Peter. You do not care about him. All you care about is your self. All you care about is looking good for people in your closed-minded little hell hole of a church. Do you think that God is going to let you into Paradise for how you have treated Peter? If you were to die now, I can guarantee you that He will have a nice extra warm spot in hell reserved just for scum like you who destroy lives while claiming it is in His name. You will not escape.”

Mr Duncan stood up and told David to leave his wife alone. David stepped right up close to him, right in his face. “SIT BACK DOWN YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD, I HAVEN'T FINISHED WITH YOUR HATE FILLED BITCH OF A WIFE YET!”.

Without waiting for him to move, David turned back to Mrs Duncan.

“How can you even think of claiming to be a mother when you drive your own son, yes, YOUR OWN SON to suicide? Do you think that the note that he left was meant for someone else? YOU are responsible for this. YOU. NO ONE ELSE. If you were anything of a mother you would NOT have allowed his so-called father treat him like that. If you were anything of a mother you would have gone to God and let Him tell you what needed doing. You would not have listened to this fool who thinks he actually has some right to ever see Peter again. If I had my way you would be both facing charges of neglect, endangerment, and attempted MURDER. YOU TRIED TO KILL PETER YOU BITCH! YOU DID THIS TO HIM!”

I couldn't let this go on. Mrs Duncan was very clearly broken. She was curled up in as small a ball as she could make herself. But David would not let me stop him. With what seemed like a strange quietness he told me to back off and let him finish. The effect of his changes in volume was strong on me – he was so quiet compared to the loudness of a few seconds ago. I backed down. I saw in Captain Alistair that he to was close to being broken by David's words. Angela sat silently in a corner, her face covered and her fingers in her ears – she was blocking as much of this as she could.

David continued on for several minutes more with Mrs Duncan before he turned his attention to Mr Duncan. As he did, Angela got up and went to Mrs Duncan's side. She held her as she cried. I doubt she heard a word that David said to her husband, she was that far gone.

David's attack on her husband was crueller than she had received. He started with pointing out that the whole time David had attacked his wife, he had done nothing of any value, proving that he really was just a worthless piece of human trash. He had backed down when David told him to, and he had sat away from his wife the entire time the attack on her went on. He didn't even so much as offer her a shoulder to lean on. He was told that he had no right to consider himself a husband, or a father, or loving, or Christian, or a man, or even human. He was just a vile piece of hate-filled scum who didn't deserve to have a family, and certainly didn't deserve a son as wonderful as Peter.

At one point Mr Duncan responded by saying that David had no right to speak, he was a child molester and had interfered with many children in his life. The moment of quietness before David spoke was all the signal I needed to step away from him and put my fingers in my ears. But even that was not enough.

David turned to the Captain. “Captain Alister, how many of the boys I interfered with have attempted suicide?”

“As far as I know, none have even come close to it”.

David turned to Mr Duncan, and again stepped right up to him.

“You want to accuse me of interfering with children? You want to accuse me of destroying their lives? You have just heard from the Captain that none of my victims have attempted suicide as far as he is aware. YOUR OWN SON IS LYING HERE IN A HOSPITAL BED BECAUSE YOU TRIED TO KILL HIM. YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH FILLED WITH NOTHING BUT HATE FOR YOUR OWN SON AND ANYONE HE LOVES. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS INTERFERRED WITH HIM. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WANTED HIS LIFE ENDED!”.

David was quiet for a moment. Then, in a barely audible monotone voice, he said “I am not someone who leaves broken bodies of children in my wake, but maybe you need to look at your own recent past to see who does!”. The way he said it was clearly calculated to cause as much pain, as much damage, and as much thought as he possibly could to Mr Duncan, and his wife if she was listening

I cannot bring myself to say any more about the attack on Mr Duncan. It was the most cruel thing that I have ever seen. No form of torture could have this amount of power on a person. David was right about one thing, when we left that room he left those two totally demolished. Angela had actually taken Mrs Duncan to another room during the attack on her husband, before coming back to join us. She again sat in her corner with her eyes and ears closed. She did not want to see or hear this, but she knew that she had to be there.

I have seen a side of David that I do not like. If he so chooses, he can be a very cruel, calculating bastard. I hope never to see it again.

When we left, David asked me to come with him. I really didn't want to be near him at that point but I knew that he would not be the same with me as he had been with the Duncan's. I hoped that he would not ever want to be even 1 1/10th of that way with me. It will take me some time to reconcile that part of him with the loving part that I know.

When we got outside the door I saw why he wanted me there. As soon as the door closed, he turned white – like all the blood had drained from him. He collapsed against the wall and motioned for me to help him stand. Angela and Captain Alister came out as well, leaving Mr Duncan alone in the room – a crying wreck of what used to be some sort of a man.

David only spoke 3 words when the others joined us. “Angela. Toilet. Quick.”

She gave us directions to the nearest mens room, and I took David there with Captain Alister's help. He spent the next few minutes puking into the nearest basin – he didn't even have time to make it to a toilet bowl. When he was finished he called us over, and told us that he was sorry that we had to see that but he felt that it was the only way. David hugged me as he himself broke. The emotional toll of having to deal with people like that was clear to see. I realised that while he can be very cruel, it is not something that he likes. He does it to break someone so that it will really hit home where they need to change, and to totally destroy any defence of theirs that gets in the way of that change.

As David broke, so did I. I could not hold it any more. All this was getting to much. I was surprised when the Captain joined us in our embrace, and even more so when I felt his tears landing on my arm. When we talked about it later that day, he told me that he had seen someone do something like that, but never with the level that David did. He told me that he was amazed that someone as loving as David could do something like that, and said that it only magnified the effect when someone normally chatty and happy but also quiet and loving can turn on someone like that. He said the he has no doubts that the Duncan's will totally change in their family life within the next few days.

When we left the toilet, David asked me to find Angela and ask her to meet him in the hospital cafeteria. When she and I arrived, David was talking with Captain Alister. The Captain thanked Angela for her help and left. The three of us spoke for a while before David asked me to go and see Peter.

While we were together, I saw that a real change had come over Angela from when we first me during the day. They talked like they were very close friends who had stayed close for years. She told him that he was a changed man, that she really wishes that she had not lost him, and she told me that I was really lucky to have him and to not let him go like she had done. When I left, they were holding hands across the table talking quietly and happily. I felt some jealously but I still knew that David only had eyes for me.

Later, Angela told me some of the conversation. David had apologised to her for what happened that day. But she already knew it was coming, and she had seen David do that sort of thing before. She knew that while He wasn't entirely in control and probably actually chose very little of the wording, God did have a hand in it. She also told me that it showed how much David cares for Peter, because he would not face confrontation if he could avoid it, and he would only do it if he really loved someone.

After I had been with Peter for a while, two people I had never met before came in. They spoke with Peter with kindness and understanding. They talked about how his parents had treated them, about how they had hurt him, and about how he felt about things. They talked about things that needed to change at Peter's home for him to be happy there. And they made a suggestion that totally shocked me. They suggested that Peter, Bob, David and myself go away the following week on a camping trip. They wanted Peter to spend some time with David and more importantly, with God. They wanted Peter to talk to David about the problems with Peter's church, and the false teachings that he had picked up while he was there.

The most shocking thing was that these two people were Peter's parents. They were changed. Totally. In the space of a few hours they had gone from hatred for David and anyone associated with him to actually wanting their son to spend a week alone, out bush, with David. But the most shocking thing of all was the way in which they spoke to Peter. Not with the controlling and dominance and “we know best you know nothing” attitude that they'd had earlier that day, but with real love, compassion, and a willingness to listen to their son and to really hear what he wanted for his own life.

They also told him that they would spend that same week themselves getting things sorted between them and God.

Someone please tell me. WHAT THE HELL IS IT ABOUT DAVID THAT CHANGES PEOPLE SO MUCH???? Peter's parents hated David. They hated me. Now I am taking a break from packing for a week long camping trip with David, Peter and Bob, at THEIR suggestion. In the space of a few hours they went from hating us to forgiving us. And David really put them through hell. He wasn't kind, he wasn't loving. He was cold hearted and absolutely mind-fuckingly CRUEL to them. And they love him for it? They want their son to spend time with a person they were only a few hours before calling a child raping anti-christian monster ? ARGH! I can't take this any more!

{Again, very hard to write. The boy I based Peter on is one I love very much, almost as much as I love Nathan (but no thoughts of anything other than a close friendship with him). In real life, his parents are very good people. I had to use other people to base their characters on. But there are plenty of people like that in this world, it's not hard to find someone to base such characters on.

It does hurt writing such things, but this needs to be said.

And again, sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out. - TC]