Part 2 Chapter 3 : End.

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Another two weeks have passed since I last wrote.

At first it was easy being away from David. The anger I felt at what I saw made any memory of what we had before that day seem faint and distant. I guess I should have seen it coming, I should have seen it earlier. For a start, David was very eager to go camping with Peter. And he still spends whatever time he can with other teens, and sometimes younger boys.. All the signs were there. His professed love for me was a lie. I should have known better.

Bob's been staying there a lot lately, as has Peter. So he probably isn't even missing me.. Wonder if he's even noticed that I haven't been there.

I guess he did notice that I wasn't there. Last Friday, shortly after I went to bed, I heard a knock on the door. A moment later I heard Bob saying that he really needed to see me. He had some urgency in his voice and wouldn't take no for an answer. Mum had told him that I had already gone to bed but he insisted, and she let him come in to see me. We were still friends at that point, so I let him speak.

“Nathan, David's really in a bad way at the moment. He's really upset about losing you. He's sorry that you saw what you did, and wants a chance to talk to you about it. He really loves you and it's...”

I interrupted him.

“I don't care Bob. I don't want to know David, or to hear about him any more. He started screwing around on me and I left him. I don't ever want to hear about that worthless piece of shit again, got it?”

Bob's reaction was not what I would've expected. He seemed to jump from where he was to my bed. Next thing I knew he was hitting me in the face and chest while going off about how much I was hurting David and other nasty things about me. Mum came running in when she heard it. Her yelling broke Bob out of whatever it was that had gotten in to him. He left the house in tears.

Mum stayed with me as I went to sleep. Not only had David screwed around on me and ended our relationship, but it seemed that he had also destroyed the friendship between Bob and me.

Until that night, Bob had been spending a few hours a night with me, then going out to David's place for the rest of the night. The same had happened on Friday, but he came back here.

I have only said two words to him since. I know I should go over and fix things with him, but I just can't. While Bob is still friends with David, I do care about him and I know that we could get past this, if he would forgive me. But somehow I don't think he will. If he's outside and sees me outside, he heads inside. Sometimes he's given me the fingers before he goes in. I don't think he will ever want to talk to me again.

The following day Bob and his mother came over to apologise. I could tell that mum wasn't to pleased with him being there, and that it was only for Barbara's benefit that she let Bob into the house again. They will remain friends even if Bob and I don't. Since we've known each other Bob and I have gone for weeks without talking to each other while mum and Barbara talk every day.

Bob told me that he was sorry for what happened. I waited patiently while he gave his apology. Then I said “Fuck off” and went to my room. Mum was not pleased with this, and came in to see me. She wanted me to go out and apologise to Bob but I refused to. She left me to myself and went back out.

I heard her telling Bob that she really wasn't happy with him and didn't want him here for now. She spent some time talking to Barbara after Bob went home, but I could not hear what was said.

The next day it was Angela's turn to visit. She spent an hour or so with me. Angela had been spending some time catching up with David over the last couple of weeks, and had seen him struggling. She told me how upset he was that I wasn't there any more. I told her to tell him to fuck off, to leave me alone, and to make sure that he didn't send anyone else.

Angela told me about how close they had been when they were teenagers, how they had planned to get married once she had found a job and he'd been given a raise. And she told me of how she felt when she caught David and her younger brother in bed together. In her case, there was no room for doubt, but she told me that since David and Peter were dressed, that maybe David was just using that special touch on Peter.. But I wasn't buying any of it. I know what I saw. I politely asked her to leave, as I didn't want to talk about it any more. She did, but she gave me an envelope and begged me to read it.

Inside was a letter from David. I was going to burn it but thought that it may have something of value. After all, we did have tens of thousands of dollars invested together. Maybe he was going to split it between us or something.

But it was just a letter :

My Dearest Nathan.

There are no words in this world that could say all that you mean to me.
You have given me so much more than I ever deserved. So much more than I ever thought possible. I never realised that I could love as I love you. No words describe it.

If I could do anything at all, I would do whatever it takes to win you back. Please, name your price and I will do what I have to do. I do not want to go on without you in my life.

I know I failed you. Please don't turn away from me.

I understand that you were upset when you saw us in the tent. I had hoped that you would understand that I was there for Peter, and that I was using what I know to help him get through years of hurt. But I should have thought of what would happen if you found us like that, and I should have checked it with you before trying. I am sorry.

You have every right to be upset with me.

I am here for you. You know how to reach me if you need to, Please, forgive me and come back.

Deepest love,

I tore it up and threw it in the fireplace. I half expected it to burn bright blue or something like that. I felt like I was destroying something evil, such was my disgust at his words.

Things continued to go downhill for me after that. I started to feel so cold and alone at nights. I had been getting used to sharing a bed, and now I was on my own again. Bob is out of my life, as is David and Peter. I have been separated from my school friends and it has fallen back to just me and mum.

Even that bitch Melody was a real disappointment. I finally managed to get hold of her earlier today and asked her out. She just laughed and asked what made me think she would want to go out with me. I reminded her of those last days in school. Her response was that she was only doing it to get back at her Boy friend, and that she meant nothing by it.

I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and cried for some time after that. It was while I was in there that I noticed mum's sleeping pills on a shelf, and I came to the one decision that will end my pain.

They are hitting me now. I can really feel them starting to work. Another few minutes and I will fall asleep for the last time.