Part 2 Chapter 6 : Love in Motion.

Copyright 2005-2006. All rights reserved. Applies to all chapters in this series.

This story is fictional based on fictional characters. Any similarity to any person living or dead is coincidence. This chapter contains teen/teen boy sex. It was largely written by a very very special person who I have not known long and have yet to meet, but who means a lot to me.

If this is legal for you to read and is the sort of stuff you enjoy reading then read and enjoy. If this is not legal for you to read and/or is not the sort of stuff that you enjoy then do not read. You have the choice.

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I want to start this posting by saying that.. I AM NO LONGER A VIRGIN!! Yeah man! I finally got my rocks off with someone, instead of just my own hand or some imagined encounter with someone else!.

And no, it wasn't David. I've yet to contact him. But I will before the week is out. It will take a leap of courage on my part, but I am now determined to talk to him. No plans for anything further, but a very special boy has convinced me that it is time.

It's been just over a week since I last wrote. In that time, the friendship between Sam and myself has grown a lot.

It's also been a time of discovery for me. I've learnt a lot more about the world, about my family, and about love and friendships. And of course I have learnt what it feels like to fully make love with someone else. Wow! I never knew something so naughty could feel so good!

I also had one of the weirdest dreams ever, but I will cover that later.

The morning after I last wrote I was awoken with a sudden thump as a pile of laughing boy landed on my bed. Sam had come over fairly early, and wanted to see me. Uncle was still pretty tired from the night before, so he was still out to it.

It was a hot day and Sam wanted to go swimming.

I would say that I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed but that wouldn't be true. There was something about Sam's overflowing enthusiasm and energy that excited me, and I was up and out of bed in a minute.

It was only after we'd left the room that I realised to my shock that for the first time in many years, someone had seen me wearing only my briefs. Sam hadn't left the room when I got up and dressed, and I hadn't even thought of asking him to leave as we chatted excitedly about the day. Thankfully I wasn't that excited, or he would've noticed ;-)

We spent a while swimming and playing around in the pool, and then got out for a break for a while. We sat on the seat on the back porch and talked. While we were there, Sam sat right next to me. I mean right next to me.

It was so natural and so beautiful. After a little while I realised that I had my arm over his shoulder. I don't recall when I put it there, I wasn't aware of it for at least a few minutes. I can't even remember what we were talking about at that time, I only remember the moment that I realised that I had my arm over his shoulder. It seemed so natural and so incredibly wonderful!

After a few seconds of nerves I decided to put a bit more pressure into it and pulled him into a one-armed hug. He looked at me for a minute, smiled, and thanked me. Then he leant into me even more.

We sat there for the next few minutes enjoying the silence and closeness. I know now that at that point he was already starting to have some very strong feelings for me, and I was starting to feel the same.

The words of the song “Your love was right on time” by the band “Rez” came to my mind for a moment. A song about love, and about God. At least the part about love, about someone's love coming in at the right time to save another from themselves. I looked skyward for a moment. I felt that in some small way, my prayer from a few days ago had already been answered. Still not sure, I said a quiet “Thank you” and went back to contentedly sitting there with the boy I was loving more and more by the minute.

Things changed a lot after that.. To much to put into what is already a very long post. I will have to cover some stuff really quickly because the most special part, the part by Sam, is still to come. The rest I will cover in my next post. The sequence might jump around a bit but please bear with me. So much has happened in the last few days that I could write all month and not cover it all!

I had a scare on my fourth night here. Uncle Andrew asked me to join him and Sam in the computer room, and I did. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was on screen. This blog of mine that you are now reading was there. On reading about my first day with them, they realised that I was the author of the site they'd been following closely since I started writing it. Only at that point had they known for sure, although Uncle Andrew had wondered about it when mum phoned him about my visit, and he saw my posts leading up to my visit.

It was then that I discovered that he is a boy lover himself, and that Sam is his YF. Lucky bastard. He gets to see Sam almost every day. I don't. Maybe I can convince mum to move here.. Yeah, I know you're reading this Uncle. Consider yourself to be very lucky to have a boy as wonderful as Sam your life. Never take him for granted! He is way to special! Cherish every second that you two have together! The same goes for everyone else who reads this and has someone special in their lives. Do not ever take that relationship for granted!

Uncle tried talking to me a bit about BL stuff, but I really wasn't to keen on it. Sorry Uncle, but as I told you, I'm not to keen on discussing it personally, even though I can write this here for the world to see. Here, it's impersonal, I'll probably never meet anyone who reads it. On the other hand, now that I do know two of my regular readers, I have to wonder if any one else I know in real life reads this. But it's easier with this distance. Maybe next time I come up to visit you we can talk more.

Things carried on much the same for the next few days. Swimming, talking, playing, laughing, and getting to know and love each other more. Then there was a day that Sam and I spent out in the car. Uncle was out doing something else for the day related to his work, and Sam's parents were out as well, so I had the “chore” of taking care of him for the day. Chore? I could not pay anyone enough to have a day like this!

The next block is in Sam's own words. He asked me if he could write about this bit for my site, and he's so much better at it then I am, so I let him do so. He's a wonderful writer! Add that to being very sensitive (which is very very nice), and gorgeous beyond belief, and so incredibly loving.. Can there be anyone more wonderful on this planet?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It had been the most wonderful day. Nathan is such a kind guy and had filled the whole day with fun activities just for me. I really do love him very much but being a bit shy, I had never ever really spoken those words to him beyond simply telling him that he was a neat guy and that I liked him. Somehow, I think he knew how I really felt...

In the late afternoon, we got into his car for the ride home, and as soon as we had left the town, I scooted over beside him and he put his one arm around me and pulled me into him as he drove.

“I’m going to take you to a very special place,” he almost whispered, pulling my head to nestle against is shoulder, and nuzzling my hair. “It’s a very secret place that nobody knows about and means a lot to me! I think it is time to share it with you and I think you’ll like it too!”

We drove on like that in a glorious silence, me snuggled into him and with his arm around me and feeling the warmth of his gentle breath caressing the top of my forehead and cheek.

Contented, I dozed.

When I awoke, the car was no longer moving. Nathan had parked it on a grassy area at the top of a line of cliffs and looking out to sea. It was the most beautiful view I had ever seen, and my breath caught in my throat!

“Oh, Nathan,” I gasped, “its so beautiful!” How long have I been asleep?”

“Welcome back, sleepyhead!”, he chuckled. ”C’mon, let’s take a walk!”

He got out of his side of the car, and I got out my side, joining him.

“It’s this way.” and he took me by the hand and we walked together.

At my age, I would never, normally, have considered holding a man’s hand. It just wasn’t done unless you wanted to be labelled a baby and a sissy by the other guys. But this was different, it seemed, somehow normal, natural. I pondered again saying those three words from the bottom of my heart, but didn’t in fear that he would pull away from me forever!

I don’t remember much of that walk, whatsoever...It was if I were in Heaven waking on clouds.

“Here it is“ he eventually said, bringing me back to earth. “It looks dangerous, but it really isn’’ll see! I think that’s why nobody has ever discovered the place...follow me.”

I followed him over the edge to find a faint path, leading downwards, but appearing to taper into nothingness up ahead. I followed Nathan.

Where the path seemed to taper to an end, it went sharply around a corner, and right in front of us was a fairly-spacious ledge tucked just far enough under an overhang that nobody from above would ever suspect it was there.

We sat down together, and again I snuggled into him, as close as I could get, putting one arm around his back and he did the same.

We silently sat there watching the distant sailboats on the sea.

His back felt so warm and strong, and I felt so safe and protected from the world sitting with his arm around me.

I sighed in deep contentedness, wishing we could stay like this forever.

I don’t know how long we sat like this, enjoying each other and the view. It was a long time.

Eventually, I turned to him and nuzzed his ear whispering, “Thank-you for bringing me here. I love you Nathan! I love you so much! The words came from the bottom-most depth of my heart, my soul.

With that, he pulled me back with him and down upon our sides, each gazing lovingly into the other’s eyes. I could sense his love for me through his eyes, and I gave back, equally, and again I sighed in love and contentment!

Our lips moved toward each other. Lightly they touched, then Nathan’s lips drew my upper lip between his and I felt his hand move up under my shirt. As his hand came to rest softly on my chest, I gasped into his lips as the touch was like a charge of electricity entering me through his hand.

I felt his tongue lightly moving along my lips as his hands moved around my chest, sometimes like a butterfly sometimes a definite touch. I opened my teeth and mouth, suddenly wanting his tongue to probe in there, to explore every crevice.

I was not disappointed. Our tongues met, touched, and as his hands continued to explore my chest I am suddenly aware that I am moaning into his mouth, breathing hard now, and have become erect down there, engorged, hard, rock hard, harder than ever I have been if my life, pulsing, pulsing...

Nathan’s pulled away, I try to follow, my lips around his tongue and inside his mouth in a vain last attempt to suck him back into me. I lose him. Only momentarily.

Nathan stares deep into my eyes, asking, “It’s time, isn’t it?”

I nod! I don’t dare speak!.

Nathan lovingly pushes against my upper shoulder...he wants me on my back, I turn making my self open to him, giving myself totally to him, knowing that my fully-erect boyhood is tented up down there. I am not just seems so right under the circumstances! I want him to know that I am fully his now, now and forever!

He slips his hand under my neck, and this time he kisses me deeply, his tongue far into my mouth and almost down my throat...if only it could...

His hand moves onto my erect boyhood and I feel it jump, pulse involuntarily, one, two, three, four times! His hand feels that good, finally touching me where I most needed to be touched by him! I moan, loudly!

“Oh, Nathan! Oh, man!”

His hand leaves my boyhood, and I am disappointed! I am momentarily fearful that he might think the pulsing was me cumming. It wasn’t! I need to cum so badly!

I feel him opening the buttons of my shirt, kissing his way down my chin, neck, and onto my chest. Gently he takes each nipple into his mouth, sucking gently and then harder, gently and then harder...his fingers working the other nipple...then moves to the other, repeating the process. I can’t describe the passion building in my body, not only the passion, but the love! He nibbles one and then the other as I gasp, moan, gasp and moan, thrashing about now, my hips thrusting, thrusting upwards. I cannot help it, I am beyond myself.

Moaning, gasping, “Oh, Nathan! Oh Nate! I love you so much! Oh Nathan!”

Unwanted respite for a minute, he wants my shirt off. I sit up, briefly, while he removes it and tosses it aside! I lay back again, eyes closed, cherishing the time!

I feel his hands at my waist, his fingers under the band of my swim trunks. I lift my hips so that he can lower them, and he does, taking them completely off me!

I am totally naked now, totally exposed to this man I love so much! It is the only gift I can give him...myself, fully and totally open to whatever he wants! I love him and hope he understands!

After he had removed my bathing-trunks, he just knelt there for a few moments, staring. I could see the love in his eyes and, perhaps, a glint of passion too! I’ll always cherish that moment!

Surprising me, Nathan moved to my feet, massaging them and running his fingers around my toes. It felt really nice, but it felt even better when he took them into his mouth, first one foot and then the other. I had never had that done before, and was beginning to moan in pleasure again.

Slowly he worked his way up toward my thighs, kissing, massaging, and licking, first one leg, then the other. As he got higher, his tongue and lips in the inner side of my thighs felt really good and I was moaning louder now.

Reaching my boyhood, he stopped for a few seconds and looked up into my eyes. I could see he passion, he love in his eyes, feel his hot breath on my cock, and as I stared down into his eyes, I could see it throbbing with my every heartbeat.

I placed my hands on his shoulders, nodded, and gently pushed.

His warm, moist and loving lips and mouth slipped slowly over the nipple, engulfing it before my very eyes and moving down along the shaft.

“Oh, Nate!” I gasped, “That feels so good! I’ve never felt anything so good in all my life!”

He took me totally inside, his nose buried in the sparse pubes I have down there.

I was moaning, loudly by now. I knew that I wouldn’t last long for I had been worked up for such a long time. My thoughts and feelings were instantaneous, but if I try to put them to paper it is such a long process! I loved this man. I loved him deeply. I loved the feelings that he was giving me now! I would ever love him for the rest of my life!

I don’t know how many times is mouth moved up and down my boycock...maybe four, maybe five. I was floating too high on a cloud to know. All I know is that it felt like my knob was getting a lot larger suddenly and I knew that I was about to explode more violently than ever before in my life!

It felt so good!

I tried to warn him for I didn’t want him to be caught by surprise!

“Oh, Nate! I, I’m...Here it comes!” (The last three words came out sounding like I was far away, and dream-like, even to myself) And I grabbed his head and pushed it all the way down just as the series of explosions began, jetting spurt after spurt of my boy-cum into the back of his mouth!

Somehow, my intent to solely pleasure him ended up with me receiving pleasure again from him. I let it go on until I knew that I was going to cum again, and then moved off him so that I could lick, touch and suck at his chest.

His nipples were beautiful! I leaned across him to take the far one on into my mouth while I tweaked the other, I jammed my boycock hard into the side of his leg.

“Oh, Sam!” he gasped, “Please suck hard! Oh, ahh, that’s it! That feels so good!”

I was amazed! Here he was helping me along in giving him pleasure...such an idea had never occurred to me before. At the same time, he was begging for me to do what he wanted.

“Now the other one, Sam! Suck it hard! Ooohhh! Now gently nibble it! Gently!”

I was getting the hang of it! I trailed my tongue back across the other nipple and as I sucked as hard as I could and nibbled, I began running my hand and fingers across his abdomen, circling lower and lower. By this time he was writhing and had his face pressing against the top of my head. I switched again, back to the other breast, sucking even hard and trying to find the very small tip with my teeth. My other hand slipped under his waistband...I just had to feel that great huge cock in my own hand. He pulled in his stomach a bit to give me better access, still writhing from what I was doing with my mouth. His gasps and moans were incessant now.

I felt so happy, knowing that I was giving the man I loved such great pleasure!

My hand slipped lower, encountering a thatch of pubic hairs. My own, of which I felt so proud. suddenly seemed paltry and insignificant!

Slipping my hand lower still, I found the object of my desire. I wrapped my hand around seemed so huge! I grasped it, marvelling at its thickness and eliciting a moan from Nathan. My fingers, encircled around that enormous warm hard, yet at the same time gently-soft, shaft barely met. As I moved my hand upward, it grew even thicker.

The top of my thumb and index-finger encountered the ridge, the shoulders of his engorged glans. Without hesitating, and since my fingers no longer could completely encircle him completely, I swept over that ridge and onto the smooth fields of his knob itself. It was exceedingly-damp and slippery, which excited me even more.

I knew exactly what it was...pre-cum!

I moved my hand up and over his great nipple until the wet, slippery tip of it was against the palm of my hand, while my five fingers now surrounded that great head like the bars of a prison. I could feel the fabric of his shorts now against the top of my hand, heavily wet.

I knew now that he had been pre-cumming throughout all of our love-making!

I was pleased!

Leaving his breast, I looked him in the eyes! “Oh, wow, Nate! You’re so huge, so magnificent!” and I gave him another kiss on his lips as I withdrew my hand from the warmth down there, determined to see his all with my own eyes!

Without breaking our gaze, I licked at my wet fingers, savouring his very-personal flavour! Our love for each other flowed to each other through that loving gaze, even through the glaze I could now see in his eyes!

I could wait no longer! I just had to have this man, my lover, exposed to me in the same personal way that I had allowed him to expose me to his own gaze!

In my eagerness and desire, I fumbled at the hook and the button of his outer shorts, noting that some of his wetness had soaked through.

Finally, I had undone them and grasped the tab of the zipper, pulling it down and away from him lest I should catch a part of that great bulge and hurt him!

Flipping away the panels of his open shorts, I gasped as his inner boxers came into view, now springing upward upon the sudden release like some great circus-tent supported by a great central pole.

Even as I gazed, in that short brief instance I saw another crystal-clear diamond-like droplet of his pre-cum form, having filtered through his boxers.I quickly licked at it, not wanting it to go to

Nathan moaned.

I grasped at each side of his open fly, slipping the fingers of both hands under the waistband under, first, his outer shorts, and , then under the waistband of his boxers. I began to pull them downwards, and instinctively perhaps, perhaps involuntarily, he raised his hips off the ground. And I was able to lower both to just below his knees.

I was so worked up by now, that I didn’t want to take the time to remove them completely! I got them down to his ankles only, and then, enraptured by the beauty I saw, I could go no further!

This was my first man, my first lover! This was my lover who loved me so much that he first took my virgin boyhood into him and gave me such deep pleasure!

God, how I loved him! My heart was pounding heavily in my chest and felt like it was about to burst in my love for him!

I knew without any certainty that I would love him forever and forever! He laid there, still softly moaning, his legs splayed outwards sightly, yet constricted an the ankles by his own clothing.

I could bet stare at his masculinity in wonder and awe! Suddenly my own seemed so tiny and minuscule in comparison...yet he had admired me so much!

This God of a man had deigned to make love to me, bringing me to pleasures that I had never ever experienced!

Paltry though it seemed, I wanted him to experience at last some of which I had experienced shortly before, for him to know the true extent of my love for him!

Yet, at the same time, I did not want to bring him to orgasm too quickly...I wanted him to experience all that I had experienced but an hour before!

Not able to bear it for a minute longer, I lowered my face to to that marvellous V-shaped cleft between his legs and his and his magnificent manhood!

Licking, sucking, and, sometimes even gently applying a mischievous nibble where I could, I could hear him moaning softly above me!

I could smell his manhood musk, and it, strangely, invigorated me, somehow!All I knew was that I wished I could spend the rest of my life down here, devoting myself so personally to my loved-one!

As I alternated my attention from one side to the other, I hefted the weight of his balls in his scrotum. They felt so soft and heavy and, yet, so nice, so soft and fragile in my hand!

As I alternated from side-to side, totally enjoying the feeling of his entire being and essence in my hand, I realized that his scrotum was beginning to shrink. I quickly move my mouth over him, abandoning the pleasure of licking and sucking on that marvellous crevice of him and focused, now, on gently sucking one of his balls into his mouth followed by the other!

He, my first real lover, was moaning more-loudly now!

As his balls tightened further, I began to lick his sack from below (almost from his anal ring and upward, hesitating to go further down because I was not ready for that type of action yet)

Nathan was moaning quite loudly now, and I could see pre-cum streaming down his magnificent cock. I could certainly taste it, and it was really good!

I continued my progress upward over his balls and onto his most-marvellous tool, quite enjoying the taste of him up to this point in time.

When I finally reached his knob, I stretched out my tongue, trying to circle around such a huge member. To this day, I remember Nate’s panting and moaning, and the way his body was beginning to writhe and twist now, more violently than before!

Rhythmically now, I was pressing my boyhood tumescence into his leg now!

The time had come! His ball-sack had tightened up completely and I was pulling it to stretch it out, kneading and stroking at the same time.

I lowered my mouth upon his great cock-head, travelling down to the point where I gagged and tears appeared coursed down my cheeks! I had wanted to take him all, just as he had me so short a time ago, but I was inexperienced!

I gagged a bit, tears forming in my eyes!

None the less, he continued to moan more loudly while I also moaned, appreciating his great cock-head filling my mouth!

I felt his hand upon my shoulders and kneading me and stroking as far down my back as he could reach!

I was trying so hard to communicate my love for him through my own mouth and I think he realized that. I would move up and down and back up again, pausing briefly on every second stoke to briefly move my tongue around his now-engorged cock-head. Beyond his moaning and gasps, I learnt what he wanted through the small pushes against my neck!

I quickly caught on to what he needed through the pressure of his hands on my shoulders and with the tiny pushes on the back of my neck!

I don’t know how long this continued, probably 10-15 minutes and I was loving every minute of it, as was he from the moanings coming from above combined with his small thrusts upwards into my mouth with every downstroke of mine. My jaw was beginning to hurt from the effort made to keep my teeth away from his great cockhead and shaft wile trying to maintain the sucking.

In desperation, I resorted to what he had done to me. On every upstroke of my mouth, I would go beyond the tip of his cock, leaving us soley connected by a that thin thread of his pre-cum and my saliva combined.

It worked!

Within minutes I could visibly see and feel that that his glans was growing larger, swelling, and could feel the increased-size in my mouth as well!

(Let me add here, although I am only 14, I do know what happens to my own body and know all the signs of an impending orgasm, if only through my own fantasies of other guys and girls!)

“Ahhh! Ooh, Sam, I’m gonna cum!”

I knew he was warning me to allow me to exit the consequences! I didn’t want that, and I knew also that he didn’t also!

In reply, I kept him totally in my mouth the next few strokes, sucking even harder. He knew now that I was totally-determined to receive all that he could offer!

“Oh, Sam, my love, it’s coming! Here it comes, go way down, NOW!”

I did, and he suddenly exploded deep into the back of my mouth and down my throat! I let out a muffled little high-pitched cry at the intensity and sheer amount of that first gush of him into me, but it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another!

After the first two gushes, I realized that I could not keep up with it without him flooding my mouth to overflowing, so I attempted to swallow everything that he was pumping into was as if it was his offering his very essence to me , and I wanted every precious drop of it, of him!

The third great gush came just as I was attempting to swallow. It flooded my mouth with his taste and my cheeks began to bulge!

Now, with great long gulps, I began a rhythm of swallowing everything he offered up to me! Gulp after gulp after gulp.

When it was over, I continued to hold him in my mouth, cherishing his softening, hoping that I had satisfied him as much as he had myself!

He sighed, softly, caressing my head and shoulders!

“Oh, Sam, that was so good!” he whispered. “I love you so very deeply. You’re such a special boy!”

I slowly withdrew my mouth, loathe to do that.

I skittered up beside him, lying facing him.


He turned on his side facing me. We laid like that for a long time, his hand on my hip, occasionally stroking up and down my side, my hand holding his flaccidness. Again the love flowed between us in our unbroken gaze.

He broke the moment. “Sam,” he said, “We really should be going. We barely have enough time to grab a hamburg before I promised to have you home. I just wish I could take care of this again,” and he touched my still erect boyhood, “But there”ll be plenty more times!”

“That’s OK, Nate! More would be nice, but I’d like to save some for when I think about you tonight. And I don’t want a hamburg. My stomach is full of you, now, and I don’t want to dilute that.” He hugged me and we stood up.

He dressed me himself. It was nice to be so-cared for!

He helped me up to the cliff-top. My legs felt so weak and wobbly...I never knew lovemaking could make one feel this way. My groin felt considerably lighter than it had been in a long time.

In the car, I snuggled against him, pulling his arm around me again, resting my hand on his softness. My own tumescence subsided. It all seemed so, so, just right.

Neither of us spoke. We simply enjoyed the special bond that had been woven between us.

As we neared town, I pulled away and moved toward the opposite side of the seat. I knew it wouldn’t look right for a boy of my age to be snuggled that close to a man.

As the lights of town appeared ahead, I spoke.

“Nathan, please take my to your house first!”

“Why?” he asked. “It’s almost the time I promised your mother that I would have you home by.”

“I can still taste you, and I love it, but I hear a lot of the boys talk about ‘cum-breath’”

He grasped what I was saying and completed my thought for me, “And you think that you’d better use some of my mouthwash, right?”

He took me home, I gargled, and took a few of his mints as an extra precaution.

As we left his house, I gave him one of my special hugs he liked so much, my now-soft boyhood pressing into his leg, so that he knew it was safe for him to drop me off.

He dropped me at the foot of our driveway and I stood there waving as his car moved away in the darkness.

I sighed, popping another mint in my mouth and determined to keep some distance between myself and my mother.

When I entered, my mother asked me if I had had a good time.

“Yeah, mom, it was really great!”

“I could tell you had, honey! You’re absolutely glowing!” she said. “If you want to eat, there’s some roast beef, potatoes and gravy in the fridge.”

“It’s OK, mom, Nathan already fed me,” I almost chuckled aloud at what I had just said, adding quickly, “we ate hamburgs!”

Although I knew I could have eaten something, I had a belly-full (well, almost a belly-full) of Nathan’s love inside me and I wanted to further cherish it, make certain it was fully digested, consumed, made a part of my own body, totally, before I would ever eat again.

“Well then” she said, “you’d better get upstairs and have your shower. Remember we have church tomorrow morning.

“And after your shower shake your bathing suit out on the mat if there is sand in it, especially the pockets!” she called out after me as I bounded up the stairs, two at a time. “And don’t forget to brush your teeth!” louder now.

I entered the bathroom, locked the door and shed my two items of clothing...swim trunks and shirt. I had not worn briefs under the trunks since I had hoped we might have gone swimming earlier in the day. Nathan had mentioned visiting the seashore.

I followed my nightly routine, except that when it came time to shower, I turned the shower on so that my parents could hear it but did not get in. I did not want to wash away any of what might remain of Nathan on me.

Instead, I filled the sink with warm water, spread out a bath towel on the floor in front of the shower, dipped a face cloth into the sink, and wrung it out on the towel so that it would be appropriately wet.

Naked, I turned to the sink and mirror, leaning in to examine my face and neck. Great! No Zits yet. Most of my friends had broken out in them and I feared their appearance!

I dipped my toothbrush into the water, shook it and riffled the bristles toward the mirror. There was no way that I was going to brush my teeth tonight! Nathan had flooded my mouth with his very essence but I wanted the usual splatters on the mirror.

I picked up the tube of toothpaste, took off its top and put it back down, leaving it open with the cap beside it. It was a trick I’d used before when I wanted to skip brushing my teeth.

Time to turn off the shower now!

Turning back to the sink, I dipped my comb into the water and started to comb my hair. Dipping and combing, I finally had it to what I figured was the right stage of dampness for a boy who had stepped out of the shower.

Details! I hated to try to think of all of them, but mothers seem to notice even the littlest things, and I certainly didn’t want her or my dad suspicious.

Life can become so complicated when you have a secret lover!

I looked at myself in the mirror wondering what Nathan saw in me, beyond my love for him. I stepped back a couple of feet so that I could see myself naked from my head to my knees.

Considering carefully, I decided that I looked pretty normal except for my face and height. I always hated my face, because most adults called it a “really-cute-baby-face” and always joked with my parents that I would be popular with the girls. I always hated that!

On the other hand, all the girls at school seemed to really like me, and I think it made my friends jealous at times. So, maybe they were right, except that I still wasn’t all that interested in girls yet, at least not to the extent that my friends were now!

That puzzled me.

As did my new feelings toward a grown-up man!

What I saw in the mirror was a smallish but lithe teen, perhaps bordering on the skinnyish side of normal, and shorter in height than most of my friends with a distinct tan-line ending where I am usually covered by my shorts, briefs, or swim-trunks. Below that was really white, sort-of blending back into the tan that began again just above my knees, perhaps about where my shorts ended and I was exposed to direct sunlight again.

I stared at my boyishness down there. I was not ashamed of it, but it appeared so small in comparison to Nate’s! On the other hand, it was larger and a bit thicker than those of my friends...we had compared each other. I blushed at the thought!

All of that seemed so childish now!

As I stared, I remembered the site of Nathan’s head down there giving me the first really-great pleasure of my young life. My boyish cock began to grow again, in response to the memory!

I picked up the towel, wrapping it about my waist, bundled up my swim trunks into my shirt and headed across to my own bedroom at the top of the stairs, noting that my younger brother’s bedroom door was ajar...which meant that he was already in bed, asleep! Stepping inside my own bedroom. I took the towel off, wrapped it around my trunks and shirt, and then extended my naked torso just far enough out of the door that the bundle would land at the foot of the stairs when I tossed it.
It would save my mother coming up to gather up the laundry (sort of a tradition in our house) and then I closed my bedroom door and locked it!

Turning around in my nakedness, I could see that my mother had already been in here and “straightening things up”. My bedside lamp was turned on, casting it’s usual soft and, somehow, comforting glow.

My “Sunday-trousers” were already laid out for me on a chair at my desk at the foot of my bed, the briefs she expected me to wear on top of them and the shirt she wanted already over the back of the chair.

I sighed, exasperated. I hated those pants! They were different to jeans in that they were a softer material and one could see a bulge down there. And if one got a hard-on, what could one do about it? Take home a hymnal and hold it in front to cover it up?

No way, man!

If it happened in church tomorrow, particularly when I saw Nathan there, as he promised he'd come, I’d have to reply on another method I’d developed which usually seemed to work in such cases!

I slipped on the briefs laid out so thoughtfully by my mother, but wishing at the same time that she’d stop doing that for me. It was becoming too personal to me!

I entered my bed, not pulling my sheets up beyond my knees. I lowered my briefs, until I was exposed again, the briefs low but not entirely down to my knees, my tumescence poking straight up into the air, remembering the sight of D with is head going up and down upon that most personal part of me, I rejoiced in the fact that he had received me in the same way I had given of myself, willingly, acceptingly and lovingly!

As I looked down upon myself, I no longer feared it! It was meant to be shared with certain, special others, but nobody beyond!

Reaching down, I wanted to feel what he felt, and grasped what once was soft flesh, now turgid and totally-accepting!

Remembering his light touch elswhere, my own left hand crept down to lightly touch my anal ring. At the touch, my other hand began pumping in a familiar rhythm.

I was soon asleep!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, I took him to my own special spot. I never expected it when I took him there. I didn't expect that he really loved me as much as I loved him. And the idea of making love? I did not think of it before I decided to take him there. I did not think of it on the way there. I did not think of it there until we took those last few steps. Just before I asked my lovely Sam if it was time, the idea never entered my head.

I had a shock a moment ago as well.. My closest gaurded secret, what my cock looks like, is not out. I don't think it's so big myself, but Sam seems to have liked it. He certainly enjoyed playing with it!

I felt some guilt and concern afterwards. I realise that we broke the law, that I am not a child molestor. But when I look into his eyes, I know that he wanted it, and I know that he wants it. I know that he has not been harmed by it. It was mutual, it was something we both wanted, it was something we both enjoyed. Legally I am a child molestor, a piece of scum that will destroy the lives of little children. But Sam and I know the truth. We love each other, and our love making was a natural extension of the depth of the love that we share. Screw the law. Screw those who would tell us that it's wrong.

I need to leave this here. There is so much more that I want to say, but I do not have time. I will post more on this day and the other days since I last wrote next time.

[Again.. “Sam”, you are wonderful and a great person. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently. God made you who you are for a reason. He gave me these words tonight to pass on to a friend who is also a BL : “God gave me a “dark past” so that I can walk into the darkest places on earth, and bring His light with me. I know the paths I walk because I have walked them many times without His light to guide me. Now, with His light and help, I can do so much more for those I love.” Always remember that my young friend. Whatever life gives us, if we give it to God then He can use it to help those that we love.

As for the rest of you.. Firstly, many people claim to know God but by their actions they say otherwise. Don't let these people put you off knowing Him. Jesus was about love and acceptance. He did not avoid the 'sinners'. He spent his time with 'sinners' while the religious leadership went on about how bad He and the company He kept was. He doesn't care if you love little boys or only get the hots for your socially-acceptable wife. All He cares about is you wanting to get to know Him. That is what He sees as most important. If your dick gets hard over the thought of a sweet young lad sucking on it, no matter. So does mine. I know and love Jesus as Saviour, Friend, Brother and Lord. Most of those who will tell you how evil we are and how condemned to eternal hell we are do not know Him at all!