Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This is my first attempt at a story with a Sci-Fi twist. Depending on how it is received, it may be my last. This story assumes the reader is familiar with characters introduced in my story "Forgive me, Jody"


My assignment was not one I could research from home, via the Internet. My syndicator had asked that, with the imminent transformation of Carswell Air Force Base into The Ft. Worth Naval Air Station / Joint Base, that I provide a piece on Carswell and its history before it ceases to exist.

It was Friday morning and I had been traveling to Ft. Worth each day of that week from North Plano, where my apartment was located.

Since I was arriving home late each evening, cutting short the time I could spend with my lover, we tried to enjoy each other in the morning, before I left for the long drive to Ft. Worth.

I performed my usual slow, but deliberate fellatio on my sweet, sweet, lover until he reported:

"It's time, Baby, I'm going to cum."

I slowed the rate of my fellatio and he exploded into me. His hot cum was voluminous and sweet, as it always was, and I swallowed it as quickly as I could, slurping and sucking to make sure I received every drop.

"God, you're so delicious, your cum is so sweet. I want every drop." I declared.

"You always get it all, Baby. You know where it hides, go for it, get the rest of it. Then it's my turn." He replied.

I wasted no time. I traced my index finger from his anus, along his, still swollen perenium, pushing the residual cum to the base of his perfectly formed penis, then up its shaft to his meatus, where I kissed it onto my awaiting lips.

"Delicious, Sweetheart." I repeated.

"It's my own special recipe." He said with a smile.

"I smiled back and kissed the final drop onto my lips with my tongue to take that elixir, his essence, into me.

"OK, Barry, Now You!" He said.

"I'm all yours, sweetheart, I always am." I replied.

We moved to the 69 position and he took my, already pulsing and palpitating penis into his mouth. He licked the precum from my glans and shaft, then, slowly slid my penis along the length of his hot tongue, as my corona rejoiced in the sublime pleasure it found on that active tongue, as it manipulated my dick so expertly.

I continued to lick his meatus as residual cum appeared there and glistened in the light to get my attention.

His fellatio was so intense I was shuddering as I reached emission phase. I locked and loaded and felt my scrotum retract from the fingers he was caressing it with.

He sensed my glans swell in preparation to ejaculate.

"OK, Lover, it's yours. I'm going to cum." I whispered.

"Mmmmmmmm" I moaned, as I released a huge volume of my cum into his hot, welcoming mouth.

"God...Only you can make me cum like this." I declared.

He could not respond. He still had me in his mouth and was felating me very slowly, taking in the last of my cum.

He slowly removed my, still rock hard, penis from his mouth and repeatedly licked at my meatus, as I continued to issue residual cum.

You always cum by the cupful, Barry, it's enough to serve as Breakfast." He chuckled as my penis slowly stopped cumming for him.

"I've always been that way...you know that" I replied.

After a playful shower, we were enjoying a light breakfast, before I had to leave for Carswell.

"So...you learning lots of stuff about Carswell?" He asked.

"I sure am. It's a really fascinating story. I had no idea whom the base was named for or why was chosen to lend his name to the base." I replied.

"Yeah, I've lived here all my life and I know nothing about Carswell, except that it's a S.A.C. base." He said.

"Right, It is a SAC base, but not for long." I said.

"So, who is the base named for?" He asked.

"Stumpy...Stumpy Carswell." I laughed back at him.

"Carswell Air Force Base is named for some guy named `Stumpy'?" He asked, as if I were joking.

"Sure is, Sweetheart, no kidding. It's named for Stumpy Carswell, a highly decorated officer and pilot of World War II fame." I insisted.

"RIGHT!?!" He said, as if I were bullshitting him.

"Really, Baby, I'm not kidding. His real name was Horace Carswell Jr., but he came to be called `Stumpy' in High School...Northside High School, in Ft. Worth." I added.

"This I gotta hear!" He said.

"I gotta run, Sweetie, I don't want to get tied up in traffic. I'll tell you the whole story later." I assured him, as I grabbed my raincoat and go-cup, with a fresh fill of coffee, and started toward the door.

He kissed me and said:

"Love Ya, Barry."

"Love Ya More, Baby." I replied as I kissed him goodbye and opened the door.

"Be careful, Barry, it's supposed to rain cats and dogs later." He warned me.

"I will" I replied.

He smiled his beautiful smile at me as I closed the door behind myself.

Soon, I was on the Tollway, headed across Dallas and then on to Ft. Worth.

I began to review Stumpy's story in my mind and compose it, mentally, as I would like to present it in my article.

The story really was spellbinding, yet it seemed buried in the Military Archives, such that very few people had ever heard it.

Let's see, I thought to myself...how best to present this story, where do I start? What about the tangential story about Stumpy's Father and his experiences with the base? After All, Stumpy was dead before the base was renamed for him, and Stumpy's Dad was the Carswell most frequently associated with the base.

I began to put the story together in my mind. I took the miniature tape recorder from my pocket and switched it on. I began dictating:

Before it became Carswell Air Force Base, it had been Ft. Worth Army Air Field. In 1947, the Air Force became a separate branch of the U.S. Military Service and bases all over the U.S. were renamed, accordingly.

Ft. Worth Army Airfield was, briefly, renamed Burgess Air Force Base, but soon a groundswell began, since Burgess was not a Texan, but was from another part of the country. Someone suggested that the base should be named after Stumpy Carswell, a local hero, whose story was fresh in the minds of all Texans. In short order, the base was renamed for Stumpy; Ft. Worth's 1st Medal of Honor and Distinguished Flying Cross winner.

I switched off the recorder.

The story of how Stumpy won those awards and the person he was compelling. It was, clearly, the right decision to name the base after him.

I mused to myself whether or not it was true that Stumpy was so-called at Ft. Worth Northside High School, by his fellow athletes because of his small stature, or if the shower room him to be stumpy in other regards.

Oh well, I thought, I shouldn't be thinking Gay. It's not fair to Stumpy, who, after all gave his life for the country.

I switched the recorder back on:

Horace `Stumpy' Carswell was born in July of 1916.

He was an only child. He was very athletic, and a fierce competitor. After completing Northside H.S. in Ft.Worth, he enrolled in Texas Christian University and was eager to play on the football team...The Horned Frogs. His small stature kept him largely on the bench, but he proved his reputation as a fierce competitor on the field as often as the coach would put him in.

In 1940, Stumpy became a pilot, while stationed at Goodfellow Field, in San Angelo, at which time; he also met his wife, Virginia.

Stumpy could be mischievous, as he demonstrated by `buzzing' the TCU campus as well as his father-in-law's fishing cabin along the Concho River in his airplane.

His mother said of him:

`Horace didn't know what fear was'

Later, when he was to be sent into action, he told his father:

`I'm going cause I know how to fly, and I think I can give the Japs some trouble.'

Stumpy's son, Robert, was 6 months old at the time.

After being shot down over the Himalayas, he wrote a friend:

`Horned Frogs NEVER quit'


Later he expanded on that theme:

`A man is Never Through, till he quits'

Stumpy returned to his base just in time to stop a message from being sent to his wife, reporting him missing in action.

Just then, I arrived at the Guard Shack at the base.

I switched off the recorder and presented my I.D. to the guard, who had been very friendly during my repeated visits.

"Hi, Barry, back for more?" He said.

"Yes, I'm beginning to feel right at home at the Base Library." I replied.

"Are you going to include my story about the base hospital?" He asked.

"Sure Am!" I replied.

"Great! I feel like I contributed to your article, Barry...er, I mean, Sir." He said.

"Barry is fine; you don't have to call me Sir." I replied.

"I'm really supposed to refer to you as Sir, but I feel like we've become friends." He suggested.

"We have. So, call me Barry, OK?" I replied.

He smiled and nodded and waved me through.

While I waited for the gate to rise, he continued to stand there, at my driver's side window. When he stood up, his box was presented to my full view. It was obvious he had a hard-on from the protrusion in his tight uniform pants.

Damn! I thought to myself, he is so HOT! His blond crew cut and blue eyes were so beautiful.

I can't believe he gets hard each time we chat. I'd like to see and taste what's producing that bulge. I thought.

I drove to the Base Library. I looked out at the clear blue sky. The Sun was out. It was a beautiful day.

Stupid Weatherman! I exclaimed, aloud.

I put the roof down on my convertible, a beautiful rental, provided by The Herald, in light of the extreme mileage I was suffering daily.

I left my raincoat draped across the backseat, thinking I wouldn't need it, and, also, who the Hell would steal it, anyway.

Soon, I was back at my study desk, next to a window overlooking my parking spot, on the 3rd floor. This way, I could keep an eye on the weather, the car, and my raincoat.

I remained distracted into thoughts of that young guard and his youthful erection and began to fantasize about it sliding along my tongue, and how I would work on his corona and drink in the delightful smell of his musk, and how he would reel in his ejaculation, filling my mouth with his hot cum, and how...

Stop It, Barry! I exclaimed to myself, to get my mind back on subject.

STUMPY, Dammit...that's why you're here! I chastised myself.

Yeah, Yeah, I thought...but I'd still like to see that guard's stump. I bet it's perfect, with a gleaming purple glans and huge balls, busy pumping sperm to mix with prostate and cowpers and the other fluids waiting in his seminal vesicles...YUMMY! I thought.

STOP IT...STOP IT, NOW! I scolded myself, once more.

OK, OK, I thought as I opened the library reference book and readied my pencil and note pad.

I read several pages, jotting significant dates and facts onto my notepad.

I started the recorder, once more:

It is said that there are Bold pilots and that there are even Old pilots...but...there are NO Old, Bold, pilots. Stumpy Carswell was a Bold pilot.

On October 16th 1944, Stumpy Carswell was conducting a `Sea Sweep' mission off the China Coast, when he spotted a 6 vessel task force. He and his crew made four runs at 400 ft. off the water in his B-24, under heavy enemy fire. They sank a destroyer and a cruiser, but spent so much time and fuel, they barely had sufficient fuel to return to base. For this effort, Stumpy was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Horace `Stumpy' Carswell was 28 years old at the time.

The citation accompanying the award read:

`The exceptional courage, gallantry, cool judgment and skill demonstrated by Major Carswell in attacking such a large force with his lone plane, in the face of almost certain destruction, reflect the highest credit upon himself.'

I switched off the recorder.

How fucking rude! No mention of the rest of the crew? I need to be sure to mention them, by name, in my article. I thought.

My thoughts wandered, once more, to that handsome young guard and his clipboard, which he made sure to move aside so I'd notice his raging hard-on.

I thought to myself:

I bet he's standing there, right now, fighting off a case of the blue balls. Perhaps, it's my patriotic duty to go to his aid!

YUMMY! I repeated to myself.

Back to the research, Dammit! I scolded myself again.

I read a few more pages, jotted down some dates and notes and turned the recorder back on:

A short time later, Stumpy, his B-24 and crew were involved in a low-level attack upon a Japanese convoy. They sank one ship and badly damaged another.

In the course of the action, however, two of his engines were knocked out, and, soon, the others began to fail.

Stumpy ordered his crew to bail out.

The Bombardier, Lt Hillear, of Chicago, reported that his parachute had been shredded by anti-aircraft fire and was unusable.

Stumpy and his co-pilot would not leave the bombardier behind. Stumpy informed the bombardier:

`I'll drive you home.'

The other 8 crew members jumped, as ordered. The last of them to jump, reported looking forward just before he jumped, to see the bombardier, kneeling between Stumpy and the co-pilot looking straight ahead.

With its engines failing, Stumpy's B-24 was unable to clear an approaching mountain peak. It crashed and exploded.

Stumpy was the first from Ft. Worth to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

In 1948, Ft. Worth Army Airfield became Carswell Air Force Base.

I switched off the recorder.

I turned to look out the window in the direction of the guard shack. I fantasized that I'd see that cute guard leaning against the back side of the guard shack, his pants down to his ankles, and jerking off wildly. Unfortunately, all I could see from my vantage point was the outline of the roof of the guard shack, all else blocked from view by other buildings.

What I could see, off in the distance, was a huge, black storm front rolling in from the south. The wind was picking up quickly. Damn! I said aloud to myself.

I looked down from the window to see that my raincoat had been blown onto the floor of the car between the front and back seats.

Stupid Me!... not Stupid Weatherman. I thought to myself, as I remembered the old Texas cliché `This is Texas, if you don't like the weather, just wait an hour...it'll change.


I'd better get my butt in gear. That storm will be here in another hour. I thought to myself...and I've got to get in the Horace Carswell Sr. story stuff, so I can include it in my article, as I had promised that cute-as-Hell, guard.

Damn, he's HOT! I thought. I hope that's not going to waste in some drippy old twat...that would be a crime, a desecration. I chuckled to myself.

I began paging through the reference books till I came upon the one that had been marked with a post-it-note by my cute guard. 

Ah, here it is. I said to myself.

I read the several pages regarding Horace Carswell Sr. and the heart-attack he had suffered while on the Base named for his son.

`Fascinating!' I said aloud to myself.

A flash of lightning caught my peripheral vision and I turned to see the front approaching too close for comfort. I gathered my notepad and the Xerox copies I had made of those citations and other items related to Stumpy, and walked at a fast pace, out of the building and to the car. I quickly entered the car, inserted the key into the ignition and pressed the button to raise the convertible top. It was only about half way up when the downpour began.

I was being drenched with each additional second it took for the top to close. It finally did, and I latched it shut.

Dammit! I exclaimed, as I removed and tossed my wet suit jacket into the back seat with such force that the latch clicked to release the seat back which separates the trunk from the passenger compartment.


Cheap, Damned American Cars! I exclaimed aloud.

I thought it wise to wait out the downpour, so I collected my thoughts, as the rain continued, and switched on the recorder, once more.

In late 1972, Horace Carswell Sr., Stumpy's father, suffered a heart-attack while attending a function at Carswell AFB, to which he had been invited.

Since Stumpy was deceased, his father was routinely invited to be in attendance at functions at the Base, as the namesake of the Base, in his son's honor. He had become a fixture at the Base, and everyone knew him and honored him.

On the occasion of his heart-attack, he was rushed to the Base Hospital, where he received treatment and recuperated for several weeks.

When the time approached for Mr. Carswell's release, the Base Commander found himself in a most awkward position.

Military policy provided for such care to civilians, stricken on the Base, but at release, they were to be presented with a bill for services rendered.

It was entirely unacceptable to the Base Commander that such a bill should be presented to the Father of the officer for whom the Base was named, so a young Air Force Lt Colonel and JAG was assigned to see what might be done about the matter.

After some research into exceptions made for such occurrences, it was decided that there was no precedent. Therefore, a special Bill was brought before the United States Congress for the relief of Mr. Carswell.

The Bill was not passed. Instead, an Administrative Order was approved, granting Horace Carswell Sr. full relief and full access to the Base and its facilities, as if he were a Military officer, himself.

I switched off the recorder, as the rain began to subside.

Wow, what a great anecdote! I said aloud.

The windows were completely fogged up, now, from my breath and that I had not run the A/C while I was dictating into the recorder.

I rolled down my window so I could see to back out of my parking space.

I started the engine, turned on the wipers to remove the remaining water from the windshield, backed the car out of its parking place and began driving to the guard shack.

My special guard saw me approaching and traded places with the guard on the other side of the shack, so he could take care of me. That suited me fine.

"Do I leave the security Badge with you, now? I'm finished with my research." I asked.

"Sure, I can take it. I'm sorry you won't be coming back, though. I was really happy...I mean the Base really enjoyed you being here and writing about Stumpy and all." He said.

"I enjoyed my time here very much, as well, especially getting to see you each day." I said.

He blushed.

As I handed him my security badge, he took it and my hand into his own, and squeezed my hand affectionately, looking around at the same time to make sure no one was watching.

As he held my hand, I looked to see his bulge was there, as always. This time, his pants had a large wet spot there, as well.

What the Hell! I thought to myself, I'll chance it...he'll never see me again, anyway.

When he finally released my hand, I reached over and squeezed his penis through his wet pants and said:

"Did you get rained on, or are you just happy to see me?"

He did not move to take his penis from my grasp.

I lost hold of it, however, when he squatted to look me in the eyes.

"I knew it, you are Gay, huh?" He said with a smile.

"Sure, I make no secret about it, you need only ask." I replied.

"Great!.....I'd love to talk to you, sometime...could I?" He asked.

"Sure!" I said.

I removed a business card from my briefcase, wrote my home number on the back, and presented it to him.

"Here you are, call me anytime. I'll buy dinner and we'll have a nice long chat." I suggested.

"Great! You can help me sort a few things out. I'm sure you can." He said.

"I'll try." I replied.

I continued:

"By the way, I don't even know your name or anything...I'm an idiot about rank and insignia and all that sort of military trappings."

"Well, we established that we were friends, when we spoke earlier, so why not just call me by my name, Barry, my name is Jason." He suggested.

"Very Well, Jason. I love that name...Jason...Jay's Son, isn't it...are you named for your Dad?" I asked.

"Actually, for my Mom, Johnna." He replied.

He went on:

"I come from a Military family; Barry, my Mom and Dad are both Military Brats, so am I."

"In any case, I love the name, it's a great name." I affirmed.

"Thanks! He said, as he looked to make sure there was no other approaching traffic.

"Barry, I think I'm Gay too. I've got a girlfriend and all...it's expected of me...I even fuck her, but I don't enjoy it at all. It's guys that really turn me on, but I don't know how to make the first move. I don't know what to say or anything." He offered.

"Well, Jason, you're one HOT guy. It won't take much coaching and soon you'll be picking up just about any guy you want." I said.

"Really?" He replied

"Absolutely! You're a very handsome guy. You need to be careful, though. We live in the age of HIV-AIDS...one mistake can cost you your life." I admonished.

"Yeah, I don't know much about all that; I guess I'd better do some homework, huh?" He said.

"In the meantime, keep your powder dry. When we meet for dinner, I'll provide you all the information you need...OK?" I suggested.

"If I can keep my hands off you long enough to learn it, Barry. I think you're Hot as Hell and I want some." He said.

"No Way! You really think I'm Hot?" I replied.

"You'll find out!" He replied.

"I'm truly flattered, Jason, Thank you." I said.

"I'm off next weekend...not this weekend...but next. I'll call you and set it up, OK?" He suggested.

"Hell Yes, It's OK. I can't wait. I'll be anxious to hear from you." I said.

"And you will, too." He replied.

"GREAT!" I exclaimed.

"I can't wait." He said.

"I'll help you all I can, Jason." I said.

"Thanks, I can't tell you how much that means to me". He replied.

"By the way, Jason, what made you think I was gay? I didn't think I was that obvious." I asked.

"You're not, Barry, that's why I'm attracted to you. Nellies turn me off, but you...well, you dress smartly, and you're butch. You're too classy to be straight, so, I figured you are either gay or bi."

He went on:

"Also, when I first met you...well...I went to the website at The Herald and read all your stuff. You write with both passion and compassion, with love and sympathy that I could tell you had a big heart, full of love. Straight guys would never let you see that side of them, if they even have such a side...so...I just figured...I guess." He explained.

"Well, you figured right, Jason. I'm glad you did, too, or I might not have had the opportunity to call you my friend...you might never have opened up to me. Thanks for trusting me." I replied.

"Me too. This is GREAT, and I do trust you, Barry." He replied.

"By the way, Jason, what's with the building next to the library? Why all the armed guards and everything?" I inquired.

"Beats me. Some special plane from the Navy arrived a few days ago, actually, a few nights ago, about 3 AM. By the next morning, everyone and everything on the plane had been moved there and the guards put in place. We're all under orders not to go there. It's real hush-hush." He reported.

Just then, there was a loud clap of thunder, and the downpour resumed.

"Get back into the shack, Jason, before you get drenched. I'll be waiting for your call." I declared.

"Then, I'll have an excuse for my pants being all wet, huh?" He said with a smile, as he moved into the guard shack.

The gate rose, and I drove off, watching the gate close behind me in the rearview mirror.

The rain was falling so hard the windshield wipers couldn't keep up. By the time I reached the turnpike, it had become mixed with hail. Between the two, I had no visibility and thought the windshield would be broken out from the pummeling it was receiving from the hail.

Finally, I reached an overpass. I pulled the car under it for cover, pulling over to the far right onto the shoulder. I placed the car into park and turned on the emergency flashers. I turned on the radio to listen for traffic alerts, to see if I was to be stranded here for hours, or what.

I was startled nearly out of my wits when an unexpected voice came from the back seat:

"Sir, please don't be alarmed, I won't hurt you."

My heart skipped a beat and I froze in place, afraid to turn my head to see who was there.

"Sir, please don't be afraid." The voice repeated.

I looked up and into the rearview mirror to see a boy, his upper torso sticking through the opening between the trunk and the passenger compartment.

"Please Sir, I didn't mean to frighten you. Please don't be afraid. I won't hurt you." He repeated.

I turned to see him more closely, even as I felt myself developing an erection, of all things, at this inappropriate moment.

"What the Hell are you doing in there?" I asked.

"They're going to kill me, Sir. Please take me with you" He pleaded.

"What...Who's going to kill you?" I replied.

"The P.A.L. guys." He declared.

"PAL?" I asked, in astonishment.

"Yes Sir, Pueres Ad Ludo, they want to kill me. Please help me, Sir. He begged.

"You scared the crap out of me." I declared.

"I'm sorry, Sir. Please help me." He replied.

"Crawl on in here, so I can see you." I ordered

He did so. He was totally nude. As he sat upright in the backseat, having closed it behind himself, after crawling into the passenger compartment, I felt my penis become rock hard and begin pumping precum onto my belly.

This was not the fear-response I ever expected.

I looked him over from head to toe and proclaimed:

"You are the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. I don't know what's taking hold of me, but I can't control it. I want to have sex with you. I want it right now!"

"I understand, Sir. It's a pheromone response. It's OK. I'll gladly service you. It's going to be awkward in the car, here, though." He said.

"The passenger side seat reclines." I said.

"Yes Sir." He replied.

I reclined the seat and he crawled forward and laid down on it, his beautiful penis dancing in the dim light of the instrument panel.

His penis, like my own, began pumping precum from his meatus. It ran down the shaft of his penis and sparkled in the blue-green light.

"I'm ready, Sir." He said.

I was absolutely astonished at it all. I had absolutely no control over my impulses at this point.

I raised the center console up and out of the way and leaned across the seat to lick the precum from his shaft and then took his penis entirely into my mouth.

"I must warn you, Sir, I produce a much larger quantity of semen than you might be used to, don't let me shoot it down your windpipe. Swallow it." He advised.

I took him in as far as I could, close enough for my olfactory to drink in his sweet musk. It was delicious, like none I had ever experienced, stronger, by far, and oh, so sweet.

"Prepare now, Sir." He said.

With that, he exploded into me. He filled my mouth, instantly, to twice its capacity and cum escaped my mouth to run back down the shaft of his penis.

I swallowed as quickly as I could, but he refilled my mouth with each ejaculatory contraction. I was in cum-heaven. I couldn't believe it was happening, but I never wanted it to stop. I thought it never would, but, finally after 8 or 9 spasms, it slowed and eventually stopped.

I began licking furiously to retrieve all his cum that had traveled down his shaft and into his sparse pubic hair.

I slurped and smacked until I had taken it all into me. It had a unique and sweet taste and wonderful texture, unlike anything I had ever had before. I wanted more. So I traced my finger along his perineum, pushing all that remained to his meatus where I could paint it, too, onto my tongue. 

I was on fire for him.

"Now, Sir, I shall relieve you." He said.

"Please!" I exclaimed.

"Trade places with me." He suggested.

I did so.

He removed my pants, exposing my already sticky and stiff penis to his examination.

"Very Nice, Sir. This is a 1st rate set of genitals. Very Nice, Sir." He said.

He licked at my shaft and stuck the tip of his tongue into my meatus, producing virtual fireworks in my mind's eye.

"It's good, huh?" He asked.

"Oh God, it's the greatest pleasure I've ever experienced. I have no control at all. It's the most electrifying experience I've ever had!" I declared.

He smiled.

"OK, Sir, I'm going to relieve you now. As I do, the contents of my semen should begin to work to reduce the excitement for me in you as you digest them." He explained.

I had no idea what the Hell he was talking about.

"OK. Then, relieve me, PLEASE!" I declared.

"Yes, Sir, right away." He replied.

He took me into his hot mouth and I could feel my penis swell to fill the space.

He took my testicles into one hand and began to play with them.

He briefly removed my penis from his mouth and licked my scrotum, covering it in a mixture of his saliva and my own precum.

My balls suddenly felt hot, really hot, as he resumed kneading them in one hand.

My penis was palpitating wildly, still pumping precum to my meatus.

He took me back into his mouth and began fellating me slowly.

"I'm going to cum now." I whispered.

He nodded, my penis still in his mouth.

I unloaded everything I had into his mouth. He didn't miss a drop, as he swallowed repeatedly to get it all.

I blacked out for a second or two from this, the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. My ejaculatory spasms were so strong I was convulsing from them. It was wonderful beyond description.

As I returned to my senses, he was busy licking the residual cum from my meatus.

"You OK, Sir?" He asked as he continued to lick me. 

"I'm not sure. I've never experienced anything like this. God, it's wonderful." I said.

"Yes Sir, it is. I know. Just relax; you should lose your desire for me in a minute or two." He advised.

I continued to lie there with my penis resting in his mouth, still painting my residual cum onto his tongue, until my breathing began to return to normal, and my extreme passion began to subside.

"You were quite good, Sir. Thank you for feeding me with yourself." He said.

I began to return to normal, doubting now, that there was a `normal'.

"My God, what the Hell just happened?" I said, as he removed me from his mouth.

"It's a pheromonal response, Sir, it's quite normal, really, nothing to be upset about, I assure you." He said in a matter-of-factish manner.

 I was so drained from the experience; I had to continue to lie there.

"Is this a crazy dream...did I have a wreck a few miles back and now am in a coma, is that it?" I remarked.

He smiled and sat upright in the driver's seat.

"No Sir, I'm really here, this is no dream." He replied.

"So it seems. And...who are you...what's your name?" I inquired, forcefully.

"Sir, my name is Todd, Sir." He responded.

"Todd?" I repeated.

"Yes Sir, Todd." He affirmed.

Well, Todd, you are the most strikingly beautiful and sexually compelling creature I have ever encountered. I don't know what came over me, but whatever it was, I couldn't control myself. I hope I didn't offend you." I said.

"Not at all, Sir. It was a normal response, as I explained earlier. I enjoyed it too, I assure you." Todd replied.

"Pheromonal response, is that what you called it?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, are you feeling better now?" He asked.

"I don't know about better, but I think I'm back to normal." I said.

"Yes Sir." He responded.

I was now able to sit up, which I did, and raised the passenger seat accordingly.

I turned to face Todd:

"Todd, I'm enormously confused at all this. It all is quite overwhelming. I'm afraid we need to start at the beginning." I suggested.

"Yes Sir, would you like this seat?" He asked.

"I suppose so." I replied.

"Yes Sir." He said as he crawled over me, his penis rubbing against mine as we slid to resume our former positions.

"I'm really sorry, Sir, for all this trouble. Please be patient with me. I'll try to explain everything." He offered.

"Well, Todd, it's not every day I find a naked teenager in my car, and one whom I engage in sex with in the first minute I have encountered him. Surely you appreciate my lack of understanding." I said.

"Yes Sir. I do understand. I'll do my best to explain, but it's a rather long explanation." He replied.

I began pulling my pants back up, as the storm began to relent.

"So, from the beginning, then, how did you get into my car, naked, and all...didn't someone see you?" I asked.

"Well Sir, I watched from my window until I got down the routine of the guard, as he paced back and forth in front of the building. I saw your car parked there, next door, with the large "PRESS" plaque lying on the dashboard. When the time was right, I dropped from my window to the pavement and ran to your car and hid myself under your raincoat on the floorboard. When the guard passed by in the other direction, I pulled the strap on the back seat to release that opens up to the trunk and crawled in there to better hide myself. As for being naked, I'm always naked, we never wear any clothing on The Natrix. We detest clothing, they are un-natural and confining." He explained.

"So, you were in the building where all the guards were stationed?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, 2nd Floor." He replied.

"You dropped to the pavement, naked, from a 2nd story window?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, that's no problem for any Natrix boy." He replied.

"Surely, they have missed you by now." I suggested.

"Possibly, Sir, but not likely. They won't likely realize I'm gone till feeding time tomorrow morning." Todd advised.

"I see. How often do they feed you?" I asked.

"Well, Sir, I can get along on my own semen for two or three days, then I must have supplement." He explained.

"You get nourishment from semen?" I asked.

"Of Course, Sir!" He replied.

He continued:

"Now that you have fed me with your semen, I can get by for several days." He said.

"This is too much...Too Much!...... You can live off the constituents of cum?" I asked.

"Cum?" He replied.

"Yes, It's a slang term for semen." I said.

"Oh...Cum...very well, Sir, yes, we need little more than water and cum, Sir." He replied.

"But it's impossible; no one can live off the natural sugars, sperm, and other constituents of cum." I said.

"No Sir, no XY can, But I'm not and XY, Sir, I'm a YY." Todd replied.

"Y-Y?" I asked

"Yes Sir, a Y-Y. We don't exist in the Breeder World. There are only X-X and X-Y breeders. We're different." He said.

"I'm completely lost, Todd." I confessed.

"Sir, it's simple. You studied it in biology, I'm sure. It's chromosomes. In the breeder world, females carry an X chromosome only while boys produce sperm cells that may carry either an X or a Y chromosome. So, in the breeder reproduction system, the only codes possible are either X-X, for a girl fetus, or X-Y for a boy fetus. That's it, except for a freakish occurrence that can occur in which an X-X-Y code is produced, in which the fetus is referred to as having Kleinfelter's syndrome." He instructed me.

"Yes, I remember that, though I haven't given it any thought in years, not since my school days. I replied.

"Well, in the breeder world, all fetuses begin predisposed to become female. The common tissue structures that become genitals begin in an ambiguous state, but if no trigger occurs, those structures develop into female structures. If the Y chromosome triggers the production of testosterone, those same structures develop into male structures. He instructed me.

"They Do?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. Those structures which would have been ovaries descend and develop into testes. The tissue that would have become a labia majora, instead become a scrotum. The tissue that would have become the glans clitoris instead becomes the glans penis, and so forth." He added.

"I see." I said, as if I had any idea what the Hell he was talking about.

"But I'm not a product of the breeder world, Sir, I'm a Natrix Boy. I was produced from two sperm cells from my male parents, using only Y chromosomes and a half-helix DNA structure from each of them. So I'm a Y-Y male, a super boy." He explained.

"I...I..." I stammered.

"Yes Sir, in breeder reproduction, the ovum and the sperm each contain a half-helix DNA structure, along with chromosomal markers. When breeder conception occurs, the two half helixes combine into a dual helix, defining the individual, genes, chromosomes, etc...In my world, the half helixes also combine into a dual helix, but always with a Y-Y definition." He explained.

"So, you get attributes from each parent, like breeders, but you're produced from a Y-Y code from two male parents?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, A Y-Y boy never has ambiguous genitals, is never predisposed to be female, so our genital are correctly defined from conception. The differences are, in some cases, subtle, in appearance, but are profound, biologically. We are also all homosexual." Todd informed me.

"My God, I had no idea." I said.

"No Sir, You're not supposed to have any idea about any of this. In the breeder world, if you try to produce Y-Y boys, you generally produce monstrous results. Our technology is far beyond that." He advised.

"Is it like cloning?" I asked.

"No, Sir. Cloning is an old technology used to produce copies of existing persons or animals. This is quite different, far more sophisticated. It produces a unique conception, a new person, but from two male parents." He corrected my understanding.

 "So, that's why you can drop from a 2nd story window without injury and why you can produce semen in such quantities?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. Our bones are much more dense, and our genital structures are far more robust. Our seminal vesicles are 3 times larger, our prostrate is also much larger than an X-Y boy and our penises are more thick for the entire length, including the perineum. I thought you'd notice that as you pushed my residual cum along my perineum, earlier." He responded.

"Actually, I did. But I was so busy sucking it all from your meatus; I didn't give it any thought." I said.

"You did a good job, too, for an X-Y." He replied, with a smile.

"Thanks, I think." I said.

"You know your terminology, too, Sir. Most X-Y guys don't know their own bodies." Todd suggested.

"How old are you, Todd. You are extremely knowledgeable, yet you look so young." I asked.

"I'm 15 years old, Sir. In my world, Y-Y boys are on a level with breeder PhDs by age 10. No offense, Sir, but Y-Ys have much higher I.Q.s. As for appearance, Y-Ys don't ever become hairy beasts, we don't ever go bald, or suffer from any of those breeder pitfalls. Our pubic hair remains limited to our genital area, and never gets to be more than you see on me right now. Also, in this dim light, you haven't yet noticed, Sir, but Y-Y boys don't have the silly looking X traits called nipples on our chests. We also have no navels...we're not gestated in that manner.  He explained.

I looked closely and confirmed that his muscular breasts, indeed, were sans nipples. They were beautiful...he was right; nipples are a female vestige that a man has no need of.

God, Todd I have never seen anything like this, but you're right, you're far more attractive without nipples. You're beautiful" I said.

"Thank you, Sir." He replied.

"Well, Todd, the rain has stopped. We better get going before some cop thinks we're stranded here and comes to rescue us. Then I'll have to explain why I have a naked boy in the car.   

"Yes Sir." He replied.


I brought us back into the flow of traffic as we made our way back to Dallas.

"Todd?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." He answered.

"Why was I so entranced with you, why did I so crave you? You mentioned it was a pheromonal response, or something." I asked.

"Yes Sir. Y-Ys produce a unique pheromone. It's overwhelming to anyone with his own Y chromosome, even to X-Y boys, even those who think themselves heterosexual." He said.

"Amazing!" I exclaimed.

"Yes Sir, It is. When you consumed my semen...or ...cum, the effect of the pheromone is neutralized for several hours. Then the same effect will recur." He explained.

"So, I'm going to want you uncontrollably in a few hours, as before?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. It's OK; The Natrix boys service each other anytime we're not in the blue mist. It's normal. We enjoy it." He said.

"Yes, it was unbelievable. I was completely overwhelmed." I said.

"Yes Sir, the pheromone was available to you as soon as I joined you in the passenger compartment. That's when you reacted." He replied.

"I'm having a difficult time absorbing all this so quickly, Todd, it's the stuff of science fiction." I suggested.

"Sir, I can assure you, it's science fact. Our government has had this technology since the early 70's. It's quite mature now. It's still Top Secret, it's all Black Ops stuff." He replied.

"OK. Please help me with some terms you've used that I'm not familiar with." I said.

"Yes Sir." He replied.

"P.A.L., is it pronounced PAL, like a buddy?" I asked.

Yes Sir, that's the correct pronunciation. PAL is Pueres Ad Ludo. It's Latin for..."

"Boys at play" I interjected.

"Very good, Sir. That's correct. It's the Black Ops program I'm part of." He replied.

"And Natrix?" I asked

"Yes Sir, that's the ship I'm assigned to." He said

"Ship?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. The Natrix, it's operated by a government security...well, I better not say." He replied.

"Natrix...also sounds Latin, but I don't know that one." I suggested.

"Yes Sir, it is Latin...Latin for Sea Serpent. It's the largest ship of it's kind in the world, bigger, by far, than even an aircraft carrier. Actually, Sir, it's a submarine. He enlightened me.

"Todd, this is a lot to digest. Please be patient with me." I asked.

"Yes Sir, I know it's a lot of information, and they'd kill me for divulging it. They might kill you, too, except you're with the press, which might save both our lives." He replied.

"You said earlier that they want to kill you...is it because you have divulged this to someone else, prior to me?" I asked.

"No Sir, I've never divulged this to anyone before, and what I've told you is only the tip of a very large iceberg." He replied.

"OK...OK...so, let me get this straight: You are Todd, you are the product of a super-secret technology that can produce a `superboy' from the Y chromosomes of two sperm cells, without chancing a disastrous result, as can happen if one tries to force a Y-Y product in the, what did you call it, breeder world." I summarized.

"Yes Sir, right so far." He responded.

I went on:

"OK...you are part of a Black Ops program called P.A.L., and are assigned to an enormous submarine called The Natrix or Sea Serpent...and...for some reason, you are to be killed?" I parroted.

"Yes Sir, that's all correct." He affirmed.

I continued:

"Because of your Y-Y make up, you have a more dense bone structure, have never, in your embryonic stage, been predisposed to become female, as would and X-Y, such as myself, and you emit a pheromone that is compelling...no...irresistible to other guys, even so-called `straight' guys." I shook my head slowly.

"Yes Sir, that's all correct as well." He replied.

I continued:

"Your genitals are more robust since you never had ambiguous genital definition in your embryonic stage...I can attest to that...your genitals are clearly on the high side of normal, both penis and testicles, and your penis is semi-erect all the time, even to the extent it keeps your taint distended..."

"Taint?" He interjected.

"Sorry, it's a slang term for your perineum." I said.

He smiled:

"Taint...I'll have to remember that" He mused.

"Yeah we joke that it `taint' good for anything." I smiled back.

"But it's the resting place for the scrotum, Sir." He advised.

"I know, it's just a silly joke, that's all." I said.

"Oh, I see." He replied.

He went on:

"Sir, did you know that all X-Y boys have the remnants of a vagina and uterus that were prohibited from developing, hiding near the prostate gland?" He asked.

"No kidding?" I replied.

"Oh, Yes Sir. They are the remnants of the Mullerian Duct. They are located near the ejaculatory duct in an X-Y. We Y-Ys laugh at the notion that X-Y boys have a vagina and a uterus. That's what happens when you get an X involved." He chuckled. 

"So, I have a pussy?" I asked.

"Sorry, Sir, but yes, you have an undeveloped set of female genitals...it's true." He replied.

"That's funny...I'll never think of those macho football players in quite the same way again." I laughed.

He smiled.

"OK, we'll come back to the details on all those, plus the mention you made of `blue mist', but first, let's get to the business of who wants to kill you and why." I suggested

"Yes Sir. The PAL officers want to kill me, but only after they figure out what defect I have in my DNA." He said.

"Why do they think your DNA is defective?" I asked.

"Cause Ricky died." He answered.

"You'll have to give me a little more than that, Todd, who's Ricky?" I asked.

"Ricky is the son of my lover Rick and myself. Y-Ys are all homosexual, that's normal for us, for us, you see, there is only one sex...Male, as you breeders would call it. Although we are all homosexual, and routinely feed each other with our semen for our physical sustenance, we also, sometimes, fall in love and express that love in a monogamous relationship through a deliberate combination of our sperms to produce offspring. Ricky was our son, and he died. It's unheard of, Sir. Y-Y boys don't die. In fact, we haven't been around long enough to get a statistical feel for what our life expectancy is. The Docs figure it well over 100, but there is no infant mortality with Y-Ys, no childhood disease, nothing like that. Natrix boys simply don't die. Ricky was a first, and aberration, and one that the Docs attributed to my DNA." He explained.


He went on:

"I was told I would accompany Ricky's body for burial, then return to the Natrix. On the way here, though, I was informed that the Docs wanted to study Ricky's body and analyze my own DNA in great detail

Oh God, Sir, they cut him up like an animal. When they're done with him, they'll burn what's left." He said, as if he were about to cry.

"My God!" I declared.

"Yes Sir, when they're done with me...well..." He said.

"I see." I said.

"Yes Sir, I'm really afraid." He declared.

"But, they haven't actually threatened to kill you, have they?" I asked.

"No Sir, they would never do that." He responded.

"I suppose you're right, Todd, they wouldn't do anything that overt. I suppose I'd rely on my intuitions, in such a case, as you have, Todd." I said.

"Yes Sir." He said.

"By the way, my name is Barry; you may call me by my name if you wish." I suggested.

"Thank you, Sir, but no Sir; it would be against my training, Sir. It's not permitted." He advised.

"Very well. I understand." I said.

"Yes, Sir." He repeated.

He continued;

"Please help me, Sir." He pleaded.

"Of Course!" I replied.

"Thank you, Sir." He said.

"I was just considering how best to protect you, Todd. By now, they are probably looking through the records to determine whom you might have stowed-away with. I best not take you home with me, therefore." I said.

"Yes, Sir." He replied.

"Well, I'm looking after a lake cabin for a friend of mine who's vacationing in Europe. I wasn't planning on checking on it till Sunday, but I think it's the answer...for the moment, at least." I suggested.

"We'll pick up some groceries and leave you there, while I go home, at least temporarily, to generate the impression that I'm alone." I suggested.

"Groceries?" Todd asked.

"Yes, food and drink. I don't want you to be hungry, or thirsty, while we sort this all out." I said.

"Sir, my sustenance is water and semen. Y-Ys don't need more. In fact, digesting food is the chemical engine of aging. It's an X process". He advised.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. If you feed me once more, before you go home, I can survive on your semen, then my own, for several days. X-Y semen is quite weak; with all the X chromosomes swimming around, but there will be enough Y chromosomes, and all the natural sugars that are in semen, to satisfy me." He said.

"Amazing!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, Sir." He replied.

"But what about your digestive system?" I asked.

"Y-Ys have very small digestive tracts, it's all we need. Y-Y semen is very powerful and sustaining. I'll need more frequent feeding from you, Sir, because your semen is weak." He advised.

"Well, you certainly produce semen in much larger quantities than I." I remarked.

"Yes, Sir, Y-Ys have much larger testicles, seminal vesicles, prostate, and Cowper's glands. We produce much more semen...or cum...as you called it. It's all we need." He explained.

"Why does your semen taste so sweet?" I asked.

"French Vanilla?" He asked.

"Yes...I hadn't quite determined that, but yes, that was the taste...French Vanilla." I replied.

"It's part of our genetic engineering, Sir. I don't know the exact anser, we'd have to ask one of the Docs, Sir." He said.

"Also, I noticed you are circumcised, is that the case with all Y-Ys?" I asked.

"Actually, Sir, I'm not circumcised. The foreskin is actually an X-related tissue. It is to protect the glans clitoris in females from the extremely caustic environment of the vagina. Since the same embryonic tissue becomes the glans penis in an X-Y, the foreskin follows along for the ride and develops accordingly. If you look more closely, Sir, you'll see that there are no signs or residual incision marks of a circumcision. My glans is exposed, naturally, as a Y-Y. I never had a foreskin; also, Y-Ys don't produce smegma." He instructed me.

Wow! This is fascinating!" I exclaimed.

"Sir, may I make a suggestion?" He asked.

"Of course, Todd." I replied.

"They've already removed my biometrics chip...so they can't track me at this time. Once they removed it, I became convinced they intended to kill me...but...they can track you via your cell phone, I suggest you remove its battery." Todd recommended.

I removed it from my belt and handed it to Todd. He removed its battery and placed all the pieces in the glove compartment."

We left the main highway and began down eastbound Parker Rd, toward Lake Lavon, where my friend's cabin was located.

"Let's stop at the 7-11 and get some bottled water for you, Todd. We'll make sure you have plenty at the cabin, so you don't have to rely on tap water." I suggested.

"Yes, Sir, though I'll have to boil it never-the-less. I can't chance any sort of infection." Todd advised.

"I understand" I replied.

"Y-Ys have extremely powerful immune systems, Sir, but I can't take any chances." He added.

I parked far enough out of the lights of the 7-11 that Todd couldn't be seen.

When I returned with the bottled water, which I had paid cash for, so there would be no record, and had loaded several cases into the trunk, I entered the driver's side of the car to find Todd, his face in his hands, crying.

"You OK, Todd?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, I just miss Rick and Toddy." He replied.

"Toddy?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, our other son." He replied.

"I see." I said.

"Yes Sir." He repeated.

"So, Y-Ys have emotions too, huh?" I asked.

He responded, as we drove away from the 7-11:

"Oh yes Sir, our emotions are very intense. When we fall in love, it's the most profound and intense experience imaginable. It's not like the X-Y emotion; it doesn't fade or require sexual recharging. Once in love, Sir, it's truly for life. Its expression is the voluntary commitment of our sperms to produce our sons. The subsequent unity is permanent and unshakable. Of course, we continue to feed each other and our sons with our semen. It cements the unity." He instructed me.

"How wonderful, Todd, it's truly beautiful." I remarked.

"Yes Sir, it truly is. That's also why Ricky's death shook the entire Natrix Community to its core." He advised.

"I see." I replied.

"Yes Sir." He said, sadly.


Todd was still wiping tears from his cheeks as we pulled up to the cabin. Some of those precious tears had fallen from his beautiful eyes onto his glans and glistened in the blue-green light of the instrument panel.

I placed the car into park, and reached from the shift lever to gather those precious tears from his glans onto my fingers and transfer them to my tongue.

"Thank you, Sir, I hadn't noticed them." Todd said.

"My pleasure, Todd. Wow! They taste sweet too." I remarked.

"Yes Sir." He replied.

"Well, this is home, at least for a while, Todd." I proclaimed

"Yes Sir." Todd replied.

I switched off the engine, but left the lights on to help us better see to get into the cabin, knowing they go off  automatically after a few minutes.

I ushered Todd onto the porch. He waited, as I fumbled to insert the key into the front door. The door opened and we were, at last, off the road and out of the weather.

I switched on the lights, and for the first time got an eyeful of him, in sufficient light to take him in, in all his beauty.

"My God, you are truly beautiful, Todd. Quite perfect, really, not a blemish on you anywhere." I proclaimed.

"Thank You, Sir." He responded.

"Turn around for me, Todd, slowly, please. I want to see you from every angle." I requested.

"Very Well, Sir." He said.

He did as I requested. Me eyes, my mind drank him in. His semi-erect penis punctuated his physique as he turned.

"PERFECT!" I exclaimed, as he completed his turn.

"Thank You, Sir." He repeated.

He still had a sad look on his face, as before in the car.

"What's troubling you, at the moment, Todd?" I asked, as I moved to embrace him.

At first, he resisted my embrace, but then accepted it and returned his own. He was warm and gentle in his embrace and I relished in it.

"Rick and Toddy must hate me now, for my cowardice...running, as I did."

He sobbed and embraced me more tightly.

"I'm so ashamed." He concluded.

"You shouldn't feel that way Todd. The survival instinct is paramount in each of us, it's perfectly normal for you to act to ensure your own survival." I suggested.

"Perhaps, Sir, but not so brave of me, none-the-less." He retorted.

"Todd, don't flagellate yourself so. You did what any of us would do." I said.

 "Yes Sir." He answered.

He continued:

"What if I never see Rick or Toddy again, Barry? I'd rather be dead, anyway."

"You mustn't think that way, Todd. We'll find some answer for all this." I said, not knowing what the Hell I was talking about.

As he embraced me, I could detect how very strong he was. If he were to embrace me till more tightly, it would be painful. He had an athletic build, but his strength was much more, even than one would expect of someone with such a build.

"God, you're really strong, Todd." I remarked.

"I'm sorry, Sir, did I hurt you?" He asked, as he continued to embrace me, but loosened his grip a bit.

"No, it's fine, but I can tell that id you wanted to, you could easily break my ribs." I answered.

"Yes Sir, I suppose I could. Don't worry; I won't hold you more tightly than I am presently. I hope you'll let me continue, though. I find it very consoling. Todd said.

"Of course, Todd, you may hold me as long as you wish. I, too, derive much pleasure and comfort from your embrace and am grateful that you granted it to me." I replied.

"Thank you, Sir. You are a gentle and loving man...most unusual for an X-Y, if I may say so. Were things different, I could easily fall in love wit you." Todd complimented me.

"And I you, Todd." I replied.

 "Thank you, Sir." He said.

We stood there, silent in our embrace, for several minutes. I stroked his hair and, at last, he turned his gaze to look me in the eyes.

"Sir?" He asked.

"Yes, my sweet Todd." I replied.

"May I kiss you?" He asked.

"Of course, if you like." I replied with a smile.

He nodded, and slowly moved his lips to engage my own.

Our lips parted to allow our tongues to explore each other's mouths. His tongue was soft, yet firm in its exploration of me.

Suddenly, I began to feel, as I had earlier in the car, the overwhelming urge to have him.

"Todd?" I said, in a whisper, as I disengaged slightly from our kiss.

"You want me again, don't you, Sir?" He asked.

"Yes, I do, I'm overwhelmed in my desire for you. Please don't be offended at my affront." I asked.

"I'm not offended, Sir. It's because I kissed you. The transfer of my pheromone through my kiss stimulated you, Barry. It's a sign of my affection for you."

He went on:

"Let me undress you, Sir. I dislike clothing rubbing against me as we are intimate, as we are about to be." He suggested.

"Hurry, Todd, Hurry." I replied.

"Yes Sir. We'll be feeding each other right away." He said.

He had me standing naked before him almost instantly. I was erect, pumping precum and my penis was dancing on its base, as it awaited his attention.  

"Sir, your semen, being XY, is weak. It could better be absorbed in my rectum, without any digestive juices working on it, but, I can't risk disease because of anal intercourse, so I will take you in as before." He explained, as he slowly knelt before my anxious penis.

"I understand, Todd. I really do." I said, as he took my penis at its base and positioned it for his mouth.

"Ooooooooh, Yes!" I proclaimed, as I felt my glans slide along his tongue and into his mouth.

My penis was behaving as if it had a mind of its own. It palpitated and pulsed such that Todd had to hold it at its base so he could control it to his liking.

Todd withdrew my penis far enough that only my glans remained in his mouth. He ran his tongue around my corona ring and licked at my frenulum.

I was so inflamed I thought I would burst into spontaneous human combustion at any second.

He held my penis still in his mouth and allowed that same pheromone-rich saliva to work its magic on it, as he began to play with my balls and gently compress my epididymis to push as much sperm as possible to my ejaculatory duct.

I could feel my penis swell and become quite hot in response to his saliva, which he produced in such quantities as to drown my penis in it.

I felt as though I would not merely cum, but explode as my glans drank in his hot, potent saliva.

He continued caressing my balls and squeezing them to empty them into my abdomen, into my ejaculatory duct.

"It's time, my beautiful Todd; I can't hold it back any longer." I reported.

I unloaded into him with such force that the pleasure of my ejaculation was overwhelming and nearly turned to pain as the cum issued from me faster than my urethra could act as its conduit.

I was so drained by this orgasm I could barely stand up. He sensed this and placed a hand on each of my butt cheeks and pulled me against himself tightly, then letting me sink slowly into the seat his hands had formed for me. This took the weight off my legs, which were growing weak from the experience. His arms were so strong that my sitting on them like a seat seemed not to be any burden for him at all. I had never had an experience like this. It was GLORIOUS!

I draped myself over his shoulder and rested in that warm seat his hands had become for me.

"God, Todd, You're strong." I said.

"Yes Sir." He replied.

"I'm sorry, Todd, I wish I could have offered you my semen and have it taste so good, as yours. I know my cum doesn't taste good to you." I remarked.

He removed me from his mouth long enough to instruct me:

"Yes Sir, XY semen contains over 16 different constituents, most of which provide nutrition to or protection for the sperm cells. These include chlorine, Sir, which help to protect the sperm cell from the extremely hostile and acidic environment of the vagina and uterus. It is this chlorine that gives XY sperm that bleach-like smell and contributes to it bad taste. You are correct, Sir, I don't mean to insult you personally, but breeder semen has a rather unpleasant taste. Still, I need yours to feed me, and I appreciate you sharing with me. I'm not going to complain, under the circumstances, about anything regarding your semen."

"It's OK, Todd, I understand. I'm not offended." I replied.

"Yes Sir." He said.

I'm amazed, however, that you can support my weight on your two hands this way, though." I said.

"Yes Sir, you're not heavy." He replied.

"If you say so, Todd." I replied.

"Do you require a refractory period, Sir?" He asked.

"Normally I do, Todd, but my penis is still erect. I don't know if I can cum again immediately, though." I replied.

"Very well, Sir. Let me take in your residual semen, Sir, while you get your strength back." Todd suggested.

"Help yourself, Todd. This is the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. I'm drained." I advised.

Todd looked up at me and smiled, saying:

"That's the idea, isn't it, Sir?"

I smiled back and nodded.

He licked the residual cum from my meatus, as I sat back upright in his hands.

"Are you better, Sir?" He asked.

"Yes, I am. You're magnificent, Todd." I proclaimed.

"Thank you, Sir." He replied.

"Todd?" I asked.

"Sir?" He replied.

"Will you tell me more about the Natrix, what's its purpose, what's your function on the Natrix?" I asked.

"Sir, you might need to know some things to protect both our lives, so I will tell you...but...I can't tell you everything, Sir. I could inadvertently endanger the others." He said.

"I understand, Todd. Tell me only those things you feel comfortable revealing to me, then." I suggested.

"Yes Sir, well, the Natrix serves several purposes, Sir. The ship incorporates technology that makes it virtually invincible, invisible to detection and attack. It can travel in excess of the  speed of sound, when submerged, and could easily outrun any torpedo or missile, even, that is, if one could track us. He began to explain.

I interrupted:

I've heard of torpedoes that can travel at the speed of sound, Todd."

"Yes sir, by means of cavitation.  That's very old technology, Sir. We can outrun such a torpedo easily. Besides, it couldn't detect our position, in any case." Todd said.

"Amazing!" I interjected.

"Yes Sir, the ship can make a right angle turn at those speeds in a fraction of a second. Of course, even though the ship is capable of it, it would kill everyone aboard due to the G-Forces produced. So we don't engage in those sorts of maneuvers on Natrix class vessels that are manned." He added.

"My God, Todd, you make the Natrix sound more like a flying saucer than a ship." I chuckled.


"I see" I said with a stutter.

"Yes Sir, the ship is, indeed, disk shaped, but not a flying saucer in the E.T. sense, or anything like that." Todd added.

"And you said, earlier, it's bigger than an aircraft carrier?" I asked.

"Its diameter is about 5 times that of an aircraft carrier, Sir." He replied.

"Good Heavens! How many of these things are there?" I asked.

"I'd rather not say, Sir. The Natrix was the first, and defines the class. The others are all `Natrix Class' vessels, Sir." He advised.

"Wow!" I exclaimed slowly.

"Yes Sir." He replied.

"I can't begin to imagine..." I started.

"Yes Sir. The PAL program is one of our activities. The survival of our species is another." He said.

"P.A.L., you said it's an acronym for a Latin phrase that means `boys at play'? I asked.

"Yes Sir." He affirmed.

I was still sitting in his hands, and he occasionally licked residual cum from my meatus as it formed slowly there. He had continued playing with my balls and compressing my epididymis to push all possible sperm up to my ejaculatory duct, as he had been explaining the Natrix particulars to me. I was feeling the result. I knew I was, again, reaching the emission phase.

"I'm nearly ready, Todd." I informed him.

"Very well, Sir." He replied.

I had not lost my erection from the last ejaculation. It was strange, I had not experienced any refractory period at all. I felt swollen with cum, after only a few minutes since my last, exhausting orgasm. The effect of his pheromone-laden saliva upon my glans had brought me to the `lock and load' point without any period of recuperation. It was WONDERFUL!

My penis resumed its earlier dance, pulsing and palpitating on its base, in its desire for relief.

"My hands are occupied, Sir, can you please direct it for me?" Todd asked.

"Sure, Todd." I replied, still sitting on his hands. I took my penis at its base and positioned it for Todd's mouth.

He parted his lips only far enough to kiss the tip of my penis and to compress my glans as it entered into his mouth.

My glans was afire in its desire for satisfaction. It was ecstasy to feel, first, the compression and then the stimulation resulting from feeling my frenulum slide along the length of his tongue.

I shuddered at this intense pleasure.

He began felating me, slowly. I was seeing fireworks. I was at the point of distraction, nearly ready to black out as I felt the first of my ejaculatory spasms begin, Normally such spasms occur a .8 second interval, as the textbooks say, but these were protracted in such a manner that it was more like a continuous stream of cum issuing from me, feeding this gorgeous guy, as my orgasm was prolonged for the entire time. I could sense my glans swell in response to this stimulation, as it issued this stream of cum into Todd.

My balls retracted tightly against my abdomen, pulling themselves out of Todd's gentle grasp.

After what seemed like minutes, the cum slowed and stopped, except for the normal residual cum that continued to flow, slowly, from my meatus.

Now, I was completely without strength of my own. I draped my arms around Todd's shoulders and rested my cheek on his head. I was totally weak, I couldn't stand, I couldn't even sit upright.

"God, I'm completely drained, Todd." I proclaimed.

"I understand, Sir. It's a typical X-Y reaction to this level of ejaculation. Don't worry; I'll take care of you." He replied, after removing my penis, momentarily, from his mouth.

 I was still sitting in his hands, as before, so he stood up, easily, as if I weighed nothing, and walked to the sofa. He gently placed me on the sofa, in a reclining position, such that my genitals were hanging over the edge of the cushion, as I reclined against the back of the sofa.

He kept my legs spread and knelt between them to resume taking in all my residual cum.

He reached under my scrotum and traced his index and middle fingers along my perineum, bringing the remaining residual cum to the base of my penis and, then, gently, squeezed my penis in a slow stroke that delivered the last of my cum to my meatus, where he licked it onto his tongue.

At last, I began to feel my penis begin to become flaccid. I was completely exhausted. Had the cabin caught fire, I would not be able to flee. I thought to myself.

"You did a fine job, Barry, exceptional ejaculation, really, for an X-Y." He complimented me.

"Thanks, Todd. Your pheromone brought it all out of me, literally." I said, too exhausted to smile.

He understood, and smiled at me.

"Why don't you rest for a bit, Sir?" Todd suggested.

He barely got the words out of his mouth when I dropped off to sleep.

When I awoke, Todd was boiling water on the range in the kitchen. His irresistible, naked physique was on full display for my eyes to drink in. His semi-erect penis was teasing the handle of the oven as he reached to turn off the burner.

"Dear God, Todd, you are truly the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. You really are, I'm not trying to flatter, I truly mean it. Your proportions are perfect and there's not a blemish of any kind on you anywhere." I asserted.

"Thank you, Sir. You're very kind." He replied.

"Not at all, Todd, I'm just acknowledging the fact." I said.

"Thank you, Sir." He repeated.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked.

"About an hour, Sir." He replied.

"Wow, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, Todd, you're a master...Awesome!" I proclaimed.

"Thank you, Sir, it's nowhere near a Y-Y orgasm, but I'm pleased you were satisfied with my performance." He advised.

"I certainly was, Todd. I've never produced so much semen in such a few minutes as I did between those two rapid-fire ejaculations. That's why I'm so drained," I informed him.

"Why don't you just rest, Sir. I'll finish answering your questions about the Natrix, while you get your strength back." He suggested.

"OK, but would you be so kind as to make me a drink, please?" I asked.

"What would you like, Sir?" He inquired.

"Bourbon & Seven, please" I replied.

"Sir?" He asked.

"Oh, that's right; you wouldn't be familiar with such a concoction, would you?" I said.

"Sorry, Sir." He replied.

"Better make it a teensy triple." I said, with a chuckle.

"If you can give me instructions, Sir, I'll gladly prepare a drink for you, as you requested.

He went on:

"I know that Bourbon is a spirit, Sir, a type of Kentucky whiskey...but Seven? You'll need to help me, Sir." He concluded.

"OK, Todd, let me walk you through it." I said.

"Yes Sir." He replied.

"Open the left side, that's the freezer side of the refrigerator, Todd. You'll find a frosted glass beer mug on a shelf there." I started.

"Yes Sir, I see it." He said.

"OK, remove it and fill it with crushed ice from the dispenser on the front of that same door, to about 2/3 full." I coached him

He did as I asked.

"Now in the cabinet next to the fridge, you'll find a bottle of J.W. Dant. It's my favorite Bourbon. Fill the mug to about half full.

He did.

Now, on the right side of the fridge, you'll find either a bottle of Seven-Up or of Sprite, either of which will do. Fill the mug the rest of the way to the top with it."

I finished my lesson.

He did as I requested.

"Here you are, Sir, one...uh...'teensy triple'...as you called it.

"Would you like a taste, Todd?" I offered.

"Oh, no Sir...germs and such, you know. I could absorb just a bit through my glans, it would act as a membrane-filter, if that's OK, Sir?" He suggested.

"Sure." I said, as I held my mug to accommodate his penis.

"COLD!" He proclaimed, as he dunked his glans into my drink.

"Yeah, I didn't consider that, Sorry." I apologized.

"Unusual taste, Sir, I like it." Todd said.

"You can taste it with your penis?" I asked.

"Of course, Sir, if I want to. It's a faculty I can engage and disengage at will, Sir." He explained.

I slowly shook my head from side to side in my bewilderment.

"I think I should have a seat for a moment, Sir. I'm becoming a bit dizzy." He reported.

"Sure, Todd, please do." I said.

He removed his penis from my drink and sat in a chair directly across from me.

He assumed a reclining position, as I had, so he could lean his head back upon the seat-back. He slid his butt forward such that his scrotum was hanging over the edge of the seat cushion. We were essentially in identical positions, facing each other.

"I'm really quite dizzy, Sir." Todd said.

"It should pass, Todd. I'm sorry, I had no idea you could absorb alcohol via your glans such as to have such an effect on you." I replied.

"Yes Sir, like X-Ys, we Y-Ys have different tissue types at various locations on our bodies. I'm sure you know that one of those tissue types is mucous membrane. One's lips, anus, and glans are all mucous membranes, Sir. In Y-Ys, the mucous membrane functions to absorb nutrients in a far more dramatic fashion than X-Ys. Nutrients are also absorbed via our anus and rectums as well. Todd instructed me.

"So...my lips and my anus are the same tissue type as my glans?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir." He replied.

His compelling physique was on full-frontal exhibition before me. He was stunning...irresistible...more like an incarnate angel, than a human.

His scrotum was fully extended. I noticed it hanging a bit lower than I was accustomed to.

"Todd, another question, please." I asked.

"Yes Sir" He replied.

"Your scrotum seems to hang lower than I'm accustomed to. Not a lot, but noticeably. Is that a Y-Y trait?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. Our testicles are more productive, but more sensitive to prolonged heat. X-Y sperm are maintained at 94 degrees F, by the action of the scrotum. Y-Y testicles are satisfied at 91 degrees F, which requires the scrotum to extend them a bit farther away from the abdomen and its heat." He explained.

"I see." I replied.

We sat silently for a few minutes, as I drank from my cocktail and Todd waited for his dizziness to subside.

My eyes continued to drink in his beauty and marvel that no one in the breeder world, as Todd calls it, approaches it. Everything about him was perfectly formed and perfectly proportioned.

"I'm feeling much better now, Sir." Todd said, interrupting my thoughts.

"I'm glad, Todd." I replied.

"Yes Sir. I think I need to feed from my own semen now, Sir. I think the alcohol metabolized immediately into sugar, Sir, and is enriching my semen." Todd advised.

"Do you need a cup or something to ejaculate into?" I asked.

"That would work, Sir, but a drinking straw would be better." He replied.

"I'll get you one." I said, as I checked to see if I could stand and walk.

I could.

I returned from the kitchen with the straw and gave it to Todd. He licked it to wet it at one end, which he then inserted into his meatus and prepared the other end for his mouth.

"Can I help?" I asked.

He smiled at me.

"It's not necessary, Sir, but if you like, you can, Sir. I'll keep one straw-full of my semen to feed you with, Barry. It will keep your passions and desire for me suppressed." He said.

"I'd be happy to help, Todd." I said.

"Thank you, Sir" He said, as he spread his legs wider to allow me access and to kneel before him.

"Please knead my testicles and push my sperm up as I did for you earlier." He requested.

I began playing with his balls and compressing his epididymis to push his sperm up his vas deferens and into his ejaculatory duct.

"Now stroke my penis gently, don't dislodge the straw. When this happens, when I cum, as you say, it'll happen suddenly." He advised.

"OK" I replied. I used my other hand to stroke his penis as he had requested.

"Very good, Sir. That's exactly correct." He said.

"Here it is, Sir." He reported.

I looked at the clear straw that I had provided him, as he placed his mouth at the appropriate end.

The straw filled, nearly instantly, with his semen and flowed into his mouth. The flow continued and continued and the smooth texture of his semen allowed me to see the rate and quantity of that flow. It was AMAZING!"

Eventually, the flow of semen slowed and stopped. Todd removed the straw from his meatus and capped it with his finger.

His residual cum continued to flow from his meatus and covered his glans and began to flow down the shaft of his penis.

"Take that part, first, Sir." Todd said.

"Gladly." I replied, as I began licking his semen from his penis and glans. It was delicious, with that same French Vanilla flavor, as before."

"Mmmmmmm, God, it's delicious." I moaned.

"Thank you, Sir." Todd replied, with a smile.

I licked at Todd's frenulum and around his corona as he twitched in response to this stimulation.

"Very God, Sir, Thank You." He said.

"No. Thank you, Todd." I replied.

"Yes, Sir, you're quite welcome, Sir, but it remains I who am grateful for your willingness to protect and support me, Sir...Thank You! I don't know how, at the moment, but I'll find some way to repay you, Sir. I give you my word."

"Protecting you, Todd, is its own reward. You are more precious than gold." I said.

"That's a very kind and loving thing to say, Sir, it really touches my heart. Thank you, Sir." He replied.

"I mean it, Todd. I really do." I said.

"I know you do, Sir, I was quite serious too. My heart belongs to Rick and Toddy, Sir, but I'm beginning to feel much affection for you, Sir, as a dear and trusted friend. I'm sure I'll come to love you, as such, very much in time." He replied.

"I'm honored and touched, Todd. You seem to have a great capacity for love." I suggested.

"Thank You, Sir. Shall we finish feeding you now, Sir...while it's still hot?" He replied.

"Yes, Please." I replied.

Todd positioned the straw for my mouth. I took it in along with his index finger, still capping the end of it. Once in my mouth, he withdrew his finger to release the wonderful elixir onto my eager tongue.

I slurped the last of it from the straw with the sound one produces as if finishing a milk shake.

Todd smiled and chuckled:

"Was it good, Sir?"

God, yes, Todd. It was wonderful!" I proclaimed.

 "Thank you, Sir." He replied, still smiling.

"So, this is how you feed yourself?" I asked.

"This is one way, Sir. Usually, we feed each other, rather than ourselves, Sir." He replied.

He went on:

"We can feed each other by mouth or via absorption in the rectum. Absorption in the rectum is more complete as it bypasses the digestive juices, but allowing an X-Y to place his penis into my rectum is risky, due to disease. The amylase in my mouth is extremely powerful, and destroys any invading microbes, eliminating the risk of oral feeding, Sir. That's why I allowed your penis into my mouth."

"I see" I replied.

"Do you want the remaining residual, Sir?" He asked.

"Absolutely." I replied.

I was still kneeling in front of his genitals. I traced my finger along his perineum, pushing the last of his delicious spunk to his meatus and licked it onto my tongue.

"God, it's so good, Todd. I could live off it alone." I said.

"Actually, Sir, you could, indeed. I know you were speaking figuratively, but you could easily be sustained by my semen alone, with some water to ensure your hydration." He said.

"Amazing!" I proclaimed.

"Yes Sir." He answered.

"So, back to the Natrix." I coached.

"Oh, yes Sir." He replied.

"What do you do on the Natrix, Todd?" I asked.

"I'm a Player, Sir, but I'm training to be a Tacky-Moe, Sir." He said.

"A Player?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir. There are hundreds of us, Sir. We are assigned to one of the playrooms, according to which equipment we're supporting." He answered.

"Playrooms, huh?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, they're referred to as such since what we do is much like playing a video game." He said.

"Video game?" I asked.

 "Yes Sir. We can remotely pilot unmanned aerial vehicles, even manned aircraft...Also, certain sea-going ships, when need be." He answered.

"My God!" I interjected.

"Yes Sir, we can pilot the Predator, the Reaper, and many other unmanned military aircraft. When pilots get into situations of distress, we can assume control of those planes, as well. We can initiate escape maneuvers that might cause a human pilot to black out, due to the G-Forces. When he regains consciousness, and can do so, we can release control back to him.

We can pilot cruise missiles, if the GPS goes SNAFU. We can pilot many other types of vehicles that I cannot tell you about, except to say that if you knew of their existence, you'd sleep much better at night, Sir."

I was speechless. I couldn't fathom it.

He went on:

"That's what Players, like me, do, Sir. There are other groups that perform other functions, as well. I best not tell you about them, Sir."

"I thought all these new fighters and bombers were so sophisticated because of new computer technology." I suggested.

"Yes, Sir, that's true. We're just a back-up system, as needed, Sir, in most cases, but we can, if so ordered, take primary control of the aircraft with or without the consent of the pilot." He explained.

"What about Air Force One?" I asked.

"I better not say, Sir." He answered.

"Wow, It's mind-boggling, Todd." I exclaimed.

"Yes, Sir, and I've only scratched the surface." He added.

"Playroom...hardly." I remarked.

"Well, we spend most of our time playing War-Games and other simulations, Sir, so we're always ready and well practiced when called upon." He said.

"Well, how long are your routine sessions in the playroom?" I asked.

"Depends on the mission, but we can stay there for days, if necessary." He replied.

"But, how about sleep, food breaks, bathroom breaks, and the like?" I asked.

"Sir, all we require is semen and water. We don't defecate, and our saddles are equipped to take care of the rest." He explained.

"How so?" I asked.


"We each have custom appliances. One is inserted into the rectum, the other slides over the penis. These provide nutrients, as required, when attached to appropriate ports on our saddles. Urine can be carried away by the appliance fitted over the penis. It is self cleaning, and can provide nutrients to the glans for absorption, as well. It can also stimulate a super-orgasm, in response to a successful mission. Actually, most missions last only a few hours, but in theory, we Players could carry on a mission for a very long time. If we operate in shifts, we can carry on a mission indefinitely." He explained.

"So, you do this `playing' with a dildo up your butt and a sheath over your penis?" I asked in a chuckle.

"Not a dildo, Sir, but, yes, an appliance that is inserted into the rectum and a cuff that the penis slides into." He corrected me.

He went on:

"You see, Sir, the penis cuff includes a glans-ring that sits behind and in contact with the corona ring of the penis. We have learned that nerves in the corona can be monitored and provide all necessary data on all bodily functions. Also the corona can be stimulated to produce an orgasm and ejaculation. The tube that connects the cuff to the saddle can collect semen and enrich it for later feeding when it can be returned to the Player. The tube cleans itself, after any function takes place, be it the carrying away of urine, or the collection of semen."

"You said you don't defecate?" I asked.

"No Sir. The semen we consume orally is completely absorbed in the digestive tract, nothing remains to become feces." He explained.

"How Wonderful!" I exclaimed.

"Yes Sir, Y-Ys can't imagine such a disgusting thing as defecating...no offense, Sir." He said.

"None taken, Todd." I replied.

"Thank you, Sir." He said.

"So, you sit on a saddle with an anal and penile appliance attached?" I asked.

"Well, we call it a saddle, Sir, because you sit astride it. It's actually an ergonomically designed seat. It's extremely comfortable." He replied.

"Wow, I'd love to see the playroom, sometime." I mused aloud.

"I'm afraid not even I will ever see it again, Sir." Todd said, sadly.

"I'm sorry, Todd, that was a clumsy remark on my part." I apologized.

"It's OK, Sir. It's the reality of it, I guess." He replied.

He went on:

"I'll never see Rick or Toddy again, that's the worst of it, Sir. Life isn't worth much without them." He said, as he slowly shook his head.

"I understand, Todd, my life has been pretty meaningless since Jody died." I said.

"Is that your lover, Sir?" Todd asked.

"Oh yes, Todd, he was my life and my lover."

"I'm sorry, Sir, I truly am. Having just lost my son Ricky, I know the pain well." Todd said.

"I have a new love interest now. He too is on the rebound from a former lover. We've been good for each other, even call ourselves lovers, but each of us is aware that we can't replace our former lovers. Still, we have each other, so it helps us cope." I explained.

"Yes Sir." He replied.

"You said you were training to become something...a...Tacky...something." I said, hoping to change the subject.

"Yes, Sir. A Tacky-Moe. It's a communications specialist. A Tacky-Moe or a Moe is someone who has been trained to operate a particular piece of underwater communications equipment, The TACAMO system. It's a VLF system, Sir. It allows submarines to communicate with land based systems anywhere in the world." He explained.

"Military acronyms are always so damned cryptic." I proclaimed.

"TACAMO is an abbreviation for a mantra imposed upon the system when its development began to languish at the, then, Collins Radio Company. The project director proclaimed to his team that it was time to: TAke Charge And Move Out. Of course, we have a generation of the system far ahead of anything the rest of the world has." He instructed me.

"I see. I wasn't familiar with that acronym, much less the system it stands for.

"Yes, Sir, TACAMO had its start in the 60's and has progressed through many generations since." He replied.

"So, you're transitioning from a Player to a Moe...but why?" I asked

"Players are most valuable while their reflexes are optimized. Our Prima-Genitors were, in part, selected for their quick reflexes." Todd said.

"Who were these Prima-Genitors?" I asked.

X-Y boys selected by our monitors...Boys who played our video games...games which included a feature to measure response times based on the quick reflexes of the player. These boys were, effectively, abducted into positions of high honor in the Natrix community. It was their Y-chromosomes that initiated our species." He explained.


"WOW!" I exclaimed.

"Yes Sir, all Players are taught other necessary job skills on The Natrix to supplement what they do as Players. The assumption is that, although our genes were selected for, among other things, these quick reflexes...well, they may eventually slow down with age, so each Player is trained to provide alternate services." He explained.

"It's like Science Fiction, Todd." I declared

"I assure you, Sir, it's science fact, and the things I cannot tell you about are even more marvelous." He replied.

I shook my head, slowly, from side to side, visibly indicating my difficulty in digesting all these revelations.

"Sir, may I offer a suggestion?" Todd asked.

"Of course, Todd." I replied.

 "It might be wise for you to return home, at least for the rest of the night, just in case they have already found me missing. They will, quickly, realize yours, as one vehicle by which I might have made my escape. They will, surely, be paying you a visit. It will be best if they find you at home, going about your business, normally." He suggested.

"You're quite correct, Todd. I'll be back mid-morning, tomorrow. Should anyone knock on the door, just ignore them. If you must go outside, wear the robe you'll find in the bedroom closet. It might seem un-natural to you, but you won't draw unwanted attention to yourself. I'll write my phone number here on the pad next to the phone. Should anyone confront you, have them to call me." I said.

"Yes Sir" He replied, as he watched me write the phone number down, as I had said.

 I went to my clothes to get dressed to leave.

"Sir?" He asked.

"Yes, Todd." I replied.

"Before you dress and leave, would you please hold me in your embrace once more?" He requested.

I opened my arms wide and he moved to press his body against mine. I relished in the warmth of him in my embrace. I felt him tremble in my arms, as he hugged me tightly.

I hugged him, tightly, in return.

"Try not to worry, Todd. We'll work this all out. We'll put our minds together. We'll get through this, together." I said, as if I had any idea what to do about the situation.

"Yes, Sir" He replied.

"Besides, I'm quickly becoming quite fond of you, Todd, and as my love for you grows, my steadfast fidelity and willingness to do virtually anything for you will follow suit. So, rest assured that I will fight this fight with you all the way. You're not out on this limb alone, sweet Todd, I'm here with you." I declared.

"Thank you, Sir. It's touching that you would refer to me as sweet...my affection for you is also beginning to blossom. I'm already comfortable in saying to you, as a friend, I love you, Barry. I'm so grateful to you and treasure any love you might grant me." He said.

"As I treasure your love, as well, Todd." I replied.

"Thank you, Sir." He said.

"I admit, it's in its infancy, Todd, but I love you." I declared.

He hugged me tightly, again.

"I love you too, Sir, and I trust you." He said.

"I'll do everything to deserve that trust, Todd, and I assure you that I recognize your love for me as a most precious treasure. I'll guard it accordingly." I replied.

We continued our embrace for some time. Finally we released from our embrace and I ran my fingers through his fine, beautiful blond hair, and looked deeply into his unique, nearly transparent blue eyes.

"Rest now, sweet Todd. Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow." I said

 "I don't require much rest, Sir. Y-Ys don't need so much as X-Ys do." Todd replied.

"I should have figured that, I guess" I said with a grin.

"Yes, Sir." He replied.

"I'll be back, make yourself comfortable, Todd, in the meantime." I said.

"Yes, Sir, I will." He smiled, his beautiful white teeth punctuating that smile.

As I closed the door behind me and started to move toward the car, the door creaked open and Todd walked, in his glorious nakedness, onto the porch.

"I love you, Barry. Please be careful. I'm completely dependant upon you now; I can't be without you any longer than is absolutely necessary." He advised.

"I love you too, Todd. We're a half-mile off the road, so no one can see you, especially at night, but you'd be wise to stay indoors for now, and use the robe if you need to be outside." I explained, one final time.

"Yes, Sir, I understand" He replied.

Todd turned to go inside, but stopped at the door and turned to wave goodbye, as I started the car and placed the shift lever into reverse. We continued to wave as I realigned the car to drive the length of the driveway to Parker Rd. I flashed the lights, as a final wave to him, as I turned West-bound onto Parker Rd for the drive home.

-----------END PT 1---------