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Note: This story assumes the reader is familiar with characters introduced in my story "Forgive me, Jody" as well as PT I, through PT IV of this story WHICH MAY BE FOUND IN MY PROLIFIC AUTHORS SECTION in "NIFTY"



When Jason and Toddy had finished the feeding session and Timmy and I had as well, I found myself looking deeply into Timmy's sparkling eyes, which were looking back at me in a most loving fashion. When Timmy slowly slid his perfectly formed penis out of my mouth, I took it in my hand and licked at his meatus till I was certain I had received every drop of his precious essence.

"I'm becoming more and more anxious for us to produce our own Sons, Timmy. All of us. Jason and Toddy and you, Timmy as well as myself, in all combinations. It will be a beautiful thing."

"After we have done our nursery duty with the son of You and Jody, and also Jason and you, Barry, Toddy and I will be allowed to produce our own sons with you. Toddy and I are equally anxious for that, I assure you." Timmy advised.

"All the more, then, should I become expeditious in the conception of Jody's and my son. Jody is so very precious to me and having his son is a blessing beyond words. It in no way diminishes the treasure that our sons will be to us, but the unique ability to produce a son with Jody, who is longer with us, unfortunately, is its own blessing. In the X-Y world, it would be impossible. Here on the Natrix, it is very much possible. It's a dream come true."

Toddy spoke up:

"Then you should get the Docs involved, without delay. Timmy and I are anxious to nurture Jody's and your son, Barry..."

Timmy interjected:

"And Jason's and your son, too."

"Of course!" Toddy agreed

I felt the usual warmth in my body from the feeding I had just received.

"I always relish in the warmth I feel when you feed me, boys." I said.

"We feel that warmth as well." Toddy advised.

"It's wonderful." I assured.

Timmy nodded in agreement.

When you boys go on playroom duty, later, I think Jason and I will visit the Docs and advise them of our desire to produce sons, and learn of the ceremony and technical particulars regarding how this, seeming miracle, is accomplished.

"GREAT!" Jason chimed in.

"In the meantime, I think a nap might be in order. Would that be OK?" I suggested.

"Of course, as long as we get to lie next to you, as usual!" Timmy offered, with a smile.

I returned the smile with an affectionate "Of course, my beautiful boy."

"I have a suggestion." Toddy interjected.

"Yes, Toddy. Tell us." I replied.

"Well, while you and Jason nap. Timmy and I could slow-feed you both and you'll feel that warmth, you like so much, the entire time you are asleep."

"Slow feed?" I asked.

"Sure, we leave our penises inside your rectum the whole time and allow our semen to slowly issue from our penises into you. It both feeds you and delivers that warmth. The semen is delivered slowly. We Y-Ys feed each other frequently in that fashion during our brief periods of sleep." Toddy explained.

"Sounds Wonderful!" Jason exclaimed.

"It does, doesn't it?" I concurred.

"OK, then, what position is preferred?" I asked Timmy

"Lie on your side, with one or both legs raised slightly toward your chest. This helps expose your anus for penetration, yet leaves you comfortable for sleep. It's the position that you X-Ys refer to as the fetal position." Timmy suggested.

Jason and I assumed the fetal position, as instructed. Toddy and Timmy exchanged places for the nap, such that Toddy was embracing me from behind, his arms around my midsection. His beautiful penis gently found its home in my rectum, my welcoming anus opening to the gentle press of his glans to permit his entry.

I was soon asleep, and true to their promise, the warmth continued for the duration of my nap. The heat progressed from my rectum as the slow delivery of Toddy's semen coursed into my rectum, mixing with Timmy's cinnamon to produce a unique flavor in my mouth. The combination of Toddy's French Vanilla and Timmy's Cinnamon was a taste I didn't want to wane.

I awoke shortly before time for the boys to go on duty. I was still enveloped in the warmth of the slow feeding. It was so very comforting, not to mention loving.

"Timmy, we'd better start for duty, now. We don't dare be late." Toddy spoke to Timmy.

Jason awoke to this and continued to lie still as Timmy retracted his penis from him, offering him the residual semen, which Jason pained onto his lips.

"Jason and I will walk with you, boys, the Docs office is on the way." I suggested.

"GREAT!" Toddy said.

As we took our place on the moving sidewalk, I continued to embrace Toddy, as Jason did the same with Timmy. As the sidewalk moved us along, I observed two boys coming in the opposite direction, toward us. What caught my eyes was the black vinyl or perhaps neoprene straps. These straps had a Velcro type holster, just a ring really, that captured their penises and held them tightly against their abdomens, Then the holster was attached to a larger strap that went completely around their backs and fastened again in the front just above the holster. Also these boys carried a pair of gloves, of similar material.

I observed that Jason was taking in this same sight.

Jason turned to look at me, as if I had the answer. I shrugged to indicate that I had no idea, either.

Finally, I spoke:

"Boys, why were those two wearing a strap to hold their penises against their abdomens?"

"OH, I guess that would be somewhat mysterious to someone from the outside." Timmy answered.

Toddy joined in:

You guys know that the normal state for a Y-Y is what you would call semi-erect...such that our penises stand out from our bodies nearly in the horizontal. X-Ys realize this state, occasionally, though when flaccid, an X-Y tends more to dangle toward the scrotum.

"Sure, We are aware of that." I offered.

"Well, our semi-erect state is not handy when standing in front of an open electrical cabinet to work on the interior. One wouldn't want the most pronounced part of one's body protruding into an environment of potentially lethal voltage like some sort of proboscis." Toddy laughed

"They're electricians, Barry" Timmy explained.

"OH, I get it... you wouldn't want your penis doing its own unguided probing around inside an electrical cabinet or piece of equipment!" I laughed, as well.

"Right...nor for it to be he point of first entry into such an environment." Jason added.

"Exactly!" Toddy affirmed, still chuckling.

"That explains the gloves, as well." I observed.

"Depending upon the voltage level they are to be working on they might have been wearing a full length insulating apron, made of the same material. They must be working on low-voltage systems at the moment.

Toddy nodded.

We had arrived at the Docs, the boys stepped off the walkway long enough to kiss Jason and I as we parted company...then, they stepped back onto the walkway to leave Jason and I to enter the Docs office.

Jason and I explained to the Docs what we had in mind. First, that I wanted to produce a son with Jody, assuming that Jody's DNA might be extracted from either the hair I still had from his hairbrush, or from his semen on the glass plate on the backside of of our "Together is the Nicest Way to Be" photo. This semen was several years old, bu now and we weren't sure of its usability. The, Jason and I wanted to produce a son of our own. We explained that Toddy and Timmy had volunteered to perform their nursery duty to nurture these sons along, and thereby render themselves empowered to produce sons with both Jason and myself later.

The Docs were pleased that Jason and I and Jody's DNA would add to the diversity of the Natrix Community. One of the Docs explained how this would be accomplished.

It was a fascinating process, steeped in tradition, and polished with a most sacred air and tenor. Jason and I were all ears as the Doc explained both the technology and the more sacred facets of the ceremony and technology involved.

"You remember, of course, the initial ceremony which was used to welcome you and Jason into the Natrix Community...where your genitals were revered as the sacred tabernacles that they are?"

"Yes, it was both erotic and touching." I said.

"Well, the conception ceremony is much the same ceremony with some modification. It is a most sacred and formal ceremony. All the boys will don their armbands or genital bands to reflect their own DNA as inviting your participation in the community to commingle your DNA with their own.

In the case of Jody, we will extract his "Y"sperm cells from the plate you describe. Hopefully we will be able to revitalize those "Y"sperm cells and inject them into a simulated semen base, as if they were combined with his own prostatic and seminal vesicles fluid to produce an artifical, though real, semen to transport those sperms cells into the instrument that will connect them in a Y-Y conception.

"What if an "X" sperm sneaks through?" I asked.

"Impossible" The Doc replied.

"What about the "X" sperms in my or Jason's semen?" I asked.

"We'll give you some medication that will neutralize all "X" sperms before the ceremony. The conception instrument will eliminate them all, whether already neutralized or still alive. Absolutely none can make it to the conception. Don't worry." The Doc assured us.

He went on:

"Who's going to be the surrogate donor for Jody's semen?"

"Todd, has offered to do so." I answered.

"Great, Todd loves you both very much, as does his son Toddy."

"Timmy too!" Jason added.

The Doc smiled up at Jason from his examination stool and said:

"Of course. I didn't mean to leave him out of the equation. He'll be part of the ceremony too. And yes, his love for you both is well recognized within the community. Timmy and Toddy are exceptional, even among the exceptional, one might say, since all the boys here are truly exceptional.

OK, let's start with a follow-up exam...just to see how you are progressing. The Doc suggested.

"OK" I replied.

The Doc motioned for a second Doc to join him.

Jason and I assumed the position in the stirrups, to make our genitals accessible to the Docs.

"OK, lets' see if you have stopped producing any fecal matter" The Doc said, as he reached for a probe with a camera in its tip.

The docs inserted the camera probes, simultaneously into Jason and my rectums.

"Strange, how these probes are completely comfortable. I don't know what they are mad of, but they insert and feel like they belong discomfort at all." I observed.

"Yeah, this would be a most uncomfortable procedure in the X-Y world." Jason added.

"I see no evidence of fecal matter at all, Barry. Have you had any requirement at all to have a bowel movement?" The doc asked.

"Not since the earliest hours we were here." I answered.

"Me either." Jason chimed in.

"Nothing here, except evidence you've been recently fed...apparently by Timmy, given the strong Cinnamon aroma." The second doctor told Jason for the first Doc to hear, as well.

"Indeed, and Toddy's strong aroma of French Vanilla is tickling my olfactory as well. I assume you've been recently fed...there's still ample quantity of it still present here in your rectum, Barry." The first Doc offered.

"Yes the boys slow-fed Jason and me just before we left to come here." I confirmed.

"Well, you're both lucky. Timmy and Toddy are very loving boys." The second Doc affirmed.

"Yes they are, and, believe me, Jason and I know how lucky we are." I declared.

"We sure Do!" Jason added.

After a few additional examination procedures the first Doc spoke:

"All is well, guys."

"Great!" I responded.

The Doc continued:

"We're going to use a glans cuff to arouse you both to ejaculation and collect some semen."

"No complaint from me. That thing feels wonderful!" I said with a smile.

"OK with me, too." Jason agreed.

The Docs placed the glans cuffs around Jason's and my glans and inserted the collection tube just inside our meatuses.

"Ready?" The doc asked.

"Surely." I said.

Jason nodded in agreement.

The glans cuff began its work. My penis became, immediately, erect and rock-hard. My glans began to swell as the nerves in my corona responded to the electrical stimulation of the cuff.

My scrotum began to contract, pulling my testicles up close to my abdomen, as they pumped their sperm to our ejaculatory ducts to combine with the other components of our semen being produced by our prostates and seminal vesicles.

We had reached the point of emission, wherein our sperm was being missed with these other fluids in the ejaculatory duct and thus, there was no going back, ejaculation was imminent and un-reversible.

Jason and I turned to look into each other's eyes as our ejaculations began in unison.

It was, as always, a powerful and protracted experience. The associated orgasm was powerful and erotically amplified by the action of the cuffs.

I could see Jason's semen coursing its way along the clear collection tube and into the collection vile. It's glistening pearl-like whiteness pooled in the collection vial. It's precious presence being so handled by the doctor performing the collection.

The Doc saw me watching his careful handling of Jason's spunk.

"It's a sacred fluid, Barry. Don't worry, we Docs appreciate the fact, and always handle semen accordingly." The Doc assured me.

My Doc was doing the same. He handled my collected semen in a most reverent manner.

"Barry?" My doc asked.

"Yes, Doc." I responded.

"When I remove the collection tube, it will remain filled with some residual semen beyond that in the vial, would you bless me by allowing me to consume it?" The doc asked.

"Same here, Jason...may I?"

"Of course, if you wish." I responded.

Jason nodded to his Doc as well.

The tubes were gently removed, disconnected from the collection vials and used like soda straws by each Doc to suck the remaining semen into their mouths.

"The essence of X-Y...bitter tasting, but unique. Thanks Barry." My Doc observed.

"I think it's the chlorine, Doc." I offered.

"Yes and numerous of the over 30 additional chemicals in X-Y semen. Otherwise the fructose and sucrose sugars would be dominant and your semen would be sweet-tasting...not as sweet as Y-Y semen, but no bitter taste, anyway." The Doc confirmed.

He went on:

"If you decide you want to flavor your semen, like Timmy or Toddy or with one of the other many flavoring compounds we have available, you may so request. Most Prima-Genitors, however, remain fully natural in that regard and don't resort to any flavoring. The choice is yours." My Doc advised.

"For now, I think the other Prima-Genitors have taken the correct course. It makes sense for us to remain natural, bitterness and all. It's part of being Prima-Genitors." I said.

"I agree." Jason added.

"Very well, then. Let me explain the particulars of the ceremony and the technology further." My Doc said.

"Please Do, I'm anxious to understand it all!" I declared.

"Well, the ceremony is very much like the greeting you received when you first arrived, with some important differences." My Doc began.

"Such as?" I asked.

Well, take the semen collection we've just completed...we've collected whole-semen on this occasion for our examination purposes. In the ceremony we will insert separator collection catheters, which you have already experienced. They are inserted to the prostate / ejaculatory duct levels so as to separate and collect the sperm and prostatic fluid into separate tubes. Then the sperm and its nourishing fluid from the seminal vesicles will be further collected into a special instrument or machine that will identify and ensure that only "Y" sperm are subjected to further processing."

He went on:

"You know that in the X-Y process, that a sperm uses its tail to whip and force its way into an ovum, whereupon the head of the sperm bursts to spill its half-helix genetic contents into that ovum to mix with the half helix contained in the ovum. The two half helixes combine to produce a full helix, containing the genetic material of both donors. Viola... X-Y Conception!"

"Yes, I understand that much" I replied.

"Good, most X-Ys no nothing about the process, beyond the pleasure of the orgasm that is its genesis. Anyway, Once we have collected "Y" sperms we inject them into an artificial medium that allows them to, likewise burst their heads and spill their half-helixes into the medium, which is a chemically altered semen bath, from yourself and your mate. The half helixes combine and. ...Viola...Y-Y Conception."

"That's not so mysterious!" I exclaimed.

"No, it's really pretty straightforward...simple, really."

He continued:

"You recall your biology...a woman can contribute on "X" material to a conception. It is the man who may contribute either "X" or "Y" material to determine the sex of the offspring. If the man contributes an "X" the resulting "X-X" offspring will be a female, if the man contributes a "Y" the X-Y" offspring will be male."

"I remember, Doc...and we all start out as females, don't we?" I asked.

"That's true only in the X-Y world, but yes, initially there is a neutral set of developing tissue that if not intervened upon by the male hormones will develop into ovaries and clitoris and so forth. When the intervention takes place, however, what would have been ovaries develop, instead, into testicles and eventually descend into the scrotum, which would have been labia majora rather than scrotum. The glans clitoris will instead develop into the glans penis...and so forth. So actually, it is more accurate to say that we all start out with a set of tissue that will develop into female glands without the intervention of the male hormone. Thus, with no such intervention, all offspring in the X-Y world would develop into, in a manner of speaking, all X-Ys start off as, at least, potential females." My Doc explained.

"Yes, that's how I recall it from my college biology classes." I asserted.

"In the Natrix world, we ensure that only "Y" material is involved in conception, but that's about the extent of our manipulation. The incubation process is also unique, replacing gestation and ensuring none of the complications that can occur in gestation are at play in the development of our Y-Y offspring. That is the role that Timmy and Toddy will play in the nursery...they will tend the incubation and nurturing process, contributing their semen to nourish and feed the developing offspring. As they come to understand the fragility and utter dependence that the developing child has upon them and the associated bonding that will take place, they will become better emotionally developed to produce their own offspring. It's a Natrix right of passage, Barry."

"Yes, and one that makes perfect sense." I agreed.

"We think so. It's required, a prerequisite for a Natrix Boy, prior to producing offspring." My Doc declared.

" theory, there could exist a "X-X" world, too." I said to sound smart.

The docs laughed:

"You're describing a normal female, Barry...nothing special" My Doc replied.

I was embarrassed.

" silly of me." I sheepishly replied.

"It's OK, Barry. It would require no special technology to produce an X-X world, except the sorting of sperm types. Then, a routine X-X conception would occur. Producing a Y-Y and the technology involved at all levels to ensure proper incubation and proper physical development is a far more difficult process, in spite of how simple I made it sound earlier, Barry. It's far more exotic in its detail, but you needn't understand it to that level of detail." My Doc clarified.

"Of course, Doc, I'm sure the Y-Y challenge is considerable. I'm just grateful it's possible. I wish Jody could be here to see our son...he'd be so very pleased." I said, as I felt myself welling with tears.

Jason saw me and spoke up:

"Now, Barry, don't start crying... Jody wouldn't want that."

Changing the subject, my Doc spoke up:

So the ceremony is such that you and Todd will appear on the elevated stage as before, with a separator tube inserted in your penises. We will have produced a synthesized "Jody Semen" and Todd will be holding it in his ejaculatory duct for deposit during the collection. Todd's sperm will be restricted to his seminal vesicles and will not be permitted to enter his ejaculatory duct during the ceremony. Only the synthetic Jody Semen will be present in his ejaculatory duct. These tubes will, initially, be placed over your shoulders so as no to be in the way when the little ones come forward to greet you and acknowledge the pending conception. Timmy and Toddy will tend to your penises and scrotum as before while the initial greeting proceeds. Then Timmy and Toddy will attach the tubes to the collection instrument. It has a clear glass vessel that allows all to see the sperm being collected for the conception, and the conception itself take place on the TV screens which will provide a microscope view of the actual conception.

A picture of Jody will be projected in 3-D as a hologram above Todd's head to indicate that Todd is a surrogate in this conception. As in the greeting ceremony, a glans cuff will be used on you and Todd to produce a more powerful ejaculation and orgasm so you both expel the maximum amount of semen.

The little ones will approach, as before and kiss each of your testicles, but since the collection tubes will occupy your meatuses, Timmy and Toddy will lift your penises to expose your frenulumes for the little ones to kiss instead of your meatuses.

When all of this has been accomplished, as I said before, the boys will attach the collection tubes to the collector and hold your penises gently during the cuff-induced ejaculations.

There will be applause as the semen courses down the tubing and as the conception is executed.

"Wow!" I interjected.

"Yes, it's quite magnificent." My Doc asserted.

"I nearly couldn't remain standing last time, the ejaculation was so powerful." I said

"There will be a nearly invisible, cradle between your legs to rest your weight upon if you need it, Barry. Todd won't require one." My Doc advised.

He went on:

The ejaculation and orgasm will be induced in both Todd and you, Barry after you exchange a kiss and look at each other in a loving and affirmative fashion. You will both turn to face the community as the ejaculation begins and the collection process begins.

When the conception has been executed. The community will approach in two lines, one in front of you, Barry, the other in front of Jody's surrogate, Todd. Each will approach the chalice and deposit semen into the chalice as a sacred food for the sustenance of the conceived child in its first days of feeding. Again, the little ones will go first.

Afterwards, The collector, containing the just-conceived child, will be escorted by Timmy and Toddy to the nursery and the incubation process will begin, under the care of the Nursery Docs, until Timmy and Toddy begin their nursery duty.. Timmy and Toddy will return in short order, as Todd leaves the stage and Jason appears in his place. Then the ceremony will be repeated.

"Can I produce two major ejaculations in such short time with no refractory period?" I asked.

"Yes, you will be able to do so. Your testicles will be excited by a cuff of their own during the time Toddy and Timmy escort the first child to the nursery and they will refill your seminal vesicles immediately. Your prostate will be excited by an anal stimulator to produce its fluid in copious quantities, as well. You'll be ready...don't worry." My Doc explained.

"I see." I said.

"All will be watching the TV screens as the cameras follow the movement of Toddy and Timmy as they escort the new child to the nursery, so they won't be concentrating on you and the testicle cuff as it is applied and removed. In fact the lights on the stage will be dimmed so as to avoid the distraction as Jason enters and the genital stimulation occurs upon you, Barry."

He went on:

It's all very common practice. One of our Prima-Genitors accomplished four conceptions in a row this way. I understand you met him recently." My Doc commented

"Oh...the one from "The Genesis Children"...yes, I met him, he's still beautiful, like he never aged at all." I reported.

"You won't age further, now that you are here, either, Barry. Neither You nor Jason." My Doc explained.

"Amazing!" Jason chimed in.

"He was one of our first Prima-Genitors, so he came aboard while he was still a teenager, shortly, in fact after the "Swim Party" home movie." Jason's Doc reported.

"I've seen that movie. Wow, I had no idea he became involved in the Natrix program right afterwards... that explains his sudden absence from the scene and no further performances." I said.

My doc nodded:

"He's quite a specimen, his DNA is widespread amongst the Natrix Boys community."

"Wow, I bet Slim Pfeiffer didn't realize he was filming a Prima-Genitor during all his home movies, or `shorts' as they are called." I suggested.

"Nor did Billy Byars, when he produced "The Genesis Children" My Doc added.

I nodded.

"So, are you desirous to do these conceptions right away?" My Doc asked.

"Yes, as soon as practicably possible." I suggested.

"Very well, I'll check with the Captain and see when we might schedule it, such that there will be no conflict with any other of our Natrix-related orders. I'll advise you as soon as I know." My Doc reported.

"GREAT, Doc, thanks so much." I said.

"My thanks, too, Doc." Jason added.

Jason and I held hands as we rode the moving walkway back to quarters. We chuckled as we discussed our naiveté regarding not recognizing the electricians we encountered earlier:

"Guess we've got a lot to learn, huh?" Jason suggested.

"Indeed. As the saying goes: We don't even know how much we don't know." I replied.

"We're in a whole new world, Barry...a boy paradise. I never want to leave." Jason declared.

"Me either. I can't imagine anyplace better...not for an old queen like me, anyway." I said with a smile.

"I'm so anxious for the conception ceremony, Jason. The notion of having Jody's as well as our sons is a dream come true." I insisted.

"I love you, Barry. I'm so lucky that you and Todd included me in this wonderful experience." Jason said.

"I love you too, Jason. Now with Toddy and Timmy involved in our love-relationship it's taken on a dimension I never imagined. I'm still reeling in my attempts to understand it." I said.

"I know, Barry. It's delicious, isn't it?" Jason said

" Much like French Vanilla mixed with Cinnamon, Jason?"

We both laughed.

--------------------------END PT 10 NATRIX BOYS-----------------------------