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Note: This story assumes the reader is familiar with characters introduced in my story "Forgive me, Jody" as well as PT I, through PT X of this story WHICH MAY BE FOUND IN MY PROLIFIC AUTHORS SECTION in "NIFTY"




I returned alone to the Docs offices with the hairbrush and the Picture, including the mixed semen of Jody and me for the Docs to use to prepare a suitable genetic material for our conception ceremony. The Doc looked at the glass plate and remarked that it wasn't likely that Jody's sperm could be re-activated...but they would try. In the event they could not salvage one of his actual sperm cells, they would open one of the sperm cells up and copy the DNA from the same DNA spliced from Todd's DNA, assuming all the DNA elements could be found in Todd's DNA code. If not, they would take the rest from Jody's hair. Either way, they would produce Jody's DNA for use in our ceremony

I was relieved that, one way or the other, a replica or possibly the real thing, as it goes to Jody's DNA would be available. As I left the Docs office he made it a point to embellish his earlier lesson on how we all start out as females and that one vestige of that fact is that in the X-Y world we males all have nipples and foreskins. The foreskin initially intended to protect the glans clitoris and carried along to the penis, where it serves no real purpose. In the Y-Y world, the boys have no nipples, never had foreskins, thus not requiring circumcision, and have no navels, as they are not gestated in the conventional fashion.

I pondered just how little I knew about such things as I rode the walkway home.

I was delighted when I was informed, sometime later, that Jody's sperm cells could not be revitalized, but that his half helix, protected inside the heads of his sperm was found to be usable, and synthetic DNA would NOT be required. Our son, Jody's and mine, would be in part a product of Jody's actual genetic material.

The Y-Y technology is marvelous, indeed. It would be a mystery to ponder that in the X-Y world, the female produces only the X chromosome, thus rendering the Y-Y impossible. Y-Y males in that world would tower over either X-X females or X-Y males not only in terms of physical beauty, but in terms of intellectual prowess. The X chromosome is little more than an impediment to the ideal. It seems a cruel joke that the Divine has played on humankind.

I explained the findings regarding Jody's half-helix to Todd, Toddy and Timmy, as well, of course to Jason. All were very excited to know that Jody's actual genetic material would be at play in the conception. Now it was a matter of setting the date.

It was learned that we would soon make a routine visit to A.U.T.E.C. the Navy's version of area 51. It seemed a good time for the conception ceremony, as while in their protective cocoon, a maximum number of boys from the Natrix community could be physically present.

The Docs made all the preparations and explained to Todd, Jason and me, the details of the ceremony and how the entire community would be involved and would support the newly conceived with donation of their sperm, upon which the offspring would feed and draw its nourishment. The offspring is suspended in the semen, as an amniotic fluid and draw its nourishment as it develops to a point that it becomes sufficiently developed to accept that nourishment from anal or oral feedings, as with any Y-Y boy. It's a marvelous process, one that only the geneticists and other scientists can fully describe.

Timmy and Toddy will be the nursery attendants for the offspring of both Jody and me, as well as that of Jason and me. It sets the mind least my X-Y mind, that this technology is possible. When the offspring has reached a certain level of development, it is presented as a baby to the parents to be raised as a son in the Y-Y tradition, where intelligence and physical maturity take place at a greatly accelerated pace.

A few days elapsed, as the Natrix made its way to the A.U.T.E.C complex. During that time, Todd, Jason and I participated in all the preparatory effort. The morning of the conception ceremony, Jason, Todd and I found ourselves in the doctor's office.

"So, are you ready fro the big event?" The doctor asked us.

"We are very anxious, actually." I replied on behalf of the three of us.

"Well, let's get you prepped, then." The Doc replied.

We quickly found ourselves on the procedure table, our feet in the stirrups with our legs spread to allow the Docs easy access to our genitalia.

"First, we will install the catheter up the penis to a point where the sperm will be collected. The prostatic fluid will course down a separate tube side by side with the actual sperm from the seminal vesicles. The sperm will be kept segregated to simplify the conception process. In your case, Todd, Jody's half helix will be swimming in an artificial fluid that replicates the seminal fluid and preloaded into your seminal vesicles. Your own sperm will be inhibited from entering the seminal vesicles and any there at present will be collected now to ensure that your seminal vesicles are void of your sperm before Jody's sperm are placed there. This allows you to experience a normal ejaculation and orgasm. The difference is, of course that you will ejaculate Jody's genetic material.

Barry, you will ejaculate normally. Your sperm will be collected into the conception vessel along and the sperm will be chemically induced to fracture their heads to send your half-helix material into the mixing fluid, already in the vessel. When both yours and Jody's half helixes are in the mixing fluid, an additional chemical will be added such that they seek each other out and bond. The conception is complete, at that point. The activity in the conception vessel is monitored on a microscopic camera and projected in 3-D as a holograph, above your heads on the stage, for all to witness the conception first hand.

When the conception has been completed, Timmy and Toddy will carry the conception vessel, in a procession, including the little ones, who will carry the semen collection vessels, to the nursery, where the Doctor assigned to the nursery will formally accept it, and place it in the nursery with the other offspring for care and nurture.

It's all pretty simple and straightforward." The Doc concluded.

"I suppose." I replied.

"Oh, and the entire community will donate semen for the nurture of the offspring, as well. It's their contribution to you and to the offspring. You will see, first, that as the little ones approach to deliver the usual greeting of respect, that each will donate semen into a vessel just between your spread legs. This semen will provide a base for the injection of some additional chemicals to act as an amniotic fluid for the feeding and comfort of the baby as it develops. After the formal ceremony, the older boys will stop bt he nursery and donate semen, as well." The Doc added.

"I understand that it's far quicker than the X-Y gestation process." I observed.

"Yes, you will be presented with your babies in about 9 weeks, as opposed to the 9 months that an X-Y gestation requires." The Doc confirmed.

The Doc began inserting the catheter into my meatus and up my urethra to the collection point. The other Docs were performing the same operation on Todd and Jason. In Todd's case, his sperm were flushed into a vile for inclusion into the Natrix DNA base. When the Docs had flushed his sperm, they injected a fluid to ensure that none of Todd's sperm remained in his seminal vesicles, after flushing his vesicles, the doc held up a vile of what appeared to be ejaculate and announced:

"Barry...this is Jody's genetic material. Had you not reserved his semen on that glass plate when you had the picture produced, we would not have this. We would have had to construct his DNA from a gene splice of Todd's DNA or artificially construct it from the hair you retained from Jody's hairbrush...this is far superior, it is his actual half-helix."

It was like a miracle...I was looking at Jody's ejaculate, as it were. His genetic material suspended in an artificially produced semen.

"May I kiss that vile, as an act of love for Jody before you insert it into Todd?" I asked.

"What a beautiful gesture. Of course you may...more than that you may taste the semen, knowing that Jody's material is present...would you like that?" The Doc asked.

"Yes, that would be wonderful." I replied.

The Doc took a small amount of Jody's sperm and semen into an eyedropper and placed it on my tongue. I relished its presence in my mouth and did not swallow it. I allowed it to paint the inside of my mouth, and to remain there for the ceremony.

The Doc finished with the catheter insertion, and did so such that the catheter, different from those used in prior collection procedures, was inserted to hide inside our meatuses.

"This is somewhat different, guys. As you see, these catheters have a sort of connector at the end. It will be waiting just inside your meatuses so that the normal greeting can be accomplished, without the encumbrance of the catheter being present. When the greetings are complete, Timmy and Toddy will spread your meatuses an pull the catheter forward just enough for it to be coupled to the collection tubes that will deliver your ejaculate to the conception vessel. The boys are familiar with the ceremony, and when they arrive here in a few moments we'll coach them to make sure they know the details.

"They are not painful in the insertion, like the others, though... they go in effortlessly and painlessly." I observed

"Yes, it's the material they are made of. It's genetically engineered such that the tissue of the urethra is welcoming and does not object to the insertion. I could go into the technical particulars, but we'd be here for a while." The Doc explained.

As if on cue, Timmy and Toddy appeared as the examining room door slid open.

"What a beautiful sight...I love the sight of your genitals on display." Timmy offered.

"I do, as well." Toddy added.

"Well, here we are, the three of us, on full display." I laughed.

The Doc spoke with the boys to his satisfaction that they knew the details of the ceremony, as he and the other Docs released us from the stirrups. Before they released us, the Docs, themselves, performed the greeting on each of us. They lifted out penises and kissed each of our testicles and then our meatuses.

"We wanted to be the first to honor you on this conception day." The Doc, working on Todd explained.

"You honor us indeed, thank you." Todd responded for the three of us.

"OK, understand that Barry and Todd will be first in the ceremony, and while the boys carry the conceived baby to the nursery, Todd will relinquish his position to Jason. After the boys have presented the conception vessel to the Doc at the nursery, they will return to perform the same duties for Jason and Barry. While the boys process to the nursery, I will replace the conception vessel to be ready to accept Barry's and Jason's ejaculate for that conception to take place." The Doc explained.

He went on:

"We should be within the protective force field of the A.U.T.E.C. complex at the time, so only a skeleton crew will remain on duty. All others will be present for the conception and will express their support with applause and the donation of their semen to nurture the baby. This way the entire community is, literally, involved with the development of the baby. It's a very important responsibility, and one that each Y-Y takes very seriously." The Doc concluded.

"I'm amazed that the baby can consume and be nurtured by the semen donated by the's marvelous." I observed.

"Well, it's not terribly different than what happens in the X-Y world." The Doc smiled.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, in the X-Y world the conceived baby receives its initial nourishment by consuming the remaining semen and sperms that were present at the conception... you knew that, did you not?" The Doc explained.

"No, I didn't... so you're saying that even X-Y conceptions derive their initial feeding from the semen that remains after the conception?" I asked, to make sure I understood.

"That's correct." The Doc answered.

" I know some X-Y guys, who consider themselves so damned macho, who would be horrified to know they consumed cum in the early stages of their own development." I laughed.

The Doc looked puzzled at my remarks and said:

"Of course...that's common knowledge... X-Y boys don't know that?"

"I think not." I replied with equal brevity.

"I'm surprised. That's how X-Y gestation begins; the consumption of the remaining ejaculate is the initial nourishment. I would think that all X-Y's would be taught that as part of the overall education as it goes to sexual function and subsequent gestation." The Doc observed.

"Well, Doc, the X-Y world is quite the enigma in that respect, among many others. The X-Y community, at least in the U.S., is simultaneously Puritanical and Libertine. There's much sexual activity...but no wants to discuss the technical workings of sexuality. No one wants to admit their ignorance in the matter."

"Seems Bizarre." The Doc observed

"Many things in the X-Y community are, Doc." I chuckled.

"I see." The Doc concluded.

He went on:

"Well, you're all prepped now. Timmy and Toddy know their roles, it should all go swimmingly. I would recommend that, before the ceremony, that Timmy and Toddy give you, Barry and Jason a healthy feeding. Todd won't require that, of course, but you two should be at peak when the ceremony takes place."

"We receive frequent feedings from them, Doc, but we'll make sure we receive as much as possible before the ceremony. Thanks for prepping us." I said.

"Happy to do so, Barry. We'll see you at the ceremony." The Doc replied.

As we walked along on the moving sidewalk, to accelerate our speed of travel, the boys took us each by the hand. Toddy positioned himself between his Daddy and myself, so as to hold both our hands.

"Are you nervous, Barry?" Timmy asked.

"Strangely, no, Timmy. I'm quite used to ejaculating before the entire community. I was somewhat self-conscious about it when we first did it, but I'm quite comfortable with it now." I replied.

"How about you, Jason?" Toddy asked.

"No, like Barry, I feel quite comfortable ejaculating before the community. In this case, particularly, they will all be ejaculating with us to donate their semen to the nursery. I'm entirely comfortable with it." Jason said.

"Good. That's good." Timmy said.

"Yes, they will all contribute their semen... but after the development reaches a certain point, when there is a distinct anus and mouth, the primary feeding will be done by Timmy and will be our semen." Toddy explained.

"That's wonderful, Toddy. I can't imagine anyone, other than you two, whom I'd want conducting the feeding." I said.

"It's supposed to be quite a bonding experience, Barry. When the baby is old enough to directly suckle to our meatus and accept our feeding, the feeling is supposedly quite intense...or, that's what I've been told by those who have already done their nursery duty. One is always particularly attached to and protective of any who has fed directly from one's penis, as a baby...totally helpless and dependent on the one doing the nursing. I'm anxious for that experience." Toddy explained.

"I'm anxious as well, Toddy. I know that you and Timmy will provide the best possible care to Jody's and my baby and present him to me in good health and well cared for." I said.

"We will, Barry. Your baby with Jody and your baby with Jason... we'll take good care of them. You needn't worry." Timmy insisted.

"We know you will, boys. We're not worried." Jason declared.

"Not at all, boys, we trust you completely. We're not worried." I said.

We arrived back at our quarters with only a few hours before the ceremony was due to take place.

"We'd better get on with the feeding." Toddy said.

"Right. Should we get to the sleeping cradle?" Jason asked.

"If you wish, Jason, or you can just bend over, if you wish, and Timmy and I will feed you. Then after a while, we'll conduct a second feeding, and Timmy and I will trade places. We will each have fed both of you before the ceremony. We'll do the second feeding just before we begin walking to the Great Room." Toddy instructed.

Jason and I bent over, as suggested. Timmy and Toddy squeezed some Cowper's fluid, or precum, as we call it, from their meatuses and used it to gently lubricate Jason's and my own anuses, liberally. They massaged our anuses with the precum until our sphincters relaxed and opened for the penetration. Over time the process became more easily accomplished. I suppose that since there was need, ever, to defecate, our anuses somehow evolved to know the requirement to provide the clamping function was no longer required.

Each of the boys slowly inserted his penis into us. Once fully inserted, I could feel the hot cum filling my rectum, as Timmy fed me. I could taste his cinnamon in my mouth as the feeding progressed. It was delicious. Timmy fed me for an unusually long time; I relished every second of it. Toddy was doing the same for Jason.

"I can taste the French Vanilla, Barry. Isn't it wonderful?" Jason remarked.

"Yes it is, Jason. I too, can taste Timmy's cinnamon. It's delicious." I replied.

After some time, the boys finally halted their feeding. We must have exhausted their three times the X-Y sized prostates and seminal vesicles.

I was warm all over, as my rectum absorbed the semen and transferred the nutrients to my entire body. That warmth was comforting, as it always is. I was satiated, and so was Jason.

"Do you want the residual?" Toddy asked.

"Yes, of course." Jason replied.

"I, as well." I added.

The boys slowly retracted their penises from our rectums and we turned quickly to takes those penises into our eager mouths. We coursed our fingers along their perineum to bring the remaining cum along their urethras and to their meatuses where we took that delicious nectar onto our tongues.

"It's absolutely delicious!" I exclaimed, as I took the last of it from Timmy's penis and slowly removed him from my mouth.

"I'm pleased you like it, Barry." Timmy said.

Jason was still taking the last of Toddy's French Vanilla into his mouth and couldn't speak for a few seconds:

"Delicious, Toddy. Both you, and Timmy are delicious...I can't get enough of either of you."

"Thank you, Jason. All Y-Y boys are delicious. It's not just Timmy and me. Toddy revealed.

"Well, maybe so, but my love for each of you amplifies the pleasure and the delicious taste of each of you." I said.

"Thank you, Barry. It means so much to Timmy and me to hear you say that. We love you and Jason in the same way." Toddy said.

We retired to the sleeping cradles and remained wrapped in each other's embrace.

"Barry, you and Jason should, perhaps, take a brief nap. The ceremony might prove to exhaust you. Toddy and I will hold you in our embrace while you sleep." Timmy suggested.

"That's probably a wise idea, my lover; We'll be so happy to wake to our pre-ceremony feeding." I said.

Jason nodded in agreement, and soon we were asleep in the strong and loving embrace of the boys.

I awakened to the movement of my legs, as Toddy lifted them to his shoulders as a resting place during the second feeding.

"Barry, may we make this second feeding part of a sexual intercourse? Timmy and I would like that intimacy before sharing your presence with the entire community." Toddy requested.

"Of course, Toddy. I'd like that very much, and I'm sure Jason would as well." I suggested.

"I would, very much." Jason added.

"Wonderful." Timmy declared.

The boys bent forward to deliver a passionate kiss to Jason and me, respectively, before the actual sexual play began. The pheromone-rich saliva was received with the usual response on the part of Jason's and my own body. We each became sunburn-red in our elevated passions. Our penises became rock hard, instantly, and precum began issuing from our meatuses in generous quantities.

I placed an open palm on either of Toddy's cheeks and held him in place as I kissed him, in return, with all the passion within me. If I could have turned to liquid, I would have poured myself into him, become part of him, literally, even if it meant I would no longer exist.

He lifted his face from me and looked into my eyes. His blue eyes sparkled and his pupils opened, as to invite me in. My gaze returned the invitation.

Toddy continued to gaze into my eyes as he assumed a position more suitable for his penis to penetrate me. He lubricated my anus with his precum, and massaged my anus to become welcoming. It did so eagerly and quickly.

"I'm coming into you, now, Barry." Toddy said, lovingly.

I nodded for him to do so.

He continued to look with love and with passion into my eyes. I felt his glans meet my anus gently, his meatus still pumping precum to coat my anus. Gently I felt my anus open for him and his penis make its unimpeded entry into my rectum.

Toddy began to stroke his penis back and forth in my rectum, not for his pleasure, as he can produce such pleasure for himself with the power of his thoughts. No, it was to heighten my pleasure, as such strokes excite an X-Y and elevate his pleasure.

I was so hot that I thought I was ablaze.

Toddy continued to thrust gently such that his large testicles would bounce against my butt with each stroke. When I felt his balls had ceased to strike me, I knew his scrotum had retracted and he was in the emission phase.

"This is because I love you, Barry." Toddy whispered

He exploded his cum into me. He retracted his penis enough that only his glans remained inside me. This was to make as much of my relatively small rectum available to accept his ejaculate and fill me completely. He did.

His ejaculation was hot and powerful and the taste of his French Vanilla overwhelmed both my taste buds as well as my olfactory. I was in Heaven. His ejaculation was the zenith of pleasure, while his loving gaze was pure joy.

We continued to drown in each other's gaze as Toddy continued to fill me with his precious essence. I wanted it to never stop.

My penis was issuing its own precum and demanding satisfaction. The fact did not go unnoticed by Toddy. He took my penis gently in his hand and allowed my precum to run down my penis onto his hand.

He looked at my eager penis and said, with a smile:

"I'll tend to you in a moment."

He continued to pump his own hot cum into me, as I pumped precum onto his hand, my penis eager for its own satisfaction.

After a while longer, Toddy's ejaculation began to subside. I had lost track of what Timmy and Jason were up to, but assumed it was a parallel activity.

When the flow of Toddy's hot, sweet cum finally began to end. He said:

"Barry, I don't want to produce an ejaculation in you. I want you to save every bit of your semen for the ceremony. I'm going to lick the precum from your penis, though."

"I don't know if I can avoid an ejaculation at this point, Toddy. I'm nearly at that point now." I retorted.

"Try to hold off, if you can, too, Jason." Toddy said.

"I'll try, Toddy.

Somehow, Jason and I managed to withhold our semen, though we both experienced a strong desire to ejaculate. That desire did not subside as we walked with the boys to the Great Room for the ceremony. Both Jason and I were erect the whole time and our scrotums took a long time to extend to the non-emission stage. Todd joined us at the door to the Great Room, backstage door.

Jason and I knew, at last, what the boys had done. They had ensured that our seminal vesicles were completely packed with sperm. We would be delivering our maximum quantities during the ceremony.

When we looked at the Great Room, from backstage, we found it was already at capacity with nearly all the Natrix Boys in attendance. As predicted, only a skeleton crew remained at post.

The lights were dimmed on the stage and we were backlighted such that only our shadows appeared when we took our places.

Todd and I took our marks on the stage. We stood side by side, such that we were ankle to ankle, our legs spread about a shoulder's width apart. Our scrotums dangled, respectively between our legs. My erection had, eventually subsided. We stood there, Todd, as a Y-Y in his normal semi-erect state and my penis flaccid. I knew it wouldn't take much to become erect once more. I backed up and allowed Timmy to position, lubricate, and insert the `penis' into me.

The light became bright, once we were in position.

The crowd applauded at the sight.

As always, the little ones were in the forefront, having formed a line center-front of Todd and me, ready to approach.

The Doc appeared and spoke to the crowd via the P.A. system.

"Welcome to our conception ceremony." He started

APPLAUSE interrupted him.

He waited briefly for the applause to subside.

He continued:

"Our ceremony today is a double ceremony. Barry, one of our newest Prima-Genitors will conceive a son with a former lover, Jody, who, tragically, died some years ago. We have been able to extract Jody's half-helix from a sperm cell that Barry wisely retained, so the conception will take place using Jody's actual genetic material."


He motioned for the applause to subside.

It slowly did.

"Todd, will act as Jody's surrogate for the ceremony. Jody's sperm now occupies Todd's vesicles and he will ejaculate it to the conception vessel, as in other cases where a surrogate acts on behalf of another." The Doc explained.


As the applause diminished, the Doc said:

"We will now proceed."

The doc slowly left the stage. As he did, a huge hologram appeared above Todd and I. It was the image from the picture that Jody and I had had made. "Together is the Nicest Way to be." The picture was in 3-D and it was brilliant in its light and color.

I looked upward to see it. It made me want to cry. It did, however, distract me from my pounding penis, allowing it to remain flaccid for the greeting part of the ceremony.

The first of the little ones approached and knelt before me. He looked up to me for my nod of approval, as would each of the little ones to follow. The collection vessel was directly below his scrotum. He held his semi erect penis with one hand to point it at the vessel while he used his other to hold my penis for the greeting.

Upon my nod, he lifted my penis, kissed each of my testicles; then lowered my penis to kiss its meatus. As he was delivering the kisses, his own penis issued his cum to stream into a gold colored vessel for collection and use in the nursery. From his kneeling position, the stream of his cum didn't have far to travel. Still, its image was one of the images projected in 3-D above our above my head, the other above Todd's.

As the little ones delivered his greeting cameras captured the kisses and the pouring out of the little one's cum and displayed both above our heads. It was very solemn, and silence was observed during the whole time.

When each little one had delivered his greeting and cum to me, he rose and moved to do the same for Todd. The image of the greeting and pouring out of cum at Todd's position was also projected above his head, as it had been before with me.

The solemnity was profound and the silence complete.

One by one, the little ones approached and delivered the greeting and poured out his cum to be collected and used to feed the baby during its early development.

Once the procession of little ones had been completed, Todd and I, as prescribed for the ceremony, turned our heads to kiss each other. Then we returned to face the community.

Timmy and Toddy approached Todd and me. They knelt before each of us.

They each used a thumb and index finger to spread our meatuses and pull the catheter forward just far enough to be engaged to the collection tubes. They installed the glans cuffs for me...Todd would not require one. The boys then walked to either side of the stage to take Todd and I by a hand. This was the cue for Todd and I to join hands and await the ejaculation that would produce the actual conception.

I was glad that I had the `penis' in me, as I already knew I'd need its support soon.

The lights were dimmed, not extinguished, except those that highlighted Todd's and my own genitalia, which were kept at full brightness.

The glans cuff did its work, and a powerful ejaculation exploded from me to course its way to the conception vessel via the clear tubing leading from my meatus to the conception vessel.

Todd watched my semen begin to issue from my penis and, by will, followed, suit. He delivered Jody's sperm in a powerful ejaculation, even more powerful than my own.

APPLAUSE... but briefly, as our semen coursed along its way to the collection vessel.



The hologram of the action inside the conception vessel was switched on. At first there was nothing to be seen but a creamy-white background. Then, first, Jody's half-helix swam into view, slowly rotating in the center view of the camera. After a few seconds, my own half-helix came into view. The two half-helixes rotated in close proximity to each other, until, as if by magic, the two sensed each other's presence and danced to each other and intertwined, one with the other, into a full helix. The conception had just taken place. Jody and I were now one.


Todd and I became shadows, once more, as Timmy and Toddy approached the conception vessel, lifted it by its dual handle system and began the slow procession to the nursery. The little ones fell in behind them in a side-by-side rank with Timmy and Toddy leading each rank. Two of the little ones carried each of the semen collection vessels at the front of their ranks, directly behind Timmy and Toddy.

Cameras followed them and projected the procession back to the great room.

While the procession was en route, The Doc arrived and disconnected Todd's tubing, allowing Todd to leave the stage. As he left, he came to me and kissed me sweetly:

"I love you Barry. You saved my life. I will always love you." He whispered to me.

The Doc placed a new conception vessel, new semen collection vessels, and new tubing for Jason. Jason's shadow was now replacing Todd's on the stage.

Jason and I stood foot-to-foot, ankle-to-ankle, as Todd and I had earlier.

The camera was still on Toddy and Timmy as they delivered my and Jody's baby to the nursery. The doctor opened the door to allow them to proceed in, but first stood ceremoniously in their way:

"What is this boy's name?" The attending Doctor asked.

"His name is Jody" The boys replied in unison.

"Who is to attend Jody while in the nursery?" The doctor asked.

"We will...Timmy and Toddy. We will attend him." The boys answered in unison.

"Proceed, then, Timmy and Toddy...bring our new Natrix Boy into our nursery." The Doc said.

The boys proceeded into the nursery, along with the little ones carrying the semen vessels, and the door closed behind them.


After a moment, the boys, and the little ones returned to the ranks of the little ones, waiting in the corridor, and the procession started toward the Great Room for the next conception.

During the time that the procession to the nursery was taking place, the `penis' inserted into my rectum was pumping nutrient and stimulant into me. I could feel my testicles become warm, almost hot, along with my vas deferens as the sperm were pumped from my epididymis into my vas for the journey to my seminal vesicles. I was being reloaded with sperm and prostatic fluid at a rate so fast as to cause this warming effect.

I was fully ready for the second conception by the time that Toddy and Timmy returned, and the little ones re-formed their line.

As with Todd, earlier, the lights came up to find us standing foot-to-foot, our legs spread and our testicles dangling, awaiting the greetings from the little ones.

The doc made the announcement, as before and we relished in the applause, as the community accepted Jason and me in the conception of our son.

The greeting proceeded as it had earlier. Each little one lifted our penises and kissed each of our testicles, then lowered our penises to kiss us on each of our meatuses. Again the little ones held his penis at the proper angle to stream his cum into the collection vessels during the same time he was delivering the greeting.

I silently marveled at the fact that Y-Ys can come as a matter of will, no stimulation is required, especially not for a feeding. The amount of cum that these little ones could expel in such a short time was remarkable, as well.

Soon Jason and I were experiencing exquisite ejaculations.

We watched our semen track its way to the conception vessel. The hologram camera, once more provided the microscopic view of what took place.

Jason's and my own half-helixes appeared and did the dance, as Jody's and mine had earlier. The helixes, sensed each other's, I don't know, exactly, except the Doc had said they inject a special fluid... Our half helixes moved to link with each other. The conception had occurred.


When the applause died down, Timmy and Toddy went to carry the conception vessel to the nursery. The designated little ones took the semen collection vessels and carried them as before, directly behind Timmy and Toddy.

Jason and I had already decided on the name for our son, but we had only disclosed it to Timmy and Toddy. We didn't tell it to anyone else.

When Timmy and Toddy arrived at the nursery, the door opened for them once more. The same Doctor stood in the doorway, blocking their entry.

"What is this boy's name?" The Doctor asked.

"His name is Ricky." Toddy beamed.

Timmy spoke the same words in unison with Toddy, but allowed Toddy to be heard over him, since we had named our son for Toddy's deceased brother."


The applause could not be diminished and continued at a deafening volume level.

Even the Nursery Doctor was taken by surprise.

His former stern, ceremonial expression melted into a gentle smile. He leaned forward and kissed Toddy on the forehead.

The applause continued... and continued.

When the applause finally went quiet, the Nursery Doctor continued with the ceremony:

"Who is to attend Ricky while in the nursery?" The doctor asked.

"We will...Timmy and Toddy. We will attend him." The boys answered in unison.


"Proceed, then, Timmy and Toddy...bring our new Natrix Boy into our nursery." The Doc said.

Once more, the boys proceeded into the nursery, along with the little ones carrying the semen vessels, and the door closed behind them.

Jason and I turned to see Todd and Rick standing at the side, backstage. They were in each other's embrace and both had tears running down their cheeks.

They ran to us, in violation of the ceremony on seemed to care.

I looked into Todd's beautiful eyes and spoke:

"Had you not made it possible for Jason and I to be here, this conception could never have happened. We're honored to name our first son after your precious Ricky."

Todd embraced me, even as Rick embraced Jason.

Timmy and Toddy returned to the stage and disconnected our collection tubing, so Jason and I could depart the stage. We did so, after a lengthy embrace from Todd and Rick, and to the sound of that same deafening


-------------------------END PT XI --------------------NATRIX BOYS-------------------------