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I barely remembered any of the drive home, as my mind was still reeling from the night's events and my encounter with my beautiful Todd.

God, I must find a way to protect him. I thought to myself. But How?!?.....I'm up against a government agency, what can I possibly do? My thoughts continued.

I was so preoccupied with my thoughts on how best to protect my precious Todd, I didn't notice that another car followed me into the driveway, following me to my front door, where I parked my car.

I looked into my rear-view mirror to see two men, in military uniform, getting out of their car and walking toward my driver's side window.

I reached down and depressed the lock button and heard the `thunk' sound of both my doors snapping locked.

One of the men presented an I.D. card at my window. The window was somewhat fogged-up, but, what I could see of it would indicate that it was a Military I.D. badge.

"Sir, please roll your window down a bit, so I can speak with you." He said.

The other man remained stationed at the trunk of my car and made no move to join his partner at my window. He carried a briefcase, handcuffed to his wrist, and a large flashlight, a Mag-Lite, like the police use.

"Sir." The man repeated.

I opened my window, but only a few inches.

"Sir, we're with Carswell Air Force Base. We're M.P.s, and we need your help." He said.

"OK." I replied through the opening I had made in the window.

"Sir, we need you to open your trunk for us." He requested.

"My trunk?" I replied.

"Please, Sir." He said.

"Very well." I replied, as I reached to the glove compartment, opened it, and pressed the trunk release button.

The trunk opened slowly, as the hydraulic operators are designed to do.

The other MP shone his flashlight into the trunk and inspected that it was empty. Then he took some sort of gizmo out of his pocket. It had lights and a display that lit up when he began pressing buttons on it. He waved it about inside the trunk, looked at the meter and the pattern the LEDs had formed and looked at his partner, still standing at my window, and nodded, slowly, as if affirming some suspicion.

"Sir, we have reason to believe you have had a stow-away hiding in your car. Did you stop along the way home long enough for him to have gotten out of your trunk without you noticing?" He asked.

"Stow-away?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, I'm afraid so, Sir." He said.

"Well, I got stranded in the rain on the way back from Carswell and I stopped under a bridge for nearly a half hour, waiting for the storm to pass." I informed him, which, after all, was the truth.

"I see." He said.

"What is you buddy doing back there, anyway. He can see that the trunk is empty, can't he?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, it's empty at the moment, but the instrument he is using can detect the presence of certain phero...er...certain bodily out gassing. The indication is that he was in there recently. He advised.

"He?" I asked, as if ignorant.

"Yes Sir, he." He replied.

He went on:

"Sir, I must ask you to exit the car, now, please." He said, rather sternly.

"Have you a warrant?" I asked.

"No Sir, but if that's how you want it, I can get one very quickly." He replied.

"May I see your ID again, please?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." He replied, producing it once more for my scrutiny.

I looked at it more closely, this time.

"Very Well, Officer." I said, as I unlocked and opened the door, stepping out of the car to stand next to the open door.

"Thank you, Sir." He said.

I nodded.

His buddy now approached and waved the instrument about in the passenger compartment. Once more he nodded at the first MP.

"Did you feed him, Sir?" He asked.

"Excuse me?" I replied.

"Sir, we can play this charade, if you like, but you were exposed to his pheromone, so you, no doubt, were intimate with him. Did you feed him with your semen, either orally or anally?" He asked.

"I don't mean to be uncooperative, Officer, but I think I'd like to invoke at this point. I know my rights." I replied.

"Yes Sir, you're not required to say anything further, if you so wish. I hope you will do us the favor of listening for a few moments, however. We won't ask you to say anything at all. I give you my word." He said.

I nodded.

"Sir, if you would be so kind, could we continue this discussion inside, it's beginning to rain." He requested.

I looked at the hood of my car to see that he was right, it was raining. I was so immersed in his questioning of me, I hadn't even noticed.

I nodded. The two MPs followed me to the front door. I unlocked it and ushered them into the living room.

"Thank you, Sir." They said, almost in unison.

"Now, then, Sir, as I was saying..." He began.

I interrupted:

"One moment, Officers, please allow me to read this note, left for me by my lover." I requested.

"Very Well, Sir." The first MP replied.

"Hmmmmm, my lover had to leave for his mother's house. Her roof began leaking badly during the storm and he has gone to the rescue. He'll be gone for a few days." I read aloud from the note.

"Yes Sir." He remarked.

"Would you Officers like some coffee? I can listen while we have coffee." I suggested.

"Thank you, Sir. That would be very nice." He replied.

I went to the kitchen and began preparing the coffee.

"I'm listening, as you requested, Officers." I remarked, as I motioned to them to be seated at the table in the breakfast nook.

They took their seats, and the first MP began again:

"Sir, Todd, whom we know you encountered, and therefore were sexually intimate with, may appear to be a 15 year old boy, and indeed that's how old he is...but he's not a boy, he's an adult, and a very intelligent adult."

He continued:

"Sir, Todd is part of a government program, a program that is beyond Top Secret. The details of this program I cannot divulge to you, Sir.

Todd is involved in the investigation of the death of another young man, and whose death is a mystery. We, very clumsily, didn't realize that the doctors at Carswell would conduct an autopsy on the young man in question. We should not have been so careless; it was a real stupid thing, on our part. The autopsy was required, the doctors say, but Todd...well...Todd...well, he walked in on it. He completely freaked out...who wouldn't, Sir?"

No doubt, Sir, he now thinks we mean him harm. Nothing could be farther from the truth, Sir. That was and would never be our purpose. Still, no one blames him for feeling that way...anyone would...Hell...I would."

The coffeemaker began to gurgle, signaling that it had finished its chore. I poured 3 cups and set them on the table, along with a small tray, containing cream and sugar.

The two MPs each took a cup and an initial sip.

"Thank you, Sir. I must say that that hits the spot." The first MP said.

"You're welcome, please go on." I said.

"Sir, Todd's absence has incited tremendous concern among his peers, who want him back with them. We are concerned, genuinely concerned, for Todd. He's a fish out of water right now and is at risk for disease and for abuse. Selfishly, we don't want to see this concern for Todd within the community to which he belongs, blossom into something more serious...we don't need some sort of mutiny in the ranks. It's imperative to the community that he returns ASAP.

Do you understand, so far, Sir?"

"I'm listening, please go on." I said.

"Sir, we know you were exposed to his pheromone, and, unless you have super-human powers of resistance, you've had a sexual encounter with him. He allowed it to happen. If he had not, he would have used his training in the martial arts to stop you, in which case, you'd probably be in a hospital right now...So...his instincts were to trust you. Therefore, we must trust you, as well." He said.

The other MP had been enjoying his coffee, while his buddy was doing all the talking. I motioned to his cup:

"More coffee?" I asked.

"Please." He responded.

I served up another cup of coffee for him.

"Sorry for interrupting you, please continue." I said to the MP doing all the talking.

"Sir, Todd is at risk. He could never be part of your society, not really. He's not one of you, neither physiologically, nor psychologically. I'm sure you noticed certain unique anatomical attributes, as it goes to his body. Sir, Todd is not the product of gestation. Beyond that, I cannot say much, without disclosing super secret information.

Let me just say that Todd is part of a unique community that performs a vital function, a unique service to our Country.

"I see." I said.

"Sir, the government agency we are part of is unlike any other. We don't operate through fear, or any sort of intimidation." He said.

The other MP interrupted:

"That's right, Sir, no candiru tanks for us."

"Candiru?" I asked.

"Never mind that, Sir." The first MP said, as he rendered a scornful expression to his buddy.

"Sorry." The second MP said as he returned to his coffee.

The first MP continued:

"Anyway, Sir, please help Todd, in the only way you really can, by mediating to help us to convince him that he must return to his community and that he may do so with no fear of harm. You can tell him that his DNA was in no way responsible for the demise of the young man, whose autopsy he, unfortunately, walked in on. Also the autopsy was absolutely necessary to the community and himself. Even had his DNA been connected, in any way, no harm would have come to him, though he would have been restricted from further reproduction. The death was the result of an error in the process, and aberration, his DNA had nothing to do with it."

He paused long enough to take a large gulp from his coffee.

"Sir, we don't operate that way...NOT AT ALL...Sir, Todd is part of our community, we love him and we want him back. We would never and have never done anything harmful to anyone, and especially not to one of our won. Sir, our community has a bond and a love that is greater than the ancient Spartans; it's unique and unrivalled in all of history." He instructed me.

"Spartans?" I inserted.

"Yes Sir, our mutual love and loyalty dwarfs anything seen in any other community, Military or Civil. That's why there is such concern within the community for Todd, and his well-being." He said.

"Wow, sounds like something I'd love to be part of." I commented.

"Yes Sir, I'm sure you would. You'd be totally immersed in love and supported in all your endeavors by the entire community." He affirmed.

"How wonderful!" I declared.

"Yes Sir, it is." He replied.

Once again, he paused to sip his coffee, then he went on:

"Sir, please help us to restore Todd's faith in us. We love him and we want him back. We'll do whatever we can to restore his faith in us. If you would be more comfortable with some other point-man, someone other than me or my partner, we'll find someone else to be that interface."

I interrupted:

"Someone like Jason, the young guard at Carswell, perhaps? Someone with no prior history with your agency...whatever it is." I suggested.

"Jason...Yes, I know who he is." He replied.

"Yes, he's the only person I know at Carswell, so, if I play along with your story about this hypothetical Todd, I could ask for Jason to be my point of interface?" I asked.

"If he's willing, Sir, Yes." He replied.

"Have him call...no...have him come see me tomorrow...no...it's already tomorrow, huh?...... have him come see me later this morning, say 10AM." I requested.

"Very well, Sir, if he's willing." He replied.

"Fine!" I declared.

"In the meantime, Sir, please allow us to advise you on proper care and nutrition for Todd." He said.

"I'm listening." I replied.

"We will leave you with a source of nutrition for Todd. He will know how to make use of it. It is enough to sustain him for quite a long time. Also, Sir, we will leave you a supplement which you can consume. It will fortify the nutritional value of your semen, such that, if you feed him with it, it will be more sustaining for him." He explained.

"Feed him my semen?" I said in a coy tone.

"Let's not play that game any longer, Sir." He replied.

He went on:

"Todd should avoid your water, even for bathing, so we have provided you with tablets to sterilize your tap water for his use...he should also boil any water he might consume or bathe in. We will provide you with a lotion. Please spread it all over his body, let it soak in for an hour, then wipe any remaining lotion away with the sanitary towel we've included in the kit. The lotion will nourish and maintain his skin as well as provide hygienic cleansing for him." He instructed me.

"I understand." I said.

"Thank you, Sir, please take good care of Todd until we can work through this unfortunate episode. You'll have the undying love and gratitude of our entire community." He declared.

"I can only say that, while I'm not admitting to anything, I'd be honored to take care of Todd, no thanks required." I suggested.

"Thank you, Sir" He said, nodding to his partner.

His partner unlocked the handcuffs and removed them from the briefcase and slid it across the table to the first MP.

"Sir, I must ask for your solemn promise that you will guard and keep secret everything we've told you concerning this matter, including this briefcase, and its contents. Do I have that promise?" He asked.

"Yes, Of course." I replied.

"Very well, Sir. Please give this case to Todd, Sir. He'll know how to use what's inside. The combination to open the case is Todd's ID as a `Moe'. He'll know what that means." The first MP instructed me.

"I understand." I said.

"I'll get those supplements; I spoke of, from the car as we leave, Sir." He said.

I nodded.

Both MPs rose from the table, shook my hand, and began to move to the front door.

I walked with them to their car and accepted the bottle of supplements from MP1.

"Thank you, Sir. We're placing a tremendous amount of trust in you...Please take care of Todd. As you get to know him, you'll come to love him very much, I assure you." He said.

"I understand." I said, not wanting to confess the love I had already developed for Todd.

"Oh, and Sir, please make no attempt to open the briefcase, yourself. If you do, the contents will self-destruct." He said.

"So, now I feel as though I'm in `Mission Impossible" I retorted.

He smiled at me and nodded.

"Sorry, Sir. It's SOP...you know." He said.

The moment they drove off and were out of sight, I ran back to the computer to check out a few things.

`TACAMO'...Damn! Just as Todd described it.


"HOLY SHIT!" I said aloud.

I read the article on the Candiru and pushed my chair back away from the computer and shook my head slowly.

I went to the kitchen, retrieved the coffee cups and rinsed them out, placing them into the dishwasher.

All the evening's events were swimming in my head, as I showered for bed.

I got very little sleep, awakening, finally, with a start and in a sweat, from a nightmare I had had.

In my dream, I was being taken to task for refusing to turn Todd over to the MPs.

There I was...having been forced to drink a 32 oz beaker of water, then suspended to my breasts in a tank of warm water, my arms restrained above my head.

My inquisitors only smiled at me and said:

"Now we wait."

He then poured about 6 Candiru from a small jar of water into the tank with me. The Candiru swam about, wildly, in the tank.

I was in panic mode, knowing that the 32oz drink I was forced to take, would eventually cause me to urinate, at which time, the Candiru would find my stream as I pissed, and follow it up to my penis, to my meatus, and then travel up my urethra and extend its spines to lodge itself there to eat my penis from the inside out. Many a swimmer in the Amazon had learned the hard way that the Candiru was not a matter of myth.

"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed, as I sat up with a start.

I looked at the alarm clock:

5:45 AM

God, I've barely had a few hours sleep, but now, I'm awake. I thought.

I took a quick shower, while the coffeemaker prepared a fresh pot. I dressed and poured a large cup of coffee to take with me. I thought I'd check on Todd earlier than I had planned and take my personal car, my Camaro, rather than the rental...just in case the MPs returned to keep an eye on me.

I looked out the window...no sign of any other cars and virtually no traffic.

I walked quickly and got into my Camaro. I walked quickly and got into my Camaro. I figured on driving a circuitous route to Lake LaVon, watching carefully to see if I was being followed.

I left the briefcase at home, afraid it might contain a tracking device. I could make a second trip, later, if need be, to bring it to Todd.

I kept a close watch on my rear-view mirror, especially along the long straight stretch of Parker Rd that leads to Lake LaVon. No other vehicle had followed me. I began to become more comfortable with the notion that the MPs had been truthful with me.

I was surprised not to see Todd, as I entered the cabin. I checked all the rooms and he was in none of them. Finally, I looked through the sliding glass door to find Todd standing on the elevated rear deck, looking out over the lake. I opened the door and stepped out onto the deck.

He turned and came to me and delivered a sweet, though powerful, hug and said:

"Good Morning, Sir. I'm happy to see you. I know it's been only a few hours, but I missed you. Y-Ys require an ongoing ration of affection and love and you are now my only source for either." He welcomed me.

"Good Morning, my beautiful Todd. I'm delighted to see you, as well. I have much to tell you, but...Oh Dear, I'm erect already and feel myself pumping pre-cum...guess I must ask to have you immediately, then we'll talk." I suggested.

"Yes, Sir. I understand. Shall I undress you?" Todd asked.

"Let's go inside, please. Neither of us needs a mosquito bite." I said.

"That's no worry, Sir. The same pheromone that has such a profound attraction for you, repels insects in an equally strong manner. There will be no mosquitoes near me, and therefore you, Sir." Todd explained.

"OK, then, yes, undress me, but hurry. I'm quickly loading up, here." I remarked.

"Yes, Sir." He replied, as he unfastened my belt and united my shoes, then removing both and placing them neatly upon a chair.

Pre-cum was already stringing its way to the deck in generous quantities. Todd placed his tongue into its path and followed its stream back to my meatus.

I removed my shirt and tossed it onto the same chair where Todd had placed my pants, earlier. Now I was naked before him.

"Very well, Sir. Are you ready to feed me?" He asked.

"I am. Let me sit on the deck railing, here, to delay my collapse over your shoulders." I replied.

"As you wish, Sir." He said.

I placed my butt on the deck's 2X4 railing and braced my hands on either side of me on that same railing, allowing my weight to be removed from my legs.

"OK, Todd, I'm ready." I reported.

Todd took my penis at its base to steady it, as it had already begun to do its usual dance.

Todd looked up at me and smiled:

"You are, indeed, ready, Sir, your urethra is distended, your glans swollen, and your corona erect and waiting. You need wait no longer, Sir." Todd said.

He took my balls in one hand and began kneading them gently. He placed his tongue under my glans and tickled my frenulum, as I pained his tongue with the precum, now gushing from my meatus. I began to shudder and sweat in my anticipation of what was yet to occur.

Todd slowly slid my penis along his tongue and into his hot mouth, setting my frenulum afire for him.

He began to, slowly, fellate me, while, simultaneously, compressing my epididymis to push as much of my sperm to my ejaculatory duct as possible. First he worked on my left testicle, then my right, until both of my testicles had made their most complete contributions to the ejaculation, soon to follow.

I could feel the point of inevitability quickly approaching...the point of no return, as it is called. My penis was swollen and rock-hard. Todd's saliva had, again, worked its magic on me.

My hands were holding onto the back edge of the railing, my palms on the top and my fingers wrapped around it to its bottom.

My hands, sensing my pending ejaculation, closed tightly, attempting a fist, to grasp the railing to maintain my balance.

"I'm there, sweet Todd, I'm there." I proclaimed.

He slowed his fellatio, as he awaited my eruption.

He didn't have to wait long.

I splattered my hot spunk into his mouth with great force, at least for an X-Y, that is. He swished it around in his mouth as he swallowed it, painting the inside of his cheeks with my cum.

Each of my ejaculatory spasms was so strong, I thought I'd be pulling the nails out of the railing with the contractions of my anus.

I was completely spent after 8 such contractions and made so weak from them I was losing my grip on the railing.

"I'm too weak to hold on, Todd. I'm sorry." I declared.

He placed his arms around my lower back, still fellating me and accepting my residual cum, which I could feel coursing along my urethra and issuing from my meatus and into Todd's sweet mouth.

As before, I draped myself across his shoulder and he stood to carry me back into the cabin and place me in a reclining position in a chair.

Never, during this brief trip, did he remove my palpitating penis from his mouth. Nor did my penis become flaccid. It begged to go again, like a child, begging for a second ride on a roller-coaster, it desired another ride, immediately.

Todd understood. He slowly pushed my residual cum along my perineum, where it hides in that part of the urethra no obvious to casual observation, to the base of my penis, up my urethra and into his mouth.

He ran his tongue around the circumference of my corona ring causing me to shudder to a conclusion for this super-orgasm.

He slowly removed my penis from his mouth, squeezed my penis in a final stroke, and kissed away the final drop of my residual cum.

"You've completely drained me, Todd. I've never experienced such orgasms...NEVER!" I said, in a low voice.

"Thank you, Sir; I'm pleased to provide you any pleasure." He assured me.

"Shall I reciprocate now, Todd?" I suggested.

Todd was still holding my erect penis, at its base, and observing that it had not become flaccid.

"Let's wait a bit, while you recharge, Sir, in the meantime, you can tell me what you had started to explain earlier." He suggested.

"Of course...of course." I said.

"Yes, Sir." He replied.

"Todd, there were two MPs from Carswell waiting for me to return home. At first, I was scared shitless, but after listening to them, I began to trust them and believe what they had to say." I started.

"Shitless?" Todd asked, with a smile.

"It just means extremely scared...scared to a degree such that even involuntary bodily functions are suspended...it's just an expression, sweet Todd." I said with my own smile.

"I see, I must remember that, Sir." He said still smiling.

"Anyway, Todd, they insist you are not, and were not in any danger...that they intend you no harm. They said to tell you that the autopsy you walked in on, while a gruesome thing to see, was a necessary procedure to determine the cause of Ricky's death, so as to protect the rest of the community. They regret that such a thing had to be done, but they insist that the doctors insisted it was necessary."

I continued:

"They ultimately determined that your DNA was not at play in Ricky's death, and even,

Had it been, the only result would have been that you not reproduce further, no other action would have been taken." I concluded.

"Then why did they remove my biochip?" Todd asked.

"I didn't ask, Todd, I couldn't...I I never acknowledged having encountered you...even though they claimed to have some instrument that could detect your residual pheromone in my car, and were convinced that I had." I explained.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yes, Todd." I replied.

"I wasn't aware of such an instrument...how interesting." He said.

"Well, they had one." I said.

"It only makes sense, Sir, there are sensors on the Natrix which monitor pheromone level and dispense blue mist to moderate it in the playrooms." He said.

I shook my head slowly.

"Blue Mist?" I asked.

"It's only blue as it sprays for the first foot or so from the vents, then it becomes invisible. It moderates the effect of our pheromones when we least need to be distracted by it...namely, while we are at play." He explained.

"I've got so much yet to learn about the Natrix and its community, I suppose." I said.

"Yes Sir, there is much to learn, Sir, you couldn't possibly absorb it all in just a couple of days." He replied.

"No, I suppose not." I agreed.

"No, Sir." He said.

"Well, anyway, Todd, they say that your absence has created much concern and outrage on the Natrix. They say that the community loves you and wants you back." I explained.

Todd looked up at me as a tear formed in the corner of his eye, then ran down his cheek.

"Yes, that makes sense, Sir, that's how they would react. I,too, if any of us were missing." He said.

I leaned forward and placed my palms, one on either side of his face and kissed away his tear.

"Thank you, Sir; you're very affectionate for an X-Y." He said.

I didn't consider the pheromone content of his tears, but my body responded in the expected manner.

My penis began to dance once more, and precum issued from my meatus to run down its shaft.

"You're ready again, Sir?" He asked.

"So it seems." I replied.

"Very Well, Sir." He said.

I don't know where all the precum had been hiding. I thought myself completely emptied-out from my earlier encounter. Still, I was gushing precum...I was pleased and proud of myself.

Todd licked the precum from the shaft of my penis, which stimulated my penis to swell, and my testicles to ache for relief. My glans had swollen and my corona had become super-sensitive, more as if I had just had an ejaculation.

Todd repeated his routine from a few moments earlier. My breathing became heavy as my passions became inflamed, once more.

His saliva produced its usual magical result. My penis and my testicles were begging for climax.

"OK, Baby, it's time." I reported.

This time he removed my penis from his mouth and extended his tongue fully, for me to shoot my spunk onto it.

I did so. My cum blasted along his tongue, splattering into his upper lip and nearly into his nostrils.

I couldn't repeat my 8 ejaculatory, as before...guess I was still drained. I was able to produce 5 spasms, which Todd eagerly consumed.

Now, I was truly emptied, as well as exhausted.

"That's all of it, Todd. You've taken it all. God, I've never had such exquisite orgasms. I didn't even think it possible." I declared.

My testicles had retracted so far up into my groin during this extreme orgasm; I thought they might never descend again. My entire sexual system was over-taxed by Todd's technique coupled with his pheromone-related stimulation." It was indescribable.

"Rest now, Barry. I know you are exhausted. When you are ready, I'll feed you with my semen. While you are getting your strength back, you can tell me more about the 2 MPs you encountered." He suggested.

"OK, Todd." I replied.

"Yes, Sir." He said.

"Well, they left me with a briefcase that they said has nutrients, lotions, and other items for you. I didn't bring it with me, for fear it might include a tracking device." I offered.

"Good thinking, Sir." He said.

"Also, they left me with a bottle of supplements which they tell me will nourish me and fortify my semen to better feed you." I said.

"Yes, Sir, I know what that is...it really will do as they described, it will destroy any sperm carrying X-chromosomes and dramatically concentrate your semen with sperm carrying Y-chromosomes. Your semen will more simulate the semen of an Y-Y. It will also increase the natural sugars content of your semen." He explained.

"Anyway, they warned me not to attempt to open the briefcase, as it can only be opened using your ID as a Moe. They said that the contents of the briefcase would be destroyed if any other attempt was made to open it." I added.

He nodded.

"Frankly, I find it frightening that they only want you to open it, but if it were going to explode, or something, they'd have to risk additional deaths, should anyone else be with you at the time." I said.

He nodded.

"They are supposed to send a young guard from Carswell to visit me later this morning. He can act as the interface e between us and the guys at Carswell, if he's willing and you accept the idea." I said.

"Jason?" He asked.

"Yes, he's an extremely attractive young guy that I've gotten to know over the last couple weeks, while I've been researching Carswell and the guys it's named for." I explained.

"Stumpy?" He asked.

"That's right, Stumpy...you know his story?" I asked.

"Of course, Sir. We know the stories of all the namesakes of the Military bases that participate in the Natrix program" He replied.

"Is one of them the infamous Area 51?" I dared to suggest.

"Actually, Sir, Area 51 has been decommissioned now. It was part of our development phase, but now it's been moved to a new location...or so it is intended to appear." He replied, with a coy smile.

"I see." I replied.

"Yes, Sir." He said.

"Anyway, I need to be home by 10AM, to welcome Jason and see what he has to say." I said.

"Sir?" Todd said quizzically.

"Yes, Todd." I replied.

"They have no reason to think that I'd be at your place, perhaps we can save some time if I'm hiding there when Jason arrives, then, if it looks like he's on the up and up, I can speak with him directly. That way, he won't know about this cabin. If we don't get a good feeling about him, we can send him on his way and you can return me here." He suggested.

"It could be risky, Todd, especially if Jason doesn't come alone." I said.

"I'll stay hidden, till we feel we can trust him." He said.

"But, if he senses your pheromone, won't he know?" I asked.

"We'll wrap me up tightly, till I get ready to present myself." He said.

He went on:

"Justas you didn't sense my presence while I was in your trunk, he won't sense me till I allow him to." Todd suggested.

"Well, OK, I guess that will work." I said.

"Let me feed you first, Sir." Todd reminded me.

"Please...I love the taste of your semen, Todd, and it really does sustain me. I haven't been hungry or eaten anything since you first fed me with your semen. It's really remarkable. I was thinking about it during my drive over here, earlier." I said.

"I'm glad, Sir, I really am. Let me feed you now, as well." Todd offered.

I was still reclining in the same position Todd had placed me in. He came and knelt on the cushions and placed himself astride me.

He took his penis at its base and positioned it for me to take him in.

I opened my mouth to comply. His precum came first. It squirted into my open mouth and delivered its sweet taste onto my taste buds. I wanted more, much more.

I kept my mouth open to take him in.

"Sir, let me suggest that if you felate me, you withdraw my penis till your teeth rest against my corona when I give you the word...that will leave more of your mouth-cavity available to accept my semen and swallow it, without losing any of it, as before." He suggested.

"Good idea." I replied.

He placed his penis into my eager mouth, his balls bouncing at my chin.

I began performing fellatio on him in a slow, but deliberate manner. I kneaded his testicles and compressed his epididymis to deliver his sweet sperm to his ejaculatory duct.

"Very Good, Sir. You have a good technique." He complimented me.

I couldn't respond, having a mouthful of him.

"Very Good, Sir, I'm ready." Todd said.

I pushed his penis out of my mouth till I felt his corona resting against my teeth.

"Here it is, Sir. I hope you enjoy it." He said.

Instantly, he filled my mouth with his hot, sweet cum. I swallowed as best I could, losing only a few drops. With each of his ejaculatory spasms, he refilled my mouth...6...7...8 times. It was wonderful. I could barely swallow fast enough to keep up with him.

I was passionate for every drop of him, and after his ejaculation, I gently pushed his residual cum into me. It was overwhelming...simply wonderful.

Finally, when I had taken in every drop of him, I allowed him to remove his penis from my mouth. One final drop of his cum remained, glistening on his meatus. I licked it onto his tongue.

"Todd, you're indescribable, God, you're so good; your semen is absolutely addictive." I remarked.

He looked at me affectionately:

"You love me, don't you, Barry?"

"Yes, Todd, I do. I really do." I admitted.

"I'm flattered, Barry. I love you, too...not as I love Rick and Toddy...but I do love you, I really do. You will always have a place in my heart. I can assure you of that." He said, in a loving tone.

"That means a great deal to me, Todd. You, too, have a permanent home in my heart, as well." I assured him.

His semi-erect penis was still brushing against my chin as we spoke. I took it at its base and kissed his meatus, then I looked up at him with a smile and said:

"Well, Todd, let's be on our way. You can use the robe to keep any gawkers from seeing you during the ride." I said.

Todd let the robe remain open, as we made our drive along Parker Rd, allowing me to relish in his great beauty, as it was illuminated in the morning Sun.

God, I wonder if he realizes just how very beautiful he truly is? I though to myself. Sure, he has that magic pheromone...but even without it, he's an ambulatory work of art...a masterpiece.

He closed the robe tightly around himself, as we scurried inside and into my bedroom, where I closed the door behind us to keep the pheromone limited to that room.

He removed the robe and laid it across the bed. There he stood, smiling at me in his beautiful and glorious nakedness.

Everything about him was not only beautiful in it own rite, but in perfect proportion to everything else...each complimenting the others perfectly. There was not a blemish anywhere on him.

"God, you are stunning, Todd...beautiful beyond description." I proclaimed.

"Thank you, Barry, er, I mean Sir, I'm glad you are pleased with me." He replied.

"Barry will do fine, Todd. Really!" I insisted.

"I'll try, Barry. Maybe it's OK, since there's so much love developing between us...still; I should address you as Sir, as I have been trained." He said, then smiled at me again.

I smiled back and repeated:

"Dear God, you are so beautiful, Todd."

He smiled at me, still again.

"I'll wait here. Could you drop a tablet in some water to sterilize it for me, please? He requested.

"Sure, sweetheart." I replied.

Thank you, Barry." He said.

"No problem; one glass of water, coming right up." I said.

"No, thank you for calling me sweetheart." He said.

You are a sweetheart, Todd. I understand why they all miss you so much. I'll miss you beyond description if you get mess resolved and return to them. They must be feeling that same pain, right now." I assured him.

"You mentioned a lover, Jody, I believe you called him. He was very lucky, Barry. I can see why he would have loved you so. You are both loving and loyal. He must have relished in the affection you shared. It is a testament to your love that you hold him in your heart, even still, and that you understand true love belongs to the realm of eternity. In our community, we believe that, too."

He continued.

"Is that Jody, in that picture on the nightstand:

`Together is the Nicest Way to be' ...he looks deliriously happy, with his arms around you, and his wide smile illuminating the scene."

I felt myself welling up with tears.

"Yes, that's a custom picture of Jody and me that we had made at one point. We were both happy beyond words in our relationship. There was an effulgence in our love for each other that will never be duplicated...not in this life." I replied.

Todd came to me and delivered a sweet hug and a kiss to my cheek.

"So, you were both very lucky, then." He suggested.

"I certainly was, Todd. Jody, as you can see, was, as the kids say, `drop-dead gorgeous'. He could have had any guy he wanted. For him selected me to be his lover is evidence that his love for me was genuine, and not based on my good looks," I confessed.

"Yes, he is beautiful, indeed, in that picture, Barry. He was also, apparently, wise enough to recognize in you all the attributes one would want in a permanent relationship...besides, you're a good looking guy, for an X-Y." He chuckled.

"You're very kind, Todd." I said.

"Not at all, Barry. If all this business gets worked out satisfactorily, I'm going to suggest we include you as a Prima-Genitor to our community. I hope you'll accept such an offer." Todd said.

"Of course!" I said. I nodded and left the room, returning quickly with the purified water Todd had requested. I turned and imparted a kiss to Todd's forehead for his kind suggestion

"Thank you, Barry" He said.

Just then, we were interrupted by the doorbell.

I'd better get that, right away, sweetheart." I said.

He nodded.

I left Todd in the bedroom with the door ajar such that he could hear any discussion.

I was still wiping tears from my eyes, as I opened the door to find Jason, in full uniform, standing there.

"Barry, you've been crying." He said, as I ushered him in.

"Oh, I was in my bedroom, just now, looking at a picture of my deceased lover, Jody and me. Sometimes, I become extremely sad when I think of him...this is one of those times, I'm afraid. He was my reason for living and my reward for doing so. My life is without that purpose now, without him." I declared.

I went on:

"Anyway, welcome, Jason, it's wonderful to have you here." I said to change the subject.

Jason came to me and hugged me affectionately.

"Don't be sad, Barry. I bet Jody wouldn't want that." Jason said.

I nodded.

"So, you're the new `point-man', huh? I said.

"At your request, as I understand." He said, with a smile.

"Indeed, and who better." I said, returning his smile.

"This is the most challenging assignment I've ever been given, Barry. I had no knowledge of the PAL program, the Natrix, its community, its purpose, or anything. I've been through a crash course since last night, and have taken a solemn oath to protect what I've been told. I have many sessions ahead on the Natrix, in other words, I'm on the inside, at this point." Jason informed me.

I don't know if that's good or bad, Jason." I said.

"Please trust me, Barry. I assure you no harm will come to Todd. The community, which I was introduced to via Cryptovision, last night, wants Todd back. They love him and are deeply concerned for him." Jason assured me.

"So I've been told, Jason. I'm compelled to make sure that what you've been told is true. I have come to have great affection for him and consider it my purpose to protect him, and yes, that's an admission that I have been in contact with him." I confirmed.

"He couldn't have a better Champion than you, Barry, but, thetruth is he needs no Champion...the community wants him home, he's in no danger." Jason replied.

"I think I can offer a solution!" Came a voice from the hallway doorway.

Jason and I turned to see Todd standing there, glorious in his nakedness.

"Hello, Todd. You are much missed and loved by the Natrix community. They plead for you to return home to them." Jason said.

"Isn't he gorgeous, Jason?" Have you ever seen anything like it?" I asked.

"Only on Cryptovision, last night. Not in the flesh...until now. He's the most compelling creature I've ever seen." Jason declared.

Todd interrupted:

"Thank You...I'd feel more comfortable if you two would remove those ridiculous clothes." Todd suggested.

Jason and I wasted no time at getting naked. I was anxious to see Jason nude, I was enjoying watching him expose himself more and more with the removal of each piece of his clothing. Finally, his genitals were exposed for my eyes to feast upon, as heremoved his military-style boxers.

"God, you're HOT, Jason...really HOT!" I proclaimed.

"You really think so?" He asked.

"GOD, YES!" I replied.

"Well...I'm sure getting HOT, God...I am...I don't know what's happening, but I'm really getting horny...like I've never been before." Jason remarked.

Jason's beautiful penis was becoming erect, extremely erect. His face was becoming red in its passion.

"They warned me about this, but I didn't think I'd actually encounter Todd on this first visit...so I wasn't expecting it. I had no idea his pheromone would be so completely irresistible. I must have him...I simply must." Jason said, as precum began to drip from his meatus.

"Why don't you use the presence of my pheromone to incite you to engage with each other first, then I'll feed you both to subdue your passions." Todd suggested.

Jason looked at me and I nodded, in response.

I went to Jason and used his own precum to lubricate his glans and the shaft of his penis. He shivered at this stimulation. I took more of it and lubricated my anus to prepare it for Jason's penetration.

I lay down on the floor; spread my legs to accommodate him, as Jason knelt between my legs...precum now dripping from his penis in increasing amounts.

I scooped some onto my hand and licked it onto my tongue. He was delicious.

He gently placed my heels upon his shoulders, exposing my anus for his purposes.

He took his penis at its base and positioned it to move into me.

"Is it OK?" Jason asked.

I nodded and said:


He gently pushed his glans against and then past my sphincter. Once in me, he pushed his penis, its full length, into my rectum.

"Oh God...YES...Jason, YES!" I moaned.

"You're HOT, Barry, so HOT!" Jason declared.

"Fuck me, Jason. I've fantasized about this for as long as I've known you." I said.

"Me too, Barry, I can't believe it's actually happening." Jason replied.

He began fucking me with slow, deliberate strokes. I could feel his swollen glans sliding in and out and it set me afire for him.

He looked, deeply, into my eyes as he fucked me firmly, but, yet, gently and affectionately.

Precum was gushing from my meatus and onto my abdomen with his every stroke.

Jason took my penis and held it like a saddle-horn, raising it into the vertical. Now, my precum ran down from my glans and onto his hand.

He closed his eyes, his face and ears were bright red, and he began to grimace as he approached ejaculation.

"God, this is GREAT, it's just for you, Barry, I hope you'll be pleased with me." Jason whispered.

He exploded into me. His cum was hot and it coated my insides with its heat as it traveled up into my rectum.

"God, Jason, you pack a load, Baby. It's WONDERFUL!" I declared.

His stroke rate slowed and finally stopped.

He opened his eyes, and looked, once more, deeply into my eyes.

"I could fall in love with you so easily, Barry. I've read everything you've ever written. I know your heart and your soul. I know I could love you, really love you...not just sexually, but with my soul." Jason insisted.

"You have a most uncommon depth of soul, Jason. It's beautiful. You really understand that love is a function of the soul...so few understand that. I know I could fall in love with you, too, Jason. Let's give it a chance, lets' see what develops." I suggested.

"I want your cum, Barry, I want to eat it. Is it OK?" Jason asked.

"Yes, of course." I replied.

He slowly pulled out of me, delivering the final pleasure of feeling my anus snapping shut as his glans made its exit.

He licked my precum from his hand and lay down between my legs, which he kept draped over his shoulders.

I could feel his hot breath on my penis, as he placed his face near my genitals.

He licked at my testicles, then took them, first one, then both, into his mouth. His heat on my balls caused my scrotum to extend to its fullest. He ran his tongue around my balls and pursed his lips on my epididymis. It was so exciting; I couldn't process the pleasure fast enough.

I shuddered in the pleasure of him.

My penis, which Jason still held in his hand, was palpitating and demanding satisfaction, as Jason continued to tease at my testicles.

Jason began slow-stroking my penis as he continued to hold my testicles in his hot mouth.

"So, you've never done this before, huh?" I asked in a dubious tone.

He removed my balls from his mouth to respond:

"No, but I know what I'd like to have done to me, so I figured it might be good for you, too. Am I right?" He responded.

"Oh God, YES!, I love this." I said.

Jason smiled and then took my anxious penis slowly into his sweet, hot, mouth. I could feel my frenulum slide along his tongue. The fireworks began, as he started to fellate me, squeezing my penis tightly, as his fellatio began to speed up a bit.

"God, Jason, this is great, I'm on fire for you." I proclaimed.

"He does have a good technique, Barry." Todd added.

I nodded at Todd through the fireworks display unfolding in my mind.

Todd smiled and nodded in return.

Jason continued his fellatio on me as he kneaded my testicles with one hand.

I felt my testicles retracting from Jason's grasp as I moved to the emission phase, or `lock and load' as it is called.

"I'm there, Baby, I'm going to cum." I declared.

Jason slowed his fellatio rate, waiting on my ejaculation to occur. He didn't have to wait long.

I felt my glans swell against his tongue as my cum thrust from my ejaculatory duct to course along my urethra to my meatus. From there, it exploded into Jason's hot mouth, which made a home for it.

"Mmmmmm" Jason moaned as he took in my hot cum.

"It's yours, Baby, take it all." I whispered, as my ejaculatory spasms continued 6,7,8 times.

Jason took it in, all of it. He didn't let even a drop of it escape. He swallowed it all, except the final 2 spasms worth, which he swished in his mouth and coated my penis with it.

My penis continued to pulse and spasm and palpitate, as it attempted to escape Jason's tight grasp at its base.

I was in ecstasy. I had fantasized at doing this with Jason since I first encountered him.

The ejaculations I had had with Todd had drained me, and now, this voluminous ejaculation with Jason...I don't know how I had managed to produce so much cum, but I was happy to feed Jason with it.

Jason's lips were coated with my cum. He knew it. He reached down to his own penis and squeezed his residual cum up from the base of his penis to pool at his meatus.

He moved to straddle my chest and placed his penis at my lips. He painted his residual cum onto my lips, then bent to kiss me, thus mixing his cum with my own in that glorious kiss.

Our tongues explored each other's mouths, I could taste our mixed cum and my own, as it still coated Jason's mouth.

Our kiss was protracted and passionate. I could see him, red from head to toe in his passion. I'm sure I was equally crimson, as I could feel my body, radiating its own heat.

We were nose to nose when our kiss finally, regrettably stopped. Jason pulled back from our kiss far enough to look into my eyes.

His beautiful blue eyes gazed into my own. It was so compelling...his magnetic eye-contact was irresistible. I placed my arms around his neck and pulled him back into another kiss.

Our exploration resumed as our tongues probed and coursed along each other's teeth and circumscribed each other's.

"My God, Jason, I never want this to end. I think what I feel right now should never end" I declared.

"Me too, Barry. I could be with you like this forever." Jason replied.

"You do seem meant for each other." Todd interjected.

. Todd continued:

"Shall I feed you both, now?"

"Yes, I suppose so, Todd. We do need to get on with the business Jason brings with him." I hesitated to say.

"Very Well." Todd said.

"How would you like us positioned?" I asked.

"Let's have Jason lie on top of you, then each of you turn cheek to cheek to face me, so your mouths are close together." Todd suggested.

"How about if we're nearly kissing, with our mouths open for you, Todd?" Jason suggested.

"Great idea, Jason." Todd said.

We assumed the position. I could feel Jason's, still semi-erect penis between my legs, tapping my scrotum.

Todd came to us and knelt before us, such that his glans was at our lips. He slowly stroked his penis, methodically, though not passionately. He was going to feed us, not engage us passionately.

"OK, you two, I'm going to feed you now." Todd said.

Jason and I opened our mouths, widely, as Todd blasted his sweet French-Vanilla semen into moth our mouths.

I extended my tongue to facilitate his semen stream and better guide it into me.

Jason saw what I had done, and extended his tongue similarly.

Todd's cum issued forth from his meatus, as before, in a constant stream, not in spurts, as mine and Jason's had done. It was wonderful.

Jason and I took in Todd's cum as quickly as we could and swallowed it. Todd's cum issued from his meatus with such pressure that some of it splashed from my tongue and up into my nostrils. It smelled delicious...that same French-Vanilla quality...both in smell and taste. I wanted it to never stop.

Jason, once again, emitted a protracted:

"Mmmmmmmm" as he swallowed Todd's uniquely wonderful cum.

Todd moved his penis from side to side to ensure that both Jason and I received equal volumes of his cum, as his stream continued.

Finally, Todd's stream began to lessen, and he moved his penis into Jason's mouth to ensure not a drop of it would be wasted.

Jason responded by slurping up the remaining cum from Todd's ejaculation eagerly.

We both had excess amounts of Todd's cum on our faces and into our nostrils, so voluminous was Todd's ejaculation.

When Todd's ejaculation finally came to an end, both Jason and I were left to lick Todd's cum from our faces. We used our fingers like squeezies to push Todd's cum onto our tongues.

"Good?" Todd asked, as he removed his penis from Jason's mouth.

Jason seemed reluctant to allow Todd's penis to make its exit and followed Todd's penis with his mouth as Todd moved to remove his penis.

"Want the rest, huh?" Todd asked.

Jason nodded.

"OK, push the residual up to my meatus and have it too." Todd said, with a smile.

Jason did as instructed, using his index and middle fingers to trace along Todd's perineum, pushing Todd's residual cum up Todd's penis and into his mouth.

It was erotic as Hell to watch Jason, greedy for the last drops of Todd's cum.

"It will take a few minutes, Jason, but your desire for me will diminish now that you have been fed my semen." Todd reported to Jason.

Jason finally allowed Todd's penis to leave his mouth.

"Oh GOD!" Jason exclaimed, still lying on top of me as before.

Jason let his head return to its cheek-to cheek position with me. I could feel his heart beating furiously, as our chests were pressed together.

"My God, Barry, he tastes like..." Jason began.

"French Vanilla?" I inserted.

"Exactly, French-Vanilla. He's delicious." Jason remarked.

"I know. I've never experienced anything like him." I declared.

"God, he's wonderful." Jason said.

"He is, indeed." I confirmed.

"Thank you, Sirs, you're very kind." Todd said, as he stood up again.

"Not at all, Todd, you really are wonderful...wonderful beyond words." I assured him

"Thank you, Sir." Todd repeated.

"Can I just lie here on you for a while, Barry, it's the most loving thing I've ever done." Jason said.

"Yes, of course, Jason. I love the feel of your warmth. Indeed, I love you, Jason." I blurted out.

"You too, Barry. I love you. I've felt that way since I began reading your work. I knew I wanted you intimately and that I'd love you afterwards." Jason said.

"That's the sweetest, Jason. I'm flattered beyond words." I said.

"I mean it, Barry. I really do." Jason replied.

"God, what a blessing, Jason. I never could deserve someone like you. I've only ever known true love one time in my life, Jason, God sent me an angel named Jody and my poor decision-making destroyed him. He's dead, Jason, and it's my fault. I don't want to destroy another of God's precious angels, Jason...an angel like you." I said, as my eyes began to well up.

"I'm sorry, Barry. I didn't read anything about Jody in any of your many works. Be sure, Barry, I'm no angel. I have many shortcomings. I'm sorry, though, for making you think of Jody." Jason explained.

"I've been so afraid to ever love again, Jason, not as I did Jody. My Jody was as close to a kenosis as a purely human person could ever experience. I poured my souls, unreservedly, into his." I said.

"Profound, Barry. Jody was very lucky." Jason suggested.

"Were he lucky, Jason, he'd still be alive, huh?" I retorted.

Jason kissed me sweetly, then rolled off me to sit next to me and look into my eyes.

"I bet if I could ask Jody, he'd say he was damned lucky that you were together and loved each other as strongly as you did...wouldn't he, Barry...wouldn't he?" Jason asked.

"I would bet he would say he was lucky, indeed." Todd added.

"I don't know, I really don't know." I retorted.

"There's a picture of the two of them, together, Jason. It's on Barry's nightstand, next to his bed." Todd revealed.

Jason rose and went to the bedroom, his beautiful penis wagging from side to side with each step.

"Together is the Nicest Way to be" Jason said loudly enough for me to hear, as he read the sentiment embossed on the picture of Jody and me.

"He's gorgeous, Barry. That wide, contagious smile on his face says it all. He was deliriously happy in that picture, Barry. It's obvious how he loved you." Jason declared.

"We were both deliriously happy, Jason. Our love was a true joy, a blessing. I'll never be the same now, with him gone." I said, about to cry.

Jason returned from the bedroom to find me, still lying on my back on the floor, as he had left me earlier.

He reached down with both hands, took me into them and pulled for me to stand up. I did.

"Barry, I could never replace Jody. I wouldn't try. I hope, though, that you'll give me a chance to love you, in my own way." Jason said.

"If we can get my situation resolved, I want you both to become Prima-Genitors to the Natrix community. I'm going to insist on it. You're precisely the kind of gentle and loving men we desire." Todd said.

Now, on my feet, Jason hugged me tightly and repeated:

"Give me a chance, Barry...Please!"

I nodded and kissed him sweetly on his beautiful lips.

Jason turned to Todd:

"We will resolve your situation, Todd. You'll see."

"Really?" Todd replied.

"Of course, Todd. The community misses you and is much concerned for you. They want you back right away." Jason said, firmly.

"Really? They don't hate me for my cowardice?" Todd inquired.

"They love you, Todd, they want you back. I brought something I want you to see." Jason said.

"OK" Todd replied quizzically.

"It was recorded last night, Todd. It's Rick and Toddy and the community in the background. It speaks for itself"

Jason turned to me:

I need to use your DVD player, Barry."

"Sure, help yourself." I replied.

Jason walked to where his uniform was still draped over the furniture and removed the DVD from his pants pocket.

The Sun shown on Jason's beautiful, naked body, as he walked to the TV and the DVD player, traversing the picture window. His physique was, thus, illuminated brightly for my eyes to drink in.

Jason switched on the TV and inserted the DVD into the player.

The picture snapped to life on the TV.

There was a scene like I could have never imagined.

Two beautiful boys, one about Todd's size, the other obviously younger and standing in the foreground. Hundreds, perhaps thousands stood far enough in the background that they were all on display, from head to toe, in their stunning nakedness. It was like a scene from Heaven. Never have I seen so much beauty in a single scene...So many! Such a multitude of resplendent beauties.

I was rendered speechless at the scene.

Todd walked closer to the TV to take in the video at close range.

Tears began to roll down Todd's cheeks in an empathetic response.

"Daddy, come home now please. Dad says you'll be home soon; I can't wait to see you, and hug you. I love you Daddy." The younger boy said, affectionately.

I placed an arm around Todd's waist and held him gently, as the video continued.

Rick kissed Toddy and moved to stand directly behind him, placing a hand on each of Toddy's shoulders, looking over his head at the camera.

"Todd, we all understand why you felt you had to flee. Any of us would have done the same." Rick said.

Rick turned to all the boys in the background and said:

"We want him home, DON'T WE?!?"

They all chanted in response and in unison.

"Come home, Todd, Come home Todd...We love you."

Rick turned, once more, to face the camera.

"There's nothing to fear, Todd, I promise. Please come home to us." He declared.

"Please, Daddy!" Toddy chimed in.

Rick continued:

"We understand that you are being cared for and protected by someone named Barry and also helped by a military man...Jason. Please give our love and our grat5itude to each of them. We'll be in their debt forever.

Toddy looked up at Rick and asked:

"Will Daddy come home when he sees this?"

"I believe so, son. I hope so." Rick answered.

Toddy began to cry. Tears ran down his cheeks, as he looked into the camera again.

"Please come home, Daddy. I miss you and you belong here, not in the breeder world. Come home to me, Please, Daddy."

Rick interrupted:

"We'll do whatever you want, Lover, anything. Just, please come home now, PLEASE!"

"I love you, Daddy!" Toddy added.

Toddy turned in response to receive a sweet kiss to his lips from Rick.

"Please contact us, so we know you are safe and cared for, Lover. We understand that to be the case, but I need to hear it from you." Rick said.

Toddy nodded in agreement.

"I guess that's all for now, Lover. We'll close for now. Be assured, as always, you own my heart and Toddy's. The whole community loves you and wants you home." Rick said.

"I Love You, Daddy." Toddy repeated.

Rick waved at the camera; Toddy joined him, as did the entire throng in the background.

The scene faded to black.

Todd turned to me, tears still streaming down his cheeks:

"Barry, will you take me home?"

"You mean to Carswell?" I asked.

"No, I want you to come with me to the Natrix." He replied.

He turned to Jason:

I want you to come with us too, Jason."

Jason and I turned to look at each other, quizzically.

"Will they allow it?" I asked.

They will if they really want me back." Todd replied.

"My God...I'd LOVE to see the Natrix...See its technical perfection...WOW!" Jason declared.

Todd smiled and said:

"Well, it's a lot more perfect, I suppose, than its prototypes, which produced much havoc at Shag Harbor back in the 60's." Todd chuckled.

"My God, that was you guys?" Jason asked.

"No, not really, it was well before my time...before the Natrix...but it was an early prototype, an early version of our ships." Todd clarified.

Todd returned to the subject.

"Jason, please return to Carswell and tell them I want to come home, but I insist that you and Barry, who is now precious to me, accompany me, and become Prima-Genitors to the Natrix Community."

"Of course, Todd. I'll do so right away. First, let me remind you about the briefcase I see on the table. It has a portable nutritional system..." Jason began.

I interrupted:

"I was afraid of the damned thing, Jason...thought it might explode or something."

"Oh, no such thing, here, I'll open it for you. They gave me the code." Jason laughed.

Jason went to the case and entered the code. It clicked open, harmlessly.

Jason opened the case for us to view inside.

"Wow" I said, boldly.

"I know what it is." Todd said.

Inside were two cylindrical appliances. One about the size of a standard flashlight, the other also shaped like a flashlight, but much smaller...like a miniature flashlight. Each was attached by means of clear tubing and electrical cables, to a control panel with knobs, switches, and displays.

Additionally, there was a container of suppositories which appeared to have a gel inside.

"Great, I'll make use of this right away." Todd said.

Todd carried the device to the lounge chair and sat it on the table next to the chair. He pulled each unit from its bracket, extending it cords and tubing to full length.

He examined each unit, squeezing the smaller unit a few times. A K-Y like substance was emitted by the smaller unit to lubricate it.

Todd took the small unit, reaching down and under his scrotum, placing the unit to and then into his rectum.

The larger unit, which had a hollow center, like a flashlight, he inserted over his penis.

He reclined on the lounge chair.

"Yes, this is wonderful! I'll be fully nurtured and satisfied in a few moments." Todd remarked, with a smile.

"Really? What sort of gizmo is that thing?" I asked.

"It's a portable version of the equipment we rely upon on the Natrix for our nutrition. The unit I inserted into my anus performs two functions. You noticed that it secretes a lubricant to facilitate its insertion...it also emits a nutrient into my rectum, where it is completely absorbed into my system to nourish me." Todd informed us.

"Fantastic!" I declared.

"Yes, I suppose it is to someone unfamiliar with it." Todd said, with a smile.

"What about the large one?" I asked.

"Yes it contains a glans-stimulator, and an electro-ring that rides against the back side of my corona ring. It produces a stimulation that results in a powerful ejaculation and them collects my semen...takes it into the machine and fortifies it with additional nutrients and then returns it to my rectum, as well. That same electro-ring can collect data from the nerve-rich corona ring on all my bodily functions and vital signs, and adjust the nutrients in type and volume."

He went on:

"That's what it's doing presently, collecting and analyzing data. You see, Barry, everything about your bodily functions and health status is reflected in the nerves of your corona ring. When the machine has performed that function, it will switch to stimulating my corona and frenulum, glans, and the shaft of my penis to produce an extremely powerful ejaculation and orgasm for me...Indeed, that's beginning now...I need to be silent for a moment...I'm not being rude..."

Todd closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the experience tremendously. After a moment, Todd's body began to stiffen and his hands made a loose fist.

Jason and I watched in amazement as Todd's voluminous semen began to course along the clear tubing leading from his penis sleeve and into the machine. It filled the entire length of the tube and its texture allowed us to track the volume of the ejaculation. It was copious. We watched it travel the length of the tube for some time.

Finally, Todd's body began to relax again. He opened his eyes and turned to look at Jason and me.

"Now phase 2 will begin...watch the tube leading to my anus." Todd advised.

Jason and I did as instructed. Soon the nutrient flow, which had been taking place, with it slightly purple color, translucent, really, was replaced with Todd's semen, now enriched and coursing the tube to his anus.

"It's delicious" Todd said.

"You can taste it?" I asked.

"And smell it, Barry, it stimulates all my senses as I absorb it." Todd answered.

"Amazing!" Jason interjected.

"You know, I can smell it too, Todd. That wonderful French-Vanilla aroma." I said.

"Yeah...Me Too!" Jason added.

"Yes, it's on my breath...strongly so...but only while I'm being fed this way. It will diminish in a moment." Todd explained.

Jason and I looked at each other in utter amazement, but, then, smiled at the wonder of it all.

After a moment, the machine beeped, signaling it was finished with its cycle.

Todd removed the unit from his penis slowly and carefully. Then he reached to his anus and removed the rectal unit, with equal care.

"Now, these go back into their holders, where they will be cleaned and readied for their next use." Todd explained.

Todd reached for and pulled a third tube from the device, extending it to its full length and placing its end into his mouth.

"What sort of nutrient comes out of that one?" I asked.

Todd smiled, removed the tube from his mouth and looked at Jason and me:

"Water...pure water, Barry." Todd chuckled, as he replaced the tube into his mouth.

Jason and I laughed at our stupidity, as Todd drank the water.

"That's it, Jason, Barry. That's how we feed from machine. We each do this periodically. It so enriches us that we can feed from each others or even our own semen, which is how we feed most often." Todd explained.

"WOW!" I exclaimed.

"I just learned something new...that's for sure." Jason added.

"You can learn a great deal from Todd, Jason. I can assure you of that." I insisted.

The three of us, still naked, and quite comfortable in that state, all sat to continue our discussion. Each of us sat at cushions-edge, our scrotums hanging off that edge to dangle there.

"I love this guys, I love being naked. I always have...much to my mother's dismay. I always ran around the house naked, as a little kid. My mother would put me in pajamas, only to find them crumpled on the floor the next morning, and me, lying naked on the bed. I always loved to be naked." Jason enlightened us.

"I, as well, Jason. I find it entirely natural to be nude. It's how God made us, as they say. I'm always most comfortable in the buff." I added.

"You'd both be right at home on the Natrix. We're always nude, and, indeed, it IS natural for us. We detest clothing as both uncomfortable and unnatural." Todd explained.

"I hope they'll accept me. I'd love to become part of the Natrix Community" Jason said.

"You and Barry will be wonderful Prima-Genitors, and I hope you'll demonstrate your developing love for each other by producing Y-Y offspring...a son, of course." Todd suggested.

"God, Barry, I'd love that...I'd love us to have a son." Jason proclaimed.

"Yes, of course! I'd love us to have a son." I replied.

"You look puzzled, Barry." Todd observed.

"Well, much as I would like to be part of the Natrix Community, I don't know how I can simply disappear from my public presence as a syndicated columnist." I mused.

"I didn't think of that." Jason said.

"I'm sure the PAL guys can work with your syndicator, such that you can submit via the Internet." Todd suggested.

"I do that now, for the most part. The Carswell piece, however, required me to do research on-site. That's how this wonderful adventure began. That's how I met you two beautiful and wonderful guys...Jason and Todd." I said.

"We'll think of something, Barry, perhaps a sabbatical or something." Jason suggested.

Todd interrupted:

"Jason, tell them I'm exercising my right of selection in choosing you and Barry for Prima-Genitor. They'll know what that means. Tell them I insist on it, and insist that you and Barry accompany me home."

"Sounds like serious business." I said.

"It is. The only way my selection can be nullified is if their analysis determines serious genetic defect in your DNA." Todd said

He continued:

"Barry, if only you had DNA from Jody...you could produce a son with him, as well."

OH MY GOD, Todd, is that really true?" I asked.

"Of Course!" Todd replied.

"I've always kept his hairbrush...it still has his hair in its bristles. I said.

Then it hit me:

"Todd, you know the picture of Jody and me you were observing in the bedroom...well...before he died, we mixed our semen and made a smear on a plate of glass, hidden behind the picture. It's old...goes back to before Jody's death...but his DNA would be there, mixed with my own.

"Todd replied:

"The docs can retrieve the DNA code from that, Barry, this is WONDERFUL! Even if the actual sperm is beyond viability, the docs can decode it and replicate it." Todd beamed.

He continued:

"This is Wonderful! You and Jody can produce a son. I'm so happy for you."

"Oh my God, My God, nothing could make me happier, Todd. I pray you're right." I declared.

"Unless some other damage has been done to Jody's DNA, it can be replicated and combined with your own to produce a Y-Y son." Todd assured me.

"Oh God!" I exclaimed.

"Sure, if you wanted to clone Jody, we could do that from his full helix, which we could retrieve from his hair. His semen contains a half helix which we can combine with a half helix from your semen, Barry, and your son will be the result. It's really quite straightforward." Todd instructed me.

"I'm so excited at the prospect of Jody and I producing a son. Jody would be excited as well...it's too good to be true." I declared.

"Oh it's quite true, Barry, you'll see." Todd replied.

I turned to Jason and my smile said it all.

Jason smiled back at me:

"Your love with Jody remains as strong as ever, Barry, it's quite obvious." Jason observed.

"Yes, it is, Jason. My love for Jody will never be diminished. It doesn't preclude my ability to love others, including you, sweet Jason." I said with a smile.

Jason nodded and smiled back at me.

Todd interrupted:

"Go back to them, Jason. Give them my message, tell them I'm anxious to be home on The Natrix, but only on the conditions I have expressed to you."

"I intend to do precisely that, but...I don't want to return to quickly. I want to tell them that Barry drove me to some other location to meet with you. They don't need to know or suspect that you are here at Barry's." Jason suggested.

"Do you think they would come here to seize me?" Todd asked.

"No, actually, I think they are serious in their promise that no harm will come to you...Still, I think it wise to take reasonable precautions." Jason replied.

"Good thinking, Jason." Todd observed.

"Jason, let me prepare some lunch for you. You are probably hungry." I suggested.

"That would be great, Barry...what about you, aren't you hungry too?" Jason asked.

"Actually, since Todd has been feeding me with his semen, I haven't felt hungry at all." I revealed.

"AMAZING!" Jason remarked.

Todd only smiled.

I prepared a light lunch for Jason. Todd and I sat with him at the table, as he ate it. I enjoyed a soft drink and a snack so Jason wouldn't be eating alone.

I interrupted the silence:

"I'm still reeling at the thought of Jody and I producing a son...a Natrix Boy...of our own, it's simply fantastic."

"I hope that, assuming our love for each other evolves as I hope it will, that you and I will also produce a son, Barry." Jason added.

"That too would be wonderful, Jason. One step at a time, though, we don't know if we'll be accepted as Prima-Genitors, and I don't how I can accept such an honor without disappearing from my syndicated presence. If I go missing...well...I'm not sure what would happen. I observed.

"They'll accept you. Don't worry." Todd insisted.

"It's all so intriguing. Just the thought of being nude all the time, as we are now, well...it's so natural...so comfortable. Couple that with the super-high-tech environment and the ability of two males being able to produce a son...it's like nothing I've ever dared to imagine." Jason proclaimed.

"My naturist ideal would also be realized, Jason. I too feel most liberated, most comfortable in the nude...Sons! My God, I can't find the words to describe the joy." I said.

"Would you like dessert, Jason?" I suggested.

"Yes, I'd like Todd to feed me some more of his wonderful semen." Jason said with a smile.

"My pleasure, Jason." Todd said.

Todd moved Jason's plate to one side and sat his beautiful butt upon the table in its place. He placed his arms behind him, palms down on the table to assume a reclining position, his penis there for Jason to take him in.

Jason wasted no time obliging. He took Todd's penis at its base and positioned it for his mouth. Todd's penis became instantly erect at Jason's touch and began delivering precum to glisten at Todd's meatus.

Even I could smell the French-Vanilla from where I was seated.

Jason licked the precum from Todd's glans and continued to hold Todd's penis in preparation to take him in.

Jason looked at me and said:

"God, Barry, he's delicious. I could eat his semen all day...I could live off it."

"Indeed, Jason, you could. I'm already satiated from his semen. I haven't been hungry since he's been feeding me with it." I affirmed.

Jason slowly slid Todd's penis into his hot mouth. Meatus, Glans, Frenulum all slid along the length of Jason's tongue and into Jason's sweet mouth.

Watching it happen caused my own penis to leap to attention.

"I've got dibbs on the residual." I proclaimed.

Todd assisted Jason with the fellatio by thrusting his pelvis gently to control the rate of the fellatio.

"God, this is HOT!" I declared.

"Barry, why not come here and place your mouth close to Jason's so you can share my ejaculation?" Todd suggested.

"GREAT!" I replied.

I moved to take up a position as Todd had requested.

"This is going to be a powerful ejaculation, you two...remember, I just received fortification a short time ago from the machine." Todd warned us.

I moved as close as possible to be ready to be fed.

"Jason, take a couple of mouths-full, then release my penis for Barry to feed." Todd instructed.

He continued:

"OK, it's about to happen."

Todd exploded into Jason's mouth. Jason swallowed but couldn't accept the volume of Todd's semen, which dripped from Jason's chin onto his own erect penis. Jason's penis reacted to Todd's semen by dancing on its base, pulsing and throbbing for relief.

Jason accepted the second mouthful, then allowed Todd's gorgeous penis to exit his mouth. The stream of Todd's semen did not stop as I moved quickly to accept that hot penis into my own mouth. Todd's semen painted a streak across Jason's and my own cheeks as we traded places.

Todd now pumped my mouth full of his semen as I swallowed as quickly as I could. He wasn't kidding about the power of this ejaculation.

I could feel the stream of his cum hitting the back of my throat. Had it been more powerful, it would have stung. As it was, it was delightful. I swallowed and swallowed until his stream finally weakened and slowed to a residual ooze. I swallowed it, as well.

"Barry, why don't you and Todd finish each other now?" Todd suggested.

I looked at Jason who returned my gaze, saying:

"Please, Barry."

Jason and I assumed the 69 position on the floor and began our fellatio of each other.

Todd moved from the table to stand astride us, allowing his residual semen to drip onto us as Jason and I moved quickly to the emission phase.

"I see your testicles retracting simultaneously, it's really quite touching...BEAUTIFUL." Todd remarked, affectionately.

Jason and I unloaded into each other, simultaneously. I lacked the force of Todd's ejaculation, but what it lacked in force, it made up for in love.

"Don't forget the residual." Todd said.

Jason and I traced each others perineum to push the remaining semen to our mouths, retrieving it all.

I kissed the last drop of Jason's semen from his meatus. Jason reciprocated.

"God, that was the best, Barry." Jason declared.

"I agree, Jason, it was sublime." I added.

"Glad I could help." Todd chuckled.

"More than help, Todd, you elevate our passions onto a plateau we otherwise couldn't reach." I responded.

"Thanks, Barry." Todd said.

"It's true, Todd. Barry's right." Jason affirmed.

Jason and I still had the semen that Todd had painted onto our cheeks awaiting our attention. We each licked that wonderful French-Vanilla onto our tongues.

"So, this is how X-Ys do lunch?" Todd chuckled.

We all laughed.

Jason and I continued to lie there for a few moments recovering from our orgasms and kissing away any drops of residual cum that formed on the meatus of our penises. Todd moved from atop us and took a seat at the table, as he had been earlier.

Jason and I finally stood up and moved to the table to join Todd.

Jason broke the silence:

"It's still too early to return to Carswell. I want them to think that Barry and I made a significant drive to meet with you, Todd."

"How about a movie?" I suggested.

"GREAT!" Jason replied.

"I just picked up a new one: Maurice." I reported.

"Don't know that one." Jason replied.

"It's about the difficulties of being gay during Victorian era England. Stars Hugh Grant and a really cute little guy named Rupert Graves." I said.

"Sounds interesting." Jason remarked.

"Gay is an X-Y term that Y-Ys can't really relate to, since all Y-Ys are homosexual. It's the norm for us. We always feel sorry for gay X-Ys who have to struggle in the face of X-Y society to be and do what is normal for them." Todd suggested.

I nodded.

The three of us retired to the den, where I placed the DVD into the player and pressed play.

The movie began to play. We watched it, including the nude scenes that the movie is famous for. As one of those scenes proceeded, Jason remarked:

"That's pretty gutsy for a main stream movie"

"Yes it is...I love it." I replied.

As the movie concluded, Todd commented:

"That was sad."

It was, yes, it was." Jason added.

"The open hostility toward gays back then is not terribly different than today, unfortunately." I remarked.

"That's true." Jason affirmed.

"Shame...if only society realized that they are being protected by Y-Ys, who are all homosexual, perhaps they'd have a different attitude, one of gratitude." Todd suggested.

"No likely, I fear, Todd, not likely. Heterosexuals are raised from infancy, in most cases, to detest homosexuals. They tend, therefore, to be quite closed-minded about it. It's also a technique they employ to suppress their own homosexual desires, as all heterosexuals have, or, at least, perry away any thoughts others might have to consider one homosexual. It's all a load of bullshit, but it's the reality we are surrounded by." I explained.

"Yeah, I see lots of so-called straights checking me out in the showers. They are attracted to other guys and like examining the genitals of other guys. You're right, Barry, it's all bullshit." Jason reported.

"It's women who, more than anyone, impose their anti-gay bigotry upon their sons, while, at the same time, they fondle and even masturbate their infant sons, so that they subliminally recognize that sexual pleasure is to be derived from women." I reported.

"Really?" Todd asked.

"Sure...talk to any psychologist." I replied.

"Well, I guess I should get on with the business at hand." Jason said, as he went to put on his uniform.

Jason turned to Todd, as he finished dressing and said:

"Barry is right, Todd. You're not just beautiful, your beauty is stunning...even more so as the sunlight illuminates it, as now, with that light shining through the window to bathe your body. It should be a crime to ever cover it with clothing." Jason proclaimed.

"Thank you, Jason. That's very kind." Todd replied.

"We'll resolve all the issues and get you back to the Natrix as expeditiously as possible." Jason said.

"I'm sure you'll do fine, Jason." Todd stated

"I'm on my way, then...much as I'd rather stay here and naked with you two." Jason said, as he moved to the front door.

"We'll be anxious to hear from you, Jason." I said.

Jason nodded in response.

I approached Jason and kissed him goodbye.

"I'd kiss you as well, Jason, but I best not get you aroused." Todd said, with a smile.

"I'll get back to you as soon as I know anything." Jason said, as he made his exit, closing the door behind himself.

"He's a sweet guy." I proclaimed.

"Yes, he is, Barry. He seems to be developing a great deal of affection for you, even as I am." Todd observed.

"Then, I'm double-blessed." I said.

Todd smiled.

"Barry, I've explained that Y-Ys require little sleep. One of those times, when we do, is after the absorption of nutrients, as I did a short time ago with the machine. I need about two hours of sleep, in the manner I'm accustomed to. Is it OK?" Todd asked.

"Of course." I replied.

Todd moved to me and had me sit in a reclining position on the floor, my back resting on the lounge chair and my legs spread. He lay down on the floor and nestled his cheek and nose into my pubic hair, his lips resting upon my glans.

Todd cupped my testicles into one hand and kissed my glans, sweetly, then fell asleep.

As with all boys, Todd looked utterly angelic as he slept.

His warm breath fell upon my genitals, like a summer breeze. It was both erotic, as well as a tremendous bonding experience. I was coming to love him very much.

Devouring the beauty of him as he slept reminded me of watching Jody sleep. It was a taste of Heaven, one which I'd gladly give up everything that is mine to experience again.

The thought of producing a son with Jody was profound. Jody's inherent worth was inestimable and the idea of a boy possessing his DNA was delicious. Sure, it wouldn't be Jody, but it would be our son. It was mind boggling.

I stroked Todd's beautiful, flowing, blond hair as he slept. He smiled innocently, in response to my touch, as he continued to slumber.

-------- END PT II -------