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Todd and I continued to lie there; I was bonding with him and imagined, in my mind, that somehow we could be lovers...that he could remain with me forever. In my mind I knew it couldn't be, but in my heart I wanted it more than anything.

I was still stroking his hair, my penis erect from the pheromone- rich breath he was bathing it in. I began pumping precum to my meatus and knew I could not stop it. I didn't want to stop anyway.

"Smells GOOD!" Todd remarked without opening his eyes.

"Sorry, baby, I didn't mean to wake you" I apologized.

"You didn't. I have been awake. I'm just luxuriating in your embrace. Outside the Natrix, I only feel safe in your arms, Barry. You have become so very special to me, Barry, I love you very much." Todd replied, as he opened those beautiful eyes.

"And I you, sweet Todd. I really don't know what I'll do when you return to the Natrix. I don't think I could ever be without you now." I stated.

"You won't have to Barry. I'm sure they will comply with my demands that you be allowed to join me on the Natrix. It's my right, and I'm exercising it." Todd reminded me.

I want that delicious fluid pooling there and waiting for me. May I have it?" Todd asked with a smile.

"Of course. It's there for you, Todd"

My penis was rock-hard in anticipation of Todd taking control of it, which he moved to do. He licked the precum from my meatus and squeezed my penis from its base and toward my glans to bring all of it to my meatus. He took it all in. He ran his tongue around my corona ring. My penis began convulsing and pulsating wildly as his pheromone entered through the pores of my glans to produce its super stimulating effect.

"Please, Todd, take me all the way. My penis is going crazy for you." I begged.

"I plan to, Barry, then I will feed you with my semen to suppress your cravings for me as before." Todd said.

Todd took my penis in hand and began licking at my frenulum and around my corona. I was pumping precum furiously at this action. I didn't know where it was all coming from. The Cowpers glands are only tiny, yet I was producing precum in copious quantities. Todd had to hold my penis at its base to keep it from dancing around and pulsing wildly. He took my penis into his mouth slowly. The heat from his tongue was intensely erotic. He began his felatio, slowly. I was on fire in my passion. Todd always produced this fabulous reaction in me.

My testicles began to retract as my scrotum pulled them in close, as is the case shortly prior to ejaculation. Todd observed this happening and began caressing my balls in his hand, still holding my penis at its base with the other.

I could feel my glans swell in preparation for the explosion of cum that I was about to produce.

Ahhhhhhhhh, Yes! I moaned as I splattered cum all inside Todd's sweet mouth.

He took it in, ALL of it.

The ejaculation was so powerful I could feel myself blacking out. I had to struggle to remain conscious as my spasms continued to pump my deficient "X-Y" semen into Todd's mouth.

I thought those spasms would go on forever, they finally began to subside. Todd took my penis out of his mouth only to find that my residual cum was still pumping from it, even though the ejaculatory spasms had stopped. He replaced my penis into his mouth and sucked the remaining cum from me.

I was completely spent, utterly exhausted.

"It's a shame that X-Y cum contains chlorine, Barry, it would taste so much better if it didn't. The Docs on the Natrix can neutralize that, don't worry." Todd commented.

"I'm sorry, Baby." I apologized.

No, No, Barry. I love taking in your semen. It will be even better when the chlorine is neutralized. Please don't be offended. I didn't mean to offend. I'm the one who should be sorry." Todd replied.

"It's OK, Todd, I understand. The chlorine is to protect the semen by killing certain bacteria in the uterus which would attack the sperm." I'm sure you know that.

"Of course. You won't need it, therefore, Barry, especially when you are on the Natrix." Todd said.

Just then the phone rang. We both knew it would be Jason.

"Better get that, Barry, then I will feed you, as I promised.

I nodded in agreement.

I moved to the phone and answered it.

Jason's delicious voice poured from the receiver into my ear:

"Barry...GOOD NEWS!...they have agreed to Todd's demands. We need only work out the details of how you and I disengage from our current activities without becoming missing persons to our friends and family members." Jason began.

I looked at Todd and winked as I nodded in the affirmative.

Todd smiled widely, treating me to a full showing of his glistening white teeth.

"Let me put you on speaker, Jason, so Todd can hear this." I suggested.

Todd interrupted:

"I can hear him now, Barry"

"Silly me, I should have known that your Y-Y hearing would be able to hear him". I said.

Still, I moved the receiver away from my ear slightly to ensure the audio would be fully audible to Todd.

"Todd, they would like for you to return first and immediately so they can take care of your nutritional needs and so that the Doctors can examine you for any other foreign bacteria, viruses, or other critters that might have found their way into you. Then, after the details have been worked out, Barry and I will join you." Jason reported.

"Tell them, Jason, that I will not return without you and Barry, so they'd better get on with working out the arrangements regarding you and Barry." Todd replied.

"Very well, Todd." Jason replied.

Jason continued:

"Let me take that message to them, then, and I will call you back as soon as I have an answer."

"OK, Jason, we'll be waiting for your call." I said.

"Jason?" Todd injected.

"Yes, Todd." He replied.

"I love you for this. Barry and I both love you very much. I'll make sure you are both protected and promise that everyone on the Natrix will love you for helping me this way. As the old Texas colloquialism says: You can take it to the bank." Todd said with that same smile still in place.

Jason and I both laughed that Todd would be so familiar with Texas `sayings'

"You're remarkable, Todd." Jason said.

"Well, we're exposed to and adopt certain domestic cultural peculiarities. We read and we comprehend." Todd said, still smiling.

"I'm going to feed Barry, now, Jason, so you can be taking my message to them while I'm doing that." Todd concluded.

"I could use a feeding myself, Todd." Jason confessed.

"When next I see you, you'll have one, Jason. I know how difficult it is for you and Barry to deal with my pheromone." Todd promised.

"OK guys; I'll get back to you as soon as I can." Jason said, as he hung up the phone.

I returned the phone to its cradle and turned to see Todd's glorious penis pointing at me. His beautiful pink glans was already producing precum, as he stroked his shaft slowly.

"God, you're so beautiful, Todd." I said.

"You're very kind, Barry. On the Natrix, there are many whom you might find far more beautiful than I." Todd replied.

"I can't imagine that to be the case." I said.

Todd smiled and said:

"This will be a simple feeding, Barry, if we perform sexually and take a longer time we might still be engaged when Jason calls back. Is that acceptable?"

"Of course, Todd, that will be fine." I replied.

I moved to sit with my back the cushion of a chair with my legs spread widely to accommodate Todd standing between them.

Todd moved to stand directly in front of me such that I could smell his "French vanilla", as his precum was saturated with the wonderful aroma.

I opened my mouth to accommodate him.

Todd slowly placed his penis into my mouth. It was so delicious and I wanted to turn the episode into a sexual encounter, but knew that Todd was right in keeping this a feeding..

Todd's precum coated my tongue as I ran it around his glans.

"Remember what to do, Barry?" Todd asked

I nodded.

"Well, do it now." Todd instructed.

I pulled his penis out to a point such that only his meatus and the tip of his glans were at my mouth as I kissed it and waited. This, as Todd had taught me earlier makes maximum space available in my mouth to accept his high volume ejaculations and give me a better chance to swallow it all before it exceeds that capacity and runs down my chin.

Todd exploded into my eager mouth. I began swallowing as quickly as I could. He was so delicious. As always, his cum did not arrive in spurts, it arrived in a continuous stream. His penis was hot, his cum was hot, and its French Vanilla taste was compelling. I wanted it to never stop.

The stream continued, as always, for a long time, before it began to subside. I had done pretty well, I only lost a few drops of it, which ran down my chin and into my cupped hand, which I had placed there to accept it.

"Very Good, Barry." Todd remarked, as he saw such a small amount of his essence pooled in my hand.

"Thanks, Todd. God, you are delicious. I could be fed by you forever." I said with a smile.

"Thanks, Barry. I'm glad you like my French Vanilla. I chose it over the other options, and have never asked to have it changed." Todd said, matter-of-factishly.

"I didn't know there were options." I replied.

"Yes, there are several." Todd replied.

"Guess I have a lot to learn." I confessed.

"And you will, Barry, once you're on the Natrix." Todd affirmed.

The phone rang. I answered it. As expected, it was Jason.

"OK, guys, Todd wins. It may take a few days to work all this out. In the meantime, Todd will remain with you, Barry." Jason reported.

Todd smiled and winked at me.

Jason went on:

"Barry, I'll get back to you, as they work out just how all this might take place, with the detail."

"OK, Jason. Whatever you say." I affirmed.

Todd and I enjoyed each other for the few days required to make the arrangements. Jason was less complicated to accommodate. Single, no kids, and a military family who understood completely when the officials, in Jason's company explained that Jason would be involved in a super secret project and would be in communication primarily via special telecom connections for some undetermined period of time. The family was proud that Jason was selected for such an honor and, as one might expect from a military family, asked no questions regarding the nature of the service Jason had been selected to provide. They only wanted Jason's affirmation that this had been his choice and he was acting willingly. Jason assured them that he was, indeed, acting willingly. The officials that had accompanied Jason assured the family that they would see Jason in the future, and not to worry, that he would not be in harm's way.

My situation was not much more complicated. My `roommate' was puzzled at first, but when it was explained that I had been selected for a super secret project for the government, he began to accept the notion. I assured him we would see each other again, but that if another potential lover comes his way... I'd understand. After all, he and I largely had become "lovers" on the rebound from our respective former love relationships. Our relationship was one of mutual support than of true love.

My syndicator was assured by these government officials that I would still submit my articles electronically and would be in constant contact as before although I would not be physically present on a regular basis. He was far more inquisitive but eventually agreed to the arrangement. My pay was to be electronically deposited into my account as it had always been, so little would change on the surface.

It was all coming together. Todd was all smiles and so were Jason and I.

Finally, the day arrived. Jason brought the car from Carswell, windows blacked-out, to take the three of us to the base for the preliminary examinations and other activities required before we could actually be taken to the Natrix.

Todd, as ever, was naked and Jason and I were asked to strip as well. This was to ensure that our clothing was not a vehicle to bring unwanted germs along to the base. Our personal items, wallets etc., were contained in plastic bags provided to us. The agents followed us in a separate car to fend off any local cops, should we be pulled over for any reason. So, there we were, the three of us, totally nude, riding along the I-30 toll way toward Ft. Worth and Carswell.

When we arrived at the gate, the guards were expecting us and waved us through without the usual stop. We arrived at a hanger as the large garage door opened at our approach and closed behind us once both cars were inside the hanger.

We waited in the car, as Jason had been instructed, until the agents in the chase car came to open the doors and escort us to an examining room not far from where we had parked the car.

I'm no exhibitionist, but I felt completely comfortable walking to the waiting room in the buff. The agents were in sterile jumpsuits, but could not accompany us into the examination room. They stopped at the door and watched us proceed through the first door into the man-trap beyond. Now we were in a small room facing a glass door that would take us into the actual examining room. A naked man with a stethoscope stood at the door with a microphone. Now it was occurring to me that everyone I was likely to encounter from here forward would be nude, including the doctors and other personnel.

The naked doctor spoke into the microphone and instructed us via speakers in the man-trap:

Before entering, an initial disinfectant shower is required. Please raise your arms as the shower begins. Before that, please insert the nozzles hanging on the hooks on the wall from their tubes into your anuses. A similar disinfectant will be injected to flush and sterilize your colons.

"Me Too?" Todd inquired.

"I'm afraid so, Todd. It's just a precaution" The doctor replied.

We each did as requested.

"I don't know what this thing is but it inserts effortlessly and is warm and comfortable in my rectum." I commented, as I inserted the soft pliable nozzle into my butt.

"Yeah, actually it feels good, stimulating, really". Jason added.

Todd inserted his nozzle and smiled at Jason and me.

Todd checked to see if Jason and I had properly inserted our nozzles, adjusted mine slightly, pushing a bit further into my rectum. When he was satisfied that were properly connected, he turned to the doctor and said:

"We're ready, Doc."

The doctor nodded.

"OK gentlemen, as I said earlier, raise your arms to ensure that the fluid gets to your underarms. Oh, and also, then run your fingers through your pubic hair to ensure it gets thoroughly wetted by the fluid, as well.

We raised our arms, as requested, as the fluid, a purple colored fluid with the consistency of water, began to spray from the overhead showerheads. The fluid was warm, not hot, but seemed to have a powerful exfoliate effect. It tingled on the skin, and one could sense the old dead skin cells being eliminated as the fluid ran down ones genitals, off the tip of our penises, down our legs and into the drain in the tile floor upon which we were standing.

We ran our fingers through our pubic hair, as we had been instructed. The same tingling sensation enveloped our penises and testicles.

"Lift the bottoms of your feet into the spray, please." The doctor instructed.

"At the same time?" Jason joked

"Very funny" The doctor replied with a smile.

Then the fluid began to be pumped gently into our rectums. The same tingling sensation could be felt up inside us.

"Damn! This feels Great!" Jason proclaimed.

"Sure does." I agreed.

The gentle pressure that had pushed the fluid up into our rectums reversed and became a gentle vacuum, extracting the fluid from our butts. That too, felt great. Three cycles of the rectal flushing ensued.

"You guys could make a fortune selling this treatment to the gay community." I chuckled.

"I suppose we could make the nozzles into the shape of a dildo" The doctor chuckled.

The three of us laughed, as the doctor joined us in a good laugh.

The shower continued to spray us for a few minutes more.

"Shouldn't take much longer guys" The doctor reported.

"Really?" Jason asked.

"Sure. We monitor the ionic and bacterial content of the drain water until it arrives at acceptable levels. We do the same with the rectal slush. Once the data look right, you can enter the examining room." The doctor advised.

"WOW!" I exclaimed.

The doctor smiled, but said nothing.

After a minute, the doctor spoke once more:

"OK, gentlemen, the rectal readings are fine. Twist the tubing to release the rectal nozzle from the tubing, but leave the nozzle inside your rectums. Then, attach the much smaller nozzles to the tubing and insert those nozzles into your meatus." The doctor instructed.

"Into my what?" Jason asked.

"Into your meatus. That's the slit like opening at the end of your penises." The doctor explained to Jason.

Todd and I already knew what the meatus is and we had begun the insertion while the doctor was providing Jason with the answer.

Again the nozzles inserted effortlessly, which surprised me, as I know guys who have been catherized and found the experience quite painful.

"The penile flush will now begin, it's a very gentle process and there will be multiple cycles of it until the data look OK. While that's going on, please tilt your heads into the shower spray and let the fluid run into your ears, then look directly into the spray to let the fluid into your eyes." The doctor explained.

I could feel the fluid traveling up my urethra and into my prostate and bladder. It didn't hurt, indeed, it felt wonderful, and I began to develop an erection. Jas began a boner, as well.

"It's normal to develop an erection in response to this treatment, guys, don't worry about it." The doctor assured us.

"Worry?...it feels wonderful!" I stated.

Todd smiled, pointed at my hard-on and winked.

I smiled back.

We complied with the doctor's remaining instructions, as the doctor watched the metering console until he was satisfied that all the readings were acceptable.

"As with the rectal nozzles, disconnect the penile nozzles from the tubing, leaving the nozzles in your penises, please" The doctor said.

We did so.

"I will now turn off the shower. Do NOT attempt to dry yourselves off in any way. You will enter the examining room, as you are, wet." The doctor advised.

The shower stopped, and it became obvious, at that point, that residual fluid was still dripping from our respective rectal and penile nozzles onto the shower floor.

"Kinda weird, huh?" Jason said.

The glass door clicked open, as the magnetic lock on it was disengaged.

"Please come in, gentlemen" The doctor said as he opened the door for us.

"We're still dripping, doctor." I suggested.

"You will be for a while. It's normal. Don't worry about it." The doctor replied.

"Please come in." The doctor repeated.

We entered the exam room; wet and still dripping from our dicks and butts, yet we weren't embarrassed...we were quickly becoming acclimated to our new environment.

Inside the room were several additional doctors or male nurses, hard to tell when they are all naked.

Two of the additional personnel approached each of us and smiled.

"OK, now these medical technicians will remove all your pubic hair and use the squeegee like devices you see there to remove the fluid from your wet bodies and any residual dead skin cells in the process onto the floor and into the drains you see below your feet."

"I thought you disinfected our public hair in the shower?" I asked.

"Yes, to an extent necessary for you to enter this room. Don't worry, it'll grow back."

"And the hair on our heads?" I asked again.

"We have a head covering to deal with that. It's not as easy to put a cap on your pubic hair." The doctor said with a smile.

`I see." I said.

"Just cooperate with the technicians. You'll be fine. I'll return shortly and we'll proceed once the techs are finished with you." The doctor said, as he turned to leave the room.

The technicians used spray cans to apply foam to each of our pubic regions. Like the earlier fluids, it produced a tingling sensation that was quite pleasant. They lifted our testicles and applied the same foam to our scrotums, front and back. It was a strange experience, but actually somewhat erotic.

"This tingling is giving me a hard-on, SORRY" Jason proclaimed.

"It's normal, sir, we'd be concerned if you didn't develop an erection. You're among us Y-Ys now, sirs, Were never concerned with the state of our penises, we are semi-erect most of the time...you can see that on us techs, sir.

"So you are". I said, as I made a point of looking at each of the techs. Their genitals, like Todd's were perfectly formed and sized.

"Please bend over gentlemen, so we can apply the foam to your anuses. That hair along with your underarm hair must go as well." The lead tech explained.

We complied.

"Thank you sirs, you may stand up again." the lead tech said

One of the other techs, working on me, pointed at my chest hair and motioned to the lead tech,

"What do you think?" he asked the lead tech.

"Yes, it is a bit much, Let's remove it." The lead tech replied.

The tech working on me applied the foam to my chest hair and to my underarm hair.

The other techs applied the foam to Jason's linea Alba and underarm hair. Except for his sparse pubic hair, Todd is already hairless, so little foam was necessary for him.

The three of us were still dripping from our respective rectal and penile nozzles. We were not self-conscious about it. Again, were getting used to our new lifestyle.

"Next, gentlemen, we use the handheld spray heads to wash you down. All the hair should simply fall off your bodies. The remaining hair will be removed in the bath you will be placed into in the next phase of your preparations." The lead tech said.

"Wouldn't it be easier to just remove all our hair in the bath you mentioned?" I asked.

"Sirs, we remove the more gross amounts of hair at this point. The bath removes the remainder, but the drain water, like the initial shower, is monitored, and too much hair interferes with that monitoring." The lead tech explained.

"OK, I was just curious" I said.

"That's fine, Sir. Ask all the questions you like" The lead tech replied with a smile.

After the hand held shower was conducted, we all looked at each other and smiled. We were as hairless as pre-pubescent boys. It was humorous.

"Soon, gentlemen, you'll be in the bath. First, however, we have to take a look inside you." The lead tech explained.

"Really?" Jason asked.

"Yes Sir. That's why you were asked to leave you penile and rectal nozzles in place. We have instruments that we can insert through them to make sure that flush was complete on each of you, as well as looking for any abnormalities in you rectums or urethras. Don't worry, it's quite painless. You can even watch on the monitor and see the video of that examination." The lead tech offered.

"Amazing" I asserted.

Our respective techs approached each of us with the cable-looking instruments. One from the front, the other from the back.

Each tech gently lifted our penises, and positioned the instruments to enter each of our penile nozzles to accommodate the instruments. The techs at our rear-ends prepared, similarly to insert the instrument into our rectal nozzles.

"Spread you legs for us Sirs". The lead tech requested.

We complied.

Each tech began inserting the instruments into our anuses and urethras. As they had promised, there was no pain, no discomfort. Again it was more erotic than anything. Perhaps that sensation would have been overridden had there been simultaneous pain. In the absence of any pain the sensation was more sexually gratifying than anything else.

We each watched the TV monitors and could see the interior of our own plumbing. It was quite fascinating.

I watched Todd's monitor as it approached his prostate. His was HUGE compared to Jason's and mine.

"So, that's where all that cum comes from." I said to Todd as his prostate came into sight.

He turned and smiled at me.

"You can't really appreciate it Sir, not from this video. All you can see are the ports entering his urethra from which his semen issues and mixes with his sperm as it is injected from his seminal vesicles. You and Jason have the same structures, Sir, only much smaller." The lead tech informed us.

"He's really beautiful, inside and out. Isn't he." I proclaimed.

"Yes, Sir. Todd is quite the specimen. He is beautiful, indeed." The lead tech assured me, as the other techs nodded in agreement.

The other techs observed the monitors connected to Jason amd me. There was no remaining fecal matter to be found in either Jason or myself, nor any other abnormal structures. The techs seemed pleased.

"Mine is clean." My tech reported to the lead tech.

"Mine too." Jason's tech reported.

" GREAT! Lets prep them for the bath." The lead tech ordered.

The techs gently removed the examination instruments. I almost wished they could have left them inserted. The damned things felt really good.

They used the squeegee devices to remove any residual fluid from our bodies, taking special care with our scrotums and penises. We were all three hard as rocks by the time they finished with each of us. We were not embarrassed, as we had become used to being erect in front of each other or anyone else, for that matter.

The techs walked us into another room where the pool was. It was more like a spa. It had nozzles, like a spa, and the fluid churned from the action of those nozzles.

"OK, gentlemen, we will now install fresh tubing onto your rectal and penile inlets. We will hold the other end of the tubes out of the fluid as you get in and then, once you are seated and comfortable we'll connect them to the nutrient injectors outside the pool here." The lead tech explained.

He went on:

" Remember, that when you come out of the bath, you will be hairless. SO, make sure you wear the shower caps that will be provided to you by the techs and keep your heads above the fluid level. If you fail to do so, you will lose the hair on your heads to the extent that they are subjected to the fluid. Do you understand?"

We each responded in the affirmative.

"Very well, then, enjoy the experience of the bath. It's both relaxing and refreshing." The lead tech said.

We entered the bath together. It was hotter than the fluids we had been subjected to earlier. Like a spa. It was wonderful We took our seats, each of us in a contoured seat in the bath. One of the nozzles in each seat was designed to direct the hot fluid onto the scrotum. My balls were jumping up and down as the water jets directed them. It was wonderful. The jets were designed to ensure that all hair was removed from the scrotum and its underside, all the way up the perineum to the anus.

The hot fluid produced the desired effect, Like a spa, my muscles began to relax in the hot liquid. Jason turned to me and smiled:

"God, this is GREAT!"

I nodded in agreement.

Todd was enjoying watching Jason and me as well relished in this new experience.

"If you like this, wait till you see what is in store for you when we get to The Natrix." Todd suggested.

After a few moments of this liquid heaven, the nutrient flow began. We could each feel a different warmth, a more viscous fluid flowing into our rectums and our urethras. A rush enveloped each of us as the nutrients were absorbed into the mucous membranes of our rectums and our urethras. I felt totally refreshed, somehow younger and more energetic than I have ever felt.

"OH My God!" I exclaimed, as this excitement coursed up and into my body.

Jason was looking as if he were in the midst of an orgasm at the experience. He had closed his eyes and was saying nothing.

As with Jason, I was soon experiencing a similar orgasm. It was so intense I could barely remain sitting upright. My body wanted to stretch out in the horizontal, but the seats were not designed for that. Todd, accustomed to this sort of nutrient injection was not reacting as Jason and I. He was simply enjoying it, like you or I might enjoy a delicious meal.

"Like it?" Todd asked.

All that Jason and I could do in response was to nod.

Todd smiled:

"I thought as much"

After about 20 minutes, the lead tech asked if we had had enough.

"How about a little more?" I begged.

The lead tech smiled and said:

"Very Well, another 10 minutes...but that's it. The doctor will be returning to complete your examinations."

"Thanks!" I replied.

The nutrient flow subsided and stopped.

Jason and I gradually regained our senses as the ongoing orgasm became weak and stopped.

After the ten minute reprieve, the lead tech came in an bade us to exit the bath.

We complied.

The techs removed the tubing but left our nozzles in place.

Now we were dripping the nutrient fluid from our nozzles, but still we were fine with it all.

The techs led us into a room where there were the doctor was waiting.

"Did you enjoy the bath?" He asked.

"OH God! I'll say we did." I responded.

The doctor smiled.

"We're almost finished here. Just an old fashioned testicular exam. We could use MRI but I don't like the effect of the radiation on the testes. We'll do it the old fashioned way." The doctor explained.

Looking at me:

"Barry would you be first?" The doctor asked.

"Sure" I replied as I moved close to the doctor.

He gently took my scrotum and testicles into his hand and caressed them.

"Impressive, Barry. For and X-Y, especially. You have a set of testicles here that would max out any orchidometer". He reached to squeeze my epididymis and my vas deferens.

You have a fully packed system here, as well, Barry. Do you normally keep your vas and epi this packed? He asked.

Absolutely, Doc, since I was a kid.

"Impressive, Barry" He repeated.

"I try to ejaculate as often as I can, as I've been told by my doctor I should try to pack less of a load, but it never seems to make much difference...not that I can tell, anyway.. I think he was concerned with testicular cancer". I explained.

"Nonsense...he's just jealous that he doesn't produce as much." The doctor suggested with a smile.

He went on:

"This is more as I'd expect from Todd or another Y-Y, this is a lot of stuff for an X-Y. I say again...Impressive." The doc concluded.

"Really,Doc?" I asked.

" Sure." He replied.

He turned to Todd and said:

"Todd, please come here. I want Barry to check you out."

"He's done so in the past, but I'll be glad to let him feel my vas and my epididymis" Todd said as he winked at me.

"I bet he's never felt you right after a nutrient injection, has he?". The Doc asked.

"No he hasn't" Todd replied.

Todd walked to me; stood face to face with me close enough I could have kissed him.

Todd spread his legs and looking me in the eyes said:

"Help yourself, Barry, Please."

I took his beautiful testicles in my hand and caressed them gently.

"Check his vas and his epi, Barry." The doc coached me.

I reached for the backside of his testicles and found Todd's epididymis.

"My God." I stated.

I traced his vas up from his epi till it disappeared into the upper region of his scrotum.

" I thought I packed a load, Doc...but...My God." I exclaimed.

"What about me?" Jason interjected.

The doctor turned to Jason and smiled.

"Indeed Jason, come here and let's see what about you." The doctor said.

Jason approached and stood next to me.

The doctor reached to Jason's genitals and made the same checks.

"Ah Yes. Jason you have a perfectly fine set of genitals and a more normal amount of stuff here in your epi and your vas. Being a gay X-Y, it's pretty common to find a larger set of testicles and higher "load", to use Barry's terms, and that is the case with you, Jason. Your testicles are not quite as large as Barry's, but still, you'd make an impressive score on the orchidometer. For reference, you can check Barry and Todd, if you like."

"I'm quite familiar with Barry's enviable balls, Doc. I will check out Todd, however. By the way, what's an orchidometer?" Jason asked.

"Oh, of course, Jason. Allow me to get one and show you what its function is as you check out Todd's equipment." The doctor suggested.

Jason took hold of Todd's scrotum and reached to the rear of Todd's testicles to find his epididymis and connected vas.

"Holy Shit!" Jason exclaimed. Are all Y-Ys packin' this kinda load, Doc?"

"Yes, Jason. Their structures are much larger than those of an X-Y. It's quite normal for them. Now, Then, this is an orchidometer, Jason." The doc said as he lifted a chart that showed relative testicle size and a scoring number. The low numbers referred to pre-pubescent boys and the highest number being 27, each number accompanied by an oval shape in increasing size.

"Here, let's see where you score, Jason." The doc said.

"OK." Jason replied.

The doctor took hold of one of Jason's testicles and pulled the skin of the scrotum back to best expose the size of the actual testicle.

"See Jason, you are between a 25 and 27. Like so many gay X-Ys, you have larger than normal testicles." The doc reported.

"Barry's are still bigger, and Todd's bigger still". Jason affirmed

"Let's see. Barry, may I?" The doc asked

"Of course, Doc." I replied.

The doc performed the same examination on my testicles and reported:

"Impressive, Barry. You're actually slightly off the scale, slightly larger than 27. Your testicles are highly active, as well, it would appear. That's why you pack such a load, to use your own terms." The doctor said.

The doc turned to Jason, once more.

"You see, Jason, yes, Barry's testicles are somewhat larger than yours, but not by that much. I think that as prima-genitors, which I know is what Todd has in mind for you, you will both be highly respectable specimen. The Natrix will be fortunate to have you."

"Thanks, Doc." Jason replied.

"OK, then. I think enough of the excess nutrient has been allowed to drip out such that we can remove your rectal and penile nozzles. We can start with you, Jason. Please bend over for me." The doctor requested.

Jason did as requested.

The doctor used one hand to spread Jason's butt cheeks and reached to his anus with the other hand. Gently twisting as he pulled on the nozzle, it came out easily.

"Very good. Now you may stand upright again, Jason."

Jason complied and the doctor took him by his hips and turned him to better face the doctor. The doctor took Jason's penis in hand and removed the penile nozzle in similar fashion.

"Damn, I'll almost miss those things, Doc. They actually felt good and erotic in there." Jason concluded.

"It's the material they are made from, Jason. They are fully accepted by the body, almost as if they were an actual part of the body." The doctor explained.

Jason nodded.

The doctor performed the same removal process, first on me, then on Todd.

I turned to Todd at this point and confessed:

"I feel my passion rising rapidly, I think I need you to feed me, please."

"Me too." Jason said.

The doctor interjected:

"Of course, we should have anticipated this. Barry, you and Jason are immersed in a sea of Y-Y pheromone. Not just Todd's but my own and that of the other techs who have been conducting the various examinations. Todd, we could do injections to lessen the effect of our pheromones, but since Jason and Barry are both fond of you, the easiest solution is for you to feed them, as requested."

"Glad to do it, doc. I'm very fond of them, as well. I'm happy to share my semen with them." Todd affirmed.

"Barry, Jason, please kneel in front of my penis as closely together as possible to each other. When the flow of my semen begins, I'll feed you first, Barry, then withdraw and feed Jason from the same stream. If I can move quickly from one to the other, we'll lose only a small amount of the stream to the floor." Todd instructed.

Jason and I did as instructed.

"May I felate you as you prepare to feed us, Todd?" I requested.

"Sure, Barry. I'd enjoy that." Todd replied.

I took Todd's penis into my hand. At my touch, Todd began pumping precum to his meatus immediately. It painted my tongue as I slid his penis into my eager mouth and along my tongue.

I began my fellatio upon Todd; he became erect...hard as a rock erect.

"Nice technique, Barry. " The doc said as he watched me work on Todd's penis.

Obviously, I could not respond. I had a mouthful of Todd.

After a few moments Todd spoke up:

"OK you two, Here I cum."

I removed Todd's penis to that point that his meatus was only slightly in my mouth. Like I was kissing his meatus, just as Todd had instructed me before.

Todd exploded into my mouth, filling it instantly with his precious elixir. I swallowed furiously to take it in. After an appropriate amount of Todd's semen had been delivered to me Todd said:

"OK, I'm going to switch to Jason, Barry. Are you ready, Jason?"

Jason nodded and moved his face such that we were cheek to cheek.

Todd's semen, delivered in a constant stream, as always, painted both our cheeks as he moved his penis from my kiss to Jason's.

Jason's Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed Todd's semen as quickly as he could.

I used my index finger to squeegee the semen that Todd had shot onto my face into my mouth to join with its brethren. God, it was hot and it was delicious.

When Todd's stream finally subsided, the doc spoke up"

"That should hold the two of you long enough to get you to The Natrix."

Todd retracted his penis from Jason, still dripping with his residual semen.

"Don't let that go to waste, Todd". I stated, as I reached to replace Todd's beautiful penis to my lips. I took it all in, every drop.

"You really think it's precious, don't you, Barry. It's a sign of your love for me. Know that I love you, too. I love you very much, Barry...and for what you have done for me, I always will. Everyone who loves me will love you too, Barry. Jason too, of course. I don't know what might have happened to me if not for you two...especially you, Barry." Todd flattered us.

"Those are some very powerful words Jason, Barry. I don't think you know, just yet, how powerful; but you will, once you are aboard The Natrix.." The doctor added.

He went on:

"Before you leave for The Natrix, I suggest you take a bit of a nap. I know Todd could benefit from one this soon after nutrient insertion. How about it?"

Todd nodded.

The techs led us to a room where there were contoured lounges.

"That one's wide enough for two. Can I lie next to you, Barry?" Todd asked.

"Sure." I replied.

As we reclined, Todd lie down next to me on his side, his head resting upon my breast.

"Wow, he really loves you, Barry." One of the techs proclaimed.

"I know, I'm very fortunate...I think he knows I love him as well." I replied.

The tech nodded in affirmation.

Soon, the three of us were sleeping soundly.

------------END PT III 0f THE NATRIX BOYS------------