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We slept for a couple hours or so. I felt Todd begin to stir.

I love this man so very much, I thought to myself, I'm so lucky to have met him, though our initial meeting scared the crap out of me, I grinned to myself; Even more lucky that he loves me, a relative ludite...an X-Y. It will be very difficult to surrender him to his lover and even to his son when the time comes. I'm being silly and selfish, but it will be hard.

Todd slowly raised his head from my breast to look at me and see if I was awake. When he saw that I was, indeed, awake, he said:

"I love you, Barry. I hope you got, at least, a little sleep."

"I love you too, Todd. I was just musing to myself, while you slept, how difficult it will be for me to release you back to the Natrix community, even to your lover and even to your son. Shame on me for my selfishness." I said.

"Don't be silly, Barry. We won't be separated from our love for each other. On the contrary, you'll be embraced by all, especially my lover and son, and you will have my continued love forever. You will never be without my love, or its sexual expression." Todd assured me.

Todd smiled at me and replaced his head to my breast, as before. I hugged him tightly.

Jason was now stirring, as well.

"The adventure continues!" Jason proclaimed with a chuckle as he sat up.

"Indeed!" I proclaimed.

The doctor entered the room and said: "The lounge sensors indicate that you are awake. I see they are correct"

"Yes, we are, Doc, though I hate to release Todd from my embrace." I replied.

"I don't blame you, Barry. I would feel the same way." The doctor assured me.

I nodded.

"Your transportation is ready, and it will be dark soon, so it will be safest to depart. The final stage of your preparartion will be conducted. There will be further examinations and preparations once you are aboard the Natrix. You preliminary prep will be done now. It's pretty simple. The techs will provide you with a mouth rinse. Use it as you would any such rinse and swallow it rather than spit it out. You will be sterile from end to end and ready for your trip." The doctor advised with a smile.

"It won't interfere with the feeding we received from Todd, will it?" I asked.

"No, not at all" The doctor replied.

"Very Good!" The doc exclaimed, as each of us used the rinse, as instructed.

The doc said further:

"The techs will now fit each of you with a glans cuff. It senses the nerves along the corona ring and provides data on all you bodily functions."

"Really?" I asked in amazement.

"Yes, we learned long ago that all your vital signs and nearly all of your other nervous system and other bodily functions and their status can be tapped into via the nerves along the circumference of the corona. You'll learn on the Natrix that, once you learn how to do it, you can actually control certain equipment and systems through your very thought, as transferred through those same nerves." The doctor explained.

He went on:

"The glans cuff will be attached to a cellphone sized telemetry unit that can monitor each of you. The Natrix will receive that telemetry during your trip."

It was unavoidably erotic to have the techs attach the glans cuff and move the around on our corona rings to achieve the maximum signal. It seemed that the entire experience since we arrived at Carswell has been erotic. I couldn't wait to see what awaits us on The Natrix. The telemetry units were at our waists, a thin belt holding them in place.

Soon we were escorted to a long ramp, like those used at an airport, to take us to our plane. The techs gave us each an affectionate hug as we left their company to walk down the ramp.

The lead tech gave us our parting words:

"The Natrix community is honored to have you, Barry and Jason, as our new prima-genitors. I hope you realize what an honor it is to be included in our ranks...in the ranks of such exemplary guys, such as Todd."

"I assure you, we know fully the honor The Natrix community has bestowed upon us. We're eager to be part of it. If all the guys in the Natrix Community are as loving and lovable as Todd, well, it will be heaven." I replied.

"I feel the same, and am so very eager to be part of The Natrix." Jason added.

The tech nodded and smiled. .

We made our way down the ramp to an open door in our plane. A window was there at the end of the ramp. I looked out to see our plane, only to find it was not a plane at all. I'd never seen any aircraft like it. The entire staff of this craft were naked Y-Ys. By now Jason and I felt at home in such an environment. Once inside, the door was closed and the ramp retracted.

"Welcome! Please make yourselves comfortable, gentlemen. Strap in as we will be en route immediately." The pilot said over the intercom.

We barely had fastened our safety harnesses when we felt the craft leave the tarmac straight up at an increasing rate until altitude was achieved and the horizontal motion could be felt. The craft was completely silent.

OH NO! I though to myself, I'm on a flying saucer.

The pilot came over the intercom once again:

"Once we are at constant speed at mach 3, the effect of the inertia you feel at this time due to the acceleration will cease and you can walk about at will."

"Mach 3?" I asked aloud.

"Actually, sir, that's nowhere near our maximum speed. It's a comfortable speed and will bring us to rendezvous with The Natrix at a precise time and place." One of the staff replied.

"What manner of craft is this? It's like some sci-fi flying saucer."

"Oh Sir, please never refer to our craft as a flying saucer. It's quite an insult. I realize you don't understand that at this time, but this is no flying saucer. It's a highly sophisticated vehicle beyond anything you could imagine, but please don't equate it with some science fiction notion." He said.

"My apologies. I had no idea." I replied.

"Apology accepted, Sir. No hard feelings." He said.

"Thank you. I just have no other frame of reference."

"I understand, Sir." He said.

It seemed no time at all before the pilot made another announcement:

" Time to buckle up once more for our deceleration, gentlemen"

We eventually came to a complete stop and began a vertical decent. It appeared that we would descend right into the water below when, at the last moment, lights came on to reveal an open door into a landing bay.

"WOW!" Jason exclaimed.

"Wow, indeed" I repeated.

Once inside the landing bay, the doors closed above us and we could sense the ship submerging. It was surreal. It was like a dream. The thing anchoring us to the fact that this was reality was Todd, who, when I looked at him, didn't seem elated, as I would have expected.

"What is it Todd?" I whispered to him.

"I'm so ashamed for running away as I did. I hope they accept me back". Todd said in a sad tone.

Just then, the door to our craft opened and there stood a beautiful man and a little boy. I recognized them, from the DVD we watched earlier, as Todd's lover and son. They both had tears of joy running down their cheeks.

Todd began to cry, as well.

Jason and I stayed back to allow their reunion to proceed without us as a distraction.

Jason made his exit and these two beautiful boys, Rick and Toddy, ran to embrace him.

Rick put a hand on either of Todd's cheeks and kissed him passionately.

Toddy squeezed himself between Todd and Rick, and began kissing Todd's penis and testicles. Not in an erotic fashion, but in an affectionate manner. It was really quite beautiful.

"Thank God you're back! We missed you desperately. Todd nodded and looked down to Toddy. Todd picked Toddy up and hugged him, Toddy wrapping his legs around his daddy's waist. Todd kissed him repeatedly."

"You won't go away again, will you Daddy?" Toddy asked.

"No son, I won't ever do that again, I promise." Todd assured him.

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I watched this exchange.

Todd looked over Toddy's shoulder at Rick and asked:

"Do they hate and resent me now?"

"Of course not, Todd. They love you as they always have. They were upset, not with you, but with those careless doctors at Carswell who scared you so." Rick assured him

"God! I'm so glad to be home and to be with those whom I most love in this world." Todd proclaimed

"Welcome home lover, Welcome home Daddy, Rick and Toddy said in unison.

"Thank you, Thank you." Todd replied.

Todd turned to see Jason and me standing at the door of the craft that had brought us to The Natrix.

He smiled a huge smile at us and proclaimed for Rick, Toddy, and the staff of that same craft: "This is Barry and Jason. Without their help, I don't know what might have happened to me. I have asked them to become prima-genitors to our community."

Todd motioned for Jason and I to join them.

We hastened to do so.

Rick immediately embraced me and kissed me deeply on my mouth. Toddy moved to do the same with Jason. Jason picked Toddy up to help. Then they switched places and Toddy kissed me while Rick kissed Jason.

Rick exclaimed:

The Natrix Community is forever in your debt. We all love you for what you have done to help Todd. We welcome you to enjoy our greatest honor; to be our newest Prima-Genitors.

One of the staff members of the craft approached and informed us:

They say we can remove your glans cuffs now.

Toddy jumped right in, saying:

" I'll do it."

Toddy approached Jason first and, knowing what to do, removed Jason's glans cuff and telemetry unit. He kissed Jason's penis and testicles, as he had done for his Daddy earlier.

Next he did the same for me. His gentle kiss upon my penis and testicles was not so much erotic and it was loving. While I didn't fully understand this little ritual, it seemed natural and I enjoyed it.

Finally, Toddy removed his Daddy's glans cuff and kissed his genitals as had before.

"Thank you, son." I love you too. Todd said.

Rick and Todd were standing side by side. Toddy reached with either hand to take Rick's genitals and Todd's in each hand. He looked at Jason and me, as if he knew what were thinking and proclaimed:

"These are where I came from. My parent's love produced me from these organs. All organs like these are sacred and we show them maximum affection, especially those from which we sprang."

Jason and I had a light come on for us and we both smiled at Toddy for his wisdom and affection.

"We're honored that you showed us such a mark of affection, Toddy. Thank you" Jason said.

I nodded in agreement.

Toddy went on:

"As Prima-Genitors, many will spring from your organs, your organs will be honored in this way by all, especially by those you produce together in you love."

What an amazing young man. I thought to myself.

Todd and Rick, their genital still in Toddy's grasp, smiled as Rick said:

He's right, you know. You both will be honored very much by the entire community. You'll get used to having your genitals kissed. Also, you'll be requested to feed many with your semen, sometimes as a prelude to requests for you to produce new sons with members of the community. Todd and I would be proud to be among the first to ask each of you to produce sons with each of us. We'd be very honored to initiate a new branch in the genetic tree of the community."

Jason and I were set-aback at all this. We were so honored. Now I understood why Todd had told me that I'd never be without his love or it's sexual expression. WOW, I never could have imagined anything like this.

"Of course; We'd be honored. We intend to produce sons between ourselves, of course, and I have a DNA sample of a former lover, Jody, whom I wish to reproduce with, but we'd be honored to contribute our semen to mix with your own to produce a new lineage for the community. I suppose that to be the mission of a Prima-Genitor." I assured them

"Absolutely!" Jason affirmed.

Toddy released his grasp on his parent's genitals and looked up at Rick:

"They're waiting for us". Toddy said.

Rick turned to Todd and said: "The community has prepared a `Welcome Home' party for you, Lover, and for our new Prima-Genitors. They're waiting for us in the Great Room."

Todd turned to Jason and me and said:

"Come along you two, you'll enjoy this, and it will be your first meeting with our community."

"GREAT!" I responded, as Jason nodded in agreement.

Toddy jumped again into the arms of his Daddy and kissed him repeatedly as we progressed along our way to the "Great Room."

Soon, we were standing before two huge doors. Todd turned to Jason and I once more and said:

"Here We Go!"

Rick opened the door for us and Todd was first through the door, still carrying Toddy.

He was greeted by thunderous applause. As Jason and I followed Todd into the room I got an eyeful. I turned to Jason and said:

"My God, We're in homo-heaven!"

"We damned sure are, Barry!" Jason replied.

We were looking into a veritable sea of the most beautiful boys I had ever seen or could have ever imagined. All naked, of course, but each wearing a gold armband around the bicep. The meaning of which was not immediately apparent. I had noticed one on Rick, but thought it some sort of jewelry or such. They all wear them, so it must signify something more.

There must have been several hundred of these naked beauties in the Great Room; a room easily the size of three full-sized basketball courts. Some of these beauties had glans cuffs with the cable thrown over a shoulder and dangling down their backs to their butts.

I turned, once more to Jason and said:

"They're all gorgeous. I've never, in my wildest dreams imagined anything like this."

"Me either, Barry. I've never seen such beauty...NEVER!" Jason affirmed.

While Jason and I were reeling from this sight, the applause began to subside.

The Master of ceremonies motioned for the crowd to simmer down, which they gradually did. He then went to the microphone positioned nearby and spoke:

"We all welcome Todd back to his home and our hearts. This has been a unique trauma to our community and we all know that trauma can only be healed by Todd's presence among us once more. His return to us is the only medicine that could have ever healed our wound. Welcome home, Todd. The community loves you even more than ever, I can assure you. We know you want to introduce us to those who helped bring you home to us, so we ask you to do so, at this time. Then, we hope you will honor us with a special feeding, as is our custom at such a celebratory occasion.

The MC moved away from the microphone and motioned Todd to approach.

Todd kissed Toddy once more and placed him back on his own feet to stand next to Rick, and then he moved to the microphone:

"I would, likely, not be standing here were it not for the help I received from two very special persons. Two persons I have come to love very much. I honestly don't know what might have happened to me had I not encountered, first, Barry, and later, Jason. I know that you will reward them for all they did to get me home safely to The Natrix with your boundless love. I have brought them to become Prima-Genitors to our community. That should demonstrate how special I regard them to be. I am satisfied that their superior essence as reflected in their respective DNA will enrich us with a new line of Natrix Boys, and I hope they will each honor me and Rick as their first to reproduce with.

Let me bring them forward, at this time for their initial introduction.

Todd turned to us and motioned us forward to flank him on either side.

Todd put his arm around me and spoke into the microphone:

"This is Barry, on my right and Jason on my left. Please show them you love them."

The applause was deafening. Todd now had an arm around each of us. The applause continued and appeared not to be subsiding.

Todd looked up at Jason and me and said:

"Well, do you feel welcome and loved?"

I was so overwhelmed I began to cry. Todd, seeing this, leaned over and kissed away my tears. The applause became even greater at this.

After a while, Todd motioned for the crowd to simmer down. It took a while longer, but the applause finally began to subside.

I am honored to perform the feeding you have requested. Have the little ones form the usual line.

A stand was set up in front of Todd. On that stand was a golden chalice-like goblet. Todd moved to stand to the side of the stand. The small ones rushed to get in line in front of Todd.

Todd nodded.

One by one, the little ones approached Todd, knelt in front of him, and kissed his testicles and the tip of his penis.

Todd was painting their lips with his precum, one by one.

After the last of them had performed the ritual, Todd turned sideways to the crowd to expose his erect penis to them. He placed his penis over the goblet and released his semen at full force into the goblet. His semen continued such that I thought he would fill the goblet to its brim, but it finally subsided. Todd motioned for the small one, who had made it to the front of the line to come forward, which he did.

This little one knew the ritual. He squeezed Todd's penis from its base to the meatus ensuring that all Todd's essence was delivered to the goblet. Then, he licked the remaining cum from Todd's meatus, squeezing Todd's penis in the same fashion once more, to deliver the remainder into the small one's mouth.

When he had done this, the little one turned to the chalice and took the first sip of Todd's cum from the goblet. Todd moved back to the side of the stand. The little one joined him and took Todd's penis in hand and held it steady in a more horizontal position for those little ones who followed.

One by One, the little ones approached Todd, kissed his meatus and took a sip from the goblet.

The crowd had remained silent during all this until the last of these little one had had his sip, rendering the goblet empty. The last of the little one's, having emptied the goblet, raised it to arm's length, to signal the end of the ritual.

The crowd, once more, broke into thunderous applause.

The little one, who had been holding Todd's penis in position, went to his knees and kissed Todd's meatus and testicles and then released them. He stood up again and returned to the line with the other boys waiting the signal to return to their parents.

Todd gave the nod. The applause continued, as the little ones returned to their respective parents.

Jason and I were marveling at this. We had never seen or imagined anything like it. Both Jason and I were completely erect. I was dripping precum, as this ceremony had rendered me so stimulated.

Todd noticed our arousal. He moved to take us in.

Todd approached me and knelt to take my penis into his mouth. Almost instantly, I blew my cum into him. He took it all as if it were a snack. He then moved to Jason and did the same. Jason exploded into him, as well. When Todd finished with us, He stood up, turned to the crowd and motioned for them to applaud...They did.

Jason and I looked at each other in bewilderment. Wonderful bewilderment.

When the applause subsided, Todd returned to the microphone:

"I'm anxious to spend time with each and all of you, but I know you will understand that I first wish to be with Rick and Toddy Also, this has all been quite a bit much for Barry and Jason on there first day with us, and, as you know, they require more sleep than we do. So I want to show them to their quarters at this time. I love you all and we'll be together soon, as we have always been. Please help Barry and Jason to learn all they need to know to be comfortable here as our latest Prima-Genitors. Shower them with your love, as I know you will."

The applause began again, as Todd approached Jason and me, assumed a position between us, took each of us with either hand and lead us out of the room. Rick and Toddy joined us and flanked us on either side.We could hear the applause gradually diminish as we walked down the hall toward our quarters.

Quarters have been prepared for you such that you may occupy them as lovers, or you may treat the two wings as separate with a common living area.

"Oh, lovers, please!" Jason blurted out, without thinking

Jason turned to me:

"Sorry, Barry, I shouldn't have assumed...But I do so want us to be lovers...if you feel the same way that is"

"I do, Jason. I want very much for us to be lovers. I want us to produce many sons together as a sign of our love for each other, as well as to enhance the lineage of the Natrix community." I replied.

"Excellent!" Todd chimed in.

He went on:

"That is what the community is hoping for as well. Remember, that as Prima-Genitors, you will be requested by many to produce sons with them, as well. This further diversifies the DNA pool for the community. You are not required to be sexually involved with those who make the request. The union of your DNA can be accomplished ceremonially, or the docs can do from the pool of your DNA, which you will contribute through your semen."

"Wow"! Jason exclaimed.

"Yes, Todd replied with a smile. You will be honored by all. Those who have not met you will greet you, not by shaking hands, as one might expect in the X-Y world, but rather by going down on one knee before you and kissing your testes and your meatus. If more than a greeting is being requested, it will be so stated."

He continued:

" In fact, Rick and Toddy and I would like to be the first to make the request."

We stopped our walking and Todd went to kneel before me as Rick knelt before Jason. Todd and Rick looked at each other, smiled, and in unison lifted our respective penises out of the way and kissed our testicles, gently, but passionately. Then they positioned our penises to bring our meatuses to the front, whereupon they kissed those as well. Then they exchanged positions and repeated the ritual, Rick kneeling before me and Todd kneeling before Jason.

Todd looked at Rick, who nodded back at him, signaling Todd to say the prescribed words:

Todd looked up at Jason and me:

"Barry, Jason, please honor Rick and me with your essences. We promise to always nurture, and guard, with our lives, any precious offspring you present us with. You will receive in return all our love and that of those same offspring forever. We Promise it according to the code of The Natrix"

Jason and I looked at each other and Jason motioned to me to make the response.

"I don't know if there is a prescribed response, Rick and Jason. If there is, I will gladly recite it for you. In my own words, and speaking for Jason as well as myself, the answer is YES, we would be honored to join with you in the mixing of our DNA, our semen, to produce baby boys and relish the thought of the love we will share with you and with them."

Is that an acceptable response, Todd?" I added.

" Yes, Thanks you very much, we're honored." Rick replied.

"What about me?" Toddy asked.

"Yes, of course, Toddy." Rick replied, as he and Todd stood and moved to allow Toddy to assume their positions.

Toddy knelt, first in front of Jason and kissed Jason's testicles and meatus, as had his parents. Then he did the same for me. His young and powerful pheromone was reflected in the erections that Jason and I now sported.

Toddy looked up at us and spoke the prescribed words:

"Barry, Jason, please honor me with your essences. I promise to always nurture, and guard, with my life, any precious offspring you present me with. You will receive in return all my love and that of those same offspring forever. I Promise it according to the code of The Natrix"

Rick interjected:

" Toddy is still a year or two away from being permitted to assume the nurturing role of parent, but his formal request is a bond and will be brought to fruition at that time."

"When the time is right, Toddy you have our commitment to be one with you." I said.

Toddy smiled widely, and kissed out penises all over, Rick and I pumping pre-cum generously.

"Toddy, since they are apparently ready to ejaculate, why don't you allow each of them to feed you. You'll find the taste of them different, but satisfying. Todd suggested.

Toddy looked up at Jason and me saying;

"May I have permission to feed on your essences?"

"Yes, Of course." I responded for both Jason and myself.

Since he was before me at the time, Toddy started with me.

He gently lifted my penis to position it for his mouth. He licked the precum from my meatus, flicking his tongue up and down at my meatus. My penis began pulsing wildly and dancing on its base, eager for Toddy to take it in.

Toddy would not be rushed.

He slowly kissed my penis up and down its shaft, licking at my frenulum and setting me ablaze with passion.

My precum was now pumping at its maximum rate and I was becoming weak kneed as I felt the ejaculation beginning to swell in me.

Todd saw I was having a difficult time standing as the emission phas of this ejaculation was so overpowering.

He moved to squat behind me making a seat of his lap and pulling down into it. I could feel his penis entering the crack of my butt as I took that glorious seat.

Toddy moved to spread my legs for better access to me, as he knelt there.

Toddy took me in slowly, my penis sliding along his hot tongue as it took up home in his mouth. He began a tight and slow fellatio on my eager penis. He caressed my balls with one hand as he held my dancing penis at its base to keep it in position.

"I can't hold off much longer, Toddy. I'm about to ejaculate." I proclaimed.

He tightened his lips around the shaft of my penis and awaited me.

He didn't have to wait long.

I shot my semen powerfully against the back of his throat.

My orgasm was so powerful, in the presence of his pheromone, that, as with his father Todd, I thought I'd surely pass out. I was glad I was sitting in Todd's lap. I leaned back against Todd as my orgasm proceeded. Wave after wave, pulse after pulse, my semen blurted its way home to Toddy's mouth.

My relatively little volume, by Y-Y standards, was little more than a snack for Toddy, and he had no trouble swallowing it all.

When my orgasmic spasms finally subsided, Toddy slowly removed my penis from his mouth, traced his finger along my urethra, from my anus to my meatus, bringing along my residual semen, which he licked from my meatus.

As a parting gesture, Toddy kissed the last of my semen from my meatus, looked up at me and said:

"Thank you, Barry. I'm honored."

"I'm pleased to do this for you, Toddy." I replied.

Toddy looked over my shoulder to his parent Todd, in whose lap I was still sitting and remarked:

"The taste is different, Daddy, as you said. It also smells somewhat like the bleach they use in the laundry to clean the linens."

"Yes, Bleach is largely a chemical called Chlorine, Toddy, and the semen of an X-Y contains a small measure of it, as well." Todd replied.

"Thank you, Daddy, you have taught me something new." Toddy asserted.

Toddy moved to place himself in front of Jason. Before he began the service on Jason he asked:

"Would you like to sit in one of my Daddy's lap?"

"I don't know, Toddy, let's see how it goes." Jason replied.

"Very well." Toddy responded.

Toddy raised Jason's penis out of the way, as he had done mine, and kissed Jason's testicles all over, lifting his scrotum to lick and kiss the backside of it. Then, he brought Jason's penis back into position to continue with the fellatio.

As Toddy proceeded, the intensity of the experience caused Jason to spread his legs widely, as Toddy sucked him, to lower his center of gravity and steady his stance. This helped, but not enough. Jason began to sway back and forth slightly, and Rick moved to hug him and hold him from behind. I could see Rick's penis pressed into Jason's butt crack, in similar fashion to Todd's still resting in my butt crack.

Jason reached to Toddy's face, placing a hand on either side of Toddy's cheeks and proclaiming:

"Here I cum, sweet Toddy."

Jason's powerful ejaculation was detectable, as his anus contracted rhythmically with the spasms, against Rick's glans, which was resting against it.

"Powerful Ejaculation, Jason...you'll do well as a Prima-Genitor." Rick complimented.

Jason was too immersed in his orgasm to respond.

Rick turned to Todd and smiled.

Todd smiled and nodded back.

When Jason's orgasm and ejaculation had subsided, Toddy removed Jason's penis slowly, as he had mine, traced the residual in similar fashion to Jason's meatus and licked and kissed it away.

"Maybe I should have taken you up on the offer of a seat, after all." Jason chuckled.

Toddy looked up at Jason and stated:

"Thank you, Jason, as with Barry, I'm honored."

"Of course, Toddy. I'm happy to do it." Jason replied.

We continued our journey to our quarters. It was a long walk, indeed.

"This place is huge!" Jason remarked.

"It is, indeed, Jason. Tomorrow we'll take the tour. You can't imagine how huge The Natrix really is. After tomorrow, you'll have a much better understanding of it, however.

I noticed, as we walked along that there was conveyance system along one side on the floor..a moving walkway, as one might encounter in an airport.

"I didn't expect to see one of those here, Todd." I mentioned.

"Oh, would you rather we use it?" He replied.

"No, I just wasn't expecting it." I replied.

"They come in handy when you need to get somewhere quickly, Barry. You can see that it moves about three times as fast as walking at a normal pace. You'll understand, when you come to realize just how huge this ship is, that you will need to make use of them from time to time." He instructed us.

I suppose We'll appreciate these even more as we age, huh? I suggested.

"Feeding on the semen of the Y-Y community, as you will, will greatly retard your aging process. Digestion is the engine of aging, so feeding on our semen, which requires no digestion, but is entirely absorbed before reaching the stomach will keep you from being hungry for any other type of food. The digestive acids in your stomach will be neutralized and your aging will begin to slow and nearly stop. The added supplements will further enhance that effect." Todd explained

"Wow!" Jason repeated.

"I know. It's wonderful." I added.

I went on:

"I was expecting cold metal walls and decking, Todd. This is nothing like that." I suggested.

"The material is not metal at all, Barry. It will all be explained to you as the days unfold. It's a remarkable material, almost organic or cellular in its structure." Todd explained.

"Sounds like we have much to learn, huh?" Jason commented.

"And you will, don't worry." Todd assured us.

We finally arrived at a doorway, which opened for us as we approached, Star Trek style.

Looking inside, we saw a large living area, beautifully decorated and furnished. There were two unusually shaped lounges, such that one could rest his legs in a spread position to accommodate a person sitting on a small saddle shaped seat in the middle. These, we learned, were `feeding stations'. One could sit and feed anyone who requested it from one's penis without assuming an awkward position. Jason and I had never seen anything quite like it. We smiled at each other as Todd explained the feeding stations to us. These same stations, like the mobile unit the agents had first brought to Todd, while was staying at my house, had glans cuffs and nutrient nozzles, as well... One nozzle for rectal insertion and one for penile insertion.

Todd and Rick gave us a thorough tour of our quarters, including the intercom system, entertainment system, and sleeping cradles. Jason and I could occupy a single sleeping cradle. It was suspended from the ceiling and made of a material that conforms instantly to one's body and to the position one prefers to sleep in. The material offered no resistance to the presence of someone occupying it. It was like sleeping, literally, on air.

When everything had been explained, Todd showed us how to contact him on the intercom system, in case we needed anything, as the night progressed. Todd, having finished his explanations moved to the door with Rick and Toddy to retire to their own quarters.

"I'll come by in the morning and feed you both. Then I know the doctors have more examinations in mind for each of you. Later we'll tour the Natrix, and conduct a ceremonial introduction and greeting session with the Natrix boys."

"Can I feed them, instead, Daddy?"

"If Barry and Jason agree to it, why don't you ask them?" Todd replied.

"May I please be the one to feed you in the morning? Toddy asked.

"Actually, I, personally, could use a feeding right now...all this has really aroused my passions, I'm not sure I can wait till morning. Would you like to feed us now, Toddy?" I suggested.

"Sure, I'd be happy to." Toddy replied.

"OK, Toddy, Rick and I will go to our quarters, you can join us when you are finished the feeding." Todd proclaimed.

"OK, Daddy." Toddy replied.

Todd and Rick joined hands, affectionately, and left the room.

"This is GREAT", Toddy said. "I have to tell you that I can't produce as much semen as my Daddies, but I can produce enough to feed both of you. In another year I'll be able to produce semen in the same quantities as my Daddies, then I can really fill you both up."

"I'll look forward to it, Toddy. You are certainly a beautiful boy, your Daddies seem to have bestowed their respective best upon you." I complimented.

"Thank you, Barry. There are very many boys in the community at least as beautiful as me, but I appreciate the compliment." Toddy replied.

He went on:

The community generally acknowledges my Daddies as amongst the most beautiful in the community, and, of course, I'm partial, but they really are incredibly beautiful, wouldn't you agree?

"Stunning, Toddy, they are each and both absolutely stunning. So are you."

"Thank you, Barry. You're very kind." Toddy replied.

"I'm only being honest, Toddy."

Toddy smiled and nodded nodded. He pointed to the feeding station:

"Shall we?"

Toddy reclined in the feeding station and Jason took his place first on the saddle.

"May I kiss your testicles and scrotum, Toddy? It seems to be the correct protocol for establishing a new relationship here on The Natrix." Jason began.

"Yes, of course you may, Jason. Please help yourself to me." Toddy replied.

Toddy looked over to me and said:

"You too, Barry, when it's your turn, have all of me you wish. You saved my Daddy from any harm in the X-Y world, I love you and Jason very much for that and will share myself with you in a special way."

"Thank you, Toddy. I was pleased to assist your Daddy. He owns a special place in my heart now, and always will. As his lover and son, you and Rick will always have a place in my heart as well.

"Believe me, Barry, you and Jason will always have the love of my daddies and me and we will share ourselves with you in the most special and intimate manner. When the doctors give the go ahead, we will not only feed you but be intimate with you sexually in the expression of that love." Toddy assured us.

"I can't imagine anything more wonderful, Toddy. Thank you."

"Well, let's get you fed for now." Toddy said.

Jason, seated directly in front of Toddy's awaiting genitals, lifted Toddy's penis to better expose his scrotum. He turned to me, Toddy's penis still resting in his hand and said:

"It's heavy, huh?" Jason confessed.

"So is Todd's." I replied

Jason began licking and kissing Toddy's scrotum and kissing his testicles. Toddy immediately developed a powerful erection and pre-cum appeared at his meatus and began to run down the shaft of his penis. Jason licked it away as it appeared in copious quantities.

Jason continued to lick Toddy's precum onto his tongue. He began to gently kneed Toddy's testicles as he, simultaneously, took Toddy's penis into his mouth.

Jason began to slowly move his head up and down on Toddy's penis to felate him.

Toddy looked at me and smiled, as Jason continued to perform the slow fellatio on him:

"I think he's ready for the feeding." Toddy remarked, with a smile.

Toddy turned to Jason, once more, and said:

"OK, Jason, thanks for the extra stimulation, it feels wonderful. Be prepared now, here comes my semen."

Toddy closed his eyes and unloaded his precious load into Jason, who began swallowing as quickly as possible to take it all in. I could see Toddy's penis swell and pulsate as his ejaculation proceeded. When Toddy concluded his ejaculation, Jason continued to lick the residual semen from his meatus. Jason traced Toddy's perineum to bring the remaining semen to Toddy's meatus, where Jason took it in as well.

Toddy's penis never gave up its erection. Jason continued to hold it affectionately as Toddy turned to me and said:

"It's your turn now, Barry."

"You don't require a refractory period? I asked, before I realized that I had come to understand that from my feedings from Toddy's Daddy, Todd.

"No, that's an X-Y trait" Toddy replied.

"Great!" I said.

Jason released Toddy's penis long enough for me to take his place on the saddle.

Since Toddy had already given me permission to do so, I began licking his scrotum and kissing his testicles, as Jason had just done. His balls had that same sweet taste as Todd's cum. That French Vanilla taste was there along with the compelling pheromone that I began reacting to, with my own erection. I took Toddy's balls into my hand and began kneading them in the same fashion that Jason had.

"It feels really good, Barry. You and Jason have very good technique. I'm impressed. Are you ready to be fed? Take me in, now, and I'll feed you. Please perform fellatio on me as Jason had done. It was quite stimulating." Toddy advised.

I slid Toddy's penis along the length of my tongue and into my mouth.

"Feels good, Barry". Toddy commented.

I began to perform fellatio on Toddy's beautiful young penis. I could feel his scrotum retract in preparation for his ejaculation.

"I'm going to feed you now." Toddy said.

If Toddy produces less semen than his Daddy, Todd, it can't be by much. He exploded into me, filling my mouth in the same delicious fashion, as had his Daddy.

"God, you're delicious, Toddy." I said when, I removed his penis from my mouth.

"Thanks Barry." Toddy replied, as I licked the residual semen from his meatus, after tracing it from his anus, along his perineum, to the tip of his pink, hot dick.

"Thank you, Toddy." I said.

"That should hold you over till morning, when Daddy comes to feed you again." Toddy advised.

"Toddy, I'm not sure you ejaculate in significantly smaller quantity than your Daddy. You produce a lot of semen." I assured him.

"Really? I must be maturing a bit ahead of schedule. When Daddy asks me to feed him next time, I'll ask him if I'm there yet. Thank you, Barry." Toddy said.

"Tell your Daddies that you did a good job feeding Jason and me, and we appreciate it."

I requested.

"Thanks, again, Barry. I will. They will be pleased to hear that." Toddy said, with a smile.

"Barry?" Toddy asked.

Yes, sweet boy." I replied.

"May I kiss you and embrace you for a few minutes before I leave? I want to show you my gratitude for saving my Daddy from harm and make a gift of my affection to you."

"Of course you may, Toddy." I replied.

Toddy pointed into the next room where the sleeping cradles. We went and got into the cradle. It was wonderfully comfortable. Toddy got in along side of me and placed his cheek on my breast. His beautiful, flowing blond hair graced my chest and his warmth was compelling. I hugged him to my and stroked his hair while kissing his forehead.

"Thank you, Barry, for taking care of my Daddy. I'll always be grateful to you and share my affections with you and with Jason as well. I know you were the first to come to his aid, and had you rejected him, Jason would never become involved, so my love and affections are especially for you, Barry. I love you very much."

With that he raised his head and kissed me passionately on the mouth. It was the sweetest kiss imaginable. Afterwards, he looked deeply into my eyes and said:

"I see why my Daddy came to love you so strongly, Barry. You are gentle in your affection and I can sense the power in your love. I love you, too. My Daddy, Rick loves you as well. Never doubt that."

We continued to lie there for a while, me stroking his hair and his cheek resting on my breast.

Jason was standing in the doorway and remarked:

"This is really beautiful, you two. A genuine expression of love and affection. It's beautiful"

Toddy looked up at Jason and said:

May I hug you too, Jason?

"If you wish, Toddy." Jason replied.

Toddy rose from the sleeping cradle and approached Jason. In hugging each other, their penises rubbed together. Jason reached down, took Toddy's butt into both hands and pulled him still closer.

"Thank you, Jason, for helping my Daddy to come home to me. My Daddies and I will never forget what you've done." Toddy said.

"You're a remarkable young man, Toddy. It's an honor to share your affections." Jason said.

"You and Barry will have a lifetime of that affection, Jason. I promise that." Toddy said.

"Wonderful, Toddy, and our affections will always be available to you, as well." Jason said.

"You'll learn that while we feed each other routinely, sharing hugs and kisses is not something we do with just anyone. It only with those we love that we share such affection and engage in passionate sexual expression." Toddy instructed us.

"I'm especially honored, then Toddy. I love you." I said, as Jason nodded in agreement.

Toddy smiled widely and said:

"Well, I guess I should let you two unwind and get some rest. The Docs will keep you quite bust tomorrow." Toddy said.

"Goodnight, Toddy. Thanks for feeding us with your essence, and especially for the affection you honored us with." I said.

"Goodnight, guys. Rest well. Daddy will be here to feed you in the morning, before the Docs begin their examinations. I love you and will see you tomorrow." Toddy concluded with a smile.

Toddy turned and walked out into the hall, his cute butt in beautiful display as the door closed to block our view.

I turned to Jason and said:

"As I said earlier, Jason, my sweet, we are surely in homo-heaven."

Jason smiled and nodded.

Jason and I tried to acquaint ourselves better with all the gadgets and gizmos at our disposal. It was an amazing array of equipment, far beyond anything available in the X-Y world.

After we decided we were going to need much instruction on most of this stuff, we decided it was time for bed. We were both very anxious to spend our first night together on the Natrix wrapped in each other's arms.

Soon were in the sleeping cradle, lying face-to-face, penis-to-penis.

"Barry, I want so much to make love to you, but I'm completely spent from earlier."
Jason said.

"Me too, my sweet Jason. It's probably best to wait till the doctors have finished with us, anyway." I suggested.

We continued to lie there looking into each other's eyes and kissing each other affectionately.

"Barry?" Jason started.

"Yes. Sweetheart." I replied.

"I can't wait. I want us to be lovers from the very first night we are together on the Natrix. Do you think we can work up a good fuck?" Jason said.

"We can damned sure try." I replied.

"GREAT!" Jason proclaimed.

Jason reached between my legs and began massaging my anus. At the same time, with his other hand, he began slow stroking his penis to produce precum. Soon he was producing precum, and so was I.

Jason collected both his and my precum onto his fingers and used it to continue massaging and lubricating my anus in preparation for his penetration. He gazed lovingly into my eyes as I felt the warmth of my love for him begin to glow.

He continued to collect our precum and used it to lubricate the shaft of his penis. His penis glistened in the light with that precum as it became increasingly swollen and began palpitating.

"Barry, is it OK?" I want to show you my love now. Can you take me in, or do you need more lubrication?" Jason asked in a concerned tone of voice.

"I think my anus is sufficiently relaxed and lubricated, Jason. Let's do it. I'm as anxious to feel you inside me as you are to be in me." I said.

I spread my legs to accommodate him. He raised my heels to his shoulders to better expose my anus.

"I'll be slow and gentle, Barry. I would never want to hurt you." Jason said.

Still looking into his eyes, I said:

"Thank you, Baby. Go ahead."

Jason moved slowly and deliberately to position his glans at the entry point of my anus.

" Here I go, Lover" Jason said lovingly.

It was the first time he had called me lover. It was wonderful. I hoped he would never stop calling me lover. It produced a reaction in me such that I was completely at ease with him. I felt my anus relax to welcome him into me.

Gently he pushed into me with a barely audible groan:

"God, Barry, you're really hot inside. My dick is swelling up from being in you."

"The glans tends to do that, sweet Jason, when really excited, the shaft as well, but especially the glans. I feel it swelling too. It's wonderful." I said.

"I Love You, Barry. Please let me fuck you as a sign of that love." Jason requested.

"Yes, Jason, please do. I love you too...I have since I first saw your big boner protruding against your uniform pants at the Base gate. I was so flattered that you would find me attractive, my heart began immediately to make a place for you...so yes Jason; FUCK ME, I welcome you into me." I invited.

Continuing to look me in the eyes, his beautiful blue eyes seemed to dilate as he began to slowly slide his penis in and out, slow stroking it toward ejaculation. I could feel the precum gushing from his meatus to fully lubricate him and me as well.

Finally, as I held his waist in my hands to be excited further by his rhythm, he began to slowly close his eyes, saying:

"Here it is, Barry. Please take it into yourself. It's my essence, and it's all yours."

With that I could feel his hot cum being blasted into my rectum. He continued to stroke for a long time, his cum continuing to spurt from his magnificent penis. It was so much, that some of it ran back down the shaft of his penis and exited my anus, pooling at the base of his penis, in his pubic hair. It shone in the light like white pearls.

I was emotionally ablaze for him.

He reopened his eyes and still slow stroking into me said:

"Just for you, Baby, just for you...was it good for you?"

"God, Jason, it was beyond description...you're too much." I assured him

"I love you, Barry. I never want our sexual expression to be a disappointment to you." He said.

"It could never be, sweet Jason. We love each other, you could never disappoint me." I asserted.

He continued to stroke his beautiful penis back and forth in me until he was sure he had placed all of his essence into me. Then he slowly stopped, but stayed inside of me.

"Do you want the residual for your tongue?" He asked.

"Yes, I do. Please."

Jason slowly removed his penis from me and moved to place his penis before my lips. I licked the cum, still pooled upon his meatus, onto my tongue. It was hot and it was delicious. I traced my finger along his perineum and coached his semen, still hiding in his urethra to his meatus and kissed it onto my lips, as well.

Jason was sunburn-red in his passion for me. I was very flattered, that someone of his uncommon beauty could be that turned-on by me.

As I kissed away the final drop of his semen, I noticed the cum still pooled up at the base of his penis.

"I want that too, Baby" I declared.

"It's all yours." He replied.

He moved to place the pool of semen within reach of my eager tongue. I wasted no time entangling my tongue in his blond pubic hair until I had received it all.

"You're the best, sweet Jason." I proclaimed.

"You really think so, Barry? I'm sure you've had better than me." He suggested.

"Don't underestimate yourself, Jason. You really are the best. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it." I insisted.

"Thank you, Barry...God, I love you so very much." Jason said firmly.

"That means more to me than you can imagine, Jason. I love you as much. I know we will remain lovers forever." I added.

I know Jody was your greatest love. I know I can't ever take his place. I will never try. I will only offer you all my love and hope our love will be as strong." Jason said, still looking into my eyes.

Yes, sweet Jason, Jody was the greatest love I had ever known to that point in my life. I will make a baby with him, thanks to the technology available here on the Natrix. I will make one with you as well; the two will be brothers. We shall nurture them and love them beyond the telling, Jason. The love between us shall only grow. You are my Lover, Jason...my only lover." I concluded.

Yes, Barry, we'll raise both boys in our love. You'll have Jody with you once more, in a very real sense, and we will both love him with our own love and in Jody's name as well. I wish I could have known Jody, Barry. He must have been a very special person for you to love him as you do.

"Now...please don't make me cry. Jody is gone. But he can live on in our son as both Jody's and mine, but also as Jason's and Barry's. He will be ours, Jason."

"I know why Jody loved you so much, Barry. It's why I love you so much, too. I hope Jody is looking down to put his blessing on our relationship."

"Why would that be, Jason." I inquired.

"Because you pour your soul into a love relationship, not just your libido, nut your soul. It's what I understand real love to be all about. I'm sure it's what compelled Jody to love you as he did. I know it's what compels me to love you as I do." Jason observed.

"You're very wise, Jason. Indeed the theologians teach us that love...TRUE LOVE...as opposed to romantic love, is, indeed a function of the soul. It is commonly expressed with the only real means we have at our disposal, our sexual potency ...But at its root is the operation of the soul. True love, therefore, is the ability of two souls to unite with each other in a poor mimic of the action of the Trinity. That is a tremendous insight, Jason. Well Done." I said.

"Don't brag on me, Barry. I read it in one of your articles." Jason said with a laugh

I joined him in that laugh, as we settled back into each other's embrace.

"Please, Barry, fuck me now. It will consummate the beginning of our relationship as lovers."

Without saying a word, still gazing into his hypnotic eyes, I smiled and kissed him sweetly on his lips. I moved into position to achieve my entry into him. I was already producing precum in ample quantities so I gathered up some of it and began to massage his anus.

"God, it feels so good, Barry. It turns me on to the max." Jason said in a low voice.

"I'm not even in yet, Baby." I said with a smile.

"I know. I can't wait for you to be in me, Barry." He said.

I continued to massage his anus until I felt it relax to my touch.

I inserted on finger, then two. He groaned in a low tone as he felt my third finger enter.

"I'm ready, Barry. Fuck me. Please, FUCK me now." Jason begged.

I felt him quiver as he felt my meatus against his anus.

"Yes, he whispered."

I began to penetrate into him slowly, and gently.

He took a deep breath as he felt me entering him.

He looked deeply into my eyes and nodded.

I nodded in return and completed my insertion into him.

He was so hot inside; I thought I would burn my penis.

He began contracting his rectum in a rhythmic fashion, the motion itself stroking my penis. It was so erotic, so exciting.

I began my pelvic thrusts into him. I was slow and gentle. He continued to look into my eyes. His eye contact was so loving, so inviting. I could feel our souls beginning to become one. Sure we were engaging in a transient pleasure, but beneath it was the genesis of a true and eternal joy.

I held his penis and stroked it in synchronization with my strokes at fucking him.

"It's time, Baby. I'm going to cum." I announced.

"I love you, Barry. Cum into me. I want your essence inside me." He replied.

I quickly moved from emission to ejaculation and exploded into him. He watched me as I slowly closed my eyes to fully relish in my orgasm. My ejaculation was still in progress when he said:

"Your cum is really hot, Barry. It's Great. Put it all in me."

I could only nod.

My ejaculation and its associated orgasm was protracted and punctuated by the love I felt for Jason. When I finally opened my eyes, as my ejaculation came to an end, my beautiful Jason was still looking into them with that powerful and seductive gaze. It suddenly occurred to me that Jason looked very much like Christopher Atkins in his early years, i.e. his Blue Lagoon years. Jason's penetrating blue eyes and his physique would, actually, put Christopher in a position of envy.

When I finished, I didn't want to withdraw from him. I wanted to stay in him for the rest of my life. He interrupted that fantasy when he said:

"I want to suck the rest out of you, Barry."

I moved to place my penis close to his mouth. He first pushed the remainder of my cum up along my perineum...or my `taint' in the vernacular, till it pooled at my meatus. He then reverently brought his lips to my meatus and kissed my cum onto his lips, then licking it onto his tongue. He took my penis into his mouth and sucked until he was certain he had received it all. My corona was still supersensitive from the orgasm I had just experienced and Jason's sucking action had me seeing stars.

We spent some time lying next to each other and kissing and caressing each other until we found ourselves in the "Arms of Morpheus", sound asleep.

In what seemed like an instant, the intercom came to life. It was Todd.

"I hope you guys are awake. Toddy told us that you had complimented his feeding of you last night. He was flattered at your remarks. He has requested to feed you again this morning. Is that acceptable?"

"Of course!" I replied at the intercom, assuming it to be in speakerphone mode.

"Great. Toddy will be there shortly."

"Wonderful. He's an exceptional boy. Jason and I are becoming very fond of him." I replied.

"He is, indeed. Rick and I are pleased that you recognize those same lovable traits in him that we have always observed. He's a very loving boy. He's quickly becoming fond of you both, as well." Todd said.

"I held him in my embrace for some time last night. It was a tremendous bonding experience. I feel honored by that experience." I asserted.

"It was a bonding experience for him as well. He talked about being in your embrace at length when he returned home last night." Todd informed.

Toddy's voice then came from the intercom.

"I'm on my way. I hope your hungry." He suggested.

"We look forward to it, Toddy." Jason answered

"Me too. I feel very special that you allow me to feed you. You could choose anyone else on the Natrix, who would be honored to feed you. It's an honor for you to have selected me." Toddy said, as the intercom went silent.

Jason and I continued to lie there until the door opened to reveal Toddy, partially erect standing there. God, that boy is stunning. He is so beautiful I thought.

"I took some extra nutrient rectally last night, so I'd have maximum semen to feed you with now. Are you ready?"

"We really should have showered our X-Y bodies first, I suppose. It would have been the polite thing to do." I said.

"Well, we can all shower together and I can feed you both during the shower. Does that work for you?" Toddy suggested.

"Sure. That would be GREAT!" Jason interjected.

Soon, we were in the shower together. The hot water was refreshing.

"Where's the soap?" Jason observed.

"The water used in our showers contains its own cleansing agent and an agent that penetrates and hydrates the cells. I guess Daddy forgot to mention that, last night." Toddy advised.

"They've thought of everything, it seems" I mused.

Toddy smiled.

After we had let the water do its job. We turned to Toddy. He knew what we wanted.

"Ready to be fed?" He remarked.

"Yes, Please."

Why not just kneel before me, right here?" Toddy suggested.

Jason and I went to our knees. We knew this drill from one of Todd's feedings. We placed our faces cheek to cheek to ensure we would lose as little as possible as Toddy moved his penis from one mouth to the other.

Toddy moved to place his penis between our eager mouths.

"I'll start with Jason." He announced

Jason opened his mouth to accommodate Toddy's perfectly formed penis.

Toddy lifted his penis to position it for the feeding. He stroked that wonderful penis for a few strokes.

"OK. I'm going to begin the feeding now." Toddy said, as he move his hand to hold his penis at its base and simultaneously place it into Jason's eager mouth.

I could see the pulsing of Toddy's penis as he began his stream of cum into Jason. While that stream was still going on, Toddy looked me and nodded. I knew the cue.

I opened my mouth to accept him

He withdrew from Jason and quickly moved his penis to my mouth, shooting semen onto both our cheeks during the action. His cum was super hot on my skin. It was wonderful. Before I could collect it, the water washed it away.

Toddy filled my mouth repeatedly. I had learned to swallow quickly and to keep his glans and its meatus at my lips, as if kissing it, to maximize the space in my mouth.

His cum was particularly sweet this morning, tasting more like sugar than the French Vanilla we had become accustomed to. It was delicious. I couldn't get enough.

I fondled his balls as he continued to unload into me.

"Nice technique, Barry. Feels really good. I'm anxious for the Docs to give permission for us to be intimate." Toddy said, as I kneaded his testicles gently.

"I'm about finished, guys. I hope this was enough to hold you over for a while." Toddy said.

I felt the flow of his semen begin to diminish. I continued to swallow quickly, lest I lose any of his precious essence to the floor.

"Can I have the residual?" Jason asked.

"You May!" Toddy replied, correcting Jason's grammar.

Toddy moved to stand directly in front of Jason. Toddy spread his legs to allow better access to his perineum. Jason wasted no time pushing the residual cum to Toddy's meatus. Jason sucked it all into his mouth.

"God, you Y-Ys are delicious, Toddy." Jason declared.

Toddy smiled.

"Barry, I want very much for you to hold me, as you did last evening, but there's little time. The Docs will be waiting for you both. Perhaps you will grace me with your affection later?" Toddy suggested.

"Of course, sweet boy. I promise. It's as wonderful for me as it is for you. I look forward to it." I replied.

"Me too, I look forward to it." Toddy remarked.

"We'll have plenty of time to enjoy each other's affection. Don't worry." I said.

"Barry, I might not ever have seen my Daddy again if it weren't for the risks you took. I love you for what you did. I want to always show you my affections."

"I'm coming to love you very much, as well. So is Justin. You are quite precious to us."

It's true, Toddy. You really are precious to us both...But please don't love us out of a sense of debt to us. You owe us nothing.

Toddy nodded.

"I'd better take you to see the Docs now."

"Very Well, Toddy. Lead us to them" I replied.

Toddy led the way and soon we were at the examination rooms.

"I'll return to take you back to quarters. The Doc will send word when they are finished with you." Toddy said as he turned his gorgeous butt to us and proceeded to the door.

"Welcome Jason, Barry. I know you must be weary of all this medical scrutiny, but it's quite necessary to protect the Natrix community as well as yourselves." The Doc said.

Before we could reply the Doc went to one knee and kissed first my balls and meatus and then Jason's.

"In your world, the greeting of strangers, or those you haven't seen in a long while consists of `shaking hands'...a profoundly empty gesture it seems to Y-Ys. Here it is the reverencing of the genital organs." It might be novel and even strange to you, now, but you'll become accustomed to it and come be feel very honored by it. It's a recognition of the sacred nature of your potency and ability to bring new boys into our community.

"We're getting used to it more and more already, Doc." I confessed.

"Good, Good. It's a profound gesture of respect toward you. In fact there will be a ceremonial greeting service later today. It's a mutual respect event. Todd will explain it to you, later." The Doc advised.

He went on:

Let's get you up into the stirrups now, so we can get this completed.

There were two examination tables with the kind of stirrups used to examine women in the X-Y world.

Jason and I took our positions on the respective tables; Our legs spread, our feet in the stirrups exposing our genitals and anuses for examination.

"Comfortable/" The Doc asked.

"Fine. I replied." Jason nodded in the affirmative.

"I know you must be questioning all this attention to your genitals, but since you are to be Prima-Genitors it is imperative that we confirm that all your structures are as perfect as possible...for X-Ys, that is. Also, we must make note of any deficiencies that might limit your ability to produce sons with the Y-Y community, or restrict your production of sons to a particular segment of our community.

"We understand." Jason replied.

"Good." The Doc replied.

"Lets' get started, then." The doc said.

"Let's do it." Jason said.

"OK. Doctor Ferrell will examine you, Jason, while I perform the same on Barry."

He went on:

"By the way, I'm doctor Hennessy.

"Good to meet you Doc." I said.

"Let me explain what is about to occur, so you will better understand it as it happens." Dr Hennessy said.

He continued; holding up an instrument like the one used on us at Carswell by the docs there.

"I know you've seen an instrument similar to this in your initial examination, but this one is a bit different. It has a dual port system and a small balloon between the ports. It is inserted to that region where the ejaculatory ducts inject sperm into the seminal fluid from the prostrate. One upper port collects the seminal fluid; the lower port collects the sperm. The balloon is inflated between the two to prevent the normal mixing of the two into semen. Thus we can collect the two constituents independently for study. It spares us having to separate the two later. Does it make sense, thus far?"

"Sure, does it hurt?" Jason asked.

"Not at all. In fact you'll enjoy it." The Doc replied.

"Really?" Jason asked.

"Sure, because, once the catheter is in place and the balloon inflated, a glans cuff will be placed on your glans to produce an extremely powerful ejaculation. It will be one powerful orgasm. It will maximize the amount of seminal fluid and sperm each of you will produce. We placed the exam tables close enough for you to hold hands during that orgasm, as we know you are lovers, and would want this orgasm to be a mutual experience." The Doc suggested.

"Absolutely, Doc." Jason said, as he extended his hand for me to place my own into it, which I promptly did.

" Are you ready to proceed?" Doc Hennessy asked.

"Sure." I replied.

Doc Hennessy looked over at Doc Ferrell and nodded.

"You can watch the goings-on here on the monitor, if you wish." Doc Hennessy suggested.

We did. The TV camera on the end of the catheter allowed us to see the interior of our penises and urethras as it made its way to the desired position.

"We'll proceed slowly so we watch for any problems with your interior structures." Dr. Hennessy explained as he and Doc Ferrell made initial insertion into our meatuses.

As the catheter made its way up our interior tracks, Doctor Hennessy watched both monitors and commented to Doc Ferrell:

"Very healthy; Very robust structures for both of you. Wouldn't you agree Dr. Ferrell?"

"Indeed. Excellent specimen for X-Ys." Dr Ferrell replied.

We could see the ports for the seminal vesicles approach and go by as the catheter proceeded to the prostrate.

"Excellent!" Doc Hennessy remarked.

The inflation of the balloon felt quite erotic. It is an area that one cannot reach or stimulate for oneself. It felt really good.

OK, now we will attach the glans cuffs. I had already experienced an orgasm produced by the action of a glans cuff, so I had some idea what was to occur. Jason had not had this experience, so I turned to face him:

"You won't believe how intense this is going to be, Jason. Think of my love for you as it happens." I said.

Jason nodded:

"You do the same, Barry. I love you." Jason replied.

My turn to nod.

"Before we activate the glans cuffs, we will knead you testicles to excite them to deliver as much sperm as possible to your seminal vesicles for collection by the catheter." Doc Ferrell reported.

"Sounds like fun." Jason said with a chuckle.

"We'll do our best." Doc Ferrell replied, with a smile.

He went on:

"We will now apply a fluid to your scrotum and testicles. It penetrates the pores and produces a heating effect. It enhances the experience and encourages the nurse cells in your testicles to begin pushing the sperm to your epididymis. We will push it manually from there up your vas deferens toward your seminal vesicles."

"Wow!" Jason proclaimed.

"I think it will be a `Wow' experience, indeed." Doc Hennessy assured us.

Both Docs began applying the fluid. In short order, my balls felt like they were under a heat lamp. The heat caused our scrotums to extend fully, as one would expect.

The doctors began caressing and kneading our balls. This action, coupled with the heat from the fluid, produced an intensely exciting effect, as evidenced in the rock-hard erections Jason and I were both now sporting.

Doc Ferrell took Jason's penis in hand and squeezed it:

"Good firm erection, Jason. I'm impressed"

Doctor Hennessy took my dick in hand and squeezed it in similar fashion:

"You too, Barry. Very powerful erection, especially for an X-Y."

"Thanks, I think" I said.

"Oh, it's a compliment, don't worry." Doc Ferrell assured us.

The doctors now reached for our respective vas deferens and began to gently squeeze their contents up toward our seminal vesicles. I could actually feel the sperm coursing along the length of my vas at the Doctors urging. It was glorious. I must learn how to do this. I thought to myself.

"Ready for the ejaculation?" Doc Ferrell asked.

"God, Yes!" Jason blurted out.

Jason and I turned to look at each other, as doctor Hennessy reached to the control unit and switched on the glans cuffs.

Instantly, the sensation was overwhelming. Jason and I were gazing into each other's eyes, as the glans cuffs caused our penile shafts to enlarge and our glans to swell. The sensation internally was even more intense. I could see Jason's monitor and watched seminal fluid and sperm begin to flow into the his catheter's two collection points.

I could feel the same happening inside me.

"God, Barry, I'm going to cum." Jason exclaimed.

"Me too, Baby" I replied.

As the orgasm began, I felt I would surely black out. I looked at Jason to see his eyelids flutter as he fought off losing consciousness as well.

I felt my body shudder as the orgasm reached its crescendo. Jason's body was doing the same.

Jason squeezed my hand so tightly; I thought he would break my fingers.

We both blacked out, very briefly. As we both regained our wits, we looked at each other:

"I love you, Barry." Jason affirmed

"And I you, my sweet Jason." I replied.

"Good Job, guys!" Doctor Hennessy proclaimed.

I looked at him in query.

He held up two vials. One with a gray fluid, the other with the white seminal fluid one is accustomed to seeing in an ejaculation. Dr. Ferrell held up two vials as well, with Jason's contribution.

"Good Job!" Doctor Hennessy repeated.

The docs removed the glans cuffs from Jason and me.

"Before we do the rectal exam, we need to swab your penises for smegma. Although you have been circumcised. You will still produce smegma. We will treat you to stop producing it, as it is laden with bacteria that we consider very distasteful." Doc Hennessy said.

"What if we had been uncut?" Jason asked.

"You would have been circumcised before you left Carswell...or the deal would have been off." Doc Hennessy said with a shrug.

Doc Ferrell joined in:

"You have observed that Y-Ys are genetically such that they never had foreskins from the very beginning, they also don't produce smegma. There is no condemnation here, please don't misunderstand. In the X-Y world, foreskins are common. Some even prefer them. Our culture is repulsed at them. Sorry!"

"I have read much that the foreskin is the welcome mat for the HIV AIDS virus." I said.

"It's true, Barry. The Langerhans receptor cells on the underside of the foreskin are there to protect the glans penis from other types of infectious microbes, by ushering them into the immune system for destruction. Unfortunately, They usher the HIV retrovirus into the immune system, as well, where the virus is NOT destroyed, but, rather the immune system, itself, is destroyed." As this fact becomes more common knowledge in the X-Y world, I think circumcision will become accepted and preferred worldwide. Already, the U.N is suggesting programs such the Western countries pay for the circumcision of African men and boys. There will be resistance from certain of the tribes, as it is a religious bias in those tribes to remain uncircumcised." He explained.

The doctor opened a sealed package and removed a swab; Jason's doc did the same.

The docs used the swab around our corona rings and the area of our penile shafts below the corona down the point of our circumcisions. The chemical on the damp swabs produced a tingling sensation as it made its way around our coronas. It seemed that everything these docs did during the exam included some degree of erotic stimulation.

A very cute little one entered the examination room at this point, his semi-erect penis punctuating his beautiful physique. He took the vials containing and the swabs onto a small tray that he had brought with him.

Doc Hennessy turned to this cutie and said:

"Please get these to the lab for immediate analysis."

"May I make my greeting to Jason and Barry before I leave?" He asked.

"Sure, if it's OK with them. We were about to remove the catheters, so they won't be in your way." Doc Hennessy replied.

"Sure." I replied.

"Just give us a moment to remove these catheters, then." Doc Ferrell added.

As the doctor deflated the balloons and slowly removed the catheters, the cute little on remarked:

"Barry has very large testicles, he should produce much sperm to make many sons."

"Yes, the docs at Carswell noted that in his record. He was off the chart on their orchidometer. Jason is nearly as large. They should both be excellent Prima-Genitors for our community." The doc replied.

When the catheters were removed, the little cutie approached us.

"Hello, I'm Timmy. I'm honored to be among the first to greet you." The little one said, as he moved to kiss each of my testicles and then my meatus. He repeated the action for Jason.

"If you'll move to my side, so I can access you, I would like to return the greeting." I said.

He seemed taken aback by my offer.

The docs smiled and doc Hennessy said:

"Go ahead, Timmy, it's an honor."

Timmy moved to place his genital in my face. I turned to him and lifted his penis to better access his testicles. I kissed each testicle and lowered his penis to kiss his meatus.

"Thank you, Barry, this is a tremendous honor. The others will be envious that you made me among the first to be acknowledged.." Timmy said.

"Me too, Timmy." Please come over here. Jason added.

"Really?" Timmy asked.

"Absolutely." Jason replied.

Timmy moved to Jason, who kissed each testicle and Timmy's meatus, as I had done.

"Since you have so honored me, I'd like to make the formal request of your essences; May I?"

"Of course." I replied.

He wasted no time in saying:

"Barry, Jason, please honor me with your essences. I promise to always nurture, and guard, with my life, any precious offspring you present me with. You will receive in return all my love and that of those same offspring forever. I Promise it according to the code of The Natrix"

"You will have it, Timmy." I said

"Yes, you will." Jason added.

Timmy smiled widely and looked at the docs:

"WOW!" he proclaimed.

"Wow, indeed, Timmy. Now, you'd best get these specimen to the lab." The doc replied.

"Yes, Sir." Timmy replied.

"Come back, after you've delivered these to the lab and collect any rectal material we may have collected." Doc Ferrell said.

"Yes, Sir." Timmy replied again.

As Timmy left the room, Doc Hennessy remarked:

"He's an exceptional person. Very affectionate, as with most of our boys, very sweet in his affection. You have honored him. I am pleased that you have."

He went on:

Well let's adjust the exam table to better do the rectal exam.

The table was adjusted such that Jason's and my rectum was elevated to a point for better penetration by the docs.

"OK, guys; just relax and let us in. It won't hurt." Doc Hennessy said.

"We've done this before, Doc, no problem." Jason replied.

The docs inserted another catheter type instrument into each of our rectums. We could see inside ourselves via the monitors, as before.

Very good, you two, so on your first night with us you were sexually intimate...EXCELLENT!"

Jason and I turned to each other as the camera revealed our semen inside each other, not fully absorbed into our rectums.

"We wanted to consummate our love right from the start, Doc." Jason asserted.

"Excellent!" The doc repeated.

The exam proceeded without problems.

"Well, good news: each of you have rectums large enough and robust enough, in structure, to allow for rectal feeding or sexual intimacy with a Y-Y." We'll certify that in your records. You are free to engage our boys as you and they mutually choose." Doc Hennessy proclaimed.

"You should understand that the rectum of a Y-Y is different. It can produce a peristaltic motion that yours cannot. This motion will, effectively, stroke your penis, while it is inserted into the rectum of a Y-Y, enhancing your ejaculation and orgasm. You'll find it quite pleasurable." Doc Ferrell added

"Is that motion continuous" I asked.

"No, it can be turned on or off at will, much as you can clinch your anus at will."

"I'm envious. I wish I had that ability." Jason said.

"Sorry, Jason. We cannot make you into a Y-Y." We can retard your aging process greatly, bringing it nearly to a complete stop, and give you supplements and other drugs to bring you, in many attributes, somewhat like unto a Y-Y, but there are limitations. We can add a desired flavor to your semen, if you like, we will stop your production of smegma, we can do many things, but there are limitations, as I said. We cannot transform you into a true Y-Y...Sorry!" Doc Hennessy said.

Doc Ferrell interjected:

"Besides, your Prima-Genitor status is, in part, tied to the fact that you remain an X-Y."

Doc Hennessy nodded in agreement.

"It looks like you've both stopped producing feces. There is nearly no residual fecal matter in your colons. We'll flush that out of you. Feces are bacteria-laden, and have no place here. As you know, Y-Ys produce none and do not defecate. You will be permitted to be fed by our boys rectally, which, before now, would have been prohibited. Still, for the foreseeable future you will need to protect our boys by using a particular lubricant, which we will provide you with. It contains a anti-bacterial agent. Use it anytime you are fed by or are sexually engaged by a Natrix boy."

"No problem, Doc; we would never wish to place any Natrix boy at risk." I said.

"No Way!" Jason added.

"By the way Doc, I've not known hunger since I've been fed by Y-Y semen. It's quite amazing. I have no appetite for any other food." I said.

"That's normal." Doc Ferrell replied.

After the docs had flushed any fecal matter from us, Doc Hennessy said:

"Excellent, you two. Now I'm going to allow the remaining general examination to be conducted by two assistants. They will conduct routine MRI and other procedures and record the results in your records."

Timmy entered the room to collect the specimen flushed from our rectums.

"They pass with flying colors, Timmy." Doc Hennessy reported.

"WONDERFUL!" Timmy replied with a wide smile.

"He's gorgeous!" I commented, as Timmy left the room, once more.

"They all are, Barry." Doc Ferrell interjected.

"I told Jason last night that we were in homo heaven." I said.

Both Docs laughed.

"Yes, all Y-Ys are homosexual, so I suppose as an X-Y, you would feel that way. You'll find that part of our culture is a rather Spartan posture regarding how we treasure each other and would fight, to the death, for each other. Any affront toward any of our boys will be met by a response from the entire community. Any act of kindness, such as you showed to Todd, will be, similarly, met with the love and loyalty of the entire community." Doc Hennessy explained

He went on:

"The players, whose purpose will be explained to you later, understand that they are fighting to protect the community and are fierce in that fight."

"You docs are quite beautiful, too, if I may say so." I remarked.

"Thank you. We're Natrix boys too. Still it's kind of you to say that." Doc Hennessy replied.

Two little ones entered and the two Docs left the examination room, their semi-erect penises pointing the way. I was still adjusting to the fact that the entire Natrix community was naked, at all times. I was completely comfortable with it, but not so used to it that it made no impression on me as I encountered all the perfectly formed penises and testicles, on constant display.

Jason spoke up, once the Docs had left the room:

"Barry, do we really measure up? The Natrix Boys are so very beautiful."

"Jason, perhaps I should make you stand before that mirror over there on the wall. You are gorgeous, Jason. Except for the mark left on your penis from your circumcision, as a baby, you could easily be mistaken for a Y-Y." I replied.

"Thank you, Barry. Do you really think so?" Jason asked.

"Absolutely, Sweetie. Besides, I don't think we should ever try to compare ourselves to the Y-Ys...we'd be constantly disappointed in ourselves. We can only be what we are, X-Ys who have been honored to be Prima-Genitors to the Natrix community." I said.

"You're right, Barry, you're right." Jason replied.

The two assistants, gorgeous little ones approached and readjusted the exam tables to make it easy for us to get back to our feet. They led us to an adjoining room where the MRI and other exams were conducted. When all was completed one of the cute little assistants said:

"Thank you both for your patience, we're done here. You'll be informed as to all we have accumulated as test results, and a copy of your file will be available to you on the net."

Now, the other cutie spoke up:

"While we're awaiting Toddy's arrival, we'd both like to extend our formal greeting, if you allow."

"Of course." Jason said.

One of the cuties approached me, the other, Jason.

As the ritual goes, each of us had our penises gently lifted and our testicles kissed, then our meatuses. Then the two cuties switched positions and repeated the ritual. As the ritual came to closure Toddy entered the room:

"Great! I see that Greg and David have just greeted you and welcomed you."

"Yes, Toddy, it's Wonderful! We must return the acknowledgement." I said.

The two little cuties seemed surprised, as had Timmy, earlier.

Jason and I went to our knees and repeated the ritual on Greg and David. Their sweet genitals tasted like French Vanilla, as we had come to expect.

"We're honored! Greg proclaimed.

You really are." Toddy added.

"May we make the formal request?" David requested.

"Yes, please." I said.

They went to their knees.

In unison they recited:

"Barry, Jason, please honor me with your essences. I promise to always nurture, and guard, with my life, any precious offspring you present me with. You will receive in return all my love and that of those same offspring forever. I Promise it according to the code of The Natrix"

"Your request will be honored, my sweet boys."

They both smiled widely, their shoulder-length blond hair gracing their gorgeous faces as they rose.

"Thank you. This is a tremendous honor." Greg proclaimed.

As we left with Toddy to return to quarters, he advised:

"You two will be very tired if you try to acknowledge the entire community, one at a time. That's why a formal greeting ceremony is scheduled for this afternoon. It will allow you to be greeted by and to greet the entire community."

"GREAT!" We want to be recognized, by all, as part of this Community." Jason replied.

"By this evening that will be the case. Don't worry." Toddy assured us.

He went on:

"That's the reason Greg and David, and, from what I hear, Timmy feel especially honored. You singled them out for one-on-one recognition. It's a very big deal."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, and actually, most Prima-Genitors accept the greeting but don't necessarily return the greeting. After your DNA has permeated the community, you'd be acknowledging your own essence, which can seem supercilious." Toddy advised, as we continued to walk.

"We've got so much to learn." Jason said.

"Well, it's not me, just not me, not to return the greeting. I will always do so. It would be rude not to."

"It's OK, Prima-Genitors may do as they wish. You will be especially admired for returning the greeting in such a fashion. You may be perpetually tired from trying to do so. Do you have any idea how many of us are aboard The Natrix?" Toddy chuckled.

"I hadn't considered that." I replied.

In any case, the ceremonial greeting session, this afternoon should accomplish our responsibility in that regard, huh?" I suggested.

"Yes, it will." He confirmed.

He went on:

I understand that the docs have cleared you for rectal feeding." Toddy commented.

"Yes, but we must use this lubricant he gave us...to protect you Natrix boys from any residual bacteria that might still occupy our rectums." I replied.

Jason held up the large tube of lubricant we were given at the end of our examination.

"I see. Well, Timmy has already expressed a desire to feed you, and, of course I wish to do so as well. Do you give your permission for Timmy to feed you?"

"Of course." I replied.

"He wants to do so to thank you for acknowledging him, personally, as you did." Toddy explained.

"Fine" I said.

" Great, I'll inform him. We'll both be prepared to feed you in an hour or so. In the meantime, you will probably wish to rest after the rigors of your examination." Toddy suggested.

"Actually, I could use a little breather, after all the exams." Jason said.

"OK. Timmy and I will return in about an hour to feed you." Toddy said.

Toddy walked us to the door of our quarters, but did not enter. He left us alone to enjoy a little rest.

"We'll be here in an hour; Get some rest." Toddy said with his beautiful smile.

He turned to leave. His gorgeous butt, once more in full display as he walked away.

The door closed leaving Jason and I alone with each other.

We reclined next to each other on one of the lounges. We embraced and kissed each other lovingly. I stroked Jason's beautiful blond hair. He responded by blushing and cuddling up to me even more closely.

He was so relaxed in my arms, so malleable; I wanted to hold him forever.

Jason interrupted my fantasy about holding him perpetually:

"Guess we'd better lube up and be ready for our feeding." He said.

"Guess so, sweet Lover." I agreed.

Jason rose, retrieved the tube of lube and returned with it. The tube had an extended nozzle, more like a tube of caulk, to facilitate entry to our anuses. As he lifted my heels to his shoulders to expose my anus to the tube, I protested, jokingly:

"Oh My God, he's gonna caulk me shut!"

Jason smiled:

"No Way would I ever do that, Silly."

The lube produced a slight warming in my rectum. It felt good.

"Now me." Jason said.

We exchanged places, and I lubed up Jason's anus and rectum.

"Nice, warm, I like it, Barry." He remarked.

"Yeah, me too." I concurred.

As I was removing the tube from Jason's butt, the door opened and in walked Toddy and Timmy.

"Ah, I see you're preparing for us." Timmy remarked.

"Yes, we're ready." I replied.

"GREAT!" Toddy added.

"I'm not sure we can all get into the sleeping cradle at the same time, though." I said.

"No, no. We do this at the feeding station. There are two of them here, so you assume the reclining position, since this is a rectal feeding, Timmy and I will penetrate you from the center, after moving the saddles out of the way. You'll learn all the various ways to use the feeding stations. OK?" Toddy concluded.

"Sounds Great!" I replied.

"It's a great honor for me to feed you. It means a lot to me that you would permit me to do so." Timmy stated.

"We welcome you to do so, Timmy, and we appreciate that you would share yourself in that way."

"It's the duty of all Natrix Boys to feed each other. Still I consider it very special to feed you, our newest Prima-Genitors." Timmy said.

Jason and I assumed our positions at the feeding stations, as Toddy had instructed us.

The saddles were moved out of the way and The necessary button pressed to elevate the feeding stations to a higher level to mate with the penises of Toddy and Timmy and make it more comfortable for them to feed us from a standing position.

"Ready?" Timmy asked, as he raised his penis into position.

"Yes, Please." Jason replied.

Toddy and Timmy stroked their penises briefly to bring a pool of precum to their respective meatuses and to achieve full erections.

"OK, we now spread our natural lubricant onto your anuses. When we feel them relax against the presence of our glans, we will gently penetrate you. Then we will feed you with our semen." Timmy instructed.

As Toddy spread his hot precum onto my anus, I could feel it, immediately, relax and open to him. Jason must have been responding similarly, as both Toddy and Timmy getly pushed their pelvises forward to penetrate us.

"God...it feels so good." I proclaimed.

I continued:

"I love the feel of you inside me."

"Me too, I've never felt anything quite like it." Jason added.

Toddy and Timmy looked at each other and smiled.

"This will not be a sexual experience. Toddy and I both hope you will allow that at some future time. This is strictly a feeding." Timmy said.

"Please!" I said to encourage them to continue.

Timmy and Toddy took hold our Jason's and my penis and held them gently.

I could feel my rectum become very hot as Toddy pumped his precious semen into it.

"It's wonderful!" I said, as I felt his stream continuing into me.

"Wonderful!" Jason repeated.

The stream continued and continued. I could feel my rectum expanding to accommodate all the semen that Toddy was placing into it.

"Should we pull back, Toddy?" Timmy asked

Toddy nodded.

Toddy and Timmy retracted their penises to the point that only their glans remained inside our anuses. This would make more room available for the copious volume of semen they were blessing us with.

" I want the residual orally." Jason requested.

"Yes, me too." I added.

"OK." Toddy said.

When the glorious flow of semen subsided, Timmy spoke up:

"There will be a lot of residual semen. I can feel it in me."

"Same with me." Toddy added.

"Well, we want it all." Jason insisted.

Toddy's swollen glans, still inside of me, made a punctuated exit from me, as it expanded my anus as it left my rectum.

"Wow!" I exclaimed as Toddy withdrew.

"Did I come out too quickly?" Toddy asked.

"It's OK...in fact, it was GREAT!" I replied.

Timmy took a lesson from Toddy's quick exit from me. He very slowly and gently removed his penis from Jason's butt.

Jason emitted a protracted "Yesssssss" as he felt his anus snap shut after Timmy's beautiful glans made its exit.

Toddy approached me, his penis still erect, for me to take in his residual cum.

There was such a quantity of it, Toddy had cupped a hand underneath his meatus to collect it, lest it string its way to the floor.

Timmy approached Jason, in similar fashion.

I took Toddy's beautiful penis into my mouth and sucked his delicious French Vanilla into me. Jason was doing the same with Timmy when Jason, still with Timmy's penis in his mouth, went:


"Good?" Timmy asked.

After Jason had swallowed the gift that Timmy had placed into his mouth. He pulled Timmy's penis out of his mouth long enough to say:


He greedily placed Timmy's perfectly formed penis back into his mouth, not to miss out on a single drop.

Timmy replied:

I'm glad you like it. Most of the Natrix boys chose the French Vanilla, but I like the cinnamon. Most of those I feed seem to like it."

I was too busy taking in Toddy's French Vanilla to respond.

When we finished, the boys began to exchange places. Timmy moved to stand between my legs, and Toddy between Jason's.

"You don't require a recovery period?" Jason asked.

"It's called a refractory period, in the X-Y world" I added.

"No. We can ejaculate again immediately...X-Y's can't?" Timmy asked.

"No, we require a period of time before we can become erect again." I replied.

"We never become flaccid, as you have probably noticed. We become semi erect, but can stay erect indefinitely according to our wills. A flaccid penis is an X-Y trait." Timmy explained.

"Do you need a rest before we do the second feeding?" Toddy asked.

"I don't." Jason quickly interjected.

Toddy and Timmy smiled:

"How about you, Barry?" Timmy asked.

"No, I love being fed by your semen. Please go ahead." I responded.

"Unlike X-Y semen, our Y-Y semen is absorbed quickly in your rectum, so there should be space for another feeding." Timmy instructed.

"Feed us." Jason requested, firmly."

The boys placed their glans against our anuses gently. We were still lubed from the previous feeding. My anus invited Timmy in by relaxing and opening to his gentle pressure against it.

Timmy and Toddy looked at each other and nodded.

Timmy turned back to look me in the eyes:

"It's a privilege for me to do this, Barry. My essence is all I have to offer in gratitude for your earlier recognition, but it's yours always, anytime you want it. I hope you'll allow me a more intimate experience in the future."

I nodded.

Timmy's glans gently expanded my anus as it made its entry into me.

"Thank you, Timmy. This is wonderful." I said.

I could feel the hot flow from his meatus begin to fill my rectum. He continued to look into my eyes. His blue eyes sparkled as he allowed his flow to become even more copious. I wasn't sure I could hold it all in. He sensed this and retracted his penis to that point where only his glans remained in me.

He saw my reaction to him feeding me as my eyes partially closed.

"I'm glad you are enjoying it, Barry" Timmy said.

"Who couldn't enjoy this?" Jason said, as Toddy was pumping his French Vanilla into him."

I could feel the reaction to this second feeding, as my body absorbed Timmy's cum. A rush, like I had never felt, came over me. I could feel myself blushing as with an afterglow.

"It's the quantity, Barry. This much feeding produces that effect...I mean your blush. It's normal." Timmy assured me.

Again the boys retracted from us, and approached us to take in their residual semen.

Timmy's semen, as Jason had remarked, was like a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. It was sweet, and there was a hint of cinnamon, not overpowering, just a hint.

When I had taken him in, including the residual that had been hiding in his perineum, I licked the last of it from his meatus, and looked up into those sparkling blue eyes.

"It was marvelous, Timmy. Thank you." I said.

"Me too, guys. It was indescribable. I hope you'll feed us like this, in the future. Jason remarked.

Jason was still licking the residual cum from Toddy's dick when the intercom came to life:

"Ready for your tour?" Todd's voice asked.

"Shortly, Todd, we're just finishing a marvelous feeding from Toddy and Timmy." I replied.

"GREAT! That should satiate you for the rest of the day, at least. Did you like Timmy's cinnamon? I think he's delicious.

He sure is...so is Toddy's French vanilla.

When they feed you, orally, next time, have them both feed you simultaneously. The mixture is a wonderful flavor.

"Wow!" I hadn't considered that. It gives Jason and me something to look forward to.

"I think you'll really like it."

"They are both so sweet, and I don't mean just their semen, they are sweet, lovable boys." I offered.

"Yes, they really are. All our boys are. But Timmy and Toddy are extremely affectionate and lovable and, as you put it, sweet. I'm glad it is a trait you appreciate." Todd replied.

"Have the boys bring you both to the starting point of the tour, when you are ready. They know where that is." Todd requested.

"I know from holding you in my embrace, Todd, how affectionate, how powerful, the bonding experience is. I hope to do the same with them both. I'm sure Jason feels the same way." I remarked.

"Thank you, Barry. It was a tremendous bonding experience for me, as well. I'll never forget it, hope to repeat it, in the future, and will always love you for it. I'm sure Timmy and Toddy relish the notion of Jason's and your particular affections" Todd replied.

After we had, greedily, licked and sucked all the marvelous elixir from the boys, Jason remarked:

"I know this was a feeding, only, but I need to cum, BIG TIME!"

"Me too." I confessed.

"Cum?" Timmy inquired.

"Sorry...I need to ejaculate." Jason clarified.

" Oh, wonderful, may we feed?" Timmy asked.

"Absolutely." I replied.

The boys didn't bother to adjust the feeding station or replace the saddles; they simply bent over to take Jason and me into their mouths. My penis reacted, instantly, to the pheromone-laden amylase in Timmy's mouth. It became extremely erect, rock hard erect, and began to palpitate.

Timmy began a slow fellatio as Toddy did the same with Jason.

I could feel my scrotum retract, pumping my sperm to my ejaculatory duct, in preparation for my ejaculation.

I quickly reached emission. The shaft of my penis began to swell, as did my glans.

"I will feed you now, beautiful boy." I said, as I blew my cum against the back of Timmy's throat.

He had no trouble taking it all in, only swallowing after my ejaculatory spasm had ceased.

Timmy pushed my residual cum to my meatus where he kissed it into his mouth.

When he and Toddy had finished with us, they stood up, once more. Timmy spoke first:

"Different, huh, Toddy."

"The taste? Yes, it is different. Have you never had an X-Y?" Toddy asked.

"No...it's different. Not bad, just different. I guess that's the natural taste, kinda bland, with a slight sour component, as well." Timmy described the experience.

He went on:

"It's a tremendous honor, that you let us feed on your essences. Thank you."

"Anytime, Timmy. We love you both and will feed you, on request, if you really want it, after the experience of the taste." I offered.

"Oh, don't misunderstand. The taste is not bad, not at all. It was just a novel experience. I look forward to repeating the feeding, and appreciate that you have honored Toddy and me in this way." Timmy apologized.

"I guess they're waiting on us." I suggested.

"Yes, we can take you now."

"OK" Jason piped up.

Soon we were walking with Timmy and Toddy toward the start-point for the tour. Timmy reached over and took me by the hand. Toddy did the same for Jason. Now, we were walking hand in hand together. It was so sweet.

---------END OF PT IV, THE NATRIX BOYS------------