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Note: This story assumes the reader is familiar with characters introduced in my story "Forgive me, Jody" as well as PT I, PT II, PT III and PT IV of this story WHICH MAY BE FOUND IN MY PROLIFIC AUTHORS SECTION in "NIFTY"

The tour was the most mind-expanding...no, the most mind-blowing experience that Jason and I could ever have imagined. The notion that The Natrix could operate in or below the water or fly like an airship and was a disc shaped ship over five times the length of the biggest U.S. aircraft carrier in diameter was difficult to comprehend. Every conceivable amusement had been provided for the Natrix boys aboard the Natrix. Those that would be too space consuming were to be found on the underwater base from which The Natrix and its seven brother vessels operate, take on supplies, and service. The power source was orders of magnitude beyond nuclear. It is a technology neither Jason or I had ever heard of, and, I'm sure will take much more instruction for us to begin to understand. It is NOT nuclear, produces NO radiation or other detectable by-products. All we understand is that this power source manipulates gravity in some fashion.

We quickly came to appreciate the moving sidewalks. The size of The Natrix is so huge that none would wish to walk its distances.

Toddy and Timmy remained with us, holding our hands throughout the experience, and embellishing many of the technical explanations with their layman's versions of the same.

The "Playrooms" were of particular interest to Jason, who already had some basic understanding of the U.C.A.V. program. The Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle program allows the remote piloting of combat fighters and other aircraft. The public is shown video of these aircraft systems being operated from the backs of Air Force vans. This keeps the media at bay. The fact is that these vehicles are piloted from The Natrix or one of its brother vessels.

It was explained to us that the technology had progressed to the point that the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 will probably be the last fighter aircraft to even have a cockpit to accommodate a human pilot. Even those aircraft can be completely controlled by Natrix Boys operating from a Playroom.

When we entered a "Playroom" for the first time, we found boys seated in seats of two kinds, depending on the preference of the boy. There were seats that resembled conventional aircraft pilot seats, one would expect to find on a fighter aircraft. There were also positions where boys sat astride something more resembling a modern motorcycle...a crotch-rocket, as they are called. These boys were in a forward reclining position holding onto a joystick. As it turns out, the joystick is non functional. The "Players" as these boys are called, have glans cuffs attached to their penises and a penile nozzle inserted into their meatuses, as well as a rectal nozzle These nozzles ensure on-going nutrition and hydration to the Players. The glans cuff senses the Players' every command and executes the same in the aircraft's control systems. No manually operated controls are required. The glans cuff senses everything through its coupling to the nerves in the corona ring. The Player need only think.

As we stood there watching the Players operate, spray heads in the walls began to emit a blue mist, which became color-less as it dissipated into the air. It was explained that this mist acts to neutralize any pheromonal content in the air of the playroom. While the Y-Ys aren't as overwhelmed by the pheromone as an X-Y would be, it's an unwanted distraction to the Players. The pheromone level is sensed by special sensors and the blue mist injected into the air accordingly.

The boys wear an oversized pair of goggles, which provide them with a 360-degree, 3-D view of what's happening around the fighter aircraft. It's the same view a human pilot would have from the cockpit. Automatic systems do most of the control without human intervention on the part of the human pilot, if there is one, or from the player aboard The Natrix. On those rare occasions where such intervention is necessary, a player can take control completely, or assist the automatic systems in their response to the circumstances. Except for the goggles, the players are completely naked as with all other occupants of The Natrix. They are particular fetching as one watches them in action. One wishes that their penile nozzles were attached to one's mouth...but I lose myself in the fantasy.

It was beyond anything that, even Jason, could have ever imagined.

The Players operate in shifts, and those off-shift are on call at all times. They may be scrambled to join their fellow Players as necessary. Drills are conducted to ensure proper response times.

"It must have been Players whom we saw in the crowd that greeted us initially, Jason, remember those boys with their glans cuffs attached and the tubing and cabling tossed over one shoulder to drape down to their butts?" I said to Jason

Timmy spoke up, in response:

"Precisely, Barry. Players rarely remove their glans cuffs. Only when they sleep, as a rule, our during ceremonial events."

Jason added:

"I remember, Barry. I agree, they had to have been Players".

Our tour guide left us in the company of Timmy and Toddy to return us to quarters, as the tour came to an end.

When we arrived at quarters, we found two plastic bags awaiting us. One had Jason's name on it, the other, my name.

We opened the bags to find armbands, as we had seen on some of the boys earlier, and an identical, but much smaller band.

"I guess we're supposed to understand what these are, huh, Jason?" I said.

Jason shrugged.

"They really should have sent along an explanation." Timmy suggested.

Toddy jumped in:

"These are your formal I.D. bands. You see these colored bars that extend around the band in yellow, blue, red, green, etc.?" Toddy pointed out

"Yes." Jason affirmed.

"These color bars represent your DNA, as deciphered by the Docs. Notice they travel around the entire length of the band but only extend about a third of the way down the band. The purple band that goes around the length of the band designates you as a Prima-Genitor." Toddy explained.

The large band should fit around your bicep, if the docs took accurate measurements.

"What's the smaller band, it appears to have the same designations." Jason asked.

"Looks like a cock ring, to me." I said in a chuckle.

"Cock Ring?" Timmy asked.

"In the X-Y gay world, a cock ring fits around ones genitals." I responded.

"Oh, well, then, I suppose it would be accurate to call these cock rings." Toddy said.

"The bands are what you might call formal wear. Most of us only wear them at special occasions. Some find the armband uncomfortable and prefer the smaller...uh...the cockring." Toddy explained.

He went on:

"Many of our Prima-Genitors were one or the other most of the time, but it's not required." Toddy explained.

"I see." Jason replied.

"I'm sure they wanted you to have them before this evening's greeting ceremony. Most of the boys will be wearing them during the ceremony. The little ones, who haven't achieved the ability to produce semen, don't have them. It's a right of passage, so to speak, to be awarded one when one demonstrates his ability to produce semen. The little ones have gold armbands with no markings until then...or...cockrings, as you called them." Toddy concluded.

"So, we'll be expected to don them at the ceremony." I suggested.

"It's not mandatory, but yes, it would be a recognition, on your part, that you're now Natrix Boys" Toddy explained.

"Then, YES, of course we'll wear them.: Jason said.

I nodded in agreement.

"Natrix boys don't like to wear anything, as attachments to our bodies are considered most uncomfortable and even unnatural. These rings are for special occasions, only." Timmy added.

"After you've grown accustomed to being natural, or naked, you'll find any type a clothing or `appointments' as you might call them, to be something to shun...you'll be Natrix Boys.

"We're already becoming quite accustomed to being natural...and natural it is, indeed." I proclaimed.

"Yeah, nude is natural...it seems so obvious." Jason added.

"I know you might to take a bit of rest before the festivities this evening, but Timmy and I were hoping you might let us lie with you for some affection. It would be an honor for us." Toddy requested.

"Of course. We'd be happy to do so. Jason and I share one sleeping cradle, but we can use both for this, if Jason agrees." I said.

"Sure, I'd be delighted to hold either or both of you in my embrace." Jason said.

"Thank you very much." Timmy replied.

We took our positions in the sleeping cradles. Toddy cuddled up to me sweetly. His cheek was on my breast, as before, his flowing blond hair draped across my chest.

Toddy looked up to my face and I could see tears welling up in his precious blue eyes.

"What is it, Toddy?" I whispered.

"I miss my brother, Ricky." Toddy said.

"I understand, sweetheart, such a tragic loss is something only time can help with. It's a wound that never truly heals, but over time, one learns to cope with such a thing. Believe me, when Jody died, I began learning that hard truth. I will never truly get over losing him; he owns too much of my heart and his absence keeps my heart crying out for him. It is as it should be, but it hurts, it hurts a lot. Your heart cries out for Ricky, doesn't it.?" I asked.

Tears began to run down Toddy's cheeks as he nodded in the affirmative.

It's OK, sweetie, let it out. Tears are cathartic.

He placed his head back to my breast, as before. I could feel his warm, precious tears falling upon my breast, as Toddy took my advice and cried over the loss of his brother.

I stroked his hair, and held him tightly.

"Natrix Boys don't die, Barry. What could have happened to him?" Toddy asked through his tears.

"Have the Docs offered any explanation?" I asked

"Only that it was an anomaly; that it couldn't happen again, or at least the odds against it happening are astronomical." Toddy informed.

"Barry?" Toddy asked.

"Yes, sweetie." I replied.

"Who was Jody?" Toddy asked.

"Long before I met Jason, I had a lover named Jody. He was a most unique person. He and I shared an intense love. Our souls were united completely in the kind of love that theologians describe. He was physically gorgeous, and his soul was like a powerful magnet to my own. He died at the hands of his own half-brother..." I began

I swallowed hard and went on:

"It's difficult to talk about, sweetie, but I loved Jody as I have never loved anyone...until Jason came along. The love that Jason and I share is still growing from its infancy, but I sense that we will develop the kind of relationship that, once, Jody had blessed me with."

"Jody still loves you, Barry, I sense it." Toddy whispered.

A lump immediately developed in my throat. I could hardly speak.

"That is my prayer, always, sweetie, but I often consider that my absence from the scene, at the time, makes me complicit in his death" I managed to choke out..

"He still loves you, Barry." Toddy said.

"I hope you're right, sweetie." I said, holding back my own tears.

" Love is eternal, Barry. Jody still loves you." He assured me.

Toddy looked up at me to see my own tears welling up.

"Let them out, Barry. Tears are cathartic." He smiled sweetly at me.

Now it was my turn to cry, which I did, as I hugged Toddy tightly.

"How precious to me you have become, Toddy." I whispered..

"Barry?" Toddy whispered back

"Yes, Toddy." I continued to whisper.

"Please save some of your love for me."

"Of course, sweet boy. I do love you...and you should understand that when one gives love, it doesn't drain the reservoir of one's love, on the contrary, when you love, your reservoir is multiplied to provide you even more capacity for love. So I need not `save' any of my love for you, as if it were a finite commodity...you have your own infinite well of love in me, it's yours ...as much as you want it." I explained.

"Jody loves you, Barry. I can see why he would. My love is yours as well." Toddy flattered me.

I squeezed him even more and kissed his forehead, affectionately.

Soon, Toddy was asleep in my arms.

I looked over to Jason to see Timmy and Jason asleep in each other's embrace.

I wondered if Toddy really could sense that Jody still loved me. It was such a consoling thought.

I lie there, holding this precious boy in my arms, very much in similar fashion to the way I used to hold Jody. Memories of those days came flooding back into my mind. My precious Jody. How angry I had been at God for taking him away from me; The exquisite pain in my soul from losing him...

Natrix Boys don't require much sleep, so it was a matter of a few minutes when I felt Toddy stir in my arms. I had not slept during those minutes, as my mind was filled with memories of Jody.

Natrix Boys are genetically male only. They have no nipples; they have no belly buttons, or any female physical traits. It was somewhat curious to me, therefore, that Toddy ran his finger around my nipple as he stirred to awaken.

"Are these embarrassing to you X-Ys?" Toddy asked, as he ran his finger around my nipple once more.

"In the X-Y world, all guys have them, so, no, they are not a source of embarrassment. Will they be for us in the Y-Y world?" I countered.

"No, not at all. We understand. All our Prim-Genitors have them. Even without your armband, the presence of these, and your navel signify to all the community that you are an X-Y. The only X-Ys allowed here are Prima Genitors, so your armband is somewhat redundant. It does signify that you have willingly joined our ranks, so it's important in that regard." Toddy illuminated me.

Jason and Timmy were not yet awake, so I continued to whisper:

"Toddy, as Jason is proving the only medicine to help in my longing for Jody, I think a new brother would serve as the same medicine. Jason can never be Jody, and a new brother can never be Ricky, but they can take up their own homes in our hearts. It helps, that's all I can say, it helps."

"My Daddies plan to produce a new brother for me. I look forward to it. I hope they start on him soon. I think they are waiting for the Docs to assure them that what happened to Ricky can ABSOLUTELY never happen again." Toddy said.

" If they wait for absolutes, they may be waiting for a long time, sweetie. Encourage them to produce another brother for you. I'll do the same." I suggested.

"I will." Toddy agreed with a nod.

We continued to lie there as I stroked his hair and kissed his brow. He snuggled to me in a way that only Jody had done; it was wonderful. His cuddle was so sweet and gentle and filled with affection.

I was relishing in it when I saw Timmy begin to stir.

Timmy's eyelids began to open, revealing his beautiful deep blue eyes.

He saw me looking in his direction and smiled widely at me.

I smiled back and winked at him.

Toddy was still lying on his side; his cheek on my breast; his back and cute butt to Timmy.

Timmy raised one hand and pointed an index finger at Toddy:

"Is Toddy awake?" Timmy whispered.

"I'm awake." Toddy replied, for himself.

"You two look really beautiful, embracing that way. I think it's wonderful." Timmy proclaimed.

"What about us?" Jason said, demonstrating he was awake, as well.

"You guys are beautiful together, as well, Jason." I interjected.

Just then, the door opened and Todd stepped in.

"This is something quite rare, Barry. This sort of show of affection is reserved for those we love very deeply. The boys have paid you a rare compliment." Todd said.

Jason replied for us both:

"Timmy and Toddy are quickly winning special places in our hearts, Todd. They are special to Barry and to me."

"They are very special, even as Natrix boys go, Jason, each of whom is filled with this kind of love, as well. Timmy and Toddy have been best friends for a long time, looks like they want to be special friends with both of you as well." Todd said.

"They have been very helpful to us, Todd, the expression of their love for us in this way compels us, in return, to love them very much." Jason replied.

"I think it's wonderful." Todd affirmed, with a smile.

"Hi Daddy." Toddy said, still resting his head on my breast.

"Hello son. I'm pleased that you and Timmy have been so helpful to Barry and Jason. I just wanted to make sure that the I.D. bands fit properly and suggest that you and Timmy feed Barry and Jason shortly prior to the ceremony so they will be able to produce as much semen as possible." Todd recommended.

Todd turned to me:

"The ceremony is similar to the one you witnessed the other evening. I was asked to do a ceremonial greeting and feeding upon my return. You saw the rubric, so you'll be doing the same thing. Since there are two of you, the ritual will be modified slightly, such that you and Jason will stand on either side of the chalice stand. The little ones, who will represent the community, as it is impractical for the entire community to receive your semen, will approach, first you, Barry, and kneel on one knee to kiss your genitals, affectionately, then stand and move to the other side to do the same for Jason. Each will return to the re-form the line and await you and Jason to fill the chalice with as much semen as you can. When you have ejaculated into the chalice, you should move to the center and kiss to affirm your status as lovers. Then look out to the audience and proclaim: `Receive Our Essence' this will signal the little ones, to approach and sip from the chalice."

"Todd, we can't produce the volume of semen that you did the other evening." I asserted.

"We all understand that, Barry. The boys will only allow the semen to touch their lips; they won't sip from the chalice as they did for me. Your semen is considered especially sacred. It is Prima-Genitor semen. They will be honored to even let it touch their lips." Todd assured us.

He went on:

"Also, Timmy and Toddy will feed you at least twice before then. The absorption of their semen, in the feeding, will help your testicles and prostrate to produce the maximum amount you can. Just do your best. It will be fine."

"Our semen is produced in spurts, Todd, not in a continuous stream. It kinda embarrassing." Jason said.

"No, not at all. All Prima-Genitors produce semen in spurts, it's expected. Don't be self-conscious. It's all quite normal. The boys will love you for blessing them with your semen. It's your essence. Its sacred to us." Todd promised.

"We can't ejaculate at will, as a Y-Y. Do we masturbate till we ejaculate?"

"Why don't you allow Timmy and Toddy to do that for you. You can stand face to face over the chalice and let the boys take you to orgasm. Would that be acceptable?" Todd suggested.

"I suppose. I...I...well, I've never ejaculated in front of an audience." I said.

"It's a sacred event for us. Don't be self-conscious. Let the boys take you to orgasm, as we discussed. You'll both do fine. Don't worry. The boys love you deeply, they will masturbate you lovingly."

"Of course we will." Timmy promised.

"Be sure to bring your armbands." Todd said.

"We will. Did you say bring them...not wear them?' Jason replied.

At the end of the ceremony, I will officially proclaim you to be Natrix Boys. At that time I'll...no...I'll let Timmy and Toddy place them onto your arms. You will be, officially, part of our community.

Todd turned to leave and said to the boys:

"Feed them at least twice before the ceremony, boys." Todd said as he approached the door.

"The boys will bring you to The Great Room prior to the ceremony. I'll be there to answer any questions, and remind you how the ceremony proceeds." He said, as he left the room.

"Toddy?" I asked.

"Yes." He replied

"How did the other Prima-Genitors ejaculate for the ceremony?" I asked

"In different ways. Some used the glans cuff to stimulate an ejaculation; some use other boys to masturbate them, as you will do. Some simply masturbate themselves." He replied.

"Where are the other Prima-Genitors, Timmy?" Jason asked.

"They are on loan to our brother ships to help diversify their DNA Pools. They will be back, but not before the ceremony this evening." Timmy answered.

"There would be Prima-Genitors on The Natrix, at this time, on loan from one of those brother ships, for the same purpose, except we knew you would be here to introduce your DNA into our community and our DNA Pool" Toddy added.

"Should we do the first feeding now?" Timmy interjected.

"OK. My Daddy suggested that we feed them orally in a way that we mix our flavors, at some point. Maybe this would be a good time to do so." Toddy answered.

"Yeah, I think they'll both like it." Timmy answered.

"Is it OK with you two?" Timmy asked

"Of course, Timmy. I'm anxious to taste the mixture that Todd recommended to us." I said.

"Me too." Jason added.

"It's Daddy's favorite. I think you'll like it. It's how we feed Daddy, whenever he requests it."

"But, the volume of both of you gushing semen into either of our mouths, will surely be more than either Jason, or I can take in fast enough."

"I suppose that's right. Hold something under your chins, then, to catch the excess, then you can take it in last." Timmy suggested.

Jason brought a small cup from the pantry and said:

"I'll hold it under your chin while they feed you, Barry. Then, you can hold it for me." Jason suggested.

"OK." I replied.

"Just kneel here, in front of us, guys." Toddy requested.

We did. Jason and I knelt side-by-side as closely as possible so as to lose as little as possible of their precious cum as they moved their penises from one mouth to the other.

Toddy and Timmy stood side-by-side, but at an angle, such that their penises were glans to glans, at my mouth.

"We'll feed you, Barry, then we'll move to Jason. I hope you'll like the flavor of our mixture." Toddy said.

"I'm sure I will." I said, as I opened my mouth to accept the torrent I knew was about to happen.

Timmy and Toddy looked at each other and nodded. My mouth remained in the open for business position. The placed their glans together, lifted their penises to the correct position and placed them at my lips. I formed a kiss at the tip of their penises to encompass both meatuses.

Jason placed the cup under my chin, as I placed one hand on each of Timmy's and Toddy's butt cheeks, as a sign of my eagerness.

"Now." Timmy said.

The anticipated torrent began. It was delicious. I wanted every drop. I swallowed as quickly as I could, but with each swallow, they filled my mouth to capacity instantly again. It was impossible to take it all and it began to dribble from my mouth onto the shafts of their penises, where it ran down their shafts and, had Jason been less attentive, would have dripped from the bases of their penises onto the floor. Jason moved the cup to catch the residual semen from Timmy's penis and placed his other hand under Toddy's penis to catch the semen preparing to drip from its base.

I never wanted this feeding to stop. The taste was so delicious that one could become addicted to it. French Vanilla, made extra sweet with the mixture of Timmy's sugar and cinnamon.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" I emitted, unwilling to open my mouth to speak, lest I lose even a single drop.

"I think he likes it." Jason chuckled to Timmy and Toddy, who smiled in return.

"That's enough". Toddy said.

I felt the stream slow to a stop.

I opened my mouth and began licking the cum that had rundown their penises into my mouth, greedily.

"You did like it, huh?" Timmy asked.

"Oh my God, it's delicious. I could be fed with your mixture forever." I proclaimed.

"Thanks, Barry. We're flattered." Toddy said.

"My turn!" Jason insisted eagerly.

Timmy smiled:

We'll get to you right away, Jason.

Jason, eager for the taste, drank the excess semen mixture from the cup he had held under Timmy's penis.

"God...Barry's right...it's delicious!" Jason proclaimed.

"MORE!" Jason insisted.

Timmy and Toddy waited, as Jason and I exchanged places. I held the cup under their glans, still dripping from my feeding, to catch that precious semen.

Jason now pressed a kiss against their meatuses, as I had done earlier.

"Ready?" Timmy asked Jason.

He couldn't really answer, as his lips were occupied with their glans.

"Now, Toddy." Timmy said, to start the feeding.

"Immediately, I could see Jason's Adam's Apple bobbing up and down, as he tried to swallow all that glorious cum.

Jason, whose mouth is a bit bigger than mine, did a better job than I. Still, after a few seconds of the feeding, cum began to run down Timmy's penis, first, then, Toddy's. I replaced the cup to catch that precious mixture.

Jason was able to swallow faster than I, so his feeding proceeded a bit longer, before Timmy said:


Toddy nodded.

Jason's Adam's Apple began to slow in it bobbing, until, finally the flow of semen came to a stop. In similar fashion to my earlier licking of their penises, Jason greedily licked the cum from their shafts, and kissed the cum still pooling at their meatuses onto his tongue.

"Delicious, isn't it, Jason?" I suggested.

Jason made me no answer, as he was still busy licking at Timmy's and Toddy's penises.

"Did we do a good job?" Timmy asked, with a coy smile.

"Oh, God! You were miraculous!" Jason replied, still holding both penises gently at their bases.

Residual cum continued to appear at both meatuses. Jason kissed it onto his lips as it formed.

A rush began to swell in me from having consumed so much semen. I could feel my face blushing. I looked at my chest and arms. They too, were sunburn-red with the effect of the absorption of Toddy's and Timmy's delicious mixture.

THIS IS TRULY HEAVEN! I thought to myself.

I looked to Jason. He, too, was experiencing the same rush. He was red from head to toe in reaction to the feeding.

"God, this is GREAT!" Jason exclaimed.

"It is, INDEED!" I agreed

"I'm glad we pleased you. We're always on the ready to do so. Toddy and I love you both very much, we'll always be ready to service your every need. We'll feed you generously and satisfy you sexually, as you desire." Timmy said.

"Absolutely!" Toddy affirmed.

"Should we wait a bit for the second feeding? Perhaps, closer to the ceremony? We'll make the second feeding rectal. Our essences will be absorbed more completely and quickly." Toddy suggested.

"Fine, I can't wait." Jason said.

Both boys smiled widely and Timmy said:

"Whenever you say. We'll be happy to feed you as you desire."

Jason and I stood and I took Toddy in my arms. Jason, seeing what I had done, followed suit and took Timmy into his arms.

"You two are so very precious to me."

I hugged Toddy, tightly, and simultaneously looked Timmy.

"I love you both tremendously. So does Jason." I affirmed.

Toddy blushed as he responded:

"That means so much to Timmy and me. More than you can imagine. At first, my love for you was rooted in the fact that you saved my Daddy from a potentially horrible fate, but as I get to know you, I love you for who you are, Barry. My soul is compelled to love you. Jason, as well. I love you both very much, and I know Timmy feels the same way."

"Yes, I do. You honored me through your personal recognition. It's a tremendous honor, but more than that, I know that recognition sprang from your heart, from your love. It engenders a love response, and you will always have it." Timmy promised.

Jason and I squeezed Toddy and Timmy in our embrace all the more tightly. I kissed Toddy on the forehead. Jason did the same with Timmy.

"One day soon, I hope you will allow me to kiss you in a more passionate fashion, Barry. I know Timmy would like to do so, as well. Our purpose in enhancing your sexual experience is not to come between the two of you, but to help make your love even more intense, through our actions. Also, Timmy and I love you both that intensely, we would be honored to engage you sexually" Toddy explained."

Jason and I looked at each other quizzically.

"Of course, sweet boys. We relish the notion that you want to enhance our relationship in such a fashion. Having you as part of the equation of our love is both novel and compelling." I offered.

"Don't worry, we understand that certain aspects of your relationship will remain exclusive, but Timmy and I want to participate in your every pleasure to the extent we can amplify it. It's the Natrix way." Toddy explained.

"I'm quickly growing in my appreciation of the Natrix way, Toddy. I think it's the closest thing to heaven I can imagine." I confessed.

"All Natrix Boys love each other and feed and assist each other, as is our duty. When a relationship grows to become a more intense and particular love relationship, as it has between Timmy and I, then the next level of expression is sexual engagement. It may grow into an exclusive arrangement, or it might be inclusive of more persons that all share a more intense love. It is that sort of relationship that Timmy and I have and hope to include you and Jason in. I know it's a novel concept to X-Y lovers, who tend to think they can only love each other and that such love must be, in every respect, exclusive, but on The Natrix, there can be multiple lovers in a relationship. Timmy and I want very much to be part of your soul, we want our place, our home in your hearts; we want to give ourselves to that relationship unselfishly." Timmy added.

Toddy looked into my eyes so lovingly, even as Timmy looked into Jason's eyes; I was compelled to drop my silly X-Y resistance to the idea and say:

"I want that too, Toddy, Timmy. I want it too."

Jason nodded and said:

"It's a novel idea, indeed, to someone from our world, but like Barry, I want this too"

He went on:

"I've never experienced such love as I have since I, first, met Barry and came to love him, and now, the joy and love Barry and I have experienced here on The Natrix is so overpowering and compelling, who could possibly NOT want to be part of it. There will always be a part of my heart that will remain exclusively Barry's, but I don't want to close the door on the love that I feel for you, Timmy and Toddy. Welcome into my heart. You will always find a home there, and I'm sure in Barry's as well.

"Well said, Jason." I affirmed.

"You'll be completely immersed in love on The Natrix, don't worry." Timmy said.

He went on:

"Toddy and I want to take you the next level. When Natrix boys form what we call a `particular friendship' we enjoy a lover relationship. It is something honored, nurtured, and protected by the community. If that relationship proves to be permanent in the long term, sons will be the product and the lovers will enjoy a more exclusive relationship to care for those sons. It's both a tremendous honor and a tremendous responsibility."

"I see. So there can be more than two involved in a `particular friendship'...but can we produce sons between different pairs of us?" I asked.

"Sure, and raising and caring for those sons is the responsibility of all in the particular friendship." Timmy responded.

"Timmy and I won't be permitted to produce sons for a while yet, but when we do, we want to produce sons between ourselves and, also, with you and Jason, as well, Barry" Toddy said.

"We'd better do the second feeding soon. We want you two at full potency when the ceremony begins." Timmy suggested.

"I'm ready." Jason said, with a smile.

"Me too." I added.

"We are supposed to use this special lube till the Docs tell us otherwise, if we're going to do the feeding rectally." Jason reminded us.

"OK." Timmy said.

Jason retrieved the tube of lube from the side table and brought it to the scene.

"Bend over, Lover, and I'll lube you up." Jason instructed me.

I complied.

The lube produced its usual warm and tingling sensation. Jason inserted the nozzle well into my rectum and squeezed enough of it into me such that the excess appeared around the nozzle at my anus.

"I guess that's enough." Jason chuckled.

"Now me." Jason said, as he slowly retracted the nozzle from my anus.

"Let me do it, Jason." Timmy requested.

He continued:

"You put so much into Barry, that when we deposit our semen, there won't be room enough for it, and it will push the excess lube back out of him." Timmy suggested.

"Sorry." Jason said.

"Go ahead, Timmy. Lube up Jason. Then feed us, please. The tingling that the lube is producing in me begs for one of your penises to enter me and feed me." I said.

Jason spread his legs and bent over to accommodate Timmy.

Timmy inserted the nozzle and squeezed a much smaller quantity of the lube into Jason.

"Now we wait a minute or two, for the lube to do its anti-bacterial job, then the feeding may begin." Timmy commented.

"Would you rather be reclining for the feeding?" Toddy asked.

"We're here, let's just do it." I replied, anxious to feel one of the boys inside me.

"Very well. Bend over guys." Timmy said.

Jason and I complied.

"Can I feed Barry, this time, Toddy?" Timmy asked.

"Sure. Go ahead." Toddy replied.

He went on:

"In fact, let's do a double feeding. You start with Barry. I'll start with Jason, then we'll switch places and feed them again." Toddy suggested.

"Good idea" Timmy said.

Timmy approached me, his penis was quickly moving from its usual semi-erect state to a fully erect, and oh so beautiful state.

He stroked that glorious penis slowly to begin the flow of precum. He coated his glans with precum and approached my exposed anus. Jason was doing the same with Jason.

Timmy placed his glans and meatus against my anus, gently. He looked to Toddy to see if Toddy was ready, as well. Toddy had placed his penis against Jason's anus similarly.

Timmy nodded at Toddy to signal the penetration.

My anus was spread open from the gentle pressure of Timmy's penis entering my rectum. It felt wonderful.

"Ready?" Timmy asked.

"God, YES!" I replied.

Once again, Timmy looked at Toddy and nodded.

"OK. Here comes the good stuff." Tommy said with a chuckle.

Instantly I felt Timmy's hot cum filling me. I wanted it to never end.

The rush from my rectum absorbing Timmy's essence began immediately.

"I knew it. The lube is pushing out of you, Barry, and coating the base of my penis and into my pubic hair. It's OK, it will make room for the rest of my semen." Timmy remarked.

I was too enraptured with Timmy's penis in me and pumping its precious cum into me, to respond.

"God...this is WONDERFUL." Jason declared, as Toddy pumped his precious `good stuff' into him.

" I want this to go on forever." I proclaimed.

"It will, Barry. You need only ask. We'll be feeding you this way, anytime you want. Even more so, now that you are part of our `particular friendship', Timmy assured us.

"The feeding is nothing compared to the pleasure you will feel if you allow Toddy and me to make love to you. That is what Toddy and I want more than anything." Timmy confessed.

"Yes, of course!" Jason replied.

Timmy's hot cum continued for a long time. I was in heaven, though I thought the intensity of the rush he was producing in me was such that I thought I would blackout.

I could feel Timmy's flow begin to subside.

"I want the residual, orally, please, Timmy." I said.

"As you wish, Barry." Timmy replied.

"Me too, Toddy." Jason requested.

"Sure." Toddy replied.

Timmy, who was holding onto me with either hand on my lower waist, at my butt, felt me getting wobbly and pulled me tightly against himself pressing his penis even more deeply into me.

"I'm doing a good job, Barry?" Timmy asked.

"Oh God"...was all could get out in the presence of this rapture.

"I think that's a `YES!' Toddy chuckled to Timmy.

Jason remained quiet, lost in his own rapture.

"OK, guys, the feeding is complete. Toddy and I will pull-out now. You can turn and take the rest orally, as you requested." Timmy advised.

Timmy's penis slid along against my anus as it made its exit. My anus, hypersensitive, at this point, generated the final tremendous pleasure at the pull-out, and as it snapped closed as Timmy's glans made the final exit.

"Hold me for just a moment, Timmy." I requested.

Timmy continued to hold me at my waist, as I regained my senses.

I could feel the excess lube oozing from my anus, as Timmy had predicted. It coated both my butt cheeks next to my anus.

"I'm sorry for the mess, Timmy." I apologized.

"We'll take a nice hot shower, Barry. It's OK; don't be embarrassed." Timmy assured me.

"I need to wash all this lube out of my pubic hair and off the shaft of my penis, so we'll get all of that taken care of. Are you OK, now?" Timmy asked.

"I think so." I said, as I slowly stood up. I was faint, as sometimes happens when one stands up too quickly, but the dizziness quickly abated.

Timmy moved his hands on my waist to turn me around. I saw why. The residual cum was pooled on his meatus and beginning to string its way to the floor.

I quickly went to my knees and took hold of Timmy's penis at its base. I positioned it for my mouth.

I slid Timmy's penis along my tongue and into my eager mouth, painting my tongue with his delicious sugar-cinnamon. It was just too much...I wanted it forever.

Jason had not yet worked up the energy to stand up. He was still bent over, with Toddy's penis inside him.

"You OK, Jason?" Toddy asked.

"Yeah...more than OK, I'm enraptured. Give me a moment to recover." Jason said.

Toddy continued to hold Jason, at his waist, even has Timmy had done with me.

"Never pull out of me, Toddy." Jason requested.

"Won't we look silly at the ceremony this way?" Toddy joked and chuckled.

"I suppose so." Jason said, as he slowly tried to stand up.

Toddy retracted his penis from Jason, who must have experienced similar excitement, as I had. He moaned as Toddy's penis made its exit.

"God, your semen produces such a rush in me, Toddy. It's hot, and as it is absorbed, such an excitement is produced in me that I shudder."

"That's what you call a rush?" Toddy asked.

"Yes, and what a rush." Jason proclaimed.

"Thanks, for the compliment, Jason." Toddy said.

"You too, Timmy. I've never felt such a rush, as when you or Toddy are inside me, feeding me." I added.

"Thanks, Barry. Wait to you feel us inside you for sexual engagement." Timmy suggested.

"Oh God...I don't know if I can remain conscious for it, sweetie." I questioned.

"Oh you'll be conscious...you'll love it." Toddy replied.

"Barry?" Timmy asked.

"Yes, sweetheart." I replied.

"Ah...'Sweetheart'...that's what I was going to say." Timmy began

He continued:

"We typically reserve terms like sweetheart, sweetie, baby, and such for our most intimate moments. You don't realize how heart-touching it is that you use those term with Toddy and me. It warms my heart, and I'm sure, Toddy's too, each time you do so. Thank You!"

"Yeah, Barry, it really makes us feel special." Toddy added.

"You are special." My precious boys, my sweeties." I smiled.

Jason was busy, licking the residual cum from Toddy's perfectly formed penis

"Mmmmmmmm". Jason concluded, as he took in the last of Toddy's precious essence.

"Good?" Toddy asked, rhetorically.

"Mmmmmmmm." Jason repeated, as he removed Toddy's meatus from his kiss.

"How about that hot shower, Barry?" Timmy suggested.

"Good idea, Timmy." I replied.

"I think the shower is big enough for the four of us." Jason said.

"We'll manage. If it's a little cozy...well, all the better." I said.

Soon, we were, the four of us, enjoying the hot tingle of the water spaying down upon us from the showerhead.

"Barry?" Timmy asked.

"Yes, sweet boy." I replied.

" Would you hold me for a moment?" Timmy asked.

"Sure, sweetie." I said, as I extended my arms to take him into my embrace.

He moved into my arms and placed his own around me, allowing them to drape down to my butt.

He relaxed in my arms, and pressed his cheek to my breast, as the hot water streamed down our torsos and running off the tips of our penises.

"It feels so good to be held like this. Toddy and I hold each other like this. Toddy means so much to me. I love him very much."

"I love you too, Timmy. I love you very much." Toddy replied.

"I know, Toddy. We'll always love each other. I just wanted to show this affection to Barry, in response to his calling us sweetie." Timmy said.

"I know. I love his embrace, too. I feels so natural to be held by him, doesn't it.?" Toddy commented.

"HEY, what about me?" Jason interrupted.

"You, too, Jason. You have a very loving embrace. In fact, I could use some of it, right now." Toddy said.

Jason took Toddy into his arms, and Toddy placed his arms around Jason's waist, in the same fashion as Timmy had me, his hands draping down to rest on Jason's butt.

"God, Barry, How could we ever be without these two precious boys?" Jason asked, rhetorically.

"I suggest that we never try, Jason. They are now part of us, and we, them" I proclaimed.

Timmy looked up at me in a most loving expression:

"I love you, Barry, and Jason too. Thank you for acknowledging that we are one in our love...that's precisely what Toddy and I want."

I hugged Timmy even more tightly.

We stood silent in our embrace, as the water continued to run down our bodies and off the tips of our penises.

"Let me rub any remaining lube from you, Barry." Timmy offered.

"OK." I replied, as I spread my legs to accommodate Timmy's access to my anus.

Timmy reached a hand, slowly and gently, between my legs and rubbed my anus and butt cheeks to ensure that all the lube had been washed away. He massaged my anus, and slowly inserted a finger. It felt exciting and I wanted his penis there, once more.

"I guess, I'd better not start something now, huh?" Timmy said, as he removed his finger from my butt.

"Right." I agreed.

Timmy slowly removed his hand from my anus, stopping briefly to caress my balls in his hand.

I shut the water off, and we moved to dry off under the gentle warm air that blows down from a drying appliance on the ceiling.

I ran my hand through Timmy's hair to help it dry more quickly. He reciprocated, by running his hand through my pubic hair, his palm rubbing against my glans as he did. I became instantly erect.

"I'd love to take that in, Barry, but we must save every drop for the ceremony." Timmy said, as he removed his hand from my pubic region.

I nodded, but it took much longer for my penis to agree, and become flaccid.

Soon, too soon, it was time for us to go to the `Great Room' for the ceremony.

The four of us had been resting in each other's embrace and I felt so very secure in the bountiful love we were all bathing in together.

"I suppose we should begin the trek to the ceremony." Jason suggested.

"OK" Toddy said.

"Timmy, will you bring along the armbands, as Toddy's Daddy had asked?" I requested.

"Gosh, Timmy and I should bring ours as well." Toddy said.

He went on:

"I'll call my Daddy and have him to bring them with him. They are both at Toddy's in our sleeping quarters."

Toddy called his Daddy on the intercom:

This time, Toddy activated the video portion of the intercom, so we could see ach other.

"Daddy, please bring Timmy's and my armbands with you to the ceremony." Toddy requested.

"I will. I had already thought of that."

"I was going to call in a few minutes and suggest you start making your way to the GREAT ROOM...are you ready?" Todd said.

"Yes, Daddy, we were about to leave now." Toddy replied.

Soon we were on the moving sidewalk, making our way to the ceremony. Without explanation, Timmy reached behind me and ran his index finger down the crack of my butt. I turned to him with a quizzical look.

" Oh...Sorry...I guess you don't know that gesture, Barry. It's one of the ways that we flirt. I was flirting with you, Barry. Is it OK?" Timmy explained.

"Of course. I just didn't realize." I replied.

"Timmy repeated the gesture. It was stimulating, and my penis reacted."

"OOPS...I didn't mean to make you erect" Timmy said.

Timmy wagged his finger at my penis and said:

"Down Boy, Down!"

We all laughed. My penis had returned to flaccid; by the time we reached the Great Room.

Todd was waiting for us in the anteroom.

He gave Toddy's and Timmy's armbands to them. They each began to place them on their biceps.

"May we?" I asked, glancing at Jason, who nodded in agreement.

Jason and I placed the armbands on the boys as a sign of respect and affection.

Todd smiled at the gesture.

"Thank you, Barry" Toddy said, as I placed his armband on him.

"Thanks Jason." Timmy exclaimed, as Jason did the same.

"These two boys love you very much, Jason, Barry. Rick says that you two are all they care to talk about when they are in quarters." Todd informed.

"They have become precious to us, Todd. We love them very much, as well."

Timmy and Toddy share a special love with each other. In The Natrix world, we call it a `particular friendship'; it is the preliminary stages of becoming long-term lovers. Timmy's Daddies and Rick and I are both pleased with their relationship.

"We know, Todd. They have invited Jason and I to be part of that relationship." I said.

"We'd be honored, of course. Prima-Genitors don't usually become involved in so intimate a fashion with Natrix Boys, in spite of the fact that they get the request frequently. You'll be setting a precedent." Todd said.

"So Be It." Jason replied.

Todd turned to the boys and said:

"This is a wonderful thing, boys. You've only known Jason and Barry a few days, so take it slow and easy with them. Be sure this is what you ALL want. It's a serious commitment...you know that."

"We know, Daddy. Don't worry. It's not an infatuation, we really love them, we know the difference." Toddy replied.

"Very well, then." Remember, Rick and I want to have a son with each other and with each of them, as well. They will become your new brothers." Todd replied.

"REALLY, Daddy, Really!" Toddy replied.

"Yes, Rick and I have been discussing it. We know you pine over losing Ricky. We do too. So, we think that not one, but three brothers will be just the right medicine, for you and for Rick and me. This time, though, you'll be the big brother, as Ricky was to you."

Toddy lit up like an arc light.:

"This is GREAT! I'm so excited." Toddy exclaimed.

"Well, try to contain yourself, at least long enough to get through the ceremony." Todd chuckled.

Toddy flew into Todd's arms and kissed him passionately and repeatedly.

" I love you, son." Todd said, sweetly.

"I love you, Daddy." Toddy replied.

I could feel a tear welling in my eye.

"Uh, Uh. No time for that, Barry." Todd said, as he saw me welling up.

Toddy came to me and kissed away my tear:

"Are you ready for the ceremony?" Toddy asked.

"Well, I'm quite accustomed to public speaking, but this is something very different, I'm a little nervous about it." I confessed

"Me too, but I guess we'll get through it." Jason said.

"Timmy and I will be at your side the whole time. You'll do just fine." Toddy assured us.

"You'll do great, guys. The boys will coach you through it. The community will be in love with you, as our new Prima-Genitors, at the conclusion of it."

I'll be right back. Todd said. He went out to the chalice stand and placed Jason's and my armbands on the stand. He looked out to the crowd and said:

"We'll begin in short order." He announced.

Toddy suggested.

"Timmy, let's coat their testicles with our pheromone before we go on stage, that should get maximum sperm pumped up to their seminal vesicles to prepare for their ejaculations."

"Good idea." Timmy agreed.

The boys went to their knees and began licking Jason's and my balls and penis.

Jason and I both were rock-hard as Todd lead us to the chalice stand. It appeared the entire community had shown-up. Still you could hear a pin drop.

This must really be a solemn event. I thought to myself.

Todd approached the microphone:

"I know you are all anxious for this. We have not one, but two new Prima-Genitors. We have modified the ceremony somewhat to accommodate that situation. As you know, Jason and Barry are lovers. It's a precedent. Toddy and Timmy will assist them by gently masturbating them to ejaculation. This is the method they have chosen, as they have become very fond of these two boys. We will not use the glans cuff to stimulate the ejaculations. Once they have deposited their semen into the chalice, the Little Ones will approach, representing the entire community, to be the first to taste their essences, as mixed together. Then, we will all welcome them as Natrix Boys for the first time."

We'll begin with the greeting ceremony: The Little Ones will approach and deliver the greeting, first to Barry, and then to Jason.

The line formed. The little ones came, reverently, to approach us.

Each boy, as I expected, lifted my penis and kissed each of my testicles, and then kissed my meatus.

"We welcome you, Barry." each boy said, as he kissed my genitals.

I wasn't sure I could hold off from ejaculating immediately.

We welcome you, Jason. I could hear the same boy greeting Jason.

The ritual repeated until each Little One had delivered the greeting. I was so hot from this; I thought I'd explode.

There must have been, at least, a hundred of them. I lost count.

My penis was palpitating in its eagerness to be relieved.

The line re-formed, waiting the next phase of the ceremony.

Todd approached the microphone, once more:

Now, we'll proceed with that part of the ceremony, as I described earlier.

Todd placed us on either side of the chalice stand. The boys took up positions on our sides and took Jason's and my penises in their right hands, gently. The boys coached us up close to the stand, such that our glans were practically touching, perhaps, and inch or two apart, pointed directly at each other.

Todd stepped back from the microphone and nodded at the boys.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, I became comfortable with the whole thing. I relaxed and was, now, into it.

The boys looked at each other. Timmy, holding my penis, whispered:

"Here we go".

"OK" I whispered back.

Jason's and my penises were still hard from the last minute pheromone coating we had received from the boys, just before taking the stage, as well as all the attention we had received from the precious little ones.

The boys began slowly stroking our penises in synchronized motion.

The crowd remained silent.

Jason and I gazed into each other's eyes, as the masturbation proceeded.

Jason smiled, lovingly, at me, as I felt my semen swelling up within me, awaiting ejaculation.

I returned his loving gaze.

Pre cum began dripping from my meatus to fall into the chalice. The ejaculation was close at hand.

Jason, now, began pumping his sweet precum to drip into the chalice to mingle with my own.

We reached ejaculation at the same time.

"It's time, huh?" Timmy whispered, as he saw my scrotum retracting

"Yes". I whispered back.

Timmy looked at Toddy. He understood.

Both boys stopped masturbating us and pointed our penises directly at each other.

Jason and I continued to exchange our loving gaze.

Our ejaculations were not in synchronization. Indeed, we seemed to be 180 degrees out of phase.

Jason began first. His meatus spread to blow his cum all over the tip of my penis, from whence it ran into the chalice. I did the same, shooting my cum all over Jason's glans. It dripped, similarly, into the chalice. Then Jason, Then me, the cycle repeated for the most protracted ejaculation I had ever experienced.

The orgasm that accompanied this ejaculation was so powerful that I wasn't sure I could remain standing. Looking into Jason's eyes, as the ejaculation continued, gave me the strength to stand.

Both our glans were coated with a thick layer of each other's cum, commingled with each's own.

Jason stopped his spurts first. I guessed it only fair, since he had started first.

The spotlight, shining on us from above, made it easy for the crowd to see. The Huge TV screen made it even more apparent to the crowd, what was happening. Many, in the back of the room watched our ejaculation proceed on that screen.

Odd way to become a celebrity. I mused to myself.

When the ejaculations slowed to a stop, only residual cum dripping from our meatuses, the boys turned us to face the crowd and licked away the residual cum. My glans was still hyper sensitive from the orgasm, and I twitched in reaction to Timmy's tongue licking greedily at it.

The TV switched to a straight-down view. Showing our commingled cum in the chalice.

The crowd erupted into applause.

The boys finished cleaning our glans from the residual semen.

Jason and I moved to each other, stood directly behind the chalice stand and kissed, passionately, as we had been instructed.

As I approached the microphone, the little ones, their smaller gold cock-rings encircling their penises and balls waited once more in the ritual line.

"Please, accept our semen, and welcome us into the Natrix Community." I requested.

The crowd erupted, once more into applause. The Little Ones, knew this cue, and approached the chalice stand. Each raised the chalice and tilted it to a point that the commingled semen touched their lips. The volume wasn't enough for each to sip. The little ones understood, and only coated their lips with our cum.

Jason and I returned to stand together, behind the chalice stand.

Toddy and Timmy had assumed positions off to the side. I motioned for them to join us and stand along side us. They did.

"Welcome, Natrix Boy"; each Little One said to Jason and me, as he raised the chalice to his lips.

The applause gradually subsided as the last few Little Ones approached and coated their lips from the chalice.

As the last of them left the stage to return to their Daddies, Todd approached the chalice stand, retrieved the two armbands and lifted them for all to see.

The applause began again, and more loudly.

Todd understood the applause as a ritual approval of Jason and I, not only as Prim-Genitors, but also as Natrix Boys.

Todd turned to us and approached us. He handed to armband to Toddy and Timmy, who slid them onto our biceps.

The Applause continued;

Todd approached the microphone. The applause died down.

Barry...Jason... The Natrix Community welcomes you, both as Prima-Genitors and as fellow Natrix Boys. He proclaimed.

Once more, the applause was deafening.

I approached the microphone:

The applause died down.

Jason and I understand what a great honor this is. We'll do our best to be found worthy of it. THANK YOU EACH, AND ALL, FOR WELCOMING US TO THE NATRIX COMMUNITY!"

Jason was nodding in agreement with everything I had said.

Todd assumed the microphone once more:

" Shall we make the formal request to close the ceremony?" Todd suggested.

The entire crowd recited in unison":

"Barry, Jason, please honor me with your essences. I promise to always nurture, and guard, with my life, any precious offspring you present me with. You will receive in return all my love and that of those same offspring forever. I Promise it according to the code of The Natrix"

Jason and I gave the ritual nod, as we had been instructed.

Todd approached the microphone:

"Our ceremony is concluded. I know you will each assist Jason and Barry to feel welcome on The Natrix, their new home, and assist them with the answers to any questions that they might have."

Jason and I waved to the crowd, as they dispersed.

Toddy and Timmy took Jason and me by the hand to lead us back to the anteroom.

Todd joined us:

" Congratulations, Natrix Boys!" Todd said to Jason and me.

When we were back in the anteroom, Todd came and kissed me, sweetly:

"Barry, I shouldn't have been presumptuous earlier. Rick and I will perform the ceremonial conception service to begin producing a new son...a new brother for Toddy. I hope you and Jason will allow Rick and I to produce additional sons, as well."

"I'd be honored, Todd. I'm sure Jason would be as well." I said, turning to Jason for agreement.

"Of course, but Barry and I plan to produce a son, and Barry plans to produce one using Jody's DNA. Perhaps we should accomplish those conceptions first." Jason suggested.

"I agree, I should have considered that. I apologize." Todd said.

"It's OK, Todd, we'll still produce sons with you and Rick. It will be an honor. We'll do that soon after Jason and I begin with our own son. Also, I promised myself, that if the Docs can restore enough of Jody's DNA, that I would produce a son with Jody."

"In the meantime, Rick and I will begin on Toddy's new brother. We will want you and Jason to attend that conception ceremony. You will, won't you?" Todd asked.

"Of course. We have no idea what such a ceremony is, but we'll be there." I promised.

"It's a `by invitation only' event, usually... Although, some prefer to do it in the presence of the entire community. Rick and I prefer a more private gathering as it entails intimacy between us and those whom we love and wish to witness that intimacy.." Todd explained.

"We'll be there, sweet Todd." I promised.

Todd smiled and nodded.

"Would you like the boys to escort you back to quarters, or do you know the way, by now." Todd asked.

"We know the way, but would love the company of the boys, if they wish to accompany us. They may have other things they'd rather be doing, so it's up to them." I suggested.

"Don't be silly; of course we want to be with you and Jason. Can we stay overnight?" Timmy asked.

"OK with us." I said.

"GREAT!" Toddy replied.

Todd winked at us as we started for the corridor.

As we rode the moving sidewalk toward quarters, I reached over and ran my finger along Timmy's butt-crack.

He turned and smiled at me widely.

-----END PT V----The Natrix Boys.