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After my flirtation with Timmy, he was even more amorous with me. He was so very sweet; it was impossible not to show him much affection. His sugar-cinnamon semen was becoming my favorite treat. Still, my heart reached out more for Toddy, who reciprocated with his bountiful love.

After a few days, Jason and I returned to the docs, who examined us, once more, for the presence of any fecal matter or smegma generation. We got a clean bill of health after that examination. We could dispense with the use of the special lube we had been compelled to use up till that time.

Timmy and Toddy were working this particular morning. Jason and I had each other to ourselves. By now it seemed odd not to have the boys at hand, but it did give Jason and I a chance to mull over and speak about our new life on The Natrix.

"I wish we'd been on The Natrix for years, by now, Barry." Jason said.

"Yes, it is truly wonderful beyond imagination." I affirmed.

"The thing that's difficult to come to grips with is that, while we are lovers, Barry, we can simultaneously, be part of a bigger `particular friendship" with Timmy and Toddy. They are so very special and I know you love them, as I do. We'll be engaging in the love relationship that Todd and Rick share, as well. We'll produce offspring with each of them. The absence of exclusivity in love relationships here is so novel, it will take a while for me adjust to the notion. My X-Y nature still longs for that exclusivity, Barry. In a real way, I don't want to share you with anyone, yet, I can see the love the boys have for us, and I wouldn't want to deny it to either of us. I guess I'm, what the psychologists would call, conflicted." Jason explained.

"I understand, lover. On the Natrix, we can be lovers and at the same be lovers with the boys and others. The concept of `lover' in The Natrix community does not imply exclusivity, at least not in the manner we are accustomed to.

Yet, not everyone on The Natrix is a lover with everyone else, so there is some degree of exclusivity. We just don't fully understand it... yet. We will in time, I'm sure. We just need to be patient. It appears that one must rise to a higher plateau of love with certain others before one is considered to be involved in a `particular friendship'. I'm sure it will all make sense to us in time." I mused aloud.

"Still, I'm so honored that Timmy and Toddy wish to include us on that higher plateau with them. They are so very precious. It is impossible not to fall in love with them both."

"I think it's best then, to follow our hearts. I love them both very much also. The idea of producing offspring with them is compelling. Something inside of me, perhaps my very DNA cries out to be united with them in that way." I said.

"You're right, Barry. We must follow our hearts, and divorce ourselves from our previous X-Y notions. We're in a new world now. We are the neophytes, now, and we must be open to being instructed by The Natrix community. We've just been formally inducted into that community, so we should do our best to assimilate." Jason realized.

"I agree, Jason. We'll always be lovers. I can't imagine my life without you in it. I'm quickly coming to feel the same way about the boys, aren't you?" I said.

"Yes, I am. We are becoming a four party unit. We are four, but we are one." Jason added.

"It almost sounds theological, doesn't it?" I offered.

Yeah, it really does." Jason added.

"It feels that way, too, doesn't it. We're part of something so beautiful, so wonderful, and so loving. It really is a higher plateau. A plateau of love higher than anything we could have ever imagined. It's not just the sex...it's true love, a uniting of souls. We must be part of it, Jason. Having experienced it, how could we ever NOT be part of it." I replied.

We spent the rest of the day, affectionately. We cuddled. We held each other in our embrace, and our penises found a home in each other for part of that time. We deposited our semen into each other, lovingly. We had become so accustomed to engaging the boys sexually, that we were reminded of our love for each other as we felt our semen coursing its way along our urethras into each other. The orgasm, granted, wasn't as intense, as when the boys enhance it with their pheromones, but, still, it was an expression of our love for each other, one that we hadn't shared for a while.

Jason corrected my thought about engaging the boys, sexually:

"Actually, Barry, we haven't engaged the boys sexually, not yet, anyway. The experience of them feeding us is not really a sexual experience to the boys. I can only imagine how intense will be the experience, when we do engage them sexually."

"You're right, Jason. These feedings are sexual to us, but not to the boys. It's just part of their duty to us. Granted their sexual organs are involved, but it's not, for them, a sexual experience. I can't wait for that experience." I said.

"You think we're up to it...or will we promptly pass out." Jason chuckled.

"I guess we'll find out soon enough. I know the boys want to engage us sexually. We'll let them take the lead. When they think the time is right, we'll be ready to make love with them." I said.

Jason nodded.

"In the meantime, my sweet Jason, this time has been exclusively ours, and in our former X-Y way, we can so relish it." I said.

"Not for much longer, Barry, the boys will off from work in another hour." Jason said.

He went on:

"And I can't wait. Isn't it strange, Barry, I love being alone with you and making love to you, yet, I can't wait for the boys to be with us. I want to hold them in my arms and feel their warmth against my body. I don't think we can ever be without them now."

"As you said, Jason: We are four, but we are one." I reminded.

I continued:

I've felt that way with Todd for as long as I've known him. I miss him cuddling up to me. I miss his breath upon my breast, as he slept with his cheek on my chest. I suppose we can be five and still be one...what do you think?" I chuckled.

"Wow, I hadn't considered that possibility, being lovers with a man and his son...it's mind-blowing." Jason exclaimed.

"The thought occurred to me long ago, Jason. I suppose because of the precious time that Todd and I spent together at my place, before we ever made our way to The Natrix." I said.

"Makes sense." Jason replied.

"Since we've been here on The Natrix, Todd has so been busy reacquainting himself with Rick, that we've seen relatively little of him. I confess that I'd love to engage him sexually and share our particular friendship with him, as well." I admitted.

"You're getting too Natrix-level complicated for me, Barry. Though, I admit, Todd is a wonderful and loving person. Maybe we'd better follow their lead, one step at a time." Jason recommended.

"You're right, Jason. I'm just fantasizing aloud, I guess." I said.

We were cuddling and kissing and, generally enjoying each other's body heat, when the boys arrived.

"You're making love without us?" Timmy observed.

"Naw, we're just cuddling... Is it OK? Jason asked.

"In the Y-Y world, guys, cuddling and kissing and enjoying each other's body's this way, is the most important aspect of love-making." Todd instructed.

"It is?" I countered.

"Sure, Barry. When you think about it, We Y-Y's spent a lot of time with our penises inside each other for feeding purposes, so putting one's penis into someone is a common occurrence. It is not a sexual act." Toddy explained.

He continued:

"When Y-Ys engage, sexually, there is an intense period of, what you might call, foreplay. It's where we show our appreciation for every part of the body, and then engage our penises at the climax of the experience. The penis is employed in a very different fashion, when used sexually. You'll experience that soon, now that you are part of our particular friendship."

"I see." I replied.

"When you are in a particular friendship, you try, always to experience your intimacies in the presence of the other members of that particular friendship, when there is more than one other involved. It's a sacred experience to observe as the members engage each other in love-making." Timmy added.

"We're not scolding, you guys, just instructing you. We want to share your intimacies, be part of them and offer you the same involvement in all intimacies any of the four of us participate in, including the lovemaking that Toddy and I engage in. You must be present when we engage each other in the future. We're one, now. We're all involved in every act of love-making." Toddy concluded.

"We're sorry. We didn't understand. We were just sharing some X-Y affection. Remember, we're X-Ys and still cling to our customs, for now. Cuddling and kissing are just preludes to sexual engagement. To be completely honest, we engaged each other sexually, earlier. We didn't realize that you should have been present for it." I said.

"We would have been thrilled to have been here. Toddy and I could have engaged each other simultaneously as you two were engaging each other." Timmy said.

"SORRY!" I repeated.

"It's OK. We just lament that we weren't part of the experience." We know you are still learning our ways...it's OK." Timmy replied, with his mesmerizing smile.

"I must confess to some confusion, though." I said.

"Confusion?" Toddy asked.

" Well, you and Timmy cuddled with Jason and me earlier. Was that sexual?"

"Good question, Barry." Do you note the difference when you look at each other?" Toddy said.

"No, I guess we don't." Jason said.

"We cuddled with you in a manner that did not cause you to respond with erections, as you both are sporting now." Toddy said.

He went on:

"You're right, of course, all cuddling has a sexual component. When it is engaged in to specifically cause sexual arousal, it becomes part of the sexual experience that ends in orgasm and ejaculation. As I said, we're not scolding you. We wouldn't dare scold a Prima-Genitor. We just want to express our desire to be present and part of your sexual intimacies, as part of our particular friendship." Toddy concluded.

Toddy smiled his big bright smile at us:

"We love you immensely. We always want to be part of you, especially your intimacies." Toddy reiterated.

"We understand. In the future, it will be as you indicated. We just didn't know we were hurting you by engaging each other in your absence." I promised.

"Timmy and I owe you the same respect. We will not engage each other, sexually, unless you are present, and preferably involved." Toddy promised in return.

"Jason and I were musing earlier as to when you two would decide the time to be right to engage us sexually. We decided to let you take the lead on the matter." I said.

"We would have already, but, we needed the docs to give you his blessing to engage. I understand that he has. Also, sexual engagement can't include that lube, acting as a buffer to the presence of our penises within you. Now we can dispense with that lube and feel each other's presence without the confusion of the presence of the stuff." Timmy said.

" We owe the courtesy to our Daddies to inform them that we are going to begin a particular friendship with you to include sexual engagement." Toddy said.

"I see." I said.

"I'll arrange it." Toddy said.

" I hope you forgive us, if we generated any sort of jealousy or hurt feelings." Jason said, as Toddy went to the intercom.

Toddy turned to speak to us:

Oh... it's not jealousy. Timmy and I can satisfy each other without the involvement of anyone else. We just don't want to. We want you and Jason to be part of us. It's just a matter of protocol...or manners. We just want to teach you the proper etiquette involved in a particular friendship. We love you, we want you involved in our intimacies, and we wish to be involved in yours. When you deny our involvement, it's considered...well...rude."

"Thank you Toddy, for your patience with us." I said.

Timmy and I know that you and Jason are Prima-Genitors. You may do as you wish, and Timmy and I will have to adjust. It's an honor beyond description that Prima-Genitors, such as You and Jason would become involved in a particular friendship with us... ordinary Natrix Boys. Timmy and I love you even more deeply that you would be involved in our particular friendship. If you must exclude us at times, it is Timmy and I who will have to deal with it. We just hope you will be part of our particular friendship in the Natrix Boy way, since you are now Natrix Boys, yourselves."

"You are entirely correct, sweet Toddy. We'll make sure we're all present for any intimacies in the future. Jason and I are now Natrix Boys, we may also be Prima-Genitors, and relish in that honor, but you and Timmy are far more precious to us than any such honor. Additionally, referring to yourselves as `ordinary' Natrix Boys... is offensive to anyone who loves you as deeply as Jason and I. There's nothing ordinary about any Natrix Boy...least of all, you and Timmy. You and Timmy are precious and sacred to Jason and me. We want to produce offspring with you. It's the greatest expression of love we are capable of. Always know that Jason and I love you and Timmy very deeply." I said.

Toddy ran to me and jumped into my arms, his semi erect penis pressing against my own.

"I love you, Barry. I want your offspring. I want them more than anything. It consummates our love into living witness." Toddy said, as he hugged me tightly, and kissed me tenderly, on my lips.

Soon after Toddy made the request to Todd, A small crowd appeared in our quarters. We knew Rick and Toddy, of course, but Timmy's Daddy was present as well.

He approached and delivered the greeting, to Jason and me.

As he kissed my testicles and meatus he took in a deep breath.

I love that X-Y musk. I could bathe my olfactory in it.

Todd smiled at me and winked.

After he had performed the greeting with Jason, he stood and said:

"I'm Tim. I'm one of Timmy's Daddies. His other Daddy is on duty in a playroom, I represent us both.' He said.

"Daddy, Toddy and I have come to love Jason and Barry very deeply and wish to include them in the particular friendship that you and Toddy's Daddies have already approved. We want to engage them sexually and, eventually, have offspring with them, even as Toddy and I will eventually produce offspring." Timmy explained.

"I can't imagine anyone I'd prefer to see involved with you and Toddy. You have my blessing." Tim said.

He turned to Jason and me.

"I'm honored, as are the boys, that you would become involved with them intimately. It's most unusual for Prima-Genitors to do so. The other Prima-Genitors might counsel you against it, were they here." Tim advised.

"I can't imagine why." I said.

Tim smiled.

"Thank you, Daddy. Timmy said.

Todd spoke up:

I, certainly, would never counsel against it. How could I, Rick and I want to involve them in our love relationship too. We want offspring with them. Barry is the reason I'm here, and never had to find myself in harm's way. I came to love him very deeply while I was with him in the X-Y world. Naturally I want him, and Jason, as well, to grant us the blessing of their DNA in our common offspring. I couldn't deny the same to Toddy and Timmy.

Todd turned to Jason and me:

"Tim is right. The other Prima-Genitors might not appreciate this precedent. So just understand that."

"Why Not?" I asked.

"Because they are deluged with such requests, and have adopted a policy such that, since they cannot say yes to everyone, it is more equitable to say yes to none." Tim offered.

"They don't know what they are missing." I said.

"They are part of our overall gene pool. They delivered their DNA into it, so they feel they are involved in all particular friendships since so many of our Little Ones have that DNA in them" Tim explained.

"But, they don't feel the love that is so precious to Jason and me. The warmth of boys like Timmy and Toddy, I never want to be without that love, nor without Timmy and Toddy. I never want to be without Todd, whom I came to love so very deeply, while he was with me at my home." I said.

"Thank you Barry, You'll never be without me. That, I can promise. I take your love for Toddy, as a still further expression of your love, not just for Toddy, but for me, as well. So you certainly have Rick's and my own blessing to be part of Timmy's and Toddy's relationship. I hope you will consent to be part of Rick's and mine as well." Todd concluded.

"Don't Worry, I will. I'm anxious to do so."

Todd turned to Jason:

"And You?"

"Of course." Jason replied.

"This is WONDERFUL! Daddy. We can both include Barry and Jason in our love relationships." Toddy proclaimed.

My mind was reeling at all this. Not only was Todd approving of my participation in the love of Timmy and Toddy, he was, simultaneously, inviting me into a love relationship with him and his lover, Rick. It was the most beautiful thing...no jealousy, no demands for exclusivity, just pure love, offered without any selfishness.

I was waiting for a similar invitation from Tim, but it didn't come. I supposed, therefore, that, indeed, one had to arrive at that higher plateau with someone, before such an invitation was appropriate.

Todd, in preparation to return to quarters with Rick, came and delivered a passionate kiss to my lips. He also went to one knee and kissed my genitals in the ritual fashion, which was not required, and therefore a special show of his love for me.

Soon, we, the four of us, were alone and together once more; Toddy, Timmy, Jason and me.

Timmy spoke first:

"It's time. We should take our relationship to the sexual level. Timmy and I are at that level, already, and have been long before we met you, Barry and Jason. Now it's time to bring you to that level to join us. We have the blessing of our Daddies and we've longed for this moment. Toddy and I have not exchanged our love sexually, once we invited you and Jason into our relationship. We didn't want to engage each other in a way that excluded you. If you approve, Toddy and I will engage each other first. This will give you an opportunity to see how it is done, or at least, how Toddy and I prefer to be intimate with each other. Then we will engage you in any order you desire. You and Jason may engage each other, as Toddy and I are being intimate, if you wish."

"Since Jason and I were intimate earlier, and because we have so much to learn from your intimacies, I think we should observe you and Toddy and then Jason and I can engage the two of you such that we'll all have enjoyed each other at conclusion." I suggested.

"Wonderful, Barry, Toddy and I will enjoy a far more intense experience with you observing, and, if you are willing, assisting us." Timmy said.

"Of course, just tell us what to do, Timmy." I said.

"We will." Timmy replied.

Timmy took Toddy by the hand and led him to one of the sleeping cradles. Jason and I stood at its side facing the boys as they began to make love.

"Because the genitals are so sacred to us, we start by making love to them first. It is a sign of reverence to the genitals and it begins the arousal in us." Timmy offered to explain.

Toddy spread his legs widely to accommodate Timmy. Timmy assumed a position with his face at Toddy's genitals. Though it was Timmy performing the sacred action, Toddy turned to gaze into my eyes. His loving eye-contact was so gentle and touching, I could feel him pouring his soul into mine.

Timmy slowly licked Toddy's penis from its base up to its meatus, stopping as he went to kiss the shaft of Toddy's penis, lovingly.

Toddy continued to look into my eyes with his own beautiful blue eyes.

Timmy gently pulled Toddy's penis into a position that allowed him to repeat the licking and kissing on the topside of Toddy's penis.

Timmy placed his mouth at the top of Toddy's glans such that his upper lip rested on the topside of Toddy's glans, but with Timmy's mouth open, he could lick the underside or frenulum region of Toddy's glans, on the underside.

Toddy's penis began to swell, particularly his glans in response.

Timmy, his mouth still resting, as before, on Toddy's glans began to allow his saliva to run down Toddy's penis. The pheromone was strong. Jason and I began to react to it, as well.

Toddy's penis glistened in the light with Timmy's saliva. Jason and I had both become very erect in response to the presence of Timmy's pheromone, which permeated the room.

Jason placed an arm around me, and the other he reached to hold my penis. I was already becoming so excited; I thought I'd have a spontaneous ejaculation. I reached and held Jason's penis in reciprocal fashion. I could feel Jason's penis palpitate in my grip. He, too, was working his way to the emission phase.

Timmy continued to lick Toddy's penis, this time kissing it from the meatus and working his way to Toddy's pubic hair. He kissed Toddy's abdomen through that beautiful pubic hair, and slowly worked his way up toddy's torso licking his pheromone onto Toddy's body. Toddy was becoming sunburn red.

Timmy used his fingertips to gently run along Toddy's pubic region and up his torso, ever so slowly. He continued that fingertip stimulation as he moved slowly back to Toddy's penis.

Toddy's penis was producing Cowpers fluid, or precum in copious quantities by now. Timmy grasped Toddy's penis to prevent that precious precum from running the length of Toddy's penis to Toddy's pubic hair. Timmy licked that precious fluid from Toddy's penis, and that which had pooled on the fist he had placed around Toddy's penis.

Toddy continued to bless me with his loving gaze, as Timmy continued to make love to him.

I felt an integral part of this lovemaking. I supposed it was intended to be so.

Jason's penis continued to pulse and palpitate in my grasp. I felt his own hot precum run down his penis and onto my hand. This so stimulated me that I responded in kind, pumping my own precum to my meatus, where it pooled and ran down my shaft and onto Jason's hand.

We continued to observe Timmy making love to Toddy, even as our hands were continuing to be painted with each other's precum.

Timmy moved to Toddy's crotch, once more. He lifted Toddy's legs to better expose Toddy's anus. Toddy's cute pink anus was quivering in anticipation.

Timmy kissed his way from the tip of Toddy's penis down its shaft to Toddy's balls, where he paused and took Toddy's penis by its base and held it firmly, but gently. Timmy licked Toddy's balls and painted his pheromone-laden saliva onto them. Toddy's scrotum remained extended fully.

Timmy lifted Toddy's balls to expose his perineum. Timmy licked his way along Toddy's perineum till he reached Toddy's glorious anus.

Both boys were sunburn red in their passion. I observed that Jason and I were, as well.

My hand was completely wet with Jason's precum. The pheromone produces an extremely powerful reaction in our X-Y genitals.

Timmy caressed Toddy's anus gently, running his fingertip around the circumference of Toddy' anus. Timmy moved his face in close to Toddy's anus and nuzzled his nose against it. He ran the tip of his nose up and against the sphincter, which gradually relaxed to Timmy's presence.

Timmy stuck out his tongue and slowly licked Toddy's anus until it opened up for him, at which point Timmy inserted hi tongue into Toddy's open sphincter.

Toddy, still looking into my eyes, generated a slight smile and closed his eyes, while this manipulation of his anus continued.

Toddy, reacting to this, continued to pump his sacred precum to run down onto Timmy's hand, in even greater amounts. Timmy sensed this and opened his fist to allow Toddy's precum to run into his open fist, now closed only at the bottom to entrap Toddy's precious fluid in that fleshy vase.

Timmy continued to paint Toddy's anus with his pheromone. Toddy was prepared for penetration, and his anus seemed to be inviting it.

Timmy inserted a finger into Toddy's anus to hold it open, moved to place his mouth at Toddy's penis to lick all the precum of Toddy's penis, and that, which had gathered in his own hand.

Timmy took most of the precum from Toddy's penis and used it to paint Toddy's anus. Natrix Boys don't require lubrication to achieve penetration, but the sacred fluid would paint Timmy's penis during that penetration with its sacredness.

Timmy moved to place his face at Toddy's.

Toddy broke eye contact with me and looked at Timmy.

Timmy collected some of his own precum from his rock-hard penis and brought it Toddy's mouth. Toddy licked it onto his tongue.

Timmy kissed Toddy passionately, painting his own lips with the same precum that had just found its way to Toddy tongue.

Jason and I were struggling not to ejaculate spontaneously, while watching this episode.

"I love you, Toddy. Please allow me to offer you my essence as a sign of that love." Timmy said.

Toddy nodded and said:

"I want your essence, Timmy, please deliver it to me."

Timmy moved to kneel between Toddy's open legs.

He removed the finger that he had placed into Toddy's anus, to hold it open for what was about to happen.

Timmy placed his meatus against Toddy's little pink anus. He waited to be invited in.

"Come into me, Timmy. I love you and want your precious essence in me."

Toddy gently pressed his penis into Toddy, while holding Toddy's penis like a saddle horn. No thrusting is needed wit Natrix boys. The peristaltic motion generated in the rectum, at will, by a Natrix boy produces a powerful ejaculation and accompanying orgasm.

Toddy turned to bless me with his gaze once more.

"Barry, come to me, kiss me stroke my hair as Timmy delivers his essence to me." Toddy asked.

I moved to grant his wish immediately

Timmy closed his eyes, as Toddy wrapped his legs around Timmy's waist as a further loving embrace.

Timmy closed his eyes, as his ejaculation began. He shuddered, as that ejaculation proceeded. The ejaculation went on for what seemed like minutes.

Toddy was breathing heavily, but he continued to look into my eyes, as I stroked his beautiful blond hair.. It was like Toddy was receiving this intense sexual experience from me. I was hot as Hell in my desire for that to be the case, but it was Timmy who was inside Toddy for now.

I was struggling to keep my scrotum from retracting, signaling the emission phase, or point of no return as it is called in the X-Y world. I concentrated as hard as I could, but knew that I couldn't hold off for much longer.

When Timmy's ejaculation finally ceased, he slowly retracted hi penis from Toddy's hot little anus. He moved to straddle Toddy's upper torso to present his residual cum for Toddy to take in orally.

Toddy turned to him and obliged, slowly licking the residual cum from Timmy's shaft and his meatus, as it continued to pool there.

"Take me in now, Timmy. I can't wait any longer. Take me in."

Timmy slid his butt and `taint', or perineum, down Toddy's red torso till his butt rested on top of Toddy's penis.

Toddy reached down and took his glorious penis in hand, pointing it to the vertical, to penetrate Timmy's anus.

Timmy raised his cute butt up and off of Toddy's red abdomen and moved that same butt to a point where his anus was directly at Toddy's waiting penis. He slowly sat back down, allowing Toddy's penis to penetrate him fully but slowly.

"Oh, God, Toddy, I want you. Fill me with your essence now." Timmy begged.

Jason and I saw, first hand, the slightly observable quiver in his lower abdomen, as an artifact of the peristaltic motion he was using to bring Toddy to ejaculation.

Toddy closed his eyes as he began pumping his precious cum into Timmy's butt.

Jason and I were crazy with our passion in waiting. We needed to be relieved right away, before we mess ourselves.

While Toddy continued to pump cum into Timmy, both their eyes closed in their rapture. Jason spoke:

I can't wait, Barry. We must do something right now. He grabbed me at the shoulders and pushed me back onto the sleeping cradle. He assumed the 69 position immediately.

We took each other's penises into our mouths and, instantly, we both reached ejaculation. We had allowed ourselves to fill our seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts with so much semen that the orgasm seemed to want to move beyond pleasure into pain. It didn't, but God, was it powerful

Jason pumped his cum into me. It was wonderful. I wanted every drop. He obliged. I realized it was the most protracted episode of him pumping cum into me that I could imagine.

I was doing the same. I must have produced a dozen ejaculatory spasms, pumping my semen into Jason. It was glorious.

Cum was dripping from my mouth as we finished our mutual ejaculation.

"God, Barry. I love you so much." Jason said.

"And I you, Jason. I love you so very much. Never doubt it." I said.

Timmy and Toddy were still in position, as before, Toddy's penis inserted into Timmy's anus.

They were both in the afterglow, still sunburn red.

"Would you like our residual semen, guys?" Timmy asked.

"Absolutely." I replied.

As Jason and I rose from the sleeping cradle, Jason observed his own cum on my face. He moved to kiss it away. He did, and we took the opportunity to exchange a long and tender kiss.

Jason and I moved to kneel at the other sleeping cradle, where Timmy and Toddy had just completed their ejaculations, filling each other with their, hot, precious cum.

Timmy slowly raised his butt off of Toddy's penis. Toddy's penis was covered in his own cum, and the residual was still oozing from his meatus. Timmy, similarly, found his penis coated generously with cum.

The boys swung their legs into place to sit next to each other such that their penises were facing Jason's and my own face.

Jason and I wasted no time. I took Toddy's penis into my mouth and sucked and sucked until I was sure I had gotten it all,

Jason took Timmy into his mouth and did the same.

"Don't forget the perineum, Barry." Toddy said.

I reached my index finger up Toddy's perineum to his anus, applied a little pressure to his urethra at the anus, and slid it along his perineum until the last of his delicious cum arrived at his meatus. I lovingly kissed it onto my lips.

Jason followed suit.

Toddy's glans was still hypersensitive from the orgasm he had just experienced, so as my kiss to his meatus departed with a smacking sound, Toddy shuddered, in response.

"That felt Great, Barry. Nice technique." Toddy complimented me.

"Nice technique...I've never seen anything like what I just watched you and Timmy do. It was the most beautifully executed love making I've ever witnessed. You were so gentle and so erotic and the love was palpable. Talk about great technique,,,,,,,WOW!". I proclaimed.

"Next time, we'll reverse roles. Toddy is very good at it. You'll really be impressed." Timmy said.

"Wait a minute, Timmy; Next time we need to make love with Jason and Barry"

"Yes, of course." Timmy agreed.

" Now, we've shown them at least some of the typical love making activities we are accustomed to, they know what to expect. The many other techniques, we can introduce to them over time." Toddy said.

"Are you ready to make love with us, Barry?" Timmy asked.

I chuckled:"

Remember, Jason and I require a refractory period. The orgasm he and I just experienced could require a rather long refractory period."

"Can we cuddle till you're ready?" Toddy asked.

"Yeah, that would be Great." Timmy added.

It would be great, indeed. I love holding you in my embrace. I love your gentle touch and feeling your warmth. So, yes. I'll hold either or both of you. If Jason wants to do likewise, all the better.

"At some point, I need to send off a communiqué to my folks, but it can wait. I love to hold the boys too." Jason said.

Toddy wasted no time taking me by the hand and leading me to one of the sleeping cradles.

We took our positions. Toddy placed his cheek on my breast, as before, his beautiful penis, still somewhat swollen from his ejaculation, lay across my thigh and nestled in my pubic hair. He placed one hand on my cheek and turned my head to deliver a sweet kiss to my lips. Then he returned his cheek to my breast and slid that same hand slowly down my torso to take my penis gently into his grasp.

"I suppose that when it becomes erect again, you'll be ready. I can't wait. I want you inside me very much, Barry." Toddy said.

"I want it too, sweet boy. I want you inside me. I've wanted it from the first moment I looked into your beautiful blue eyes. I replied.

He raised his head to smile at me sweetly and said:

I was making love with Timmy, but fantasizing it was you, that's why I kept looking at you." Toddy said in a whisper.

Jason and Timmy were still in the other room. Timmy was helping to compose a message for Jason to send off to his folks. They had not joined us in the sleeping cradles just yet, and from the looks of it, the two of them laughing and trying to compose the message, while Timmy kept reaching to tease at Jason's penis, they might not join us soon.

" We can't be exclusive, Toddy." I said.

"No, of course not. I love Timmy, as you just witnessed. It's just that I've fantasized about having you in me, since the first message Daddy sent me on video about how you had become so very special to him. All those days I waited for the arrangements to be made for Daddy to return with you, I had sex with you in my mind every day."

"Does Timmy know that?" I asked

"Of course; we don't keep secrets from each other. He not only knows about it, he wants you inside him too. We both began loving you before you ever arrived on The Natrix." Toddy explained.

I want you too, baby, does it matter to Timmy which of you I'm inside first?"

"In time, we'll all have been inside each other. It will consummate our particular friendship, I'm just anxious to have you in me, Barry. I want it so bad. I don't think Timmy minds which of us has it first, I just know I have waited long enough" Toddy said.

I stroked Toddy's hair and kissed his brow, as had become my habit.

"Would you like to sleep for a short time, Toddy? I asked.

"In your arms I could sleep forever, Barry...but, yes, I'll sleep for a few minutes." He raised his head, once more to look me in the face. He winked at me and said:

"I'll hold onto you, though, while I sleep, in case I feel you becoming erect. I want to be ready at once"

He put his head back upon my breast and fell asleep.

The warmth of his precious body against my own was consoling and comforting beyond description. I could hold him in my arms forever. I could do the same with Timmy and with Jason. It was the most equitable and wonderful experience one could hope for in a love relationship. How could I ever have considered that such a thing could only be the private domain of two persons...I thought to myself.

After a while, Jason and Timmy came to join us. Timmy looked at Toddy, sleeping so peacefully in my arms and whispered:

"Isn't he beautiful, Barry? He's the most beautiful boy in the world. I'm so lucky he loves me as he does." Timmy concluded.

I smiled and nodded. I pointed back at him and nodded vigorously. Jason got the message.

Jason whispered to Timmy. "You too, Timmy, you're beautiful. In fact you're stunning. Toddy is equally lucky, as are Barry and I."

Timmy jumped into the cradle and pulled Jason in along side of him. Jason took Timmy into his embrace. In short order, we were all snoozing.

I don't know how long we were asleep, but Toddy's prophesy proved to be correct. My penis was becoming uncontrollably erect in his hand. He quickly awoke and looked up into my face, with a big smile:

"Excellent, Barry, you're ready." He whispered.

"It would appear so, sweet boy." I replied, with my own smile.

----------------END PT VI-------The Natrix Boys