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My penis rejoiced to feel Toddy's warm and loving hand embracing it and inviting it into him. We continued to lay there, me holding this precious boy in my arms, he continuing to hold my penis and squeezing it rhythmically but gently, as we awaited Timmy and Jason to wake up.

I kissed his head trough that beautiful blond hair. I was already feeling my passion for this boy excite me, make my breathing become more heavy, and my glans more sensitive to his touch.

"Are you sure you want me, baby. I could never satisfy you in the way Timmy did earlier. I love you as much as anyone could, but I have my X-Y deficiencies, sexually, as you know." I said.

Barry, you just said it. You love me as much as anyone could. Don't you see...that's what matters? I love you as much. Therefore our sexual experience will be totally satisfying. You must never consider yourself deficient. You are not. You are a Prima-Genitor. It's my honor that you would engage me sexually. You're under no duty to do so. You do it because of your love for me. I can't tell you how much that means to me...and to Timmy, as well.

"Absolutely!" Timmy added, demonstrating that he was awake.

Jason began to stir at hearing Timmy's proclamation.

"Looks like Barry is, shall we say, `UP' for the occasion." Jason observed.

We all laughed.

"He sure is, Toddy said, squeezing my penis to show the others how rock-hard it was."

Timmy took Jason's penis in hand and began to fondle it. Jason responded by producing his own erection.

"I've wanted this from the first time my Daddy told me about Barry on the video. I want this to be the best sexual experience Barry has or will ever have." Toddy insisted.

"Then, Jason and I should help you to make it that way, Toddy. You loved him before I even knew he existed, so it's only right that you should be his first Y-Y experience. Jason and I can help intensify the experience. Then we can take Jason to that same plateau." Timmy suggested, still holding Jason's erection in his gentle hand.

"Let me have him alone at first, please. I want to cuddle and touch him all over before we engage sexually. Then, you and Jason can help to make his orgasm the most intense of his life." Toddy suggested.

"Great! That will give me a chance to do the same with Jason." Timmy answered.

Toddy moved astride me, his butt crack enveloping my penis. He leaned forward and began using his fingertips to move along my abdomen and up my torso. His touch was like a feather. So very light, so very titillating. My nipples became hard and my penis palpitated in his butt crack.

He fixed his gaze into my eyes. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled, as always, as his loving gaze pulled me in visually. I couldn't and didn't wish to break eye contact with him, as his fingertips continued to course along my upper torso. He licked his fingers to deposit his pheromone onto them, and then repeated that feather-like trek upon me. His pheromone immediately produced a tingling on my body wherever he touched it.

Toddy leaned still more forward, such that we were breast to breast. He breathed his pheromone onto my lips as he placed his fingertips onto my temples. As he gently rubbed my temples, I experienced a totally new experience. All my excitement and sexual stimulation was amplified greatly, and my eye-contact with him became more focused, such that, even that eye-contact became a sexual force in me.

It was as if Toddy could command sexual reactions in me by simply looking into my eyes and thinking how he would like me to react. It was as if Toddy was now in control of my body, and I was willingly granting him that control. I trusted him completely with my body; it belonged to him, to do with as he wished so long as he continued that eye-contact.

I was completely and willingly in him, I was his. I could feel in my mind, perhaps even in my soul, that I could surrender myself to him without reservation

"Trust me, Barry, give yourself over to me." Toddy said.

"I'm yours, Toddy, take me." I replied.

Without breaking eye-contact, he came face-to-face with me. He licked his pheromone onto my lips. I could feel them become full, almost erect in response. He licked his own lips, wetting them with that same pheromone-rich saliva. He tilted his head slightly and pressed his lips to mine. I was, already approaching a mental and spiritual orgasm. My genitals could follow suit, later, at Toddy's beckoning.

Toddy's kiss sucked the air out of my lungs, it seemed. He replaced it with his own breath. Now my lungs were bathed in his pheromone. The sensation in me was indescribable. My lungs wanted only to inhale, and never allow Toddy's breath to escape.

My blood was now having Toddy's pheromone absorbed into it by the action of my lungs. Every nerve ending in my body was now enhanced by Toddy's permeating pheromone.

It was practically an out of body experience. My body was completely enraptured with Toddy. I had become Toddy. I could feel what he felt for me in my own mind. I didn't want to be me, any longer. I wanted to be Toddy. I'd be deliriously happy to be a cell in his body. I could feel him pouring himself into me. We were one.

My rapture had taken me to a point where I couldn't speak, and didn't desire the distraction of trying to.

Toddy kissed me repeatedly, depositing his pheromone into my lungs. My body was ablaze in its passion for him. It was sensitized entirely. Every nerve in my body seemed to long for his touch. My penis, still dancing in Toddy's butt crack, had become super sensitive, not just my glans, not just my frenulum, even the entire length of my shaft was as sensitive as my glans would have been in a typical orgasm.

His beautiful blue eyes became a conduit through which he was pouring himself into me, and taking all of me into himself. It was a torrent of transfer of being. I had never and could never imagine anything like this.

Toddy took me into a state I had never experienced. I was completely at peace. I was completely relaxed. I was completely his to do with as he pleased. I was not my own. I was experiencing the Y-Y experience of love.

I had no idea what Timmy and Jason were doing. I didn't care. I did hear, faintly, Timmy's voice, as if somewhere far away:

"Should we help now?"

Toddy nodded.

Tremendous sensations of pleasure began rushing up my legs from the bottoms of my feet. Timmy had licked his pheromone onto them and Jason and he had begun to massage them

I could taste Toddy's French-Vanilla in my mouth, just from his kisses. It was joined with Timmy's sugar-cinnamon as he had licked the bottoms of my feet. I felt as if I had begun to float above the sleeping cradle. I was but an extension of Toddy. I was his. It's all I had a desire to be.

Toddy's continued gaze was like a laser, beaming itself into me.

I was "hot" at a level I had never experienced; yet I was not anxious. Toddy could proceed at any rate he wanted; I would be there to accept him in any way he wanted, including into me.

"Keep looking into me, Barry, as I make love to your genitals...your precious genitals." Toddy asked.

I moved my eyes down to continue looking into his eyes as he repositioned himself between my legs, releasing my penis from the grasp of his butt crack and taking it, instead, into his gentle grasp.

The entire shaft of my penis, now hyper sensitive to touch, felt as if it would explode, as Toddy licked my precum from it and began to kiss it up and down, breathing his pheromone onto it. I could feel it swell in response.

I could hear Jason's voice, now, coming from that same far-away place:

"My God, he's in a trance"

I was, indeed. I was in the trance of existing in Toddy's eye-contact, surrendering my being to him.

Toddy continued to look up from my genitals and into my eyes, as he made love to my penis. He inserted the tip of his tongue into my meatus. It opened up for him and he deposited his saliva into it. His pheromone made its way down the length of my urethra dilating it as it moved all the way to my ejaculatory duct. I felt as if I could deliver a stream as would make a garden hose envious. Yet I remained at peace, a glorious peace, from which I never wanted to depart. Toddy was in complete control, I trusted him without reservation. I somehow, knew that when decided it was time for me to reach orgasm, it would be the right time, and it would be my pouring what remains of me into him. It was wonderful. If I didn't exist as Barry any longer, after that final outpouring, that was fine, too.

"His hands and arms, Jason." I could hear Timmy say from afar.

I could feel my hands begin to deliver a pleasure I had never experienced. My whole body could now deliver intense pleasure at being touched. I was so focused in my eye-contact with Toddy; I couldn't see Jason or Timmy. I didn't know which of them was doing what to me. It didn't matter; my entire nervous system was overwhelmed with pleasure.

Without saying a word, Toddy transmitted to me, through his eyes, what would happen now. He would come into me, and finally, as he had longed for, I would come into him.

Our love would be consummated.

Toddy returned to his earlier position, astride me, never losing eye-contact with me and burying my quivering penis into his butt crack

He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, as before. He placed his arms under my shoulders and pulled me up so a sitting position. We were face- to- face and Toddy continued to kiss me and breathe his pheromone into my lungs. I felt as though I was outside the realm of gravity, weightless in his arms.

"He has no peristaltic capability, he's an X-Y" I could hear Jason's voice proclaim from that far away place.

"Toddy knows that, Jason, he'll do the thrusting that X-Y's are accustomed to. Timmy replied.

I could feel Jason and Timmy spreading my legs farther apart.

Toddy lifted me to make room for his penis.

I could feel his penis move through my pubic hair and along my perineum to my anus.

"I'll place it for you, Toddy, just raise him up a bit more." Timmy's voice offered, still from far away.

Toddy lifted me up more, and I could feel Timmy placing Toddy's penis into position to penetrate my welcoming anus.

Toddy pulled me in tightly against his torso, still looking into my eyes.

Slowly, he lowered me onto his penis.

In the X-Y world, I would have passed-out from the intense pleasure I experienced from Toddy being inside of me. His Y-Y strength easily held me high enough up the length of his penis to allow for him to gently thrust his penis in and out along the length of my rectum.

My rectum, seemingly automatically, closed in tightly around his penis, maximizing the pleasure generated as his glans moved, lovingly, back and forth along it length.

It was pleasure on a level I had never dared to imagine. My entire body was completely involved in soaking up this pleasure. There was no part of me that was excluded from this rapture.

Toddy nodded slightly as he continued to communicate with my eyes. He was going to ejaculate.

I smiled back at him and nodded in kind.

Toddy's eyes closed slightly, but not completely, so he could continue to look into my welcoming eyes.

My rectum began to expand like a balloon, as Toddy's precious semen filled it with such volume as to cause it to open to its maximum.

The experience was sensuously overwhelming, yet, in my trance, in my state of peace I could relish it without fear of losing consciousness.

Toddy's eyes opened wide again and he smiled the most loving smile at me.

"I love you, Barry" He said, as I felt his semen stream begin to slow. It was so hot in me. It was heaven

As my rectum began to absorb Toddy's cum, the taste of him...that precious French Vanilla excited, and saturated my taste buds and my olfactory. We remained in that glorious position for some time, as Toddy's stream came, finally, to an end.

Oh so gently, Toddy leaned forward and placed me back onto my back in the cradle. He slowly retracted his penis from me; still dripping with his delicious cum. He wiped it onto my abdomen, where it found a welcoming home.

Now it was time for me to deliver the experience that Toddy had been waiting for. In my state of peace, I knew that he would be ecstatic with me no matter how deficient my ejaculation might be.

Toddy moved back astride me, once more burying my penis into his butt crack.

I'll put him into position, Toddy, just raise up a bit.

My eyes followed Toddy's eyes as he raised his butt up enough to make room for my penis.

Just the touch of Timmy taking hold of my penis to position it for Toddy's anus was like an orgasm in X-Y terms. There was no part of my penis that was not hypersensitive to touch, since Toddy had deposited his saliva into my meatus.

"He's making lots of cowpers fluid, Toddy. What do the X-Ys call it...precum? It's running all over my hand. It's hot." Timmy's voice came from afar.

As Toddy lowered himself back onto me. I could feel my meatus contact his anus. Even that was producing fireworks in my mind's eye. As his anus opened to welcome me in, my shaft began to find its home in his rectum. I remained completely at ease in the intense pleasure of being inside him. I though my nervous system would simply be short-circuited by the intense pleasure I felt in every cell of my body.

Then Toddy looked at me and nodded, once more. I knew what that meant. He mentally switched on the peristaltic motion in his rectum. His rectum tightened systematically around the base of my penis and then continued up the length of my shaft, depositing Toddy's pheromone onto my penis as it did.

Even in the profound peace I felt in being one with him, I was glad to lying down, as I know I couldn't have possibly stood or been in any other position under my own power.

My body began to shudder.

Toddy smiled at me and ran his fingers through my hair to calm me.

Jason and Toddy stopped massaging me so as to allow the quickly arriving ejaculation to be undistracted.

Toddy looked at me and smiled. I went completely limp. The emission phase seemed to be under Toddy's control, and he didn't want me to ejaculate so soon.

His peristaltic motion continued, my penis was ablaze, but patient.

After a minute or two, he nodded at me and smiled once more.

I could feel it swelling up in me. I felt as if my prostate and testes, along with my ejaculatory ducts would, likely, explode. I took in a deep breath

I could hear Jason, from that far away place whispering to Timmy:

"I've never seen Barry like this. He's completely in heaven. I want to be there too."

"You will, I promise." Timmy's faint voice whispered back.

I could feel my urethra, already opened up fully from Toddy's pheromone deposit, swell even farther, as my semen began to course its way to Toddy.

My ejaculatory spasms were stronger than anything I'd ever experienced. I was practically convulsing in them. Toddy observed the intensity of my ejaculation and placed his hands on my abdomen to hold me in place.

As my semen filled Toddy's rectum, to the extent that an X-Y can do so, I could feel it squishing along my penis, as Toddy's rhythm continued. Even I could detect how hot it was, as Toddy welcomed it into him.

I was oblivious to any other activity happening around me. I truly was entranced by Toddy's affection and its outpouring via his hypnotic eye-contact.

Toddy's peristaltic motion demanded more and more of me. My penis was coaxed to deliver more and more semen, until I was completely spent. I could feel my mind become desirous of blacking-out, but Toddy's eye contact and control over me was complete and my mind's request was denied, as I continued to be overpowered by Toddy's rectal stimulation. My glans had swollen to a point I thought it might simply explode.

"I want to be part of this, too, Toddy, I want to kiss him, OK?" I could hear Timmy say.

Toddy nodded.

Timmy's beautiful face interrupted my hypnosis with Todd, briefly, as he kissed me passionately and deeply, running his tongue around my lips and probing my mouth to deposit his pheromone.

Timmy smiled at me lovingly as he pulled his face back to allow me to reestablish my eye contact with Toddy.

God, I thought to myself, what must it be like to make love with Todd, when making love with his son is this overpowering.

My love for Toddy amplified the experience all the more.

His peristaltic motion refused to allow my penis any thought of becoming flaccid. I remained erect and palpitating, though my ejaculation had arrived at an unhappy end. I wished I could have continued to deliver my essence into him until he had had all he wanted, but, alas, X-Ys have a limited amount to deliver per ejaculation, and this was clearly the most semen I had ever delivered in an ejaculation.

I knew that, even though my ejaculation was not what Toddy could have received from another Y-Y, he was pleased with it, and with me.

"I love you, Barry, I love you very much." Toddy whispered to me softly.

Toddy, sensing that I was completely spent, smiled at me and slowly switched off his irresistible motion. He left my penis inside him, sensing I didn't want to remove it from him.

My penis was so hot from the experience, it seemed like the cum, it was still bathed in, would be taken to the boiling point.

Toddy, my penis still inside him, bent forward, tilted his head slightly, and kissed me

"We want the residual, Toddy." Timmy requested.

"Yeah." Jason echoed.

Toddy nodded.

I wrapped my arms around Toddy, as he was still breast- to- breast with me. I hugged him gently and lovingly, and returned his kiss. He opened his mouth to take in my tongue. As I licked the inside of his mouth, exploring every inch of it, my tongue was painted still more with his pheromone. My passion, therefore, didn't diminish at all.

I placed my hands on the back of Toddy's head, running my fingers through his beautiful, soft, hair.

"Let Jason and I have the residual, please, Toddy." Timmy repeated.

Toddy nodded once more.

He slowly lifted himself off my penis, which was still coated generously with my hot cum.

Toddy's anus was painted with my cum as my penis made its exit.

Toddy moved such that he was still hovering over me, his penis at my mouth. I began licking at his glans, wanting more of him.

As I did, Timmy began licking the cum from my penis, slowly and deliberately.

Jason saw the cum painting Toddy's anus, as he straddled me, his legs far enough apart to expose his cute little pink anus. Toddy began licking that cum from Toddy's anus, probing the inside of Toddy's anus with his tongue to get as much of it as possible.

I kept Toddy's glans just inside my mouth. He knew what I wanted.

Toddy began feeding me, orally, with his precious French Vanilla. I took it all as quickly as I could swallow.

At the same time, my penis was being licked clean with Timmy's tongue, hard at work upon it. My nervous system was completely involved, completely overloaded with the sensorial experience.

When the feeding had been completed, the cum that I had failed to swallow was pooled upon my chin. Jason saw this, as well as the cum coating Toddy's penis from having been bathed in it while in my mouth.

Jason kissed the cum from my chin, then turned his face to take Toddy's erect penis into his mouth and received all the cum still coating Toddy's penis.

"Mmmmmmmmm" Jason proclaimed, as he tasted Toddy's hot French Vanilla. When he had received it all, he moved to stand once more.

I was trying to regain my senses from the trance I was in from Toddy's control over me.

I didn't really wish to regain my senses, as I would have preferred to stay in that happy state forever.

In my peripheral vision, I could see Jason's penis dripping with precum, and Timmy moving to lick it from Jason's penis, simultaneously painting it with his Y-Y pheromone.

"God, Barry, I'm going to burst into spontaneous human combustion." Jason exclaimed.

I had regained enough of my senses to turn to look into Jason's loving eyes.

He returned my gaze with one that bore testimony to his love for me, and, at the same, time, the passion he was on fire with.

"Timmy, why not begin warming Jason up to receive us, as Barry takes a moment or two to recover." Toddy suggested.

"OK." Timmy replied.

Timmy moved to place his tongue into that crease between Jason's scrotum and upper thigh. He repeated this on each side. He licked his pheromone into that area. Jason, instinctively, spread his legs more widely to accommodate Timmy's tongue.

Timmy held Jason's throbbing penis up from its base to better expose his scrotum.

Timmy licked his pheromone onto Jason's scrotum. The heat from this caused Jason's scrotum to react, as it was designed, by extending fully. Timmy kissed Jason' scrotum at each testicle and slowly took Jason's extended scrotum, with both its precious testicles, into his mouth, bathing Jason's testicles in his powerful pheromone.

Toddy had lain down along side of me as I watched this glorious ritual unfold. He licked his pheromone onto my nipples. The resulting stimulation of my nipples made them become erect and palpitate. I thought they would produce their own ejaculation. Had they the faculty, I'm sure they would have. They did oblige with a sort of orgasm of their own. I had never felt such an experience. Indeed, I had never had any such an experience as I had had with Toddy.

I wanted him to never leave my side.

Toddy's feather-light touch tracked its way across my breast and down my torso to my genitals.

"You OK, Barry?" Toddy asked.

I nodded and said:

"I think I'm coming around, my sweet boy."

"No pun, intended?" Toddy smiled.

I smiled.

"I think we need to tend to Jason. I don't think he can wait any longer." Toddy suggested.

I kissed Toddy, gently, on his delicious lips, and nodded in agreement.

Toddy and I rose from the sleeping cradle to find Timmy, still licking at Jason's meatus.

"Open him up. Timmy." Toddy suggested.

"Timmy placed his lips at Jason's meatus and pushed his saliva into Jason's urethra.

Jason shuddered at the insertion of Timmy's pheromone into his meatus.

Jason looked at me and said:

"Oh God, Barry!"

"I know, sweet Jason, I know. Just release yourself to it, it the most mind-blowing thing you'll ever experience." I replied.

Timmy stood, still holding Jason's perfectly formed penis, gently, in his hand, and led him to the other sleeping cradle.

Timmy coaxed Jason to lie on the cradle.

"Where did you boys learn all these wonderful techniques? Does it just come naturally?"

"Our Daddies teach us the techniques, but much of it results from us simply knowing what feels good to us. Most of what I shared with you was taught to me by my Daddies." Toddy replied.

"So, they explained how to do this?" I asked

"No, they show us, physically, how to do these things." Toddy replied, in a tone such that I should have realized that fact.

"Wow!" I said.

"Yes, my Daddies are very good at these techniques. I taught them to Timmy, as his Daddies have only taught him the basics. His Daddies are glad I did, and have learned some of my Daddies techniques from Timmy." Toddy added.

He went on:

"We all are taught in class how our organs work and how to stimulate them...like how to master our rectal motion, and such...but that's just the mechanics of sex, it doesn't include how to integrate our emotions, the intense love we feel, into the act. We learn that from our Daddies and our lovers."

"Wonderful!" I said.

I wondered to myself what an unsurvivable experience it must be to have sex with Toddy's Daddy, Todd.

Timmy had already had Jason to lie down on the cradle.

"Just relax, Jason, let Timmy take control. The pleasure will be like nothing you've ever experienced." I said.

Jason nodded.

Timmy moved to straddle Jason in the same manner that Toddy had me.

"Let me have your eyes, Jason, look into my eyes." Timmy requested.

Jason obliged.

Timmy's deep blue eyes sparkled as his eye contact locked onto Jason's welcoming gaze.

I could see Jason becoming entranced, even as I had with Toddy's commanding eye contact.

Timmy, sitting on Jason's erect penis such that it was pressed into his butt crack, took his fingertips and traced them along Jason's breast and Torso. Goose bumps raised in response to Timmy's touch.

"Let's do something a little different, Toddy." Timmy suggested.

"What do you have in mind, Timmy?" Toddy asked.

"I though that Jason might really like a little double team effort." Timmy said.

"OK, I'm game." Toddy replied.

"OK. I'll raise up a bit and Barry can place Jason's penis in place to enter me while you get in place to enter Jason's anus. We'll try to time it so that when Jason begins to ejaculate, you can do the same. It should be pretty intense." Timmy instructed.

Timmy went on:

"First, I want to kiss him and deposit my pheromone to excite him for what will happen. I want to feel his soft lips against mine, then I want to feel his penis entering me to show me he loves me."

"Want me to wet his penis with my pheromone, as well?" Toddy asked.

Yes, Please." Timmy said.

Timmy rose his butt up, as he had said. He leaned forward to kiss Jason and spent much time on Jason's sweet lips, finally depositing his pheromone into Jason's mouth. Their eye contact, like mine earlier, with Toddy, was magnetic and not to be broken.

While Timmy was occupied with Jason's lips, I watched, as Jason became sunburn red

in his passion.

Toddy licked his pheromone onto Jason's penis, which throbbed in response. Jason's glans was swollen to its maximum before even entering Timmy's anus. It glistened with Toddy's saliva as it awaited it entry into Timmy's anus.

Toddy now moved between Jason's legs as I helped to spread those legs to fully expose Jason's anus for Toddy to find home in Jason's rectum.

"Position Timmy and Jason, please, Barry" Toddy instructed.

I took Jason's penis at its base and positioned it to gently make contact with Timmy's anus.

Jason took in a deep breath when he felt Timmy's hot anus contact his meatus.

I knew precisely what Jason was experiencing. He was lost in his trance; I might as well have been in the next room. My voice to him was in the far distance.

Good, Barry, hold his penis there until Timmy has it entrapped in his anus, and is in control.

I did as instructed. I held Jason's penis in place as it gushed precum onto Timmy's anus in its eagerness for penetration.

Timmy slowly sat down upon Jason's penis, taking it in.

Once Jason's glans was inside Timmy's rectum, I removed my grasp from it, allowing Timmy to take it in at his desired rate until it was all inside Timmy. It was erotic as Hell to watch, at such close range, as Jason's penis disappeared, slowly, into Timmy's ass.

Once Timmy had completely enveloped Jason's penis, Toddy said in a whisper:

"Barry, get behind me. I'll spread my legs for you to penetrate me; at the same time I penetrate Jason. Position your penis about half way into me, so that when I thrust back and forth, it will pleasure both you and Jason. It's a technique I learned from my Daddy, Todd." Toddy instructed.

Timmy was now sitting completely upon Jason's penis. Toddy, directly behind him positioned his penis to penetrate Jason. He slowly entered Jason's anus, about half of his penis buried into Jason. Toddy spread his legs, in his kneeling position for my penis to find home in his anus.

Toddy placed his arms around Timmy to brace himself for the thrusting. I approached from Toddy's rear as instructed and positioned my penis to enter Toddy.

"Good, Barry, your glans is hot." Toddy remarked, as he felt my meatus against his anus.

"Enter me now, Barry." Toddy instructed me.

I gently pushed into Toddy, as his anus opened widely to my advance into him.

"Only about half way, Barry" Toddy reminded me.

"It's hard not to fully penetrate you, Toddy, but I'll try." I said, as I retracted my penis to its halfway point.

I reclined slightly, my hands resting on the cradle behind me, my penis in place in Toddy' rectum.

"I'm not sure Jason can remain conscious with both of you working your magic on him at the same time." I expressed aloud.

"Don't worry, Barry, I'll keep him with us." Timmy replied.

"Toddy, why don't you begin first, then, I'll begin the rectal motion. That way, it won't all overwhelm him at once." Timmy suggested.

Toddy didn't say anything. He just began his slow and deliberate thrusting action, back and forth in Jason's rectum, and, simultaneously, his anus stroking my penis, happily at home inside him.

Jason's breathing became very heavy, almost labored.

"Toddy, why not let Barry's penis enjoy your rectal motion while I turn on my own for Jason?" Timmy suggested.

"Can you take it, again this soon, Barry." Toddy asked.

I rose from my reclining position to put my arms around Toddy, even as he was holding on to Timmy.

I embraced him tightly and said:

"Let's find out, sweet boy."

Toddy continued his slow thrusting, generating unimaginable pleasure for both Jason and me. He mentally switched on his rectal motion, still thrusting into Jason's rectum while stroking my penis. The added excitement from his rectal stimulation was intense, beyond description, I hugged Toddy tightly, as I felt my legs go wobbly, my nervous system overwhelmed with all this sensuous input.

"I can taste you both...it's delicious!" Jason declared, as Timmy's and Toddy's pheromone was being painted onto Jason's penis by Timmy's precum and into his rectum by Toddy's.

I wasn't sure I could really cum again, after being depleted by Toddy a few minutes earlier, but I could feel my prostate and my seminal vesicles being pumped full and preparing to deliver my essence into Toddy's hot and welcoming rectum.

Timmy was holding off, mentally, Jason's orgasm and ejaculation. I couldn't wait:

"I have to release, now, sweet boy." I whispered into Toddy's ear.

He nodded.

I ejaculated into him the numerous spurts of my hot cum. My spasms seemed like a dozen, though I was too enraptured to keep count. Toddy never missed a beat as he continued his thrusting into Jason as I pumped all my cum into his rectum.

I held onto Toddy tightly as my ejaculation proceeded.

I closed my eyes, so as not to be distracted by any other sensorial input.

I could smell Toddy's pheromone from the hot precum that coated his penis as it moved in and out of Jason's anus.

Jason was twitching in response to Timmy's rectal action. I knew the experience from Toddy a few minutes earlier.

"You'd better release him now, Timmy." Toddy said.

Jason received that permission from his eye contact with Timmy and smiled peacefully, partially closing his eyes.

I could see Jason's abdomen contracting in synchronization with his ejaculatory spasms.

As he ejaculated, Jason reached his hands up and rested them on Timmy's waist, one hand at the top of either of Timmy's butt cheeks.

Timmy bent forward and kissed Jason through the course of his ejaculation, enhancing his orgasm with a deep kiss, and the deposit of still more of his pheromone.

Jason seemed to be on the edge of losing consciousness.

Timmy placed a hand on either of Jason's cheeks and re-strengthened eye contact with him:

"Stay with me, baby." Timmy said to Jason.

Jason nodded.

My cum was made even hotter inside Toddy's rectum. It lubricated my shaft and my glans, as Toddy continued to thrust.

"It's enough, Toddy." Timmy whispered to Toddy.

Toddy slowed his thrusting to a stop. He remained inside Jason for a while. My penis still inside Toddy's rectum continued Toddy's rectal peristalsis until he switched it off a bit later.

"Take his residual." Timmy said, as he slowly lifted his butt off Jason's still erect-as-Hell penis.

The residual cum shone in the light as it graced Jason's glans and shaft.

Toddy wasted no time in bending to take it in. I released my embrace of Toddy, so he could bend freely to accept Jason's residual cum.

Toddy licked some of it onto his tongue, then turned to me:

"Take the rest, Barry." Toddy invited me.

I nodded and moved to do so.

Timmy had lain down on top of Jason, as Toddy had me earlier, and licked his pheromone onto Jason's nipples. He moved, then, to engage Jason in one last kiss. Jason parted his lips to accommodate Timmy's own.

Their kiss was protracted ... passionate, but gentle. As Timmy was bent over Jason to kiss him, his legs still straddling Jason's lower torso, his pink anus came into full view, Jason's residual cum still painting it.

Toddy moved to place his tongue at Timmy's anus and licked the cum from it, then working his tongue up Timmy's butt crack bringing Jason's cum along for the ride.

When Toddy arrived at the top of Timmy's butt-crack, he had brought Jason's cum along to pool there. He kissed it onto his lips, and licked it into his mouth.

Timmy lay down next to Jason, on his side, and turned Jason onto his side, as well, so that the two were face to face.

Timmy kissed Jason's lips and face repeatedly and placed Jason's, still erect, penis between his legs and gently squeezed it with his thighs.

I knew how Jason felt, at this point. He was spent, but, at the same time, never wanted the experience to end.

Toddy spoke:

"It's a tremendous honor that you and Jason have allowed us to engage you sexually and join in our love-relationship, Barry. Timmy and I love you very, very much."

"And we love you both as well. Never doubt it, sweet Toddy." I assured him

We slowly disengaged from our respective positions and stood. My penis was still coated with my residual cum.

Timmy noted the fact:

"I want the residual, please."

I looked down to see my residual cum beginning to string its way to the floor.

"Better hurry, Timmy." I said.

Timmy rushed to me, kneeled between my legs and cupped the cum, already headed for the floor into his hand, returning it to my glans, whereupon he licked me clean.

"Do you still have some at your anus, Toddy?" Timmy asked

"Yeah, you may have it." Toddy said as he spread his legs and bent over.

He added:

"Help spread my butt cheeks, Barry, so Timmy will have full access to my anus, please."

I did so.

Timmy, reverently, licked my remaining cum from Toddy's anus.

Timmy stood and placed his arms around me in a sweet hug.

I still haven't had you, Barry. I want that very much.

"And you shall have me, Timmy." I replied.

"Of course, Toddy added...but, I think we've exhausted Jason and Barry, Timmy. We should let them have a rest before we go on...don't you think?" Toddy suggested.

"Yes, I forgot, X-Ys need such a period...Sorry!" Timmy apologized.

"My turn to cuddle with you, though, while we wait." Timmy suggested with a smile.

"It would be my pleasure, sweet boy." I replied.

Timmy led me to the sleeping cradle and bade me to lie down.

I did. He lay down next to me on his side; his penis nestled in my pubic hair, as he placed an arm around me affectionately. His fine blond hair, like Toddy's earlier draped across my breast, and I kissed his head through it.

Jason and Toddy had assumed similar positions in the other sleeping cradle.

I was in heaven. I never wanted to be without, first, Jason, but then, also, these beautiful, sweet, loving boys.

We didn't sleep, but we did rest. Toddy had been correct, we two X-Ys were spent, and needed a little break.

"Are all Y-Ys so gentle and affectionate, Timmy?" I asked.

"Oh, YES!" Timmy replied.

"We really are, Barry, All of us. It's in our DNA. We all possess a tremendous capacity for love, and express it reverently and gently. Our Daddies teach us to do so, even as they express their love for us." Toddy added.

So your Daddies express their love for you, sexually?" I asked.

"Of Course." Timmy added.

"We're in a whole new world, Barry. We have much to learn." Jason observed.

"I know. It's a foreign concept to an X-Y, Barry, but why wouldn't a Daddy want to express his love for sons to the fullest?" Timmy asked.

Well, I began to answer...

"The difference is, of course, that Daddies are the source of their sons' existence, and they, therefore, have a responsibility to see to the discipline of their sons, and the other aspects of their rearing. Still, they love their sons fully, and express that love accordingly.

"It's perfectly normal. We are not bound by any nonsensical X-Y restrictions." Toddy added.

"In fact, it endears us all the more to our Daddies. Our love and respect for them is taken to its maximum because we know them intimately." Timmy said.

"They are the first to love us, sexually. Even in the X-Y world, one never forgets his first experience, right?" Toddy asked.

"True...I never got over my first." I confessed

"Me either, Barry was my first. I shall love him eternally" Jason said.

I turned to Jason and smiled, lovingly.

"Your love is a true blessing, Jason. I know that, and you can rest assured that my love for you is as strong and eternal as well."

Jason nodded back at me, lovingly, as his bright and beautiful smile formed on his face. That face that I love so much.

---------------END-------- PT VII The Natrix Boys---------------