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We continued to lie there in our embrace, as I contemplated the instruction I had just received from the boys about the absence of any restrictions regarding the expression of love, even between Daddies and sons. Suddenly, it came to me: Of course, Love, here, is not the satiation of lust, no; it is truly the expression of selfless love. Why would there be any restrictions such as we have in the X-Y world?

"Sure, it makes perfect sense, when one thinks about it. It's just a foreign notion to an X-Y, I suppose." I said.

Timmy hugged me the tighter, at my remarks.

"Sure," Toddy interjected. "I love my Daddies most of all, why wouldn't I want our love expressed to the fullest?"

"You would, sweet boys." I confessed.

"In the Y-Y world, all the boys love each other. It is more at what you X-Ys would think of as fraternal, and is NOT expressed sexually. However, when a particular friendship arises, then the plateau of love is such that sexual expression is in order."

"I see. So there is, at least, that much exclusivity. Y-Ys don't engage in sexual expression with any other Y-Y that approaches, huh?" I suggested.

"No, at least not at first. We're a closed community. When one of the other boys expresses that he is falling in love with another, then, after they get to know each other on a more mutually loving plateau, then, sexual expression might be in order, even if there is not a particular friendship forming." Timmy replied.

"You see, Barry, as a closed community, as we are; It's a difficult thing to deny anyone, when they have honestly expressed a developing affection for you, the satisfaction of sexual expression, even if, in the long run, that affection doesn't grow into a particular friendship. To deny someone, who earnestly feels he might be falling in love with you, would be rude...still we don't immediately desire sexual expression with every other Y-Y on the ship." Timmy explained.

It really is Heaven, isn't it, Jason?" I said aloud.

"Yes, it is, Barry."

"To leave someone's affection unrequited, puts him in an awkward state, where he would always be distracted by and feel rejected by another boy." It would violate the Y-Y code." Toddy added.

"But what if the affection remains one-way, as it were. Where the boy, so approached, never comes to feel the same level of affection." I asked

"Then the sexual expression would lack the vigor of that which Toddy and I have just shared with you, but one would still engage sexually with anyone who proclaims that he loves you." Timmy explained

"So, you have other boys who engage you sexually, even though they are not part of your particular friendship?" I asked

"Of course, but we engage them only in the presence of the other members of our particular friendship." Timmy said.

"It's really quite mind-boggling." Jason observed.

"Sure there's Dallas and Dalton, for example. They have both expressed a growing affection for Timmy. Timmy engages them alone or together, as duty requires, but always in my presence." That's the proper etiquette in the Y-Y world.

"In the X-Y world, that would be considered voyeurism." I said.

I don't know about the X-Y world, Barry, but here, anything that generates pleasure for Timmy is pleasurable to me, as well, and, I like to be part of it, even if only passively." Toddy said.

He went on:

"I even help, if Timmy wants, and the other boy agrees, to enhance the experience. I will position the penises, as needed, and do anything else Timmy requests of me."

"So, anything you can do to enhance Timmy's pleasure, is good for you as well? I mused

"Of course. I love Timmy, and he loves me. He'd do the same for me." Toddy said.

"Of course, I would." Timmy offered in response.

"You see, Barry, every boy on this ship...indeed, in the entire Natrix program, is a worthy partner. It's not like the X-Y world. There are no caustic or mean-spirited boys here. They are all worthy of your love, and when both parties feel their affection growing, as with Timmy and myself, that affection may rise to a higher plateau. On that higher plateau, the love becomes more intense, as amplified by the mutual sharing of love between the members of the particular friendship, but it never becomes exclusive such that at the lower plateau we deny any other boy our expression at that beginning level." Timmy instructed.

"So, there is no rejection here." I mused aloud.

"Never." Toddy replied.

"We are in Heaven, sweet Jason." I exclaimed.

Jason nodded.

Well, it's home to us, Timmy chuckled."

"So, you feed each other, whenever requested, which involves the non-sexual use of your penises, you may engage each other when requested sexually, but with diminished fervor if the love has not become mutual, and then, you can rise to the higher plateau, where sex is engaged in with complete affection and love at play, and no restrictions of any kind." I summarized.

"Yes, although, a boy might request a feeding, and might engage the penis in a more deliberate and erotic manner so as to express that he is desirous of a more affection based experience. Then, when the feeding is complete, the boy will say: `I think I'm falling in love with you.'...That's one form of requesting sexual engagement, Barry, there are many others. Flirting, as Timmy did with you, by engaging your butt crack with his finger sliding along it, is another way to show a higher level of interest in a boy. There are many others, in time, you'll learn them all." Toddy responded.

"There's so much to learn." Jason said.

"And you will, don't worry." Timmy said.

Toddy interjected:

"You see, Jason, you and Barry have complimented Timmy and me with words like beautiful...stunning...and such. We are flattered, indeed. You will find that every boy in the Natrix program, is equally so. They are all, what you would call, gorgeous. Precisely why one is attracted to another goes beyond physical beauty, as they all have that to offer. I suppose there's as much mystery in the Y-Y community as there is in the X-Y world as to precisely why one person falls in love with another."

"I think Barry explained it best, boys, true love is a function of the soul, not the body. Who knows what is at the core of the goings-on of the soul." Jason offered.

"Exactly, who understands why one soul is disposed to unite itself to another?" I said.

"It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It's the eye contact that usually holds the answer to the engagement of two boys at the higher plateau, Barry. Does that line up with your notion?" Timmy asked.

"It's an initial and, hopefully long term form of engagement. The most gentle, the most subtle, it involves no touching, not physically, that is. Still it serves as an invitation from one soul to mystically meld with another. You're correct, it's a mystery, it's at the very heart of our being." I professed.

"Oh, I love metaphysics, Barry, We must delve into the metaphysics of love; It's a fascinating mental endeavor." Timmy suggested.

"I keep forgetting how far ahead you boys are in your education and understanding, and even in wisdom. So, you've already been subjected to Metaphysics, huh?" I asked.

"Yes, of course." Timmy replied matter-of-factishly"

"Who's your favorite Metaphysician, Barry?" Toddy asked.

"St. Thomas Aquinas." I replied.

"Ah, yes. The `Common Doctor of the Catholic Church" as he's referred to." Timmy said, demonstrating his familiarity with St. Thomas.

"There are countless philosophers and theologians, even today, still trying to penetrate his profundity. Have you ever heard of his Summa Theologica'? I asked.

"Of course, it's brilliant. One could spend a lifetime trying to unwrap its enigma." Toddy replied.

Timmy added:

"Have you read Dr. Wilhelmsen's The Metaphysics of Love?"

"No I haven't." I confessed.

"Wilhelmsen is a Thomist, Barry; you'd really appreciate his work." Timmy offered.

"You boys are really something!" I declared.

They both smiled and looked at each other:

"Thanks, Barry, we've tried to take full advantage of our education." Timmy said.

I looked at Jason, who was already looking back at me with a smile.

"Where did you learn all this, boys? I assume in on of the classrooms we were shown on the tour."

Actually, our education begins when we are quite young, still, what you would call, babies. We wear glans cuffs, even then, and the information can be transferred to our brains while we sleep. That's why we begin to speak, almost immediately, and in several languages. Even when classroom demonstration is required, we learn from our teachers, as it goes to demonstration, but we have our glans cuffs attached, at the same time. The information is poured into us in that manner. Then, when we need to actually perform a chemistry, or other experiment, we have a teacher there to ensure we make no mistakes." Timmy explained.

Toddy interjected with a big smile:

"Yeah...we wouldn't want to blow up the ship, as Dalton nearly did on one occasion."

Timmy nodded and smiled back at Toddy.

"Well, I guess I need that glans cuff. I have no idea what Metaphysics is." Jason confessed.

"Oh, it's a philosophical discipline that concerns itself with existence, Jason." Toddy offered.

"Yes, that's right. It attempts to understand more than the obvious fact that things we can perceive with our senses or our instruments are said to `exist'. It tries to get below that superficial paradigm and understand more accurately the underlying principle or "force", as they might say in the Star Wars saga, underpins existence. In other words, what is the a-priori, the attribute all things have in common that thrusts them into existence. We know that things exist, that we can't perceive, yet they exist. So it's not matter, it's not atoms. All these things participate in existence, but what is existence, itself? That is the question." Timmy explained.

"That's a leading question, Timmy". Toddy said.

"Why?" Jason asked.

"Because, as Timmy knows from Wilhelmsen's The Paradoxical Structure of Existence, existence isn't a what, at all. That's part of the mystery. Existence isn't a noun it's a verb. Wilhelmsen would say "Is is Is" Any time one attempts to define existence as a `what' one has set off down the wrong mental path from the very outset. So when Timmy posited the question `what is existence' he was off base." Toddy explained.

"SORRY, I didn't mean to do that...it's just such a difficult notion to express to a novice." Timmy apologized.

"Bring on the glans cuff, boys, I'm lost" Jason laughed.

"When you sleep, later, Jason, we'll show you how to connect a glans cuff to the communications console such as to access the entire library. You can learn, at your own rate, any subject matter you wish." Timmy said.

Will it work on an X-Y? Jason asked.

Sure, the other Prima-Genitors learn in that manner all the time.

My mind was reeling at the notion that these boys have studied Metaphysics, and have a command of it, to the extent that anyone really can, that is.

"So, what does this Wilhelmsen guy say to explain the paradoxical structure of existence? He titled his book so, how does he describe existence?" I asked.

"The opening paragraph of the book puts forth the obvious, Barry. It's really quite humorous." Timmy replied.

"How's that, Timmy?" I asked.

Well, I don't know if I can quote him verbatim, but it goes along these lines:

`The very title of this book, The Paradoxical Structure of Existence, is, itself, a paradox, for the march of my argument is that, not only does existence lack a structure, but existence, itself, does not exist." Timmy said with a laugh.

"I think I'd better don a glans cuff when we sleep later, as well, Jason" I proclaimed, as I shook my head slowly at what Timmy and Toddy had just taught us.

Jason smiled and nodded.

"The reason I was curious about whether or not you had read The Metaphysics of Love, Barry, was that it deals with something you seem to have already come to understand and appreciate. Namely, that love is a function of the soul, not the body. Relationships frequently begin out of physical attraction, but if love...true love...doesn't quickly develop in coincidence, the relationship is doomed. The novelty of physical beauty and attractions based on it soon fades. You propound much the same wisdom on the topic as does the book." Timmy amplified.

"Thanks for the compliment, Timmy. If I really possess wisdom on the matter, as you suggest, it is not because of having read much on the matter, it's from watching relationships within my own circle of friends, as well as others, that have fallen apart because, as you put it, the novelty wore off, and there was no underlying love to bulwark the relationship. I understand, from some study into Theology, that love is a function of the soul, but that truth has been brought home to me from my direct observation of the relationships I described earlier." I confessed.

Toddy turned to Timmy and said:

"See, I told you, he is a true lover. I know Jason must be as well."

"Thanks, guys, I understand the difference too, and assure you that you will always have my love and Barry's not because of the indescribable beauty you each have, but because our souls are becoming united with your own." Jason proclaimed.

The boys smiled widely, and resumed their respective hugs upon Jason and myself.

As I considered just how far ahead of us the boys were in their understanding of very deep issues, the door opened and Todd walked into the suite.

"The boys really love you, Barry, and you Jason, I've never seen such an outpouring of their affection." Todd began our conversation.

He turned to the boys:

"I thought I had better drop by and feed you, Toddy, since you haven't come home to use the feeding station. I assume that Barry and Jason haven't initiated their feeding stations yet." He suggested.

"You're right, Todd. Indeed, you might need to show us how to initiate its use." I advised.

Timmy interjected:

"Could you please feed me as well?"

"Of course, Timmy, I'd be happy to do so. Do you suppose your Daddy would prefer you to come home long enough for that?" Todd suggested.

"No Sir, He knows I'm with Barry and Jason. He knows they will see to it that I'm fed and cared for." Timmy replied.

"I suppose that's true, Timmy, I'll be happy to feed you." Todd repeated.

"Fine, let me start with Toddy." Todd suggested.

Toddy approached his Daddy and began caressing his testicles. Toddy then knelt and ran his tongue around his Daddy's corona ring to excite him internally to produce Cowpers lubricant to facilitate the immanent penetration of Toddy's anus for the feeding.

Todd became erect and the Cowpers fluid pooled at his meatus. Toddy released his gentle grip on his Daddy's scrotum and stood before him.

Todd placed a hand on either side of Toddy's rib cage and lifted him up such that Toddy could, then, reach down with one hand to position his Daddy's penis to his anus for the feeding.

Once his penis was in position, Todd slowly lowered Toddy onto it, as Toddy held it at its base to ensure proper penetration. Once his Daddy's penis was in place inside him, Toddy released his grasp on his Daddy's penis and placed both arms around his Daddy's neck and placed his cheek on his Daddy's shoulder as he awaited the flow of his Daddy's semen.

Todd turned his face to kiss his sweet son on the lips as Toddy's face rested on his shoulder, facing him.

Jason and I watched as Todd's scrotum began to retract and his urethra expanded to pump his semen into Toddy. We could see the semen flowing through Todd's urethra into Toddy, even as Toddy smiled at Todd and said:

"I love you, Daddy."

Todd smiled widely in return and reciprocated:

"I love you too, son, More than I love life itself."

Todd turned to smile at Jason and me. His semen was still flowing and his urethra still expanded to accommodate its flow.

"Better save some for Timmy, Daddy." Toddy suggested.

"No problem, son. I have more than enough to satisfy you both." Todd assured him.

Toddy remained in position, his head resting on his Daddy's shoulder. Toddy closed his eyes while the feeding continued.

"Barry, I'll show you how to use the feeding unit when I have finished with the boys here. Then you, Jason, and the boys may feed from it as desired." Todd advised.

After a moment or so, Todd proclaimed:

"OK, son, I think that should hold you for a while. Let me tend to Timmy, now."

"Yes, Sir." Toddy replied.

Todd lifted Toddy again high enough for his penis to make its exit from Toddy's anus. Todd's penis was still flowing, though slowly, with semen such that it pained Toddy's thigh as Todd placed Toddy back on his feet and removed his hands from Toddy's rib cage.

"May I have the residual?" I asked

"Sure!" Toddy replied, as he spread his legs to grant me access to his thigh.

I wasted no time to rush to Toddy and kneel to lick Todd's residual French Vanilla from Toddy's thigh.

"Barry, if you or Jason need to be fed, I'd be happy to do so." Todd questioned.

"Actually the boys have been feeding us quite generously all day." I replied.

Todd smiled widely at Jason and me and said:

"Yes, I suppose they have."

"I just didn't want a precious drop of you to be wasted, Todd. That's why I rushed to take in the residual on Toddy's leg." I said.

"Isn't he sweet, Daddy?" Toddy interjected.

Todd looked into my eyes in a most loving fashion:

"Yes, He is, son. It's why you and Timmy and, indeed, I love him so much."

Timmy approached Todd, as Toddy had earlier.

Todd picked him up as before, with Toddy. There was no need to prime Todd's pump as Toddy had done, his penis was still dripping with semen.

Once elevated, Timmy reached own to take Todd's penis in hand and position it for insertion, even as Toddy had done just before.

Todd lowered Timmy onto his penis slowly, as he had done with Toddy. Timmy placed both arms around Todd's neck, but did not place his head on Todd's shoulder. He remained face to face with Todd and slowly closed his eyes as he felt the semen begin to flow into his rectum.

Jason and I were spellbound, once more, watching Todd's urethra swell against the flow of his semen, of which there seemed to be no end.

Todd was still injecting Timmy with his precious cum when suddenly there was the loud peel of a Claxton. It clanged at an uncomfortably loud level.

Todd quickly lifted Timmy off his penis, but since he was still in the middle of the feeding, the amount of semen that he shot onto Timmy's leg was great and it ran down Timmy's leg as even he turned to Toddy and said:

"C'MON...Let's GO"

Both boys ran to the door, which opened for them as they ran out into the corridor. They made no explanation for their abrupt exit. Todd sensed that Jason and I were at a loss:

"Battle Stations" Todd exclaimed

"God is something wrong?" Jason asked.

"Hopefully not. I imagine it's that we have stopped long enough to take on one of our Prima-Genitors who has been visiting on another ship. We consider ourselves vulnerable during such a time, even as we went to battle stations when the two of you arrived. After all, we can't beam ourselves around like Star Trek, Todd concluded with a smile.

"I suppose not." Jason agreed.

"I'm sure that the boys will return once we're under way again." Todd advised. They won't be gone long.

"While they are gone, let me tell you, Barry, that I love you very much. I hope I will still have your permission to produce a brother for Toddy with you, as we have discussed before. I assumed you would want to produce a son, first with Jody, and then with Jason. Afterwards, Rick and I are hoping you'll allow each of us to produce brothers for Toddy with you. He's never gotten over the loss of Ricky...He needs a brother." Todd requested.

"Of course, Todd, I'd be honored to be part of Toddy's new brother. As you suggested, we'll see to it after Jody and I and Jason and I have produced sons. I am eager to mate with you, Todd, I fell deeply in love with you while we were together from the very beginning...from the first time I looked into your hypnotic eyes as you were in the backseat of my car." I said, as I looked into those same hypnotic eyes.

" I quickly came to love you, as well, Barry. More than I can express in words." Todd replied.

"Should I be jealous?" Jason asked.

"No, of course not, Jason. There is no place for that X-Y emotion on the Natrix. Todd assured him

Todd went on:

"In fact, Rick and I would be honored to produce sons with you, as well. We just didn't want to presume that you'd be interested."

"Wow! You'd really like to have a son with me?" Jason asked.

"Of course, if you want, Jason." Todd reassured him.

"Todd?" I interrupted.

"Yes" Todd answered.

"May I kiss you?" I asked.

"Of course!" Todd replied.

I approached Todd and stood belly to belly with him, his residual cum painting me.

Very gently, he pressed his lips to mine; he opened his mouth a bit and explored the inside of my mouth with his tongue. My penis leapt to attention, immediately, lifting Todd's scrotum as it rose to the occasion.

Todd smiled at me and said:

"May I have some of you, Barry? I haven't enjoyed you since we've been aboard."

"Yes, of course, Todd." I invited.

Todd went to his knees. He lifted my penis up against my belly and kissed each of my testicles, then lowered my penis into position for his mouth.

"Jason, why not help increase Barry's pleasure by caressing his anus while I take him in?" Todd suggested.

"GREAT! I'll do it...Barry, spread your legs a bit for me." Jason replied.

I complied. Jason went behind me, spread my butt checks and began licking my anus. Todd began licking the circumference of my corona, spending extra time at my frenulum and my meatus. I was ablaze in my passion.

My scrotum began to retract, pulling my balls up high in preparation for my ejaculation.

Todd's pheromone coated my glans and, then, my shaft as Todd swallowed it into his hot mouth.

I tried to hold off, but I reached the "lock & load" point of no return quickly. I closed my eyes and waited for the cum to spray. Todd was caressing my balls, as Jason continued to lick my anus, when I felt my semen racing down my urethra and up the shaft of my penis. It exploded into Todd's mouth from my eager meatus. As always, my ejaculatory spasms were super-intense and many. Todd knew from experience what was happening. He placed a hand on each of my butt cheeks and made a seat for me. I wasted no time sitting onto his seat, as He continued to provoke additional ejaculatory spasms in me.

I was completely spent.

I leaned forward and rested my head on his.

"Wow, Barry, I had my tongue in you when you ejaculated and I thought you would squeeze my tongue off, your muscles were contracting so hard." Jason advised.

"Todd has a way of producing unbelievable results in my genitalia, Jason." I proclaimed.

"I've had lots of practice...I'm glad you enjoyed it, Barry." Todd chuckled.

I was still spent from the experience, so I could just nod. Todd lifted my face, removed my penis from his mouth and kissed my own semen, mixed with his hormone rich saliva onto my lips.

Todd spoke first:

"Barry, you saved my life, I never want to be without you. I will always love you."

"And I you, Todd." I replied.

The Claxton sounded again, but this time, only three strikes.

"That's the "All Clear", guys." The boys should be back shortly." Todd declared.