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Todd was showing Jason and me how to use the feeding stations when the boys returned from their unexpected drill. Todd's semen had dried on Timmy's leg and produced a pearl-like streak. Timmy had been so intent on his battle station duties, he had, apparently not noticed.

I pointed at this special gem and said to Timmy:

"Are you saving that for later, or may I enjoy it?"

Timmy smiled and replied:

"You may, indeed. I know how special Todd is to you. Besides, Todd has fed me orally and I know he is DELICIOUS!"

Timmy spread his legs to allow me to get between them and lick the semen from his thigh. I did so, and Todd was, indeed, delicious.

I turned to Todd, who was smiling at me as I licked my lips, having taken it all in.

"As I said, I don't want a precious drop of you to be wasted." I said to Todd.

"I'm so touched that you regard me in such terms...precious...Thank you, Barry." Todd replied.

Todd turned to the boys and said:

"Since Jason was present to represent your particular friendship, I asked Barry if I could have some of his semen. He favored me with some. You boys continue to treat him, as you have, as the treasure he is. He means as much to me as he does to you boys and to Jason."

"We will, Daddy, we love Barry and Jason very much and we know you do to." Toddy assured his Daddy.

"Now I'm the one who is that what I heard you say? I'm hardly such." I said.

"Nonsense! You are a treasure to me, to the boys, and I'm sure to Jason, as well" Todd chided me.

"Absolutely!" Jason interjected.

I could feel myself blush.

Todd interjected:

"Barry, if you allow me to change the subject, I have a request."

Sure, Todd, what is it?" I asked.

"When the time comes that you are ready to produce your and Jody's son, I'd very much like to serve as Jody's surrogate at the conception ritual, if you would allow."

"I don't anything about that ritual, Todd, but I'm sure that Jody would be pleased." I said.

"Actually, Jody doesn't have to be represented by a surrogate, the doctors can prepare the synthetic semen of Jody and the conception can be accomplished in the lab, without any ritual. I assumed you'd want the participation of the community to witness the conception, as is our custom." Todd explained.

Todd went on:

"We have a ritual where the Daddies stand side by side and special glans cuffs are attached to each penis to generate a powerful ejaculation, collect the Y-sperm only of each and combine them in a special vessel which extracts the respective DNA and combines it to produce the conception of a new Y-Y to be the son of the Daddies and a new member to our community. It's our most solemn ritual and is one in which the community gives its assent and commits to the care of the offspring. Jody's DNA will be included in the synthetic semen that the Docs will prepare. It can be implanted into my seminal vesicles and I can, then, ejaculate it during the ceremony on behalf of Jody. It also awards me a sort of God-Father status to the offspring. I'd be very honored."

"How does the process extract only Y sperms?" I asked

"You'll have to save that question for the Doc. I don't really know. It's not an issue, of course with Y-Ys producing sons, as we only produce Y sperm. The Doc will be able to explain the process to your satisfaction... don't worry, there is much time for questions and answers." Todd suggested.

"I know nothing of this ritual, Todd, but it sounds profound, and I look forward to it. Jody would be very pleased for you to be his am I." I replied.

"You'll be taught all about the ritual in plenty of time before you participate in it. Besides, You will participate in separate such rituals with Jason and with me." Todd explained.

"Also with Timmy and me, hopefully" Toddy declared.

"When Barry determines that the time is right, boys. Remember, you haven't performed your nursery duty yet, and that's a prerequisite. You know that." Todd reminded the boys.

"We'll do our nursery duty with Jody's and Barry's son and with Jason's and Barry's son." Toddy said.

"Indeed you will, my sweet son. You will also do so with the brother I intend to produce for you with Barry." Todd informed Toddy with a smile.

Toddy lit up with joy:

"Really Daddy, Really? You're going to produce a brother for me with Barry? Oh Daddy, this is WONDERFUL!" Toddy beamed.

"Yes son, Barry has favored Rick and you and me with his willingness to do so. It is, indeed, wonderful."


Toddy ran to me and delivered a passionate hug.

"Thank you, Barry. I'll take care of him in the nursery till he's old enough to be presented to you. I promise." Toddy said.

"I'll help as well, Barry. Your and Todd's son will be well cared for." Timmy added.

"Boys, all the babies in the nursery are cared for with complete love and diligence, you know that." Todd remarked

"Yes, of course, but I'll be his primary caregiver, and I'll make sure he gets all my attention. Timmy will do the same." Toddy said, excitedly.

"Absolutely!" Timmy parroted.

"You mustn't show him any more attention than any other babies you are assigned to in the nursery. That would be unfair." Todd advised.

Todd looked at the boys and they both nodded in agreement. Toddy spoke up:

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm just so excited at the idea of having a new brother and caring for Jody's and Barry's and Jason's sons that I wasn't thinking straight. Of course Timmy and I will care for all the babies assigned to us in the same fashion. "

Todd was pleased with this response and opened his arms wide to accept both Toddy and Timmy into a big hug.

I understand your excitement, son. I'm very excited as well.

"When do you want to go through with it, Barry?" Toddy asked.

"Soon, sweetie, soon. I need to talk wit the Docs, and make sure I understand all the particulars. Then I'll need your Daddy or someone to coach Jason and me on the ceremony. I don't want to embarrass myself by stumbling through the ritual." I said with a chuckle.

"It's really quite straightforward, Barry. It's a public affirmation and acceptance of the conception and a simultaneous commitment of support from the community for your love relationship and the resulting son." Todd explained.

"Every Natrix Boy is supported by our entire community, Barry. It's really a very beautiful thing. It's our culture. We all love and support each other, always." Timmy added.

"I know, Timmy, and it's a beautiful thing, indeed. Jason and I are still adjusting to just how wonderful it patient with us, please." I replied.

"We will. We love you." Toddy added.

"Remember, Barry, you and Jason are Prima-Genitors. There's no higher place of honor here. That you share your conceptions with the community is, at the same time, an honor for the community. It involves them and solicits their support. It's a very big deal here, to use language from the outside world." Jason said with a smile.

Timmy turned to Todd:

You didn't finish feeding me before we had to run off, before. Would you please do so.?" Timmy asked.

"Sure, Timmy, I'd be happy to do so.

Timmy approached Todd and assumed his prior position. Todd slid his penis into Timmy's anus, as Timmy rested his head on Todd's shoulder.

Again I could see Todd's urethra swell as it delivered Todd's semen into Timmy. After a time, Todd's urethra returned to its normal distention. The feeding was over. Timmy remained in place to accept any residual semen. Finally, Todd lifted Timmy slowly up and off his penis. A pool of semen remained on his meatus.

"May I have that?" I asked.

"Of Course, would you like a complete feeding, Barry?" Todd asked.

"The boys have fed us well, but I'd like to have that." I said as I pointed to Todd's penis.

"Help yourself, Barry." Todd offered, as he lifted his penis to greet my tongue.

I wasted no time to get Todd's sweet penis into my mouth and suck the residual semen from him. That wonderful French Vanilla filled my olfactory as I took him in.

Toddy and Timmy watched as I enjoyed my dessert from Todd.

"He's really delicious, isn't he?" Timmy observed.

"Yeah, my Daddy is the best!" Toddy exclaimed.

"You taste the same as me, son." Todd said to Toddy.

"You're sweeter than me, though Daddy." Toddy replied.

Toddy was right, though I said nothing. Todd is sweeter tasting than Toddy.

"Your semen will continue to get sweeter as you get older, son. You know that." Todd said.

"Yeah, but for now, you're the best, Daddy!" Toddy affirmed.

"You really are." Timmy agreed.

"OK, OK." Todd said to change the subject.

He went on:

"Barry, what is the source of DNA you want to use for Jody's and your son?" Todd asked.

"Well, I may have told you earlier. There are two sources to choose from. I have a rather old sample of his semen...but it's mixed with my own, so I don't know what sort of use it may be. The other source is from his hairbrush, and is, of course his actual hair." I answered.

"The semen would work best, and with the least processing, as I understand it, Barry. That way the Docs can get Jody's half helix. The docs will determine what's best. In any case, when they produce Jody's synthetic semen, I'd be honored to act as surrogate in the ceremony." Todd explained.

"OH...I wanted to do that!" Toddy said.

After a brief thought Toddy continued:

"Well, Daddy, you've known Barry for the longest, and I know you love him, so you should be the one to be Jody's surrogate. I'm sorry." Toddy apologized.

"Thanks for understanding, son." Todd said.

Toddy nodded.

Toddy turned to Timmy:

"It's duty time, Timmy."

Yeah, guess we'd better get going." Timmy replied.

As they turned to leave, Toddy spoke up:

"By the way, Barry, Jason and you will be getting a visit from one of our other Prima-Genitors. That's what the alert was about. We took him aboard from a visit he had made to another of our ships. So don't be too surprised when he drops by. I'm sure he'll freshen up before he drops by."

"Thanks Toddy for letting us know." I said.

Timmy and Toddy approached the door. It opened for them. They proceeded into the hall, their cute little butts on full display.

"God, Todd, they are so beautiful. I just can't get over how they, and for that matter, all the Natrix Boys are simply stunning." I said.

"They are, indeed, Barry. They don't fully realize how extraordinary they are. They have no frame of reference but the other Natrix Boys. They're all beautiful, and more importantly, they are all so loving." Todd replied.

"Unbelievable!" Jason added.

Todd nodded.

"I'll leave the two of you alone for now, I know you get little time to yourselves." Todd said, as he turned to leave.

As the door closed behind Todd, Jason and I moved to each other and engaged in a protracted hug. About the time that hug was about to develop into something more intimate, the door opened once more.

I was taken aback by what I saw, at that point. We were being visited by the Prima-Genitor that Toddy had mentioned earlier.

He entered and moved to me. He knelt and kissed my testicles and then my meatus, delivering the formal Natrix greeting. He moved to deliver the same greeting to Jason.

I went to my knees and returned the greeting. I couldn't believe whose genitals I was kissing.

Jason delivered his greeting, as well, but didn't know who this fellow is.

As I stood up, having delivered my greeting, I couldn't resist speaking up:

"My God...I know you...I mean, I know who you are...from the movie...from

The Genesis Children...You haven't aged...not a day. What an honor." I said.

"You won't age further, either. Now that you are here, you won't age any further." He said.

"So they have informed us. Seeing you, certainly confirms that." I said.

He smiled, his blond hair glimmering in the light.

"God, you're as beautiful as you were in those days...I'm awestruck!" I declared.

"I'm flattered. I can't believe you've seen that old movie. We did it in the early 70's. It's ancient." He said.

"It's a cult classic in the gay community. I don't know anyone who hasn't seen it." I replied.

"Well, since I'm one of the earliest Prima-Genitors, all the Natrix Boys have seen it and consider it a part of the Natrix heritage. I've always thought that the post-production editing resulted in something totally disjointed and difficult to understand. I think most who watch it do so to see a group of naked boys running around...but that's fine with me." He explained.

"You're right, of course. No one is concerned with the story line." I said with a smile.

"They just want to see my cute butt and my genitals flopping in the breeze. I know, but like I said, that's fine with me." He said.

"Knowing that your DNA is at play here on the Natrix goes a long way to explaining why these boys are all breathtakingly beautiful." I said.

"Thanks, but it's not just my DNA...I'm just part of the recipe. Actually blond hair is part of our common genetic attributes...the Natrix Boys are all blonds, as I'm sure you have noticed." He remarked.

Jason jumped in:

"Barry's right. You are quite beautiful."

"Thanks, you two. If you get comfortable with the notion, at some point in the future, I'd be honored to produce sons with each of you. Give it some thought." He said.

"We have sons in mind as part of our short-term plan right now." I remarked.

"Yes, I understand that you want a son from your former, deceased lover, Jody. I think that's wonderful. I'll be at the ceremony. At some time in the future, please consider having one with me as well...both of you. It's healthy for the community as it increases the DNA diversity of the community, which is good for it." He said.

I was still reeling from the experience. I had no idea what had become of this beautiful boy...I couldn't find any other work that he had done beyond T.G.C. He seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Now, I understood why.

We'll visit more, Barry, Jason. I'm anxious to relax and rest, after my trip. Unlike the Natrix Boys, I need a bit more rest." He said.

"I's hard to keep up with them. We've already learned that." I said.

"Well, welcome aboard. I and The Natrix community are delighted to have you." He said.

He knelt and kissed our genitals once more, then rose, turned and approached the door. It opened for him and he disappeared into the hallway.

I spent much time lying in the sleeping cradle, cuddling with Jason, feeling his warmth and being made to feel particularly safe in his arms. Jason's penis became erect and begged for service. I tended to the matter eagerly. He reciprocated.

"The boys may be upset with us for not awaiting their return, but I know you needed some relief, Jason, as did I."

"We'll ask their pardon, when they return." Jason said.

I pulled Jason even closer and asked:

"Hold me tight, Baby, till I go to sleep."

"No problem, Barry. After you drop off to sleep, I suppose I should move to the other cradle so the boys can sleep with us, as they have become accustomed to." Jason said.

"The boys really love us intensely, don't they?" I asked.

"Yes, they do, Barry. They really do." Jason replied.

"Then they should understand that, occasionally we might wish to sleep together. Let's see how things develop if they find us sleeping together when they arrive after shift end." I suggested.

"OK" Jason answered.

Sure enough. I awakened later to find the boys sleeping together in the other cradle, in each other's embrace. They looked so angelic.

It's amazing how they are always, at least, semi-erect, if not fully erect. They think nothing of it, but it's Hot as Hell to an X-Y like Jason or myself. I thought to myself, as I watched them sleep.

They require so little sleep, a couple of hours, that's all. Their genetic make-up is quite amazing. My thoughts continued.

I couldn't fall asleep again, as my mind was occupied with thoughts of Jody and my intent to have a child with him as soon as the Docs could arrange it.

The boys awakened within an hour of my watching them sleep. Toddy observed that I was awake. He came to me and whispered in my ear:

"You two looked so beautiful, sleeping together in each other's arms, when we got back, we decided to let you alone. Did you sleep well?"

"I had Jody on my mind. I'm growing anxious to have a son with him." I replied.

"That's GREAT! Barry. Timmy and I are anxious to do our part in protecting and nurturing his gestation in the nursery." Toddy said.

"I heard my name." Timmy said, demonstrating that he too was awake.

"We were discussing how anxious you and I are to help care for Barry's and Jody's and then Barry's and Jason's sons." Toddy explained.

"Don't worry, Barry. We'll take good care of your sons." Timmy assured me.

"I have no doubt about that. I am just becoming eager to produce Jody's son and mine. Then, Jason and I can produce one as well." I said.

"We'll take good care of them." Toddy reinforced Timmy's promise.

"I know you will, sweethearts." I answered.

"I guess I should visit with the Doc to see about the procedure." I said.

"Me too, Barry, we might as well both learn about the procedure at the same time." Jason added.

"Do you need to be fed, Barry, Jason?" Toddy asked.

"Actually, Yes. I'm ready to be fed." I replied.

"I am too." Jason added.

" OK. We'll take care of it right away." Toddy asked.

"What's your preference? Oral or anal, Standing up or lying down?" Timmy asked.

"Let's try standing, and anal, just to be different." I suggested.

"Well, Jason is so much taller than either Timmy or me, it might not be possible for us to achieve penetration." Toddy observed.

"I guess that's right. How about if we kneel and bend over with our hands touching the floor? That should put our anuses in a good position for you to penetrate." I said.

"That will work." Timmy said.

Jason and I assumed the position I had suggested.

Timmy moved behind me and Toddy behind Jason. They, each slow stroked their penis to start the flow of precum to lubricate our anuses. When each had produced enough precum to pool at their meatuses, they gently and simultaneously pressed their glans against our anuses for the feeding. They slowly, but deliberately pressed their penises to penetrate Jason and me and continued to penetrate until they were well into our rectums.

It felt wonderful. I know it's not sex to the's just a feeding. But, to Jason and me, it's a wonderfully erotic experience.

There was no thrusting, no sliding of their penises back and forth in our rectums, but I could feel the hot semen coursing from Timmy's penis into my awaiting rectum. Timmy's cinnamon semen was powerful and I could taste it in my mouth as he filled my rectum with it. That semen continued to flow for quite some time. I was hard as a rock in response to the feeding. My penis throbbed and ached for attention.

After a minute or two, I could sense the flow of semen from Timmy slow and stop.

"Do you want the residual, Barry?" Timmy asked.

"Of course, I do." I said.

"OK." I'll move to your mouth quickly. Ready?" Timmy asked.

He slowly retracted his penis from my anus and pinched it to stop the flow of residual cum from it, as he moved quickly to insert his penis into my mouth and release his penis to continue to send the residual semen into me.

It tasted delicious. Like sugared cinnamon.

I took it all and then pushed the last of it along Timmy's perineum and up through his urethra to deliver it to my mouth.

Jason was following me move for move with Toddy.

"Thank you Timmy. You're really quite delicious. It was a good feeding, I should be in good shape for the rest of the day...I think." I said.

"If not, I'll gladly feed you again, Barry." Timmy said.

"How about you, Jason. Is it enough?" Toddy asked.

"Yes, like Barry, I should be good for the day." Jason replied.

"OK." There's more where that came from, if you need it, just let us know." Toddy assured him.

Jason turned to me and said:

"God, Barry...we're in heaven...this has got to be heaven."

"We're glad you are pleased with us. We love you. We will always care for you in any way. Feeding you, as you need it, is only a small part of our relationship. We love doing it for you." Toddy explained.

"I know lovers, I only wish I could do as much for you." I said.

"We understand, Barry. It's OK; your semen is not strong enough to nurture a Y-Y. It's OK...your semen is absolutely precious's Prima-Genitor semen. It is appreciated far more than as mere food by the Natrix no apologies required." Timmy said.

"Thank you boys...God... Jason and I love you both more than words could ever describe." I declared.

"It's true, we really do." Jason added.

The boys came to us and placed their arms around us in an affectionate hug. I don't think the boys understand just how strong they are. Their embrace was powerful. I thought I might not be able to breathe. In short order, however, they released their strong embrace into one more gentle.

They held Jason and me in that embrace for several minutes as they played with our genitals. My hard-on was now at the bursting point. Jason seemed to be in a similar state.

"Boys, I think Jason and I need you to fellate us at this point. I feel like I'm going to explode." I suggested.

"Me too." Jason added.

"Gladly." Toddy said.

He went to his knees and took Jason into his mouth. Timmy did the same for me.

Timmy's expert fellatio was mind-blowing. I could feel my semen swelling up in me and I was moving quickly from emission to ejaculation.

Timmy stuck his index finger into his mouth along side of my penis and coated it with my Cowper's fluid. Then he removed it from his mouth and gently inserted it into my anus. I was ablaze in my passion.

I heard Jason say to Toddy: Here it is, Baby. He was going to cum.

"Me too, sweetie." I whispered to Timmy, at which point he curled the finger he had inserted into my anus to cause it to press against my prostate. This pumped still more of my semen into my ejaculation, which exploded into Timmy immediately. My anus pinched against Timmy's finger with each of my ejaculatory spasms. It felt wonderful. Timmy continued to massage my prostate as I ejaculated to increase the volume of my ejaculate and amplify the associated orgasm. I thought I would surely pass out. Timmy placed his free arm around my butt so I could sit back against it and couldn't collapse onto the floor as my legs became weak.

He continued to suck on my penis until he had gotten every drop. Then mimicking my earlier move, he coached my remaining semen along my urethra until the last of it coursed its way onto his tongue.

The experience exhausted me. I continued to sit there in the crotch of Timmy's arm until I felt my strength returning.

"You're awesome, Timmy. I don't know where you two learned all these techniques, but you are both truly AWESOME!" I exclaimed.

"Our Daddies teach us, Barry, remember, I told you that before. We learn these techniques from our Daddies. It's part of their responsibility to teach us these things." Toddy remarked, as he had finished with Jason, even though Timmy still had my penis in his hot mouth.

"Any stronger and you could give a guy a stroke." I laughed.

"Should we not do this again then?" Toddy asked.

"Yes, you should continue to do this. It's wonderful! I was just being facetious. It was wonderful...WONDERFUL!" I said.

The boys looked at each other and smiled broadly. "Daddy would be proud that be did so well, Timmy" Toddy remarked.

"My Daddy too. We really performed well." Timmy said.

"Indeed, boys your Daddies taught you well, my compliments to them both." I said.

"Thanks, Barry. I'll be sure to tell my Daddy, and Timmy will do the same. They will be pleased that you complimented us. " Toddy said.

----------------------------------END NATRIX BOYS PT 9-----------------------------------