Naughty AND Nice
by Ashley Hardric ©2009

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  Author assumes no responsibility for seminal damage to keyboards.  Author does not condone sex between shopping mall Santas and boys, no matter how elf-like they may be.  Nor he recommend sex with the real Santa, since everyone knows he only comes once a year.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and don't read the story if it's illegal where you are, and the thought police will arrest you.

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The small sign read simply,
“Elves Wanted:
Boys 11 --14
110 lb or less
Come & play:
 Santa’s Special North Pole
Come in costume or in nothing ”

Because I held the shopping mall Santa franchise as well as the lease on one of the store fronts, I could pretty much set things up as I pleased.  So, well equipped with a bottle of those lovely yellow pills and plenty of silicone lube, I put the “regular” Santa out front, with a special “Elves’ Entrance” at the side that led to Santa’s Special North Pole.  The Elves’ door had a weight sensitive mat in front of it, and the door would not open (without a key) unless it detected weight between 60 and 110 pounds.  I did not want big mature boys; that wouldn’t be very elf-like, would it?

The first boy came in, dressed as an elf with an open red vest over bare chest, and sheer green tights that hid nothing, especially not his own pole, prominent and hard.  He was fairly young but puberty was obvious in the slight shadow on his upper lip, the size of the erection, and the wet spot at its tip.  I pulled him onto my lap sideways, and slid one arm under his vest around his narrow chest, and the other around his cock.  He settled against me and immediately found my own special pole.  He wasted no time getting it out from my red silk long johns, as I did the same with his, stretching the green tights down below his balls.  Five inches of adolescent cock were revealed, rising from very fine, newly growing pubic hair.  I gently stroked that beautiful pole and we both watched as more precum issued from the tip.  He started to unbutton my Santa suit, and once open, helped me get it--and its stomach padding--out of the way.

“Do you want to suck on Santa or sit on his pole?” I asked, stroking the boy’s own pole as I spoke. 

“I want to sit on it, and you can tell me if I’m naughty or nice, Santa.  Is that all right?” 

“That’s more than all right, son.  Let’s just get you ready.  You need to put your knees on either side of me like so.”  He got himself repositioned, as I took the tube of lubricant from the side table next to my chair.  His tights had enough stretch that I was able to pull them down enough to access his hole without taking them completely off.   I massaged a generous amount of jelly on and into his butt, and then without further instruction, he lowered himself onto me, impaling his narrow ass on me.  This boy was no novice, clearly.  He sank down all the way and then rose back up even before I could start thrusting into him.  He did most of the work, his hot ass holding me tightly, while I did the best I could with his own hardon.  He was only a boy, of course, and in very short order he shot a load of thin cum against my chest.  His orgasm kind of broke his rhythm so I took over at that point, pushing up into him as I pulled him against me, and then urging him up as I pulled back to do it again.  I still held his cock, and it only went half soft before it started to erect again.  This time, with his slick cum adding lubrication, I was able to give him a full fist jacking, and when he came again, I let loose in his ass, pumping copious cum into him as he squirted his second load, mostly in my hand this time.

I relaxed and pulled him into an embrace, his cum spreading onto both of us as he lay against me.

Finally he spoke.  “Did I do good, Santa?  Was I naughty or nice?”

“Son, you are one of the nicest and naughtiest boys in the whole world.  Do you want to be Santa’s first helper today?”

“Oh yes, Santa!  That would be great!  Thank you, Santa, thank you!”

“OK, then.  You can stand next to Santa and help.  Better pull up your tights now, and then see if the next elf is here yet.”  He went to the entry area and returned in short order with the next elf.  This one wore a white tunic adorned with red and green trim that came down just below his hips.  Below the tunic I could see only the smooth white legs of a pre adolescent boy; I couldn’t see any pants.  I opened my arms in invitation and with no hesitation he climbed onto my lap.  I immediately discovered that the reason I could see no pants was that he wore none.  The tunic buttoned at his left shoulder, and when I released those two buttons, it fell open, revealing a flawless torso nearly as white as the fabric.  Also revealed was an erect, barely pubescent penis.

I pulled the tunic all the way off and handed it to Elf Number One, who was hard yet again, I noticed.  He turned to hang up the tunic, and I noticed that my cum was now leaking out his ass, turning the green tights even more transparent than they were before.

“Do you want to suck on Santa or sit on his pole?” I asked again, stroking the boy’s own pole as I spoke. 

“I want to suck on your pole, Santa.  It looks like a very sweet Christmas candy.”

“And would you like Santa to suck on you, too?”

“Oh, yes, Santa.  I’d like that very much.”

I motioned to elf One to help rearrange us, and as One pulled the lever that made my chair recline, I helped the naked boy position himself over my cock, with his near my face.  He was a bit too short for simultaneous sucking, though, so we had to take shifts.  I sucked on him first, until in typical adolescent fashion he quickly squirted sweet boy cum into my mouth.  Then I pushed him down onto my waiting cock, and he went to work with his hot tongue and mouth.  Like Elf Number One, this boy was no novice either, and was delivering a blow job par excellance that brought me over the edge much faster than normal.  Maybe it was the influence of such close exposure to teenage testosterone.  Or maybe it was the pills.

I came down from my second cum of the morning, and made the second boy Elf Number Two.  Elves One and Two went to fetch the next candidate.  They returned with a small blond boy who must have barely been heavy enough to trip the weight sensor at the door.  He must have had to jump onto it.  He was stark naked, and held both his hands tightly over his groin.  He looked about nine years old, and scared.  I welcomed him onto my lap.

Before I could start my usual speech, however, he spoke first.  “Santa, something is wrong with my dick and I’m really scared.  Will you tell me what’s wrong?”  He looked up at me with such worry in his little face, my heart just melted.  How could I even think of fucking such a scared little boy?

“Of course Santa will help you.  Let’s take a look.”  I gently pulled his hands away. I gasped when I saw what he had been hiding. 

“Is it really bad, Santa?  Is something really bad wrong with me?”

“No son, it’s not that.  Nothing at all is wrong with you.  Santa was just... surprised, that’s all.”  Surprised would be the understatement of the day, for sure.  Because what the boy had been hiding was a full, man sized set of cock and balls, the cock hard and rising from a smooth groin, the plump balls hanging low in an equally smooth sack.

“It’s never been this hard and stiff before,” the boy said.  “What’s wrong with it, Santa?”

Apparently the boy was small for his age, and the puberty fairy had decided to start his development with his genitals.  At this point, what we had was a very little boy attached to a very large set of cock and balls.  As I looked closer, I could see the tell tale coarsening of the blond peach fuzz at the base of his cock and some wispy hairs on his ball sack.  That was all though.  The rest of his body was about right for a nine or ten year old.  Soft, tiny, and smooth everywhere except for between his legs.  He was a pedophile’s dream.  And he was on my lap.  With his hard cock in my hand.

“Your dick is just growing up faster than the rest of you, Son.  It’s OK.  It’s supposed to get hard like that.  Here, look at my elves.”  I motioned One and Two to move so that the new one on my lap could see their hard cocks.  Number One pulled his tights down, and Number Two pulled his tunic up.  They stood in front of us, both their cocks hard and straight.   “When it gets hard, we can make it feel really good.”

“How can we do that, Santa?” he asked, his eyes wide with wonder.

“Like this.”  I changed my hand from holding to stroking.  “One and Two, you can help.”

“It hurts when it gets hard like this,” the new boy said.  “And the skin gets really tight.  Can you make it better, Santa?”

“Do you want Santa to kiss it and make it better?”

“Oh yes please, Santa,” he replied.

“One, you can work on his backside, and Two, you can work on his balls.  Now, son, you need to stand up so that Santa can kiss you properly.”  We got him positioned, and I kissed the boy’s rigid dick.  Then I sucked him into my mouth, and began giving his head plenty of tongue.  As I worked on him, Number One was lubing him up, and I felt rather than saw him  enter the new boy, who went rigid for a moment, before emitting a groan of pure pleasure as his prostate got massaged for the first time.  I felt his foreskin retract further, and I released him from my mouth so the boy could see what it looked like, and finished him off with my hand. 

No thin watery stuff for this boy’s first cum:  a thick jet of creamy spunk squirted out of him and onto me, and then another, and another until the jets subsided into smaller spurts that oozed down the boy’s cock and over my fingers.  I lost count of the pulses of his cock after about a dozen, when his over stimulated little body collapsed against me, and he started breathing again.  Number One was still inside his ass, and had also come again.  I lost track of Number Two for awhile, but he seemed to be also in post orgasmic mode.

Three spent elves and one happy Santa snuggled together in a cummy embrace, as I anticipated the coming of Santa, again, and again, and again...


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