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St. Nec's Castle: Part 1

A young man in shadows watched the good folk of Hedonkin stockpiling for a war. He didn’t care why they did what they did because he wasn’t counted as one of them even though he lived on their streets. Those without family were not wanted. Arick was unwanted.

He once had a good home. A mother who loved him.  A father who tried to provided for a wife and son. That changed when sickness struck. He was now alone in the world. Past two years he survived through handouts and small thefts - after all, Arick thought, a person careless enough not to bother tightening their purse must not care if they loose it. However today, with all the soldiers wondering about, it was best to wait for opportunities nature sometimes provide. Valuables do at times fall to the ground. Arick patiently watched.

His attention was drawn to a raven perched on a merchant's sign across the way. The bird seemed to notice him to. He never cared for birds, well at least not since he became homeless. More than once he had to fight over scraps with a bird. He hoped it would go away before something dropped to the ground.

"Go away," he whispered. His view of the bird became blocked by a shadow that appeared in front of him. It grabbed him. He tried to escape but the figure in black had him firmly by the arm.

"Woo, steady there my scared kitten. I would like to talk. That’s all," said a deep man's voice from within a hooded robe.

Arick tried to get out of the other man's grasp, but the larger man was strong.

"I believe you would be perfect for some work I need help with," the man said. He pulled his hood back with his free hand. "I'm a guest of St. Nec’s at his castle and my men are needing attention. If I provide food and a warm place to stay you will you be willing to help?"

"How can I trust you or your men?" He studied the tall man. His complexion was tanned, his nose prominent and sharp, and eyes bright pale brown. His lips were full but almost hidden by a dark full beard.

The man turned his head to the side and lowered the neck of his robe revealing a symbol on his neck. "Do you know what this mark means?"

Arick nodded yes. "It's the mark of a mystic's mage. You can't lie easily."

The mage smiled. "I would not lie to you about this."

"So, what do I have to do?"

"Nothing you haven't done before living on the streets I assume. You will be doing more of it." The mage said raising his eyebrows quickly up and down, and a lopsided smile.

"Well, I'll agree if they don't get rough." The young man said as he relaxed his arm being hold.

The mage relaxed his grip. "Then we have a deal."


The mage knocked on the castle's gate. A small window opened and a man peered out before the door crept open. A pair of large soldiers in metal and leather armor stepped aside, their right fists went quickly to their chest.

"At rest," the mage said before walking pass them.

Arick followed behind. The soldiers smiled as he passed.

The mage waved Arick to walk beside him. "We're visitors to this kingdom, and St. Nec was kind enough to let us use this part of his castle grounds. So I've forbid my men to see women while here. I had trouble from them before coming here. They're allowed to relieve themselves with the one I choose and I've chosen you." He stepped into a building. The door was already open. He took a seat and gestured Arick to step toward him. "Let's see what's under those rags."

Arick flinched away. The mage grabbed his arm.

"You won't be harmed here. I won't allow it but this has to be done, if you want the deal we made." He released Arick's arm. "Take your time."

"But the door's open," Arick said quietly.

The mage laughed. "The men here have seen a young man before. What summer is this for you?"

"This is my sixteenth summer. My last birth celebration was two years ago with my family before the great sickness struck my village," Arick said looking down.

"My condolence. A great many people were lost," the mage said with what sound like true remorse. "Here, let us begin right." He held out his hand. "My name is Onuris, and you?"

"Arick," he said bashfully as he shock Onuris' offered hand.

Onuris laughed. "So, let me take a peek."

Arick nodded yes and easily shed the only clothes he had.

Onuris nodded yes himself as he took in the sight of Arick's body, gently turning him around. "Very good. You will have a body to be proud of in five years when you reach your full height." Onuris tilled his head toward a closed door further into the room. "There is a bath waiting for you. Go clean up. When you're done we'll talk some more."

Arick looked over at the door and back at Onuris.

"It's just us in this set of rooms."

Arick nodded and stepped to the door passing an ornate wooden table with a large map of the kingdom spread out over it. The door opened in to a dark room lit with candles placed about a large wood barrel tub. Traces of steam rose from its surface. He could not recall the last time he had a real bath with real warmth. He smiled in anticipation.

After spending some time trying to get the worst of the knots in his hair out, and a thorough soap and scrub all over he decided it would be rude to spend too much more time bathing. He did not want to make Onuris wait. He found a soft robe by the tub as he got out and put it on as he returned back to the other room. Arick’s breath caught.

Onuris now sat on a three-legged stool. His black robe open, knees spread apart, hands resting on his legs. He was naked except for fine intricate symbols covering his body. Arick's eyes traveled down Onuris muscular torso. His breath caught as he picked out from the web of symbols a large erect penis standing upright reaching up to his chest.

Releasing his breath Arick’s eyes traveled back up to Onuris' face. He looked relaxed, his eyes closed.

"There should be a white feather on the table you pass on the way here. Please bring it here," Onuris said eyes still closed, startled Arick.

He found the item on the table, retrieved it, handed the feather out to Onuris. Arick checked to make sure his robe was closed.

Onuris took the white feather with closed eyes. His hand went down with the feather. He lightly touched his low hanging testicles with the feather. Arick saw they began to draw up as Onuris circled the. Fully drawn up he travled the feather up. As it touched the penis shaft the symbols covering it begun to glow white.

Arick thought he started to hear singing somewhere. He also felt pressure built behind his ears.

The feather moved to the base of the head. A bead of precum appeared at its mouth. In Onuris' other hand he held a small flash and caught the liquid as more began to appear.

Arick closed his mouth after realizing it was open.

Onuris handed the feather back to Arick and closed his robe. "This is yours to keep and use. Before you engage with the men you are to dab a little on your finger then rub your finger on your anus. It's very important you do this. It will protect you from being hurt. It will also lower your inhibitions." Onuris studied Arick stunned expression. "Arick, this is important. Do you understand?"

After breaking his stare, Arick acknowledged he did. Onuris handed the flask to him sealed.

Onuris stood up. "We will sleep here tonight. Let's get something to eat."


Arick did not know how long he had been awake. He tried to be quiet lying on his cot. He could hear Onuris on his own cot across the room breathing deep. At least he was sound asleep.

He watched moonlight on the stone floor shining through the open window and door, occasionally covered by a passing cloud. Thoughts turned and rolled in his head worrying about tomorrow. How can I do this? What's going to happen? Onuris said what's in the flask will help. I saw with my own eyes what he did to make it. He is a royal mage too, conditioned not to lie.

I could leave right now. The door is still open. I'm not a prisoner. There are no guards. Yes, I can leave. Nothing is stopping me.

A quick movement on the floor attracted Arick’s attention. A small white mouse sat on its back legs in the moonlight. It nibbled quickly on a crumb of food. It paused for a moment, ate a little more, and dashed out of the light.

Arick closed his eyes. An image of Onuris' smile came to mind. He sighed. I'm just going to have to trust him. If this turns out worse than fighting mice for food I'll leave, he told himself. With that decision his thoughts began to ease, his breath deepened. His body finally relaxed. He drifted off into sleep.


Arick woke to the morning sun. Disoriented he grabbed his bed linens forgetting where he was. He could here sharp clicking of metal striking against metal, indistinct sounds of people talking, and the smell of hay. All came through the still open front door and window.

"Good morning," Onuris said to Arick's right. Onuris sat shirtless at a desk; quill in hand, parchment in the other. His lips in a slight smile as he looked at Arick. Setting a parchment down he pointed with a quill pen at a small wood and ironbound chest lying on the stool Onuris had made the elixir sitting on yesterday. "Bring that over here please after you take care of any morning needs."

Arick nod his head, grabbed his robe to hide his morning hard-on. Harried to the room with the barrel bathtub.

After taking care of business he returned, picked up the chest, and set it on the table by Onuris’ hand.

"You're not a virgin are you?" Onuris said his hand now resting on the chest box.

Arick shock his head no.

"Good. Today I've allowed only my best men of the mundane to be with you today so you can get use to a couple of things, one being what’s inside this." He tapped the box with his fingers. "This can only be opened by me. Try." Onuris pushed it to Arick.

Arick tried but it would not open after several attempts then nudged it back to Onuris.

Onuris blew on the box, with a click it opened. He reached in, removed out what looked to be a small leather shield the size of a large hand. He held it up by long strap in each hand, and two long straps hung down at the bottom. It looked like a large X converging to a rounded rectangle. In the center was a large inset agate smooth and glistening in the gold morning sun. Arick had to squint to make out its color, bright reds with small veins of warm yellow massed in various clumps. Around the agate symbols were embossed into the leather becoming finer as they progressed down four narrowing straps. Onuris laid it gently down on the table. Arick leaned over the table to examine it closer.

"This is a body shaper designed for its wearer to give great physical pleasure to a man. It’s one of a kind. Made by St. Nec as a gift to my crew. I will key this so only you can wear it for now. I will also set it to block most sensations until you adjust." Onuris began to whisper something indistinct as he touched each strap symbols around the agate began to glow, pulsing dim then bright. "Lick your finger and mark the stone with it."

Arick took a deep breath, looked from the stone to Onuris focused gaze at the body shaper. He released his breath. Brought his finger to his mouth, licked then moved his moistened finger to the stone. Before he touched it his finger tingled. The stone was warm to the touch.

The body shaper began to float. Slowly it began to move its straps like octopus tentacles in water he’d seen once as a child on a visit his uncle’s sea side village.

"Turn around and disrobe please," Onuris said calmly.

Arick swallowed hard, turned, and dropped his robe to the floor. He tried not to jump at a light touch on the back of his leg and a touch on his other leg. He looked down and saw straps vine around him; down his legs and up to his chest. They were not tight. The leather back of the center pressed against him, molding itself to his lower back.

He turned to look at Onuris. He was standing. A loincloth hid very little of his bulge. Embarrassed, Arick looked away.

Onuris lightly touched Arick’s shoulder and led him outside by the hand. A white wall of cloth, held up by two large poles vined in ivy, moved gently in a breeze. Several woodwinds and lute could be heard playing a merry tune.

Arick was guided into an enclosure made of three other screens. A low platform of stone took up most of the space. Close to the edge at the far end sat a simple table and chair. Next to it was something Arick couldn't make out until they moved closer. It was two poles about four feet in height, a space apart, topped with a beam covered in padded leather that came up to his midsection. A small stepped box next to it.

"You will be here," Onuris patted the leather beam. "Step and lean against this. I set the body shaper to quicken things along to finish in less than two minutes. Since these are loyal men the pleasure setting is at non-enslavement. This device is powerful. It can drive men do anything to have what it can offer them. St. Nec has forbidden it to be used except in the presence of a royal mage. While you wear this you will not need to eat or drink. It will provide for you today from the men."

Soldiers started to arrive. They stood in groups laughing, horsing around while others stood quietly waiting for a signal from Onuris, Arick assumed.

"The body shaper will take from the men to nourish you and give your body what it needs to transform into what’s best suited for the men entering you. None of this is painful. Time to lean against the beam here. Don't forget to use this." Onuris handed the flask to Arick.

He did as he was instructed hoping that it wasn’t going to be painful. He reached around applied a dab of Onuris' elixir to his anus. Nothing seemed to happen until both of his hands were on the leather beam. His anus began to feel as if the breeze was caressing it, that the air was a living thing wanting to enter him.

"Okay men. This is easy. Remember to lick the stone or you’ll be fucking a hole shaped for the dude who went before you. Unless you're curious what your buddy's ideal pussy is." Several laughed at a couple of men who turned red.

Onuris lower his voice for only Arick to hear. "I'll be right over at the desk working. If you need anything wave at me." Onuris gave Arick a reassuring smile and withdrew.

Arick felt large abrasive hands gently touched his sides. A slight pressure on his lower back and it was gone. He must have licked the agate, Arick thought. He could feel his anus begin to tingle then open slightly on its own. The rough hands pulled his hips back a little onto something firm and warm. It hardness slid easily in. The hands moved Arick's hips back and forth. He felt his anus tightly squeeze the man's shaft when he pulled away then loosen as he pushed back in. His anus repeated to squeeze and relax each time until the man suddenly stopped. Warmth filled his insides until the man's firmness slipped out to be replaced by another.

Men at times would gather around him, chating until each had a turn then they would be replaced by another group or a single man. Arick made sure he could see Oruis and the men took care not to block his view.

The sun began to set as the last man finished up. "That's all for today." Onuris said as he helped Arick off the box and platform then back to his quarters.


"How is this removed?" Arick asked back in Onuris quarters.

"We'll remove it tonight but tomorrow it will need to stay on until you until we leave or you decide to leave. Don't look worried. If it stays on it can be charmed to be invisible and will adapt to whatever is most comfortable to you. You won't even notice it's there after awhile." Onuris said as he began to remove the body shaper.

Arick lay down on his cot facing away from Onuris. "Why will I need to keep it on?"

Onuris moved closer to Arick. "We have a number of men here that are were predators. For the safety of the mundanes among my men, were natures are suppressed until they can be tethered to someone acting as an omega. The tension this 
causes is starting to become critical for me to act. The weres are starting to deteriorate."

"But why does it have to stay on though?" Arick turned toward Onuris.

"The shaper does more than make its wearer an ideal sexual match as I told you. It also keeps in its memory every man or creature's seed it comes in contact with. It will produce in you potent pheromones that can control the seeds donor."

"But I don't know what to do," Arick said. His voice sounded stressed.

"I don't expect you to do anything other than to be available for them and be nice. This is a trying time for them."

"Ok." Arick was still shaken.

"Good. You look exhausted. Why don’t you get some rest." Onuris said gently patting Arick's shoulder.

Arick could hear a strom coming. He pulled his cot covers up to enjoy being warm and dry.


Cold rain poured down from the night sky plastering a young man’s long hair to his head and neck. He pressed against the castle wall, weary one of the dead ones guarding St. Nec the Good. His once costly clothes now rags provided no warmth.

He flinched at each flash of lightening praying he would not be exposed and the heavy sack he carried to the watchers.

“I’ll get you to him.” He whispered. St. Nec had to revive his brother or he would truly be an orphan. His family was once wealthy but were made low from political intrigue.  Murder had left him and his brother three years now struggling on the streets living hand to mouth.

A flash of lightening revealed a large figure before him, a hand about to touch his face. He had been discovered.


Nec’s leaded window rattled from a boom of lightening.

“Yes, I’m aware that this is unusual.” Nec said from his workbench. “I’ve been alone too long. What else am I to do? You should of objected before now.”

Lightening crackled again but further away.

“As I thought.” Nec said to the storm in retreat.

He returned his focus back to the magical equation as it glowed in the air above a neatly organized work desk. In his long years of life what was before him was his most personal of spells. He formulated it carefully through several seasons. Days ago he knew he would need to do something he had not done in a very long, he sent an invitation by raven to Gid, his dear friend of the Golden Brotherhood for advice.

“Enter.” Nec said to faint scratches at his study door.

In creped a creature commoners called the dead ones. They were known for their stiff slow gait, ruined flesh, and white glazed eyes. In a halted voice the dead man said, “Master, Golden St. Gid has arrived, and a boy was caught trying to enter the Keep.”

Nec got up from his seat, took one last look at his equation before bringing his attention to the man. “Did one of your number show the Elder to the library?”

After a glance off into the distance the man said. “Yes. He is there now.”

“Good. There must be something unusual about this boy for you bring him to my attention.”

“He survived the touch of a guard and the lifeless body of a boy was found in a sack he carried. I had him brought with me should you wish to question him.”

“I will.”

Another of his dead entered with a hand on the shoulder of what looked like a young beggar. Carried in the arms of another lay a tiny lifeless body soaked with rain. Nec attention turned back to the boy. He was surprised the beggar was so poised and silent.

“Did you wish to see to me?” Nec said as the boy dropped to his knees, head bowed. He was educated enough to know some etiquette, Nec thought.

“Please forgive my trespassing Lord but I’ve heard stories that the newly dead recall who they are when brought back soon enough.”

“There is some truth to that. Is that why you brought a body to my Keep?”

“It’s my brother, Lord. He passed away earlier this evening.” The young man’s head still bowed.

Nec directed the body to be places on the floor next to the young man. “You survived the touch of the dead so I will entertain your request.” From the folds of his robe Nec produced a twisted wand, bent down and tapped the dead child under the chin. “Do you wish to rejoin your brother?”

A thin hollow voice slowly replied. “I…do.”

“Boy, this body is too young to be revived as is. It will need to be matured to an adult. I will keep him in status until I can get to him. Are you yet in your majority?”

“Yes lord. I just entered sixteen several months ago.”

“Your name?” Nec asked

“Thomas of what was House Meadows, my lord.”

Nec looked at his dead servant. “Give Thomas a room and place his brother on the alter in the Red Chamber.”


Nec found his ancient friend Gid, dwarfed in a chair next to the library’s fireplace. He looked at peace bathed in the fire’s warmth. His eyes closed, a slight smile on his lips. Happy to see his friend content Nec smiled and took a seat opposite his friend.

He was pleased his servants had considered a fire for Gid. At the thought of them he sensed the dead ones around him. Seven had positioned themselves at various places about the shadowed room, motionless. Too many for simple service. Nec thought. They must be worried for my safety. Do they imagine they could protect me against a sainted elder of the Golden Order?

“Your Keep and subjects have changed little old friend,” the small man said with a smile. His eyes still closed. “You continue to be much loved as well,” he said tilting his head toward one of the unmoving dead.

“If only that gave me comfort, Gid,” Nec said with a frown. His eyes focused on the fire.

“Perhaps… I am sorry if my observation caused you pain. Let us speak on why I am here,” Gid said. “This evening I sense paths have twisted and curled about you. Some are quite negative, even for a Lord Necromancer.” He paused. His pleasant smile gone. “I will help guide you toward several paths leading away from complete darkness.” He opened his eyes, and looked at Nec. “I believe it is here we begin this challenge you set yourself.”

Nec was relieved to have Gid’s approval. He bowed his head toward Gid in thanks and rose from his chair. He took a handkerchief from his pocket to cover his hand before offering Gid help out of the chair.

Gid smiled at Nec’s kind consideration. A necromancer’s body was deadly poison as much as their creatures were. The toxins would not harm Gid like most yet he was careful not to touch Nec’s skin. Gid waved Nec to go before him once he gained his full stooped height. “You begin. My part is after yours.”

Nec slightly bowed his head again, turned to face out into the room. “Please move the reading table and couch from the middle of the room to the sides at rest.” He directed his dead ones. He took a step forward. Raised his arm toward a large ornate iron urn the size of a large man. With a shake it rose then slid silently, dodging the walking dead as it traveled to the center of the floor. “This was given to me by our fair King after some war I helped him with. It is said to be from a desert kingdom long forgotten in the far southern deserts. Its contents is thought to be the dust of warriors devoted to a ruler they considered a god.” He begun to speak the language used by his dark brotherhood. The lid of the urn rose and floated to the floor, ink colored clouds began to appear about its opening, then changed to light purple with sparks of yellowish green.

“It does indeed hold the dust of a great many dead.” Nec said for his friend’s benefit. At the snap of his fingers the equation he had spent so much time in study appeared. “Of the dead, which this box holds, bring forth, combine the most notable occupants into one. Make it so as instructed here, a being that can defend itself should I not be capable too.” The equation spell flared then sunk into the vessel. Billows of dust rose out in to the air and condensed next to it into something very male. A humanoid creature massed with dense muscle, covered with patches of pale and dark skin, stood monstrous and angry. Nec was taken aback from its appearance.

“My friend this is where I add to your creation.” Gid said. He stepped pass Nec. With no hesitation, he made his way to the beast. It growled at his approach. The floor vibrated from its rage. As he neared it, Gid became covered in radiant gold light. “Yes, let us see what can be done here you poor creature,” Gid said. He tried to reach up to the beast’s chest that towered above him. The creature seemed to become less agitated. It leaned down to meet Gid’s touch. At contact it became still as a statue and completely golden. Gradually the creature's original patchwork colors returned except a golden area on its chest. The creature’s face relaxed and become peaceful. Loosing its hard edges. Its face became more human. With a smile and lowered itself onto one knee before Gid.

“You, I thank.” It said.

Gid collapsed into the creature’s massive but gentle arms.

Nec raced to Gid supported by the beast.

“Nice man sleeps,” it said. It turned its gaze to Nec, head leaned to one side. “Why hurt me?”

“I apologize if the process of making you hurt. That was not my intent.”

“Why?” It asked.

“A person gets lonely even one like myself.” Nec said.

The beast squinted its eyes, a crease formed between its light brown eyes.

“Let’s get him to bed. Please bring him with me.” Nec existed the study, descending the spiral stairs of one of his Keeps towers. He glanced back to make sure the creature was taking due care with Gid.

As he walked down a corridor he spoke so anyone of his many dead standing attention along the wall could answer him. “Where was Thomas put?”

“Down to the left.” One said as he passed. He saw one of his dead left an arm out some ways away indicating the room he was in. Nec chose a room opposite of the youth’s. He knew Gid enjoys being around people, particularly the living.

He entered the room Nec pointed to the bed. The creature gently laid Gid down then turned to Nec.

“We need to get you some clothes.” Nec said disturbed by the beast’s flaccid genitalia that reached to it knees.

“It will be seen to Lord.” One of his dead said.

“Good. Now, what would you like to be called?” Nec said to the beast.

“I not know.” The creature replied stone still.

“Well you look strong. How about Strong until you decide on a name?”


“I might as well attend to Thomas’ sister while Gid sleeps. Come with me.”

“No. Stay here. Good man.” Strong said crossing his arms together over his chest.

“Fine. If Gid needs something my servants will care for him. If you need something tell one of them.”


Nec knocked on Thomas’ door. A moment later the door opened slowly to more than a crack.

“I’m going to see to your brother. Want to come along?”

Thomas blinked his eyes rapidly to the unexpected invite then nodded yes.

“Come along then.” Nec turned and was off down the hall.

Thomas raced to the fireplace where his rags dried, quickly put them on before he lost St. Nec. Out the door he was able to catch up. As he walked the hall Thomas still could not imagine the wealth Nec must have. Rich tapestry scenes of battle and love making covered every wall. Large ornate light stands placed at least every 20 feet let the long hallway. St. Nec’s dead servant warriors were stationed in the shadows of each light.

They walked in silence until St. Nec stopped at heavily carved double doors twice the height of a full grown man. St. Nec touched one of the dark doors. “Thomas, you are to be quiet. I will let you know when it is safe for you to speak.”

“Yes my lord.” Thomas bowed his head slightly.

They entered into a dark room Thomas could see, he assumed, his brother laying on an alter lit by candles at each of its corners. A carcass laid on the floor next to his brother. St. Nec rose an arm to his side signaling Thomas to stop where he was. St. Nec continued on to his brother. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could see dead standing throughout the room.

Two of the dead moved forward, lift the animal, and placed it on the boy. The fur dissolved at the touch of the lord. Its flesh appeared to melt. His brother became bigger. His hair grew full and lush as it once had been. He slowly sat up.

“Do you know who you are?” St. Nec said.

“I do. I was known as Greg. Thomas is my brother,” he replied.

“Your body is now as it would have been if you had reached the age of twenty five. You will remain this way until you no longer wish to be among the restless dead. They are your brothers now.

He turned his head a slight ten degrees.

“You hear them?”

Greg nodded yes.

“Good. Rise.” Once he had stepped down St. Nec touched his shoulder. “To discourage the living, your good looks will be blemished by the appearance of decay affecting your body.” At his words his appearance dried, skin cracked, patches of hair fell to the floor. “Should you find interest in another your looks will return with their direct touch. Decay will return once their touch is removed.”

Thomas looked at St. Nec in horror. Had he lost his brother after all? Was I too late bring him to St. Nec?

St. Nec noticed Thomas’ look. “With time your brother will regain how you remember him. Each person is different depending how far the soul traveled before it was called back.”