Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 1

Jim Meyer always felt he would retire at sixty five, then he and his wife could live out their golden years. Jim had been married to her for forty five years, and although it hadn't always been as exciting as he imagined as a young man, they had three wonderful children together. Those three children also gave them five grandchildren. Actually though, only two of them had been responsible for that. Jim and his wife's second son, and middle child, had turned out to be gay. Jim's wife had always acted more upset about that than Jim did. The reason was that Jim just didn't know what to think. He loved all of his children, but he had never known any gay people. Jim finally had a heart to heart talk with his second son on his son's twenty first birthday, six months after hearing the news. Jim sat his son Mike down with him in private, and Mike begged his father to love and accept him. From that moment on, Jim did just that without any more doubt, and they had a great relationship.

Six months before Jim's retirement though, something happened that would shake his world to its foundations. Jim's wife Evelyn died after a six month battle with cancer. Jim had good friends and children though, and they were all there for him. Mike and his mate Eric even moved in with Jim for six months, until they were sure that Jim was back on his feet. Mike loved his father, and would have done anything for him. Once Jim had gotten over the loss of his wife, he started spending time at the neighborhood senior citizen's center. Mike thought it would be good for his dad to make new friends close to his own age.

Jeremy Blake wasn't much into going to church with his parents. After all, he was only fourteen. There were a few bright spots to the church Jeremy's parents attended though. The first was that the pastor there didn't preach a lot about the evils of homosexuality. That was good as far as Jeremy was concerned, since he was now pretty sure that he was gay. Another bright spot was the pastor's fifteen year old son. He was Jeremy's first experience with another person, but his interest in Jeremy seemed to be a passing thing. That made Jeremy determined to get his attention back. Jeremy most often did this by volunteering for the church, but it never seemed to work. That was what led Jeremy to volunteer to visit the neighborhood senior citizen's center, at the request of his pastor for volunteers. All he had to do was hang out, and see if he could help any of the people who visited there. That's all Jeremy was doing when he approached a man there who seemed to be the youngest of the visitors.

"Hi sir, my name is Jeremy." said Jeremy cheerfully.

"Hello Jeremy, my name is Jim." replied the man. "You remind me a lot of one of my grandsons. So, what are you doing here on such a nice day Jeremy?"

"I'm volunteering here for my parent's church." replied Jeremy. "You know, hang out, talk with people, and see if there's anything I can do for them."

"Well Jeremy, that's quite admirable for a boy your age." said Jim.

"What do you mean by boy?!" asked Jeremy. "I'm fourteen!"

"I'm sorry, I meant young man." chuckled Jim. "I have to thank you too Jeremy. That's the first time I've come close to laughing since Evelyn died."

"I'm sorry sir, was Evelyn your wife?" asked Jeremy.

"Yes she was, for forty five happy years." replied Jim. "And please do me a favor son, don't call me sir. I'd much rather be called Jim."

"Okay, I'll call you Jim if you don't call me son, and call me Jeremy instead." replied Jeremy.

"You have a deal Jeremy." smiled Jim.

"So Jim, is there anything I can do for you?" asked Jeremy.

"As a matter of fact, there is." replied Jim. "Do you like chess?"

"You bet I do Jim!" replied Jeremy.

"Good." said Jim. "I seem to have scared off the last guy who was going to play me, and I'm looking for a worthy opponent."

"I'll bet he has his eye on one of the hot babes here, and didn't want to be seen getting beaten!" smiled Jeremy.

"I think you may be onto something there!" replied Jim, this time with a full-fledged laugh. "I'm really starting to like you Jeremy. Would you like to play me a game of chess?"

"Sure I would Jim, I like you too!" replied Jeremy cheerfully.

Jim let Jeremy take white, and the game was on. Jim had no idea why, but the friendship he was striking up with this boy was making him feel better than he had in months.

After a few moves, Jeremy asked, "Do you remember how you said I remind you of your grandson? Well, you kind of remind me of my grandfather. The only difference is, you're much nicer than he is."

"Are you being fair to him Jeremy?" asked Jim.

"Yeah, I am." replied Jeremy. "When he's around my brothers or cousins, he smiles and laughs and jokes around with them. When he's around me though, he never smiles, and he won't say more than he has to. I think he knows something about me, but I don't know how. It's something I've tried to keep from everyone."

"What is it that you think he knows about you Jeremy?" asked Jim.

"If I told you, I wouldn't be trying to keep it from everyone, would I?" answered Jeremy.

"I guess not." smiled Jim, now wanting to know the secret Jeremy was keeping.

Jim didn't push Jeremy to tell him though, and the two continued their game. Jeremy thought he was good at chess, because none of his friends could beat him. Jim was keeping right up though. As a matter of fact, Jim took the lead a few more times than Jeremy did. By the time it was over, Jim had just beaten Jeremy. Jim had actually thought that it might end up as a stalemate, but Jeremy made a mistake that was so slight, Jim didn't think the boy knew about it until it was too late.

"You're a lot better than my other friends." said Jeremy, after shaking Jim's hand in congratulations. "I'm going to have to practice before we play again!"

"I would love to give you a rematch anytime Jeremy." smiled Jim.

The next time Jeremy went to the senior center to volunteer, he looked for Jim. No one seemed to know where he was though, which upset Jeremy a little. Jeremy couldn't figure out why he was upset though. After all, he and Jim were just friends who had only met once before. The next time Jeremy volunteered though, Jim was there. Jeremy went straight to his new friend.

"Where were you Saturday Jim?" asked Jeremy. "I was kind of worried about you."

"I'm sorry Jeremy." replied Jim. "I don't usually work on Saturday, but this past Saturday was my retirement party. I guess I'll be here a lot more from now on though."

"Okay Jim, it's just that I missed my favorite chess partner." said Jeremy as he smiled. "How about that rematch?"

"I'm sorry Jeremy, I don't think I have time today." replied Jim. "My son and his mate are moving into an apartment from my house today, and I told him I would be there when he left."

"Oh." said Jeremy, looking disappointed.

"Would you like to go along too Jeremy?" asked Jim. "Of course you would have to make sure it's okay first."

"I'll be right back!" smiled Jeremy.

Jeremy got permission from the director of the center first, then called home to ask for his parents permission. Once everyone had said okay, Jeremy ran back to Jim smiling.

"I take it everything is okay?" chuckled Jim.

"I'm all yours Jim!" replied Jeremy. "My mom just said to make sure I get home by supper time!"

"I think we can arrange that." smiled Jim.

Jim couldn't believe how nice Jeremy's presence was making him feel, as the boy sat next to him in the car on the way to Jim's home.

As Jim pulled into his driveway and got out, Jeremy exclaimed, "Wow! That's a nice home!"

"My wife and I raised all three of our children here." replied Jim. "I'm afraid it may get to be too much for me by myself though."

"Would it help if I came over twice a week to help you?" asked Jeremy.

"That is amazingly nice of you to offer Jeremy." replied Jim. "We'll have to talk about that later."

When Jim showed Jeremy in, Mike was waiting for him in the living room with his arm around Eric. "Dad, I thought the idea of you spending time at the senior center was to meet someone your own age!" said Mike jokingly.

"Son, this is Jeremy." replied Jim. "He volunteers at the center, and he's a lot older in the way of maturity than he looks. Besides, those people at the center are much older than I am!"

Jeremy's eyes were glued to the two men who had their arms around each other. Mike reached his hand out and said, "Hi Jeremy, my name is Mike. This other man is my mate, Eric. I'm going to assume my dad didn't tell you too much about me."

"Come to think of it, he never mentioned that his son was gay." replied Jeremy.

"Are you okay with that?" asked Mike. "Eric and I can control ourselves if you're not."

"I'm okay." smiled Jeremy. "If you two guys love each other, that's okay with me!"'

Mike and Eric began taking the last of their things out to the car, with Jim and Jeremy helping. The four talked back and forth as they worked, with Jeremy being included as much as possible. When it was finally time for Mike and Eric to leave, Mike asked his father to step out to the porch with him.

"I'm going to miss being here with you dad." said Mike, as he hugged his father.

"Then why don't you and Eric stay son?" asked Jim. "I have more than enough room here for all of us. Besides, your brother and sister both own their own homes, so I was going to pass this house down to you someday. You and Eric would be much happier in your own home."

"I'd love to stay dad, but Eric feels like we have to keep our affection quiet." replied Mike. "He's afraid that you hearing us would upset you, knowing it was two guys who were expressing affection."

"Son, you know that I completely accept the fact that you're gay." said Jim. "I love you very much, and I consider Eric a part of this family now. I personally think he's the guy who was meant for you. I know you and Eric make love, and it doesn't bother me in the least."

"I know dad, and I love you." smiled Mike. "I promise that I'll talk to Eric about your offer, and try to convince him that nothing about our relationship bothers you. Speaking of gay though, you do know that boy you brought here is gay, right?"

"I have a feeling that he might be." smiled Jim. "I know he has a big secret that he won't talk to anyone about. Don't worry though, he's a very nice kid who's just looking for a friend. If he tries to come on to me, I promise I can handle him. I like having him as a friend though."

"Okay dad, as long as you know." smiled Mike. "Eric and I will come back over in a couple of days for dinner, I promise."

Once Mike and Eric had left, Jeremy asked, "So Jim, what now?"

"I don't know Jeremy." replied Jim. "They just left, and the house already seems empty without them. This will be the first time I've lived by myself since Evelyn passed away."

"Shit Jim, I couldn't leave a friend alone like this, and you're my friend!" said Jeremy. "Let me call mom and dad, and explain what is happening. I want to see if I can stay here tonight."

"You don't have to do that Jeremy." said Jim as he smiled.

"I know, but I want to!" replied Jeremy.

Jeremy called his house, and talked to both his mom and dad. He explained who Jim was, and what had happened. Jeremy's parents were impressed that Jeremy would feel so much compassion for a friend, but they had no idea who Jim was. Jeremy's dad then talked to Jim for quite a while, and when he was finished, he was sure Jeremy was safe with his elderly friend. Jeremy was so excited to hear that he could stay that it made Jim chuckle.

"What do you want to do now Jim?" asked Jeremy excitedly. "I know, we could have that rematch!"

"I don't know how to tell you this Jeremy, but I don't have a chess set here." replied Jim. Then Jim saw the disappointment on Jeremy's face, and continued, "And now would be a fine time to go get one!"

Jeremy showed Jim to a large hobby store in the mall. There were many different types of chess sets there. After much convincing, Jeremy talked Jim into a Spongebob chess set. Jeremy thought this might level the playing field a little. After a dinner at the mall, Jim and Jeremy went back to Jim's place. Jeremy excitedly set the board up, and he and Jim sat down to the table.

"How do I tell which is black and which is white?" asked Jim.

"Each piece has a little trim on it that is either black or white!" smiled Jeremy.

"Well I'll be, so they do!" chuckled Jim.

The game started off as evenly as their first game had, much to Jeremy's disappointment. Then after about ten minutes, Jeremy asked, "You really love your son Mike even though he is gay, don't you?"

"I love all three of my children dearly." replied Jim. "Those feelings may be even stronger for Mike though, because he's been such a huge help and comfort to me. Mike being gay is just a part of who he is, and I love him completely. I even consider his mate Eric as a part of the family."

"That's pretty cool." said Jeremy.

Then Jeremy looked as though he were struggling with what to say next. Jim knew what was on his mind, but didn't want to push the boy. He knew Jeremy would tell him his secret when he was ready. Jeremy never could bring himself to say what was on his mind though. The game eventually became a stalemate, when Jeremy and Jim were both reduced to just their king and queen.

After the game, Jeremy sat with Jim on the sofa and watched TV. Jeremy moved closer and closer, until he was eventually snuggled into Jim's side. Jim put an arm around Jeremy in a fatherly way, and smiled at how comfortable Jeremy had become with him. When bedtime came, Jim walked Jeremy to his room, and said good night to the boy.

"What, don't I get a good night kiss?" asked Jeremy with a giggle.

Jim kissed Jeremy quickly on the forehead, and smiled as he replied, "That's as much as you get my young friend!"

Jeremy laid in bed that night, wondering why it had felt so good to snuggle into Jim's side when they watched TV. He couldn't be having feelings for the elderly man, could he? Jeremy finally dismissed that, seeing as how he didn't get an erection from the contact. He had wished Jim had at least kissed him on the cheek though.

As Jeremy laid in bed thinking, he had absently began feeling his dick. Then when Jeremy realized that his hand had been rubbing over his dick and balls, it happened. Jeremy began to think about what Jim might look like naked. Jeremy then became hard as a rock. He tried to will his erection away, but ended up having to go to the bathroom to relieve it once he was sure Jim was asleep. Jeremy imagined him and Jim touching each other, as he stroked himself furiously. Once Jeremy had stroked himself to an orgasm, he went back to bed. Jeremy finally fell into a fitful sleep after some tossing and turning, wondering if Jim would hate him.

Jeremy had two dreams that night, and remembered both of them. The first dream was pretty nice. Jeremy admitted to Jim that he was gay, and what he had been feeling and thinking.

"Jeremy, I think that is so sweet." said Jim, after listening to Jeremy's confessions. "I have never had any sexual relationship with another male before, but something makes me want to express the same love to you that you've confessed to me. Jeremy, would you allow me to make love to you?"

"That would make me the happiest boy in the world Jim, because I'm sure I'm falling in love with you." replied Jeremy.

Jeremy watched excitedly, as Jim stripped in front of him. Jim was nothing like what Jeremy had expected. He seemed to look much smoother than Jeremy thought he would. Then Jeremy was awestruck, as Jim's cock stiffened to almost seven inches, and as he excitedly stripped for Jim.

Jim ran his fingers over Jeremy's body, including his genitals, and said, "That is a perfect and beautiful body Jeremy. I can't wait to make love to you!"

Jeremy and Jim softly caressed each other and kissed for the next few minutes. Jim made Jeremy feel very loved and cared about, as they prepared for what would come. Then Jeremy's first dream ended as he and Jim were about to make love.

The next dream wasn't quite as okay. Jeremy admitted to Jim that he was gay, and that he had been having feelings for him.

"Jeremy, I'm very disappointed!" said Jim. "I thought you were my friend, and understood that I'm not that way! Sure, I accept Mike being gay, but Mike has never come on to me. I'm going to have to take you home now, and tell your parents what happened. You are a very dirty little boy!"

Jim then took Jeremy home, and told Jeremy's parents that the boy was homosexual, and he had tried to come on to him. Jeremy's parents then thanked Jim, and proceeded to taunt and ridicule Jeremy. Jeremy ran to his room in tears, with his parents calling him names behind him.

Jeremy awoke in a panic, before realizing he had just had a bad dream. Then he remembered the first dream too. Jeremy knew that the two dreams were the extremes at both ends, but now he really didn't know which way Jim would go. Jeremy knew that he couldn't lose such a good friend so soon though. Jeremy finally fell back to sleep, and slept the rest of the night.

The next morning, Jeremy awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking, and the sound of bacon crackling in a frying pan. The smell led Jeremy hypnotically from his bed, and down to the kitchen. Jim turned to see Jeremy standing there in just his underwear.

"That's very cute Jeremy, but don't you think you should put some more clothes on for breakfast?" laughed Jim.

"Oh God Jim, I'm so sorry!" replied Jeremy in a panic.

"Don't worry Jeremy, I raised two boys of my own." smiled Jim. "I'm very use to that sight."

Then Jim went to Jeremy, gave him a quick kiss to the forehead, and sent him back upstairs to dress. During breakfast, Jeremy looked a bit preoccupied. Jim always made breakfast in his family, so he knew it was good. He had an idea what was bothering Jeremy though.

"Don't you like the food Jeremy?" asked Jim.

"Sure I do." replied Jeremy. "You make breakfast better than my mom does."

"I was just wondering, because you looked like you weren't enjoying it." said Jim.

"It's not that at all Jim." replied Jeremy. "You really are a great cook. I just had something on my mind that I'd rather not talk about yet."

"Well Jeremy, if you ever do want to talk about it, I'm a great listener." said Jim. "I raised three wonderful kids, and they all had their problems growing up. That's what makes kids kids. I'd like to think that we're good enough friends that you can talk to me about anything though."

"Maybe later." replied Jeremy, as he tried to smile. "I know I want to talk to you about this, but I just can't yet. Do you think we could swing by my pastor's house when you take me home?"

"Sure Jeremy, anything for you." replied Jim with a warm smile.

Later on, Jim did take Jeremy by his pastor's house. Jeremy nervously rang the doorbell, not believing he was about to do what he was.

"Hi Jeremy, what can I do for you?" asked Pastor Bill Kendall.

"I need to talk to you sir." replied Jeremy. "It's kinda important and personal."

"Okay son, follow me to my office." said Bill. Once Bill and Jeremy was in the pastor's home office, Bill asked, "Now, what is it I can help you with today son?"

"I've noticed that you don't preach about gay people much, but when you do, you seem to want everyone to treat them with tolerance and compassion." said Jeremy. "Is there a reason for that? I mean, aren't gay people suppose to be bad people?"

"That's a couple of doozies Jeremy!" replied Bill. "I'm going to be as honest as I can though Jeremy, even though some people don't seem to think I know nearly as much as I do. My son Sean is gay. He's never told me, but I know. I've known that since he was a little boy, even before he knew it himself. I also know you know that Jeremy, because you and he have had sexual experiences together. And no, I didn't spy on you two. I never even saw you do it, but I know you have. Are you gay too Jeremy?"

"Yes sir, I am." replied Jeremy shamefully. "Please don't tell my parents though."

"I won't Jeremy, but you have to talk to them about this someday." said Bill. "I know your parents Jeremy, and they might surprise you. Anyway, when I first figured Sean was gay, I studied the Bible on the subject. I know some people say that it says a lot of bad stuff, but those people tend to look for how to make it say those things. I always read the Bible with an open mind though, which is how it's suppose to be read. I don't see anything in it that says I should hate my son, or any other gay person for that matter. I think what God is mostly interested in Jeremy is the goodness in your heart, and I know you have a lot of that. As far as you or my son being bad people because you're gay, I don't believe that for one second. I've never seen anything in the Bible that would lead me to believe that either of you are bad either. I think God looks very favorably on you Jeremy, and he doesn't care that you're gay. As a matter of fact, from all of the research I've done on the subject, you and Sean may have been born that way. If you were, then God made you that way, and he doesn't hate any of his creations. He also doesn't make mistakes either. I hope this is helping Jeremy."

"It is sir, quite a bit!" replied Jeremy. "Sean is really lucky to have a dad like you."

"Thanks son." said Bill. "I'm still researching a sermon on this subject Jeremy, and I hope to have it ready in two more Sundays. I think if you were in church that day, you would enjoy the sermon very much."

"I will be sir, I promise!" smiled Jeremy. "Thanks for helping me with this."

"It was my pleasure Jeremy." replied Bill. "You are a very fine young man. The fact that you're gay only makes you a fine young gay man. Now, don't worry so much about who you feel drawn to love. God is just happy that you are able to love someone."

That talk helped Jeremy quite a bit, as he went back out to Jim's car. Then as Jim got a block from Jeremy's house, Jeremy had him pull over.

"Jim, I have to tell you something." said Jeremy. "I don't know how you'll take it, but it's something about me that you have to know. Jim, I'm gay. I hope we can still hang out like we did yesterday and this morning, because I enjoy having you as a friend. Who knows, there may even be some kind of feelings there, but your friendship is the most important thing to me now." Jeremy also wanted to tell Jim about his dreams, but he knew that should wait for another time.

"I'm glad you told me Jeremy, although I already knew." replied Jim. "You telling me about it shows me that you trust me, which is very important to any friendship. If you were afraid I wouldn't want you around anymore because you're gay, please don't be. I love my son even though he's gay, and I value your friendship a great deal, even though you're gay. As for you telling me there may possibly be some kind of feelings, there should be special feelings between friends, although they don't always have to be sexual. Maybe you're just feeling the bond that two friends share, that makes them care more for each other than they would for someone who isn't a friend.”

When we were watching TV together though, it felt really nice to cuddle into your side Jim.” said Jeremy. “Then when I first came down for breakfast this morning in nothing but my briefs, you said I looked cute like that.”

I meant it too Jeremy.” replied Jim. “You are a very cute young man. You reminded me of my boys at that age. That doesn't necessarily mean there's anything other than friendship between us. As for feeling nice when we sat together watching TV, closeness like that between friends is often comforting, and that's why it felt nice. My offer still stands if you want to help me take care of the house, and you're welcome there anytime."

"Thanks Jim, you're a great friend, and I love you." smiled Jeremy.

Well, Jeremy told his secret to Jim. Just so everyone knows, I know there aren't a lot of pastors like the one in this story. There are one or two out there though, which is enough to give a person hope. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 2.