Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

"I'm glad you told me Jeremy, although I already knew." replied Jim. "You telling me about it shows me that you trust me, which is very important to any friendship. If you were afraid I wouldn't want you around anymore because you're gay, please don't be. I love my son even though he's gay, and I value your friendship a great deal, even though you're gay. As for you telling me there may possibly be some kind of feelings, there should be special feelings between friends, although they don't always have to be sexual. Maybe you're just feeling the bond that two friends share, that makes them care more for each other than they would for someone who isn't a friend.”

When we were watching TV together though, it felt really nice to cuddle into your side Jim.” said Jeremy. “Then when I first came down for breakfast this morning in nothing but my briefs, you said I looked cute like that.”

I meant it too Jeremy.” replied Jim. “You are a very cute young man. You reminded me of my boys at that age. That doesn't necessarily mean there's anything other than friendship between us. As for feeling nice when we sat together watching TV, closeness like that between friends is often comforting, and that's why it felt nice. My offer still stands if you want to help me take care of the house, and you're welcome there anytime."

Thanks Jim, you're a great friend, and I love you.” smiled Jeremy.

Jim thought he had handled that well, and explained to Jeremy that they were just good friends. Jeremy however thought about Jim almost constantly after being dropped off. Finally, Jeremy's parents were glad that he was taking an interest in helping others.

Since Jeremy and Jim had agreed to twice a week, Jeremy called Jim on Tuesday, to arrange to go to his house on Wednesday. Since there were two more weeks left in the school year, it would only be Wednesday evening, and Jim would have to have him home by nine.

Jeremy was very happy Wednesday, as he went straight to Jim's from school. “Hi Jim!” chirped Jeremy, as he smiled brightly.

Hello Jeremy my friend, come on in.” replied Jim, when he answered the door. “You sure do seem happy today.”

Why shouldn't I be?” asked Jeremy happily. “I'm with a great friend this evening!”

I'm happy that you're so happy to spend time with an old guy like me.” smiled Jim, as Jeremy came on in.

Whoa!” exclaimed Jeremy. “You weren't kidding when you said this place might be too much for you, were you?”

It's not that bad.” laughed Jim. “Besides, we'll have Saturday too.”

I know, I was just kidding.” snickered Jeremy. “So, can anything on the floor go into the laundry?”

I'm sure it can.” replied Jim. “I'll start in the kitchen, unless you need help straightening up in here.”

I can get it Jim.” smiled Jeremy.

Jeremy had such an angelic smile that it made Jim smile too. About a half hour later, Jeremy came into the kitchen and stood right up next to Jim at the sink.

Hi there Jeremy.” said Jim. “I got a few of the dishes cleaned, and thought I'd make us something for dinner. Do you need help already?”

Heck no Jim, I already have a load of laundry going for you.” replied Jeremy. “I thought I'd see if you needed help in here.”

My my!” exclaimed Jim. “You sure are a fast worker Jeremy!”

I just wanted to make sure we had time to do something other than cleaning.” replied Jeremy. “You know, play a game of chess, or watch a movie.”

If that's what you want Jeremy, we'll make the time.” said Jim. “Since you want to help, there's a sink full of things that can go into the dishwasher. I already rinsed them out. They just need to be put in and cleaned.”

I got it for you!” replied Jeremy, with his now familiar smile.

While Jim made dinner, Jeremy loaded the dishwasher and started it. The dishwasher finished just in time for Jeremy to take out enough for dinner, wipe it off, and set the table. When Jim began bringing the food to the dinner table, Jeremy had set two places across from each other, and was already seated.

Why didn't you put our places next to each other Jeremy?” asked Jim. “I promise I won't bite.”

Well,... um,... I have... kind of a problem.” replied Jeremy shyly.

Whatever it is Jeremy, I'd rather have you sit next to me.” said Jim. “Please go ahead and move your place next to mine.”

Jeremy got up slowly, and tried to stay a little bent over as he moved everything. It was obvious Jeremy was hiding something, and Jeremy was sure Jim could see what it was.

Oh shit, I can't hide it can I?!” said Jeremy, as he straightened up. “I'm sorry Jim. It felt so nice to help you though that I couldn't help it!”

Jim looked down, and saw a definite bulge in Jeremy's pants. Then he put an arm around Jeremy, and led the boy to the table as he said, “It's okay Jeremy. I raised two boys myself, and I was a boy a long time ago. I know how hard it is to control that at a certain age.”

You're not mad that I popped a boner while helping you?” asked Jeremy, as the smile began to return to his face.

Not at all my young friend!” replied Jim as he smiled. “I think it's kinda cute that you did that. You don't have to be ashamed of yourself around me Jeremy.”

Jeremy then seemed almost proud of the bulge in his pants, as he sat down beside his friend. Jim had made a wonderful dinner for them, and by the time they finished dessert, Jeremy's earlier problem had subsided. While Jeremy took the first load out of the washer and put it in the dryer, then started another wash load, Jim cleaned up after dinner.

When Jeremy rejoined Jim, Jim said, “It really looks like all that's going to be left is some light cleaning Jeremy. Would you like to save that, and do something fun after I finish here?”

Sure!” replied Jeremy excitedly. “Can we watch a movie?”

We can do whatever you want Jeremy, within reason of course.” replied Jim. “Why don't you go ahead and pick out a movie. There are movies I've bought, movies I keep here for my grandkids in case they visit, and some movies my son left behind for me. We'll watch whatever you want.”

When Jim went into the living room, Jeremy was looking a movie over. “I've never heard of this one.” said Jeremy. “It's called Friends and Family, and it's about a gay couple who work for the mob.”

Oh shoot, that's one of the ones my son left, although I don't know why he would leave that one.” said Jim.

Is it nice and juicy?” asked Jeremy impishly.

It's not that kind of movie.” laughed Jim. “It's what's known as gay cinema. It's just like any other movie you could see in a theater, except it is completely gay themed. I did watch a bit of it with my son and his mate, and it looked like a very funny movie.”

I love comedies!” exclaimed Jeremy. “Can we watch this one?”

I don't see that it would hurt anything.” replied Jim. “It's not like watching a gay movie is going to make you even gayer. And I wouldn't mind watching anything you want to.”

Jim put the movie on, and Jeremy started to snuggle up against him. Jeremy smiled up at Jim, and Jim smiled back down at Jeremy. Once the movie was well underway, Jeremy began howling in laughter. There were hardly any parts of the movie at all that didn't make Jeremy laugh. Jim was laughing right alongside Jeremy, as he too thought the movie was funny. Jim had just as much fun watching Jeremy laugh as he was watching the movie though. Jeremy felt really good by the time the movie was over. He had laughed so hard that his earlier problem didn't come back while he was snuggled against Jim, laughing like crazy.

That was a good movie Jim!” exclaimed Jeremy, after the movie had ended. “When you take that back to your son, you should see if he has any more that he would recommend for someone my age.”

Do you mean that you wouldn't mind me sharing with my son the fact that you're gay?' asked Jim.

If he's anywhere near as nice as you Jim, I don't mind at all.” replied Jeremy.

I know you and Mike would get along just fine Jeremy.” said Jim. “He's a fine young man, and I'm very proud of him. His mate Eric is a nice guy too, although somewhat shy at times. Well, I hate to say this, but we have to be getting you home. I promise I'll ask Mike for movie suggestions for you.”

Thanks Jim, that would be so cool.” replied Jeremy.

When Saturday morning came, Jeremy was once again excited to be spending the whole day and overnight with Jim. Jeremy's parents still seemed fine with the friendship between their son, and his elderly friend. Jeremy peddled his bicycle as fast as he could to Jim's house that morning.

Hi Jim!” said Jeremy happily, when Jim opened the door.

Hello my fine young friend.” replied Jim. “I see you're still happy today. Are you always so happy Jeremy?”

I am lately for some reason.” snickered Jeremy. “Hey Jim, is it wrong for me to say I love you every once in a while?”

We're friends Jeremy, and it's never wrong to tell your friends you love them.” replied Jim. “I love you too, and I have no problem telling you that.”

Okay then, let me say hi again.” said Jeremy. “Hi Jim, I love you!”

I'm very honored you feel that way Jeremy, now come on in.” replied Jim as he smiled. “I have good news. I took that movie back to my son, and told him you wanted his suggestions on movies. He kind of chuckled, then gave me this one and said you HAD to watch it. He seems to be fine with you being gay, and hanging out with his father.”

Cool!” exclaimed Jeremy, as he went into the house. “What's the name of the movie?”

It's called Big Eden.” replied Jim.”Mike said it was a very good movie about dealing with the feelings about being gay. We can watch it this evening, before bedtime. Then Mike and Eric want to come over first thing in the morning, and take us out to breakfast.”

You mean no being drawn downstairs in my underwear by your delicious smelling breakfast?” laughed Jeremy.

No, I'm afraid not.” smiled Jim.

Jeremy and Jim went ahead and got quite a bit done that morning, then went to the store after a light lunch. It was one of the large department and grocery stores, so while Jim started the food shopping, Jeremy headed over to the electronics and video department. He looked for movies he had never heard of before, hoping to find one of the movies Jim had called gay cinema. After having no luck at all, Jeremy rejoined Jim in the grocery department.

Why the long face Jeremy?” asked Jim.

I was looking for a movie like we saw last night, but I couldn't find anything.” replied Jeremy glumly.

There's a good reason for that Jeremy.” replied Jim. “When I tell you what that is, you won't be so disappointed anymore, so try not to look down. You look much nicer when you're happy. We'll stop by the ice cream freezer just before we check out. That should make you feel better.”

That got a smile from Jeremy, so Jim rubbed his head playfully. A little while later, a lady complimented Jim on such a handsome grandson, and that he was a lucky grandfather. Jim politely thanked the lady, then she moved on.

That lady thought I was your grandson!” giggled Jeremy.

I would be proud if you were Jeremy, so it doesn't bother me at all for her to think that.” replied Jim as he smiled.

Once Jim and Jeremy hit the ice cream freezer, they went ahead and checked out. Jeremy helped Jim load the car, then they got in and pulled away. “So Jim, why couldn't I find any gay cinema back there?” asked Jeremy.

Because Jeremy, some people don't want that kind of movie there.” replied Jim. “There are many who don't mind, because they know the store would never stock any title that was considered obscene, but there are still more who don't want it than there are who do. There are still quite a few people who don't understand what being gay means.”

And that was suppose to make me feel better?” asked Jeremy.

No, but this might.” replied Jim. “You can find those types of movies at mainstream gay bookstores.”

How many types of gay bookstores are there?” snickered Jeremy.

Well, you have your more notorious adult gay bookstores.” replied Jim. “They mostly sell pornographic material, and adult novelty items. Then you have your mainstream gay bookstores. They deal in non-erotic fiction and movies, as well as gay pride accessories. The first type you wouldn't be able to enter until you're eighteen. The mainstream stores don't mind younger customers though, as long as they have adult supervision with them.”

Can you take me there sometime?” asked Jeremy. “It's not exactly like I could ask my parents to take me there.”

I guess I could sometime, if I can remember where Mike showed me they were.” replied Jim.

When Jeremy and Jim got back to Jim's place, and put the groceries away, they did a little more cleaning. Once the house was spotless, and all the laundry was done, Jim and Jeremy sat down to a game of chess before fixing dinner. Jim went ahead and let Jeremy have a small bowl of the ice cream he had picked out while they played. It was a great game, and Jeremy just barely ended up winning this time.

Well, well Jeremy!” exclaimed Jim. “It looks like ice cream may be your key to victory!”

That got a very adorable giggle from Jeremy. Then Jeremy and Jim went ahead and made dinner together. After a very nice steak and mashed potato dinner, they cleaned the dinner dishes. Then Jeremy and Jim went to the TV, and Jim started up that night's movie. Jeremy went ahead and snuggled into Jim, but it was kind of warm for this time of year.

Jim, would you mind if I took off my shirt, and maybe my pants?” asked Jeremy. “It's kinda warm tonight.”

I'm sorry Jeremy, it's my fault for not having the air conditioning ready for the season yet.” replied Jim. “If it'll make you comfortable, go right ahead.”

Jeremy went ahead and stripped off his shirt first, then tried snuggling back into Jim's side. It was still kind of warm though, so Jeremy smiled shyly as he stripped off his pants. Then Jeremy snuggled back into Jim's side in nothing but his underwear, and felt a little more comfortable. As the movie progressed, and the characters became a little more involved with each other, it began to have an effect on Jeremy. Jim noticed the bulge in Jeremy's underwear, but didn't say anything. Jeremy smiled as he took it that Jim was okay with the situation. Jeremy got scared though when he became so erect that it began to poke out of the fly in his underwear. The next time Jim looked down, he could plainly see what was happening. Jim still said nothing though, because at this point he knew it would embarrass Jeremy. Jeremy knew Jim had seen everything, but had said nothing. Jeremy then smiled as he snuggled into Jim's side even more, and let whatever happened happen. The movie kept Jeremy erect until it was over.

Once the movie was over, Jeremy said, “I'm really sorry about displaying myself like this Jim. I really had no idea this movie would affect me like this.”

Jim leaned down and kissed Jeremy on the forehead, then replied, “You have nothing to apologize for Jeremy. If I minded you not being able to control that, I would have said something.”

So it's okay that I'm poking out of my underwear?” asked Jeremy.

In this case it's perfectly okay Jeremy.” replied Jim. “I can understand how that movie would affect a gay person like that. Now I think it's time for bed though.”

You're the nicest person I've ever known Jim.” said Jeremy. “Good night, and I love you.”

Good night Jeremy, and I love you too.” replied Jim.

Jim watched and smiled as Jeremy got up to go to his room, his proud erection pointing the way. After Jeremy had gone upstairs, IT happened. Jim began to feel a stirring in his pants that he hadn't felt in years. “What in the world?!” thought Jim to himself. Jim then jumped up, and almost ran to his room. Jim went into his bathroom, and looked at himself in the mirror.

Could this really be happening?” Jim asked himself softly. As Jim looked into the full length mirror, he lowered his pants and underwear. “How?” asked Jim, as he looked at his seven inch erection. “I was happily married all those years, and this is a boy. A fourteen year old boy. It had to have been something else, that's it. Everything will be perfectly normal in the morning.”

Jim went ahead and went on to bed. Then he tossed a bit before finally drifting off to sleep. Jim had a dream that night, which was his first ever dream about another male. He dreamed that he and Jeremy were drawn onto a more romantic relationship. The dream ended badly though, when their relationship was discovered, and he would have to face legal charges over it. Jim was wet with sweat by the time he woke up the next morning.

Jim went ahead and took a shower, and heard Jeremy waking up as he was getting dressed. After hearing Jeremy's shower running while having a cup of coffee, Jim waited for the boy to come down. Jeremy was as happy looking as ever when he came down to join Jim, who was still contemplating whether or not to mention his dream. Jim went ahead and gave Jeremy a good morning hug. He was very relieved not to feel any type of response to the hug, so Jim gave Jeremy the usual kiss to the forehead. Jim didn't see any need to mention his dream to the boy now.

Good morning Jeremy.” smiled Jim. “How was your sleep last night?”

I left a window open, so it was pretty comfortable.” replied Jeremy, in his usual carefree tone. “How was yours?”

It was just the normal night's sleep.” smiled Jim.

So, when is Mike and Eric going to be here?” asked Jeremy. “I know the breakfast won't be as good as yours, but I'm starved anyway!”

They should be here any minute.” chuckled Jim.

Mike and Eric arrived a few minutes later, and shared a cup of coffee with Jim. Then Mike went over to shake Jeremy's hand, and give him a light hug.

I want to thank you for being friends with my dad Jeremy.” said Mike. “I was a little cautious at first, but you really seem to be helping him stay happy. He always talks about what a great boy you are.”

Boy?!” exclaimed Jeremy.

I'm sorry, I meant young man.” chuckled Mike. “I'm also happy that you trusted me enough to let me know that you're gay. It means a lot to me that you're that open about yourself. So, how did you like the movie I sent over with dad?”

It was pretty cool.” replied Jeremy. “Do people really have that much trouble dealing with being gay though?”

It depends on the circumstances Jeremy.” replied Mike. “Some people keep those feelings bottled up inside for years, and it can be quite hard to deal with them. I didn't come out to dad until I was twenty one, because I was afraid of how I would be accepted. It was a very emotional time when I came out, but it was worth it to have the love and acceptance of my dad.”

How do you avoid going through so many difficult feelings?” asked Jeremy.

To be honest Jeremy, I think you are on the right track for that.” replied Mike. “You seem to be accepting your sexual orientation at a pretty young age, and it doesn't look like it will be long before you open up to your family about it, if you haven't already.”

I'm still working up to that one.” replied Jeremy as he smiled.

Well, my life went a lot like yours is going now Jeremy.” said Eric. “I was fully aware of the fact I was gay by the time I was fourteen, and I came out to my parents on my fifteenth birthday. I'll never forget it either! I got my mom and dad off alone, and was actually crying by the time I told them I was gay.”

What did they do?” asked Jeremy.

First my mom hugged me, and gave me a kiss on my cheek.” replied Eric. “Then my dad, who was never much for showing affection toward us kids, did the exact same thing! It blew my mind to feel my dad kiss me on the cheek, then tell me he loved me, and always would. Now my parents and I have no problem expressing how we feel toward each other. I love them both more than anyone in the world, except Mike of course.”

I really hope it goes like that when it's time to tell my parents.” said Jeremy.

I do too Jeremy.” said Eric. “To feel that kind of love and acceptance from your parents is the most incredible feeling in the world.”

If it goes that way, I can't wait!” replied Jeremy, with a beautiful and happy smile.

Mike and Eric took Jim and Jeremy to the nicest restaurant they knew of that served breakfast. The adults all enjoyed sharing Jeremy's youthful happiness with him as they ate, and all four of them had a great breakfast. Toward the end of breakfast, Mike had an announcement.

Dad, you'll be happy to know that I've talked to Eric quite a bit in the week since we moved.” said Mike. “I've convinced him that you are one hundred percent accepting of our love and relationship, and that our displays of that have never bothered you in the least. We know another gay couple who seems to be eager to take over our lease from us. If you still want us there, we can move back in next Saturday.”

You already know that I want to share the home with you and Eric.” smiled Jim. “I love being near my son and his mate. Jeremy is so happy with coming over to help me care for the house though.”

We wouldn't dream of changing that either dad.” replied Mike. “If it'll make Jeremy happy, we'll be the biggest slobs that we can, so he'll have plenty to do there.”

That got a laugh from everyone, including Jeremy. So with that, it was settled that Mike and Eric would move back in the following weekend. The two men had been a big help to Jeremy that day, so he was looking forward to it as well. Once everyone got back to Jim's house, Jeremy had to take off on his bicycle right away to meet his parents at church. Jeremy gave Jim, Mike, and Eric a warm hug before taking off, then the men watched as he peddled down the street.

Dad, now I'm one hundred percent sure that you're straight!” chuckled Mike. “When that adorable gay boy smiles, he's one of the most attractive people I've ever seen, and Eric agrees! If we didn't have each other, we'd both be tempted to be all over him!”

Well son, I'm way to old and set in my ways to be switching teams anytime soon.” laughed Jim. “He is an incredible friend though.”

Jeremy met his parents and younger brothers and sister outside the church, and everyone went in together. The service started off with a brief prayer, then a few songs from the hymn book. Pastor Kendall looked out over the congregation, and smiled brightly.

I actually had this morning's sermon planned for a few more weeks from now, but I thought this morning would be a great time for it.” said Bill. “Before I start, I want everyone to know that I did take this sermon to our district council, and after some discussion, they agreed that what I had planned is appropriate. They aren't ready to endorse it for all pastors in our denomination, but they will stand behind me on this.”

Bill took a drink of water, then continued, “A lot of people out there love to put words into our Bible. They tend to be words that were never there, but people will put them in anyway. I was never a big believer in that. I always read the Bible for what was in it, and never tried to add my own words to it. As it turns out, there was a very good reason for that, although I can't go into detail on that. I can say that this is not about me, but it is about people who are close to me. A lot of words people like to add to the Bible tends to be on the subject of sexual orientation. We're not going to go into the birds and the bees this morning, but the Bible does deal with sexual subjects quite a bit. Some members of the congregation have come to me, saying they are confused about exactly where I stand on the subject, so I hope this morning will clear that confusion up. One thing has been clear though, and that has been my tolerance of sexual orientation. That's because the Bible clearly tells us to be tolerant people. That's what God wants of us. It also tells us that God wants us to love and accept each other, regardless of what we may consider the shortcomings of others. The fact is though that the Bible has never specifically mentioned that the different sexual orientation of others is wrong. I know a few passages can be twisted, or taken out of context to make it seem that way, but that's not how it was written to read. The way I see it, each and every one of you out there is a creation of God. He made every one of us, and that can be proven in the Bible. I don't know about any of you, but I'm not about to accuse God of making mistakes. That's just a little too close to blasphemy as far as I'm concerned.”

Bill took another drink of water, then continued, “I know there may be one or two people out there who won't agree with this next statement, but every person out there is a creation of God. That also means that gay and lesbian people are a creation of God. I don't hate anything that God creates, because we're not suppose to do that. I love every single creation that came from God. That means that I am happy and proud to reach out there to those who might be gay and lesbian. There is no reason in the world why they can't be included in God's love. They're even a vital part of our families, because they help us learn unconditional love and acceptance, which I feel makes God happy. They can teach us that love is never wrong, which is something the Bible also tries to teach, although maybe not in the same way.”

As Pastor Kendall continued on with his sermon, Jeremy looked up at his parents. His mom and dad both seemed accepting of the pastor's words. They never once seemed upset as the pastor went into passages and verses to back up his views. As a matter of fact, they seemed pleased with the words of love and acceptance Pastor Kendall spoke about.

Could they already know?” Jeremy asked himself, as the sermon continued. “Would they actually love and accept me if I told them? I'll have to talk to Jim and Mike about this. It would be best to get their opinion before I go to mom and dad.”

When the sermon was finally over, and the congregation had been dismissed, Jeremy looked at his parents again. He could swear that he saw the same unconditional love Jim had for his son Mike.

Jeremy sounds kind of confused now, but well on his way to figuring things out. The next talk with Jim and Mike should be interesting. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 3.