Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

Bill took another drink of water, then continued, “I know there may be one or two people out there who won't agree with this next statement, but every person out there is a creation of God. That also means that gay and lesbian people are a creation of God. I don't hate anything that God creates, because we're not suppose to do that. I love every single creation that came from God. That means that I am happy and proud to reach out there to those who might be gay and lesbian. There is no reason in the world why they can't be included in God's love. They're even a vital part of our families, because they help us learn unconditional love and acceptance, which I feel makes God happy. They can teach us that love is never wrong, which is something the Bible also tries to teach, although maybe not in the same way.”

As Pastor Kendall continued on with his sermon, Jeremy looked up at his parents. His mom and dad both seemed accepting of the pastor's words. They never once seemed upset as the pastor went into passages and verses to back up his views. As a matter of fact, they seemed pleased with the words of love and acceptance Pastor Kendall spoke about.

Could they already know?” Jeremy asked himself, as the sermon continued. “Would they actually love and accept me if I told them? I'll have to talk to Jim and Mike about this. It would be best to get their opinion before I go to mom and dad.”

When the sermon was finally over, and the congregation had been dismissed, Jeremy looked at his parents again. He could swear he saw the same unconditional love Jim had for his son Mike.

Jeremy didn't know what to think for the first part of the week. From the look in his parents eyes on Sunday, he had a strong urge to talk to them. What if he had mistaken what that look meant though? Even if they were accepting of his sexual orientation, would his friends from school find out after he came out to his family? Jeremy had to talk to someone else first. He couldn't wait until Wednesday to talk to Jim, so he stopped by Pastor Kendall's house on Tuesday.

What can I do for you today Jeremy?” asked Bill as he smiled.

I think I'm going crazy sir.” replied Jeremy. “I saw a look in my parents eyes Sunday that made me feel like I could talk to them about me being gay. What if I'm wrong though? And even if I'm not wrong, what if all my friends find out? Then there's my friend Jim. He's the only one right now besides you that knows I'm gay. What if my parents don't want me to be around him anymore because I'm gay?”

Whoa Jeremy, slow down!” laughed Bill. “Why wouldn't your parents want you hanging around your friend Jim?”

Because he's a bit older than me.” replied Jeremy.

Oh, I see.” said Bill. “How much older is he?”

He's sixty five sir.” replied Jeremy. “I met him when I volunteered for you, to work at the senior center. It isn't the way I know it must look though. Jim is straight, and his wife died about six months ago. They were married forever, and he has three children. Well, they aren't really children. They're all grown up now. He has one son who's gay though, and they get along great together.”

Okay son, I trust your judgment of him.” said Bill. “As I said before, I think your parents might surprise you Jeremy, and it's not like they're going to run out and tell all of your friends. As for Jim, they may want to talk more to him, but if everything is as you say, I don't think they would tell you not to see him.”

Why are you so sure when I'm not sir?” asked Jeremy.

I can't really go into details Jeremy.” replied Bill. “I guess you'll just have to take it on faith. I can tell you that I've known your family since I first came to this town, and you have a very loving and understanding family. Does that help?”

Yeah, I guess it does.” replied Jeremy. “Thanks for talking to me sir.”

You're welcome here anytime Jeremy.” said Bill as he smiled again.

Jeremy once again was happy to be seeing Jim. He parked his bicycle against Jim's porch, then knocked on the door as he smiled.

Hello Jeremy, that's a beautiful smile!” said Jim, as he answered the door.

I guess I'm just happy to be with my friend.” replied Jeremy. “Now, let's get right to work so we can spend some time together this evening.”

Okay Jeremy.” chuckled Jim. “By the way, the air conditioning man won't be here until tomorrow.”

Since it was still unseasonably warm, Jeremy had removed his shirt by the end of the first hour. After all of the house work was done, Jeremy and Jim settled in front of the TV again. Jeremy had worn boxer shorts today, so he removed his pants before sitting down too. The title of tonight's movie was “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”

I haven't had a chance to preview this one Jeremy, but Mike said you might enjoy it.” said Jim, as he sat down next to Jeremy.

I'm sure I will.” replied Jeremy, as he snuggled into Jim's side.

Jim smiled as he put his arm around Jeremy's shoulder. The fly on Jeremy's boxers opened just a little, but since not much could be seen, Jim didn't think it was worth mentioning.

As the opening credits started, Jeremy said, “I've been thinking about coming out to my parents Jim. Pastor Kendall gave a very gay friendly sermon on Sunday, and my parents seemed to like it. I talked to him about it, and he seems to think my parents will be okay with me being gay.”

If you're sure about it Jeremy, then you probably should.” replied Jim. “I know they'll want to talk to me in a little more detail if you do, but I think I can be ready for that.”

I just hope it's not a case of them appearing and saying one thing, but thinking another once they know I'm gay.” said Jeremy.

I'm sure you would have some idea if that were the case though.” replied Jim. “There are always little hints that would tell you if things aren't as they appear. Besides, I'll support you as a friend no matter how they take it.”

As the movie played, Jeremy could see what Jim was talking about when he mentioned the little hints that things weren't the way they appeared. Then came a part of the movie that Jim wasn't aware of, when the two main male characters made love, after moving in together. The lighting in the scene was very low, but you could still tell that the two men were naked and making love, even though you couldn't see any graphic images. It was still more than enough to cause a reaction for Jeremy though, as his dick stiffened and poked out the fly of his boxers. Once again, Jim didn't say anything about it. He did however begin subconsciously running his fingertips up and down Jeremy's ribs. Jeremy noticed because he could feel it in his dick, but it felt nice so he didn't say anything.

Once the movie was over, and things had turned out okay for the two main characters, Jim said, “I'm sorry Jeremy, Mike gave me no indication there was a love scene like that in this movie. If he had, I would have at least warned you.”

Jeremy giggled as he reached down to flick the end of his still erect dick, and said, “Yeah, it did cause a little situation, didn't it? I'm sorry about sitting here like this though.”

I think you're probably more proud of it than sorry Jeremy.” chuckled Jim softly. “There's nothing wrong with that either. You're a very cute young man, no matter what situation you might be experiencing.”

Okay, maybe I am a little proud of it when it gets like that.” giggled Jeremy. “I can't go home like this though, so do you mind if I use your bathroom?”

Not at all Jeremy.” replied Jim. “I completely understand there are things you need to take care of at your age. Have fun.”

Jeremy giggled again as he got up, with his dick proudly poking out of his fly. Jim watched Jeremy more closely than he realized, as the boy got up and headed across the room to the bathroom in Jim's bedroom. Then Jim could faintly hear Jeremy grunt and moan, as he took care of his situation. That caused a slight stirring in Jim's pants, but he now told himself not to worry about it.

When Jeremy came back out, everything was back to normal. Jeremy then got his clothes back on, and Jim had him put his bicycle in the trunk of his car. Then Jim drove Jeremy back to his house.

Just before they got to Jeremy's street, Jeremy said, “I hope what happened wasn't a problem Jim.”

Don't worry Jeremy, it wasn't a problem at all.” replied Jim. “If it had been, or if I felt there had been anything inappropriate about what happened, I would have said so. You just reacted the way anyone your age would have to that situation. I'm the one who's sorry about not knowing what was in that movie.”

Please don't be sorry about that!” laughed Jeremy. “I liked it a lot! Maybe Mike has a few more like that!”

Well, we'll have to see about that.” chuckled Jim.

The next day, Jeremy had decided to talk to his parents by the time school was over. He was nervous as hell as he had his mom and dad come into the living room to talk.

Once everyone was seated, Jeremy said, “Mom, dad, I have something I really need to talk to both of you about, but I'm really kinda scared to do this.”

There's no reason to be afraid to talk to us son.” said Jeremy's dad John.

Yes honey, you can always talk to us about anything.” added Jeremy's mom Rachel. “You and your little brother and sister are the most important things in the world to us, and we'll always listen to anything you tell us, and try to understand.”

I sure hope so.” said Jeremy. “What I need to talk about is something most parents don't like to hear from their kids. You have to understand though, I never meant for this to happen. It just did, and I can't seem to help how I feel. Mom, dad, I'm gay. I'm really scared too that you might not understand. I never asked for this, it just happened.”

John could see that Jeremy looked very frightened now, so he motioned for his son to sit on his lap. Then John wrapped his arms around Jeremy in a comforting embrace.

Wow son, I guess it's been a long time since the last time I had you on my lap!” smiled John. “I want you to know though that your mother and I will always love you. We've suspected that you might be gay for a few months now son, and we've been trying to understand it so we could show you that it doesn't matter to us. We've even talked to Pastor Kendall quite a bit about the subject.”

Your father and I both realize that your sexual orientation isn't a choice honey.” said Rachel, as she moved next to John and Jeremy. “It's who you've been since the day you were born, and we love you just as much now as we did then. There isn't much you could tell us that would change that, and your being gay certainly won't do it.”

Our only concern has been that you wouldn't be able to talk to us about how you were feeling, and that you would try to deal with your feelings on your own.” said John. “Everyone needs help dealing with their feelings though son, and we certainly want to be able to help you with that. We love you without placing any conditions on that son, and we want to be there for you through anything.”

We've seen what happens to kids who's parents can't feel that way.” said Rachel. “The suicide rate for gay teens is the highest of any group. That's because most of these kids don't have parents who can love and understand them over this issue. That will never be the case with us though honey. You'll always have our love to be with you.”

Oh God, how did I get so lucky as to have the greatest parents in the world?” asked Jeremy, as he almost cried in relief.

John kissed his son lightly on the cheek, then replied, “I don't know about the greatest, but we both love you very much son.”

Then Rachel leaned in and kissed Jeremy's other cheek, and said, “And we want our son to grow up to be proud of who he is. We want you to know that you'll always have our love to support you. Now, do you have a boyfriend yet? We only want to know so that anyone you take into your life that way will know that both of you will have our support.”

Well..., um..., no, not at the moment.” replied Jeremy shyly. “I was kinda interested in Pastor Kendall's son, but I can't get him to notice me the way he did at first.”

Well son, I think Pastor Kendall is still working on gaining his son's trust.” chuckled John. “That may be the reason for that. I'm sure if you tell him how your discussion with us went though, that might help him along. What about this Jim fellow you've been hanging out with?”

You don't have to worry about that.” replied Jeremy. “Jim is a great friend, and that's all. He has a son who's gay, and their relationship is kinda like ours is now. He's been a great help in helping me deal with coming out to you guys. And besides, I kinda think of him as a grandfather. I think my real grandfather suspects that I'm gay, and I can see it in the difference in the way he treats me and his other grandkids. Jim doesn't do that though. He treats me the way I wish grandpa could treat me.”

Yeah, we'll have to have a talk with dad about that.” replied John. “Your mother and I have noticed that too, and it's time to put a stop to it. I'm glad you could find someone to fill that role for now son, and I do trust your judgment, but your mother and I would still like to talk to Jim in more detail.”

He thought you would, and he says he would be happy to talk to both of you.” said Jeremy. “Just don't scare him off though. I don't know if I could have had this talk with you guys if it hadn't been for his help, and the relationship he has with his gay son Mike.”

I promise we won't son.” replied John. “We just want to make sure he cares about our son in the right way. We should probably talk to him and his son Mike together.”

Well, Mike will be at Jim's house on Saturday.” said Jeremy.

Good, we'll give him a call so both our families can get together, and get to know each other better.” replied Rachel.

As soon as Rachel and John had finished their talk with Jeremy, they sent him upstairs to talk to his younger brother Brad. Then they gave Jim a call, and set up a get together for Saturday.

Meanwhile upstairs, Jeremy was talking to his eleven year old brother Brad. “I just had a talk with mom and dad about something, and they wanted me to explain it to you.” said Jeremy. “That way when you hear it being discussed, you'll know what we're talking about.”

Okay big brother, What is it?” asked Brad.

Okay, do you know how when you get a little older, you start having feelings for other people kinda like mom and dad does?” asked Jeremy.

Yeah, it's that love stuff, isn't it?” replied Brad. “Jessica Bradford says she loves me, but I think it's kinda yucky!”

Well, as most boys get older, they stop thinking of it as yucky.” snickered Jeremy.

Have you stopped thinking of that love stuff as yucky?” asked Brad.

Yeah, it happens at around twelve or thirteen, so you'll be going through it soon.” replied Jeremy.

Oh no I won't!” exclaimed Brad. “All that kissing and touching stuff is creepy!”

Just trust me on it little brother.” laughed Jeremy.

So, do you do that kissing and touching stuff?” asked Brad.

Yeah, and there's even more to it than that.” replied Jeremy. “You'll have to talk to mom and dad about that stuff when you get older though. Anyway, boys usually start having those feelings towards girls at around twelve to thirteen. Sometimes though, boys start having those feelings toward other boys.”

Whoa!” exclaimed Brad. “You mean that boys sometimes kiss other boys? On the lips?!”

Yeah, on the lips.” snickered Jeremy. “You see, most boys develop these feelings toward girls. They don't even think about it, it just happens at some point. Some boys develop differently though, even before they're born. It's not their fault, but they start having those feelings about other boys.”

Do they have those feelings about just any boy?” asked Brad.

Usually boys who have those feelings about other boys try to find boys who have the same feelings.” replied Jeremy.

Do you love other boys Jeremy?” asked Brad.

I don't know why, but yes, I do.” replied Jeremy. “Do you understand that? Are you okay with it?”

Well, like I said, I don't understand that love stuff yet.” replied Brad. “If you like to love other boys though, it's okay with me. You're still the same big brother I've had my whole life, so I don't see why that should change just because you like that love stuff. Just don't go into too much detail until I stop thinking that that love stuff is so yucky”

You got a deal Brad!” replied Jeremy, as he joined Brad in laughing about it.

John and Rachel heard the boys laughing, and felt good about that. Then they had a talk with Brad before bedtime too, to make sure he understood about his big brother being gay. As it turned out, Jeremy had done a pretty good job in talking to his little brother without going into too much detail about the birds and the bees, or the birds and the other male birds, as the case may be.

Jeremy couldn't understand why he was so nervous on the way to Jim's house on Saturday. After all, he was just taking his family to meet a good friend of his. He was sure his family would love Jim as much as he did too. Still though, as Jeremy sat next to Brad and Misty in the back seat, and the two younger kids picked at each other, he couldn't help but to be nervous. John finally pulled into Jim's driveway, and Jeremy led his family to the door. When Jim answered the door, he seemed eager to meet Jeremy's family.

Hi Jim, I want to introduce my family to you.” said Jeremy, as his smile suddenly returned to his face. “I want you to meet my dad John, my mom Rachel, my younger brother Brad, and my really younger sister Misty.”

I'm five!” said Misty proudly.

Well, that's a great age for such a pretty young lady!” replied Jim as he smiled, and John and Rachel snickered.

Mom and dad, this is my friend Jim.” said Jeremy, still snickering over Misty's introduction.

Hello Jim, it's nice to finally meet you in person.” said John, as he held his hand out to Jim for a handshake.

Hello Jim, Jeremy has told us quite a few good things about you.” said Rachel. “We are sorry about the loss of your wife.”

Well, that was six months ago, and it gets a little better as time goes on.” replied Jim. “I'm just so happy to be able to meet the parents of such a fine young friend as Jeremy has been. Now, I'd like you to come on in so I can introduce my youngest son Mike, and his mate.”

Once everyone was inside, Jim said, “John and Rachel, this is my son Mike, and his mate Eric. Mike and Eric, this is Jeremy's parents John and Rachel.”

As Mike shook John's hand, he said, “I can't tell you how grateful I am for the help Jeremy has been to my dad. I think it was the final piece of the puzzle he needed to help get over the past six months.”

Well, we do like to think we raised Jeremy to be a fine young man.” replied John.

You did a fine job.” said Mike. “His sense of wanting to help a friend is the most admirable trait I can think of. I'm also glad his coming out went well. I remember how terrified I was when I had the same talk with dad, and I was twenty one at the time!”

When I saw Mike's eyes begging me for love and acceptance though, I knew nothing could ever change the love I felt for my son.” said Jim as he smiled.

That's the way we felt too, when Jeremy sat us down to talk.” said Rachel. “We love him very much, and we'll do what we can to help him be happy with his life.”

That's great.” replied Jim. “I did the same thing with Mike, and now he has a great mate, and they're both very happy together.”

As Jim, Mike, Eric, Jeremy, John, and Rachel continued their talk in the sitting room, Brad and Misty were kept entertained with the movies Jim kept there for his grandchildren. Jeremy had finally begun to relax, as it seemed that Jim and his son were making a great impression on his family.

I hope that mine and Eric's moving back in with dad doesn't affect Jeremy continuing his friendship with dad.” said Mike.

You're moving back in here?” asked John.

Yeah, dad misses having us around, and we immediately missed being with him the day we moved out.” replied Mike. “We found a couple who is friends of ours that loved the idea of taking over our lease, so we brought out first load back over this morning.”

You don't have to worry about room though John.” said Jim. “My wife and I raised three kids in this house, so there's plenty of room here.”

I think John was just concerned about Jeremy being around an adult gay couple.” said Rachel. “I think Mike and Eric are a fine couple though, and Jeremy will need positive gay role models. I'd rather have our son learning what it means to be gay from your son and his mate than to have to figure it out himself.”

As usual, my wife does have a good point there.” said John as he smiled.

That's good.” said Mike. “I can understand how some parents would feel about their son spending time around an older gay couple. Like I said though, I'm grateful for the help Jeremy has been with dad, and I hope Eric and I can be a good role model for him. He's a fine young man, and his friendship means a lot to dad.”

In that case I don't see why anything should be any different.” said John. “And you're sure you don't mind him spending the night on Saturdays?”

Not at all, isn't that right honey?” replied Mike.

That's right.” replied Eric. “Jeremy is a great ki..., I mean, young man.”

What about when school is out after next week, and I want to spend Wednesday night here as well?” asked Jeremy.

Jeremy, my dad has already said this, and it goes for me and Eric too.” replied Mike. “You are welcome here anytime. Dad has already given you a bedroom upstairs, and it's yours anytime you want to use it.”

Jim and Eric then worked together in the kitchen, and made everyone a wonderful lunch. After Rachel complimented the cooks, it was time to go home. Jeremy was thrilled that his parents like Jim and Mike so much that they let him stay, so he could spend the night as had become usual.

Once Jeremy's family had left, Mike asked, “How would you and dad like to help Eric and me with our next load? That way it'll only take one more trip for us to be moved back in.”

I'd love too!” replied Jeremy happily.

Okay, that was too easy!” laughed Mike. “What's the catch?”

Jim was telling me about a bookstore where you guys get movies like the ones you've let me watch.” replied Jeremy. “Can we stop by there?”

We'll stop on the way to the apartment.” smiled Mike.

Just make sure we know if anything has scenes like the last one.” chuckled Jim. “It kind of brought up a little situation for Jeremy!”

Yeah, it did have one kind of passionate scene in it, but I thought the message in the movie would make that scene worthwhile.” replied Mike as he continued to smile.

The trip to the bookstore was the highlight of the day for Jeremy. First Mike pointed him to the movie section, and per Jim's wish, he helped look for movies that contained erotic scenes so Jim could be forewarned. Jeremy saw four that definitely looked interesting to him, and Mike and Eric didn't have. When Jim saw that, and realized Jeremy didn't pick them up because he didn't have any money, Jim picked the movies back up and took them to Jeremy. Then he gave Jeremy more than enough money to pay for them.

You don't have to give me money Jim.” said Jeremy.

Who said anything about giving you money?” replied Jim. “You earned that by helping me keep the house from falling apart while Mike and Eric were gone.”

Will they let me buy these though?” asked Jeremy. “I'm not eighteen yet.”

There's only one way to find out.” replied Jim. “And just think, if they do let you buy them yourself, it will be your very first purchase of gay material!”

Mike and Eric snickered, as they knew the clerk would let Jeremy purchase the movies as long as he had adult supervision with him. Jeremy almost proudly took the movies to the counter to pay for them. The clerk, who looked like he was in his mid twenties, smiled sweetly at Jeremy as he rung up the purchase.

Is there anything else I can help you with, you adorable young man?” asked the clerk.

If I like these four, I may come back for more suggestions.” replied Jeremy.

Well, I can think of at least a dozen others you might like if you like these.” said the clerk. “Let me make you a list really quick, and I'll put my name at the bottom. That way, when you come back in, you can ask for me and I'll help you find whatever you want. Do you see anything else you like for now?”

This rainbow necklace looks nice, and it's not too much either.” replied Jeremy.

Oh yes, that's a very good choice.” said the clerk. “The colors are anodized into the metal, so they won't chip or fade. With the necklace, your total is sixty four eighty five.”

Okay, here's sixty five.” replied Jeremy. “That leaves me ten dollars.”

Well, I'm sure a responsible young man like you can make more where that came from in no time.” smiled the clerk as he winked. “In the meantime, I want you to have this book too. It's a coming of age story about a gay teenage boy.”

I can't afford anymore today though.” replied Jeremy.

It's a gift from the writer.” said the clerk. “Just make sure the next time you come in to let me know if I did a good job with it.”

Okay, thanks Patrick.” replied Jeremy, after looking at the clerk's name on the cover of the book. “I'll make sure to let you know how much I like it.”

After leaving the store, Jeremy turned to Mike and asked, “That guy was hitting on me, wasn't he?”

You caught that, huh?” snickered Eric, who then let out a full laugh.

I would say he has good taste Jeremy.” smiled Mike. “And I would have been a little worried if you hadn't noticed he was hitting on you!”

Everyone laughed on the way back to the car, then Jeremy asked, “Would it be wrong if I were a little bit interested by an older guy hitting on me like Patrick was?”

Well Jeremy, as long as he cares about you, and isn't trying to use or hurt you, I wouldn't say it's wrong.” replied Jim.

What if I were interested enough to want to do things?” asked Jeremy.

Then I would say get to know him well first.” replied Jim.

And you may want people who you know cares about you to get to know him too.” said Mike. “I've seen Patrick there before, and he seems nice, but at your age it's best not to take any chances.”

Jim couldn't explain it, but now he had competition for Jeremy's attention in Patrick, and it bothered him a little for some reason. Mike saw that his dad looked bothered, and began the process of putting two and two together.

The rest of the move went well with Jim and Jeremy helping. It also gave Mike and Eric a few chances to talk in private about Mike's observation. As the last of Mike's and Eric's stuff was being moved out, their friends arrived to move in. The young man and woman thanked their two friends for the nice apartment with a friendly hug, and then it was time to return to the family home. Once everything was unloaded, everyone sat in front of the TV to watch one of Jeremy's movies. Although it had no erotic scenes, the feelings of love between the two late teenage young men were very intense. Jeremy found himself getting very hard inside his pants.

Jeremy leaned into Jim's ear and whispered, “Jim, I'm so stiff that my pants are hurting me. Can I let it out through the fly?”

Sure son, go right ahead.” replied Jim with a whisper and a smile.

Eric smiled when he turned briefly and saw Jeremy snuggled into Jim, with his erection sticking out of his fly. Then he turned back to Mike and whispered, “I don't think you have to worry about your dad being gay dear. If I were in his position right now, there's no way I would be able to resist at least masturbating Jeremy. I think your dad is very understanding and accepting, but as straight as they come.”

Mike turned briefly to look, then turned back to Eric and whispered, “I think you might be right my love.”

After that, Jim just couldn't seem to help gazing at Jeremy's erection.

Well, Jeremy is out now. Wasn't that a sweet chapter? In case anyone is wondering, the movies I have mentioned by name are real movies, and there is such a thing as gay cinema. If you don't have a gay bookstore near you that carries movies like these, there are places online that carry them. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site, at it's new address: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 4.