Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

The rest of the move went well with Jim and Jeremy helping. It also gave Mike and Eric a few chances to talk in private about Mike's observation. As the last of Mike's and Eric's stuff was being moved out, their friends arrived to move in. The young man and woman thanked their two friends for the nice apartment with a friendly hug, and then it was time to return to the family home. Once everything was unloaded, everyone sat in front of the TV to watch one of Jeremy's movies. Although it had no erotic scenes, the feelings of love between the two late teenage young men were very intense. Jeremy found himself getting very hard inside his pants.

Jeremy leaned into Jim's ear and whispered, “Jim, I'm so stiff that my pants are hurting me. Can I let it out through the fly?”

Sure son, go right ahead.” replied Jim with a whisper and a smile.

Eric smiled when he turned briefly and saw Jeremy snuggled into Jim, with his erection sticking out of his fly. Then he turned back to Mike and whispered, “I don't think you have to worry about your dad being gay dear. If I were in his position right now, there's no way I would be able to resist at least masturbating Jeremy. I think your dad is very understanding and accepting, but as straight as they come.”

Mike turned briefly to look, then turned back to Eric and whispered, “I think you might be right my love.”

After that, Jim just couldn't seem to help gazing at Jeremy's erection.

When Jeremy returned to Jim's house Wednesday after school, he was still working up the courage to wear his new necklace at school. He had worn it around the house, and his mother asked what it was. When Jeremy explained that it was a gay pride necklace, his mother commented that it looked very nice on him. Jeremy's parents were being so understanding about everything that he couldn't believe it. Jeremy pulled up to Jim's house on his bicycle on Wednesday, took his necklace out of his pocket and put it on, then went on up to the door.

Mike answered the door and said, “Hi Jeremy, come on in. Dad's in the kitchen making something special for dinner later on.”

Hi Jeremy sweetie, how are you today?” asked Eric, as he came up behind Mike.

I'm fine guys.” replied Jeremy. “How's the most perfect couple in the world doing?”

I don't know, but I'll ask them when I see them.” snickered Eric.

He was talking about us, you goofy babe!” laughed Mike. “We're fine Jeremy.”

I hope my future boyfriend and I are just like you guys.” said Jeremy as he smiled.

And who might that be?” asked Eric. “Patrick?”

I don't know.” replied Jeremy. “He is nice, and he wrote a really cool book from what I've read so far. I wouldn't mind being his friend, but for anything more than that, an older person is going to have to be special.”

I don't blame you there I guess.” said Mike. “It's easier to be attracted to someone closer to your own age. By the way, I like how the necklace looks on you.”

So does my mom!” laughed Jeremy. “I told her it was a gay pride necklace, and she said it looked very nice on me.”

Well then, I'd say you have great parents.” said Mike.

Yeah, I know.” replied Jeremy. “I'm really glad now that I told them that I'm gay. I know most people's relationships with their parents get worse, but mine has gotten even better. Well, I'm going to go see if I can help Jim.”

Okay Jeremy, Eric and I were working on cleaning the living room up a little.” replied Mike. “I'm sure dad could use a little help.”

Jeremy went on into the kitchen, and said, “Hi Jim. Holy crap, what's the name of the hurricane that went through here?!”

Very funny Jeremy.” replied Jim with a smile. “The dish I'm making for supper requires a lot of supervision, so I haven't been able to get to any of the dishes.”

It must also require dirtying a lot of dishes!” laughed Jeremy adorably.

Apparently it does!” laughed Jim back.

Well, I'll start getting them under control for you then.” said Jeremy.

That would be very sweet of you Jeremy.” replied Jim. “By the way, that necklace looks nice on you.”

That's the same thing your son, Eric, and my mother said.” snickered Jeremy. “I just wish I could get the nerve to wear it to school before school ends this week. Oh, by the way, dad wants to take me, my brother, and my sister camping this weekend. You have to hike into the place he's taking us, and it's a really great view..”

I understand about this weekend Jeremy.” replied Jim. “It's a family function, and you should definitely go.”

I'm glad you understand.” said Jeremy. “My parents said that to make up for me not being able to see you this weekend, I can stay here from Tuesday through the next weekend if it's okay with you.”

That would be great Jeremy.” replied Jim. “I'll look forward to having you here next week.”

Jim's supper was great, and everyone enjoyed another movie that evening. This would be the last Wednesday Jeremy would have to go home Wednesday evening, at least until the next school year started.

On Friday, Jim was surprised to see Jeremy's father John pull into the driveway. Then he was shocked to see Jeremy get out with his father, with one arm in a cast and the other wrapped in an elastic bandage. Jim ran to the door to meet Jeremy and his father.

Oh my God!” exclaimed Jim after opening the door. “What happened to Jeremy?!”

I'd rather not say out here.” replied John. “I always try to act sane and rational, and I don't want to lose my cool out here.”

Come on in then.” said Jim.

Jim led Jeremy and his father into the living room, where Mike and Eric were sitting after both just getting home from work. “Oh my God!” exclaimed Mike. “What happened to you Jeremy?”

I finally wore my necklace to school Thursday.” replied Jeremy. “Everyone seemed really cool about it, except a kid named Mark Thurston. He's the quarterback on our high school football team. I don't even know why he hangs out with my friends at school. None of us are jocks, and most of us don't even like jocks. We have one kid in our group that thinks he's really cool though, and thinks that's why Mark hangs out around him. The truth is, Mark calls him a geek and makes fun of him to his jock buddies. He just uses the guy. Anyway, everyone was really cool about it. Then Mark saw the necklace, and he got really quiet. I was riding my bicycle home from school yesterday, and looked back just in time to see Mark about to hit me with his car. I had a slight concussion, so they kept me at the hospital overnight. I have a broken arm on one side, and a hyper-extended elbow on the other side.”

Thank God in Heaven you weren't hurt any worse than that Jeremy!” said Jim, as the look of concern on his face began to ease. “That boy could have killed you!”

That's what I said too, and I'm mad as fucking hell at this whole thing!” said John rather heatedly. “There are going to be some big changes somewhere!”

Wait sir, you aren't mad because Jeremy is gay, and wore his necklace to school, are you?” asked Mike.

Not on your life!” replied John. “I want my son to be proud of who he is, and I want him to wear that necklace proudly wherever he goes now!”

I think what dad is mad about is that I told the police that I saw the car and driver who hit me, and they don't want to do anything about it.” said Jeremy. “They said the only thing they could do is write Mark a ticket for wreckless driving, and he would probably get the charge reduced anyway.”

Well, I can see why your father is mad Jeremy.” said Jim. “I am too! What that boy did was attempted manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon!”

Is the only reason they're not doing anything is because he's a football player?” asked Mike.

I'm pretty sure of that.” replied John. “The football coach happens to be the Sheriff's brother.”

That's a crock of shit!” exclaimed Jim. “We have to do something about this John!”

I'm glad you're with me Jim.” said John. “I'm not letting that boy get away with what he did. The fact that he can throw a fucking ball doesn't excuse him for trying to kill my son! Right now though I am kind of stuck. The family is looking forward to this weekend, and Jeremy just can't go. It takes some physical ability to get to where we're going.”

Are you sure he can't go?” asked Jim.

Right now I can't feed myself, bathe myself, or use the toilet by myself.” replied Jeremy. “There's no way I could hike into where we were going.”

He can't go where we were going, I can't leave him alone, and the family would be really upset about missing this weekend.” said John. “Is there any way you could care for him Jim? I know it's a lot to ask, since you'd basically be caring for a fourteen year old baby.”

Nonsense, it would be a pleasure!” replied Jim. “I'll care for him better than you and your wife would, not that I'm trying to take your place.”

Well, you would be for this weekend.” replied John. “I have a bag packed for him out in the car, if you'd like to follow me out Jim.”

Once they got out to the car, Jim noticed that John was crying lightly. “What's the matter John?” asked Jim.

I can't believe I almost lost my son, and the damn police won't do anything about the boy who tried to kill him!” cried John. “Rachel and I love Jeremy very much, and it's so hard to understand why someone would do that to such a wonderful boy as Jeremy.”

There are a lot of screwed up people in the world John.” replied Jim. “We have to do everything we can to make sure someone that screwed up doesn't get away with what he did.”

I hope we can Jim.” replied John.

I know some people, and I'll see what I can do John.” said Jim.

That would be great if you could Jim.” replied John. “I'm glad Jeremy became friends with you, and Rachel is too. She was afraid that I was getting ready to ask too much of your friendship. I do have another favor to ask you Jim. I want to give you some money, to throw Jeremy a party this weekend. I have five hundred dollars here for you to throw him a really nice party. Just call it a thank you for being a wonderful boy party, and let him know it was mine and Rachel's idea. His bike was ruined by that boy, so I want you to spend some of it on a new bicycle for him.”

That's the best idea I've ever heard John.” replied Jim. “No one deserves a thank you for being a wonderful boy party like Jeremy does. I'm sure it will surprise him, and I'll make sure he knows you and Rachel were the ones who came up with it.”

Jim and John went back inside, and John said, “Good bye son. Don't give Jim any problems this weekend. I'm sorry about what happened, but we'll make sure he doesn't get away with it. Then I'll make the trip up to you later this summer. I love you.”

As soon as John gave Jeremy a kiss to the forehead, Jeremy replied, “I love you and mom too dad. I wish I could have gone with you guys, but there's plenty of summer left.”

As soon as John left, Jim went to the kitchen to fix supper. All Jeremy could do in his condition was watch, and Jim told him not to worry about it. Once supper was ready, and everyone was at the table, Jim asked, “Can you use your arms at all Jeremy?”

No, and it's a real pain when my nose itches.” replied Jeremy.

Jim then sat right next to Jeremy, and fed the boy his supper. Mike and Eric smiled all the way through supper, thinking Jim feeding Jeremy like a baby was the most touching thing they had ever seen. That evening, they had to take a break about halfway through the movie when Jeremy had to poop. Jim followed Jeremy to the bathroom, and waited outside for the boy to finish. Jeremy called Jim in when he was finished, then bent over so Jim could get to his butt. Jim carefully wiped the excess poop from between Jeremy's cheeks, then finished cleaning him with a baby wipe. When Jeremy maneuvered himself so he could pull his pants up, Jim could see he was fully erect.

It got that way from the movie, honest!” snickered Jeremy.

I'm sure it did.” laughed Jim.

The movie finished without any more restroom breaks, but then it was time for Jeremy's shower. “How are we going to do this Jim?” asked Jeremy. “My cast has to be in a plastic bag, and I have to have a plastic splint on my other arm when it's not bandaged.”

I guess we'll just have to shower together Jeremy.” replied Jim.

Jim then helped Jeremy get ready for his shower, and they went to the master bathroom downstairs. Jim then undressed Jeremy, because he couldn't even do that now. Then Jim undressed, and they both got into the shower. Jeremy watched as Jim soaped himself up and rinsed off. Jeremy thought to himself that Jim wasn't bad at all for a man his age, as he expected Jim's privates to be small and wrinkled, which they weren't. Then it was time for Jim to soap and rinse Jeremy. When Jim got to Jeremy's genitals, he paused for a moment. Jim decided it had to be done, so he went ahead and rubbed the soap over Jeremy's dick and balls. Once Jim soaped between Jeremy's butt cheeks, it was time for the boy to rinse off. Jim then took one towel and dried himself off, and took another towel and dried Jeremy off. As Jim dried Jeremy's dick and balls, it caused Jeremy to giggle.

I'm kinda ticklish there.” giggled Jeremy.

I could tell.” replied Jim as he smiled.

I'm going to have to put my dirty clothes back on to go upstairs, aren't I?” asked Jeremy.

I don't see why you would.” replied Jim. “I somehow doubt my son and Eric will complain. We would have used the upstairs shower, but it wouldn't be close to being big enough for two.”

I guess it'll be okay then.” smiled Jeremy. “You will have to come cover me over tonight though. I can pull the covers down, but I'd never get them up over me.”

Okay Jeremy, let's get your arm wrapped, then I'll tuck you in..” laughed Jim softly.

Once Jeremy was tucked in, Jim's first evening of taking care of all of his needs was over. It had been a pleasure for Jim though, as he loved having Jeremy depend so completely on him. The next morning, Jim spoke to Mike and Eric before Jeremy woke up. Jim told them the plans of Jeremy's father, and they eagerly agreed to help surprise Jeremy. Once Jim had prepared Jeremy for the day, and fed him breakfast, it was time to secretly prepare for a party.

Well dad, Eric and I have some business to take care of.” said Mike, making an excuse to get out to get what they needed for the party. “We shouldn't be more than two hours at the most.”

First Mike and Eric went to the gay bookstore, to pick up Jim's presents to Jeremy. Patrick was very concerned when he heard what had happened to Jeremy. He said he could take off work at twelve, if they could wait until one to start the party. Mike agreed, then gave Patrick their address.

Then Mike and Eric then went to the super department store. The bakery clerk almost fainted when Mike told her he wanted her to write “Happy thank you for being a wonderful boy day!” on a half sheet cake. Then they were off to get party supplies and presents, while the bakery clerk worked on the cake. Mike and Eric worked together to pick out a beautiful new bicycle for Jeremy, plus all new accessories for the new bicycle. Then the two men picked out their own presents for Jeremy, and went to get party favors, trim, and food. Then they picked up the cake and some ice cream, and were on their way home.

Jim had agreed to have Jeremy out of the house when they returned, so Jim headed Jeremy out to his car when Mike called to say he was almost home. Jim used the excuse that his car was overdue for an oil change and tune-up, and he had to get it done today. That should keep them out until one, when Mike told Patrick the party would start. While they were at the oil change shop, Jeremy spotted Pastor Kendall and his son Sean.

Hi Sean, how are you?” called out Jeremy.

I'm fine Jeremy.” replied Sean, as he and his dad approached Jim's car. “What in the world happened to you though?”

I wore a gay pride necklace to school, and Mark Thurston didn't like it.” replied Jeremy. “He ran me over in his car on purpose.”

He what?!” exclaimed Sean. “That really pisses me off, knowing what I do about him! It also pisses me off because if it hadn't been for you, I never would have told my dad that I'm gay. We had a nice talk about it, and he really loves and supports me. It turned out just like your parents did Jeremy.”

That's so cool Sean!” replied Jeremy. “Hey, why don't you come over to where I'm staying so we can visit?”

I'd like that Jeremy.” replied Sean.

Then Jim quickly whispered into Bill's ear, and Bill asked, “Why don't I bring Sean by there at about one o'clock Jeremy?”

I guess that would be fine sir.” replied Jeremy. “I can't wait to see you at one Sean.”

Once Bill and Sean pulled away, Bill told his son about the party for Jeremy. Sean agreed that with what Jeremy had been through, he deserved it. Since Sean wanted to develop his friendship with Jeremy a little further now, he also wanted to get a present to take to Jeremy's party.

When Jim and Jeremy pulled into Jim's driveway, Bill and Sean were waiting for them. Sean had already been to the door though, and gave his present to Mike to put with the others. Jim led Jeremy, Sean, and Bill to the door, then opened it and let Jeremy in first. The banner across the living room was impossible to miss, and it read, “Happy thank you for being a wonderful boy day, Jeremy!” Mike, Eric, Patrick, Jim, Bill, and Sean then yelled out, “Surprise Jeremy!”

What's this thank you for being a wonderful boy day thing?” asked a surprised Jeremy.

It was your parent's idea Jeremy, and a very good one at that!” replied Jim. “For you to go through being hit by a car, not being able to care for yourself, and missing a trip that you really wanted to go on, and still being the sweet lovable boy you are, you deserve a day like this!”

I really don't know what to say guys!” said Jeremy. “This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me!”

Then it's long overdue Jeremy.” said Mike. “Now, I know your family really wanted to be here on such a special day. Even though they couldn't be here, they did want to be a part of it. Eric dear, bring out Jeremy's present from his family!”

Eric wheeled the bicycle out, with all of the accessories hanging from the handlebars. Even though Jeremy couldn't ride it yet, he loved it.

This is even better than my old bicycle!” said Jeremy, trying not to be overcome by emotions.

And your dad said you deserve it.” replied Jim, as he put an arm around Jeremy's shoulder. “Now, let's give Jeremy his presents from us.”

Jeremy opened all of his presents, and liked each one of them. Jim had gotten him half of the movies on his wish list from Patrick's store, Mike and Eric got him a very nice backpack to replace the one that had been dirtied and scuffed when he got hit, Patrick got him a couple of books from his store that he thought Jeremy needed to read, and Sean got him a t-shirt that said, “I am someone's best friend.”

Then Mike and Eric showed everyone to the dining room, where food for the party had been set up. Jim once again had to feed Jeremy, even though Jeremy's friend would be there to see it. After eating a nice meal, Mike and Eric brought out the cake. The question mark shaped candle got a laugh from Jeremy. As Jeremy showed some of his favorite gay movies to Sean, the two boys talked.

Is this shirt how you really feel Sean?” asked Jeremy.

Being the Pastor's son makes people nervous about being my friend Jeremy.” replied Sean. “I know I want it to look like I'm popular, but the truth is that I don't have that many friends. I'd really like to think that you're a good friend Jeremy, considering that you've had so much influence on me lately.”

I'd like that too Sean.” smiled Jeremy.

Meanwhile, the adults were talking too. “So Jim, where do you go to church?” asked Bill.

To be honest, I don't much anymore.” replied Jim. “First there was my son being gay. I know the church my wife and I use to attend caused a bit of rough times when he first came out to us. I decided then that nothing was more important than the love of my son, and the love I felt for him as his father.”

Well, I believe it's not the job of any church to make a person have to decide between faith and family.” said Bill. “Any church that does that is not one a person should attend anyway.”

In addition to that though, there was the struggle my wife went through for the last six months of her life.” said Jim. “She kept her faith even though I had doubts. Then when it came time for them to comfort and support her in her last months, her church was nowhere to be seen. It was just me and my children helping her fight her battle with cancer.”

That may not be a sin, but it should be.” replied Bill. “My church is all about showing the members of our community all of the love and compassion we can. The senior center you visit occasionally is just one of our projects. We never make any demands of those we reach out to either. It's done unconditionally, out of love and compassion.”

And if my wife and I had discovered your church years ago, things would have been much better for us over the past few years.” said Jim.

Well then, maybe you can bring Jeremy to our service tomorrow.” said Bill. “It's never to late to take comfort in an environment of love and faith. It may help you deal with the past year as well.”

Okay Bill, I'll come if Jeremy wants to.” replied Jim. “You really don't have a problem with Jeremy and Sean being gay, do you?”

Not at all Jim.” replied Bill. “I would love my son just the same no matter what. Him being gay is a part of who he is, and I'll nurture and support whoever he is. I don't believe being gay makes you any different in God's eyes. He loves all of his children.”

The next day Jim did take Jeremy to church. Bill's sermon today was about coping with loss and adversity. He taught that it was everyone's responsibility to help others deal with loss and adversity, and that no one should ever be too busy to show their love and compassion for others. If they couldn't, then they didn't genuinely feel it. Jim did get a lot of comfort from Bill's sermon, and talked to quite a few people in the congregation afterward. Everyone seemed to genuinely care about what Jim had gone through with his wife, and offered any kind of help Jim needed. Jim ended up making a few friends that day, and promised Bill he would come back regularly.

After church, Jim called a friend of his named Alice. “Hey Alice, this is Jim Meyer.” said Jim. “Is your best friend still on good terms with our Lieutenant Governor?”

Yes she is Jim.” replied Alice. “Why do you ask?”

There is a boy I know, who's family are friends of mine.” replied Jim. “The boy is gay, but his parents completely accept and support him. Another boy in his school wasn't quite so accepting though. He ran the boy I know down in his car deliberately in an attempt to kill my friend's son. The local Sheriff here though has a brother who is the local high school football coach. Since the boy who ran my friend's son down in his car is the town's star quarterback, the Sheriff's Department is unwilling to do anything about it. I think that's just plain wrong too. If our police refuse to protect all of our citizens, something needs to be done.”

I agree Jim, and I know our Governor would too!” said Alice. “I'll give my friend a call right away, and see if she can talk to the Lieutenant Governor before the holiday weekend is over. What are the names of the people involved?”

My friends are John and Rachel Blake, and their son's name is Jeremy.” replied Jim. “The name of the boy who hit Jeremy deliberately with his car is Mark Thurston. I really appreciate your help with this Alice. Poor Jeremy and other boys around here like him don't feel safe when people can get away with things like this.”

Well, I'll make sure he doesn't.” said Alice. “This Mark Thurston boy needs to be corrected before he kills someone. I'm just glad it wasn't your friend's son.”

I am too Alice.” replied Jim.

That afternoon, several of Jeremy's friends from school had caught up with him, and wanted to see him after hearing what Mark had done. Jeremy thought that would be the perfect excuse to introduce Sean to his group of friends. Sean showed up at Jim's house just a few minutes before the rest of Jeremy's friends.

Okay everyone, I want you to meet my friend Sean.” said Jeremy. “He's the one who got me this shirt. I know he is Pastor Kendall's son, but Pastor Kendall is pretty cool, and Sean is even cooler. I hope he can be a part of our group.”

If he's a friend of yours, that's good enough for us Jeremy.” said Jeremy's friend Melissa. “Besides, he's kinda cute!”

Down Melissa!” laughed a boy named Austin.

Well, I can't help it if it's true.” replied Melissa.

Anyway, Sean, these are my best friends from school.” said Jeremy as he smiled. “The girl who thinks you're cute is Melissa, and the guy who said down Melissa is Austin. Then we have Brad, Amy, and Tony.”

Hi everyone.” said Sean. “Thanks for letting me hang with your group.”

It's cool Sean.” said Tony, as he offered Sean a handshake. “And it's also cool if you're gay like Jeremy too.”

What?!” exclaimed Melissa. “No way!”

I'm sorry Melissa, it's true.” said Sean. “How did you know though Tony?”

I have a sixth sense about that.” replied Tony. “I knew Jeremy was gay long ago. I was just waiting for him to come out to us.”

Yeah, Tony's our group psychic.” snickered Jeremy.

If I were a psychic, I would have warned you about Mark.” replied Tony. “I never suspected the asshole would screw you up like that buddy. I don't care if he is a big football hero though, he ain't going to get away with what he did to my friend.”

Thanks Tony, that means a lot to me.” said Jeremy.

We're all behind you Jeremy.” said Brad. “No one screws with one of our friends!”

I just can't believe Sean is gay!” said Melissa. “Why are all of the cutest boys gay? First it was Jeremy, and now Sean is gay too!”

Geez Melissa, that just made me, Brad, and Tony feel really good!” laughed Austin.

You're friends are crazy Jeremy!” laughed Sean. “I like them already! I think I might have them beat though.”

What do you mean by having us beat Sean?” asked Tony. “No one is crazier than us!”

There is one good thing about being gay.” replied Sean. “It makes it easy to know who has skeletons to hide in their closet, especially if you've had sex with them.”

Wait a minute!” laughed Amy. “Are you trying to say you and the big football hero...?”

He ain't even worth crap at having sex either!” grinned Sean.

Holy fuck!” exclaimed Brad. “We have to hear every detail of this!”

Well, I got invited to a party Mark was at.” said Sean. “He was bragging about his sexual prowess to all of the girls there. Apparently all of the girls there knew about the way he treats girls though, because none of them would have anything to do with him. I came across him alone near the end of the party, and he still hadn't had any luck with any of the girls. I talked to him for a moment, then he said he need to get off, and asked if I could help him. I tried to lie to him, and tell him I wasn't gay, but he said he didn't care. He kept on until he pulled his pants off, and talked me into stroking his cock. It didn't look that bad, so I let him talk me into going down on it if he would stroke me while I did it. I leaned over on the bench and went down on him, and he grabbed ahold of my cock. He couldn't stroke me worth shit though. After a minute or two, he pushed me down onto the bench face down. Then he put it in my butt. It didn't feel bad going in, so I stopped resisting. He couldn't get a rhythm going worth shit though, and it wasn't that great when he started going in and out of me. He did finally manage to cum inside me though, and that was about the only good part of it. Then I talked him into trying to suck me, but he only did it for about a minute before he backed off and said he couldn't do that. Instead, he agreed to finish jacking me off.”

So, the big ladies man had sex with you, then tried to kill Jeremy because he's gay?” asked Amy. “That asshole!”

Yeah, it sounds like stud boy needs to learn a lesson!” said Austin.

He might yet.” replied Sean. “We weren't as alone as Mark thought. A friend of mine saw us, and took quite a few pictures. He gave them to me the next day, and said he hoped they would come in handy someday.”

No way!” laughed Brad. “It'll serve that two faced asshole right! To think he could do that with you, then try to kill someone as nice as Jeremy over Jeremy being gay!”

I almost can't wait for school to start again now!” giggled Melissa. “It'll be nice to get even with him for our friend Jeremy!”

I can't even tell you guys how touched I am.” said Jeremy. “You guys are good loyal friends, and vicious enemies. I'm glad I'm your friend. Right now I have a problem though, and I need to find Jim.”

Why is that?” asked Tony.

I have to use the bathroom.” replied Jeremy. “With one arm broken and in a cast, and the elbow on the other arm hyper-extended, I can't reach myself to wipe.”

Don't bother Jim with that Jeremy.” said Sean. “I'd be happy to help my friend out.”

Jeremy and Sean excused themselves, and headed to the bathroom. Unlike Jim though, Sean went right on in with Jeremy. Then Sean lowered Jeremy's pants for him, and helped Jeremy sit down on the toilet.

As Jeremy sat on the toilet, he asked, “Why didn't we become boyfriends Sean?”

I hope this doesn't sound to shallow Jeremy, because I really do like you and want us to be friends.” replied Sean. “The few times we did it was fun, but I'm attracted more to guys with large cocks that are at least eight inches.”

But you just said it was fun too.” said Jeremy.

It was Jeremy.” said Sean. “I haven't seen a cock yet that isn't fun! If it's going to be someone I'm serious with though, I want him to be hung big. I couldn't lead you on, because I liked you too much for that.”

Have you had much luck finding someone as big as you like?” asked Jeremy.

There have been four so far, including Mark.” replied Sean. “He may have a nice looking cock, but the attitude attached to it is ugly. He won't get away with what he did to my friend.”

As long as we're friends now, and you're standing here watching me poop, can I suck you as long as I promise it'll only be a friend making another friend feel good?” asked Jeremy.

Sure friend, and I wouldn't mind sucking you either when you finish pooping.” smiled Sean. “You have about the nicest smaller cock I've done anything with.”

After Jeremy pleasured Sean, Sean wiped Jeremy's butt clean for him. Then Sean lifted Jeremy onto the counter, and returned the blow job Jeremy had given him. Then they went back out to rejoin their friends.

Did you two have fun?” snickered Tony.

Yep, we sure did!” smiled Jeremy.

After Jeremy's friends left, Jim seemed a little bothered by something. Jim wouldn't admit it to himself if he realized it, but it had to do with Sean helping Jeremy use the toilet, and yesterday with Patrick kissing the boy. The kiss started on the cheek, but Patrick did allow his lips to touch Jeremy's lips briefly. Jeremy could tell something was bothering Jim while Jim was feeding him. Jeremy didn't want anything bothering Jim though.

Once Jim finished feeding him, Jeremy said, “Thank you for taking care of me like this Jim. It takes a real friend to do that for someone, and it means more to me than you'll ever know. I love you.”

Jim finally smiled, and replied, “I love you too Jeremy. It's a pleasure for me to care for you like this.”

Everything seemed back to normal that evening, as everyone settled in front of the TV for another one of Jeremy's movies. Jeremy asked Jim to take his shirt off for him, since he couldn't get it over his head by himself, then Jeremy snuggled into Jim's side. Then the movie made Jeremy erect again, about halfway through.

That looks uncomfortable Jeremy.” said Jim, upon noticing the bulge in Jeremy's pants.

I know, but I can't get it unzipped by myself in this position.” replied Jeremy. “Could you just unzip me?”

Jim smiled as he reached down and carefully unzipped Jeremy's pants. Then he watched as Jeremy took his erection out of his pants. Jim couldn't understand why he thought Jeremy looked so cute like this.

Jeremy was sure Jim was staring at him now, but he liked it so he didn't say anything.

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