Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

Several people have asked if the character of Jim in this story is based on anyone in particular. Jim is based on a friend of mine from my earlier years in Florida, and his name has been changed for this story. I hope this answers everyone's questions. This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story is about the relationship between males of different age groups, although it will not depict the sexual relationship between them. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: As a reminder, I do have mailing lists for all of my stories. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for any of my stories, please send me an e-mail telling me which story you would like to be added to the mailing list for. Nifty seems to be having problems with updates once again. For my stories, my site is the best place to visit first. My stories will always be updated there as soon as updates are available. I now have a new hosted author on my site by the name of Josh. Please visit his link on my hosted authors page, and let him know if you like his first story, Boy In the Rain. Also, I am running a write-in campaign for President. If you are interested in checking that out, please visit my Campaign 2008 page on my site. Warning: If you like the job our current President is doing, and like seeing our politicians screwing up the entire planet, you may not like my campaign material. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 5

From the last chapter:

Everything seemed back to normal that evening, as everyone settled in front of the TV for another one of Jeremy's movies. Jeremy asked Jim to take his shirt off for him, since he couldn't get it over his head by himself, then Jeremy snuggled into Jim's side. Then the movie made Jeremy erect again, about halfway through.

That looks uncomfortable Jeremy.” said Jim, upon noticing the bulge in Jeremy's pants.

I know, but I can't get it unzipped by myself in this position.” replied Jeremy. “Could you just unzip me?”

Jim smiled as he reached down and carefully unzipped Jeremy's pants. Then he watched as Jeremy took his erection out of his pants. Jim couldn't understand why he thought Jeremy looked so cute like this.

Jeremy was sure Jim was staring at him now, but he liked it so he didn't say anything.

When bedtime came, Jim once again helped Jeremy bathe. That was becoming something Jeremy could get use to. Then Jim took Jeremy upstairs, and tucked him in. Jeremy liked the soft kiss Jim gave him on the cheek.

I love you Jim.” said Jeremy.

I love you too Jeremy.” replied Jim as he smiled.

During the night that night, Jim thought he heard a disturbance from upstairs. Jim made his way up the stairs to find Mike and Eric both peering out into the darkened hallway.

What was that son?” asked Jim.

I don't know.” replied Mike. “It sounded like moaning coming from Jeremy's room.”

Jim went on down to Jeremy's door, and heard what sounded like Jeremy having a bad dream. Jim opened the door quietly, and peeked into the room. Jeremy was sleeping very fitfully, and moaning like he was in pain. Jim went over to sit on the side of Jeremy's bed, and gently shook the boy awake.

Jeremy's eyes opened in fear, until he saw Jim sitting beside him. “Thank God it's you Jim!” said Jeremy, as he cried softly.

What's wrong son?” asked Jim. “Is it your arm?”

No, I was having a really bad dream.” cried Jeremy. “It was so real too! I dreamt Mark hit me with his car again. This time I could see myself going underneath it, and watched in terror as the underside of his car ripped me apart. I could almost feel the pain as his car mangled my body! I saw everything clearly right up until the moment I died.” Then Jeremy began crying fiercely.

Jim pulled Jeremy up, and hugged the boy tightly against himself. “I'll never let anything like that happen to you Jeremy.” said Jim. “I was serious last night when I told you that I love you.”

I love you too Jim!” bawled Jeremy, as he held onto Jim tightly.

Come on downstairs with me Jeremy.” said Jim. “I want you to sleep with me for the rest of the night, so you'll feel safe.”

Jeremy was still crying so hard that Jim had to pick him up, and carry him downstairs. Jim cradled the boy in his arms like he was a small child, and carried Jeremy back toward his room. Mike and Eric smiled warmly as Jim passed by them in the hallway. Once Jim got to his room, he laid the naked boy on his bed and then laid down beside him. Jim put his arms around Jeremy, and Jeremy hugged onto Jim as his crying finally began to ease. Jeremy eventually fell asleep as Jim rubbed his back gently. Then Jim went back to sleep as he watched Jeremy snore softly into his chest.

Are you okay this morning Jeremy?” asked Jim, as Jeremy's eyes fluttered open.

Yeah Jim, no more dreams.” replied Jeremy. “Thanks for last night. That was the worst nightmare I've ever had!”

Well, I can tell you're over it now.” chuckled Jim. “Your hard on is poking me in the hip!”

Oh shit Jim, I'm so sorry!” exclaimed Jeremy.

Don't worry about it son, I'm not.” smiled Jim. “I meant it last night when I said I'd never let anything happen to you. I have a friend with connections to the Lieutenant Governor and Governor. They'll make sure Mark knows that what he did was wrong.”

Won't that kind of piss Mark off even more though?” asked Jeremy.

Maybe, but your parents and I will make sure he can't get to you until he's learned an important lesson in life.” replied Jim.

I'll feel safe with you protecting me Jim.” smiled Jeremy.

Then consider me your bodyguard.” replied Jim, as he smiled too. “Now, do you need to use the bathroom before I go to make breakfast?”

Yeah, I think I need to do both.” replied Jeremy.

Jim followed a naked Jeremy to the bathroom, then went on in with him as Sean had done yesterday. Jeremy smiled as Jim watched him relieve himself, even though Jim did have on a pair of boxers. Once Jeremy was done, he bent over so Jim could get to him. Jim smiled as he cleaned Jeremy off thoroughly.

After Jim had dressed, he chuckled as Jeremy followed him to the kitchen naked. “Hey, all my clothes are upstairs!” said Jeremy, defending himself against Jim's chuckle.

Did I say I minded?” asked Jim.

Good morning dad.” said Mike, as he and Eric entered the kitchen. “Are we going to have Jeremy posing nude for us for breakfast this morning?”

Okay, okay!” smiled Jeremy. “I'll go upstairs and put some clothes on.”

Did we say we minded?” snickered Mike.

Yeah, it might make eating sausage links kind of interesting this morning.” laughed Eric.

I can see if I hang out here a lot, I'm going to turn into a perv!” laughed Jeremy delightfully. “But if it's what you guys want, I'll just stay this way for breakfast.”

Although you look adorably cute naked Jeremy, you may want to put something on eventually.” snickered Mike. “I'd hate for my mate to orgasm during breakfast!”

Okay guys, this is WAY too much information for the old straight guy!” laughed Jim, as he started putting breakfast on the stove.

Do you really think I look adorably cute like this?” Jeremy asked Mike.

Mike ran his fingertips down Jeremy's front lightly one time, barely grazing Jeremy's dick, and replied, “Incredibly adorably cute Jeremy! You're going to make some lucky boy very happy someday soon.”

He's usually right about these things too.” said Eric.

Jeremy stayed naked for a few more minutes, letting the two men enjoy the view. Jeremy, Mike, and Eric didn't see it, but Jim glanced around a few times too, and enjoyed the view as well. Then Jeremy trotted off upstairs happily, to get dressed for breakfast.

Toward the end of breakfast, as Jim fed Jeremy he said, “I've been thinking Jeremy. Your family will be back by this evening, and I'm thinking of asking your parents to let you stay on here, until my friends have had a chance to deal with Mark. He may be able to find you at your house, but he'll never find you here.”

Do you think my family might be in any danger?” asked Jeremy.

Mark may be dumb, but I doubt he's stupid.” replied Jim. “I don't think he'll do anything unless he can find you. I just can't imagine how his parents can be proud of his behavior though.”

I wouldn't be surprised if they don't even know about half the shit he gets away with.” said Jeremy. “By all rights he should have never gone past the ninth grade once he hit high school.”

Things haven't changed at all then since I was in school.” said Mike. “Kids involved in athletics are often given breaks that other kids aren't, and have their behavior and bad grades covered up.”

Well, if his parents don't know about this now, they soon will.” said Jim. “Anyway, I'll discuss this with your father this evening Jeremy, and see what he thinks. I know he's with me in that he doesn't want to see Mark get away with what he did. Your father actually broke down and cried when he dropped you off here.”

My dad cried?” asked Jeremy.

Yes son, he loves you very much.” replied Jim. “It really hurt him that someone would hurt you, and the police would let him get away with it.”

You have a great family Jeremy, just like I had.” smiled Mike.

Jeremy had a great day with just him, Jim, Mike, and Eric. Then at about five o'clock, Jeremy's family stopped in.

Hi John, how was the trip?” asked Jim, as he led Jeremy's family to the living room.

The kids had a great time, but it just wasn't the same without Jeremy.” replied John. “He hasn't been too much trouble, has he?”

Geez dad, you make me sound like a little monster!” snickered Jeremy.

Not at all son.” smiled John.

You're a perfect little angel Jeremy, and we love you.” smiled Rachel. “It's just that right now, you're a perfect little angel without the use of his arms.”

Jeremy was no bother at all.” said Jim. “It was a pleasure to care for all of his needs.”

Oh, and thanks for the party mom and dad.” said Jeremy. “It surprised the heck out of me, and I love you guys.”

We love you too son.” smiled John. “That's what the party was all about. As a matter of fact, we'd like to continue the party by taking everyone out to dinner tonight.”

That would be really nice John.” said Jim. “I wanted to talk to you guys about something this evening. I have a friend who has contacted our Lieutenant Governor about what happened to Jeremy. She assured me that the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor wouldn't be very happy about what happened, and they would be looking into it very soon. This might not make Mark very happy though.”

I can see how it wouldn't.” replied John.

Anyway, to keep Jeremy out of harm's way for now, I was thinking that maybe he should stay here until Mark has been dealt with.” said Jim.

We do miss our son, but you have a point Jim.” replied John. “It's hard to say how Mark is going to take being dealt with over something he assumes he's going to be able to get away with. I'll think about it during dinner, but for now I want everyone to think happy thoughts, and enjoy Jeremy's evening. I'm leaning toward agreeing with you Jim, and I'll tell you for sure by the end of the party.”

Before leaving for the restaurant, Jim took John aside and told him about Jeremy's nightmare. It made John cringe, wondering if it might have been some kind of warning. That thought made John lean even further toward letting Jeremy stay on at Jim's house.

The restaurant had a small private party booth ready for John and his group, and had a special party menu for everyone to order from. It had all of their normal food, but included special menu items geared toward a party atmosphere, and looked more festive than their regular menu. The kids found it just as enjoyable to look over the menu as the adults did. Toward the end of the main course, John ordered dessert for everyone. The server came back out about ten minutes later with one of the most delicious looking cakes anyone had ever seen. Also on the cart were several freezer buckets, with several different flavors of ice cream.

The server set the cake on the table, cleared his throat, and sang, “Happy thank you for being a wonderful boy day to you. Happy thank you for being a wonderful boy day to you. Happy thank you for being a wonderful boy day dear Jeremy. Happy thank you for being a wonderful boy day to you!”

Jeremy blushed as everyone sitting near the booth applauded the server's performance. Then John told Jeremy to make a wish and blow out the single candle on the cake.

I already have everything I could ever want.” said Jeremy. “I have the best family ever, and the greatest friends in the world. I guess the only thing I could ask for is for people like me and Sean to be safe from people like Mark.” Then Jeremy went ahead and blew out the candle, and everyone applauded him.

Okay, while the guest of honor is cutting the cake, what flavor ice cream does everyone want?” asked the server.

Soon everyone was enjoying cake and ice cream. The cake was generously topped with the sweetest and creamiest icing anyone had ever tasted, and the cake itself was moist and sweet. The ice cream was a special brand, made for select restaurant clients by a small dairy. It was better than any ice cream that could be found in any store. Everyone took their time enjoying the cake and ice cream, and didn't stop until the cake was gone, and everyone was stuffed.

Then John said, “I have decided it would be a good idea for Jeremy to stay with Jim, at least for a few more days. I want to be sure that he's not going to be in any danger from Mark.”

I'll continue taking very good care of him.” smiled Jim.

As the group was getting ready to leave, the server took Jeremy aside and said, “I couldn't help but overhear the wish you made. You look like such a sweet and adorable boy to be making a wish like that. What was it about? What did you mean by people like you and Sean being safe from people like Mark?”

Jeremy could tell their server was gay himself, so he went ahead and told him the short version of the story. The server was shocked by what happened, and gave Jeremy a brief hug. Then he wished Jeremy luck in dealing with Mark.

Jim was once again bathing Jeremy that night, when Jeremy asked, “You're getting a lot more comfortable with this, aren't you Jim?”

Well Jeremy, I was a little nervous about it at first.” replied Jim, as he gently and thoroughly rubbed soap over Jeremy's genitals. “There's nothing unusual about doing this for you under these circumstances though. It doesn't bother me at all now.”

Jim then rubbed soap into Jeremy's butt crack, making sure to soap his pucker really good. Then Jim had Jeremy rinse off, so he could dry him off completely. After that, Jim asked Jeremy if he wanted to sleep with him again that night, in case of any more nightmares. Jeremy smiled that night, as he cuddled into Jim and drifted off to a blissful sleep.

The Lieutenant Governor was very busy on Tuesday and Wednesday, talking to quite a few people. She started with her younger brother, who worked as a server at a nice restaurant in Jeremy's town, where she was originally from. She was very concerned about what her brother told her. Then she talked to the officers and paramedics who first responded to Jeremy's accident. She even had a talk with a local pastor named Bill Kendall, and Bill's son Sean. After checking out everything she was told on Tuesday, she called the State Attorney General to accompany her on Wednesday. On Wednesday her and the Attorney General went to talk to the County Sheriff, as well as the parents of Mark Thurston. Mark's parents didn't want to believe the Lieutenant Governor at first. Then as the realization of the truth set in, they were mortified by their son's behavior. Needless to say, they weren't thrilled to find that Mark's grades had been artificially heightened from the moment he became a part of the football team, and that several incidents had been covered up so well that they didn't even know about them.

Mark Howell Thurston!” yelled Mark's father. “Get in here immediately!”

Yeah dad, what is it?” asked Mark innocently, as he entered the room.

This is our state's Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.” said Mark's father, doing a great job of controlling his temper. “I want to know why they're sitting here, telling me and your mother about how you ran over one of your classmates in your car.”

I, I don't know what you're talking about dad!” exclaimed Mark. “They're lying!”

Then what is this police report about?” asked Mark's dad, holding out the report the Lieutenant Governor had shown him. “A young boy named Jeremy Blake was struck while riding his bicycle. The bicycle apparently seemed to be on the sidewalk when it was struck by your car. The driver was identified by your driver's license. Do you want to contend that this is some plot son?!”

But dad...” started Mark.

Don't but dad me son!” said Mark's father. “Since your reply was going to start with but dad, I'm going to have to assume this police report is correct! The only plot around here is keeping your grades and the things you've done from your own parents! Do you have anything to say to defend yourself?”

Jeremy is a faggot dad!” replied Mark. “I was only doing what needed to be done!”

A faggot huh?” asked Mark's dad. “That boy is no more gay than my business partner, the man responsible for making us one of the most successful businesses of our type in town! That boy is no more gay than the boy you were with at a party you went to. Do you know which one I'm talking about son, or do we need pictures? I can take most things in stride son, and I've tried but failed to teach that to you. Hell, if you were with that boy because you were gay, and wanted to be with him, I could accept that easily! What I can't accept is the fact that you have such low morals that you think trying to kill a boy is completely acceptable!”

It was a stupid mistake dad.” said Mark in a reserved tone. “It'll never happen again.”

You're right that it'll never happen again son.” replied Mark's dad. “You've shamed me and your mother both. Since you can't seem to keep your car on the street where it belongs, I'm taking it from you.”

But how will I get home from football practice?!” asked Mark, now realizing how badly he had screwed up.

Football practice?!” replied Mark's dad. “You're not on the football team anymore son! At least not until you maintain an A average on your grade level courses, without any special favors from any teachers at your school.”

But that won't let me play this fall dad!” said Mark loudly.

You should have thought about that son!” said Mark's dad. “Everything you do carries consequences son. If you do good things, the consequences are usually good. When you do bad things, like trying to kill another boy, the consequences are bad. Right now son I suggest you not worry about football this fall, and worry about whether or not the Attorney General sitting here is going to have you locked up. If you were eighteen son, there would be absolutely no question whatsoever about that! Do you like the idea of prison?”

No dad.” replied Mark, with his head hung down.

Son, this is exactly why I've tried to teach you the values that I thought were important in life.” said Mark's dad, looking very sad. “If you don't respect others, if you don't get along with others even though they may be different than you, you'll never amount to anything. I feel so bad now that I've failed in that. I love you son, and I wanted you to have everything you wanted in life. That'll never happen on the course you've set though. Now I have to call that boy's parents, and see if there's any way possible to apologize for your behavior.”

I'm so sorry dad!” said Mark, on the verge of tears. “I never set out to make you ashamed of me!”

It's not too late to turn things around son, but it's going to take a lot of work on your part.” said Mark's dad. “The state is going to want to know that you know what you did was wrong. They'll want to know that there's no chance of this ever happening again. There's two ways to do that son. Cooperate with them and let them see these things in you. If you can't do that, the only other way for them to deal with it will be to lock you up. I've done all I can do for you on this son. Now it's time for you to make a choice, and I pray that you make the right one.”

Mark, I'm not going to have you taken into custody right now.” said the Attorney General. “There will be quite a few interviews with counselors and people from my department though, so don't get too far away from home. The first interview will be a pre-arraignment interview within the next week. If you're going to have a lawyer, have them ready for that interview. At that time we will decide whether or not to let you remain under your parents supervision. They seem like good people Mark, so I really hope you start listening to them, even though that seems to have been a weak point up until now.”

Yes sir.” replied Mark softly and obediently.

And Mark, please stay well clear of anything that even resembles trouble, okay?” asked the Attorney General.

Yes sir.” replied Mark.

Your eventual sentence may or may not include some type of incarceration, as that is going to be up to you son.” said the Attorney General. “I can guarantee you that it will include some kind of community service though. It would be a good start if you could sincerely apologize to the boy you hit with your car. I don't expect him to accept it, but it would show your sincerity in this matter. Give it some thought.”

Yes sir.” replied Mark.

Now I have to go do something that I really don't enjoy the idea of, but needs to be done.” said the State Attorney. “I have to go end the career of a Sheriff who has made some seriously bad decisions. That's what happens when you make the wrong decisions in life though. Do you understand that Mark?”

Yes sir.” replied Mark.

I really hope you do Mark.” said the State Attorney. “I would hate to have to ruin any chance you may have of having a decent life, which a felony criminal record would pretty much do. I hope we will be getting through to you before it's too late.”

The Attorney General pretty much left Mark speechless. He didn't even know what to say to his parents, and just stood there and looked at them after their visitors had left. Mark's dad finally said, “He seems like a good man Mark, and he's willing to give you a chance here. I'm willing to give you a chance too son. I only want the best for you, and if you'll work with the court and me, I'll do anything I can to help you. You had to know I wouldn't approve of what you did though. Who is it that's had such a negative influence on your life?”

The coach and everyone on the team says there has to be something wrong with gay people.” replied Mark. “They say that people like that aren't right, and that they deserve as much of a hard time as we can give them.”

Does that really include murder son?” asked Mark's dad. “That's what it would have been if you had killed that boy. And what did he do to you personally to anger you at him?”

He didn't do anything to me sir.” replied Mark softly.

Then help me understand son.” said Mark's dad. “You know my business partner is gay. You know how much I appreciate the impact he's had on our business. You know that he has helped me put you through school, and food on our table. It's not that I couldn't have done that myself, but it wouldn't have been as successful or easy without Steve's help. He's done a lot more for you than you'll ever know son, and you show your appreciation by hating gay people? Then there's you and that other boy. I saw the pictures son, and I'm not upset. If you were gay yourself, I would love you as much as I ever have. How can you have sex with that boy, then try to kill another one because he's gay?”

I don't know dad.” replied Mark. “I'm not gay, but would you really love me if I were?”

Nothing will change the fact that you are my son, and I love you.” replied Mark's dad. “I still want to be proud of you someday too son, but you're going to have to forget what that coach has told you, and learn the things I've tried to teach you. You could be a star quarterback in the NFL, but if you treat people as badly as you've been taught to by others, it won't make me proud of you. Then again you could never go past high school football, end up working as a sales clerk at the Sports Palace, but if you treat others well, I'd be proud of you.”

What about the third option?” asked Mark. “What if I made it to the NFL, and I treated other people well?”

Then you'd get one of these!” replied Mark's dad, who then gave his son a firm hug and a kiss on the forehead. “I hope we can work together here son, and make that happen for you.”

I'll try dad.” said Mark.

John was confused with the call he got that night from Mark Thurston's dad, George. “What can I do for you Mister Thurston?” asked John.

Please, let's not be so formal.” replied George. “I wanted to tell you that even though I had no idea of the things my son was up to, I'm very sorry about his actions. My wife and I were mortified today when we were told what had happened by the State Attorney General. I assure you that Mark is going to be taught the serious nature of the mistakes he's made.”

That is nice George, but it doesn't help my son, who doesn't have the use of either of his arms right now, and is afraid to go to sleep at night.” replied John. “He has nightmares of being hit by your son again, and being ripped to death by the underside of his car.”

Well, that won't be happening.” replied George. “I've taken his car, and he won't be driving for quite some time. He also won't be playing football this year. I want you to know that I don't condone his actions for one second. He's going to have to go through the courts now, and I won't intervene. You see, I have a business partner who's gay, and we run a very successful business together. That's why Mark was afraid for me to find out. He knew what my reaction would be. I do want to help your son too though John. I think it would help if the two boys were put together, with us supervising of course, and for Mark to apologize to your son.”

I don't know if Jeremy would have any interest in that, but I can check.” replied John.

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