Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

John was confused with the call he got that night from Mark Thurston's dad, George. “What can I do for you Mister Thurston?” asked John.

Please, let's not be so formal.” replied George. “I wanted to tell you that even though I had no idea of the things my son was up to, I'm very sorry about his actions. My wife and I were mortified today when we were told what had happened by the State Attorney General. I assure you that Mark is going to be taught the serious nature of the mistakes he's made.”

That is nice George, but it doesn't help my son, who doesn't have the use of either of his arms right now, and is afraid to go to sleep at night.” replied John. “He has nightmares of being hit by your son again, and being ripped to death by the underside of his car.”

Well, that won't be happening.” replied George. “I've taken his car, and he won't be driving for quite some time. He also won't be playing football this year. I want you to know that I don't condone his actions for one second. He's going to have to go through the courts now, and I won't intervene. You see, I have a business partner who's gay, and we run a very successful business together. That's why Mark was afraid for me to find out. He knew what my reaction would be. I do want to help your son too though John. I think it would help if the two boys were put together, with us supervising of course, and for Mark to apologize to your son.”

I don't know if Jeremy would have any interest in that, but I can check.” replied John.

John went to Jim's that evening after supper, to talk to Jeremy about the call he got from George Thurston. Jeremy looked a little worried as he asked, “Mark tried to kill me, and you want to put us in the same room together?”

I know how you feel son, and I would feel the same way.” replied John. “I talked to Mark's father though, and he sounds like a good man. I don't believe Mark's parents had any idea what their son was up to. George said that he intends to have a lot more control over his son's behavior now though. Besides, we'll be there with both of you boys.”

And I'll be there too!” exclaimed Sean, who was at Jim's house to visit Jeremy.

Jeremy, you should consider your father's request.” said Jim. “Forgiveness is one of the most admirable traits that any person can possess. It doesn't mean you have to like Mark, and no one would blame you if you didn't. If you show him that this won't change the wonderful person you are though, it may make him think twice about how he treats others.”

I guess you and dad are right.” replied Jeremy. “Just don't expect me to like him though. I guess we can all get together on Friday evening at our house dad.”

Okay son, I'll call George back and let him know.” replied John as he smiled. “And Jeremy, I'm very proud of the young man you are becoming.”

Then John gave his son a very warm and loving hug before leaving. That night when bedtime came, Jeremy said he was very nervous about seeing Mark on Friday, and asked Jim if he could sleep with him again. Even though they both slept naked, Jim didn't see any problem with it. Once in bed, Jeremy snuggled closely to Jim and relaxed. Jim smiled as he put his arms around the boy, and they both drifted off in a comforting embrace. The next morning Jim was startled to find that his hand was resting on Jeremy's dick, and Jeremy's face was nuzzled into his chest. Jim thought about it for a moment though, and decided there was nothing wrong with that. Jim didn't realize that Jeremy was waking up though, until he felt Jeremy's dick stiffen, and felt Jeremy playfully lick his nipple.

Oh my God Jeremy, I'm so sorry!” said Jim, as he removed his hand from Jeremy.

Why are you sorry Jim?” asked Jeremy. “We weren't really doing anything. It was just affectionate contact as friends. I thought it felt nice, and it doesn't mean I'd want you as my lover. Did it feel different than that to you?”

I guess you're right Jeremy.” replied Jim, after thinking about it.

Of course I'm right!” giggled Jeremy. “You've been bathing me and helping me use the toilet since Friday. Why should the contact this morning be any different than that?”

I guess it's not.” smiled Jim. “I'm just not used to it, and I might have overreacted. You know I do think very fondly of you though Jeremy. I'm glad for the day we became friends.”

I am too Jim.” replied Jeremy. “You are the best friend I've ever had.”

Jeremy then snuggled back into Jim, and Jim wrapped his arms around the boy. Jim was still concerned about some new feelings he had that he couldn't explain or describe, but it now felt unimportant to him.

As Mike and Eric were leaving for work that morning, Mike said, “I'm concerned about dad babe.”

Why are you concerned dear?” asked Eric.

Couldn't you see it this morning?” asked Mike. “It looks exactly like dad and Jeremy are falling in love. Dad may be a little harder to read, but the signs are there. Jeremy is gay though, and I could plainly see it in him.”

So, what if they are?” asked Eric.

My dad is sixty five, and Jeremy is fourteen!” replied Mike.

But he'll be fifteen pretty soon.” chuckled Eric. “Dear, you know how people fall in love all the time before they meet the person they were meant to be with. We both went through that, and it's probably the exact same thing they are going through. I don't think that they were meant to be together either, but would it hurt to let them go for now?”

It might hurt dad when Jeremy moves on.” replied Mike.

Then maybe you should talk to Jeremy.” replied Eric. “I would advise you not to prohibit them from having feelings though. Those are things that people can't help but to have sometimes.”

In that case, I should wait until they both come to terms with this, huh?” asked Mike.

That might be best dear.” replied Eric.

Thursday night was another nervous night for Jeremy, since he would be meeting with Mark the next evening. Jim could sense that, and allowed Jeremy to sleep with him again. Besides, there was something more and more comforting about having Jeremy snuggled up against him in bed. Jeremy snuggled in closely against Jim, and began to relax a few minutes later. Just before they both were ready to drift off, Jim felt Jeremy's hand rest gently on his crotch. It felt very different to Jim, but he finally decided it felt comfortable. Meanwhile, Jeremy was silently willing Jim's hand to rest on his butt. Jeremy finally smiled as he felt Jim's hand rub gently down his back, and come to rest on one of his cheeks. Jim and Jeremy then drifted off into one of the most peaceful slumbers that either had had in a while.

After Sean arrived the next evening, Jim, Jeremy, and Sean went to Jeremy's house. It had been decided that everyone would have dinner together when George and his family arrived, then it would be time for Mark and Jeremy to talk.

After George and his family had arrived, and about ten minutes before dinner was ready, Jeremy said, “I need to use the bathroom, and I'll need some help. Any volunteers?”

Son, since you are responsible for Jeremy's current condition, you should help him tonight.” said George. “It'll help you to see exactly what you did to him.”

Okay dad.” replied Mark dutifully.

You're suggesting that Mark and I be alone in the bathroom?” asked Jeremy nervously.

Don't worry Jeremy.” replied George. “Mark knows that if he does one thing to ever harm you again, he'll never play football again.”

So then, he's at my mercy?” asked Jeremy.

Yes son, but I know you are decent enough not to take advantage of that.” smiled John.

Mark then followed Jeremy to the bathroom. As Jeremy struggled to lower his pants himself, Mark looked off at the bathroom door. Jeremy could then see he was going to have problems sitting down on the toilet without hurting himself.

A little help here might be nice Mark.” said Jeremy. “It won't kill you if you were to see my dick.”

Mark then turned to Jeremy, and saw how much of a struggle it had been for him just to lower his pants and briefs. Mark then took ahold of Jeremy's torso, and helped him lower himself down onto the toilet.

You really can't do anything for yourself right now, can you?” asked Mark.

No, I can't.” replied Jeremy. “I can't use the toilet by myself, I can't eat by myself, and I can't shower by myself.”

Jeremy could tell Mark was struggling with what to say that evening, after seeing what he had done to him. Fortunately though, Jeremy finished his business quickly. He did have to prompt Mark again, when it came time for Mark to wipe his butt clean. When the boys returned, it was time for dinner. George once again made Mark help Jeremy, this time to eat his dinner. This time Jeremy almost smiled at having Mark feed him every bite of his dinner.

Finally it was time for the talk, as George said, “Before we start Jeremy, I want you to know where I stand in regards to Mark's recent behavior. My business partner Steve is a very bright and talented man. He's responsible for a lot of our success. He's also gay. I think very highly of Steve, and the impact he's had on our business, and I'll never condone the bad treatment of anyone just because they're gay. I see that kind of hatred and intolerance as evil, and Mark now knows exactly how I feel about the subject.”

Then why Mark?” asked Jeremy. “Why did you want to kill me?”

I'd like to know that too Mark, after making love to you.” said Sean.

Man, I'm not ready to talk about that right now.” said Mark.

Just because your father is sitting here listening to us?” asked Sean. “That's just too bad! You really should have thought about that before running Jeremy over. Jeremy is one of the nicest people I've ever known, and he certainly doesn't deserve to be going through what he is because of you! The fact that you enjoyed me making love to you so much is just confusing. I know you thought what we were doing felt good. And even though you might deny it, I know you liked giving me the same pleasure for the brief time you did it!”

That was really way too much Sean!” said Mark.

No it wasn't son.” said George. “Remember the pictures? I saw the picture of you with Sean's penis in your mouth, performing oral sex on him. It really didn't look like you hated it then.”

Mark hung his head shamefully as Sean said, “The worst part is Mark, you would make a really nice lover if you weren't so screwed up in the head. I know your mom and dad didn't do that to you, so who did?”

You don't play sports Sean, so you don't know what it's like.” replied Mark. “The coach drills it into you every day that you're a part of the team, and the team always has to act like one. If you do something that the team doesn't like, it hurts everyone. You have to be like all of your other teammates, or you'll never be anything, and the team will reject you.”

I think you've been watching way too much Star Trek!” said Sean. “You sound just like you're a part of the Borg collective! Should we start calling you six of ten, or some shit like that?”

Son, that's about the worst excuse for bad behavior that I've ever heard of.” said George. “Sure a team has to work together on the field, but they also have to respect each other off the field. Controlling someone's every move and emotion is not respect, and neither is not respecting someone's right to be who they are. If this is what that coach is teaching you, he needs to be replaced before he screws up the minds of any other boys. Now, did you hate having sex with Sean?”

No sir.” replied Mark softly.

Son, I know what gay men do when they make love to each other.” said George. “Trust me, Steve is not shy about sharing his sexual exploits. The things two men do to each other doesn't bother me though. I know that I love your mother as much as the day we met, so I'm not threatened by how anyone else lives their lives. The real threat would be when someone is afraid or not allowed to live out the sexual identity they were born with. I would never change Steve, and he would never change me. Our acceptance of each other is what makes us so successful in business together. If you enjoyed having sex with Sean so much that you two became lovers, I would love and embrace your personality as much as I ever have.”

What about it Mark, are you up for a date sometime?” asked Sean as he smiled. “What we did at the party felt very nice, and you know it did.”

Are you sure dad?” asked Mark, as it looked like he might cry.

I love you just as much now that I know that you're gay as I ever have son.” replied George, as he hugged Mark.

After George and Mark shared that moment, and Mark dried his eyes, Jeremy asked, “Why did you hurt me Mark? Why did you want me to die? I know it's not who you really are.”

I'm so sorry Jeremy.” replied Mark. “I'll never be able to make up for what I did to you, but I'll spend the rest of my life trying if I have to. Thinking about what I did makes me sick. I've been replaying what happened over and over for the past few days, and I can't stand what I've let myself become. Please forgive me Jeremy. I promise that if anyone else ever tries to hurt you, they'll have to go through me first to do it.”

That's all I wanted to hear Mark.” said Jeremy. “I forgive you.”

Now, what about that date Mark?” asked Sean.

Mark looked to George, and George said, “You can have the car back son, at least until we see what the state does about what happened.”

How's tomorrow night sound Sean?” asked Mark.

It sounds like I'm already looking forward to it!” snickered Sean.

George smiled as he said, “Just remember son, I'm trusting you on this. I want to know that you respect others now. If I ever hear any different, it'll make me very disappointed in you.”

I won't disappoint you again dad, I promise.” replied Mark, as he hugged his dad again.

Sean did give Mark a brief kiss as George and his family were leaving. Mark still wasn't ready to let his dad see him kiss another boy though, so they snuck off into a corner to do it. After the kiss, Mark asked, “Why do you still want to date me after I tried to kill your friend Sean?”

The truth is, I'm attracted to guys with large cocks Mark.” replied Sean. “Yours is still growing, and it's already at eight inches. I can see you eventually having a ten or eleven inch cock, and the thought of that really turns me on. I already love how it feels when the head of your cock slips down into my throat. As for trying to kill Jeremy, I believe you're really sorry about that. I think it was the coach and your friends who did it more than it was you. I think deep down inside you are really a good person, and that's just now starting to come out. I could feel that when I made love to you at the party.”

Okay, I'll buy that.” smiled Mark. “Now that we're dating though, I have to ask you something. Would it upset you if I gave Jeremy a kiss, to show him how sorry I really am?”

I think that would be really sweet Mark.” replied Sean. “Let me get him for you!”

Sean brought Jeremy over to where he and Mark were, and Mark said, “Jeremy, I want to show you that I really am sorry for hurting such a nice person as you. I know this won't make up for what I did, but I hope it shows you that I mean it.”

Jeremy then let Mark pull him in closer, and breathed a little heavily as Mark's face drew closer to his. Mark was now getting more comfortable about kissing another boy, so he thought back to all the girls he kissed, and how little it really meant to him. Then he gave Jeremy a very deep and affectionate kiss on his lips. After the initial shock wore off, Jeremy returned Mark's kiss eagerly, even licking Mark's lips with the tip of his tongue. Mark liked that, so he touched the tip of his tongue to the tip of Jeremy's tongue. The two boys finally backed away, and smiled at each other.

Mark, you really look beautiful when you act the way you did tonight.” said Jeremy. “Sean is a lucky guy. I just hope that from now on, you'll let yourself be yourself. I kind of like you like that, and I hope we become friends. Now, is what Sean said true? Do you really have an eight inch cock?”

You bragged about me to your friends Sean?” asked Mark as he blushed.

Who wouldn't brag about making love to a good looking stud like you?” snickered Sean.

Can I see it?” asked Jeremy. “After all, you saw my dick tonight.”

Mark looked like he didn't know how to reply, so Sean said, “Go ahead Mark, show him. You should be proud of that beautiful cock of yours!”

Mark nervously went ahead and lowered his pants to his mid thigh, then pulled his underwear down. Jeremy stared in awe at Mark's very respectable cock.

Damn Mark, that is beautiful!” said Jeremy. “Sean really is a lucky guy.”

Thanks Jeremy.” replied Mark, before pulling his pants back up.

After George and his family left, Jim and John had a talk about Jeremy's needs. “I had no idea you had to do so much for Jeremy.” said John. “It sounds almost like a full time job!”

It really hasn't been any bother to me though John.” replied Jim. “Jeremy is a wonderful boy, and it reminds me of when my kids were babies. I really have enjoyed going through that stage of my life again. It is a lot of responsibility though. Jeremy needs almost constant supervision right now, at least until he loses the cast and brace.”

I know, that's what has me and my wife concerned, considering we both have full time jobs right now.” replied John.

John, I understand that you and your wife can't be with Jeremy constantly.” said Jim. “I would consider it an honor if you allowed me to care for Jeremy until he can do things for himself again.”

Okay Jim, but only because I can see what a great job you've done so far.” replied John. “It you feel that it becomes too much for you though, please let me know.”

I will John, but I don't see that happening.” smiled Jim.

Jeremy went ahead and got some of his stuff from home, since he would now be spending the next six to seven weeks at Jim's house. Then he gave his mom and dad a warm and affectionate kiss, and thanked them for letting him stay on with Jim. That night back at Jim's house, Jeremy asked if he could sleep with Jim again.

Are you upset about something Jeremy?” asked Jim.

Not really Jim, but there's something very comforting about you sleeping next to me.” replied Jeremy. “On mornings when I wake up in your bed, I've never felt as relaxed and rested before.”

I'm just concerned that if it became a regular thing, it might be improper Jeremy.” said Jim.

Then Jim saw a look of disappointment cross Jeremy's face, and he struggled with what to say next. “Don't you feel that way too Jim?” asked Jeremy.

Of course I do son.” replied Jim. “Waking up with you snuggled against me is very comforting. I just don't want it to look wrong.”

How can it be wrong if we're not doing anything, and it feels so comfortable?” asked Jeremy.

I guess you have a point Jeremy.” smiled Jim. “I'd love for you to sleep with me whenever you want to Jeremy.”

Jim and Jeremy then went ahead and got ready for bed. After Jim stripped Jeremy down, and they got into bed together, Jeremy cuddled tightly into Jim. Jim then went to give Jeremy a kiss on the forehead, but Jeremy raised his mouth to Jim's, and gave Jim a quick but affectionate kiss on the lips. Jim hadn't felt a kiss like that in quite a while, and it made his heart skip slightly.

Why did you do that Jeremy?” asked Jim.

Because you are my dearest friend Jim, and I wanted to share that with you.” replied Jeremy. “My parents raised me not to be ashamed to show affection to a good friend, and I even kiss them like that sometimes. Mark and I became friends tonight, and I kissed him like that. It didn't mean anything other than we're friends though, and you're a lot better friend than he is. I love you Jim.”

I love you too Jeremy, and the kiss was very nice.” said Jim, as he softly rubbed Jeremy's back. “Thank you very much for sharing that with me.”

No problem Jim.” cooed Jeremy softly, as he nuzzled his face into the hair on Jim's chest. “I'll kiss you like that from now on if you want.”

Well, we'll stick with how much my heart will stand Jeremy.” laughed Jim softly, as he gently traced small circles on Jeremy's back with his hand.

That feels so nice Jim.” said Jeremy softly, as he began to drift off.

As Jeremy's face gently caressed Jim's chest, and he felt himself drifting off too, Jim began to realize what the feelings were he had been feeling.

I can't be realizing that I'm gay at my age, can I?” Jim asked himself, as he drifted off with Jeremy snoring softly into his chest.

Jim had two dreams that night of him and Jeremy making love. The first one was very beautiful, with him and Jeremy sharing their deep feelings of love with each other. Jeremy ended up promising his love to Jim for the rest of his life, and Jim felt very warm and comfortable with it. The mental image of him making love to another guy made Jim very erect during his sleep, and Jeremy was awoken by Jim's cock poking him in the stomach. Jeremy giggled as he snuggled into Jim even closer, and drifted back off to sleep.

Jim's second dream was not quite as nice. He and Jeremy ended up being discovered, and Jim's remaining years were turned into a living nightmare. That dream woke Jim from his sleep, and he looked down at Jeremy. Jeremy's stomach was snuggled tightly against his cock, and Jeremy's face was blissfully snuggled into his chest. Jeremy had the most beautiful smile Jim had ever seen as he snored softly.

I don't know if I'm ready to be gay.” said Jim softly. “You are such a comfort to me though Jeremy. I hope if I am falling in love with you, it doesn't turn out like the last dream.”

Then Jim cupped his hand softly over Jeremy's rump, and drifted back off to sleep.

It sounds like things are heating up between Jim and Jeremy. At least it seems like Mark has learned a lesson though. I think he and Sean will be very happy together, once Mark becomes comfortable with his sexuality. I do want to remind everyone that at no time will I be depicting a graphic sexual scene between Jim and Jeremy, even though we know where this is going. Their blossoming love will be described, but their love making will only be implied. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again for Sean and Mark's date in Chapter 7.