Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

As Jeremy's face gently caressed Jim's chest, and he felt himself drifting off too, Jim began to realize what the feelings were he had been feeling.

I can't be realizing that I'm gay at my age, can I?” Jim asked himself, as he drifted off with Jeremy snoring softly into his chest.

Jim had two dreams that night of him and Jeremy making love. The first one was very beautiful, with him and Jeremy sharing their deep feelings of love with each other. Jeremy ended up promising his love to Jim for the rest of his life, and Jim felt very warm and comfortable with it. The mental image of him making love to another guy made Jim very erect during his sleep, and Jeremy was awoken by Jim's cock poking him in the stomach. Jeremy giggled as he snuggled into Jim even closer, and drifted back off to sleep.

Jim's second dream was not quite as nice. He and Jeremy ended up being discovered, and Jim's remaining years were turned into a living nightmare. That dream woke Jim from his sleep, and he looked down at Jeremy. Jeremy's stomach was snuggled tightly against his cock, and Jeremy's face was blissfully snuggled into his chest. Jeremy had the most beautiful smile Jim had ever seen as he snored softly.

I don't know if I'm ready to be gay.” said Jim softly. “You are such a comfort to me though Jeremy. I hope if I am falling in love with you, it doesn't turn out like the last dream.”

Then Jim cupped his hand softly over Jeremy's rump, and drifted back off to sleep.

Jim decided by the next morning that it would be best not to share his dreams and what he thought he was feeling with Jeremy yet. Jeremy had become the dearest friend he'd ever had, and Jim didn't want to mess things up. As Jim bathed Jeremy that morning though, Jeremy could tell something was different. As Jim rubbed his hands over Jeremy's entire body, soaping him up and then rinsing him off, Jeremy could feel a heightened level of intimacy and love from Jim. It made Jeremy erect before Jim got down there, and Jim smiled as he quietly cleaned Jeremy's erection and balls. Jeremy wanted badly to reach over and do the same for Jim now, but he didn't want to do anything that would spook Jim and spoil the feelings he was having.

Then during breakfast, Jeremy sat as close to Jim as possible, and Jim put an arm around Jeremy as he fed the boy every bite of his breakfast. Mike smiled at his dad and Jeremy, although he was still a bit concerned. Eric's smile was much more intense though, as he watched two people who were undoubtedly deeply in love. Eric now thought it would be incredibly sweet if Jim and Jeremy were to take each other as lovers.

Sean was excited that evening, as he prepared for his date with Mark. His father, Pastor Kendall saw that, and almost chuckled at his son. Then he took Sean aside for a talk.

Son, I can see how much you love the boy you're getting ready to go out with.” said Bill. “I just want you to know that I see nothing wrong with you and this boy feeling love for each other. There is also nothing wrong with you and him expressing that love. That's what people do when they're in love, whether it's a man and a woman, or two men. I can tell by the amount of love that you show for him that you two will likely want to make love. I would rather you bring him back here, where you can love him intimately, than to do it somewhere where you two may get caught. A lot of people still don't understand that two men can share the same love that a man and woman can.”

Thanks dad.” replied Sean, blushing slightly. “I still can't believe how accepting you and mom are of me being gay though. I'm your only son, and this means that I'll never give you two grandchildren.”

Bill smiled as he put an arm around Sean, and said, “Son, you are eventually going to meet the boy you were meant to become mates with. Nothing can stop that, certainly not us. It would do us no good at all not to love and accept you completely son. The only thing we would do is miss out on the happiness that our son has found with his husband. Your future mate will be accepted happily as our son in law, and we'll be proud of the love you two share. As for grandchildren, you can always either find a surrogate mother, or adopt our grandchildren. Any child you and your mate adopt would be loved and accepted as our real grandchildren.”

I'd love to have a family either of those two ways dad.” replied Sean. “My children would have the greatest grandparents in the world.”

And I feel they would have a fine father as well son.” smiled Bill.

Thanks dad.” replied Sean, as a car horn sounded from the driveway. “I guess that's Mark. I have a feeling that he may eventually be that son in law you were thinking of.”

Okay son, but if it's that serious your mother and I want to meet him next time.” chuckled Bill. “We should get to know the boy that our son may eventually take as his husband.”

Okay dad, I'll see if he's up to that next time.” smiled Sean.

Sean went out to Mark's car, and gave Mark a passionate kiss after getting in. Mark was a little nervous about kissing Sean out in the open at first, but was soon returning Sean's kiss passionately.

I love you Mark.” said Sean, after breaking the kiss. “I think that you're going to enjoy being more open about being gay Mark, and I'm going to help you as much as possible with that. By the way, may parents want to meet my boyfriend the next time you come over, just in case you were to become their future son in law.”

I love you too Sean, and we'll see about that.” smiled Mark. “Now, I thought we'd catch a movie first.”

Mark went to a theater on the other side of town, and Sean talked him into two drinks and a bucket of popcorn. Then Mark and Sean sat in the back of the theater, and kissed occasionally between handfuls of popcorn. Once the bucket was empty, Sean asked Mark to leave the bucket in his lap, and reached into the bucket. Mark wondered what Sean was doing, until he felt Sean finally remove the bottom of the bucket. Mark looked down to see Sean unzip him, and pull his cock out and through the bottom of the bucket. Mark smiled as Sean stroked his cock gently there in the back of the theater. After the movie and a quick dinner, Mark drove them to a very isolated and intimate park. There were other cars parked there, and everyone seemed to be doing the same thing. As soon as Mark had parked and shut off the car, he turned to the side and wrapped his arms around Sean. The two boys then began kissing as passionately as anyone parked around them. A few minutes later, both boys had each other's flies open, and were gently stroking each other as they kissed.

Mark finally broke the kiss, and said, “The next time I have you in my mouth Sean, I'm going all the way with you. I wanted to really badly at the party, but I couldn't bring myself to accept it then. I want to make you orgasm just like you did to me then though.”

The next time will be different Mark.” replied Sean, as he enjoyed the feel of Mark's cock in his hand. “The party was just two boys trading blow jobs. I love you now though, and the next time it will be two boys making love. Can we go back to my place, so I can make love to you Mark?”

As Mark was getting ready to answer, he looked in his mirror and saw the police pulling into the park. All of the couples there began sitting up, stopping what they were doing. Mark and Sean had each other's cocks back in their pants in record time, as Mark answered, “I'd love to go back to your place and make love Sean. What if your parents hear us though? After all, your dad is a pastor.”

You really need to come to his church on Sunday!” laughed Sean. “He doesn't believe there is anything wrong with two guys loving each other. As a matter of fact, he suggested that I bring you home if things went this way.”

Damn, your dad sounds pretty cool!” smiled Mark.

The police aimed their flashlight into Mark's car at that point, and only saw two boys in the car talking. Mark and Sean knew better than to even be making any physical contact at that point, and the police quickly moved on. Then Mark started the car, and drove back to Sean's house. On the way there, he called home on his cell phone to ask his dad if he could spend the night at Sean's house. Since it was starting to get late, George said okay as long as Sean's parents didn't mind.

When Mark and Sean got back to Sean's house, his mom and dad were getting ready to go to bed themselves. Bill just smiled at the boys and asked, “Is your friend going to be joining us for breakfast in the morning son?”

Yeah dad, if it's okay.” replied Sean.

We'd be happy to have him join us for breakfast, then church afterward if he wants.” smiled Bill. “You two boys have fun tonight, and try not to be too loud.”

Okay dad.” replied Sean, as he blushed slightly. Once Sean and Mark were in Sean's room, Sean said, “I'm really looking forward to this Mark. This time we're both going to be naked, in each other's arms, and making love.”

Mark looked down at the growing bulge in his pants, and snickered as he replied, “I don't think you're the only one looking forward to that!”

After both boys shared a laugh together, Mark moved in closer and took ahold of the bottom of Sean's shirt. Then Mark pulled the shirt up slowly, running his hands over Sean's body. Once Sean's shirt was off, Sean did the same thing to Mark. Then the boys sat on the edge of Sean's bed, and removed each other's socks and shoes. Mark took Sean into his arms, and lined their nipples up perfectly before pressing their chests together. Sean looked down to see his nipples pressed against Mark's, then pressed his lips against Mark's for a deep and loving kiss. After a few minutes, Sean traced his tongue down Mark's body, until he arrived at Mark's cock.

When Mark felt Sean's lips on the head of his cock, he gazed at Sean's cock and moaned, “I want this so much Sean!” Then Mark pulled Sean's cock down into his hungry mouth.

The next morning as Jeremy woke up in Jim's arms, Sean woke up wrapped in Mark's arms. Sean smiled as he gazed into Mark's eyes, and they slowly fluttered open.

I'm so happy to have you as my lover Mark.” said Sean dreamily.

I never imagined that two guys making love could be as beautiful as it was last night Sean.” replied Mark, as he stroked Sean's back. “If making love to you is always going to be this good, I hope we're lovers forever!”

I love the thought of that Mark.” smiled Sean. “Now, let's get ready for breakfast.”

As soon as I kiss my boyfriend good morning!” snickered Mark. “And thanks for making coming out easier than it could have been, and more than worth it.”

Jeremy had Jim stand behind him in the shower this morning, as Jim bathed him. Jeremy was hoping for close enough contact to feel Jim's cock against his butt cheeks. When that finally did happen, Jeremy leaned his head back and moaned very very softly. Then Jeremy saw Jim looking down into his face, so he reached up and pulled Jim's face down to him, giving Jim a brief but gentle kiss.

Why did you do that Jeremy?” asked Jim.

Because you're my best friend Jim, and I wanted to show you how much that means to me, and how much I appreciate it.” replied Jeremy, hoping that would be good enough.

In that case, thank you Jeremy.” smiled Jim. “It was a very nice kiss, and I appreciate your friendship as well.”

That was enough to make Jeremy happy through the rest of the shower, as well as through breakfast. Jim was now sure that Jeremy was falling in love with him. Although Jim didn't want to lead Jeremy on, he wasn't going to hurt Jeremy either whenever the time came for Jeremy to admit to his feelings. As Jim was getting ready to take Jeremy to church, Mike and Eric said they were curious about the church Jeremy went to, and volunteered to go along too.

When Mark called home to tell his dad that Sean was dragging him to church that morning, George laughed and replied that he and his wife would meet him there. It's not that George didn't trust Sean's father, but since the man was a pastor, George wanted to see where his opinions stood. George knew that some denominations could be very damning against homosexuals, which was why he and his family abandoned their church. It put George at odds with them over his business partner, and Steve was too good of a friend not to defend him in some way.

Sean led Mark into the church, and the two boys sat together. A few moments later, George and his wife came in and sat next to Mark. When Jeremy, Jim, Mike, and Eric came in, Jeremy led them to the row behind Sean and Mark, so Jeremy could sit behind Sean.

Jeremy leaned forward and whispered into Sean's ear, “If you two are still together this morning, we have to get together after church so you can tell me about last night!”

Sure buddy.” snickered Sean back, as he whispered too. “You'll get a kick out of it. Well, you'll get something out of it anyway!”

Then Jeremy's family came in, and John sat next to his son as Jeremy sat back in his seat. It finally looked like everyone who was coming was there, as the pews filled in pretty completely, so Bill came out to start his sermon.

Well everyone, I had my sermon all planned out today, but I see a few new faces out there.” said Bill. “I want everyone to welcome our visitors today with open arms. God wants us to show all man his love. I know that sounds kind of sexist, but you have to remember that in the days the Bible was written, the human race was referred to only as man. That included men, women, and children, so when God says that he loves all man, he means all of the human race. That's what I want to talk about today, instead of the sermon I had planned. It is how God's love includes everyone. I know he never asked me to fill out a questionnaire in order to be included in his love, and I doubt anyone else out there has either. That's why it amazes me when someone says they speak for God, then incite their followers to hate. There isn't anywhere in the Bible where it says that hate comes from God, because it doesn't. Hate can only come from one source, because hatred is evil. It makes me wonder how the conversation at the gates of Heaven went between God and a certain intolerant and hate filled religious leader, who recently passed on. I can see God asking him why he incited his followers to hate others. Then I can imagine him trying to explain his actions as doing what he thought God wanted. What do you think God would say to that? I think God would tell that man that all he wanted was for man to love his fellow man, and not hate others who were different than they were. Then God would probably suggest rather strongly that that man go to talk to the source of all hatred. God hates no man, and doesn't punish those who live the way he made them.”

A man in the pews stood up and asked loudly, “What about homosexuals? If that kind of behavior is right, why did God send AIDS to infect them with?”

Well, I believe this is a first!” chuckled Bill. “I don't normally have my sermons interrupted, but I would love to address your concerns. Due to the nature of your question though, and the fact that it deals with an STD, I would like to ask for parents out there to send their younger children, and those they wouldn't want to hear this topic discussed to our Sunday school at this time.”

Once the pews were filled only with adults and older teens who could handle the topic, Bill continued, “The question now before us is AIDS, which is a disease caused by the HIV virus. It is mostly a sexually transmitted disease, which is why I asked for the pews to be cleared except for those who are of an appropriate age to hear this. I'm glad to see that so many older teens have stayed, because this affects your age group most of all right now. Does anyone know of the origins of HIV? I do, because I have studied this subject.”

Sean's friend Tony raised his hand, and replied, “HIV originated in Central Africa.”

That is very good, young man.” said Bill. “Your name is Tony, right?”

Yes sir, I'm one of your son's friends.” replied Tony.

Yes son, that is why I recognized you.” smiled Bill. “Anyway everyone, Tony is correct. HIV originated in Central Africa, then it spread outward from there. The reason that it has spread across the world is that contrary to what some people would have you think, HIV makes no discrimination at all in the victims it infects. The people in that part of the world are mostly heterosexual. They have very rudimentary survival instincts compared to more developed areas of the world, and sex is seen as something that is done to mate, and to expand their population. If HIV is a gay affliction, why did it develop in a predominantly heterosexual environment? The number of heterosexual infections in that part of Africa far outweigh the number of homosexual infections. Anyway, from Africa the virus spread through immigration into Haiti and Europe. Our misguided leaders at the time incorrectly identified HIV as a gay disease, simply because the first carrier of the disease into this country was gay. The actual infection rates in Europe at that time were greatest among those involved in intravenous drug use, and heterosexual prostitution, but when the disease took ahold in North America, it struck at the gay population first, because that was how it was first spread. In the time since, infection rates among other sections of our population have caught up steadily. The reason for that is that HIV can be spread anytime bodily fluids containing blood are transferred from an infected person to another person. It does not matter whether the two people involved are homosexual or heterosexual, and I beg you not to test that for yourselves. Semen is the most prevalent bodily fluid that contains blood, but there are others. The saliva of a person who has an open wound in their mouth, or who has had recent oral surgery can also contain blood. Then there is the carrier, blood itself. Medical professionals now take precautions against exposing themselves to any blood, because they have learned the hard way that the HIV virus does not discriminate. They know they can just as easily be infected by the blood of an infected heterosexual man or woman as easily as any other source. If you don't believe me and the research I have done into the topic, ask anyone who has been trained to have routine exposure to the virus. HIV is a threat, no matter if it comes from a heterosexual source, or a homosexual source. It is not a gay disease, and should have never been considered as such. It is a threat from exposure to any contaminated human blood, regardless of the sexual orientation of the infected source. I don't believe it is a curse from God either, because that would insinuate loathing and hatred from God, and nothing in the Bible suggests that could be the case. Most research into the origins of HIV suggest that it was transferred to the human race from monkeys. Some say it was research in Central Africa that involved the use of monkeys in human research, and others say it was the custom of the people of that area to sometimes consume monkeys that may have been infected. I really would like to think that man didn't bring this onto himself through his own ignorance. The fact remains though that it was either misguided and reckless research, or a custom of the area that proved to be disastrous. Now it is a reality that all people have to deal with, regardless of their sexual orientation. If you take that for granted, it could come back to strike you, and I pray that never happens for any of you.”

By this time the congregation was riveted. George now felt completely at ease in the environment his son had become involved in, and wanted badly to embrace his son, and bless his relationship with the pastor's son.

Mike turned to Eric, and whispered, “This man is brilliant babe! I really do need to speak with him at some point!”

Everyone in the congregation had seemed to gain further insight into the topic that had come up. Even the man who asked the question originally had been silenced by the lesson of the day. After Bill finished talking about HIV, and a few other afflictions facing mankind, he went through the pews and shook the hands of those he recognized as new visitors. George felt honored as he shook Bill's hand.

I can tell that you needed to hear a message that you've missed for some time.” said Bill, as he shook George's hand.

Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear.” replied George. “I have a feeling we'll be seeing much more of each other, since my son is now involved with your son.”

So then, you're Mark's father!” said Bill as the smile on his face grew. “I hope our families become very close sir. I can sense that Mark needs the love and support of both of our families right now.”

That would be the greatest thing that could happen.” replied George. “I'm very happy that our sons have brought our families together, and I'm proud of the love they have for each other.”

So am I.” said Bill.

Then Bill moved on, and eventually shook Mike's hand.

I can tell that you have never been drawn to the messages you've needed to hear.” said Bill. “I can also see a longing for understanding of some kind.”

My mate and I had never been drawn to any spiritual setting.” replied Mike. “As gay people, we've felt excluded up until this point. I'm glad my father's friendship with Jeremy has led us here though. My mate Eric and I have decided that you'll see a lot more of us from now on.”

That's great!” smiled Bill. “Maybe I can answer some of the questions that I feel you want to ask.”

I hope so.” replied Mike. “Thank you so much for today's sermon. I think it helped a lot of people here understand people like Eric and myself a little better. You said some things that more people in your position need to be telling everyone. I hope we can talk more after the service.”

I'll look forward to it!” smiled Bill.

After the service, Tony, Brad, Austin, and Amy caught up with Jeremy and Sean. Melissa wasn't with them, because her parents attended another church. As they approached Jeremy and Sean, Mark had his back to them.

Hey, how you guys.....” started Tony, until he finally saw Mark. “Whoa! What's HE doing here?!”

I've decided to give Mark a chance to make things up to me.” laughed Jeremy.

Yeah, after what I did, I owe it to him.” said Mark. Then Mark put an arm around Jeremy, gave him a brief kiss on the forehead, and said, “No one is going to treat him the way I did before. They'll have to go through me first if they try!”

Oh man, the football hero just kissed Jeremy on the forehead!” exclaimed Amy. “What gives?!”

I was awful to Jeremy because he represented something I didn't want to admit to myself.” replied Mark. “Now I can though, and it isn't nearly what I thought it would be like. Isn't that right babe?”

I think it's downright awesome my love!” snickered Sean.

Then Mark gave Sean a nice affectionate kiss in front of the other kids, as they watched in shock.

Oh my God!” exclaimed Tony, as he began stumbling around for show. “Someone make the ground stop spinning! I feel kinda faint here guys! The world... it's changing quickly now!”

Everyone laughed hysterically at Tony's antics, as Mark chuckled, “I deserved that. I just hope I can make everything up to Sean's and Jeremy's friends too though. I can tell that hurting Jeremy hurt all of you, and I'm ashamed of the way I behaved. Besides, I may need good friends like all of you when school starts back up in a few months. The feelings I feel for Sean are the most intense I've ever felt before, and I don't think I'll be able to hide that.”

Do you want to hide it?” asked Austin.

I'm proud of how much I love Sean.” replied Mark. “Sean and I made love last night, and it was the most comforting and incredible experience of my life! When I put my cock inside Sean, then looked down into his face and saw how much he loved and accepted it as a part of himself, it almost made me cry. I've never felt that from anyone before, and now I couldn't possibly feel it from anyone except Sean.”

Alright!” exclaimed Jeremy. “Now we're getting to the part I wanted to hear about!” That made everyone laugh, except for Amy.

Damn!” exclaimed Amy. “In just a few seconds Mark became the most attractive boy I've ever seen, and he's gay too!”

I wish someone would teach her to look at straight guys, and think they're attractive!” said Brad. “I wish just once she could look at me that way!”

I'm sorry Brad, I never realized that.” replied Amy. “You are very good looking, but I always just though of our group as friends.”

There's nothing that says we can't be more than that, is there?” asked Brad.

I guess not Brad.” replied Amy. “I just never thought you might be attracted to me. If you were to ask me out, you wouldn't suddenly disclose that you're gay, and just trying to hide it, would you?”

Jeremy is a very dear friend, and I'm becoming fond of Sean's friendship as well.” replied Brad. “As for Mark, I guess I can give him a chance to prove he's changed. I don't know what makes any of them fall in love with other guys, but that's not important to us being friends either. One thing I do know is that our friendship has nothing to do with the fact that I will always find girls attractive, so you're safe with me Amy. Would you go out with me tonight?”

I'd love to Brad!” replied Amy excitedly.

Well, it's about time!” laughed Tony. “Austin and I were beginning to wonder if you two would ever hook up like we always thought you would!”

Oh great, you guys have probably killed Mark's mood to describe making love to Sean last night!” snickered Jeremy, which made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Mike was talking to Bill in private as he said, “My father and mother had a long and mostly happy marriage until she passed away. Now I see the unmistakable signs in my father that he's falling in love again.”

It sounds as though he has passed through the grieving process then, and is ready to move on with his life.” replied Bill. “Under those circumstances it's not difficult to imagine anyone not falling in love again.”

The thing is though, I always thought of my father as straight.” said Mike. “The person he's showing these signs toward is not a woman. I'm gay, so don't get me wrong. If my father is gay, I'll love and embrace that, and give him every ounce of support that I can. He was there for me when I needed it, and I can never repay him for that. It's just a shock to think that he could just now be discovering this at his age.”

Maybe he just never had any feelings before to relate his current feelings to.” replied Bill. “If he's always had the capacity to love another man, but never had any opportunity to do so, it's completely realistic that he may not have known himself until now.”

Yeah, but then there's the fact that the other person is much younger than he is.” said Mike. “Isn't that going to be seen as wrong?”

Is Jim in love with Jeremy?” asked Bill.

I'm afraid the signs are pretty clear.” replied Mike. “I know my father isn't a bad person though.”

I know that too in the short time I've known him.” smiled Bill. “If Jim and Jeremy become involved a relationship that is based solely on love, I won't pass judgment on him. That's not really anyone's job, and I believe Jeremy has come to the age where he can make those decisions. He's a very mature boy for his age. Do you know how Jeremy feels?”

That's the problem.” said Mike. “I know that my father may have another twenty to thirty years at best. Jeremy has his whole life ahead of him though. What happens when Jeremy decides that he should be with someone closer to his own age?”

Do you know for sure that that could be the case?” asked Bill.

Well no, but it's pretty likely at some point.” replied Mike.

Isn't it also possible that Jeremy may love Jim so much that it doesn't matter to him?” asked Bill.

I can tell Jeremy does love my father, but I don't know if it's that strongly.” replied Mike.

I would suggest that you let them come to terms with this then.” said Bill. “Don't worry either, you'll know the moment that happens. Then it will be time to sit down with both of them, and have an open and honest discussion about this. Then they will either realize that you may be right, or they may comfort you that their love is strong enough to pursue a relationship. In the meantime I'll see you here in church often, and if you need comfort and guidance, I'll be here for you any time.”

Thank you sir.” said Mike. “After today's service, I wouldn't trust anyone but you in that capacity. You are one of the most intelligent and insightful people I have ever known. Eric and I will love being a regular part of your congregation. I can tell how happy today's service made him.”

Well, I hope it helped you and your mate both.” smiled Bill. “The love you two share is a beautiful love, and I hope it keeps both of you happy for a long time.”

When George and his wife were ready to leave, Mark knew he should go home to be with his family. With his dad and new friends watching, Mark embraced Sean and gave him a deep and passionate good-bye kiss. After about a minute, the kids were cheering Mark and Sean on. Mark finally broke the kiss to see his dad grinning proudly at him.

I'll see you later this evening Sean.” smiled Mark. “I may not be able to spend the night again, but I doubt my dad will mind if I visit you tonight. I love you Sean.”

I love you too Mark, and any time we spend together is special.” replied Sean. “I did tell Jeremy that I would visit him for supper tonight though, so maybe we can go over there together. Just stop by and pick me up around five.”

That will be cool.” replied Mark. “I'll see you at five, and I'll see you a little bit after that Jeremy.”

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