Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim the story guy

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Never Too Old, Never Too Young

by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

I can tell Jeremy does love my father, but I don't know if it's that strongly.” replied Mike.

I would suggest that you let them come to terms with this then.” said Bill. “Don't worry either, you'll know the moment that happens. Then it will be time to sit down with both of them, and have an open and honest discussion about this. Then they will either realize that you may be right, or they may comfort you that their love is strong enough to pursue a relationship. In the meantime I'll see you here in church often, and if you need comfort and guidance, I'll be here for you any time.”

Thank you sir.” said Mike. “After today's service, I wouldn't trust anyone but you in that capacity. You are one of the most intelligent and insightful people I have ever known. Eric and I will love being a regular part of your congregation. I can tell how happy today's service made him.”

Well, I hope it helped you and your mate both.” smiled Bill. “The love you two share is a beautiful love, and I hope it keeps both of you happy for a long time.”

When George and his wife were ready to leave, Mark knew he should go home to be with his family. With his dad and new friends watching, Mark embraced Sean and gave him a deep and passionate good-bye kiss. After about a minute, the kids were cheering Mark and Sean on. Mark finally broke the kiss to see his dad grinning proudly at him.

I'll see you later this evening Sean.” smiled Mark. “I may not be able to spend the night again, but I doubt my dad will mind if I visit you tonight. I love you Sean.”

I love you too Mark, and any time we spend together is special.” replied Sean. “I did tell Jeremy that I would visit him for supper tonight though, so maybe we can go over there together. Just stop by and pick me up around five.”

That will be cool.” replied Mark. “I'll see you at five, and I'll see you a little bit after that Jeremy.”

Mark pulled into Sean' driveway exactly at five, and beeped his horn. Sean came out to meet him, followed closely by Bill. Mark was more comfortable now in being open around Sean's parents, but he was still a little nervous as Bill came up to his window.

Hi there Mark.” said Bill. “I hope you two boys have a nice evening tonight. I just wanted to come out here because we haven't had a chance to speak much yet.”

I'm really sorry about that sir.” replied Mark. “It's just that it's still a little hard talking about my feelings for other guys with adults. My parents are making it a lot easier though.”

I'm glad to hear that son.” smiled Bill. “I hope you know you don't have to be nervous talking with me either though. I think my son is lucky to find another boy like you, so I'm not going to rake you over the coals. I would however like to get to know the boy that my son loves so much. There's a lot that he wants in life, and I want to know that both of you boys will be happy together with that.”

Okay sir, I promise that we'll get together to talk sometime.” replied Mark. “I really would like to talk to someone like you about the legal problems I'm involved in anyway. I feel awful about the things that I've done, and now that I know I did them to hide from myself, it feels even worse. If I had killed Jeremy, I think I would have done something awful to myself by now to make up for it.”

Well son, everyone makes mistakes.” said Bill. “No one is brought into this world knowing everything they need to know from the day they were born. I've even made my mistakes too. The point is to realize that though, and realize the potential to learn from those mistakes. I think the court will be looking carefully at that as well, so that should be what you focus on right now. And son, hurting yourself would only compound an already bad mistake. I could see earlier today that Sean and Jeremy have forgiven you for your mistake. Now it's time to try to forgive yourself, and let them give you the friendship that they've offered.”

Thank you so much sir.” replied Mark. “Sean is lucky that he has just as great parents as I do. I'll try to look forward to talking to you more.”

I'll look forward to that too Mark.” smiled Bill. “Now you two boys have fun this evening!”

Jeremy met Sean and Mark at the door, as Jim was still working on supper. “Hey guys, come on in!” said Jeremy as he smiled. “Jim should have supper ready in about ten minutes. Let's go upstairs to talk!”

The boys went on up to what was supposed to be Jeremy's room, although now he slept with Jim quite a bit. “Damn Jeremy, do you ever sleep?” asked Mark as he chuckled. “I've never seen a guys room look this neat! It's almost like you don't ever come in here.”

As Mark and Sean laughed, Jeremy nervously asked, “What's that suppose to mean? I... I sleep in here all the time! It's just with both arms out of commission, Jim straightens up in here every day.”

I was just joking with you Jeremy.” replied Mark sincerely, seeing Jeremy looked nervous. “You're my friend now, and I'd never mean anything bad by what I say.”

Jeremy, you don't sleep in here much, do you?” asked Sean. “You sleep with Jim, don't you?”

It's not what it looks like though!” replied Jeremy. “It's just in case I have to go to the bathroom at night, or something like that!”

We didn't say anything was going on Jeremy.” said Mark. “Even if there were, it's no one's business but yours. You're old enough to decide stuff like that for yourself, and we'll be your friends no matter what. You do love Jim, don't you?”

If he were to find out, he'd send me back home guys.” replied Jeremy. “I've thought about it quite a bit, and I think he would be too afraid of something happening between us. He could get in trouble, and besides, he was married for quite a long time.”

That doesn't mean anything though.” said Sean. “Maybe he does love you, and just never thought about it before. He bathes you every day, doesn't he?”

Yeah, but I'm sure he just sees me as a cute little boy, and nothing else.” replied Jeremy. “Please don't let him know how I feel guys. I don't want him to get mad at me.”

Okay Jeremy, but you should keep an open mind about him.” replied Mark. “He might just feel the same way, and you'd never know it if you don't give him a chance. Now, what did you want to talk about up here?”

How was last night with you guys?” asked Jeremy, as an impish smile crept back across his face.

Mark is an awesome lover!” laughed Sean. “I may have had sex before, but I've never felt anything like last night. Then to wake up this morning with him in bed beside me, knowing how much I love him, made the whole thing even more special.”

I have to admit that my first time making love to a guy was something I'll never forget.” said Mark. “I thought I might hurt Sean when I put my cock inside his butt, but he had me looking into his face while I did it, and he loved it!”

And how about sucking his cock?” asked Jeremy.

I didn't know what to expect having another guy's cock in my mouth for the first time, but it felt awesome!” replied Mark. “Knowing that it was the most personal part of his body in my mouth, and that I was making him feel good, felt better than anything I've ever felt! I really can't wait to do it again, or maybe even feel him inside me the next time.”

When I put my cock inside your butt and make love to you Mark, I'll make it feel even better than oral sex.” smiled Sean. “That's a promise!”

By the time the boys went back down for supper, Jeremy was as erect as he could be. Mark and Sean snickered, as Jeremy hoped Jim wouldn't notice. Jim had never given Jeremy any indication that he didn't like seeing Jeremy like that, but Jeremy didn't want to push it anymore either. When the boys got to the table, and Jeremy went to sit next to Jim, Jim looked at Jeremy and smiled. Jim did indeed notice the bulge in Jeremy's pants, but he didn't mind it at all anymore. After Mark was introduced to Mike and his mate Eric, everyone enjoyed a nice supper together. The sight of Jim feeding Jeremy was very precious.

After supper, everyone went to the living room to watch a movie. Jeremy picked out one of his movies, and could tell that it peaked Mark's interest right away. Then Jeremy leaned into Jim's side, which was his normal movie watching position. After the movie started, Jeremy felt Jim's hand softly stroking his shoulder. That felt incredibly nice to Jeremy. About halfway through the movie, Jeremy looked around the room. Mike and Eric were sharing short but sweet kisses on occasion, and Sean and Mark were sitting with one arm around each other. They were also softly caressing each other's thigh, occasionally rubbing softly over each other's crotch.

After the movie ended, and Sean and Mark said goodnight to everyone, Jeremy and Jim got ready for bed. First Jim helped Jeremy use the toilet, then they went to Jim's room, where Jim helped Jeremy undress. After laying down in bed together, Jeremy could feel Jim's penis laying flaccidly on his leg. Jim made no attempt to move it though, and Jeremy was having a hard time not getting erect again. As Jeremy drifted off, he thought that there may be a slight chance that Mark and Sean could be right to some extent.

That night, Jeremy's dream was one of the nice ones about Jim discovering his feelings. Jim embraced Jeremy's feelings completely, and admitted that he had the same feelings. Then he and Jim embraced in bed, and made very passionate and beautiful love to each other. The dream was so real and comforting that it made Jeremy smile in his sleep.

Jeremy woke up in a great mood the next morning, even though he had forgotten all about the dream he'd had. “My my, you look cheerful and beautiful this morning Jeremy!” smiled Jim, as he awoke with Jeremy smiling into his face.

It's just that I feel so good today for some reason!” replied Jeremy cheerfully.

Jim and Jeremy went to the bathroom, to take care of their morning needs, and bathe for the day. After Jim cleaned Jeremy's butt, the two stepped into the shower together. Once again Jim stood behind Jeremy in the shower, and began soaping the boy up. The water felt very nice to Jeremy, as it hit his body and washed the suds away that Jim was making. Without realizing it, Jim began caressing Jeremy gently with the bar of soap. Jeremy leaned back against Jim, cooing softly. Jeremy once again pulled Jim's head toward his, but this time Jim let his lips meet Jeremy's. As Jim began to caress Jeremy's erection with the soap, he looked into Jeremy's eyes and realized what he was doing.

Oh my God Jeremy, I'm so sorry!” said Jim in a shocked tone, as he stepped back.

Why Jim?” asked Jeremy.

I don't know son, I just wasn't thinking.” said Jim, looking like he was about to lose it.

Jeremy could see that what he really wanted wasn't about to happen yet when he looked into Jim's eyes, which were begging for forgiveness. “No Jim, I meant why are you sorry?” asked Jeremy. “It was just very gentle contact between two people who care about each other. I liked it Jim, and I wish it hadn't stopped so soon.”

Yes, but the kiss.” replied Jim.

Kissing someone on the lips doesn't mean anything more than you care about them.” said Jeremy. “You do care about me, don't you? I know I care about you Jim, and the kiss felt really nice. Jim, it felt to me like you were caressing my body because you cared, and wanted me to relax, and it was working. Your kiss felt like the kiss of someone who cares about me very much, and will never let anything bad happen to me. I know that's how I feel about you.”

It's just that there are a lot of things lately that I don't understand.” said Jim.

Then let me show you what I mean.” said Jeremy.

Jeremy took the soap from Jim, and began caressing it over Jim's body like Jim had done to him. Jim was very tense, but Jeremy soon felt him begin to relax. Then Jeremy continued as he asked, “Do you see what I mean Jim? I can tell this is very relaxing to you, which is how I want it to feel to you. I know I'm gay Jim, but I promise not to do anything to make you feel bad, or push you into doing anything other than showing each other how much we care. Do you feel better now Jim?”

Yes Jeremy, I think I see what you mean.” replied Jim, as he relaxed more than he had all morning.

And as for the kiss, I didn't feel anything sexual about it.” said Jeremy. “It just felt nice, and I hope it's not the last one.”

I'll try to get use to these new ideas and feelings Jeremy.” replied Jim as he smiled. “I'd hate to make you think that I don't care about you, when that's the furthest thing from the truth.”

Jeremy had successfully diffused what could have been a bad scene, and he and Jim finished their shower without further incident. Jeremy was disappointed though, because he wanted Jim to know that he loved him. It just didn't seem like Jim was ready for something like that though, so Jeremy kept his disappointment to himself.

Later that morning, Mark heard from the local prosecutor. He and the State Attorney General wanted to see Mark the next day, to decide how to progress. Mark was told that it was an informal meeting, and if he wanted to bring anyone who might have an impact of the case, he was welcome to do so. Mark immediately called Sean, and asked if his dad was ready for that talk he wanted to have. George knew that Bill may be able to help his son, so he wanted to go to Sean's with Mark. After Mark and Sean got off the phone, Sean called Jeremy to see if there were any way that Jim could bring him over to his house right away. The first to arrive at Sean's house were Mark and George. Bill invited them in with a smile and a handshake. Then as Mark and George were having a seat in the living room, Jeremy and Jim came up and rang the doorbell.

Once Bill invited them in, and everyone was seated, Bill chuckled as he said, “Well, I really wanted to have a talk with Mark. I didn't envision it quite this way. At least we all know that all three of our boys are gay though, so there should be no reason for anyone to feel uncomfortable. All I really wanted to know is that a relationship between Sean and Mark would be good for both of our boys.”

I love Sean more than I ever thought possible.” said Mark. “I know it took me quite a while to realize that I'm gay too, but I'm glad I did. I just wish I hadn't hurt anyone in the process.”

Yes, we did touch on that subject, and I believe that what you did has really caused you pain Mark.” replied Bill. “Now it's up to all of us to help all of you boys heal that pain.”

Well, Mark knows that I forgive him for what happened.” said Jeremy. “I think that since we've gotten him away from his football friends, Mark has become a very nice guy. Sean and Mark both know that I think their relationship is really cool.”

You are a very good young man Jeremy.” said Bill. “Forgiveness is one of the traits in people that God admires most, and I'm sure you make him very happy. I think God wants us to do everything we can to help all these boys get over what has happened, and be happy with their lives from this point on.”

That's kind of why we both wanted to see you Bill.” said George. “Mark and I heard from the local prosecutor today. He and the State Attorney General want to meet with Mark tomorrow, to decide what happens next. They said that Mark may bring other people with him, to speak on his behalf.”

I want to be there Mark!” said Jeremy immediately. “You told me that you would never let anything hurt me again, and I believe you. I want to be there to keep you from being hurt too!”

I'd love for you to be there Jeremy.” smiled Mark.

Jeremy, I know for a fact that God thinks very highly of your forgiving and unselfish nature.” said Bill.

I know I'm very proud of him.” smiled Jim.

I'll be there for you too Mark.” said Bill. “You were being led down a wrong and evil road, but I believe we've reached out to help you in time. I believe you feel genuine remorse and repentance for what has happened, and now you want to do the right thing. I owe it to you to help you along the right path as much as I can son. The ones who need to be dealt with are those who led you down the path that led to what happened.”

The three men and their three boys continued talking about the meeting the next day, and what could be said to convince the State Attorney General that Mark had indeed changed drastically.

The next day was a very nervous one for everyone. By the time the meeting was over, Mark would know how serious his situation would be. “Okay Mark, the prosecutor and I have been over the police reports from that day a few times.” said the State Attorney General. “The police reports don't tell us the personal side of this though. We'd really like to know what led up to this, and what was going on inside you when this happened. Can you be completely honest with us Mark?”

I'll be as honest as I can sir.” replied Mark. “I was so proud when I joined the football team at high school. I had had doubts about myself, and football gave me the confidence I lacked. It made my dad proud of me too. I noticed that when I concentrated on football though, I couldn't concentrate as well on school. It looked like it was going to be a serious problem until the coach came to me, and asked me if I knew what a team was. He told me that a team worked together on everything, and supported each other's needs and beliefs. He told me that a team thought together, as one person, and that a teammate supported his other teammate's needs and beliefs. He said that any weak link could destroy the entire team, and that my failing school would be a weak link. Then he told me that he could help with that, which is what teammates did for each other. After that though, I would be an important part of the team. Whatever the team thought, I was supposed to think. Whatever the team did, I was supposed to do. Whatever the team wanted done, I was supposed to help do it. After that talk, I got a lot of help from teachers at the school to pass my classes. After those classes ended, I was given much easier classes to pass. Basically all you had to do was show up in class. From that point on, I began to let the coach and the team think for me. I knew what the guys on the team thought about gay people, but I had had thoughts myself. I told myself that if I could take action like they wanted me to, it would help me fight the feelings I was feeling inside. The guys on the team wanted gay people out of our school by any means necessary. Then I saw Jeremy riding his bike down the sidewalk. I couldn't do anything myself though, so I let the team take over inside me. I've relived the moment my car hit Jeremy quite a few times, and it makes me sicker every time I do. I hate myself now, for what I've let myself become. Then I finally realized why I did what I did. I couldn't hide from the fact anymore that I'm gay myself. I apologized to Jeremy, and I meant every word of it. I didn't expect Jeremy to forgive me, but he did anyway. When Jeremy forgave me, it made me see how wrong everything was that I was talked into believing. I told him that from that day on, I would never let anyone do to him what I tried to do. Then Jeremy wanted to be my friend, and that's where we are now. If I had hurt Jeremy bad, or killed him, I could have never lived with that. He's the best friend I've ever had now, except for my new boyfriend.”

Jeremy then said he wanted to speak next, so the State Attorney General told him to go ahead. “I know Mark tried to hurt me really bad.” said Jeremy. “I know other people think I should be really mad at him, but I can't be. I've been where Mark is now. Maybe not as bad as he went through in some ways, but just as bad or worse in other ways. When Mark apologized to me, and asked me to forgive him, I could see two things in his eyes. First I could see how much it hurt him because of what he had done, and that he was sincere about how sorry he was. Second I could see someone in great pain because of what he was being forced to believe. Mark was really begging for someone to believe him and help him before it was too late, and I couldn't turn him down. That's why I asked Mark to be my friend. Mark is in a lot less turmoil now, and a lot happier. He's honest with himself and others now, and that makes him a great friend. I know it hasn't been that long since you confronted him and his parents, but you have to believe that Mark has changed. I wouldn't be here with him if he hadn't.”

Then it was Bill's turn, as he stood up and said, “Mark and his parents haven't been a part of my congregation for very long, but I've come to know them well in a short time. My son is the boyfriend Mark spoke of, and after seeing what is truly in Mark's heart, they have my blessing. Mark was being led down a dark and evil path by temptation. I know we all face temptation, but he faced the kind that is almost impossible to resist at his age. At the time he was tempted, he was not mature enough to resist. Mark has matured an incredible amount in a very short time though. I believe he has seen the light of humanity that he was being led away from, in time to turn away from the course he was on. I can see in Mark's heart that his remorse and repentance is sincere. Instead of Mark, I would like to see someone going after the coach who had such a great influence on Mark's behavior. Anyone who works with kids Mark's age has to realize what a tremendous responsibility they have in shaping the lives and values of children. This coach obviously has no concept of that, as well as no concept of right and wrong.”

After Bill spoke, the prosecutor and State Attorney General left the room to talk in private. They were gone for about ten minutes, in which time Mark began dreading his possible fate. Then the two men came back in, and Mark braced himself for the worst.

Mark, I was very serious when I told you that I don't relish ruining people's lives when that becomes necessary.” said the State Attorney General. “The sheriff who's career I ended over this knew what he did was wrong. If he had gotten away with the things he was doing, a lot of people could have suffered. We also never would have had a chance to get to you before it was too late. Are you willing to work with me on this Mark?”

Yes sir, I'll do whatever you say.” replied Mark.

Good son, I was hoping you would say that.” said the State Attorney General. “I am going to drop this case from a felony vehicular assault to a first degree misdemeanor assault, and I want you to plead no contest. In consideration of that, I will recommend six months of probation and one hundred hours of community service. This won't even be vehicular assault anymore, so your license will remain in effect. I want fifty hours of that community service to be at a local gay teen shelter and crisis center. The prosecutor has a condition of probation as well. He wants your cooperation in making sure the coach at your school can never do this to another young man. After you complete your probation, we'll petition to have your record expunged.”

Thank you so much sir.” replied Mark, on the verge of tears. “I promise that I won't let anyone down again.”

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