New Doctor, New Start Chapter 5

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Always use safe sex, boys and men in this story don’t, but then its only fiction and that doesn’t kill, unsafe sex does.

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Part 5

John was in a dilemma now, no Jamie, as he was with his dad, Darren wasn’t answering his mobile, despite numerous messages he had left on his voice mail.

He checked his diary for the next day and it was just one entry Harry, Terri’s husband for a sperm test again, well at least he had one cock to milk, Harry was booked in for 4:30 pm and he guessed that was after his work, so until then John had nothing to do, all the paperwork was up to date and so was all the computer data as well, so he decided he would go to the medical wholesalers and stock up on what he needed for Matthews circumcision.

The phone rang and it was Harry, “hello Doctor, this is Harry” Harry said

Oh hello Harry, what can I do for you? Replied John

Well as you know Terri booked me in for tomorrow at 4:30 pm, is it possible to come today? As I have a big meeting tomorrow in the afternoon and it could go on late. I know it’s late but Terri said to ask you anyway” Harry said

John looked at the clock and it was 6:30 pm “well I have nothing planned tonight, just a night in front of the television, so I reckon that will be ok Harry” John said

Good, thank you doctor, I appreciate this, Terri has gone to her mothers and is staying the night as they plan to go for a girls night out later” Harry went on

Ok come right over Harry I will get everything ready” replied John and with that he hung up the phone

John had taken off his suit and tie and was just in shorts and a tee shirt and decided that would be ok as he went downstairs and into his office and busied himself setting up the stuff he would need, ten minutes later the surgery door buzzer went and he went to the reception and unlocked the door.

Harry stood there dressed in cargo shorts and a yellow polo shirt.

Hello again Doctor, thanks for seeing me at short notice” Harry said as John invited him in.

No problem Harry, as I said I have nothing planned and if it helps you to come tonight all the better, please call me John will you?” John replied

Of course, John it is then” smiled Harry as he and John went to John’s office

John took the seat opposite John’s desk and they chatted about things briefly “so you are on your own tonight then?” said John

Yes as I said Terri went to her mothers and will go out later with her for a drink and didn’t want to drive back later, she will come from there in the morning she said to tell you” replied Harry

Ok lets get started then Harry, can you undress please? I think everything off if that’s ok” said John

Harry nodded and stood up and took off he polo shirts and kicked off his sandals and then slid his cargo shorts down his legs and pulled down his blue boxers and stood naked waiting for the doctor to start, his cock was semi erect with the foreskin still over the head as John came over with the glass dish and the lube.

John stood as the side of the sexy 19 year old and took hold of his semi erect cock and pulled the foreskin up and down “this ok Harry?” John asked

Oh yeah oh mmm its fine John” Harry moaned softly as John wanked him slowly and his cock grew to its full six inch hardness and was leaking pre-cum.

Oohh yeah wank me John oohh yeah harder please ohh mmm I love it yeah, oh fuck it feels great!” Harry was moaning

Oh sorry for the language John” Harry went on

It’s ok Harry your doing great, and I have heard worse” John replied and was finding it difficult to stop himself getting erect as his shorts were also tented as he wanked Harry harder and harder

Looks like you’re turned on by this John” said Harry as he looked at John and his now fully tented shorts and he grinned

Yes I am a bit, it’s hurting a bit as well” John said

Can I help then?” questioned Harry

How do you mean?” said John

You strip as well, at least your cock will be out and free” went on Harry

John looked at him and shrugged his shoulders and realised that Harry wanted to see him naked as well, so he stopped wanking Harry and quickly stripped off his shirt and shorts and trainers and stood naked and erect and carried on wanking Harry.

Harry reached out and took John’s throbbing cock in his hand and wanked his cock.

Oh yeah oh wank me Harry” John moaned as he wanked Harry and then pushed a finger into Harry’s warm bum hole making him moan and groan as he hit his prostate.

Ohh yeah ohh yeah what’s that your doing back there? Moaned Harry

I am massaging your prostate, it will help your spunk more Harry” said John as Harry continued to wank John’s cock, “I'm close John” moaned Harry

Harry stopped wanking John and held on to him as he pushed forward “oohh yeah here it comes” he moaned and John held the dish at his cock head and he shot 4 good spurts of what John though looked weak sperm

John cleaned Harry's cock head and then walking naked into the testing room he switched on the electroscope and slid the dish underneath and examined the sperm sample, “mm seems as though it's very weak sperm again” he muttered, he retested and the same result came up. He went back to Harry in his office; the 19 year old looked at John.

Any change John?” Harry said looking optimistic.

Sorry Harry, same result I am afraid, I tested twice and it came up the same” John replied

Harry put his head in his hands and sobbed softly, John came over and comforted him “come on Harry, try not to get upset, it can be sorted and you can get Terri pregnant, your young and fit and I am sure we can sort something out for you” John said

Harry looked up tearfully “you have no idea what this will do to our marriage John, I think Terri will leave me, she wants a child desperately and if I can't give her one she may look elsewhere” he said

Look lets go upstairs and have a drink and discuss your options, things might not be as bad as they seem right now, just pick up you clothes, no need to dress, I may test you again later” John said

Harry nodded and grabbed his clothes and so did John and the naked men went upstairs to John's sitting room, John opened another bottle of wine and they both had a large glass, both men relaxed on the large couch, Harry looked so sexy as he laid back with his soft cock flopped to one side, John hadn't ejaculated so as he looked at Harry sitting naked on his couch he erected and his pre-cum leaked onto his bare chest.

Seems as though someone likes the view” said Harry giggling

It's the sexiest view I have seen tonight” said John smiling

Yours is the first cock I have felt other than my own of course since my school days John” Harry said “I have done things with boys at my school” he went on

Didn't we all Harry, me more than anybody” replied John

Harry by now had scooted over on the couch and sat next to John and started to fondle John's hard cut cock, with his other hand he fondled John's ample balls.

Without saying anything he ducked down and took John's cock head into his mouth “oohh yeah ohh nice Harry” John moaned

He sucked on the head and then licked up and down John's shaft, fondling his balls as well, his fingers found their way to John's crack and John let him have access by easing up slightly and Harry fingered John's bum hole making him moan loudly.

Let’s take this into the bedroom Harry please” said John

Harry pulled off John's cock and stood up and John led the way to the bedroom with their drinks

Lying on the bed Harry resumed sucking John's cock and fingering his bum hole.

Fuck me please Harry, I need a good fucking by that gorgeous cock of yours” said John

He reached over to the bedside cabinet and took out a tube of lube and handed it to Harry, he fingered a good quantity into John's hole and then lathered his rock hard cock with it as John lay on his back and lifted his legs, Harry got in between them and aimed his hungry cock at John's hole and pushed down “Argghh yeah ohh argghh” John moaned as Harry's cock head found its target.

Is that hurting too much” asked Harry looking concerned

No it's ok, just take it steady please Harry” said John gasping

Harry took it steady and soon all his cock was in John and he started a rhythmic fucking of John's bum “oh yeah oh fuck your beautiful Rob” moaned Harry who had his eyes closed as he fucked hard into John's bum

John thought “who's Rob? Seems strange that he called me that”, by now Harry was hitting John's prostate on every thrust and he felt his cock harden between them and pre cum leak from his cock head

Harry had sped up and was really thrusting into John now and moaning all the time and moaning the guy Rob's name, it seemed as though Harry was on another planet,.

Soon Harry moaned “arrghh yeah my stuff is coming Rob argghh yeah take it boy!!” and he shot spurt after spurt of hot teen sperm into John's hole, filling his belly with his weak seed, as he did so John erupted himself and coated his stomach with his thick sperm, 5 good spurts of his hot cum was between them as Harry collapsed on top of John and they kissed deeply and then Harry pulled his softening cock out of John's bum and rolled off to his side panting.

They both took a few minutes to come down from their coupling and John got a wash cloth and cleaned his bum a bit of the residue of Harry's sperm and handed it to Harry to clean up his soft cock and they both took generous gulps of their wine.

When they had regained their composure John said “Harry I hope you don't mind me asking why you were shouting out the name Rob?”

Oh did I?” replied Harry looking a bit sheepish

Yes several times when you were fucking me you shouted his name” went on John

He was a boy at school I roomed with when we were on school trips, I still think about him a lot, I am bisexual but he was my first love at 13 until I left the school at 16, when I am having sex his face and body still haunt my memory” Harry explained

Its ok Harry, we all harken back to our youth at times when we are having sex, its normal” John said

Harry looked at John “can I tell you a secret John; you are my doctor anyway and have that Hippocratic Oath thing anyway don't you? He said

Well yes I have taken that oath and what said in here anyway stays in here” replied John looking quizzical

Harry looked at John “ I sort of dress up a bit, not women's clothes or anything like that, I like to go back to my school days and dress up as a schoolboy John” Harry said

John looked at Harry who seemed a bit close to tears and he wrapped his arms around the 19 year old.

Its ok Harry, you are not alone in that way, I know of a couple of guys who like to do that sort of dressing up, it doesn't make you a weird lad or anything like that, if fact seeing boys in school uniform is my sort of thing as well, it makes my cock jump” John said

I was seduced by a teacher at school when I was 13 John, I liked what he did to me and would never tell on him, he was kind of special to me as he really helped me through school as well” Harry said

I still see him now even though he has retired from teaching and I go over to his place and he likes me to dress up as a school boy again and we have sex, mostly he likes to suck me and then if he can get hard enough I let him fuck me, it doesn't happen often as he can't get hard enough to penetrate me” Harry went on

There are good drugs for that now Harry, hasn't his doctor prescribed them for him?” John said

He has been to the doctor and asked but seeing as how he doesn't have diabetes or prostate problems he can't prescribe them he said” replied Harry

Well get him to come and see me and we can sort that out ok?” said John

Harry smiled and hugged John and thanked him.

Just then the door opened and there stood Jamie, he looked at the both of them naked on the bed locked in an embrace

What's going on here then? Jamie said glaring at both of them

John looked horrified and Harry tried to cover up his nakedness

John explained that Harry had come over to have another sperm sample taken

So this is how you take sperm samples now then, up your bum!!” shouted Jamie

No it isn't like that Jamie, I admit we both got a bit turned on and ended up here, but I did test Harry first in the lab and he said Terri was away for the night and I didn't know if you were coming back and! And! And!” his voice tailed off as he tried to explain

Jamie looked at them both and turned and left the room saying nothing, John jumped up and followed him to the lounge and saw Jamie had a few cases there.

What's all this then?” enquired John “It's my stuff I was planning to move in as my dad has kicked me out, he found out I haven't been doing what I was supposed to have been doing, namely school work” Jamie said as he was picking up his luggage

Here was the only place I could think of coming, I wanted to ring you but my phone battery is dead because the charger is here” said Jamie and he pointed at the work desk

I'm sorry you found me like this Jamie, but I really felt that you weren't coming back, Harry rang and asked to have his test a day early and things well sort of progressed from there, I just really wanted some sex, that's all it was sex Jamie” protested John

Jamie turned to him and tears were falling down his cheeks and John went over to him and cuddled the tearful boy

I am so sorry Jamie, nothing like this will happen again, I love you so much, these past few days have made me think I want you so bad and when you rang and said you were going home I felt as though that was the end” John said

I love you too John, that's what this is all about, my dad reckons you seduced me at the exam I came for, he said now I was 16 I could do anything I wanted but he didn't want a “queer” son in his house he said” Jamie said tearfully

He's a homophobe then?” said John

Jamie nodded and said “with a passion, he hates anything like that, won't even watch Graham Norton on television”

I am with him there, I can't stand him” replied John and they both giggled

John looked at Jamie “staying then?” he said

Well I have nowhere else, my mum's in LA and I really don't get on with her anyway and as my dad said I am 16 and can go where I want, he said to hell, but I reckon this place is better” Jamie replied wiping his tears away.

They both laughed and so did Harry who was standing naked in the bedroom doorway “sorry couldn't help but over hear, glad you two made up, seriously Jamie it wasn't John's fault, I wanted it as well, he took me back to my school days a bit” Harry said looking a bit sheepish.

Jamie grinned at both of them “well aren't you a pair of sexy guys, is there room for one more?” he said

Of course get naked then!” said John grinning and led Jamie to the bedroom followed by Harry

Soon they had Jamie naked on the bed and were both taking turns in sucking the 16 year olds cock and fingering his teen hole

Oohh yeah ohh suck me ohh yeah” Jamie moaned as the two of them sucked on his cock and his balls and tweaked his boy nipples

Harry helped lube up John's hard cock and also fingered it into Jamie's bum hole, John lined up his cock at Jamie's hole and pushed in easily, Harry scooted up and fed Jamie his cock into his mouth as John fucked Jamie hard and Jamie sucked on Harry's cock head

Ohh yeah ohh fuck me hard John, fuck my boy hole hard” Jamie moaned taking his mouth off Harry's hard cock

Oh yeah your going to get all my spunk in you, you sexy school boy” John gasped as he fucked Jamie hard

The fucking and sucking continued and soon John moaned “arrghh yeah argghh ohh yeah i'm cumming” and thrust hard into Jamie’s bum.

He spurted 4 good spurts of his hot man sperm into the young boy's bottom, filling his belly, Harry thrust forward as well and shot his 19 year old sperm into Jamie's mouth, which he gulped down and remarked “tastes good to me Harry, maybe you will make me pregnant” and he laughed

John and Harry both laughed at that and pulled away from Jamie and gave him space, Harry looked at Jamie's hard cock and instantly went down on it.

He was sucking avidly on it as Jamie moaned and groaned and soon the 16 year old was squealing he was cumming and tried to push Harry's head off his cock head, but Harry stayed firm and took the teen boy's load into his throat and cleaned his cock head off.

Mmm that was good” Jamie moaned and looked at both of them dreamily

Shall we have another drink?” John said to Harry and to Jamie

They both nodded and got off the bed and they made their way to the lounge and John poured wine for them all, he brought Jamie up to speed with Harry's problem and said he needed to discuss what we could do for it.

John suggested hormone treatment and he had a colleague who would dispense that, Harry said wouldn't that make him grow breasts and Jamie said he wouldn't mind feeling Harry's tits up and they all laughed and Jamie playfully felt at Harry's nipples.

Are you bisexual then Jamie?” Harry asked

Jamie looked thoughtful for a minute and then replied “well I guess I am, I have had sex with girls, but much prefer boys or men” and grinned at John

John refilled each others glass and looked at Harry

I have a thought then, hope it doesn't freak the both of you out though” said Harry

Jamie looked at John and they both shrugged their shoulders

How about you fuck my wife?” Harry said

She really fancies you Jamie as she talks about you all the time, said you looked great in your school uniform, how you bum looks great in those grey school trousers” Harry went on

Jamie nearly spluttered into his drink and looked embarrassed

Well it's nice that she thinks i'm sexy” Jamie said “but I don't know what to say to that” he went on and looked over at John.

John looked over at Harry “do you think Terri would go for that harry?” he said to him

Yes I think so, she has always fancied two men fucking her, she confessed her fantasy some time ago, my plan is that we both enter Terri's cunt and try to spunk in her at the same time” “ do you think that's viable John?” Harry said

John thought about it and replied “well I think it maybe would work, a bit unusual I think but if it gets Terri pregnant then yes it may well do it”

What do you think Jamie?” Harry said to the naked lad who was erect again and stroking his cock absent minded

Well it’s ok with me, as long as Terri is agreeable” Jamie answered

Anyone hungry? As I am” said John. Jamie and harry nodded and he left them chatting about fucking Terri, he went into the kitchen and prepared some chicken sandwiches and grabbed another bottle of white wine from the amply stocked wine cooler and went back to join them in the lounge.

They quaffed the wine and wolfed down the sandwiches John had made then sat and watched the late news on TV and Jamie said he was tired now.

No school for me tomorrow John, I have things to do and get the rest of my stuff from home” said Jamie

I will help you as I have no patients tomorrow now Harry has come tonight, we all can share the main bed if that is ok with you both?” John replied

They both nodded and John kissed Jamie goodnight and then Jamie went and kissed Harry and said his good nights to him, it surprised Harry but was very pleasant

John and Harry stayed up and discussed what had been said earlier and they both decided it was up to Terri to fully decide and John hoped that the sexual contact would be here, there was now heavy rain hammering on the window and John said it was a good idea that Harry was staying the night, Harry grinned and said he wouldn't miss it for the world but could John set the alarm for 7 am as he had to get home to shower and change for his day at work, John said he would.

As they were talking a loud hammering on the outside door was heard, John quickly slipped on just his shorts and shirt so did Harry and he went down to see what all the racket was about.

Opening the side door gingerly he saw a soaked Darren standing there with a back pack and a very large shoulder bag bulging with stuff

What on earth are you doing here at this time of night Darren?” John asked

Darren went to open his mouth to answer and then collapsed into John's arms

John saw that Darren was covered in blood as the 14 year old boy came into the light of the house.

Harry!! Harry!!” shouted John and Harry appeared at the top of the stairs

Oh my god!” exclaimed Harry and ran down and helped John hold Darren up and between them they carried him and his bags upstairs

Meanwhile Jamie had heard all the racket as he tried to get to sleep and had slipped on his PE shorts and joined them in helping Darren into the lounge

Bloody hell!!” exclaimed Jamie as he looked at the blood covered Darren “how’s he got that bad?” he went on

I don't know but we need to clean him up and sort out his injuries” said John as he undressed a soaked Darren

They laid Darren on the couch and John took off his blood soaked shirt as Jamie got a bowl of water and some cloths and Harry got John's doctors bag, between them they cleaned up Darren and John saw that Darren s wounds were superficial although a wound on his chest looked nasty and John thought that he might have to stitch it.

Darren had come around now and although he was somewhat dreamy he answered John's questions as best he could, John felt that he had no broken bones and when they cleaned up the wounds they weren't all that bad, John cleaned the cut on his bare chest and got his stitching gear ready and told Darren what he was going to do.

Darren just grinned at him in a kind of daze so John set about and stitched Darren up quickly and then put a big plaster over the stitching.

Darren accepted a drink of water off Jamie and then told them all what had happened.

It turned out that Darren had been skipping school a lot, he had got in with a bad lot down at the local soccer club and been drinking with them, after a big drinking session one of the apprentice soccer players had taken a drunk Darren to a flat and had sex with him, not only that he had gotten some men to join him and between them they had raped Darren and beaten him.

Darren had then been taken home and dropped outside his door, his dad had come out and found him, but because he had been on the computer earlier and found some explicit sex pictures of Darren and a couple of men Darren had been with had decided he would kick Darren out as he had two other younger brothers and didn't want them corrupted, so he packed Darren's stuff for him and then kicked him out, Darren had nowhere to go so though about here.

John said to lift Darren up so Jamie and Harry did and then John pulled the boy's trousers down and off and took down his blood stained white underpants.

Oh god what have they done to the poor boy” gasped Harry

I don't know yet” said John “lets get him onto a table lads” he went on and they finished undressing Darren and laid him on the lounge table after clearing it off.

I feel sick” moaned Darren, so Jamie went and quickly got a plastic container from the kitchen and held it to Darren's face as the boy wretched up, looking at the contents he saw large quantities of what looked like semen and pointed it out to John

They must have deep throated him Jamie” “the lad's stomach must be full of sperm” John said

And his bottom, look its leaking out on the table along with some blood” remarked Harry

John turned Darren slightly and parted his bum cheeks, that made Darren groan and he saw bruising around the boy's anus and blood and semen seeping out

I should report this to the police really and he should have tests to see if he has been given a sexually transmitted disease” said John looking worried.

Well if you do that the police may ask awkward questions, can you do the tests on him?” asked Jamie

Maybe it's best to ask Darren later what went on and then ask him if he wants the tests and forget the police for now, it's late anyway” replied John

I will give him something to make him sleep and see how things are in the morning, you two help me onto the couch with him and I will stay up with him, you two might as well go to bed after, just set the alarm will you Jamie for 7am for Harry?”

Jamie nodded and they helped John put Darren on the large couch and then John injected Darren with a sleeping drug and he fell asleep quickly, in the mean time Jamie had gotten a sleeping bag for John and he laid it down near the couch and then they all said their good nights and Jamie and Harry left the room and went into the bedroom, setting the alarm Jamie turned to the now naked Harry and said “wow what a night, what you think has gone on with Darren then?”

I don't know but the poor lad needs some help, I hope you and John will help him” Harry said

We will, no boy should have to go through that, John is a good man and will find a way to sort it” Jamie said and stripped off his shorts and joined Harry in bed

The two naked teenagers cuddled a bit in bed and they felt each others rapidly hardening cocks.

I don't feel like any more sex tonight Jamie” said Harry

Nor me Harry, lets just get some sleep I want to go and check on John and Darren later” Jamie said

They kissed each other and Jamie switched out the bedside lamp and soon both naked lads were asleep.

The alarm went off at 7 am and Harry awoke first, he looked over at Jamie who was still fast asleep and decided not to wake him, he slipped on his underpants and shorts and tee shirt and padded barefoot into the lounge, John was out of the sleeping bag and sitting in his shorts and tee shirt sipping coffee.

Coffee in the pot Harry” said John “help yourself” he went on

Harry went into the kitchen and poured himself a hot mug of coffee and came and sat at the table with John

How is he?” nodding towards a sleeping Darren

He’s been sick a couple of times and had a drink of water, it helped him to vomit up what was left of the semen as I put salt into it” John said

He will be fine as soon as he as had a sleep, the wounds were only superficial anyway and the bleeding has stopped from his anus, just seemed he was stretched a bit too much when they fucked him” John went on “ he will be sore there for a few days, but I have cream that will help and I took some blood and will get that off to the lab for testing for STD’S, it’s about all I can do for him now, when he wakes up I will try and find out what the hell he was up to” John said angrily

Any help you want just ask, I have contacts with top lawyers and they are discreet as well” said Harry

Thanks I think Darren is going to need them, maybe me as well if the police get involved” said John and he smiled at Harry

It’s the least I can do, we want a child so much and if you can help I will be so much in your debt” said Harry

Harry looked at the clock and said “I have to get going now, call me when you have news ok?”

Yes I will and thanks for staying sorry it didn’t turn out as you expected” replied John

Harry located his socks and sandals and said his goodbyes to John and said to thank Jamie for him and then John saw him downstairs and out.

When he got back a sleepy Jamie had come into the lounge, he was naked and his cock stuck appetisingly up in the air.

Mmm nice sight for sore eyes” John said as Jamie came back with a coffee and asked how Darren was, John repeated what he had told Harry and then after Jamie had drank his coffee he went to the bathroom and emptied himself and took a quick shower.

Coming back into the lounge with a towel wrapped round his waist he saw that Darren had awoken and was sipping hot coffee on the couch and examining his cuts and bruises.

Hey sexy how are you?” said Jamie

Mmm if anyone’s sexy it’s you at the moment” said Darren “I have a monumental headache and my bum hurts like hell but otherwise I’m ok” he went on

Here you are pills for the headache and some cream to put up your bum” said John and passed him a couple of pills and a tube of cream.

He swallowed the pills with a gulp of coffee and said “now who is going to help me with the cream, I need a shower first as I smell awful” and he grinned at both of them

I will help you” said John and helped him off the couch and Darren limped naked into the bathroom and John switched on the shower and pushed him under it, stripping off his own clothes he stood and washed Darren as he stood outside the shower, he alternated the water temperature to hot and cold making Darren shiver.

Oh god!! Why you doing that?” Darren squealed

To help you sober up a bit” John said laughingly

John continued to wash off Darren and the boy’s cock rose to attention and had gotten to its full six inches of gorgeous boy cock with the tassel of foreskin still over the large cock head, John stroked his cock and Darren closed his eyes under the warm shower.

Oh yeah suck me doc” moaned Darren

John took the 14 year old boy’s cock into his mouth and sucked on the foreskin covered head, with his tongue he lashed it over the head “oohh god yeah ohh fucking hell” Darren moaned and thrust his slim hips forward to get the full sucking of John’s mouth.

Reaching down John felt Darren’s ball sack and massaged them, he rightly felt he shouldn’t try and push a finger into Darren’s hole for some days yet until the swelling had gone away.

He felt the boy tense and was soon rewarded by Darren’s sweet boy sperm, four good spurts of his boy cum shot into John’s mouth and he greedily accepted the offering

Cleaning up Darren he helped him out of the shower and dried the naked boy off and took him back to the lounge and then tried to find the boy some clothes, he opened Darren’s bags and found school uniform, school books and a laptop, in the other he found a bag of school sock some training socks and PE and soccer kit, another bag inside had underwear in it, so he grabbed him a pair of white CK underpants and a pair of clean grey school socks and his uniform.

I aren’t going to school today” said Darren

Yes you are my lad, you have missed too much and I need to talk to your head teacher anyway about what happened” “either that or it’s the police for you to explain what went on, you are ok physically, your bum will hurt a bit but it should heal in a few days” John said

Darren pouted at John and said “well it hurts now”

Ok bend over then” said John and grabbed the soothing cream

Darren bent over the couch and John came and told him to part his bum cheeks, the boy reached round and exposed his inflamed bum hole.

John gingerly spread the cream all around his puckered hole “arrghh oohh arrggh oohh” Darren moaned as he spread the cream on his swollen bum hole

Jamie stood at the door with his towel wrapped round him after his shower “mmm what a wonderful sight, let me get at him!!” Jamie remarked

No! Don’t let him John, I am so sore right now, I may never have a cock in me again” Darren whined

John and Jamie laughed “I can’t believe that Darren, your such a cock hound” said John laughingly

Well maybe when I’m feeling better you and Jamie can do me, I would like to try both of you at one time, they did that last night” Darren informed them

Good grief two cocks at once in your hole Darren, I can’t comprehend that” said John

I don’t think they were massive, but they did hurt and I bled a little after” Darren went on

That’s what’s caused the stretching Darren and the swelling, when you eventually take a dump it will hurt like hell” John said

But now your good to go, so get dressed and have something to eat and drink and let’s get going to school” he went on

Darren stood up and his boy cock was hard again with all the fingering of cream John did on his hole

What about this?” said Darren pointing at his obvious erect cock

Mmm my turn I think” said Jamie and quickly shed his towel and his six inch hard cut cock slapped up his belly, he came over to Darren and grabbed him, “how about a cock rub? It’s been years since I had one of those” he said

Darren grinned and nodded and the two boys held each other and Darren positioned his cock against Jamie’s and they hugged tightly and moved up and down rubbing their cocks together.

It was a sight that John found erotic, to see two sexy schoolboys naked and erect and their cocks rubbing against each other got him drooling, he came behind Jamie and rubbed his knob around the boy’s bum hole “arrggh yeah shove it in John” squealed Jamie as he felt the head nudging his hole.

John pushed to see if his hard cock would penetrate Jamie with no lube on it and remarkably it did and Jamie groaned “Oh fuck! Oh yeah fuck me hard” to that John gripped the boy’s hips and rabbit fucked him, thrusting deep into the boy’s bum

Arggh yeah ohh fucking hell, that’s great” moaned Jamie as he still gripped Darren and their cocks picked up speed in rubbing up and down “fuck I’m cumming” moaned Darren and his sperm spurted between his and Jamie’s bare stomachs, hearing this set off John and he emptied his balls into Jamie’s bum.

That set off Jamie and he added his teen boy sperm to Darren’s on his bare stomach, satiated with sex the three of them calmed down and John fetched a cloth and they wiped their cocks clean and stomachs.

Darren dressed in his new pants and socks and then his school uniform and sat down gingerly while a naked John got him some cereal and OJ, he set some for Jamie while he went to the bedroom and dressed in new cargo shorts and a blue polo shirt, coupled with some light grey ankle socks and his new sandals he looked so sexy with his tanned legs.

Oh wow what a stunner!!” said Darren as he stood up to get his school bag, Jamie did a twirl and he and Darren did the catwalk walk around the room.

John came back from dressing, he had decided to put on a suit and tie for Darren’s head teacher meeting, something that conveyed authority he though, “bloody hell!!” John exclaimed as he saw the two boys mincing around the room like two models

Two queens if I ever saw them!” he said and laughed as they fell about laughing as well “come on you two, get your sexy asses in gear and lets get you to your school Darren and then after Jamie to his old place to pick up the last of your stuff” John said giving both boys a playful slap on their bottoms.

They both giggled and scampered down the stairs and to the car parked at the side of the house, the drive was quick to Darren’s school, it only took 15 minutes as traffic was quite light, he was however late for class and as he and John entered the building a voice boomed out “James!!! To my office now boy!” Darren turned and looked alarmed to see the head teacher Mr Bannen coming out of the general office and realised it had been him that shouted out

Who are you?” Bannen said to John “Good morning, I am Dr John Roberts, I am Darren’s doctor, to whom am I speaking?” John replied

I am the head teacher Mr Bannen” Said Bannen “pleased to meet you sir” said John holding out his hand and Bannen took it and shook the proffered hand “pleased to meet you Dr Roberts, will you and young master James come to my office?” Bannen said

They went to the head teachers office at the end of the corridor and Bannen showed them in and seated them “now what can I do for you Dr?” said Bannen as he sat in his seat at the other side of his large desk

John explained the problems that Darren had had at home and also that he came to him in confidence and announced he was gay and needed John’s help in the matter and that he wouldn’t go into the details as they were confidential and he wanted them kept that way. He told him Darren’s father had thrown him out because of his homosexuality and also he had been beaten up by homophobes in town last night, Darren he said had come to the only place he knew he could trust and that was John’s house and surgery.

Is this true Darren?” asked Bannen, Darren who had been looking down at his feet lifted his head and replied “yes sir” “my dad says he wants no queer son of his in his house” Darren went on

I have been in touch with my lawyers and they are dealing with me getting temporary custody” said John, that was a lie thought Darren but he would love that to happen

I see, is there no chance of a family reconciliation Darren?” asked Bannen

No sir, I am not going back there, my dad will kill me, he already threatened me last night and gave me this” Darren said near to tears. He turned his head and showed Bannen his bruised cheek

Well I guess I owe you an apology then James” Bannen said “I reckon you need time to sort this out and in two weeks the school breaks up for summer recess and you are so far behind you won’t be able to catch up in time” “so I reckon your summer recess starts now Darren” he went on

Darren smiled at that and turned grinning to John

I have a suggestion Mr Bannen, I will acquire the services of a private tutor and if you supply us with the relevant work Darren needs to catch up on I will see he does it over the summer and catch up ready for the autumn start” John suggested

Bannen thought about this for a moment then replied “splendid idea, I can sort that out for you and courier it over to you and also a list of tutors that we use”

That’s sorted then, may we go now?” said John and handed Bannen his card with his address and contact details

Yes of course, you know your way out, I will get right on and sort out young master James work” Bannen said

They all stood up and John thanked him and shook his hand and they left the room and exited the school

You really going to see a lawyer about me?” enquired Darren

Yes as soon as we get Jamie sorted out and I meant what I said about the tutor” replied John as they briskly walked to the car where Jamie was getting impatient and was scanning through the radio channels on John’s stereo

Darren’s face was a picture of gloom as he thought about a tutor and more lessons

In the car they brought Jamie up to speed and then set off for his place and him and John and Darren went into the house, nobody was home and some more of Jamie’s stuff was in the hall with a note attached, it read: - “here’s the rest of your clothes and your passports and dual birth certificate, now fuck off out of my sight forever you dirty queer bastard”

Mm looks as though your dad means business like mine Jamie” Darren said after he read the note that John had passed to him

Well fuck him too, he won’t know what’s going to hit him soon” said Jamie as him and Darren went upstairs to Jamie’s room while John took out the bags of clothes to the car

What’s that mean?” said Darren looking quizzically

Never you mind Darren, least you know the better, I have something on my dad that other people would love to know” Jamie said grinning as he stripped his hi-fi apart and handed it to Darren who took it downstairs and gave it to John

Is there much more Darren?” John asked

I don’t know he seems to be ripping the room apart” Darren said as he went back upstairs

Jamie had piled stuff on the bed he was taking, his laptop and hard drives and a few other bits of computer gear went into a box he gave to Darren then followed him down the stairs with the rest of the stuff and Darren and John took it out while Jamie disappeared into another room.

He came out with a small bag and joined John and Darren in the now fully laden car.

You ok Jamie?” asked John

Yeah fine, let’s get off back to mine and Darren’s new home and stowed the small bag in his box with the computer stuff in.

They drove home and as the boys ferried the stuff upstairs John went to his study and then to Terri in the front office, she said she wanted to speak in private with John and he said could it be in thirty minutes as he had some important phone calls to make, she nodded and passed him the phone messages he had received while he was out.

Back in his consulting room John picked up the phone and phoned a lawyer friend he had and explained about Darren and Jamie, the lawyer said Jamie was of legal age to decide his own future and not to worry of him, but Darren was a different problem and to leave it with him to sort out the possibilities, John thanked him and said he owed him one, a good lunch and a expensive bottle of wine would do it the lawyer said and they hung up.

John went upstairs and saw the room was full of Jamie’s stuff and him and Darren were looking perplexed at where to store it all, so John took them to a small room on the lower floor that had medical stores in a told them both to sort it out while he worked downstairs.

I’m going to strip out my school uniform first” said Darren and went into the bedroom and came back in just his blue PE shorts and socks and trainers

Me too I think” said Jamie and he too disappeared in the bedroom and changed into his PE kit of black shorts and grey socks and white trainers and then him and Darren set too taking Jamie’s stuff to the little room

God those boy’s they sure know how to dress sexy” John thought as he went downstairs and back to his consulting room and checked his messages that Terri had given him, seeing there was nothing important he buzzed Terri and asked her to come in

Terri, have you spoken to Harry yet? John asked “yes I have this morning doctor and I got your note on my desk saying where you would be if you weren’t in your office when I came in, I was a bit late I am afraid but seeing as how we hadn’t any bookings, I wouldn’t rush” she replied

That’s alright Terri, so he filled you in with what me and him discussed last night then?”John went on

Well yes he did and as far as I am concerned it’s fine by me, I rather fancy Jamie anyway, seeing him in those cargo shorts this morning made my day” she replied and blushed

If you think it’s the way to go then I will go along with it and the sooner the better” she went on

Well I did outline other possibilities to Harry, but it was him who suggested it” John said

It was really me that put the idea in his head doctor” Terri said and looked a bit embarrassed

Well whatever suits you and we can iron out the details on the day or night it happens ok?” said John grinning

Terri nodded and asked if that was all, John said it was and she left to go back to her desk, John busied himself in the office and then a few minutes later his intercom buzzed

It was Terri; it seemed there were a man and his 16-year-old son in the reception asking if John could give his son a full medical exam for a job application. They had the official forms she said from the firm he was applying to join

John thought he didn’t really want to do it right now as he had loads to do with Jamie and Darren’s problems, but he said he would and the charge would be a standard £100 if that were ok.

She said she would ask the man and then told John that he had agreed and paid in cash, John said to send them in then

A knock came on his door, and John said to enter, a man and his son entered the man was in his fifties and slight in stature but the lad was a handsome devil, in a school uniform he didn’t recognise of a wine red blazer and dark grey trousers and a white shirt and red and grey striped school tie, John reckoned he was about 5 foot 7 or 8 inches in height, so a bit small for 16, but what he lacked in height he more than gained in looks. He had the most gorgeous green eyes that sort of burned into you as he looked at you and John felt himself getting hard and was glad they couldn’t see it his side of the desk.

Hello doctor, my names James Hammond and this is my son Carter” the man said “so good of you to see us at short notice, Carter here needs a full medical and physical exam as he is going on an outward bound course in Madagascar, lots of physical work and sailing and the like, coupled with sports as well” he went on”

Well it’s nice to see you both, you were lucky really as today is a bit on the light side for appointments, so fitting you in was easy” said John

John explained the way the exam worked, first the medical exam and included was an ECG which John felt was necessary these days for boys aged from about 12 to 20 really as he had seen a few cases when he worked in hospitals of boys having sudden and unexplained heart attacks that were eventually found to be heart defects that had gone unnoticed.

Mr Hammond agreed, John went on to explain that also included was a sperm test to just find out if there were any problems with the quantity and quality of the sperm, at that the boy sort of smirked and looked at his dad who also smirked at him.

I don’t think he has any problem in that department Dr but it doesn’t do any harm to be tested anyway” James Hammond said

John asked some small medical question and wrote the answers on the usual form and then he said they were good to start the exam.

Usually the parent goes and has a cup of coffee in the waiting area while the boy’s exam is done, as sometimes the patient likes to have privacy from their parents and maybe ask the doctor for advice on certain matters” explained John “but its entirely up to you and your son and I have no problem in you being here” he went on

Carter spoke up “its ok doctor I don’t mind my dad being here as I have nothing he hasn’t seen before”

John thought how soft spoken he was and the way he looked at his dad all the time, rather in a loving way he felt

Fair enough then, let’s get started, could you go over there Carter? Where the chairs are by the wall and you will find coat hooks as well and get undressed to just your underpants” John said

Carter nodded and looked at his dad again and his dad smiled at him, his dad and John made small talk while Carter undressed down to his grey boxers and then came and stood by John’s desk “onto the scales please Carter” said John and guided him to the other corner where the weighing scales were and the height measurer.

John noticed that for 16 Carter had very little body hair just a whisper under his arms and a slight trail above his underpants and totally hairless on his reasonably defined chest, he weighed just slightly over a hundred and six pounds and his height was five foot seven and a half inches, which his weight was about right for his age and height.

Over to my desk now please Carter” said John and the lad made his way there, once there John took up his stethoscope and started the exam, doing the usual in checking the boy’s eyes and ears and throat and his arms and hands, they were fine so he lifted the scope to his chest and listened to his lung function, he stood at the side of Carter and could smell the smell he had of soap mixed with light cologne, not unpleasant at all compared with some boys he had examined.

His lung function front and back ok John had him sit on a small stool and he tested the boy’s reflexes, they were perfect so he had him stand and he felt all around the boy’s abdomen for any signs of lumps or pain and Carter exhibited none at all.

John then went to his drawer and got out the lube and some paper towels and a glass beaker and called Carter closer to his desk, “can you slip your underpants down please Carter?” John said with in trepidation of seeing the boy’s cock and balls.

Carter hooked his fingers gently on the waistband of his grey underpants and slid them down his knees and looked at his dad, who smiled at him.

His cock came into view and John noticed he was about 4 inches soft a somewhat thinner than normal and had a short foreskin that let the cock head peep slightly out, as he had thought earlier Carter didn’t have much pubic hair, what he did have was a nice brown colour that matched his hair and it was sparse above his cock and led into a small trail, his balls hung loose and were a nice small birds egg shape in a wrinkled sac.

John felt at the side of his ball sac and asked Carter to cough and then repeated that on the other side, he felt at each of the boy’s testicles and rolled them in his fingers, by now Carter had coloured up some and his dad was shifting in his seat and John guessed that he was finding this very erotic, so he decided to play the boy and his father along a bit and continued to massage the boys testicles.

Carter’s breathing was getting a bit laboured as John felt at his balls and his cock started to thicken and lengthen at the same time and although Carter was willing it to stay soft it wasn’t happening, it probably fully lengthen to just over six inches and the foreskin pulled back and exposed all of Carters cock head that was plum sized and a purple colour and leaking pre-cum.

John felt he was ready now and manoeuvred his other hand around to the boy’s bottom, which was shapely but thin and he found his crack and gently ran one finger over the 16 year olds boy hole, causing Carter to sigh quite loudly and his cock sort of curved slightly upward now as John took the shaft in his other masturbated the boy.

Slight beads of sweat appeared on Carters brow and he pushed slightly into John’s hand as he wanked him, John glanced at the boy’s father and he was adjusting his crotch on the chair and seemed in somewhat of a state of erection, which was understandable seeing as how his 16 year old son was being wanked to get a sperm sample, John was as hard as he could be in his underpants and the bend he was enduring down there hurt like hell.

Arrgghh oohh yeah ohh that’s great doctor” moaned Carter as John went a bit faster and Carter’s foreskin was mercilessly pulled up and down his cock

Oh doctor I think I will shoot soon” Carter moaned again

Oh fuck that’s a wonderful sight, oh god doctor you are wanking him so well” moaned Carter’s dad “Oh fuck he looks so sexy standing there with his pants down and cock sticking up” he went on and was shuffling all the time in his seat

Seems as though you’re in some distress Mr Hammond, please feel free to get some relief, nobody will come in and I am sure your boy would love to see the state of your cock, it will maybe tip him over the edge” John said and he smiled at James

Oh god yes, I need that” James mumbled and he quickly unzipped his trousers and reached into the fly and pulled out his swollen cock, he was around 7 inches and as hard as nails and he wanked his cock as soon as it was out of his fly and his son groaned when he saw it.

Oh dad yeah wank for me please, rub that cock hard, I just wish I could get at it” Carter moaned and he thrust forward and grunted

Oohh yeah ohh arggh ohh I’m Cumming” moaned Carter and John just had time to grab the glass beaker and hold it over his knob as he spurted five or six hard spurts of his teen sperm into it, John milked the boy’s cock for him and managed to get some more out of it before he let the boy’s cock go.

Meanwhile his dad was furiously wanking himself and grabbed some paper towels and stood and shot his load of man sperm into the waiting towel as John and Carter looked on.

Both of them had calmed down now and Mr Hammond cleaned his cock and put it back into his trousers and underpants and Carter cleaned himself off and pulled up his underpants and looked smugly at John who had been and tested Carter’s sperm.

You will be glad to know that Carter’s sperm is A1, millions of wriggling sperms and they are healthy ones,” John said

Both James Hammond and his son smiled at that and Carter was told to lie on the bed and have the ECG and then John would take him upstairs for the treadmill test that would be conducted by Jamie his assistant..

The ECG proved to be normal and John asked Carter if he had any PE kit with him, he shook his head no. “Well I think Jamie is about your size so he might let you borrow a pair of his shorts and we will see if his trainers fit you” said John

I think I might take up that offer of a coffee now if that’s ok Dr?” said Mr Hammond

Yes that’s fine just go back to the reception and Terri will sort that out for you, we will be about 30 to 40 minutes yet, Carter will need a shower after” said John

James Hammond nodded and smiled at his son and left for his coffee and John helped Carter with his clothes before buzzing Jamie that he had a boy for the treadmill test.

Jamie met them in the gym, he was there with Darren and they were both just in shorts and trainers and bare chested and sporting grins as they saw John and Carter come in, Carter in just his grey boxers started to get erect again, when he saw the two sexy schoolboys who stood at each side of the treadmill.

Jamie this is Carter, he is 16 and Carter this is Darren who I guess will help out Jamie today, Jamie is also 16 and Darren is 14” John said

We need to find Carter a pair of shorts and some trainers Jamie, can you help?” John went on

What size waist and foot are you Carter?” asked Jamie

28 inch waist and size 8 in a trainer” Carter replied

Darren I have a pair of white shorts in my bag they are 30 inch but have a tied waist so would fit probably, but my trainers are size 10” Jamie said

I am an 8, so you can use my plimsolls if you want Carter?” said Darren

Carter nodded so Darren scampered off to get them and the shorts and was back in a couple of minutes and gave the stuff to Carter, he slipped his underpants down and off and stood with his cock semi erect in front of then all and Jamie and Darren swapped looks as they saw that Carter had a nice cock and balls, Carter pulled on the shorts and tied them at the waist and then slipped on the plimsolls and he was ready to go so Jamie and Darren both attached the wires to his bare chest and set the treadmill up and instructed Carter on how it would work.

The treadmill started off slow at first and then built up to the speed that was wanted by John and stayed that way for 20 minutes, all the time Carter was running Darren was watching him and his shorts tented at seeing the sheen of sweat on Carters defined chest.

There was a knock on the door and John went to answer it, it was Carter’s dad “sorry to bother you, but Terri said it was ok to come up, I feel I have to explain something doctor” said James’s

John let him in and Carter nodded to his dad as he was now at the fastest point of his treadmill run and doing nicely with little heavy breathing.

John introduced Jamie and Darren as his assistants and James looked at them entranced by the half naked boys who attended his equally half naked son.

Doctor I think I may have to explain my behaviour earlier in your exam room” James went on

No need sir, I fully understand your predicament, you were turned on by the sight of your son being masturbated to ejaculation and it was obvious you and him have shall we say a “special bond” replied John and smiled

Well we do, I love the boy so much and I know it’s obvious sometimes, it does just go beyond what a father and son relationship should be” James said

Well what goes on under this roof, stays under this roof and we won’t tell anyone if you do the same for us” said John

James nodded his agreement and stood looking at the wonderful sight of his very fit son half naked on a treadmill and working up a sweat, and then also seeing that two equally fit boys were standing watching Carter as well.

Jamie was eyeing Carter’s dad and thought what a sexy guy he was and it was obvious to him the he was hard in his trousers and longed to see his man cock, James came up behind Jamie and put his hands on the boy’s bare shoulders and looked at the dials on the treadmill, Jamie explained the meaning and James let his hand wander down to Jamie’s bum and he gave it a squeeze and Jamie grinned at him and pressed back onto his hand.

The test was over so the treadmill slowed down and brought Carter’s breathing rate down gently for about five minutes and then a sweaty Carter stepped off and was congratulated by John and the others on doing a brilliant test and passed him fully fit for his trip, John and Darren took him to the shower room and showed him the shower, he took off the trainers and slipped the shorts down and hopped into the shower and turned on the cool water and revelled in its coolness, Darren ogled the 16 year olds cock as it swung between his legs and he got hard in his shorts and Carter turned and saw the boy was tented and grinned at him and pulled his own cock until he got a nice firm erection.

Back in the gym James and Jamie had become firm friends and Jamie was feeling up the man’s cock as John watched them and he too was getting turned on watching his boyfriend with another man.

James undid his zip and his uncut cock pushed its way out and Jamie took it in his hand and pushed the foreskin back and wanked it and then dropping to his knees he took the head into his mouth “oohh yeah, ohh fuck, suck that cock boy!!” moaned James as he thrust forward and held Jamie’s head and the 16 year old sucked hard on the man’s cock.

John by now had stripped to his underpants and was standing behind James and whispered in his ear “I want to fuck you”.

Ohh yes please, fuck me hard doctor please” replied James

He started to undress James and with Jamie’s help they soon stripped him naked and Jamie took off his own trainers and shorts and stood naked and erect in front of James “ oh boy, you are so handsome and sexy, what a lovely firm body you have” said James as John lubed up James’s bum hole and got him ready for his throbbing cock, Jamie resumed his sucking on James’s cock as John got behind him and rubbed his cock head over James’s hole “argghh oohh yeah” James moaned at John managed to push the head into James and then slid all the way in his greased hole and slowly started to fuck him as Jamie deep throated his cock.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Darren had stripped naked and joined Carter in the shower and was now rubbing his cock head around Carter’s bum hole and making him moan and then he bent the 16 year old over and entered him making Carter moan “ oh fuck, yeah fuck me Darren, fuck me hard and hurt me”.

Darren rammed his hard cock up Carter’s hole and the boy winced in pain but loved what was happening, rabbit fucking him Darren worked up a sweat as they had turned off the shower, “argghh oohh fuck, yeah ohh fuck me hard Darren, spunk in me!!” Carter moaned and that sent Darren over the edge and the 14 year old spurted his hot teen sperm into Carters guts, the spurting hot sperm hit Carters sweet spot and Carters hard cock spewed its load onto the wall tiles, splattering them with his hot teen sperm.

Ohh fuck that was good, Oh yeah Darren I loved your throbbing cock in me” Carter said as he came down from the sex

Glad you liked it Carter, all part of our excellent service” said Darren with a grin as he turned on the shower and both boys cleaned off, he helped Carter to get rid of his sperm from his hole and then they dried off and they went into the gym and were greeted by the sight of Carter’s dad being fucked by John as Jamie was sucking the daylights out of his dads cock.

Fucking hell!! What a fucking great sight” exclaimed Carter as he and Darren watched John finish off in his dads bum and moan and groan he was cumming and James spurting his sperm load into naked Jamie’s mouth.

Both boys were hard again and Darren reached over and rubbed Carter’s cock up and down and he reached out and wanked Darren’s cock, Jamie came over to them and shared Carter’s dads sperm with the both of them in kissing each of them in turn, then he dropped to his knees and in turn sucked both boy’s cocks off as John and James’s watched for awhile and then decided to take a shower, when they left Jamie bent over a table and said “fuck me both of you, ram in me quick and hard as I need some cock in me”

Carter grabbed him first and thrust his cock into Jamie’s willing hole and after a couple of minutes ramming hard into him he shot 3 spurts of his hot sperm and then pulled out, Darren replaced him and he too fucked him hard and groaned out loud “oohh fuck yeah I’m cumming”

He spurted 4 spurts of his 14 year old spunk into Jamie’s bum hole and as he did Jamie spurted a good few spurts of his own cum onto the floor.

All the boys were now tired and Jamie went and joined the men in the shower and got cleaned off and then joined Darren and Carter in the gym, Carter had dressed back into his school uniform and Darren in shorts and a tee shirt, Jamie did the same and John and James dressed back in their clothes and James thanked John and he and Carter left.

John and Jamie and Darren left and went back to the lounge for some well earned lunch and to sort out the sleeping arrangements, John explained to Darren that he normally slept with Jamie and that had now become permanent, the bed although a king size one was too small for three, so for the time being he would have to sleep on the large couch, Darren agreed and they sorted out some blankets and pillows ready for tonight.

Jamie had fixed some sandwiches and orange juice for them followed by fruit cake and they all wolfed that down and then John said he needed to talk to Terri about her problem so he excused himself and Jamie explained to Darren what was going on and he grinned and said he would love to watch him fuck a girl, Jamie said that Terri might not want an audience, but would ask her anyway.

Whilst John was downstairs his lawyer friend phoned back about Darren, he had spoken to Darren’s dad and told him what John had wanted and he had said that it was fine by him and as from now he wanted nothing to do with Darren.

The lawyer said the best thing was to draft up some papers giving custody to John and then take them to court and have John be declared Darren’s legal guardian, John said to make it so and arrange a court appearance at the children’s court and he and Darren would attend, thanking him he ended the call.

Terri was sitting having her lunch at her desk when John came in, she said she was just finishing, John asked her when she thought she might be ready for the impregnation, she grinned and said anytime was ok by her, John reckoned tonight would be the best time after work, she agreed and rang Harry at work and caught him grabbing a quick lunch and he agreed also and they set a time of 6 pm.

John went back upstairs and informed Jamie and Darren asked if he could watch, John reckoned it would be ok but would leave it to Terri and Harry when they arrived, John suggested that Jamie get some rest as tonight would be very strenuous on him, Jamie grinned and said he felt he could handle it, but would take a nap and went to the bedroom, Darren said he would join him, but John said no sex and that put a frown on Darren’s face but he agreed and said he was tired anyway.

John left the boy’s getting ready for a nap and went and did some paper and computer work downstairs and sorted out a proper bed for Darren, the internet had loads of sites for that and he managed to get one delivered the next day, he sat and thought over what had gone on the last couple of days and smiled to himself that his new life was never ever going to be dull from now on……..

End of Chapter 5

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