New Doctor, New Start Final Part



I am so sorry about the very late delay in finishing this story, no excuses I just didn’t get around to writing it.

Hope you all like how its ended though.

About 5pm John went and roused Jamie and Darren from their slumbers, both boys were naked on the bed and John stared at their soft teen cocks, Jamie’s circumcised one and Darren’s with a full foreskin that covered his cock head, they lay across the boy’s bare leg.

“Hey you two, time you were up and ready, get a shower and make sure your ultra clean okay” said John Darren woke up first and sleepily grinned at John and then Jamie woke and rubbed his eyes

One by one the boys took a shower and then slipped on PE shorts and a tee shirt and sat in the lounge.

The doorbell rang and John went and answered it, and after a few minutes the lounge door opened and it was Terri and Harry, Terri was dressed in a short skirt and a tee shirt top, with trainers on her bare feet, Harry was in cargo shorts and a polo shirt with trainers on his bare feet, they said their hello’s and sat and sipped some wine that John had fetched from the kitchen.

They chatted and the tension went out of the air and they all became more relaxed, Darren said the wine tasted great and John grinned as only he knew that he had added something to it to aid the sexual orgy that was about to take place, the conversation went a bit flat and John said it was time to get ready, and suggested they went to the bedroom.

Harry and Terri went first and John instructed them to strip naked, they looked nervously at each other at first and then stripped off their clothes, Terri was the first to stand naked and Darren felt his cock rise on seeing the naked teen girl, he looked over at Jamie and his PE shorts were tented as well, Harry had by now stripped naked and his cock was sticking up and Jamie wanted to get at it, he had a funny feeling in his stomach and his cock was rock hard so he stripped his shorts off and stood just in his tee shirt, which he quickly shed as Darren stripped as well.

All of them bar John was naked now and the boys were rock hard and all leaking precum and watched John strip off as well, He instructed Terri to lie on the bed with her legs spread and then told Harry to mount her.

“I usually do some foreplay for about half and hour or so before I penetrate Terri, she likes that and wanking me and sucking me as well” said Harry and looked at John.

“Well there is no need for that tonight, just look at Terri, she is well ready to be entered” replied John and all of them looked at Terri naked on the bed, she had her legs spread wide and was fingering herself madly “what’s the matter here?” said Terri “I am ready to be mounted and seeing all these big cocks waiting so why aren’t I getting mounted? She went on.

John looked at Harry and nodded towards her and Harry climbed on the bed and then on top of Terri, Darren stood at the side of the bed and played with his hard cock as Harry pulled his foreskin back and pushed his bare cock head into Terri’s leaking cunt “argghh yeah ohh god yeah, that’s what I want, fuck me Harry! Fuck me hard” Terri exclaimed and Darren groaned as he watched Harry’s cock enter his teen wife.

Harry rammed hard into his wife and like a man possessed he fucked her hard and Darren wanked himself and Jamie came behind him and fingered his bum hole, Darren bent over the bed and turned to look at Jamie, “Fuck me Jamie, fuck my boy hole fast please” Darren said, Jamie positioned himself behind Darren and rammed his hard cut cock into Darren’s boy hole and he squealed as he was rapidly penetrated and Jamie watched Harry fuck Terri and he sped up and fucked Darren’s bum hard and groaned as he shot a load of sperm into his guts.

That set Harry off and he rammed in Terri hard and groaned and fired a load of his seed into her cunt “pull out of her now Harry” said John, Harry reluctantly climbed off his wife and his sperm covered cock slapped up against his bare belly, he was still hard and he lay on his back with his legs spread.

“Right Jamie get on top of her and fuck her hard like Harry did” went on John, Jamie did as he was told and he rammed his cut cock into Terri’s swollen pussy and fucked her hard and fast and moaned and groaned as he did.

Darren jumped on Harry and sucked his sperm covered hard cock causing Harry to groan as Darren sucked on his bare cock head, after a couple of minutes sucking Harry Darren quickly lifted his legs up and exposed his teen hole and licked it and pushed his tongue deep into it and causing again Harry to moan, next he lined up his cock and rammed his 14 year old cock into Harry’s older bum hole.

“Arghh ohh yeah ohh fucking hell, fuck me” moaned Harry as Darren rammed hard in him, John fingered Darren’s leaking boy hole and found the teen boy’s prostate and that made Darren moan and he rammed harder into Harry and shot a load of teen sperm into his bum hole, Jamie was ramming his hard cut cock deeper and deeper into Terri and he shouted he was cumming “arghh ohh yeah take it bitch!” he moaned as he shot his seed into Terri.

Jamie rolled off Terri and lay catching his breath, his rock hard cock sticking up and twitching, Harry recovered and climbed on top of Terri again and rammed his hard cock into her swollen pussy, she groaned as Harry rammed hard in her, Darren positioned himself at the side of her and she pulled his hard cock towards her mouth and sucked on the 14 year olds cock head, Darren moaned and groaned as he was getting his cock sucked and his bum hole fingered by John.

“Ohh god this is great, I am so loving this,” moaned Darren as he saw Jamie start to suck on John’s cock and play with his own swollen cock “why am I so pumped up? I feel I could take this all night” Darren went on and John smiled to himself as he had three of his fingers in Darren’s young bum hole, Harry was busy fucking his wife and soon groaned and thrust hard into her pussy and shot more of his seed into it.

He rolled off and the fourteen-year-old Darren took his place and rammed his throbbing cock into her dripping cunt and fucked her hard and fast and was soon shooting his seed into her to join that of Harry’s and Jamie’s, the air was full of testosterone now and it seemed as those the teen lads were feeding on it, and fucking in a frenzy now, this was sheer animal sex, with only one intention, and that was to impregnate Terri.

Darren rolled off Terri and she turned on her side to catch her breath from the fast sex she was getting, Jamie quickly lifted up her leg and took her sideways, the others watched as he rammed his cut cock into her sperm filled pussy, the top sheet was pooled with sperm that had leaked out of her teen girl cunt, she grunted as she was taken and they could see the shaft of Jamie’s cock ram into her.

In minutes he too was shooting his hot teen seed into her already well filled belly, he pulled his cock out and Harry took his place and rammed his cock into her and she groaned again as she was penetrated roughly, Darren hopped on the bed and put his face down to Harry’s balls and licked at them as he pounded his wife’s cunt, he licked the sperm that enveloped them and also at Terri’s cunt, as Jamie climbed on the bed and rammed his cock into Darren’s upturned bum hole, he gripped his friends hips and fucked for all he was worth.

John meanwhile had sat down and was playing with his own cock and watching the boys have animal sex and grinned to himself that the stuff he had laced the wine with had turned them into sexual animals, it would soon wear off though and then the boys wouldn’t get erect for a few hours after, not as though that was a bad thing as they would be so tired and have no need to wank or indeed have sex of any kind.

Soon the boys were visibly flagging, Harry just about managed to fuck his wife one more time after Jamie and then Darren had had her also, his erection had now waned and even the youngest of them Darren was soft now and they just lay on the bed in a state of lethargy, John came over and his cock was hard still and he lifted up Terri’s legs over her head and exposed her swollen pussy, he gripped her and rammed his cock in her and fucked her for all she was worth and deposited his offering into her already full belly, he thought that if all the seed that had been deposited in her didn’t make her pregnant then nothing would.

His cock slipped out of her and he said for her to go and get a shower as he instructed the boys to use the gym bathroom and take a shower, they dragged their weary naked bodies down the hall and into the shower and cleaned the sweat and sperm off themselves and came back and saw that Terri had come from the shower in the bedroom and was dressing.

When she had finished she came over and kissed first Jamie and then Darren and had a quick feel of their soft cocks, Harry had dressed also and they thanked John for what he had done and said their goodnights and left the boys to take the sperm stained sheet off the bed and put a clean one on and get the bed ready for sleeping in.

John fixed them some sandwiches and then 3 tired bodies went to bed and they were all soon fast asleep, as were Harry and Terri when they got home and went straight to bed.   

It was the Friday morning at 7:30 am when the alarm went off and John groaned and found two sexy boys naked scattered asleep around the bed, he climbed out without waking them and made hi way to the bathroom, he had only one booking in today at 11am, a 14 year old boy named Kenny Stubbs for a full medical for diving and sports, so he decided to ring Terri and tell her to take the day off.

After getting out of the bathroom he put a call into Terri and told her to stay at home and have a long weekend off, she was pleased at that, saying she felt a bit groggy and sore, John told her to lay off penetrative sex for this weekend and use some soothing cream around her vagina, she thanked him and rang off.

John dressed in a pair of casual trousers and a polo shirt and busied himself in his office after a light breakfast, he left Jamie and Darren sleeping, he had looked at them laying asleep naked on the bed, two very fit sexy young lads, so very different body wise with Jamie being the more defined as he was older and his cock being circumcised and Darren the younger his five inch soft cock lay over his bare thigh as he lay on his back snoring lightly, his foreskin over the end of his cock head going to a taper, “so gorgeous the both of them” John thought as he dressed.

About 9am John went and sat at Terri’s desk in the reception after unlocking he door, her answerphone had two messages on so he played them and both were for potential new bookings next week, he rang each number back and confirmed the bookings, one for a boy of 16 and another of 13, he checked the bookings and found he now had at least two every day and one day had four, so a busy and lucrative week in all.

The delivery of Darren’s bed arrived and he showed the men where to put it upstairs and tipped them handsomely, the noise woke the boys and after the men had gone they came to see what all the noise was, both were still naked and they managed to fix themselves breakfast after unpacking Daren’s bed and said they would assemble it “not like that though please” said John and he laughed.

Both boys giggled and jiggled heir soft cocks around invitingly “I usually wake up with a hard on John, but today nothing, why is that?” asked Darren “me too” said Jamie “its weird not even being a bit chubby down there” he went on.

John grinned “well its because I drugged your wine last night, it heightened your sexual tension and you lost your inhibitions and also kept you erect a long time and had you making sperm all the time” he said the boys looked at him amazed “its still in the experimental stages, but I managed to persuade the company to let me have some as long as I wrote a report on how it had performed, there are some side effects that may take a bit longer than they said to go away, namely you won’t erect, hopefully it will wear off in a couple of hours” John went on.

“Well let’s hope it doesn’t last long then, I enjoyed last night and although my knob is a bit sore I want some more sex today” said Jamie grinning.

“ I have some soothing cream in my bag so use that on your cock, you too Darren, even though you have a full foreskin it will benefit you” John answered

“When you have dressed and sorted out the bed will one of you take over at the reception? As I have a boy coming at 11am for a full medical and I need to get set up for him, as he needs his respiratory checked for diving” explained John

“I’ll do that John” said Darren “and I will help you set up what you need” chipped in Jamie, John nodded and head off downstairs and did some paper work and computer work and then Darren knocked on his door and popped his head round and said he was going to the reception, John thanked him and went to start getting his stuff together upstairs in the gym and then down in his exam room.

Promptly at 11am a knock came at the reception door and Darren answered it, a nice looking lad of about 14 stood there, he was dressed in cargo shorts and a blue patterned tee shirt and trainers with no socks on, his legs were tanned nicely and contrasted with the whiteness of Darren’s bare legs as he was in cargo shorts and a polo shirt.

“Hello my names Kenny Stubbs and I have an appointment with Dr Roberts” Kenny said looking admiringly at Darren “hi my names Darren James and I help out here at times, come in I will take you to John, I mean Dr Roberts.

He showed Kenny into John’s exam room where John was sitting at his desk, writing some notes up, he looked up as Darren first knocked and then opened the door “this is Kenny Stubbs doctor” Darren said in his best receptionist type voice and grinned at John.

John grinned back and bade Kenny to sit down “do you need me for anything else doctor?” enquired Darren, John looked at Kenny “Darren sometimes assists me in exams Kenny, is it alright if he assists today, your call, if you want privacy its okay though?” asked John.

Kenny looked at Darren, who grinned at him, he was nervous but he sort of fancied Darren as well, he turned to John and said “its fine by me doctor, he can assist” Darren smiled at that, John thanked him and they set about filling in the usual forms and John explained that the exam was in two parts, the first being the physical exam of Kenny’s body and then on the treadmill upstairs in the small gym for a fitness test and an added respiratory test, then he could have a shower after.

Kenny nodded his approval and then John said ‘well if you will go over to the chairs by the wall and get undressed to just your underpants Kenny we can begin” Kenny got up nervously and paced his small kit bag on the chair and started to undress, he stripped off his tee shirt and slipped off his trainers and then undid the belt of his cargo shorts and slipped them off and onto the chair. He turned and stood in his blue and white striped cotton boxers, he had a nice defined stomach with a nice light tan, his legs had a dusting of fine blond hair on them, his boxers had a slight bulge that Darren had his eye on and he felt his cock had at last begun to stir in his pants.

John bade him to come over to the desk and stand at the side of him, then he checked his eyes and ears and neck out and ran his hands down Kenny’s bare arms, they were lightly dusted with fine blond hairs and Kenny shivered slightly at his touch, next John lifted his stethoscope and put it to Kenny’s bare chest, his listened in several places over his bare chest and had him hold his breath and then let it out a few times, then he had him turn and did the same to his bare back.

Next John had him step on the nearby scales to be weighed and he saw he was in a healthy weight range for his age and height, next he had him sit on a chair and he tested his reflexes and checked out his feet, then Kenny was asked to stand up and Darren removed the chair and John asked Darren to get the lube and gloves, John turn Kenny slightly and quickly pulled the boys underpants down to his feet and asked him to step out of them.

Kenny now stood there naked and his four-inch soft cock hung down over a nice pair of plum sized balls that had just a few hairs on them and a light dusting of blond pubic hair above them, John felt at the left side of Kenny’s ball sack and asked the boy to cough, he asked again and then did the same to the boys right side and then rolled his testicles one by one in his fingers and asked Kenny if he had any problems at all with them, Kenny shook his head and tried in vain not to erect, his 4 inch cock erected to a nice 6 inches and his foreskin pulled back to show a purple knob that was leaking precum.

John talked to him softly on how it was normal for a boy his age to erect easily, as Darren with a gloved hand came behind Kenny and slipped a lubed up finger in Kenny’s virgin bum hole “argghh ohh argghh nooo” Kenny moaned as John slowly wanked Kenny’s cock as Darren fingered his hole and searched for the young boy’s prostate.

“We need a sample of your sperm to test Kenny, just relax and let us do our job okay?”  Kenny nodded his approval and beads of sweat appeared on his brow as he tried not to ejaculate, but he knew he was close as his cock head began to swell and as Darren was stroking his prostate with his finger “arghh ohh arghh ummm I’m cumming” moaned Kenny and John grabbed a glass beaker and held it at Kenny’s knob and he caught the first spurt of the boy’s sperm as it shot in.

Four good spurts shot into the glass beaker and that was followed by a couple of lesser spurts and then a dribble as John milked Kenny’s cock, Darren removed his finger from Kenny’s bum hole and Kenny felt empty now, he turned and saw that Darren’s shorts were tented obscenely and knew he had turned the young boy on, he smiled to himself, Darren asked him to bend over and he cleaned the 14 year old boy’s bum hole of the lube with some tissues and then John helped him clean his cock off.

John asked him to go and lie on the exam table and Darren would wire him up and they would do a ECG when John had come back after testing Kenny’s sperm, Kenny climbed on the table and lay on his back still naked as Darren sorted out the wires for the ECG “did you enjoy that Kenny?” asked Darren as he wired him up “Ermmm yeah I did, I see you did as well” replied Kenny and grinned at Darren.

Darren looked down at his own shorts and saw he was still tented “hehe yeah, you have a great body and a nice cock Kenny, I was envious as you were wanked” Darren replied smiling, Kenny reached over and rubbed the front of Darren’s shorts, Darren pushed himself more forward to let Kenny feel him better, “if you want to have a good feel of it we can do something in the shower later okay?” said Darren.

Kenny grinned and nodded as John came back in “good news Kenny, your sperm test is positive, you have an excellent sperm count and there is no reason why you shouldn’t father children, Kenny smiled at that statement and they proceeded with the ECG which Kenny also passed with flying colours.

After the ECG Kenny was helped off the table and he went over to his clothes and opened his small kit bag and grabbed a pair of black PE shorts with an inner brief and slipped them on and then his trainers and grabbing the rest of his clothes followed John and Darren upstairs to the gym where Jamie was waiting dressed in just a pair of white PE shorts and trainers and he introduced himself and wired up Kenny to the heart monitor and explained the treadmill test.

On top of that John had him put on a mask that would monitor his respiratory behaviour on another monitor, John tested his blood pressure first and declared it normal and they soon wired Kenny up and set the treadmill going, after 30 minutes of good work Kenny seemed barely out of breath and John declared that the results were excellent, more than adequate for a divers certificate.

They unwired Kenny and Darren showed him to the bathroom and the shower there, a large one Kenny thought as he took off his trainers and slipped his PE shorts off and stepped naked under the warm shower that Darren had run for him, he washed off as Darren stood and watched “come on, join me Darren?” said Kenny and grinned and turned and showed he had gotten hard again, Darren grinned back and quickly stripped off his polo shirt and shorts and underpants and trainers and stepped under the shower naked and erect himself.

Kenny grabbed hold of Darren’s cock and wanked him slowly as Darren grabbed Kenny’s hard cock and wanked him also and then leaned into him and kissed Kenny lightly on the lips, Kenny pulled him into him and kissed him harder as they both wanked each others cocks.

Darren dropped to his knees and took Kenny’s cock into his mouth and suck on the boy’s cock head “ohh fuck yeah, oh suck me harder” moaned Kenny and he held Darren’s head tight “oohh I’m gonna cum!” exclaimed Kenny and rammed his cock further into Darren’s mouth and shot a good four spurts of his hot teen sperm into Darren’s willing mouth.

Darren swallowed Kenny’s teen sperm as he spurted it into his throat and then licked at the young boy’s bare cock head and cleaned it off despite Kenny trying to push his head off his sensitive knob, Darren was still hard as he stood up and he stroked his cock and looked at Kenny “will you fuck me Darren?” asked Kenny Darren grinned and nodded and reached out the shower for some lube and Kenny bent over and held his ankles as Darren fingered lube into his boy hole.

“Arghhh oohh ummm” Kenny groaned as Darren’s fingers invaded his hole and then he replaced them with his knob and positioned himself at Kenny’s bum hole “you ready Kenny?” asked Darren “yeah fuck me Darren, fuck me good and hard” answered Kenny and braced himself.

Darren gently pushed his knob into Kenny’s bum hole and pushed more firmly in “arghh ohh fuck yeah ohh god, fuck yeah” moaned Kenny as he was filled with Darren’s hard cock, Darren sped up and soon had a good fucking motion going into Kenny’s bum as he grabbed the young lad’s hips “arrghh ohh fuck yeah, I’m going to cum soon” moaned Darren

“Oh yeah fill me with your spunk Darren, spurt hard in me” moaned Kenny as his own cock was rock hard and his prostate was being pounded by Darren’s cock head, Darren sped up and gripped tight on Kenny’s hips and groaned as he thrust hard into his boy hole and shot his hot sperm into the 14 year olds belly, that set off Kenny and he shot a couple of spurts of his thick boy cum onto the shower floor.

Darren clamed down and pulled his cock out of Kenny’s bum and stood panting as Kenny stood up and he turned on the water again and both boy’s grinned at each other and washed themselves clean, with Darren helping Kenny clean his bum hole out, they dried off and Darren dressed as Kenny wrapped a big towel around himself and then went back to his clothes in the gym and dressed and then went downstairs to John and Jamie who were in his office.

“Well I hope you enjoyed your shower Kenny” said John and winked at him “ I did doctor, thank you, Darren was very helpful” replied Kenny and returned the grin “I bet he was” said Jamie and gave Darren a playful punch on his arm. “Well anytime you want to come over and use the gym and its facilities you are welcome Kenny,” said John.

“Thank you sir, I will keep that in mind and thank you both for looking after me” Kenny said as he turned to Jamie and Darren who were standing together and grinning, Kenny handed John the cheque for the payment his dad had given him and John gave Kenny his results and his diving medical certificate, they said their goodbyes and Darren offered to show him out, as he saw him to the door Darren slipped Kenny a note with his mobile number on and asked him to call him sometime and winked at him.

Kenny grinned back and said he would soon as he left the surgery, Darren locked up and went upstairs to John and Jamie and they sat and had a light lunch and discussed getting Darren a television for his room and they went online on John’s laptop and picked one out and ordered it online and also a laptop for his schoolwork, they got that on reserve and collect at a huge local store and Darren and Jamie went to collect it with John’s credit card after they had lunch as John went and cleaned up downstairs and then went and sat in the lounge watching some television while he could on his own.

John’s business continued to grow, he got custody of Darren in the courts and Darren started at his new school in the autumn, Jamie started at the local college and both did well Jamie in his chosen studies of medicine and Darren in his of physical education and computers.

When Jamie reached 18 he and John got a civil partnership, by now Darren was 16 and he to was in a relationship with Kenny Stubbs, they both still helped John with the exams at the surgery, Terri ended up pregnant with twin boys and named them Darren John and Jamie in their honour, even before they were born, they turned out to be healthy babies.

Jamie went off to university for 3 years to study medicine and then he qualified as a doctor and went to work in the local hospital specializing in paediatrics.

Darren and Kenny found an apartment together and eventually got a civil partnership, John and Jamie decided to let out his room to teenage boys who had been kicked out of their homes for being gay, and it was never empty…….

I hope you all enjoyed this story, once again sorry for the last chapter being so late.

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