Subject: New Life

Disclaimer: You know what it is.

Levi Harden: 10 years old, brown hair. Penis size 3.5”

Cole Johnston: 24 years old. Black hair. Penis size 7”

John Duncan: 25 Years old. Dark Blonde hair. Penis Size 8”

Brandon: 10 Years old. Brown hair. Penis Size 4”

Keaton: 11 Years old. Blonde hair. Penis size 4”

Contains: M/B, B/B(just a little bit now)

New Life

The war had just ended, and the whole world celebrated, that the evil had been killed. I should be happy, but I can't be happy. As the war took my father's life and I lost my house and my mother and two brothers due to the bombs falling on the city. Now I'm homeless, I’ve been homeless for a couple days now. I had to get out of the destroyed city and walk somewhere to find a town that is not destroyed. I went walking thought the woods to the next town and I found an empty shed that I found in the outskirts of town to sleep in. The only thing is, winter is in s few months and I cant stay in this shed for long.

I guess I should tell you more about my self. I'm Levi Harden, I just turn 10 the other day. All I have is the clothes on my back, I lost everything when my home got destroyed. I’ve been getting by with food given to me by other people and food I find in the woods. I had one set of clothes, no home, no food, no water, I had jack shit, but his all change when I met Cole Johnston.

I walk into town, looking for some food to eat. The only way for me to get food is that someone gives me food. I walk in the store called Sal's Fine and Dine, a popular local restaurant, but this day it was empty expect for 8 people in the place that could hold a hundred on any given night. I seen a man with his back turn to me sitting by himself in a both seat. I walk over to him and sat in the seat opposite of him.

Hi” I said

He look up at me and smiled and said hi back. He slide his plate over to me, and I engulfed the food fast. I guess he knew that I was homeless by my dirty, torn clothes and that I must have smell kind of bad.

So you lost your parents huh kid?”


I see”

He got up from his seat and told me to come over and sit over here. I got up and went and sat over next to him . He slid in behind me. He look at me and smiled. He then placed his hand down my pants and groped my balls. He told me to relax and listen.

I can give you a home,food,toys and money all you have to do is certain things understand” and he squeezed my balls

I needed a place to stay, food and money. So with out any hesitation I said yes. I look at him and he had the biggest smile on his face. He then pulled his hand out, he went and paid the bill and we left. We drove way outside of town, to this well built brick two story home.

When I got inside, I seen two other boys around my age and another man around the age of Cole there, and they all said hi to me. I notice Cole nod his head toward the other man and he left. Cole grab my hand and told me to follow him. We stop at a bedroom, with the other man in there with a video camera with the two boys in there.

Now Levi, its time for you to earn what we are given you ok, so I need you to get completely naked ok”

Cole explained to me what he was going to do to me and that there was going to be some pain involved. He undressed me and he lied me face down on the bed while he himself undressed, then mounted and spread my ass cheeks apart and roughly smeared Vaseline deep inside me anus and then his own erect penis. Without pause he roughly trust his penis deep inside. I look to the side and the other men was videotaping me getting fucked. He kept fucking me until he cummed in me and I felt the video-camera get a close up to my ass with cum leaking out of my ass. He got up and he said I just took your cherry little bitch and then he said we was done for right now.

I got up still naked and I could feel the cum leaking out my ass and running down the back of my leg. I ask him what he was going to do with the video. He said he was going to make copy’s and sell them, put some on the internet and trade them as well. He just look at me in smiled. Then he said get your rest, you will be doing this again in a 3 hours.

I look and the two boys got naked and got on the bed while Cole started to film them. I left the room and walk over to the couch. The other man came in and sat down next to me. He started to rub my thigh with his hand.

I'm John by the way”

Hi” I said quietly

I wanted to let you know, that I will be fucking you next.”

I just look at him for a couple of seconds and look back down. He put his arm around me and pulled me in. He said to get up and follow me, I'm going to give you a tour of the place. .

I'm 25 years old by the way, Cole is 24 years old, and the blonde hair boy is Keaton and he is 11 years old, the brown hair boy is Brandon, he's 10.”


He showed me the living room, that we was already in, it had a couch, a love seat, and couple of chairs and two lamps and a T.V. Next he showed me the dining room it had a big table with 6 chairs in it, next he showed me one of the bathrooms. Then he came to the door, which I knew already and that was one of the bedrooms. Next we went up stairs and he showed me another room, that he said he sleeps in. Then after that he showed me another bedroom with a big room. He said that’s the bed where you three boys are suppose to sleep, but you boys sleep with me or Cole. The next room was a toy room for us. Then the last room was empty with no windows. He said this is where we take pictures of you.

Why do you do this to boys”

Well Levi, its because we love boys, and we always filmed it, it wasn’t until recently that we stared posted them online and selling them.”

Is that how I get paid?”

Yes it is”


We went back downstairs to watch t.v. And he pulled me onto his lap. He placed his hands down my underwear and left his hands on my penis. I could feel his penis getting hard between my butt cheeks. I turn my head towards the bedroom because of the moaning that I herd. John told me not to worry, you will do stuff with those boys soon enough, and you will being doing both at the same time. After the show was over, he said I cant wait for 3 hours we are going to do this now.