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This story is pure fiction, never happened and hopefully never will


When I turned 18 I tried to get a job. But because I was st ill in school no one wanted to hire me. I was frustrated and decided to try babysitting. But, how was I going to get customers for my service.

Then I came up with THE idea. I would run a newspaper ad to do baby sitting. But, people wouldn't want me without references. So I decided I had built in reference with my 17 year old sister if she would do it. It would work as I could give her cell phone number as the reference number to call.

"Karen," I yelled.

"Yes What do you want."

"I'm sorry I yelled, I thought you were upstairs."

"That's OK Jay you had no way to know I was in the next room. What's up?" asked Karen.

"Well Karen as you know I have been trying real hard to get work. No one will hire me as long as I am in high school because of hour restrictions."

"Yea I know what you mean. I just lucked out get ting on at the Pizza place." said Karen.

"Well I thought of putting an ad in the newspaper once a week that I do home baby sitting. But that would mean I would have to have references. Would you be willing to let me give your cell number as a reference and just your first name. You could say your last name was Brown, it anyone asked but I doubt they will." Jay went on.

Karen said, "What would I say when they called?"

Jay said, "All you would have to say is that I have baby sat for you for the last 9 months and I am the only person your boys want as a baby sitter now."

"That does sound easy enough, sure I'll do it if it will help you out Jay." replied Karen.

"You could say you found out about me from your old baby sitter if anyone ask." said Jay.

"Jay you know I am a pretty good ab libber don't worry I will make you sound great." < P> "Oh thank you so much Karen, how could a guy ever have a better sister."

Karen said, "Oh come now you flatter me."

The next day Jay called in his ad. It was short and sweet.

High School Senior wants baby sitting jobs. Reference available. Call Jay at 423-388-4756 after school hours.

Well Jay waited for the phone to ring. It wasn't until the second day after the ad that the first call came asking for Jay.

"Hello Jay, I have a ten year old boy that Isn't old enough to be left alone. How long have you been sitting?"

"It's been about 9 months. I have the lady I work for's number if you would like a reference." Jay gave her the number and told her to ask for Karen.

"I will probably call her but it sounds OK to me if you have that much experience. Are you free Friday and possible Sat. night?"

Jay said, "Yes Mame I am."

The lady said she was Mrs. Carson and gave him her address and told him to show up at 5:30 Friday night and she would know by then if she needed him Saturday too.

Jay wrote down the address and thanked her saying, "I will see you Friday then at 5:30."

Jay went running to Karen to tell her she might get a call but one never came.

Friday night Jay rode his ten speed to the address and went to the door. When he knocked the boy answered the door.

"Hi I'm Jason are you my baby sitter?"

"It looks that way, dude. Is your mom here." said Jay.

"Yea, MOM!"

"Well invite the young man in Jason. My name is Mary Carson and I guess you know this is Jason."

"Yes Mame he introduced himself." Jay answered.

"Well there is a casserole to heat in the microwave when you guys get hungry. Jason really doesn't have a strict bedtime but I would say try and have him turn in not later than 10. He takes a bath every night before putting on his pajamas." Mary said.

"I think I can handle that." Jay told her.

With that she was out the door saying, "I should be home by midnight. If I am going to be any later I will call. Oh and if you need me in an emergency there is a number by the phone."

Then she was out the door and gone like the wind. Jay was thinking to himself if anyone knew he was gay no one would hire him. It bothered him that he was attracted to boys younger than himself. It didn't matter how old they were as long as they were boys. Why couldn't he just be normal and be straight. It had always bothered him to be gay.

He went into the kitchen to see if he could find the casserole and there it was on the drainboa rd. It looked good and he was getting hungry. He asked Jason, "Hey dude, are you hungry. I can heat this casserole if you want."

"Yea Jay I could eat a horse." said Jason.

Jay asked him how to work their microwave. It wasn't that he couldn't figure it out but he wanted to get to know this 10 year old. He had brown hair and eyes and his eyes just sparkled.

"Here Jay just open the door and put it in and then set the amount of time to cook like this. Then push the cook button like this." showed Jason.

He had done it all Jay didn't even have to touch it.

"Wow! Thanks dude, you sure know how to work this thing." said Jay.

"Yea I been using it by myself when mom isn't home from work yet and I want to heat something up for quite a while now."

Jay said, "Yea you know how to work it alright. It's just that there are so man y different kinds of microwaves I didn't want to screw up."

When the timer went off they loaded their plates and went to the table and ate together. Jason got the silverware out of the drawer so Jay didn't have to do anything.

When dinner was over and the dishes cleaned up Jay decided to have him take his bath and get in his pajamas early as it would be easier to cop a feel through pajamas. So he told Jason to show him where the bathroom was and go ahead and start the shower.

Jason lead the way and Jay told him to go ahead and jump in they were both boys and he had seen plenty of boys without clothes on during PE. Jason said...."Well OK ...I guess.

Jay said, "If it would bother you me being here talking to you I will wait in the living room until you finish."

"No Jay like you say we are both boys." Jason remarked.

When he got in the shower Jay made small talk with him about his school and when he got through washing his stomach and front Jay offered to do his back if he wanted him to.

"Yea Jay I would like that." answered Jason.

Joe started getting a hard on as he took the soap and started soaping up Jason's back. When he got to his beautiful butt he just kept right on soaping knowing if Jason didn't like it he would say something. With nothing said Jay pushed his finger down his crack and soaped his rosebud bringing on a moan.

"Gosh Jay, I have never had anyone wash me there before it feels so good." said Jason.

"Yea I always liked it when my dad did this for me." Jay remarked.

When the shower was over and it was time to dry off Jay made himself readily available to dry his back and while he was doing it he rubbed the towel between his legs and rubbed his dick making himget hard.

"Gee Jay that feels so good you gave me a woody." Jason said.

"Oh I'm sorry I better not do that or your mom might not want me to come back."

"Oh don't worry Jay I won't say anything about what we do that is private. She might not understand." said Jason.

"Gee thanks Jason as I really do want to be able to come back you are so nice to sit for." Jay remarked.

After putting on his pajamas he and Jay went down to watch TV.

Jason said, "Can I sit here by you Jay."

"You bet tiger anytime." and with that Jay put his arm around him.

Jay said, If you lean forward I'll rub your back for you."

Jason didn't even hesitate but leaned forward and Jay started rubbing his back at the shoulders and then worked his way down his back to his waste band on his pajamas. Here Jason why don't you lay across my la p and I'll be able to reach your legs too.

"OK Jay that all feels so good. No one ever takes time to rub me every one is always too busy to bother with me." said Jason.

Jay was liking everything he had said so far and continued down his legs and even rubbed his feet for a few minutes. But all Jay had in his mind was getting his hand on that beautiful butt again. As he came back up the legs he went to the inner thigh and this made Jason open his legs wider which is exactly what Jay wanted. When Jay reached the butt area he rubbed over it massaging his way to the back again. He asked Jason, "Are you getting tired of my rubbing Jason.?"

"Oh no Jay I love it. Please keep it up."

Jay was getting really hard himself now. He went back down on his butt and rubbed up and down right behind his balls between his balls and his asshole. Of course as he rubbed here the area got harder and harder meaning one thing only, Jason had a massive hard on just like he did. "Still feeling good Jason?"

"Oh Yea Jay that feels better than anything anyone has ever done to me before."

With that Jay had him roll over on his back which put his boner right up in the air. Jason said, "Gosh I've got a woody."

Jay told him that was absolutely normal for a boy his age and as a matter of fact Jason I've got a woody too just talking about it.

"You do?" Jason said. And then he reached his hand down and touched it and said, "Gosh you really do."

"As long as it is just between us you can squeeze it if you want to Jason." said Jay.

With that Jason took a real grip on it and started squeezing it and squeezing it. This made Jay feel like he might cum. But he made himself hold back. He thought to himself whats good for the goose is good for the gander and reached down and started squeezing Jason's dick through his pajamas.

"Oh Jay that feels so good. Can you rub it harder." Jason said.

Jay didn't need to have any more encouragement he reached under his pajamas and said, "Is this OK with you Jason?"

"Oh gosh yes. That feels awesome."

As he started rubbing Jay's dick harder Jay started jacking him off and even pulled his pajamas down. Jason lifted up so he could get them clear down. Jay masturbated him for the first time in his life. He quit rubbing Jay for a few minutes and just enjoyed what was happening to his body.

Jay said, "Here is something else guys like let me show you."

With that Jay wet his middle finger and wet his anus area then got more spit and sunk his finger in and pressed on Jason's prostate. Jason let out a m oan that could be heard all over the house. Then Jason stiffened up and started having his first orgasm of his life. Jay kept jacking until it was over.

"That was the most fantastic feeling I've ever had Jay."

"I thought you would like it. Remember it's just between us."

"Oh Yea don't worry Jay I want you to come back over here all the time. This is so awesome having you as a babysitter. I hope mom needs you tomorrow night too. She said she thought for sure she would be gone tomorrow too. Can you come sit for me again Jay. Please."

Jay said, "I wouldn't miss it for the world dude. You are really neat to sit for."

Looking at the clock it was 10:10 so Jay took him up and put him to bed kissing him on the forehead. Jay said, "See you tomorrow dude." (To be continued) Comments to Please let me know if my story should continue or not.